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Isometric Exercises Why You Need to Take Them Seriously Isometric exercises (commonly just referred to as isometrics) are exercises during which neither the angle of your joints nor the length of your muscles change during contraction. Isometric exercises can help build strength, but in a slightly different way than concentric and eccentric movements do. With concentric and eccentric exercises, especially on the eccentric par. “Isometric exercises can help recruit more muscle fibers and also prevent injury since your joints aren’t moving, but your neuromuscular system is.

Isometric exercises are strength exercises where you hold a position to keep a muscle contracted without moving the joint. Isometric comes from the Greek “iso-“, equal + “metron”, measure = maintaining the same measure, dimension or length (MedicineNet.). “In rehab, we need to get a stimulus into the body greater than the stimulus that caused the injury to break the PTSD and emotional vicious cycle that accompanies chronic pain. Isometric exercises are often incorporated into fitness programs, group exercise classes and therapeutic rehabilitation programs. While isometrics can be effective for building strength, caution.

Isometric training is essentially a fancy way to categorize exercises that recruit muscles and exert tension without actually lengthening or shortening the muscle. In other words, your muscle is. Isometric exercises provide a source of strength training without the impact that more complex exercises may require. For example, if you have a shoulder injury, a physical therapist may recommend some isometric exercises that stabilize the shoulder and maintain strength in that area so that the recovery is faster. 3. May help lower blood pressure.

Isometric exercises and why they are good for you There are great benefits to isometric exercises. For starters, they are performed with the notion of keeping muscle length the same throughout the entire exercise. This immediately brings the benefit of being lighter on your joints. Isometric exercises are great for when you are in recovery especially because of the fact that they don’t add a.

Plus, isometric exercises can help you fix bad movement patterns that may cause pain or injury over time. “We can use isometric exercises to re-teach the central nervous system a new and better pattern,” Flores says. He offers posture as one pattern that can be improved with isometric exercises.

List of related literature:

Isometric exercises are seldom used, and selfresistance and yielding exercises carry risks, so they are not recommended.

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Because there are no associated movements, iso­metric exercises are often very safe and have little risk of injury when performed correctly.

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Some basic isometric exercises are illustrated and described at the end of this lesson.

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So what exactly does isometric exercise involve anyway?

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* Isometric exercise.

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The advantages of isometric exercises are that they require no special equipment, they can be practiced almost anywhere, and they yield significant results.

“Constructive Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide” by Michael J. Mahoney
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Should eccentric, concentric, or isometric exercises be used or a combination of all three?

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Isometric exercises are easy to perform and require little time and setup.

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The concept of isometric exercises is appealing because the muscles may be strengthened without painful motion of the cervical spine.

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See also isometric exercise.

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  • I still prefer for isometrics 30/30 style that you recommendet a few times.

    It’s a good mix of not to high intensity but still enough volumen.

    And ⤵⤵⤵
    #FreezingIN all variables like time/sets/rest and truly working on set quality.

    I focus my whole attention (I try) on the chain tension + at the same time try to improve my breathing while keeping everything tensed up.
    Not easy…but I track with them the difficulty.

    10 is Super, duper, freaking hard.
    1 oh my god! i can do that all day!

    When the diffculty is 3 workouts in a row at <5... I move on to more difficult version.

    Works really good for now!

  • Hi. Thank you for uploading these exercises. They’re like a ray of hope during tough pain times. Is it normal though to experience a transfer of pain to other areas of your spine and shoulders including shooting pains or a lasting sharp/burning back pain or tingling/murmuring in your foot and leg after doing such exercises? Would they disappear after continuous stretches or are they signs that you need to stop? Thank you in advance ❤

  • My neck started to hurt last year and until now it still hurts. What I usually do to relieve it is to apply herbal oil to my neck ever hour. I hope this excercise will help me ������

  • hi.. my 10yr old daughter is just carrying her younger brother.. she was just standing and suddenly felt neck pain.. need help!! she’s afraid to move tontje left side of her neck

  • I had pain in the neck for almost a week 24/7 then i found this video. I Used this video 2 times, 1 time every day (and its only been Two days) And now 98% of the pain is gone. Thanks!

