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Leg Extensions – The Stupidest Exercise Ever Created? Leg extensions have been maligned by the strength and performance community. Similar to the arguments made against the hip thrust where I actually sided with the use of this controversial movement ( see my article here ). Leg Extensions The Stupidest Exercise Ever? | Tiger Fitness 1) Increased joint stress 2) Reduced hamstring activity 3) Reduced VMO (vastus medialis oblique) activity 4) Contributes to lazy adductors, abductors and hamstrings 5) Constant tension on the ACL 6.

Is the Leg Extension the worst exercise ever created? Absolutely not. Many people regularly perform it with no negative consequences. We could argue that some folks have overdeveloped quads and.

The leg extension is one of the most unnatural and impractical (meaning nonfunctional) exercises you can do in the gym. It’s trying to strengthen your knee to extend or straighten, but it does so with your legs flying freely in the air! At what point are you straightening both legs at the same time in the air?!?

The leg extension, or knee extension, is a type of strength training exercise.It’s an excellent move for strengthening your quadriceps, which are in the front of your upper legs. The key muscles you’ll use in a leg extension are, of course, the quadriceps.They extend the knee, but they’re also essential for movement in the hips. The rectus femoris is a muscle in the quadriceps that also flexes the hip – making it a bit more complicated than just moving your knee.

Nope. It’s not even leg extensions. Despite how much I dislike that exercise as both a physical therapist and strength coach.

This is far worse!QUESTION: I see a lot of people online making fun of the leg extension machine and calling it the most useless leg exercise there is.They all say that if you’re trying to build muscle, you shouldn’t ever waste your time using it. I’ve. Building your quads with the leg-extension exercise also helps improve the force of kicking movements.

Proceed With Caution Let’s say you do want to include this exercise into your fitness routine, even knowing the risks. First, talk with a personal trainer, physical therapist or doctor, especially if you have knee pain or have ever suffered a. Let’s be clear: Not all machines are created equal.

Exercise machines were invented to provide a safe alternative to free weights, but sometimes they’re anything but.As a matter of fact, they.

List of related literature:

This exercise is done for 30 seconds on each leg during weeks 1 to 3 and for 60 seconds during weeks 4 to 6.

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Indeed, the use of a standard leg extension regime using a sitting position has been severely criticized (Palmitier et al., 1991).

“Managing Sports Injuries e-book: a guide for students and clinicians” by Christopher M Norris
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Finally, the leg moves backwards into something called ‘hip extension’, while the other leg begins the same hip flexion—or knee flexion—body weight transfer and hip extension.

“Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way” by Yasmin Karachiwala, Zeena Dhalla
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This athlete now must deal with a weak quadriceps mechanism and a strange feeling in his thigh each time he contracts his quadriceps muscles in that leg.

“Concepts of Athletic Training” by Ronald P. Pfeiffer, Brent C. Mangus
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However, even the large femur extensor muscles of these jumping legs cannot generate the quick extension necessary for an efficient jump without some mechanical modification within the leg structure for storing energy.

“Encyclopedia of Insects” by Vincent H. Resh, Ring T. Cardé
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Reduction in leg and core muscle control may result in greater eccentric loads on the upper limb and increase the risk of injury [4].

“Adaptive Sports Medicine: A Clinical Guide” by Arthur Jason De Luigi
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When I first saw people doing it, I thought it was silly, but now I understand; it prevents them from catching themselves in a quarter squat with both legs.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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Researchers there took a group of guys and had them do leg extensions with a light weight on one leg only for 30 minutes straight.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
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The Nautilus group used leg extensions as one of the training exercises.

“Strength and Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications” by Marco Cardinale, Robert Newton, Kazunori Nosaka
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Single-Leg Triangle Hop on your left leg to form a triangle in a counterclockwise direction for 10 seconds; then switch legs and perform the same movement for 10 seconds (2-3-1-2).

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
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  • What about if you lay on your stomach and instead of leg extensions you do the one that works your hamstrings, are those also bad? Sorry, I don’t know the name of that exercise

  • Ryan, I try at least one or two of your exercises everytime you post a video… at first I did it for the gains but now I’m doing it just to see how ppl react ������ ( The gains and the contractions are fucking nice by the way)

  • Hey Jeff,
    Do you have any comments on hip abduction and induction machines?
    I’ve heard here and there that it’s not safe to use them and can cause injuries.
    thank you

  • I have had   patella  tendon ruptures      stay away from  leg extensions   bad news  its been proven. ask any orthopedic  surgeon..

  • 13.000 duimpjes omlaag dus veel mensen zeggen fok you tegen deze skinny as s. Je moet gewoon trainen hoe je wilt en niet naar deze lelijke pipo de clown luisteren!

