#IronLife – 4 Month Barbell Dumbbell Challenge


20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT With Weights (At Home Strength)

Video taken from the channel: MadFit


20 Min Upper Body Dumbbell Workout At Home

Video taken from the channel: Zeus Fitness



Video taken from the channel: BullyJuice



Video taken from the channel: BullyJuice


30 Minute HIIT Workout with Weights Full Body 30 Min HIIT Tabata Workouts at Home with Dumbbells

Video taken from the channel: HASfit


Perfect Home Shoulder Workout (Dumbbells Only)

Video taken from the channel: CHRIS HERIA


27 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout Prepare to feel the Burn

Video taken from the channel: ACHV PEAK

If this sounds like you; if you’ve spent years in the gym and simply can’t pack on the muscle mass you’re after, it’s time you take the 4 Month Iron Life Challenge. Here are the 5 things you must do during the challenge series: #1 Use the 70% Rule 70% of your sets must be performed using a barbell or dumbbell exercise. No exceptions. #IronLife 4 Month Barbell & Dumbbell Challenge Get back to basics: barbells, dumbbells and progression. This 4 month challenge delivers results, and fast!

To help with all aspects of dumbbell training, the LIVESTRONG.com team has joined forces with Forzaglia to create a 30-day dumbbell challenge. Starting July 1, this month-long, full-body program will help you decide how to pick the correct weight, master proper form for common exercises and build strength in all your major muscle groups. If you are just starting out with weights, buy yourself 3, 5 or 8 pound dumbbells, or better yet, buy yourself an inexpensive dumbbell set that you can build on..

It doesn’t seem like a lot of weight but we will be doing these exercise in 2-3 sets with 10-12 reps in each set. All #feelthepump posts published on Intagram on online web veiwer HotsGram. Enjoy, share and download these photos, videos and stories.

No registration needed!He did it! The first ever 120KG stone goes over the bar at Luton! Awesome!

Back to the grind today. Currently trying out a smolov cycle for bench press after getting to 230kg after the squat one. Today was 10 triples at 150kg. 43 4. 6 days ago. Ready, Set, Go!

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The Strength Yard, Barrie, Ontario, Manchester, United Kingdom. Average media age.

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  • New to your channel and man am I glad I found you! Getting so bored with my routine. Loving the weights. Keep it coming! I also caught the celcius reference…..are you Canadian? Hi from PEI!

  • Hoping to do this twice per week while running the other 3 days with intermittent abs. I have 35 pound dbs which, tbh, could get heavy quickly with this regimen. Gonna have to invest in 25s and 15s. Hoping to start this next week.

  • This was such a great workout, destroyed my arms (in a good way)! My boyfriend and I were both able to do this with different sets of weights. It was awesome, thank you! I am feeling the burn!

  • Fantastic video,I have just subscribed to your channel, I’ve been looking for a light dumbbell work out class with clear instructions for a while now,as I have been lifting to heavy and incorrectly for to long now ��. Looking forward to watching more from your channel ��

  • Ever since I’ve been doing your weights workouts my body has shaped so beautifully like never before, I feel amazing! thank you MadFit!

  • I really love your workouts,they have really helped me lose weight and get over a lot of deaths in my family
    I was wondering if you have workout to help me lose my pooch,doctors call it DIASTASIS RECTI,since I had my babies it’s been a battle to lose my pooch
    Thank you and be blessed always

  • Great workout. I did this on Saturday, a Sunday off and doing it today on Monday. This is so effective for me to add it to my badminton strength training regime, alternate day with my customised lower body workout.

  • Second dumbbell workout. This is more hard repetitive routine especially laying down while using same weighted dumbbells in Sit Ups (modern), Hip Thrusts (very hard), and lastly Chest Flies (finisher) to complete it but strong one to boot.

  • I’ve been following some of your dumbbell/resistance band workouts for the past few months and they’re all awesome. Thank you for all the content while the gyms have been closed!

  • So glad we found you. I have a son who plays ice hockey (defense) he’s 6 1 191 pounds and needed a workout like this while he trains from home. Awesome!

  • Chris you are ripped. Hey, have you ever tried to hang with Iron Wolf on one his workouts? I’m thinking you could do it.
    Anyways, thanks for the inspiration.

