Kettlebell Swings – An Entire Guide


Kettlebells for complete beginners. DAY ONE

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How to do KETTLEBELL SWING (Use Your Hips!) Ft. Cory Schlesinger

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Kettlebells 101: How to Get Started + Beginner Kettlebell Workout

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10 Minute Kettlebell Workout for an efficient Total Body Workout

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Beginners Kettlebell Workout | The Body Coach with Technogym Master Trainer

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Loading your kettlebell swing is how you get the explosive power from it. The kettlebell goes from your finish position, passes between your legs, and builds tension in your posterior chain. It’s similar to preparing for a huge vertical jump you load your posterior chain up, you have a specific stance, and you explode. Eb says: The kettlebell swing is all about hinging at your hips. Even more than that it is a move that lets us explosively express what’s called “hip extension.” If you’ve ever jumped, or gone for.

Kettlebell Swings Can be Summed Up With 4 Easy Verbal Cues 1. HIKE. Every rep counts when you swing a kettlebell – from rep 1 to rep 20 – each one should look as fluid and as 2. HINGE. Unlike a squat which is knee dominant, the HINGE movement is. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn to use your legs (and hips, glutes, and core) to perform the perfect kettlebell swing.

It’s All in the Hips As it turns out, dancing the salsa and. This video will walk you through a simple sequence to learn the kettlebell swing. If you’re just getting started with the swing, these movements are great to.

Week 3 – Combining Exercises Monday: Turkish Get Up (With Kettlebell) – 5 reps each side Tuesday: Single Leg Deadlift (With Kettlebell) – 5 reps each side x 3 sets Wednesday: Rest Thursday: Single Leg Deadlift (With Kettlebell) – 5 reps each side x 2 sets Follow With:Turkish Get Up (With Kettlebell). 300 Swings a Day Training Guide Technique + Weekly Workouts Do workouts, get results! NEW AND ADVANCED Kettlebell Swing Workouts For those looking for new and advanced swing workouts, you won’t be disappointed with these challenging and fun ways to get in your daily swings quota!

Daily 5-Minute “Metabolic Aftershots” Each day will feature an (optional, though recommended) 5 minute. Even low reps of kettlebell swings will help to increase your muscular power. Better muscular endurance. Muscular endurance is your ability to generate sub maximal muscular contractions for extended periods of time. Doing moderate to high reps of kettlebell swings will put your muscular endurance through the roof.

Increased aerobic capacity. Conclusion: Kettlebell Swings are an amazing exercise and one of the best exercises you can do to build a strong, healthy lower back. Kettlebell Swings are also great for building a great ass and are way more efficient for burning calories quickly.

Want to Maximize your results, click here. Train for Longevity Wild Warrior Nutrition. There are other variations of the swing you can implement if you want to mix it up! American Swing.

Perform the classic swing but swing the kettlebell up above your head. Swing One Arm. The one arm swing is a variation of the traditional KB swing. It just uses one arm at a time. Shuffle Swing.

Shuffle left to right performing the classic swing.

List of related literature:

The companion video for this book is superb as well, and a must for mastering some of the nuances of the unique kettlebell exercises.

“The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades
by Pavel Tsatsouline
Dragon Door Publications, 2001

Flip through Part III of this book, and get an idea of just how handy barbells and dumbbells are.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
Wiley, 2011

Just ordered some kettlebells to add to the repertoire!

“The Metabolism Plan: Discover the Foods and Exercises that Work for Your Body to Reduce Inflammation and Drop Pounds Fast” by Lyn-Genet Recitas
from The Metabolism Plan: Discover the Foods and Exercises that Work for Your Body to Reduce Inflammation and Drop Pounds Fast
by Lyn-Genet Recitas
Grand Central Publishing, 2017

Group classes or online coaching can make this affordable—look for Russianstyle kettlebell training.

“How to Be Well: The 6 Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life” by Frank, M.D. Lipman
from How to Be Well: The 6 Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life
by Frank, M.D. Lipman
HMH Books, 2018

One example would be to set a timer for 8 minutes and complete 25 kettlebell swings at the start of every minute; once you complete the 25 swings, you can rest and recover for the remainder of the minute.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

A partner will be able to use the Exercise Glossary at the back of this book to make sure that you are using proper form for all exercises and that you are not injuring yourself by using improper form or too much weight.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
from Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing, 2017

Going It Alone The training plans included in this book are set up so that a newcomer to CFE can get started with some basic body-weight movements and introductory CrossFitstyle workouts.

“Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong” by T.J. Murphy, Brian MacKenzie, Dean Karnazes
from Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong
by T.J. Murphy, Brian MacKenzie, Dean Karnazes
VeloPress, 2014

Repeat this movement dynamically, alternating sides, making sure that you swap the kettlebell.

“The Vertue Method: A stronger, fitter, healthier you – in 28 days” by Shona Vertue
from The Vertue Method: A stronger, fitter, healthier you – in 28 days
by Shona Vertue
Hodder & Stoughton, 2017

You can find a complete list of all the exercises and techniques in the front of this book.

“How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can: A Total Self-Healing Approach for Mind, Body, and Spirit” by Amy B. Scher
from How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can: A Total Self-Healing Approach for Mind, Body, and Spirit
by Amy B. Scher
Llewellyn Worldwide, Limited, 2016

Place your right foot forward and left foot to the rear, straighten your arm, and raise the kettlebell 1 or 2 inches from the floor.

“Bruce Lee: The Art of Expressing the Human Body” by Bruce Lee, John Little
from Bruce Lee: The Art of Expressing the Human Body
by Bruce Lee, John Little
Tuttle Publishing, 2015

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  • Question is it OK to do this workout everyday or do I need to take a day off after each workout? I got my kettlebell. I’m 55 years old. Used to be athletic but haven’t lifted weights in years. Thanks!

  • I went to a Private doctors about back pain & foot pain. I’m getting something to help my foot & I was given an exercise program with two exercises but one involves me using a cattle bell lifting up & down to strengthen my back?

  • 4:11 Ima rookie and also out-shape… with this kettlebells when I do that basic exercise, if I feel something in my lower back if I feel something with disc area im doing wrong or wheres the exercise pain need to be for beginners? when I say pain is just exactly when you do push-ups you gonna feel pain in your arms and pain the bicep area, that kind of pain?

  • I appreciate your explanation of the hinge method but the squat motion that you demonstrated is not the squat motion that Pavel teaches. Do you have a video on the pros and cons of the Pavel method vs the hinge?

  • I love kettlebells. If you’re unsure about technique. Check out my Kettlebell Series Playlist for some Technical Coaching and if someone can tell Joe he’d really appreciate it thanks:-P

  • Great video! I just got an adjustable kettlebell for my quarantine workout. This was my first time using one and it’s quite a workout! You should put all the kettlebell videos in a playlist. I’m going to watch them all.

  • Well folks. I turn 40 this May. Used to be solid 192 lbs before kids and starting a new business came along. I have reached a soft 256 lbs. Just bought a 20 lb kb. Here goes

  • Thank you very much for this awesome workout. I just started developing exercise habit after 10 years of inaction and I find this workout to be simple, easy to follow and doable. I only use 4 KG kettlebell today and it was easy to follow. It was a really helpful video and I find it beneficial

  • As a kettle bell certified personal trainer, this is one of the best videos for performing and teaching the swing. Good cues and good points on the differences from the bad swings as well.

  • I completed 10 sets consecutive.
    Felt amazing with a 20kg kettlebell.
    I’m on a strong diet of brown rice, veg & lean meats.
    Also taking diet whey with a little creatine.
    These kettlebell workouts are amazing.
    I would highly recommend to invest in a kettlebell and leave the gym and train at home..

  • Can anyone say for sure that kettlebell training can get you in shape? I’ve reached the point where I have given up on the gym. It’s too busy, too much choice and feels like going in to the office. I now run, swim and will invest in a set of kettlebells.

  • Soviet Producer: What kind of background do you want for your video?
    Pavel: Gas Tanks, Sand Bags, Wire fencing and ammunition boxes…
    Soviet Producer: Oh great!, so we don’t need to clean or change anything..

