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BUILD BIGGER LEGS ► Complete Bodybuilding Leg Workout

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KETTLEBELL LEG DAY! Build LEGS at Home! Just one Kettlebell needed…

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Leg Workout Building Big Legs One at a Time — Tiger Fitness Pack on quad size by training your legs using unilateral movements. This leg workout is deceptively difficult and effective. Pack on quad size by training your legs using unilateral movements. By bracing your back in the leg press, you can hit your leg extensors – your quadriceps – with far more load. That’s because the load doesn’t have to move through your back to get to your legs.

Now, before you think I’ve done a 180 and come to love the leg press, let me assure you that my opinion hasn’t changed. Advanced Leg Muscle Building Exercises: Beginner bodybuilders will do great with heavy squats and deadlifts alone. Your time is best spent on trying to lift your bodyweight in pounds in these two key lifts. The next two exercises are for more advanced trainers.

Squats and deadlifts may be great at targeting both pins at once, but when it comes to preventing imbalances, you’ve got to step up your workout. By targeting one leg at a time, this uni-lateral. Strength Building Leg Workouts This twice a week leg workout routine is based on the 5×5 strength training method.

And it’s one of my all-time favorite techniques because it forces you to get stronger, and will also add quality muscle size to your lower body. 5×5 Strength Leg Workout 1. One of the best strategies for maximizing your lean muscle building capability is the concept of progressive overload with your leg workouts.

This means that you will accurately track your workouts from week to week and write down your weight and repetitions. Say for example you did the barbell squat and you did 225 lbs for 7 repetitions. The purpose of this exercise is to isolate each set of calf muscles.

Doing calf raises one leg at a time is essential when one calf is larger than the other and you need to make the proportional. Reverse Calf Raises. The purpose. This workout is perfect for both MEN & WOMEN of all fitness levels looking to build strong legs. Full workout and a lot of top tips explained to help you thr.

Make sure you do leg curls with full range. You want that stretch at the end, and you want to go all the way up. Squeeze and contract your hamstrings at the peak of each rep. You can even hold it for a couple of seconds to get the most out of each rep. 10 Explosive Single-Leg Exercises.

Here is my top 10 list of single-leg exercises that I have successfully applied to athletes and trainees at all levels. You can see them all from the 3:27 minute mark in the video above, where I explain my approach to doubling leg strength, one leg at a time.

List of related literature:

To add intensity to this exercise while maintaining the position achieved in step 2, lift and lower the top leg three to five times before lowering both legs in step 3.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
Human Kinetics, 2019

Legs (including calves) Let’s go over each one by one, learning the anatomy first, followed by the best exercises for developing each.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

This is a large muscle group, and that’s why leg exercises require proper combining.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
from Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing,

You have to use heavy weights and sufficient volume of training that you stress the fibers involved and exhaust the endurance capacity of the leg muscles.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

You can alternate legs from rep to rep or isolate one leg at a time.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Alternate legs for a total of 6 to 8 reps on each leg.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

To make this exercise more effective, do the movements in a 4-count sequence1) step to side, keeping hips and shoulders square, 2) lower body into a squat, 3) stand, 4) drag non-lead leg in, placing feet together.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
Kendall/Hunt, 2002

Try doing both legs together after several weeks of lifting one leg at a time.

“Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work” by Art Brownstein
from Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work
by Art Brownstein
Gallery Books, 2001

Repeat 5 times then proceed to other leg

“Essential Enrolled Nursing Skills for Person-Centred Care” by Gabby Koutoukidis, Kate Stainton
from Essential Enrolled Nursing Skills for Person-Centred Care
by Gabby Koutoukidis, Kate Stainton
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2016

One day, for example, you may want to focus solely on your lower body, doing three sets of the following exercises; squats, leg press, leg extension, abductor and adductor exercises.

“Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening” by J.A.H. Diouck
from Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening
by J.A.H. Diouck

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  • I don’t know but I could not walk properly after doing this like I just bottomed for hours. My legs just felt numb and jelly-like ��

  • The first one u done is for the quads I want to do my hamstrings more so I tried putting the 8kg kettlebell or 12 kg dumbbell hold it at my back so the opposite not the front then squat and I felt it alot my hamstrings so do u think wat I’m doing is right that works

  • Ass to the GRASS..!!!!
    Is thee CORRECT movement.
    Why do You think it’s OK to stop all of that weight on your patella tendon halfway down? doesn’t make sense. Full range of motion will give you all the strength of your tendons,ligaments,joints,and muscles need to be there Strongest! So there you go, hope that adds to your your leg growth…..
    Gregger J.

