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Kick-Start Your Triceps Size With These 3 Tips Biceps obsession. It’s So with that said, here are a few tips. Tip #1 Stop Doing Low-Rep, Heavy Work. Elbow issues are common in lifting. In fact, triceps work specifically can contribute to a number of elbow maladies.

With your arms extended and your feet off the floor, bend your arms and lower your body until your elbows are bent 90 degrees. Extend your elbows and press yourself back up. Keep your triceps pinned back, your elbows pointing behind you and your body straight and perpendicular to the floor. With a dumbbell in each hand, turn your thumbs down with your knuckles pressed together on your chest.

Your elbows Keeping the inside of the dumbbells pressed together, drive the dumbbells up toward the ceiling and flex your triceps at Lower slowly and repeat. Do you want to increase the size of your TRICEPS? This video provides all the reasons why your TRICEPS are not growing with the complete training methods, 3 TOP EXERCISES,techniques to increase.

Do you want to increase the size of your TRICEPS? This video provides you the complete training methods, TOP 3 EXERCISES to grow bigger triceps. 3 Easy Tips for BIG TRICEPS 100% GUARANTEED. Try the following routine to work all angles of your triceps to increase their size and strength.

Decline Close-Grip Bench Press Lie on a decline bench and hold the bar with a. Doing your regular dips, tricep extensions are not enough to grow the tris to a respectable size, the size that will get them noticed. This is what we will cover in this article. I’m going to show how to train your triceps the right way for amazing results. How To Explode Your Triceps With Big Growth.

Some bodybuilders swear by sticking with one routine that works. Others, like IFBB pro Craig Capurso, say that the biggest gains come from mixing it up. Here are 6 tips to keep your triceps workout stimulating and fresh!

Start by standing straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab a dumbbell with one hand. With your other hand, steady yourself by grabbing onto a steady surface such as a gym bar or table. Bring the dumbbell up to your shoulder then extend the arm straight up so it is perpendicular to the floor.

Your upper arm may be in line with the torso with your arms above your head, like the French press. Each of these positions will slightly alter the active range of each of the three heads of the tricep, but primarily the long head – the inner part of the horseshoe.

List of related literature:

Two-Arm Triceps Kick Back-Dumbbells, Elastic Resistance Movement Place elastic resistance across abdomen, hold ends or hold dumbbells, hyperextend shoulders and position elbows as for single arm kick backs, extend elbows and lift hands as high as possible to get maximum arm extension.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
Kendall/Hunt, 2002

Follow with single-arm presses in front, down, to the side, and across the body, and progress to double-arm presses to the front, to the sides, and overhead, first in unison and then in opposition with the legs.

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
from Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults
by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
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(2) As you bend your elbows and lower yourself between the bars, try to stay as upright as possible—the more you lean back, the more you work the triceps; the more you bend forward, the more you work the pectorals.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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POSITION 6: Starting with your elbow bent 90°, lower your arm at a 30° angle to defend against a rising attack to your body.

“Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 250 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques” by Darren Levine, John Whitman
from Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 250 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques
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To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

Make sure the tips of your elbows point directly to the ground, so that the upper arms, elbows, and forearms are parallel to each other.

“Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: Chi Gung for Lifelong Health” by Bruce Kumar Frantzis
from Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: Chi Gung for Lifelong Health
by Bruce Kumar Frantzis
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Try to incorporate speed velocity (faster reps within a shorter range of motion, step 3) together with strength velocity (stronger and slower reps within a larger range of motion, step 4).

“The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body” by Ori Hofmekler
from The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body
by Ori Hofmekler
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Generally, the person should start with a compound movement first, such as the bench press, which uses both the shoulder and elbow joints.

“Optimal Muscle Training” by Ken Kinakin
from Optimal Muscle Training
by Ken Kinakin
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bar with an overyour upper hand, shoulderarms, bend your width grip and let elbows and curl the bar hang at the bar as close arm’s length in to your shoulfront of your ders as you can.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

Avoid these common mistakes: using a grip that is too narrow, letting the elbows Squeeze intoo closetothebody instead of flaring out, finishing the exercise with the upper body above parallel to the floor, not arching the low back, and locking the knees.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

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  • I will give this a try next time i do triceps. Ive been trying to get my triceps to be bigger with not much success and have been looking for something like this. Thanks big hairy ugly dood

  • Hi.. Hay Vince Sant hope ur doing well! I’ve doubt could u ple make me clear the difference between Adidas resistance tube & power cable! Which is best to buy

  • Bruh. I just had to subscribe at this point. I’ve learned something I’ve been doing wrong for years in every video I’ve watched! Smh

    Thank you!