  • Oh what a great way to start real Kettle Bell training with such awesomely detailed instruction! Hats of to you Bro you leave me no choice but to pick up my Kettle Bells in earnest and follow your footsteps! Namaste

  • Holy crap!!! I see everybody at the gym doing it with the arms fully extended and letting it drop alllll the way back with the stress on the back.

  • Great video, thanks.

    Does anyone have any advice for the ‘hike’ on your second and subsequent swing?

    In particular, do you deliberately start the hip hinge back before the weight of the bell on the way down forces them back?

  • Is the snap/sharp straightening of the knee ok cause it looks a little worrying, but I could be completely wrong. If you say it’s ok I will try it to copy what your doing. Thank you

  • We need this because this is so important
    We decided to do this I hope you have a wonderful day I hope you can learn her kitty bell swinging

  • I never do two arm swings with such a small kettlebell. I can’t justify the $ for one of the 48kg bells so have my own adjustable T-bar kettlebell made plumbing pipe and 10 pound weights with 1” holes. The center pope is long enough to load 12 plates so it naturally puts it farther away from your body.. I don’t see that as an issue as long as you use good form.

  • This is so perfectly taught and executed. Great cues as well I love the two pieces of paper in the armpits visual. Thank you so much!

  • No one is going to mention that over pronation on the R foot?

    Just messin…truly great instruction for a move that so many get wrong. Well done!

  • Thanks for your 10 min kettle ball work out, it’s made me sweat and my heart pounded, and even my back muscles were engaged. I’m sticking with your workouts and sharing them with others. keep em coming from new happy fan in Canada:)

  • Hmmm. she doesn’t fully extend the hips. Not perfect form. Lose the running shoes, do them barefoot or something close to it. She is overextending the knees in order to make up for the lack of butt squeeze at the top. She also doesn’t engage the abs properly. The swing is about popping the hips and snapping the abs. not locking the knees and sticking your butt out the back.

  • beginners workout? dude i just got back from the store with the kettlebell, I don’t know what moves youre doing, do that shit slow

  • Cory Schlesinger. Pretty sure this is the Nebraska fullback from the mid-90s. He showed up big against Miami in the 94′-95′ National Championship Game.

  • Loved it��. I’m dripping after only 10 minutes ��. It was quick and powerful… and I’m feeling it��! You’re full of “surprises” Amy so… It’s never boring. Thank you!❤

    Her demonstration of a proper press was really good. Both in how she demonstrated and explained it. It’s also funny how she makes it look so effortless.

  • I’ve never seriously worked out, and after losing 100lbs from dieting I’m thinking of doing these basic exorcises to get me started. I’m practicing these movements while I”m waiting for my Kettlebell to be shipped. Any other advice you have for a scrub?

  • young and very professional
    i wasn’t expecting that i’m going to learn useful information from you
    but you took me by surprise
    your form your movement
    just very great i give 10/10
    you are a great person

  • Great explanation / demonstration.

    I am an older athlete and I am always on the lookout for exercises to strengthen my glutes and legs.


  • Süpersin harikasın bravo çok iyisin çok iyi çalışma çok güzel video olmuş daha çok video yapmanı bekliyorum senden süpersin ✌️��✌️��✌️��✌️��������������

  • It seems like this video is different from this one:

    Which form is proper? It seems like in the video I mentioned, there was a bit of arm added into it, where as in your video there’s 0 arm (which seems like the more proper way).

  • this the perfect swing.  I’ve taught for years. relax your elbows.  the only purpose of the hands is to hold on to the KB.  The hips and legs are doing all the work.  snap your hip and lock your knees to make the KB weightless at the top.

  • How many lbs is your kettle bell in this workout video? I’m new and want to get a kettlebell but not sure how many lbs kettlebells I should buy. Thank uiu

  • Hey, I love this work out routine and I’ve been doing it for a few months. I’m wondering where I should go from here, adding reps? Or do you have a different routine you’d recommend?

  • Павел огромное спасибо, за видео, хоть и на английском языке, реально показаны техники, так как по книге не понятно правильная техника выполнения в частности: Турецкие подъемы.

  • This guy did more for me than any bodybuilder or personal trainer. Funny thing is that he is also the funniest and easiest teacher. Thank you comrade

  • this guy is a legend! I read some of his stuff so many years ago when a friend who I am so grateful for got me into kettlebells. Pavel is absolutely a master and a very credible authority. Natural strength is perfectly achievable; just look at Pavel!