  • Hey @AskDoctorJo you are amazing i really inspire from you.thanks. i had lot of neck pain before i used your technique it really helped me to reduce my neck pain thank you once again ����

  • Omg i have still a bit of the pain in my neck But this is amazing �� maybe i Will start doing it daily. Is that bad for the neck or do i get the green light?

  • That last one is really cool and effective. Like a pleasant brachial pinch. Probably going to see more people coming here with the increasing number of people working on computers ��

  • Bro my left side of the neck hurts so much I can’t even look to the left because I feel so much pain and I have my head tilted to the right and can’t fix it! Help me please

  • My favourite isometric exercises are probably L-Sit on rings and the side plank on straps. I also like the full front lever hold, even though I’m unable to hold it without the support of a resistance band.

  • Wow. This really is very effective. I feel a great deal of relief after following your instructions!
    Is there a stretch that I can do for the part between the two shoulder blades that’s right below the neck?

  • 200% worth # I had pain for past 3 weeks it hurts continuously and I cant even sleep completely on those days # when i saw ur vedio and do these exercises for only 3 days ( just 15 mins per day ) its completely cured and I feel so relieved # Thank u Thank u so much # feels so happy and fresh ❤

  • wow, thanks so much for this. I dance 7+ hours last night and when I woke up my from my nap my neck was so sore from all the jerking and such, but this really helped with all of the tension. ty

  • I game a lot and I need help so when should I do these stretches can I go back on gaming after these stretches I need help please it feels like it’s never gonna be fixed

  • Doctor Jo I sure wish I could donate something to ya. Just going through a bit of a tight time when it comes to money. I hope everything’s going well for you! Thank you SO MUCH for your knowledge you share with us!!

  • O God, grant me the support of my comment and my thoughts
    4Guest rank
    7Your mother and father chose you
    Amen, Lord of the worlds, play with me, and subscribe to me �� I redeem you

  • When I was watching a glmm I was watching it for like 1 hour to the night and BOOM my neck cuz I knowd that cuz I was gonna go to the bed I layd then BOOM I feeld it

  • My neck, back and chest feel pain on certain position, and after sitting down for a certain period of time my left legs will feel numb, tingling and weak.
    So to tackle this I start with the neck but while I was doing this and my chest muscle? Feels painful..

  • There is pain and stiffness in the neck and what exercises to do if you do not turn on one side

    I’m continuing exercise
    and comfortable my neck

  • Damn this is great! I’m gonna have to make this my morning routine. I could feel the stiffness leave my neck! Hopefully this keeps working! Thanks!

  • Great exercise. I do it twice a week. When I do the Superman plank I activate the muscles on the top of my buttocks running horizontal. A few days later they tighten up. I get relief by doing the same plank as the tightness subsides. Any thoughts as to other things I can do to strengthen that muscle.

  • I looked at a study that said if you can hold an isometric exercise for 20secs you should increase the weight, obviously for yielding contractions. Just a little tip, Jeff your amazing man, just thought I’d add some info, not trying to steal your thunder, youve helped me so much.

  • With Functional Range Conditioning, you could perform pails/rails at the prom/arom end ranges, building capacity and articular control in any articular angle, possibly leading to improved, controllable, mobility. An increase in mobility affords one an increased edge.

  • I have a friend with a degree in sports science, who swears isometrics exercises don’t increase muscle strength or size, as well as not transferring outside of the angle the iso exercise is done in. If anyone could point me in the direction of some bona fide scientific studies into isometric exercise, that would be awesome!

  • OK, tried them all. Biceps Plank, #15, is brutal. Beyond brutal. I modified it by working one arm at a time, hovering my hips about one inch above the ground, and supporting my torso weight with my opposite right forearm at a 90 degree angle to my upper arm in overhead position. This exercise also requires a lot of wrist flexibility, which I would strongly suggest developing first by doing isometric cobras with fingers facing the feet (like how they are in the #15 exercise).

  • Can we build muscle mass & strength with isometrics? I mean I’m hearing a lot negative comments about it but I still find this very convenient so I’m doing I bit research about isometrics.