  • How often should I switch the workouts as I’m doing your dumbbell only workouts. Should I do them for like 2 months then switch it up?

  • for the tricep extensions why didnt u mention that you shouldnt keep your arm perpendicular to the ground but instead make it at an angle so there is constant tension on the long head o tricep?

  • VERY good explanation. I’ve seen a lot of online and live tutorials, few of them have as good explanations on details that make an exercise be safe and effective! Watch this guy, listen and keep track of points about positions and lockouts and stuff like that it will improve your performance A LOT and save a lot of tension on your joints! GREAT VIDEO MAN, thanks! Even with experience, I managed to find some answers of things I was wondering for a long time for example whether elbows should be tucked in on the overhead triceps extension.

  • #suggestion with giving exercises plz provide the weekly frequency. Means number of days we should go for this exercise like that. It will be easier for beginners like me

  • 5:35 please stop locking out, full ROM is unnecessary. If you need a break between every set you’re going too heavy.

    –sincerely someone with bad elbows from dips

  • For future me:
    2:10 seated overhead extension
    4:00 seated dumbell kickback
    6:36 Dumbell crossbody extensions
    9:05 laying dumbell skullcrusher

  • thanks for this, a 43 y/o guy trying to do it the right way at home with body weight a dumbles. you make it easer to understand with out the judgment for a beginner

  • thank you for your how too. Mostly, thank you for explaining without dropping “F” bombs every third word. I have worked these four into my training, with your instructed form. I can say; Proper form has made a huge difference. I took some seriously bad advice, and that cost me a one shoulder injury. wish this How-to was around a two yrs ago. Thank you again. Make note people. Proper form, you will drop weight, BUT, the results will be much much better

  • Had a pinched nerve between my shoulder blades and now have some muscle wastage on the outside of tricep is it the lateral head? Anyone know some awesome techniques to get it back quickly thanks a heap

  • Vince I always seem to refer back to this video, for DB Kick Backs. You have been a big influence on a lot of us in maintaining good form.

  • Dont you think you need to rethink about your last exersice? Because that mote your elbows mest be gloser to your heard IT will be more effektive ratter than wide open

  • Sal, at the overhead movement, is there a difference or rather importance of the elbow Placement (flaring out or Close to the head)? I you had tham flaring away from your head.

  • The dumbbell jam press is incredible! I’ve been trying to find a tricep workout that works in a unique way. That is it! Great idea!!

  • 1:50: Jeff says he has shown the dive bomber pushup before, but I can’t find it in videos from before August 2009. Did that earlier video get deleted?

  • Why don’t I feel the lying dumbbells extension/skull crushers in my triceps very much? I obviously do feel some tricep contraction but not nearly as much as when using a cable push down and my shoulders feel more if the stress of the exercise.

  • Holy Moley, talk about ‘hitting it out of the park’!!!! Frickin awesome video on triceps!!!! Jeff, your content is amazing!! Love it!!!!!

  • I’m really glad you did a video on this article. Great advice as always. I do barbell skull crushers off of the floor and I would like to know if you think the close grip floor press matches up well with this lift. Not being able to use my lower body seems to force me to activate the triceps more. Thanks Steve

  • Man for too many yrs I’ve been rolling the barbell to my finger tips on the forearm curls and recent yrs have had pain in the tendon you described thanx for great tip no more sore inner elbow pain thanks Jeff glad I found your channel thought I knew most of the game as long time Olympic lifter and later power lifter

  • Nice and simple explanation. I have found one arm triceps extension better than double arm because it kinda separates all 3 heads of the triceps.

  • Every time I do the lying dumbbell tricep extension, my left shoulder pops. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong even though I feel like I have a good mind-muscle connection.

  • You’re awesome. Jeff. When times of struggle to find equipment like heavy dumbbells and such during quarantine. You utilize the muscle with your interesting workouts with just a dumbells which all I have, so thank you for that.

  • I have to ask, is it acceptable if I use the exercises listed in the video as my tricep workout or would you recommended something else?

  • Every time I do lying dumbbell tricep extensions, my left shoulder pops. Could this mean I’m doing it wrong, or does it sound like I have a different problem under the surface?

  • My shoulder causes some problems during internal rotation during tricep workout.should I focus on making my shoulder cuffs stronger or am I doing it wrong?

  • Great work!!! Very thorough tricep workout demonstration. Can you do a video on hamstring strengthening and power. Strong enough to avoid soccer injury when running.

  • Thanks for helping me reach 2k subscribers so far!