  • I agree that sissy squats are a bad and dangerous exercise but I disagree with you when you say that leg extensions are one of the absolute worst exercises because if you do them carefully and not with too heavy of weight and use higher repetitions I think they’re a pretty darn good exercise for your quads.

  • What if you don’t have a machine? I’m talking you are outdoors or in your own apartment? What could one do instead of chest flys? This is breaking news to meI was just working out the other day doing a chest fly with lying leg raises with relatively light hand weights.

  • Jeff if you watch the video All access: Giannis MVP celebration you will see at 1:20 Giannis antetokumpo performing a back squat into a shoulder press. This is the MVP of the NBA. Would they compromise him by performing a behind the neck shouoder press. Or is it different when performed from a back squat position?

  • Two things to make your video better Scott. You did it correctly on all angles. But… for those who don’t know…. The third adjustment is at the pivot point to make sure the starting position is not such where the knee is already over the toe. Starting from an eccentric position, this creates even more havoc on the shear forces applied. Your knee was not over the toe, but this point was not mentioned. Lastly, keeping the toes Dorsi Flexed is imperative. Yours were. But again, not mentioned. Why, it elongates the Tibialis Anterior which now has the pad on top of the Tibial Anterior Tendon while the tendon is stretched. Can be a possible chronic injury down the road. So feet should always be Dorsi Flexed for safety.

  • You can injure yourself on any exercise if done wrong. Been doing Leg Extensions, DB. Fly’s and upright rows for 40 years and never had a problem. Not going to give it up just because some guy named Jeff says so.

  • I try to hit squats first then leg press and follow up with lighter weights on the machines with leg extensions, curls,and hip abductors and adductors.

  • I have purchased a sissy squat machine,, in using this machine where ya feet are locked in all safe yad think are this machines Safe??

  • High Squat squat squat = compression your spine, hips joint.

    Do standing leg extension, vertical leg press, sissy squat machine, Jefferson squat, box squat with weighted belt

  • Come cycling with me. In the 30-50+ miles each day I do, promise everything let related will be sore. Better than the BS workout most people do.

  • Only because people in the comments don’t seem to understand: Having a strong foundational knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics > your opinion because you’ve been doing an exercise and it hasn’t injured you yet.

    Coming from an occupational therapist who works in hand therapy and shoulder rehab, Jeff and I just don’t want to see you injured and in our clinics as patients, that is the point of this video. Shoulder impingement is real, folks. ��‍♀️

  • I dropped traditional squats for Sumo squats, they seem to target the areas I wanna target much better, without any spinal compression.

  • What if I use resistance tube instead of the machine with loads? Surely this wouldn’t hurt vastus medialis and knee joints? High and controlled reps for perfect teardrops and knee health? I mean… this feels soo freaking good!!!

  • Be careful with this machine, if you do it wrong it could really mess up your knee joints. It will cause knee pain if you do it wrong.

  • What if I use resistance tube instead of the machine with loads? Surely this wouldn’t hurt vastus medialis and knee joints? High and controlled reps for perfect teardrops and knee health? I mean… this feel soo freaking good!!!

  • Oh PLEASE! I’ve been doing db flies for 30+ yrs and am now 52 yrs old and never had an injury due to flies. I personally think it’s a great exercise…if done right..

  • Anyone with patella tendon sharp pains and aches, should try “knee circles”. Check out (strength side). He’ll show you what they are. They helped me more than anything. Helps my knees feel “warm and pumped”.

  • So how is it any different to walking down a steep grade or stopping your momentum quickly after a sprint? Those Scandinavian body weight leg curls are what make my knees hurt. In a sissy squat the tension from your quads would carry the stress across your knees, unlike in leg extensions where the tension is lateral to a vertical shear. Unless you are standing on a box or something and keeping your body vertical instead of leaning back. I can see how that would create the kind of shear stress you are describing?

  • I wish I could have gotten some advice from you 20 years ago. I have a lot of issues with impingement. I have some work-related injuries to my rotor cuffs. If I pull my right shoulder back too far it pinches and it hurts. I still did behind the back standing press not even realizing that it was doing me more harm than good. I figured it out after a while but it was a pain I could have done without. You have exceptional advice. Your videos are of the highest of quality. Bar none

  • after thought, you were correct about the bar behind the head thing but that was it and you are one of only a few pwoplw I’ve seen do a correct squat but suggestion, chin up while doing your squat keeps curvature of your spine correct take it or leave it that all comes from real pro coaches,

  • Jeff or Scott, I go back and forth between their videos to get an understanding.

    I don’t have favorites, but this video wins automatically. Keep at it Scott!

  • These arguments are foolish. If any of them mattered, none of us would do tricep or bicep extensions either. We all know how important those exercises are for building size and strength in the arms…. Also, leg extensions reduce the risk of tears by keeping constant pressure on the joint. Boy, get your shit together.