  • How are you I’m wondering how would I go about asking to be one of your probably many apprentice I’m just getting the info to be a licensed personal trainer and would like to get the training from a person like yourself peace and love thanks for the time

  • I remember a funny story when I once did 4 sets of 10 chinups and I felt all pumped up and badass, although not exhausted. A few days later I had to help my dad install a big mirror in our bathroom and I had to hold the mirror in my hands, for 15 minutes straight, and it wasn’t even that heavy yet it made my biceps sore for like 3 days straight lol. It motivated me to start taking isometrics more seriously.

  • Many many years ago, I also heard a neurophysiologist recommend isometric holds with 110-120% of your 1RM, he said this recruited more motor units.

    However, this looks dangerous to me. I think of people who tear their biceps tendon during a deadlift. So I am trying to curl a weight I can’t curl, I am trying to press a weight I can’t, etc. This is nothing like exercises that are isometric by nature, like a plank or wall sit. And it is not like isometric contactions that normally occur when we do an exercise, like isometric core contraction during curls, or isometric forearm and trap contraction during farmer’s carry. Say I am trying to deadlift something I can’t. Is that really not dangerous?

  • Hello, wonderful & encouraging video. Can you tell me are there any reps to every exercise? Is just one each of the exercise form enough for a beginner?

  • Just in the same way as in former religions, believers had to obey comands to obtain the salute of their soul and they were probably searching for the prophets of God to help them in their way, we are looking for the true prophets of Fitness and listening to their programs to obtain the salvation of our body on our way to Success or at least more modestly Good Health. People had to repeat prayers every day an amount of time, just the same we have to make our reps. Unfortunately we remain as we are and obtain nothing but tendinosis on all our joints as a price of all our pain. No pain no gain did they say. In fact Much pain for no gain do we have to aknowledge.

  • I think that if you look at Dorian Yates forearms you can see they build muscle. His own words is that developed only from holding onto the bar. After trying it I would say I would do (at least in the beginning anyway) a push exercise followed by a pull exercise to compress and then lengthen the joint. eg bench then a seated row military press and then a chin up. I think you could really do some serious compression damage going at full strength.

  • I imagine isometric will improve blood pressure control. I didn’t know it had a name until just now. Watching American ninja 2. Jack’s said to a hot chic try isometric so I looked it up and found this video. I was doing that when I was in 4th grade. I’d turn beet red and freakout the other kids. Weight helps but you can resist without any weights. Just focus on every body part and lock it in. Do not curl ur body. Put ur chest up and shoulders down tighten the core. Plant your feet and press down and out with your feet as if you want to slide them away from each other but they are pressed to firmly to the ground to move then squeeze everything in while forcing your whole body out. If nothing else you will have a great bowel movement after ;))

  • Hi doc, i’m lamria from indonesia
    How if when i do this treatment but im feeling so so dizzy, i’m try one time only one side with open eyes but everything move and make me so dizzy, is it ok to continue even still feeling so dizzy after 30 second? Or i must wait until not feeling dizzy then wake up and changes to other side?

  • I’ve been doing isometrics for some time, intact I do almost exclusively isometrics. It incorporates two concepts, the overload principle and time under tension. I do them in them in the gym with weights. As an example I went from a 45kg hold for 1 minute to a 115kg hold for 20 seconds on the seated row. It’s also fantastic for injury recovery. I cured a rotator cuff injury in 5 workouts with a isometric BP, going from 60kg to 120kg holds.

  • have you heard about the term (Aerobic isometrics ), Steve Justa is probably the one to renown this kind of isometrics, it refers to long holds of 1 min + he assumes that it’s one the fastest ways to lose fat and gain explosiveness all over the body, i would like to know your take on the matter

  • He’s right. I’ve been doing isometrics for 30 years. I hold most positions for 30 seconds, to a full minute. to me, that’s 10 slow breaths. That way, every muscle fiber gets activated,. Just don’t hold your breath while tensing, because it gives you a spike in blood pressure. You won’t be able to use as much power the last several seconds, just be sure it’s about 80% (rough guess) of your available strength that moment.

  • Im on board. I will start doing iso. Known about it forever but ready to do new things and i know the truth in the concept. Max Tension focused protocol.