  • Enjoy this workout? Pick up 5 FREE real-time Dumbbell workouts just like it emailed over to you right here https://homeworkout.club/5freedumbellworkouts/ A new home dumbbell workout for each day of the week ����

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  • How often should I do this workout in a week?
    Also, how many rounds should be done in a session?
    Someone who has sound knowledge please do reply.
    It’d be of great help.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  • Can anyone see what size of weights he’s using? I’m gonna have to dissect my bells I think to just freehand a plate (Wish i had his style of Dumbells). Thanks!

  • I’m also new to this channel and really enjoy your videos. I’m 42 and play competitive tennis 3x a week (from AprilOctober) and 2x per week (October March). I tend to use heavier weights in the winter months but now to complement my tennis programme I’m thinking of doing some of these exercises particularly legs, upper body and abs with light dumbbells. On your video I can’t tell how light each of the dumbells are but I was thinking starting with 3kg (6.6 lbs) but moving my way up to 4kg as it seems quite intense. I’m quite slim build, quite athletic and fit but have a few years (less than 5) experience with weight training in the gym. Would you say 3kg would be good to start with for most exercises, perhpas alternating with 4 or 5kg for shoulders etc…?

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  • Can you make a video of exercises for weight loss I am trying to get to 175 and I am 198 so I want to lose about 25 pounds but I would just like a nice weight loss video please

  • Amazing workout as always!!! New fan here. Suprising also, that I’ve noticed greater gains with more reps and light weights than heavy. Last 2 weeks have been fantastic!

  • Really great to find you man, amidst the overzealous workouts on here. You completely follow the KISS principal (keep it simple stupid!)… which I greatly appreciate. It’s making a huge difference to me getting toned up for the tv/film business to kick in again! Thanks for keeping it real.

  • Hello Chris…
    You are awesome brother.
    I love your videos at all.
    Thank you for showing us all these tricks.
    You are the best at the moment.
    It’s Rick Ricardo from Brazil
    Peace out…

  • I’ve been working out by watching your videos chris.. I fixed my posture, got six pack and gained endurance and strength. and this is all done in 3 months… you are an inspiration!

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  • Appreciate the “class” style video. Having an instructor keeps me away from rushing or skipping (other videos I gravitate to give you a list and say, “Do this for 30 seconds for 3 sets”, which is informative, but I like the timer, the call out, and the motivation).

  • I subscribed to his channel months ago and this is my first workout. I like it….not intense to kill you but enough where you feel it. Imma have to include him in my daily!

  • Today 13/4 I’m done with 20 minutes of this workout ��
    And I will force my body to complete the other 10 minutes of this tomorrow ����

  • So will this work?

    TuesdayDo this video once
    WednesdayDo this video once
    Friday-Do it this video once
    SaturdayDo this video once

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  • Have been following your workouts for about 3-ish months now. This is one of my top favs, provides strength and body together and only 20 min which is ideal with 2 little ones and life. Thanks for sharing!

  • Just did this one again used my 12’s 15’s and 20”s signed up for the DB PROGRAM and this is the first one! I wanted some structure to my strength training I’m a 66 year grandma who loves to pump iron and work out! Thanks for the pump David! Would you ever consider boxing workouts cause me loves them too!

  • Hi Maddie, please can you do some more wrist friendly workouts. Many of your exercises involve wrists and I find it hard to find an alternative exercise to do…

  • Managed to get through the whole thing (at a lot slower pace of course) with 2.5kg dumbbells. I thought that would be a bit too light but it ended up killing me��

  • This was my first workout with you and I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much Maddie! I’ve subscribed and I can’t wait to check out your other videos.:)

  • Your workouts are super fun and I appreciate you taking the time to create all this content! Please continue to provide a list of workouts that can be paired together. You have a lot of videos and sometimes I find myself spending a lot of time picking and choosing which workout to do (I want to do all of them) <3 thank you!

  • Thank you coach Kozak and Claudia. Great workout as well as motivations from coach K! My favourite fitness YouTube channel definitely! Rock on!

  • Super entraînement! Je vous découvre à l’instant, je vis en France et c’est un régal de pouvoir vous suivre ici! Merci à vous deux!