  • What does stretching the shoulder even means? It moves in all directions, and in any direction some parts of it are stretching and some are flexing.

  • This looks more like a satirical comedy sketch than an actual fitness video.. And I can’t stop laughing when Pavel says Comard(e).. ��������

  • Would be helpful, it being a “beginner’s workout” that you show the proper technique of using the kettlebell prior to each move, mate

  • You should wear 2 tops. When you finish instructing us you could tear one off like the hulk and walk away. This was very helpful! Most beginner videos show stuff that would kill me. I’ll check out your other vids too, thanks!

  • I like the comments from meatheads. Meatheads cannot link so they cannot understand how this exercise will increase their squat and deadlift. Say your a meathead who is obese, like many powerlifters in the upperweight classes are, you can use a kettlebell to lose weight and maintain your Strenght. Get a polar heart rate monitor. Using your target heart rate, which is 220-your age. Say you are 20, 200 is your max target heart rate. Set your polar heart rate monitor to 80% (160) and 90% (180). Start performing kettlebell swing until the 90% alarm goes off. Stop, rest tell the 80% alarm goes off, then start swinging. Set a clock for 30 minutes. Record the number of times you can do 80 to 90 in the 30 minutes. As your anaerobic conditioning goes up you will be able to complete more rounds of 80 to 90. Your V02 max will increase the oxygen levels in your blood thus your muscles will get more oxygen levels. You will recover faster and you will be leaner.

  • Just wondering if i should stretch before the 10 minute workout? I haven’t worked out in forever and want to make sure I do this right! Liking this vid so far

  • I’ve just watched several of your How To videos, and they are all excellent. Great, clear explanations and simple tips on how to progress/improve form. Thank you:)

  • Would someone typically experience extreme DOMS in the hamstrings after a set of 75? Does this typically go away after conditioning?

  • I have a long torso, this video helped my swing a lot. Keeping the bell closer by using my lats to “brake” the system actually helped take a lot of stress off of my lower back.

  • gracias por tu video, esta es la primera vez que te encuentro. sería genial si la traducción fuera en francés. por favor, qué peso del ketlebell

  • I am just starting out with the kb and I really love videos like this that explain things succinct and detailed.
    Pavel talks about the face to wall squat to learn a decent kb dead lift, in your video you mention to keep the back straight. I’m a bit confused and worried for my lower back. Could you be so kind to elaborate on this issue?
    Thank you in advance and again great video:)

  • Amazing. Thank you!! �� ����Just got to a new place in Costa Rica and they have Kettlebells here.
    Started today with your workout. Thank you Amy ������������

  • Wow I watched this video last night and as I was watching it I was actually doing the excercise at the time… I almost gave up. This really kicked my ass… I woke up completely �� ache my whole body hurts I can’t event move… I am looking forward to seeing more of her videos and subscribing to her channel. �� thank you

  • This is by far the best explanation of the techniques of how to perform kettlebell swings that I’ve found. I was experiencing foot pain because of the techniques that I was using. Thank you so very much!

  • Hi, this is my first week of ever using any type of weights. My first weight I have brought is kettlebell and loving it, loving these videos. I have got up every day early to do these before work. I know its all about determination and mindset. Hoping to loose 30kg while toning aswell. Thanks for the nice paced workout vids

  • The first part of this introduction makes no sense. You say that the weight of the kettlebells is better dispersed by the hole in the bottom (this is incorrect), and somehow the hole in the bottom gives you a more accurate weight (this makes no sense).

  • I think she might be using a 15LB Kettlebell but thats too heavy for me. Can I use a 10LB or is that too little to start off with?

  • Hi, is this safe for my 13 year old son to do? He plays alot of football (soccer) but due to the current covid 19 issues all football has been cancelled. Cheers.

  • This gives me more ideas for how to use the kettlebell. I love your video. I want my health back. Where mind goes, energy flows-Ilchi Lee.

  • This is my go to workout. I’ve been this for a month and it’s great. Thanks for making this. What would be a great idea would be to make 5 of these so we can do each one once a week. Just change the movements. Keep the same format. You would kill it.