  • I just started your recommended exercises today. Is this related to RA? I I’ve been battling with it for 3 weeks. I have meds but not sure they are helping though it’s not as bad as it was but this morning I had a good spin happen. Hoping my world stops spinning with your exercises ��

  • I got one for you college see this is why not everything you read in books or think you know is we go..grab the heaviest weight that you can hold for around five to ten seconds after your warm up sets in any movement of your choosing say military press seated per example hold say200 or 300 or 400 or even 500lbs. at the top position if you can,do a few sets of holding,then drop the weight where you would do your usual rep ranges and weight amounts,now tell me if you dont come into the gym the next time able to hold slightly heavier weight or do more reps with lighter weight you normallydo.i knew this for years,it works and tom platz just recently came out and said its his secret how he built strength and size in his legs,so im not the onlyone,theres a girl on youtube thats holdn 500 pound bench for ten secs almost on her own just from doing this method which means she might be able to lift 405 for a few which would make her one of thee strongest women in the world,look it up and guess what heavier weights equals more reps when you go lighter which translates to gaining much more muscle,books aint need a lil common sense and streetsmarts too in this life to succeed.we can be scientific all day long but when im lifting more for more reps and am bigger than you then im doing something betterthan you and im not even that smart,then its just a matter of cardio and diet to show what i have achieved fully polished

  • Hi Jeff. Love all your videos. My name is Ian, and I’m 55 years of age. I’ve started doing a lot of calisthenic workouts. Could you do a video showing a series of isometric bodyweight exercises. I’ve been working out for years now. But I’ve reached a point in my life, where I don’t have the time to go to the gym. So I workout at home now with a 35lbs kettle bell, a barbell and dumbbell set and an ab wheel. Waiting for your response. Thanks.

  • Hello doctor, I had gone for a squint surgery about 3 months ago and now recently I have started getting dizzy a bit. Could it be due to the surgery?

  • 15 seconds is the maximum time we can recruit the largest motor units for maximum muscle growth. INCREASE the load so that the set is not longer than 15 seconds.
    Credits-Chad Waterbury

  • Thank you for the video. Very informative and helpful. If you get a chance visit my site as well and listen to the music and subscribe.

  • I always wondering, is there any difference in muscles growth between contraction/pulling exercise and stretch/push exercise, you’ve said ideally we need do both but is there any difference? For example shoulder exercise, is there any different result in pull up (stretching delt muscle) and dumbell push over (contraction in delt tendon)? Thanks

  • This made me way stronger than ever in respect to the amount if time spent trying other techniques, but I still lack hypertrophy. I think hypertrophy belongs to eccentric phase of the exercise…

  • Do this in a power rack for bench press set just inches below your full lift than have two people lift the bar so all you have to do is hold it. Start at 50lbs over your 1 rep max when your Abel to hold it for 30 seconds add weight intill you are failing at 15sec.

  • This is 2020 and I decided to search as I recently started having these unsteady feelings. I can’t go in to see my doctor because of the virus but she sent some meds yesterday. I definitely will be doing these exercises

  • I love the way he teaches does exercise really work with me!!!! Thank You.Bryan.���� I didn’t know how to work with my rollers wheels and I learned with you����

  • i wanted to ask something…..i do go to gym….and do weight training 6 days a weed….2 hours weight training and a few 5-7 min rest and then 10-25 min abs and then 10-15 min HIIT everyday and follow Push( chest and shoulder..i dont do tricep since three muscles a day is too much),Pull(back and bicep) and legs(with triceps) and repeat the Push Pull Legs twice a week so every mucles are worked twice a week…48 hours rest…and and first Push PUllLegs are with heavy weight and nextPush PullLegs are with light weight but more reps…and i have boiled brown grams alot in the morning…some oats afternoon…3 raw eggs before gym and 6 fried eggs only at night along with whey proteins…m pretty ripped but not at sngle digit body fat and have been going to gym for the past 2 years…i m kind of stuck in a plateau though i dont eat processed junk foods or chips or sodas…hardly intake any sugar…and consume a looooot of black coffee…how can i further develop

  • Thanks doctor Jo. Went to ER with dizziness and Vomiting. They said Benign positional vertigo. They gave me written instructions but I was doing them wrong. I hope this helps me I am at a stand still with this vertigo.