  • Bro this is the funniest comment section all these men smh thirsty over another man!!!! This is soo stupid! The man is swole but dang. The world is truly a strange place.

  • That “box lunge” is usually called a Bulgarian Split Squat. (but you know man whatever works) Awesome exercise! 

    Thanks for the great vid.

  • are you having a knee problems?.. I used to use knee sleeves and one of my experienced friends  (my father’s friend) asked me if I had a knee problems, if that is why I use knee sleeves,.. I told him that I want to prevent it, that is why I use them, his opinion on this was to NOT use them if I don’t NEED to, coz it weaknesses the tendons and it will cause having a knee problems.. it is kinda understanding… you can use his advice or give me your opinion on that:)


  • Great leg workout! I upped the reps to 20 and shorten the rest to 30 sec for the deadlifts, goblet squats and swings because I didn’t have a heavier KB! Will add this one to my routine!

  • Awesome video. I now put my leg training as top priority. When I do I notice better gains in other body parts as well and just generally feel better. Squats are still challenging as my hamstrings are so tight and hip flexors but still trying to work those issues out

  • Tu no lograste esas piernas haciendo esos ejercicios de chicas,rso se logra solo levantando grandes pesos y una dieta alta en proteinas

  • If you missed my last video on the best exercises for the Bicep Peak go here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEwlsw6NlnA and make sure you never skip leg day again!

  • I am a zero I squat 100kg @100kg body weight, and seems am not able to go further … I bench press more then squat. how to solve this

  • Here is the story Alex… I just got my first kettlebell of 16 kgs and right away check your leg workouts for kettlebell I just finished this one and I am dying here. Almost 50 tried to follow your reps but is not happening. Great workout! Tell you more tomorrow once I wake up and see how my legs are doing. Thanks!

  • I made absurd results in leg size doing the volume block of Korte 3×3 for 8 weeks, using raw %.

    Never had such rapid growth in size and strength since.

  • I’ve been following your kettlebell workouts for weeks now that I have already memorized your dialogues lol… still effective tho. Thanks!����

  • hey Alex, what a great workout!! i recently discovered how to do a deadlift type workout using a resistance band!! use the ends of the resistance band as handles, and while standing on the middle part, bend down, take the neds in each hand, and stand up, repeat for the desired amount of reps you choose to do!! another one is calf raises. put one end of the resistance band over your head, so it rests on your shoulder area, and while standing on the other end, push up onto your toes for the desired amount of reps you choose to do!! Thank you so much for sharing my friend!! With love from Wes!! Hugs!!!

  • low bar seems to force you to bend forward too much and feels weird in the middle of my spine thats why i dont do it. i agree with your extensions opinion. too much reps and high weights stresses your knees. smith machine is excellent for calves @Michael Kory 

  • I have done this workout before in real time, that’s for sure,, i do it in 10 minute and my legs starting tremble, but know i have an car accident on my way to my house, please pray for me, thank you.

  • Holy shit you just changed how I do lunges with the “lowering your back knee and pushing up into the front leg”! Like I know I was doing them wrong but I had no idea how to fix it thank you so much!!!

  • @Michael Kory hey man, i totally agree with you on the seated ham curls. I find it hard to contract my hamstrings on the end and feel that lying leg curls are much better. BTW just came across your channel and I gotta admit that I love your videos. Hands down one of my top 5 Youtubers (I have only been watching your channel for 2 days LOL). Really humble, keep it up bro!:)

  • I say pistol squats are of the hardest exercises ever! I’ve tried everything and succeeded only pistol squats are yet to be conquered by me:v
    but i’ll come to that, i can go down but def not up hehe

  • Monster.
    Hey man by any chance would you mind telling me the exercises and reps you started off with? Mainly the exercises that don’t require weights because I don’t have any nor dare to go to the gyms atm.

  • Am talking about all the videos this gentleman has… They are a different type of attacks and different mind state

    Am talking about all the videos.. that I have seen of him so far

    Also I love his brother.. every day fitness

    Just BooM

  • Michael, great video and congratulations…you deserved it! You should do a Q&A video to get in touch with your fans and share a little bit of yourself.  