  • I bought my first kettlebell today!! This video is so helpful to start. Thank you! I do need all over weight loss & strengthening, but what is the most effective for love handles & a mom belly apron? I’ve had 3 babies and I would love to lose the spare tire around my lower stomach/sides.

  • Beginner?! Not sure these lads know what state we’re all in. If I did those movements, even without a kettle bell, I’d fall over and be sick on myself ����

  • I’m not sure the way she snaps her knee as she straightens her legs entirely is actually recommended… I’ve always heard (and makes sense to me) to avoid straightening your legs entirely during exercise. Always keep at least minimally contracted.
    Also, look at her sneakers. She’s wearing/standing in them just wrong, pushing the sides outward, rather than probably putting her weight on the sole. It’s a telling sign, I think.

  • This is one of the worse videos on technique. WTF is going on with this guy’s shoulders/neck? The only thing I took away from this video is to keep the bell close to your body, which is frankly kind of obvious. Give us something more.

  • Clear, concise to the point info and demonstration with no screaming steroid madness or booming background “music” blurring her voice! How did something this good get onto YT? A LOT of YT uploaders need to see how it should be done. Thanks Britt.

  • Thankyou! I have been swinging these things in the gym and feel like they weren’t doing anything. I will make sure I have better form.

  • I had a baby two weeks ago, and I’ve been doing this for the past couple days in our garage. It’s the perfect workout for me! Thank you!!

  • But if you wanted to work out your lower back, wouldn’t doing it that way be a good idea? you could strengthen your lower back right?

  • I gave it a thumbs up and overall liked the workout. As adjusting feedback, I found the kettlebell swing you performed( starting at 6:43) to be dangerous and not helpful. I modified and made use of the time by doing Russian twists or sit up into a push press instead.

  • Probably the first person I’ve seen talk about kettlebell weights. I’ve seen dozens of videos and always wondered what would be a good starter

  • Hi, Martin here from Holland, Europe. Just started with kettlebell exercise. Great video Brittany! Especially liked the combination at the end of the video.

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  • I’ve looked at quite a few kettlebell beginners videos and this one is by far the best. sweat my ass off after 5 minutes of this! Yes!!

  • Hi, terrific video Brittany and thank you for the helpful instruction! Are the competition kettlebell side handles more comfortable for gripping when doing cleans and squats than the curved versions found on the cast iron models? Thank you and Happy New Year!

  • Great video! One thing I would warn about is hyper extension of the back. We all know the dangers of picking heavy things up while your back in flexion, but more often than not people that develop chronic low back pain have a distorted concept of neutral spine…in athletes or “gym rats” are almost 80% hyperlordotic (at least at the PT clinic I worked). When they watch videos like this they overcompensate after seeing the “Don’t do flexion” part, and hyper extend.

    -Former Back pain sufferer and 3rd year PT student

  • 30 lbs to start? holy cripes, I don’t have the genetics for that. At least not for anything where I would only be using only one hand. I bought a 10 lb kettle bell and will start using it when I establish a bit with the dumbbells I’m using.

  • I am looking to start strength training and kettlebells look great. Question, does the shape of the kettlebell handles matter? Some are angled, some are round and some are straight.

  • I am exploring your channel and other free resources here to get in shape, avoid injury, and mix up my workout routine. But aside from that, I really like your sports bra. Could you please share the brand?

  • Did anyone say the Sir mix alot statement yet? This is why I love the Kb, because anyone with little or no backside will standout in no time flat! Pun intended

  • You won’t find a better definition of CONTRADICTION than when he talks about safety points: “Always wear shoes, or go barefoot.” ( 6:04) I would love to know how many people who have dropped a kettlebell on their bare foot would still advise not to wear shoes!!! And where is your t-shirt? Maybe everyone should be doing this exercise NAKED!!!

  • Great, simple kettlebell basics for beginners like me. I was always intimidated by kettlebell workouts, but you made it look simple. I am curious as to why you didn’t include the kettlebell swing, or is it for more advanced workouts? Thank you for this excellent video.

