Lower Body Blast

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Lower Abs & Booty Blast | POP Pilates

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#FITIN15 #Workout 9: “Lower Body Blast” Full Length 15-Minute Fat Burning Sculpting Fitness Program

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20 Minute Kettlebell Lower Body Blast to Strengthen & Sculpt Legs & Butt

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Lower Body Blast | Zero Jumping Workout

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20 Minute Lower Body Blast Workout to Strengthen and Sculpt Legs and Butt

Video taken from the channel: BodyFit By Amy


30 Day Fat Burn: Lower Body Blast Workout

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This 20 minute workout strengthens and sculpts your entire lower body. Tighten and tone your legs and butt, while keeping your heart pumping to burn fat. Exercises can be done with dumbbells and a. Move: Bend your knees and lower into a deep lunge, keeping your forward knee over your toes and your torso erect. Explode out of that deepest point, leaping into the air and switching lead legs at your apex.

Land with your opposite leg. (KUSI) – KUSI Fitness expert, Cindy Whitmarsh, joined Good Morning San Diego to demonstrate her lower body booty blast workout. 1. Long jump, Sumo back 2. Alt Side lunge into dead lift 3. Lower-Body Blast Leg And Glute Workout With 7 Busting Exercises.

Most women, no matter how active they are, have stronger quads than hamstrings and glutes. Think about your typical lower-body workout—most movements have some involvement from the quads. If you know your lower half needs work, don’t hesitate to work your legs twice per week. Blast your lower body and build endurance as you work on core stability and finding energy in your breath. suggested props: none target areas: lower body, chest, core sweat level: 2. If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before practicing.

Lower Body Blast with RaffPT Personal Training is a lower-body conditioning class, designed to sculpt and strengthen the legs, tone the bum and work the abs. Shape up and burn fat as you lunge, squat, plank your way to fitness in this ever-popular, fun class using both weights and your own bodyweight. The high repetition based routines will put your legs, bums, and tums through.

Intense Lower Body Blast Circuit Workout Now is the perfect time to blast your body into its best shape ever. This amazing 12 step circuit will work your entire lower body and help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Lower Body Blast is an amazing lower body strength workout by Cathe.

Not sure exactly how to classify it. Obviously strength, but maybe strength + cardio? The warm up is actually a cardio step routine and then throughout the floor work (which makes up the majority of the workout) there are “blasts”–plyometric cardio drills. Ready to sweat? Our premier session, Lower Body Blast, featured a 25-minute Zoom bodyweight workout with Melissa Alcantara, Kim Kardashian West’s personal trainer.

It. X28 is a 28-day online fitness challenge which consists of four program options. Our Beginners, Intermediate and Xtreme Challenge will help you lose weight while you tone up and burn fat in the most efficient manner.

Our Lower Body Blast Challenge is designed to help you sculpt and tone your leg and glutes.

List of related literature:

When the upper body tires, a runner tends to lean forward, which puts extra strain on the back muscles, causing the gluteal and hamstring muscles to become tense and tight.

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If the player has weak gluteal, latissimus dorsi, abdominals, or other lumbothoracic fascia muscle stabilizers, the SI joint or lower back will be overstressed and pain may result.

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Roll pelvis back and contract abdominal and bottom muscles on outbreath.

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Bend your hips and knees slightly (10 to 15 degrees) and contract your lower abdominal muscles, as needed, to press the small of your back into the shaft of the club.

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Strong lower back muscles ensure that your spine is protected when you do any sort of abdominal muscle exercise.

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As your hips loosen and the arc of the hips increases, your hands will eventually swing higher, eventually hitting your torso between the navel and the solar plexus, where the middle internal organs are located.

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In addition, if she leaks or feels downward pressure during sit-ups she should be advised to make an attempt to contract the pelvic floor muscles before doing abdominal curls/sit-ups.

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Contract your abdominal muscles and, on an exhalation, bring your legs and hips up high to the sky, rolling onto the back of your shoulders.