  • Great video thank you. Just wanna add one thing for those unacustomed to exercise just so no one gets discouraged.Hollow body is an amazing exercise. If you only do one of these that’s the one. Now if your starting out you can make it easier by lessening what is elevated. Try it with your arms by your sides until you work up. If that’s still too much keep arms at sides and bend your knees a little bit. Don’t be hard on yourself. First get that core in shape and you’ll be amazed what you can do once all those muscles ar strong. It will increase strength and mobility throughout your whole body. Also when just starting out try holding just until you start to feel it and do a little every day. You’ll build up faster than you think and if you don’t go til exhaustion chanced are you won’t be hurting the next day. If you do go til it hurts you’ll end up having to take a few days off and than you’re just starting from scratch. In the beginning less strain, more gain. All that feel the burn nonsense is only good if you wanna build mental strength which is great later on. In the beginning just get your muscles back in shape like when you were a kid. Healthy happy training happy people. Amituofo!

  • My favs are tuck front/back lever, L sit variations and dragon flag.
    Haven’t tried human flags yet but will be including that soon.

  • I started to train with an isometric program, your a few months. Only isometrics, and after 30 years of proving a lot of programs i can say you that is the best program that ever used. I gain lot of muscle mass and the best pumps ever. The key is the duration of the sets, like Jeff said, i do the sets until 60 seconds (30 to 60 secs) wirth the max weight y can, until failure.

  • Thank you for this high quality video! I’ve been needing a “no gym” workout routine. (Sheltering in place has meant snacking BIG TIME.) I do try to jump rope at least 3 times a week. Number 12 is straight up gangsta by the way!! I don’t think I could ever possibly do it however. I just love the idea of not being tied to a gym membership covid 19 or not.

  • I am a 48 year old woman from India. I practice yoga, I was lookin for some advanced exercises which would help me get rid if my feet pain which I had developed recently, I chanced upon your isometric exercises, I was able to do all the 20 exercises, I started with 15 breathe counts each, it was magical, it has definitely helped me a lot, also I feel there are many more benifts to reap from this, I will definitely include these into my daily fitness regime. thanks a lot for sharing. God bless.

  • Wouldn’t isometrics be good for people who tend to get aching joints and tendons from body-building? When doing dynamics you are more likely to hurt yourself.

  • great thank you I have just stumble here and tried all the exercises out and feel great. I will add some of these to my morning orutine.

  • The intro tho��❤
    By the way,thank you so much. I slept wrong and my neck hurt for about 2 or 3 days. Now it’s better. Thank youuuuu!!!!!❤❤❤������

  • Hello I’m new at this. Can any one tell me how long I should hold these poses for and how long I should do the whole exercise for? 10 min? 20 min? Thanks for this video by the way.

  • Hey, I am not a native English speaker. Is there any chance you or someone here would put some subtitles to these videos so we can follow easier along and learn the workout vocabulary, that seems really difficult (to me at least). Thanks and much love from Syria:D

  • Thank you for this video. I’m new to the term isometric. Any kind of handstand has always freaked me out but watching you and trying it, I think I can see myself confident in a short period of time. Your “zen” voice helps a lot!

  • Question: If eccentric/concentric exercises requires you to slow motion as you change directions, is there any benefit in just going full-blown concentric such as throwing a heavy punching bag as far as you can? Then there’s no slowing of the motion to change direction.

  • Would love to see you review the old Charles Atlas program. Very dated, goofy at points, but still some good old school wisdom there.

  • My dizzy is gone know but it will come back i drink 2 fluid drinks so i dont know that much works but my dizzy comes back i try ever video ima sit down for a while if it helps

  • This has nothing to do with this video, but I feel it is reflective of a philosophy you would agree with.

    The quote I read was “I cut my carbs with a pizza slicer”

    I thought, what an awesome example of being fit and living free. Rather than skipping delicious food with good friends because it doesn’t adhere to a dogmatic approach, trust the good habits you have built up to cover for an evening of pizza.

    Keep bringing the awesome videos, sir.