  • Disagree about arm bend and the amplitude. Try doing swings with one hand while keeping an arm bent. And one-hand swings is a legit exercise as well as kettlebell snatches: and I do not think that low swings help you preparing for snatches if you know what I mean. So it not only looks lazy but also keeps you progressing to more advanced and intense exercises!

  • I’m 70 years old and my nuts keep getting in the way when I swing the kettlebell.. So I’ve decided to just swing my nuts instead.. Great cardio ����

  • You just fixed my swing thank you brother! Doing 10k swings… Was getting back pain at higher repetitions now I know why! Appreciate it ��

  • nice one, I was doing it wrong for a long time.
    just gave it a go and you can Instantly feel it more in the glutes, and like you said you can rep for longer.


  • This am I did swings the way you did them/taught here and for the first time when I finished 3 sets of 30 sec I actually felt it in my glutes and lats more than my lower back. Thanks brotha!
    Do you have any posts on doing a kb over head press?

  • hello, thank you for the video, this is the first time that I come across you, it would be great if the translation was in French. Please what is the weight of the ketlebell. Thanks

  • thank you I am a first time user and you taught well and i feel confident from watching you thanks for your easy to follow instructions

  • I’m not sold on this as the “correct” way. The movement he’s teaching looks unnatural. Stanford or not….his homeboy looks like he is stopping the kettlebell with his forearms mashing his nuts ��.

  • Thank you for clearing up the form. This is written in a program I have started and I haven’t done it because I’ve been nervous about messing up the form. This was so informative.

  • Totally disagree with this method! Watch Pavel! He likes to use his legs as well as his upper body and in my humble opinion using your legs can actually help cushion the back from strain and injury. Like they always say, lift with your legs, not your back!

  • great vid. nice instruction. She has a perfect form, I have been hurting my back trying to exact that form. the addition of the pole for instruction was helpful. Thank you

  • Thank you! I’m 66, retired and overweight. Bought a kettlebell 2 years ago, but never used it. I recently dusted it off and going through youtubes and yours are the best I’ve seen yet.

  • Awesome video, I got tons of questions.
    1is this a workout I can do every morning when I wake up, even if I will weight train 4 days a week?
    2is this more of a cardio workout or weight training session?
    3should / could this be a warm-up to a standard weight training session?

  • Definitely not good to slam your knees into a locked position like that. Idc how many years you’ve been doing whatever. Definitely not good for your knees

  • I use to always go to shoulder height but now I really feel the part where you say it gets to far away from you. I tried your shorter stroke method and I feel a big difference. I feel that the way I have been doing it was how I tweaked my back..thanks

  • if you watch when she swings the bell, notice by referencing her butt position against the wall in the background she doesn’t actually push her butt backwards…this is because she allows her knees to bend too much. less bend more hip hinge.

  • your wrong one in the thumbnail when i look it up looks exactly like pavels video right above it in the search function hahah
    is pavel wrong?

  • Really enjoyed the episode with Cory, as well as this video. Currently kettlebells are all I use for resistance traing, so it was cool for you guys to include this.

  • This guy has it all wrong. Crossfit million reps no matter how it gets done as long as there is some sort of swing has it right lol

  • Great workout! I have these pandemic pounds and I miss going to the gym. Looked at my kettlebells at home and went straight to YouTube. First good workout in 5 months.

  • Watched this. Made some notes. Went to the gym for my first KB workout! Wow. I could not believe what a great all around workout you can get with KBs.

  • I have a hard time getting that kind of grip with a hard-style kettlebell. I’m trying to get my hands on competition style kettlebells. And, for now, I only have one 25lb kettlebell to use at home….

  • Hello Taco thanks for the upload. I was wondering when returning the kb on the floor After the clean set, does the shoulder go forward or stay on back with the chest out?

  • 9.3k views and only 240 likes and dislikes. Sow your support. You can’t have it explained any better or detailed than he has done. Give credit where credit is due.

    Nice video. Thank you for your time.

  • Good video. Avoiding back pain is important to me so I’ll do it your way. But interesting when you see Pavel who made it famous doing a lot of squat and also arm raise in his version.

  • Man, I’ve been off about month… I was doing double kb snatches and just totally pulled something in my left forearm.. I’m just now starting to be able to rotate my wrist inward…