  • First attempt I only made it through 10mins of the video, tried again the next week (today) managed to make it through the whole thing, great video man, see you again in a couple days lol

  • Hi huge fan here. I’ve been doing this exercise for a few weeks now. I wanna lose weight and look fit. I want to ask you sth. Can this video be my one to-go exercise routine? When shouşd I try a different exercise video? Thanks in advence. Keep up the good woek!

  • Been trying lots of workouts at home with lots of different people. I like this guy. Just motivating enough throughout and no cringy moments

  • Great workout.. please tell me how much weight i should use? i haven’t used it before also i have shoulder injury.. 1 kg is okay as a girl? or more

  • Question? I see that you recommend doing these once a day then taking a day off and repeat. Say if I wanted to do some of the workouts in your other videos. What would you recommend? Switching up ever couple of weeks?

  • Im sore and sweaty just from looking at this, def going to try this out tomorrow

    Edit: This was one of the most hardest workouts I have ever done. Great job!

  • I never comment on anyone’s channel, but this man (Zeus) is the TRUTH!!!!! I never sweated so much in my life!!! No pain no gain! Appreciate you boss!!

  • Very well planned exercise, thanks for sharing. A bit faster for beginner though given the break between sessions were relatively short.

  • hi achv peak,i was wondering how much extra do i need on my visa card to purchase your 12 week dumbbell combo program? i tried to purchase with 50 dollars on my visa card, it kept saying my card was declined

  • I always thought dieting is expensive and ‘healthy’ food costs a lot. Little did I know. I got my diet plan from Next Level Diet and I was able to select foods that fit my budget.

  • Thanks Bully! Just did this workout. Appreciate the videos, especially when there are no gyms open at this time. Stay safe everyone.

  • Excellent workout even though I had difficulty doing a couple of exercises using correct form. I love the variety of exercises and how you specify which body parts you are working on. I would find it helpful if you tell us when we should be inhaling and exhaling so I can correctly align my breathing. And you are in amazing shape. Keep it up so you will be strong, flexible and have good stamina and balance when you are older. I am 76 and most folks my age and even in their 60’s are overweight and out of shape, which causes or exacerbates so many health issues. Thanks for helping me to keep moving since my gym closed.

  • I kind of have a problem Chris!
    My legs keep on bending and I can’t make them straight in leg flatters,toe touches, etc…
    And its making the workout difficult. Do u have any videos or WHAT TYPE of workout I should do to gain leg flexibility?
    I will be waiting for your answer,
    Thank you!

  • I have been using your videos for close to a year and they are the most effective way for me to do a weight training program. Your videos are equivalent to having a personal trainer without the cost. Thank you so much for all that you and your family do!!

  • Wow love the variety of exercises you guys provide, I’ve been working out for 20 years but have never come across some of the variations you do…thanks so much ����

  • I dont want to be sane… doing your workouts at least 6 days a week and seeing better form, strength, and endurance in myself each week. Thank you!

  • Another HIT! Love your style and format Coach! I think your on to something here!! Thanks for the burn see you tomorrow! Peace Out!

  • ok ive seen other people do this and i need some motivation

    1 comment = 10 pushups 10 sit ups ill check your comment when ive done it please help me out!!!����

  • … hey Claudia and Kozak… love you both… your workouts help me to win the fight against my inner lazyness ;-)… fyi: I´m 66 and I´m living in Southern Germany near Munich… best wishes for 2019 and keep on rockin´! 😉

  • I love your full body strength workout sessions, and love working along with you. Can you please make a full body workout video with resistance bands?

  • Thank you both very much for all you both do! I’ve been HASfit’ing for over 3 months now 2 to 3 time a week and I am reaching my goals of getting stronger and more fit. The full body combo moves also really help my brain to be present and active during the workouts. I love all the awesome motivational words and positive support from both of you. I just received my first HASfit sleeveless T yesterday and took it out dancing (I model consent and kindness on the dance floor to promote fun and safety by only dancing) and really appreciated the quality and breath-ability of your gear. The logo is also and great message or me to show on the dance floor! Thank you or being awesome and I am thoroughly enjoying my strength and fitness journey with both o you. Jeffry

  • I was told that from a friend that you need a workout bench to properly work on chest with dumbells. Is it true because i rather lay on a mat like in the video.