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  • Love this workout..this is a good workout for pear shape body like me, right? My biggest problem is my lower body,..I’m gonna try this for 30 days.

  • Thanks Jessica Day 24 @JanuaryJumpstart Challenge second routine complete. I enjoyed it and it was great to really focus on the firm of squats and lunges. I have been exercising with Jessica since 2014 and can always benefit from a reminder. I definitely was sparkling during this one in spite of the snowy weather outside and heating has clicked on yet as it is very early.

  • Hi, Jessica-I’ve been following #FITIN15 #Workout, but this is my first comment.  I’ve really enjoyed the variety in the workouts!  Today I am feeling the effects of Friday’s workout!  It’s all good, I like to be able to tell I’ve worked out, but it is a liitle owwie!  I’ll keep it up, though.  Thanks for these workouts and helping me achieve fitness in 2015!

  • I feel like I get so much more out of a 15-minute workout than some of my hour long bootcamp workouts! Thank you so much Jessica! See you in the morning!

  • 23 weeks pregnant with triplets and probably my last time for the “blast” before moving to low impact legs next week, but I love this workout!

  • Love this. It proves you don’t have to work out for hours to sweat and to get results. The first time I did this I was sore the next two days but in a good way. This is definitely one of my faves!

  • Congratulations ��. I just started watching your videos few weeks ago. Haven’t actually done the workouts though ��. I want to start soon. I like that your videos are short.

  • Really enjoyed the #FITIN15  #9 Lower Body workout.  I ordered your Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss and Walk On: 15 Minute Fast Fat Blast DVDs today.  Can’t wait to get them, so I can do more of your workouts.

  • Short and very effective. I partnered this with the Total Focus Routine from Walkstrong 2. I really like the back to basics focus on form for squats, lunges and deadlifts. Very,very effective indeed on many levels.

  • Yay I just did this video! I like that it was short but I definitely feel like I did some work ����. I haven’t done anything for exercise in a couple of months. Feeling like I accomplished something by doing this. I might go get dumbbells to add intensity. Very accessible video. Thanks

  • Guys this really does work, I have been doing it for 4 weeks properly and I only noticed now how much I have slimmed down! For me my problem area is my thighs and hips and omg I have lost an inch off thighs and 1.5 inches off hips sooo happy! I recommend that after two weeks you do this workout twice in a row followed by a 30 minute walk!

  • Workout 9 of the #FITIN15 Challenge complete! It’s so humid right now that I was sweating buckets, even though the workout itself wasn’t that hard.

  • I ugly cried with my abs on fire when Cassie said as long as I’m doing better than yesterday, I’ll get there. Maybe it was also the music but that got to me.

  • Ouch! Just did this one and the lower body blast to complete a workout for your June calendar and holy smokes! I’m gonna be sore tomorrow. Great workout Amy!

  • Great lower body workout thank you! My favourite moves were the fire hydrants and side kicks:) I love body weight strength training workouts as I am not a fan of heavy weights:D

  • Happy Halloween! Day 4 and I did this gem. I started off with Fit in 15 #7 Kickboxing 101::
    A great all around cardio and strength day! Have a spooktacular day!

  • Thanks for the Summer of Strength workout schedule! It’s been awesome so far! I got the first week done plus a couple runs outside too!

  • Anyone else’s legs rlly hurt when they have to hold them up for this long?? It’s not even my abs that are making me stop it’s the leg pain ����

  • Hi, Jessica. Going on week four of my January Jump Start. It’s been great. I haven’t been able to do all the workouts you proposed, but the ones I did were great; very challenging. Thanks, and don’t forget to send other workouts for other months of the year.

  • Day 3 completed today since I already did a lot of cardio. Just the right amount of lower body reps to feel worked. Thanks Jessica!

  • Hi, hope you are well. I have so much to loose but what really drives me crazy are my fat arms that are bigger than your waist, I am serious and my stomach that is close to my knees. Please which exercise will help. Thank you for your help and time.