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  • Very useful and helpful video. I appreciate the speed of your instructions, all the details you share with each posture, the labeling of the exercises and the organization and rhythm of the video overall. I’m very much looking forward to incorporating many of these isometric exercises into my mobility routines. Thank you. Wonderful job!

  • The biggest gain from iso holds will be strength endurance over muscle mass. Many don’t use this for grappling endurance to their detrimint. Holding in middle range having the best carry overs.

  • Matt, why do lots of people and sources claim that the front lever is an anterior chain exercise while the back lever is a posterior chain exercise? You say the opposite. And I entirely agree with you because I feel front levers in my posterior chain and back levers in my anterior chain.

  • I use a 3/4” rope to perform isometric pulls held in front of the chest or above the head. Also pulling using tension in a bicep curl with the same rope. Seems odd but it’s a great muscle shaking workout. Doesn’t take long either! Thanks again RDP!

  • Good vid, thanks. Question: I’m checking this out because I’m naturally bodybuilding and every time I go to work I carry a big bag of all my food, drinks, etc which ends up weighing quite a bit. I hold them in a yielding isometric position, not dangling arms, bent almost at half way alternating arms. I carry it for about a mile. My arms/shoulders do fatigue but I keep a good posture the entire time. Is this harming my muscle gains?

  • Thanks Matt! Matt, I always end my workout with pull up holds. Is it better to end the workout with the isometric holds or start with it?

  • Good morning, iv’e been dizzy for 5 days i, i can’t lay down easily, and i ‘m feeling my room is spinning.. my hearing is fine.. i can’t go to see personally for check -up because Here in our town in the Philippines implementing ECQ because of the pandemic happening..private clinics were closed and hospitals temporarily don’t accept check ups

  • My take on this is that I’ve consciously slowed down every individual pull up and push up I do whilst concentrating as ever on technique. My rationale is that by doing these exercises more slowly i’m hopefully eliminating momentum and making the muscles do all the work throughout. Thanks as ever Matt, you pack a lot of great info into 2.56mins!

  • Im suffering from neck pain, even MRI scan didn’t show anything, but my neck pains seriously bad.. Tried all the medicine and physicio therapy still it’s in a bad condition please help me

  • Great video!! As a PT I have developed an isometric training system, to help my clients when recovering from and injury or later on for strength training, and particularly for people over 40 it´s been an all positive experience so far.
    I am now 50 y/o and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), a martial arts discipline where isometrics and concentric work is a constant, as you grip, pull and hold in just about every move you make. I do 2-3 trainings a week for 20-25 minutes and is very effective and safe (especially for people over 40), to improve muscle and joint structural strength. As Jeff says, highly recommended as part of your training routines. Cheers!!!

  • Oh wow. I’ve been just looking into adding isometrics in serious manner into my training and you gift us with this video. Talk about timing.

    I like isometrics that can help me with my martial skills, so usually horse stance, Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma (that weird Wing Chun stance) and so on. Another thing I’m getting back into is to hold different phases of a punch or block against a wall, those are pretty good.

    I’d appreciate more material and guidance on this subject though.

  • Isometrics are great for mental health. If I have trouble getting out of bed, off the couch or out of my house, a few minutes of these stimulates my brain enough to get me going, and it improves my mood.

  • Hi Matt, would you find the old school horse stance training from traditional martial Arts too archaic? Do you think it only serves more as a more of a mental toughness training exercise than strength training? Thanks in advance

  • Hello Doctor i feel dizzy when i do any mental work with proper concentration
    My brain gets too tired and i feel dizzy all the time.I feel more problem when i watch laptop or mobile or talking on fone make me dizzy after some time.Kindly help me I’m suffering from Virtigo from last 6 months
    I have been taking medicines but nothing works

  • I stumbled to your video by accident. I do a few of your isometric holds as part of my bodyweight training. I am going to try the ones I haven’t done. There are a few I may not be able to do them, the fact I am 75.

    Saying this, I never thought I could do the pistol squat but I did.

    Me doing strength and resistance training, benefitted my health and well-being. I have toned muscle definition physique. I was diagnosed osteoporosis in 2008 but in Feb 2019, my DEXA bone scan result was osteopenia. I aiming in 2022 no more osteopenia medical condition. Of course, my congenital lung (underdeveloped right lung has only one lobe instead three lobes) is permanent. I was 32 when doctors in Guy’s discovered my condition purely by accident.