  • Since being in lockdown and without gym I thought I was lost to a world of light weights and getting fat, not anymore, now I’m getting fat but with a great pump on! Fantastic dumbell workout, used 10’s, almost threw up. Thank you for a great workout

  • Guys please help me. I want to get bigger but what would you people recommend that I do full body workouts 3x a week or do what I’m doing now which is Monday Bicep and Back Wednesday Leg Day Friday Chest and triceps and on Saturday I do traps ( shoulders )

  • Bro i love your physic
    Bro..i am 21 i try to do some exercise but when i do some my lower back start hurting
    Can you give me some exercise which will make my lower back strong

  • i inspired my husband to start working out, and all i was familiar with was female fitness youtubers. we started doing a workout, but felt too off. i said you know what, we need male inspo. and you were the first one that popped up. what i love is everything is cut to the chase, no intro going on a tangent, just straight workout. and what i loved more is, these workouts can also be for women. my husband and i do your workouts and its going great!

  • Let’s go Bully!!!


  • Started these a couple weeks ago! First time doing this one and its pretty rough! Does this help build muscle? Not looking for mass, mostly want to define muscles.

  • Was looking for a short but effective full body workout and this was Perfect! Hope you are both enjoying your new little bundle of joy and that Claudia and baby are feeling great. Thanks coach and Claudia for the great workout.

  • Did one of your 5 minute workouts the other day just to close the rings on my Apple Watch (activity, exercise and stand….if you own an Apple Watch….you know what I mean). It did the trick!! Thanks!!


  • First time I’ve done this workout and I am ranking it among my favorites. I am passing the “everyone wants to go to heaven…” motivation to a mortician friend who, just the other day, asked what I was doing to lose weight. Of course I told her HASFit! I know I am doing the work, but I feel I have friends in Coach and Claudia and it is always more fun to sweat with friends! I can’t thank you enough for these workouts.

  • 03.06.2020: Done.
    04.06.2020: Done.
    05.06.2020: Done.
    06.05.2020: Done.
    07.06.2020: Done.
    08.06.2020: Done.
    09.06.2020: Done.
    10.06.2020: Done.
    11.06.2020: Done.
    12.06.2020: Done.
    13.06.2020: Done.
    14.06.2020: Done.
    15.06.2020: Done.
    16.06.2020: Done.
    17.06.2020: Done.
    18.06.2020: Done.
    19.06.2020: Done.
    20.06.2020: Restday.
    21.06.2020: 5K Run.
    22.06.2020: Restday.
    23.06.2020: Done.
    24.06.2020: 5K Run.
    25.06.2020: Done.
    26.06.2020: Restday.
    27.06.2020: Restday.
    28.06.2020: 5K run.
    29.06.2020: Restday.
    30.06.2020: Done.
    01.07.2020: Restday.
    02.07.2020: 5,5K Run + Chinup Routine

  • My guy I could only get through 10mins worth and barely!! lol ima keep going though and I’ll update once I’m able to do the full 20

  • Really enjoyed grrrrreat upper body workout Zeus (thumbs Up!) Potentially how much calories could this burn if done without any real break. Pls feedback

  • 60 sec squats
    60 sec push-ups
    60 sec chest flies
    60 sec hip thrust
    60 sec dumbbell bench
    30 sec break
    60 sec lateral raises
    60 sec lunges
    60 sec bicep curl
    60 sec shoulder press
    30 sec break
    60 sec triceps kickbacks
    60 sec sl dead lift
    60 sec burpees
    30 sec break
    60 sec horizontal press
    60 sec dumbbell bench
    60 sec hip thrust
    30 sec break
    60 sec lunge jumps
    60 sec renegade rows
    15 sec break
    45 sec jumping jacks

  • Dope video, bully juice can you do the barebell workout segment for each individual body part for example, bicep dumbell workout only,all workouts for the bicep with dumbbells etc different bodypart the next day

  • My friend told me I got to work out like a man so guess I’m having kinda the time of my life rn. This is so much fun, arms hurt, goodbye treadmill, you’ll not be missed. You definitely got a new subscriber!