  • Day 9 Check! I am doing two workouts everyday since the beginning.. Is this okay? Or should I start with the 30 Day Extreme Workout Challenge?

  • I realized that I forgot my check-ins this week, so here we go: on Monday I did the Kickboxing workout as scheduled, today I doubled up and did the upper and lower body blast. Three little workouts during the week aren’t very much but I hope that I can stick with this for a longer term. Working out every single day put pressure on me I figured out. I try to add additional workouts at the weekends and in the week if they fit in my schedule but my focus is on feeling well instead of overdoing it.:-) See you next week, Jessica.

  • Im here for the July 2020 Calendar, and so grateful for Cassey always reminding us of: “compare yourself to who you were yesterday”

  • Great to add this one today to Day 38 of my Walk Strong 2 Countdown Plan. I switched it for the Lower Body Sculpt. Really good to refocus again on form for squats, lunges and deadlifts.

    See you for another workout soon.

  • #FIT IN15 done for today. Added the very enjoyable “Stride, Stretch, & Relax” walk. Nice sweat for the walk and the stretches felt divine!

  • Lower body blast done! Awesome… You seem to know just what I need! Thanks again, Jessica. I’ll take a break then 30 minute cardio walk!

  • Loved this legs and butt workout, Amy! I’m on activity modification for the next 4-6 weeks (healing pronator/suponator muscles in L forearm), so I’ll have to divert from the workout calendar and focus on legs, butt and abs-all my main trouble areas anyway! Can’t wait to get down and funky with more of your legs/butt/abs specific workouts:) Thanks, Amy! XO-S

  • Thanks, Jessica. I did a double today, 8 and 9. I felt I had to make up for the 2 weeks school holiday, were I didn’t do any workouts and the 2 week the kids were back at school, I am hoping to catch up on tomorrow.

  • Thanks Jessica…just completed 2 more workouts 5 more to go!  As a learning designer, I really appreciate how you structure your workouts.  Just when you think you can’t do anymore you switch it up and fatigue other muscles.  Brilliant design!  Deb

  • I’m doing this a week behind, so have just done this workout now.  Thank you so much for this great programme, and please please please do some more programmes in future!

  • I love when she starts a video with a touching moment of positivity and self confidence ��especially with this quarantine thing going on, those little moments are so needed right now

  • Day 19 of Fall Challenge and still going strong!! Funny, I see 1 year ago I commented on this workout and I have to agree, it’s still one of my favorites!! #FallChallenge

  • Great workout today! I work all day and do these workouts after being on my feet all day at the hospital.  I might be tired but I feel better after my workouts.  Thanks!!!

  • I cant believe I have come to a point where I can say this has become so so easy for me!! I’m so proud! Don’t get me wrong this was hard for me too, so hang in there you will do it soon, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!

  • Yes it does work just take two pills per day. You can buy it from this https://plus.google.com/104869733742769319871/posts/Fx7Uwn8zCDp the website always gives you free shipping.

  • All done!  Worked up a good sweat and this was pretty easy on my knees and legs and lower back, too, compared to most other workouts I’ve tried.

  • My legs!
    I’m glad the next 2 days are rest days lol I’m glad I’m keeping up for the most part. I feel like there’s something else I need to do to lose the weight and inches by June 21st… Probably my diet… It’s not that bad but I’m used to my meals and I only have like 1-3 desserts/sweets a day. I guess I could start by lowering  it to 1. I do try to eat protein bars and yogurt instead for snacks but it takes a few weeks to see results right?

  • finished with #fitin15  workout 9! i have been loving these, i started late so after the first few i have been doubling up did 8 & 9 today. I def felt the burn and want to stick with it! 

  • WOW!  Thought this was going to be one of your ‘easier’ workouts….uhhhh, totally burning!!  My legs are going to thank me/hate me for all of this work and all of me totally thanks you, Amy!!  You are AWESOME!!  XO-S

  • Day 19 of the #FITIN15 challenge completed!  I liked this lower body strength workout, and it was tough!  My leg were feeling it!  Now onto the bonus Barre: Buns, Hips & Thighs workout!