  • Thx to this video my friend you helped me get the courage out of me and get to running now! Hard work does pay off ( I weighted 215 now 185 ����)

  • I really apreciate your intention of show exercices for people at home, but I have several things to think about you as an example: first, its obviously that ur leg muscles are made at a gym and plus that, u had help of ur own contexture. Second, if that’s right, why all of you (people who did exercises por others on internet) have to show ur legs in almost underwear to demostrate your capacity. I say this, because I do pistol squats too, (I started calistenics time ago) but I know that u can’t do it so fast like u show on this video, because u can damage ur knee or ur hips. This, is a control exercice, calistenic one, and that means a total control of ur body and in this video I just see unbalance of ur center of mass.
    Finally, I think this is weird, because its obviously that u r not doing this in replace of ur gym workout because its not the same weight and intensity (I say that because i spent a lot of time in gym too years ago). Don’t confuse poeple please, dont make this workout as your own, because the final message is that u can do the same thing of the gym with this.
    I say all of this because its tiring for me watching people who give their lifes in the gym and then watching them here doing this kind of routine because u don’t even thought about this before somebody ask u for it or before u think how can I get some more views? Some of people can think they can have your body with this routine and without nothing of knowledge of this kind of calistenic workout. U know u can damage yourself if u do it bad and thats what I saw in the pistol squat.
    I admit that its awsome that u try to help people with this but lets be sincere, u dont do this as a main routine for ur legs (because u don’t do a pistol squat well, u dont even sit back in the heel when u are in the position of pistol) and for me u r not helping, its confusing.

  • OMG this guy obviously does not have legs because of those… Workouts… bouncing up and down..!
    …and obviously genes did a big part in the formation of his guys legs…. Come on!!! And how tall is he… Penally 5’2″….!!,. Lol

  • Enjoyed the workout, thanks! I’ve been using a lot of YouTube videos for my workouts these past few months and this was a good one. Sore today!

  • We have the same machine in my gym as you do so to get a good contraction I also use the standing leg curl machine. Try it out if you have one. Cheers

  • Hello, i’m live in Vietnam, i want to ask you, i must do all exercises on this video in my leg day right.!? Sorry because i speak English very bad.

  • More kitty gains. �� I’m new to your channel. I have been thinking of a decent leg routine to help with what you were saying about helping build muscle.

  • This is very inspirational video man knowing me that is fat and have chicken legs, I will work hard for this!

    Ps, do you do this everyday? Or do you have a proper schedule and rest day? Pls tell me.

  • Thanks for the great video. I just started using kettle bells as I’m getting older now and wow do they really work. Thanks again for showing me the proper form, reps and weights! Cheers from Florida, USA.

  • Lmao,bro love the video,smart move btw.I learned like always, and got a good laugh.Definitely bring Kitty back,bulging banana ������������

  • I kinda got the same thing with calfs, I have no revolutionary workout for them whatsoever. Fairly basic. N I like that variation on lunges! I been looking for a lunge with more constant tension, so imma have to peep that out. Keep it up.

  •  i am 57 and cant do with heavy weights; i do with lighter weights but more repetitions; problem is dont get big but leaner muscle; thnx fo sharing  

  • Hi Alex. i am writing to you from Italy. I wanted to thank you… in this moment of quarantine your videos and your training programs are very important and motivating.

  • Not to be mean but it’s so obvious he’s taking some gear you can’t gain that much muscle in a few months. Even his upper body got jacked

  • I dunno if the camera angel is strange!? But I think you bend your back waaaay to mutch when you squats bro… It almost looks like goodmornings man:) Put the weights on your heels bro!

  • Thought you were finished saying “stuff” then you said it again and somehow it made me burst out laughing.

    Also, is it safe to assume that lady lifters should be grabbing their big, hairy, juicy ovaries?

    P.S. thanks for the in-depth leg philosophy. I’ll be tweaking my current routine to slide in some more volume. Cheers.

  • I want to see more Kitty Gains, also good for your channel!
    Nothing like a tough legday!
    Max squat was 180kg, and I’m now building up to this after an injury.

  • I’m trying to do the same thing.

    Recently I got accident while I was doing my weekly horse riding class, and on one of the jumps I fell off the horse and injured my knees and lower spine. In addition I had a really bad Vitamin D deficiency so my bones weren’t the strongest.