    About the video, last week I covered training your biceps (see: So it’s only right that this week the triceps get some well-deserved attention. I show you 3 exercises that train your triceps from different angles. This will help you train your triceps for more complete development. With each exercise, I also show an alternative exercise so you have multiple options.

    Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for future videos!

  • Seems like Close Grip, Board Press, Floor Press and dips would work well in a 5 rep range. Everything else I’d say 10, or more.
    I think the key is to get in a press you can progress on, an extension, something overhead, and a pushdown. Split it between two workouts, or work some of those movements twice a week.

  • Do over head exercises… Skull crusher with dumbells that allows you to the maximun stretch…. Amazing exercises for biggg fucken triceps

  • I have a problem with my tri
    i have been trying to increse the weight for over 2 monthes now with no results at all!
    can i ask you guys how much can you lift in tricpes isolation training auch as incline dumbel kick back

  • I’ve only been doing Holly Dolke’s 8 minute arm workout and lifting only 2lbs dumbells (dumbell kickbacks, overhead extensions, skull crushers) but i could already feel the lateral head under the (still thick) layer of fat on my arm. I didn’t know that it existed but now i could feel it coming up and down whenever i flex my arms. I’m thinking that my arms are already toned underneath but i’m obese so i still have a lot of fat to lose to actually see the results.

  • I’ve been doing those crossovers wrong all this time. Boy, did the correct form make all the difference (as it always does). Thank you for this video.

  • How heavy should you go with each exercise? I do two out of three I do is the overhead DB at 110lbs 4-6 reps 3 sets. The weighted dip at 130lbs 4-6 reps

  • @athlean-x Am I doing the Laying dumbell extension wrong because I feel it more in my elbow then my tricep. If anyone could give me tips that would be much appreciated.

  • What workout is best to increase the width of the the back of the arm closest to the elbow. My arm looks fine but right above my elbow it’s deathly skinny.

  • 4:18 I just practiced doing some at home to avoid looking like a dumbass in the gym and I don’t know if my chair doesn’t lean back enough but I felt a lot of pressure in my elbows when I did

    How do I fix this?

  • Even as a novice, I quickly understood that the smaller the muscle groups needed higher rep work. I’ve seen people doing low rep tricep and bicep work, and when (rarely) the form is decent, it looks almost pointless.

  • 2:28 can you just bend over and do the same thing? I feel like stealing a bench at the gym to this will make me look like I don’t know what I’m doing lol

  • Hi, I like your content soo much, but you have dismis and not understanding of triceps activation. i will send you a study:

  • Could you talk about calories in when bulking,is it just get the protein plus calories in,or is it what you actually absorb,ie fruit and vegetables as important

  • You make the best fitness advice videos on youtube. Always research based and no bro science. Love them. Keep up the good work. Started following your advice and saw massive changes in my body. Thank you.

  • My left triceps is very weak comparing to the right…. What should i do?
    I can do 10 rep with the right arm but i stop at 5 with the left��

  • Medical abbreviation EMG, electromyogram

    (EMG) measures muscle response or electrical activity in response to a nerve’s stimulation of the muscle. The test is used to help detect neuromuscular abnormalities.


  • I don’t know what’s going on with my triceps in my right arm but they are damn near non-existent. I’ve been trying to train them but my right arm gets burned out so quickly, it never feels like it’s getting worked. After a few sets me right triceps can’t even handle 5 lbs while my left arm can handle quadruple that easily.

  • The idea that higher load is great for development does not seem to be based on any science other than the assumption that big weight = big muscle. Obviously an advantageous biomechanical position will allow more weight but all those compound exercises are multimuscle exercises and your weak point might not even be the tricep so you will be held back by irrelevant muscles. If you don’t get pain from those exercises then I don’t see why you would have to avoid them either unless they mess with your split but I’ve never seen any real evidence of why heavy load is better. All it seems to do is grind the joints to dust sooner.

  • thanks that was straight to the point and easy to follow, not really something you find on Youtube much..
    A lot of noobs think that just coz they know something unique they can accurately communicate it, let alone do it quickly.

  • Hi,
    Thanks a lot it’s really good video to grow triceps. I had a issue, my muscles lagging in growth in between long head and medial head. Is there any specific exercise for the growth in that particular place?


  • I am doing pushdown every week but the soreness is coming in my long head while doing straight bar pushdown… Which grip should I use WIDE GRIP or SHOULDER WIDHTH or NARROW GRIP to perfetly ENGAGE MY LATERAL HEAD????????