  • Hi, I’v been doing a few of your lower body workout. I have a question, doing abs is the hardest for me even though the area I need a good workout is lower abs. Abs are the hardest cause one I don’t like doing them. Since I am thin, I figured oh I’m fine. Every time I do my abs my lower back aches. I’m trying to push down on my hips so that my back touches the floor/mat. While I am doing the exercises the low back still aches. Is this just part of it? I still feel my abs sore, but I feel it in the middle part of my abs not lower. I want to target the lower abs because this is the one are where I do have a pooch (I think it’s how you say it) that is lose not firm.

  • Caught up completely with Week 3 of #FITIN15! Like I mentioned in Workout 8, I’m a lower body gal so I enjoyed this one thoroughly. My favorite move was the squat to rear lunge because it engaged my mind, too. Looking forward to Week 4!

  • Great Video! Been doing your workouts for about a year. Decided to this work out and the upper body burn. Did them with heavier wights…OMG Im sore!!!! Loving these #fitin15  workouts. Keep up the Great Work! 

  • Workout 9 complete. This was a great lower body workout, and it got my heart rate up as well. Thanks and have a great weekend Jessica!

  • Tough week for me and the challenge but I did what I was able to do so that makes me feel good..Finished this and did the the 13 minute Cardio Barre today.Next week will be better…Had a really bad case of the punies this week.So…GO BODY GO!!! Thank you sooo much for the support.

  • I’ve always wanted to try the 30 minutes strength & also chisel & burn since im focusing on toning up arms and legs also building up overall strength! So I’ll go with chisel and burn feeling strong & ready to go today!:-)

  • Whew, that felt good, raised a light sweat with this one. I’m really enjoying this fitin15 challenge so far and I’m already looking forward to next weeks workouts. Now onwards to the Rise and Shine Workout and maybe also some strength training, love working those weights.

  • LOVE THIS WORKOUT!!!!! AND LOVEEEEE that this is a part of the March 2020 LAST DAY WORKOUT CALENDAR!!!!!!!!!!!!��������������������������

  • Jessica im loving all your workouts but I was just wondering do you have a daily workout schedule that we can follow during the week like a calendar or is it just when you post cause you have so many great workouts I haven’t done alot of them and always find myself wondering which workout I should do the next day. So thank you for taking time to review this!:-)

  • Hi Amy! I started working out to your videos on 12/29/19. I was really discharged as I had been trying for so many years to get fit. I had previously lost about 10 pounds but still wanted to lose 10 more & Tone up. I’m 5’1 & had weighed 150 but am down to 137! That doesn’t sound significant but when you’re 5’1 it is:) I love your workouts and do them daily. Thank you for making this channel & for providing quality exercise options. God Bless!

  • OK your killing me Jessica!!(LOL) especially with the Barre Full Length 24minute Lower Body Workout!  Got through it though, and I am sure once my thighs stop shaking I will be glad I did it!  Off to try your evening Flow yoga to get relaxed; got it in the mail today, Yay.

  • I’ve been rotating through your amazing workouts throughout my pregnancy. I’m back at this one at 26 weeks. It’s wild how much harder it is since the last time I did it. �� keeping me in shape Army!

  • #FITIN15  #9 is toast! Lol I was so NOT coordinated with the squat/lunge. I also cranked out 12,000-ish steps according to my Fitbit. That is pretty darned good considering I have a desk job! On to Saturday!

  • i need to start doing this routine along with this vid when i get time..thanks for the vid i’ll keep it saved so i can get back to it later

  • Day 9 completed of my Fit in 15 back after a long fitness hiatus due to health issues & chronic pain. I used 3 lbs as just getting back into it, but I kept up even with the squat and lunge combo! Yay!