    Since then I get bend my knees more than 90° and my spine can’t handle any shock, so jogging, jumping of any sort, and running I can’t do at the moment, but hard work does pay off so now I’m building my legs and back up from scratch

  • killlllerrrrr work out….legs shaking routine if done correctly…now my 1st & regular legs work out on legs day. great routine…many thanks Dan….

  • Hey Michael, if im 6″2 do i need to squat below parallel, I have before but I feel it in my knees and shins alot. just wondering what you think.

  • Sir, this is so motivational. Can I ask if you only do jogging and one or two leg workout or jogging and a lot of leg workouts?

    Keep it up Sir. You are inspiring others like me.

  • Glad you and I feel the same about the Smith Machine, although I do use it for shrugs, but in general It’s a sure fire ticket to Snap City!

  • This has become the only lifting youtube I look at regularly now. I have pumped up the volume especially on legs as per Steve’s advice and have seen nice results. (I am over 50 training for about 4.5 years. Old dogs can get relatively jacked.)

  • More Kitty gains please. I walk a lot and am always worried about injury on leg day. If I strain my shoulder or chest, meh, it sucks… but if I wreck my legs it takes a long time to recover.

  • anyone who watched this video should definetly do this. i’ve already perform this program before and it works. im a vegan lifter and it did wonders. Steve,thanks for the input and speaking my language. Coincidentally i did this split in the summertime and it worked. going back to it in january. im in strength and hypertrophy splits now. i will try your 3 day full body soon. basically a texas method but i like it����

  • I’m a little late! I have been doing these work outs. Really great change from wht I wa doin. Thanks! I really like doing leg day now, just needed something different

  • Squat variations are great. I fell into peer pressure to do max reps on high bar back squats and have to do deep tissue. Damn. Sometimes you just want the next rep

  • You became a beast from this channel! Before you were just about abs, diet and nutrition. Now I can clearly see your progress with overall bodybuilding. Very impressed! You also have your friend to always one up you that helps you increase weight everytime
    Great video!

  • thank you for this dude, I had an accident to last 2016, I had an injury on my left knee and I got a surgery, after the surgy wounds healed I don’t feel like working out again and my legs now looks like a chicken leg, and because of that i deleted all the picture before gaining and working out in 4 months, cause I am so disappointed in myself, but now after seeing this, your video motivates me now, thats right, I need to get my ass up and work hard again..let’s transform this ugly chicken leg into a better one, sorry for my English, I’m not really good at it…God bless you

  • Steve, this is amazing! What about foot placement/foot stance for squats, leg press and hack squats if building a big quad sweep is the main goal? (outside of the leg). Is it *worth” to sacrifice squat stance over the amount of weight that’s lifted? I am much stronger at low bar squat, wider stance, also wider stance on leg press and placing my feet higher on the platform for hack squats…. but that’s less ”quad” emphasized (according to all the research and from what I have heard from people with experience)

  • Dad gave solid advice: “You can’t appreciate the top, if you’ve never been at the bottom.”

    Your caption ��
    No matter what weather
    No matter what time
    No matter how hard you fail
    No matter how long it takes..

    I WILL GET IT ��

  • Congrats Ay, this proves that when your down if you have the mindset,determination, not giving up through the journey youll make it where you want to, thats how I got to what I wanted and still continuing #neverlosehope

  • Love the content brother! Will start implementing for sure this leg workout needing to see my calves and quads grow, working on squats for sure only at 225 but really just started squatting consistently for like 2 months. Oh and yeah more of Kitty Gains for sure:-) Would not mind that free tub

  • Don’t listen to this clown he is on roids for all hardgainers here all the workout u need 4 days a week day 1 4 sets of back squats 4 sets front swuats and then 2 sets of power cleans light and then 6 sets of dips all the exercises vary the reps pyramid style go to light to heavy on weights and day 2 go back and fourth with 4 sets of conventional deadlifts and 4 sets of sumo or snatch grip deadlifts after that hit pulls ups 4 sets wide and 4 sets reverse grip to hit the bis and very the reps and weight with light and heavy repeat this for 4 days a week two times a week day 1 and day 2 routines excericss and eat clean a person can gain 10 to 15 pounds of dry weight a year go steady and slow hardgainers it will pay off this dudes is just a marketer on roids and he ain’t even big lol

  • So you watched a motivational video on YouTube and hurt yourself. And now you are posting a motivational video for us to see. What do you want man!