  • NOTIFICATION SQUAD GIVEAWAY Alright guys, I’m giving away a complete 30 Day Workout program to 100 lucky clickers within the first hour this video is published! Remember, this is NOT THE FIRST 100, but those randomly selected WITHIN the first hour the video is published. So don’t b*tch if you’re not one of them:) Just try next time. Click the link to see if you’ve won. Good luck!

    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • What if all 3 heads of my triceps are lagging? Should I work 1 head on one day and then switch to the other head the next time, or can I just work on all 3 heads on the same day?

  • Really good video. Got right to it. No dragging on and on, talking too much……just great explaining and demonstrating perfectly. Don’t know you but I appreciate this video. Helped a lot. Thank you.

  • You don’t know what you’re talkin about… you have cutting exercises versus building exercises, for triceps and the same for biceps!

  • Yeaaa, this video is just perfect for me right now that I’ve been trying to get that muscle stronger and loose the bad arms�� hehehe… thank you ��

  • The only triceps movements that did anything for me are lying tricep extensions (w/ EZ cur bar), close-grip bench (just inside shoulder width), and pushdowns (using rope and revolving flat bar).

    Dips (any variation) are fantastic but have always been painful for my delts so they’re out.

  • Nah best for the long head is to stretch them. My favorite and rarely anyone does is long rope triceps push down only you are a few inches back from the machine and once you start in the 1 rep you will feel it like crazy. Once you are tired hold it in that position while walking back to the machine. I’m telling you it’s brutal. What got my triceps to look so freaky.

  • Love your explanation. I don’t want bigger I want tone and definition. Can you give me information like reps, sets and weights. I’m a female with a tendency to get bigger when I do weights.

  • I notice the Ohio tattoo! Your from Cincinnati I take it? I’m from CLE. Thanks for the help, I’m becoming obsessed with working on my triceps lately so this helped A LOT! ��

  • Whenever you do the exercise can you do more than one rep? At least 3-4 so we won’t have to keep rewinding checking for proper form

  • Hi Jeff, I know you are not a doctor, but wondering if you have ever come across a tricep muscle long/lateral head showing cleft/dent (as if some muscle portion is gone/reduced). The dent/cleft was noticed suddenly one day (3 weeks back) and has more or less remained the same (might have grown in size a bit). There was no noticeable injury during any of the tricep exercises and no injection in that area for over 6 months (took yellow fever injection last sept over there though). Also, no pain in the elbow. And slight pain when doing one hand over head tricep extension. Any suggestions would be helpful. Have setup an ultrasound next week, but afraid of it being some sort of tear which will need surgery and downtime. Please advice. Thanks.

  • Doing dips incorrectly for best triceps development. Feet together and in front of your body going down 3/4 and all the way up. You don’t want to be leaning forward as this will activate your chest and front delts.

  • Good tips. I’m proud to say I sport 18’s cold. And no,I’m not fat. 5ft ten,205 lbs. Been pumping iron for 35 years. Like Steve said,gotta have big triceps if you wanna have decent sized arms.

  • Hey guys, can i translate some of your blog articles to my blog? I will of course only translate the text and put the name of the author and the link to the original post.

  • Do 10,8,6,4,2 drop sets count as only 1 set? Or is it 5 sets? Meaning, do I do these 5 sets 3 times? Or do I only do those 5 sets once in my Tricep workout.

  • I just don’t get it why you guys have less following on YouTube? We are just lucky enough when I started lifting weights we have you guys that spread and teach people how to properly lift weights. My top fitness youtube channels are MindPumpTv, Mike Matthews, and Stronger by Science which basically includes the whole crew of Omar, Erik Helms and others. And yet we have those channels that has like more than a million subs, but all they post are crappy info or mislead people to be a unicorn. Lol..if you know what I mean. Keep up the good work and the service you guys do.

  • Possibly an obvious question but how would you prioritize the long head the most? Then the medial head. Lateral head last. Thanks.:)

  • Tricep kickbacks give me the best mind-muscle connection and pump as well Should those be also included in the workout along with these awesome exercises as a finisher or to activate the triceps before going for the ones in your video?

  • I do overhead extension on every arm day but sometimes I feel like I overcompensate on my strong side (right side) and my weak side (left) doesn’t get the same workout as my right side. Any tips on how to combat that?

  • There’s ONE best exercise for each muscle. You might prefer compound work for TIME-efficiency, but for TRUE efficiency of muscular work, single-joint is the way. For triceps, it’s supine DB extensions, or the equivalent cable press-downs.. Full range extension with the opposing biceps relaxed and neutral. If you feel the need for another set, just do another set.