    What I need to know is how many seconds to each isometric hold? I can do 4 mins the sit wall position as a challenge to myself and to other gym users.

  • One question. Wouldnt pressing in a doorway whether it’s the top or the sides Be Max effort since it’s an immovable object? just asking because this video is very informative I do a lot of isometrics with my bodyweight raining and I just learned something from this video.

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Vertigo Treatments in this video here:
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  • Hello ma’am I am 32 year old,i am feeling dizziness and nausea for last couple of weeks,i am doing the exercises,mentioned by you and hoping for best,can you pls tell me any dietary plan or sleeping position tips.

  • i didnt feel very dizzy during the lying exercise but now that I’ve finished I actually feel dizzy and nauseous, is that normal or is the exercise not right for me?

  • With the first exercise, Is the 30 seconds the maximum or the minimum? If I go into one position and I have no dizziness, do I go to the next position or do I still wait the 30 seconds? If I still have dizziness after 30 seconds, do I wait until it stops? Thank you. I did purchase the handout but it doesn’t say which.

  • For the gaze stabilization, how often do you recommend doing those? Per day? I really hope this helps me over time, been dealing with getting lightheaded while turning or looking around.

  • GSC rule!!!! My favorite iso exercise for legs would be performing kicks. Hold the leg chambered then progressing to have the leg extended to full length.

  • Matt is 40 years old and during the last 10 years I trained slightly to maintain physical fitness. But recently in the last weeks since I follow your GSC Improved system I do it constantly day after day and I feel strong. My question is the following, with this method; with the volume of 6 days PPS and adequate nutrition. Within a year how much can I grow in lean weight? I take your answer as an opinion from a friend; It will not discourage me. As always very grateful that you have appeared in my life.

  • My neck is automatically turning left side. I have no control over itShaking head is also happening Please tell me some exercises?

  • hello ma’am I did the first exercise. When i was laying on the left nothing happened, but as I was laying on the right side i felt like my head is moving and felt very dizzy and felt like omitting, so I stopped midway, any diagnosis or suggestions for me please, what may be the cause. I have never experienced something like this before

  • Suffered spinning of head at night and after waking just happened once but it was scary.. I came across your video while searching what was wrong with me..didn’t even know what vertigo was…thanks a ton doctor..I started doing the exercises shown in the video and it didn’t happen again..may god bless you..
    It’s been a week since..if I continue the exercises is it ok?
    Much love to u..thanks a ton!!

  • Can you please help me out….
    with this exercise it help me but it come again with the interval of 1 to 1.5 month, within 4 month this is third time I am facing BPPV.

  • very well explain.. i wanna ask that is there any solution to cure bppv permanently by exercise, any lifestyle change. because i have been facing this disease since june-2018… every six month i have this disease…

  • I had vertigo about a year ago and this morning I just woke up and I got dizzy turning my head or flipping over in bed. So basically i got it back. I hope these exercises work.

  • Hey doc J, I have vertigo and just wondering can I do those exercises on my bed or do they have to be on a couch and which ones can I do at work?

  • Was diagnosed with bbpv a couple years ago and never offered any help or resolution. I get these episodes where I’m dizzy for a couple days every month or so, but only upon standing and bending over. Are headaches common with bppv as well?





    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you so much for this video, doctor. These exercises really worked wonders for me. I got rid of vertigo after doing these exercises for 2 days. Really appreciate you putting up this video. Cheers!

  • Would you recommend I do the procedure tilting the head back 20 degrees and to the side 45 degrees in the morning or is it ok to do it in the evening too?

  • wow thank you DR. I just came out of emergency in Cape Coral FL and at the end they did showed me some of this but not all. I am starting today with all this exercises.

  • Doc i feel dizziness all time.
    I feel weaker. It seems i have no energy on my body.I can’t stand more 10-20 minutes. It seems i will fall down.
    This problem comes in a year and stays around than 10-20 days.My bp goes higher and my head sweat on the back.
    Please suggest me…….
    I am from Bangladesh.