  • I’m not sure I’m on board with this anti leg extension deal. Of all the body parts I’ve somewhat hurt(mostly shoulders and low back) knees are not one of them.

  • According to TV documentary when Gengis Khan and his mounted warriors were on the move a warrior who had to dump would just lean off the side of his horse while still riding.

  • GUYS This is not good, SISSY SQUATS are the best it transformed my knees and cured my tendonitis go on instagram @kneesovertoesguy you will see everything please and thenk me pater

  • Is it ok to do leg extensions, I watched one of your videos and you said to stop doing them. If you only use light weight 30 -60lbs and med to high reps?

  • I do leg extensions with a light weight and at a slow tempo for contraction this has led to more vascularity in my quads. But honestly no strength gain. Also the most weight I’ll do will be maybe 65 pounds

  • =
    <-AthleanX member Q: what about lunges as an alternate? I don't have an appropriate cable to do your solution. Good info on Leg Ext. I always wondered why they weren't in the program.

  • Yessir, I just started working out 2 months ago (age 56), and the first thing I felt doing leg ext. was my right kneecap rubbing. No more sir.

  • i really like this guy but i would get tore up at my gym bouncing up and down on a dumbell like a sprung HS cheerleader. Aint happenin

  • Bro I had bad knees leg extensions help u just can’t start off with a heavy load ur tendons are weak if u curl with free weights it’ll mess ur knees up standing for a long period of time never stand up n curl with heavy loads it’ll bite u in the ass whenever it decides to stand up with light weights it’s fine but sit down when curling heavy load I learned it from experience keep the posture firm when sitting n curling heavy loads don’t hunch u can mess ur lower back up in the long run.

  • I am no way an expert but….. Wouldn’t constant tension on the ACL strenghten it and make it less likely to get damaged (pulled,torn,stress,or strained)?

  • I’m bored of seated extention type of movements, can lift the stack with good form but it’s not good for overloading the knee so won’t do it anymore for the fact to lift heavy is unsafe where as lifting for front squats and back squats and deadlift for high volume does the job better for me personally

  • I absolutely love this exercise! It’s amazing for the quads. If you feel like you don’t have any discomfort while doing it then you should definitely incorporate it

  • Jeff, often times in sports were jumping is common you land in this position, and the solution to this problem is not to avoid landing in this position but to protect them at whatever level you have to start at.

  • accidentally watched another one of these hilarious things at work today, I didn’t say a word everyone else was laughing and surprisingly correct. watching this guy try to explain how a shoulder joint works was the best part. its okay though jeffro most of the whole industry is injuring people more than they help and your youtube stuff isn’t worse than others its just perfectly incorrect every single part I have a lot of history in the business and I have never met someone so perfectly wrong about every thing only part of your body I saw was a bicep and thats biologically incorrect even for sculpting type of a workout I would imagine the rest matches doesn’t look like you know how to do anything boy your sure of yourself though lol thats why its so funny. the part thats not funny is that people mistake arrogance for confidence and your only confusing people with false made up from an arrogant point of view I like ya don’t misunderstand your just so wrong

  • The kung-fu masters incorporating this movement with uncompromised dexterity well into their 80’s and 90’s… they’re just pretending to be flexible

  • So, we need the quads to get strong. Really strong. They are critical for successful rehab. But can’t we just do that with “functional” lifts like squats and lunges? Not necessarily…

    More complex movements such as hopping, squatting, and lunging grant the opportunity for compensations to occur whether we can visualize those compensations or not. An isolated movement like a leg extension takes away that opportunity and provides a better training stimulus for the specific adaptation we’re seeking strong quads!

    The leg extension exercise not only applies an isolated and specific training stimulus for the adaptation we are seeking, it may also better replicate the actual forces acting through the knee during sport-specific movements than many other exercises that are considered more “functional” do.

    In short, the quads need to be extremely strong after an ACL Reconstruction. Standard rehab exercises and tests such as squats and hopping grant the opportunity for compensations to occur and therefore may not truly load the quads as much as we think. Now, we can try to make an argument for movements like front squats, hack squats, or split squats that really emphasize a positive shin angle, and they may be part of a comprehensive program, but in order to be absolutely sure we’re loading the quads adequately, we probably need to utilize an exercise that isolates them such as leg extensions.

  • He’s right. There’s a decently sized guy in my gym. He was working out in crocs and I laughed to myself thinking “There’s not a soul in here brave enough say shit to him about those.”

  • As someone with already weak knees, this exercise just looks like it would cause more pain in the first place. After hearing Jeff it just reinforces that it’s bad for you. Jeff’s opinion takes more weight than scott Herman etc.

  • Thank you so much!!!! I have been saying that for years. This is THE exercise that causes knee pain. Not the squats! It’s this unnatural movement with heavy weights.

  • Ive been following this dudes advice for a month and I’m getting better results than anyone else. Especially his arm and shoulder workouts are the best.