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  • Thank you so much for your videos! I am someone who enjoys lifting more than mindless cardio and your workouts are perfect for me! I feel like such a badass after being able to complete them!

  • Nice vids bro, i do these workouts everyday, looking forward for more. Wanted to ask if u dont mind, whats the song that begins at 4:15 ��

  • November is a month of yoga for me but I just couldn’t resist doing this one today,thank you again for such a great workout,the burn was real!-I pray the pregnancy is going well��

  • Cold and snowy weather on my days off work for Thanksgiving I ate probably bad stuff for Thanksgiving (pie, potatoes, bread), but no worries because I’ve got you guys to work out with! YAY!

  • I recently started working out (we all start somewhere, right?) And decided to commit to 3 times a week. Today is Christmas, but if I wanted to stick to my schedule I HAD to work out today. So thank you for making this easier for me! (I may have felt like complaining earlier, but nothing in life comes easy and I actually feel pretty accomplished after this work out)

  • So simple and effective. I did this 10 minutes workout with a 15lb dumbbell. I really feel it. Most trainers don’t see using small and simple things to get the job done. Thanks bro for thinking “out of the box”.

  • This is one the best workouts I have seen on YouTube. Very nicely balanced types of exercises. �� Would love to see more of these!

  • This was so much fun! I loved this one! I have been working out for years but have never done a Tabata style workout. This was just the best. I mean I can do anything for 20 seconds, right? I liked the fast moving pace but always appreciate the preview of each move before! I always appreciate the motivation but my favorite was the comment about no one dying in their own sweat. It cracked me up! Thank you! Added as a favorite!

  • His workouts are the best i have been doing his lower body 20 minute workout for 4 weeks and i lost 18 pounds and 2 pants sizes i was 269 now i am 251 5 days a week

  • Great workout and great content you inspired me to creat my on Channel with in the fitness Industry much love for you this way can’t wait for more videos ��������

  • I’m so happy to be working out again with you both. I was ill but finally I’m back on board. Thanks for another awesome �� workout!

  • Been doing this for the past couple of months, great workout! Only think i do differently is lunges instead of the lateral raise. Thanks Achv Peak!

  • Man I want to truly thank you for your inspiring videos. I decided to try this 10 minutes workout with a 25 lb dumbbell. I’m 49 years old and I’m just trying to get into shape. At first I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it. But I just changed my mindset and believed I could do it. And what do you know I did it oh, and when I finished I was proud and wanted to do it again. Because I get short of breath really quickly. But I’m learning the more I exercise the better I breathe. So thank you once again.

  • You truly understand that not everyone can jump around do high impact, your workouts are well put together,short & get results but more importantly sustainable.
    Iam very surprised you haven’t got more subscribers tbh.
    I will recommend you to my friends in need. Thank you ������you are awesome ��

  • As a out of shape 305 lb man trying to change my life for the better and only have basic dumb bells at home this was fantastic and not easy. Its been since junior high that I worked out fully with weights so im not use to it but thank you for this video for I am trying to go on a diet and work my muscles to burn my fat off as best as I can. Im taking weekly photos of myself to give me motivation to keep trying and get a better healthy lifestyle.

  • Great full body workout when short on time! Old fashion strength training I love it! I’m 66 year old grandmother who loves to pump some iron! I will be back!

  • This is the work I’m talking about. BullyJuice these workouts are effective. Burns 100 calories easy in 10/20 minutes movement cycles.

    This one today was needed. No fat shall prosper. Let the ppl know these workouts boost immune systems. They’ll really jump on them then.

  • One of the best yet! You are a genius in the combo-moves you create! Thanks for the motivation, you two have created a strong tribe!

  • Great vids man!! Watch several daily no joke!! Keeps me fired up during quarantine. Would you be able to drop another 10min back workout with dumbells? Much appreciated stay safe bro

  • I love your workouts and I have your app on my phone and tablet. However some of the workouts are locked and require a paid subscription, also every time I click on anything on the app I’m prompted to pay for a subscription. I was pleasantly surprised when I first did one of your workouts and you did your speech about being approached by a company who would ask people to pay for your workouts, and how you refused because you think fitness should be free. I understand that you have to make money, but I don’t think you should be putting so much emphasis on all your workouts being free when they’re not.