  • Workout 9 done! My legs were on fire! That squat lunge combo was tough but I was loving the burn. Added the concentrated ab routine from your 10 pounds cardio abs DVD and I was a sweaty mess when done with both. Thank you Jessica for making these workouts so fun. I look forward to our workouts every day!

  • Jessica, you are such a blessing!  I love your workouts and alternate my favorite ones everyday!  You are a great fitness instructor and I really like your style….no nonsense, no girly talk, no craziness or annoying antics….just straight-up workouts that rock!  Thanks for what you do!  Have a great day!

  • Brilliant loved this,  however just did the Upper Body ( doing catch ups), really sweating in summer heat, nearly cried when you said now do all again 2nd round.   Fantastic though Thanks 

  • Honestly I just appreciate you so much! Thank you for this great work out and for the reminders of choosing those around us that inspire us! Yes!

  • Day 12! First off, something crazy happened in this video at 15:42 and this has happened to me before if you’ve seen our blooper video ��. It seems to be happening a lot lately at our gym. And that’s also why one of my friends appears and disappears from the video because we had to stop the workout and then she had to leave before we started again. Anyway, this is a great lower body workout that will leave you sore in all the right places. I love using these moves to help tone and lean out my legs. There are 2 rounds, but if you want more, you can back up this video and go through both rounds again. Let me know what you think! Love you all! ❤️❤️

  • Thx so much Cassey!! I just wanted to say I finally got my arms to be flexible enough to go over my head! They may not make much sense, lol, but it was huge for me!! Also, love this video!! Stay strong and be smart!! #maskUP #Blogilates #PopPilates xoxoJJ

  • I totally understand getting bad vibes from feeling that comparison and competition with others. It was really nice to hear someone else talk about it and remind us all to focus on positivity and not sizing ourselves up against others. ❤

  • I made it again.  Trying for the more often than not exercise programs.  Thanks.  Makes me walk more too when I am walking.   Getting my groove back on.  Thanks lots.

  • Thanks Jessica for the fit in 15 workout. On days I work the 15 minutes can be done before work. On days I do not work, I go on to the extra workouts and continue. Love your videos. Joann

  • This is the first video that I’ve done in a month and a half of doing the calendars that I got through with no problem without having to take any break even though I was sweating my butt offf could I finally be seeing improvement??

  • I’m doing the calendar and I just finished the “Booty lift cardio Pilates” video. I started this one and left “6 minutes to a sexy booty” for the end to give my butt a little well deserved break ��

  • #FITIN15 #Workout #9 done! This was great! The squat/lunge combo was crazy! Really got my heart rate up there! Used 10lb weights throughout. Will move on to Lower Body Barre. Reading all the other comments is encouraging! Guess I’ll be looking forward to my thighs burning:)

  • Hello everyone! I’m just going to have to double up tomorrow,I did not get these workouts in today I’m so sore from yesterday’s cardio routine,BUTT&Shoulders so I’ll just complete this tomorrow along with the Latin spice walk that one’s so much fun!

  • #FITIN15 Day 19 done. Great workout, I’m sweating like crazy even though I was feeling pretty cold when I started. Favorite moves today: slow squat & lunge pulses, squat to rear lunge. Least favorite: deadlift (but I skipped it!)

  • I loved these! (this one and the upper body one for today). Slowing down helps me focus on the muscle and the form so i really feel it. Those squat lunge combos are a great for me. I feel like i can protect my knee and not ‘throw’ the movement. Thanks again!!
    This one is going into my favorites folder.

  • fit n15 workout 9 done phew!  found the squat lunge transitions hard to coordinate, but just went slower than you this time….very sweaty!  Cant believe I’ve kept going this far will definitely carry on is there a yoga workout I could incorporate later for a once week stretch?

  • I wasn’t able to finish very strong this time but you know what? thats ok. I am where I am and i still feel pretty damn beautiful and strong! I’ll keep going and one day i’ll be able to do this non stop!
    future tips for future me:
    stretch ur hips before this workout
    dont tense neck and shoulders
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!