  • Mam, Few months back I got fever then dizziness has started. Fever was gone but dizziness remains. Recently I went to hospital and took ecg test and doctor said everything is fine. But I feel light dizziness, why so..?

  • Doctor am problem of vertigo when am go to sleep and my head move than i am feel movement in my head and vertigo than my head stable verigo stop please help

  • Hes got overcoming isometrics in the beast program but they are 6 reps holding them for 6 seconds, off for a couple seconds then straight back on

  • You are a life saver, I woke yesterday with this condition, have a friend who had it years ago, but for me was the first time and it scared the hell out of me, researched the net and ended up here with your video, on the first day I got a huge improvement, I get it the most when laying on the right side and I think know it because I was diagnosed with hearing loss years ago and have tinnitus 24/7 and wax produce especially with right ear and I think have the right inner ear infected….thank you for spreading your knowledge for free.

  • Hello doctor jo, I am having dizziness from last two days now I am gonna try this exercise I am not sure if I am having vertigo but my symptoms are like that only ie spinning of room and world around me that happens when I sleep I think it could be due to my pillow so I am gonna change it please suggest me something else to get rid of it I can’t sleep becoz of this? I have subscribed your channel. Sorry for any grammatical error.

  • I just had it all of a sudden, could it be because I’ve been sleeping late or overusing my phone for gaming? I still have it and the symptoms won’t instantly go away, but I must try this exercise you have taught here. Thank you!

  • My mom is 50 years old. today she had dizziness for first time for 1 hr time. As she is changing sides while laying, then that dizziness increase. Will this exercise work on her? Will this be good for her as she don’t have any other medical condition. Please answer?

  • Hello doctor, I’m having this problem from few months… can this be totally corrected in home by these exercises, please say I’m tensed?

  • Literally called my mom crying cuz I knew that I was just experiencing this. She used to have vertigo but started doing exercises as soon as she knew about them and now no longer has vertigo. The vertigo I experienced right now wasn’t that bad but I’m definitely gonna do these exercises. Thank you!!!

  • doin an isometric movement helps a lot. if you do one for chest before benchpressing, it will help you get more out of the exercise

  • Thanks for the video. However, I once ruptured my right bicep mussel by pulling up as hard as I possible could with my arms stretched out like in the video. Now I’m always careful not to put that much stress on my mussels or tendons for fear of another rupture. I only mention this because it was no fun dealing with its long slow healing process.

  • I’ve been struggling for over 3 weeks. Is it related to RA? I just started your exercises. Hoping to have my world stop spinning. ������

  • Having gone through the comments section for the 20 isometric holds list, well, let me make it myself. Need to get a printout now, so can have a look at it from time to time. Calisthenics practitioner here, the single arm plank and bicep hold are challenging and functional like no other. Thanks Ryan, keep rocking.
    #1 Wall sit
    #2 Sumo squat
    #3 Calf raise
    #4 Static lunge
    #5 Hamstring curl
    #6 Active beast
    #7 Forearm plank
    #8 Side plank
    #9 Glute bridge
    #10 Superman hold
    #11 Straight bridge
    #12 Floor-assisted L-Sit
    #13 Straight-arm plank
    #14 Leaning straight-arm plank
    #15 Biceps plank
    #16 Single-arm plank
    #17 Wall T-hold
    #18 Bent arm pike
    #19 Hollow body
    #20 Chest to Wall handstand

  • Hi Dr. Jo I don’t get dizzy when doing this. My dizziness only happens when I’m sitting, I don’t feel it when driving or walking. I was diagnosed with bppv about two weeks ago. Does it go away?

  • I like handstand holds, 3 position push up holds, horse stance, bar hangs both flexed and hanging, and the flexed straight leg lying holds. Also any calisthenic exercise can be held into an iso at anytime during a set. Mind you these are not done all at once but at certain times during my workouts. Last but not least the bullworker iso bow is a great tool to do isometrics with that can be taken with you anywhere.

  • Thank you! This staring exercises helped me immediately! Though I don’t think I have BPPV!! Feels like its coming from my frontal lobe!

  • Thanks Dr it’s giving better relif one thing to ask at same time I’m suffering from random head ache and vomiting even intake medcine also