  • Hey Fam, I am new to your page and I used to do fit body boot camp in which I miss, but due to me have a heart surgery last year I had to slow down with all my exercising. But needless to say, I have been watching a lot of your videos and you have been inspiring me to get back at it, slowly of course. I have been walking around the track where I live and now I have been doing slow jogs and I feel great. So tomorrow I will be starting your 10 min jumping jacks as well as incorporating your 10 min jump rope. Thank you for posting your exercises on you tube. God bless you Family, and keep grinding, because I definitely will.

  • This is so good workout… my toilet hate me now, I put too much weight on the dumbbells, and in 25 minutes I ran to the toilet to vomit:D:D:D:D Lesson for the next time:D

  • Being at home this has been the single best upper workout for at home. No other video beats this, can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner ��

  • Wow. Right now I’m pretty young and am out of shape because of quarantine. I tried this and got tired after 3 minutes. It hurts but for some reason I still like it.

  • I always thought dieting is expensive and ‘healthy’ food costs a lot. Little did I know. I got my diet plan from Next Level Diet and I was able to select foods that fit my budget.

  • PLEASE make your own fitness program…literally almost died on this one…I do your workouts almost every night. Just from doing 20 minutes a day, I have lost 3 pounds.

  • This is definitely one of my favorite workouts! Very balanced, great to get a lil burn all over the body. Like to combine it with running. More workouts with weights please!��

  • I bought my first dumbbells yesterday and I got to try them out with this workout! Thank you so much for your workout videos, you have helped me a lot with my fitness journey!:)

  • Day 1 of 30 for me. Did this as my first workout, and was surprised I was able to finish since I’ve been out of gym for a few months now! Will check back in on Day 30 with results! Keep doing ya thang Juice! ������������

  • so i just started out following your videos (literally 2 days in) and i have to say that the beginner stuff is rather enjoyable. however i do have one question is there any progession you might recommend? any videos you could recommend i check first?

  • Stop wasting your time on calculating every single calorie. Visit Next Level Diet and check your calorie intake for FREE. You can choose any kinds of fruits, nuts, vegetables and meats and get personalized meal plan which contains only food you like.

  • Great workout. Absolutely love it. Is this the optimum order in which to do these exercises or can I switch it up by reversing the order?

  • I loved this full-body workout. Even though I took a rest day I was still a teeny bit sore but I was craving a workout, and this was a perfect length and balance as to not push my muscles too hard.

  • I was literally thinking “ugh this sucks without AC” and then you said you didn’t have AC either! haha that excuse is invalid I guess

  • I love you, coach, for providing awesome, free workouts. Without them, I would not be able to stay fit while I’m busy during the school year. Say hi to Claudia for me!

  • Hey man! i really love your traning program, have been following you for 2-3 monts (one of your older full body video), and this one is the best one! I just have one issue with it, and its push up dbs, which is not realistic for me to do, doing to the dumbells and my floor. any other things I can do:)?

  • man first attempt and when I reached for triceps I only could complete one set. Also had to paused because you got it way faster than what I could do. However it feels great. Thank you from New Zealand.

  • Excellent workout! I love the intensity and the presence of compound movements. Especially good to refresh after some sitting job in the office! I will definitely come back!

  • Hey chris, could you do a home workout video for lower back? Especially for people who spend many hours sitting and/or have spinal problems like scoliosis
    I’d appreciate it a lot! Thank you

  • Been away from hasfit for a few months and came back to another amazing workout with C&C! Thanks guys for keeping consistent and putting out another quality session!!!

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    2. Bent-Over Reverse Grip Rows 02:23, 5:21, 8:22
    3. Push Up On Dumbbells 03:22, 6:22, 09:22
    4. Bicep Curl to RDL 10:42, 13:42, 16:42
    5. Triceps Kickback 11:42, 14:42, 17:42
    6. Sumo Squat to W Raise 12:42, 15:42, 18:42
    7. Close Body Alternating Reverse Grip Curls 20:02, 23:02, 26:02
    8. Close Body Press w/ Decline Flyes 21:02, 24:02, 27:02
    9. Shoulder Lateral Raise 22:02, 25:02, 28:02

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