  • Hey man great leg work outs. I love em. Good tips. Of you got more definitely would love to see some. Trying to get them logs for legs!!!!! ��������������������

  • Tried the calf thing for the first time.. I feel like I have daggers in them now! Do you recommend doing them more than once a week so I won’t be as sore? I workout legs 3 times a week as well and I’ve been making crazy gains that way.

  • Bro I got one question I have been trying to find that kind of workout belt! Where did you get it from? Thanks man and keep inspiring great work

  • I used to hate lunges. Until go on a Halloween challenge in the gym, based on the letters of the name and I have to do 60 lunges. My legs never get that pump with squats or any other exercise. High reps, bodyweight lunges are almost magic to leg development. (not native english speaking, sorry the bad english).

  • I always have hard time keeping my back straight while doing dead lifts. I don’t know how to correct it. Is it bec my hamstrings are tight that won’t let me bend forward without bending at lumbar spine too?

  • I have been struggling to get rid of my chicken legs for years but building legs has been the hardest for my genes (I think). What are the routines you did during the 6 months of dedication?

  • Excellent Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you tried Chireetler Amazing Butt Rule (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a good one of a kind product for learning a simple solution to get an amazing looking body minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my GF got cool success with it.

  • Congrats on 100,000 subscribers,Going to buy the food at the end and also I will try leg workout you showed.

    By the way for 6 weeks I’m doing 20 rep squat and I know how my form is good is that a personal trainer said “great squats ” to me

  • Great story. SO how long did it take until you where able to do pistols correctly? how frequent did you try on doing pistols? every day?

  • Your buddy has very good squat form. You should try this technique….pick a point on the wall (say the top of the mirror). Keep your visual focused there as you drive your pelvic area up.

  • I can relate Michael. I don’t like the seated leg curls because I can’t feel it as much on my hams compared to the lying leg curl or the standing single leg curl.  

  • Don´t you think that the knee sleeves is kinda stoping you from getting a full extension/contraction on the leg extension? I just slide them down to my calves, and then put them back on:) Try it out, it was a big diffrence to be honest.

  • Hmm, I thought I saw one of omar’s vids saying that u shouldn’t tuck ur elbows I’m too far on low bar squat. Ur supposed to be pinning ur hands into the bar. Am I right?

  • Dude, maybe you could exercise in disguise, so you won’t get so many “thirsty” comments. I don’t know how many people are really looking to copy the exercise routine. Just keeping it real, lol!

  • Front dumbbell squats: “Goblet” squats. 😉

    Also tuck your chin in during Romanian deadlifts (or any deadlifts for that matter). Neutral spine at all times.

  • Got a serious question, when ever I train legs I get cramps in my hamstrings, any idea why this is happening, my water intake is good, ive even started taking magnesium supplement to help but still getting the cramp issue, I dont feel like training legs as this is causing me not to train legs anymore any advice?

  • congrats on the 100,000 subs.  IMO your workouts are too BRO but fine if u get results.  I’d like to see you on 5/3/1 with BBB.  Anyway keep the good work and recipe vids.

  • Love legs more than any other work out but injured my ankle so can’t do much legs for 3 months, maybe that bulging banana could help me out faster.

  • quad assassination.  i was doing deadlifts today too close to after i ate breakfast…felt like i was gonna vomit in the last 2 sets rofl.

  • Nice video Michael keep ’em coning! I really enjoy your recipes and the full day of eating videos are really cool. Congrats on your plaque hopefully you get a gold one at 200k!

  • What are u wearing on your knees exactly Michael? I have knee issues and always think I need support. Must admit 12 mnths of solid training gas helped heaps! Always love ya work btw!

  • I have a crush on a girl and another boy like her too she likes to go to gym and she looks amazing when she found out we both love her she said the one on build up some muscle first will be her boyfriend with this routines I’m gonna win and im sure

  • This has really good advice and it’s a completely different types of attacks… And I am a follower of Jeff before he hit the 1million…

    So happy to subscribe to this channel as well…

    Thanks for your time and content

  • Always enjoy your videos. Maybe one suggestion when showing exercises would be to show multiple angles? For instance with the squatting to have shown your elbow tuck from the back and the form from the side? Just a little idea since people like myself tend to look at video’s for proper form to help better our workouts.

  • Try doing single legged for that leg curl machine. I also hate that sitting down leg curl machine but I do single legged curl on it so it feels better. I learned that from one of ogus vids. Try it