How you can Structure Forearm Workouts For Size and Grip


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Included is a sample workout. Understand that there are endless ways to structure workouts. So, if you don’t like the sample program contained in this article, don’t hesitate to try something new.

4 Types of Forearm and Grip Exercises There are four main types of grip and forearm trainin. Around the Clock:Stand holding a clubbell in one hand at your side with the weight oriented in front of your body, pointed downward toward the floor. Keeping your arm straight, contract your forearm muscles to elevate the end of the weight in front of you until it is parallel to the floor. This position is 12 o’clock. Wrist Curls.

Probably the most obvious inclusion is wrist curls and reverse wrist curls. These exercises will blast both sides of the forearms. Aim for as little rest in between sets and with at least 6 sets in each forearm session to give your forearms enough volume and stimulus to grow from this exercise. Set up a spotter bar on one side of a power rack to chest level, and lean your forearms on the bar. Raise and lower the weight in one direction, then reverse the spin and raise it the other way.

Rest for one minute, then repeat. Hex Dumbbell Holds: If your gym has hex dumbbells, simply grab two at their ends and hold them for as long as you can. So, which forearm exercises are best for size and strength? Exercise 1: Barbell Suitcase Isometric Hold (aids in grip strength and abductor + adductor involvement) This exercise is perfect for hitting all of the forearm muscles and improving overall grip strength.

Forearm Extensors The muscles on the back of your forearm work together in order to open your fingers and extend your wrist backward. Train Them: Spread and. The forearms can handle a lot of volume, and respond well to variety. So you could structure your week as follows: Day 1 – Wrist flexion and extension (using dumbbells and barbells) Day 2 – Radial and ulnar deviation Day 3 – Supination and pronation Once you’ve got a big pump after your final set of the day, stretch your forearms for 60 seconds per arm. Use a thicker bar to build huge forearms because it forces you to squeeze harder just to hold the same amount of weight and elevates your neural drive.

Place a Fat Grip around the dumbbell handle. (If you don’t have a Fat Grip, wrap a small towel around the handle.). Rotate the rod. Maintain your grip with one hand and turn the rod with the other to wind the rope around the rod. Alternate the turning and gripping hands until the rope is fully wound and the weight reaches the rod.

Try to keep the rod in position as you rotate i. When it comes to growing big forearms and improving your grip strength, you need to consider the anatomy of the forearms in order to determine what the “best.

List of related literature:

If you want to drastically increase your forearm development, you can use the Priority Principle in a special way: train forearms by themselves when you are rested and strong, or train your forearms on leg days when your arms are rested.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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For instance, when lifting a log that’s thick and rounded, you use an Open-Hand Grip, and although you’ll apply some force from your fingers with no thumb opposition, you mostly apply force through the wrists, forearms, and the pectorals with your arms pushing inwardly to help squeeze the extremity of the log

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
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Perform the same number of repetitions with each arm.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
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Exercises that require a strong grip build the strength and size of the forearm flexors.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

Variation: A great way to tone both sides of your forearm at the same time, while increasing your grip strength, is to hold the object straight out and turn it over, back and forth, back and forth.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
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Standing to the side of the client, place your fingers to the front (around biceps) and your thumbs to the back (around triceps) and squeeze these two muscles together.

“The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy” by Helen Beckmann, Suzanne E. Le Quesne
from The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy
by Helen Beckmann, Suzanne E. Le Quesne
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Record each grip strength (kgf).

“Sport and Exercise Physiology Testing Guidelines: Volume I – Sport Testing: The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Guide” by Edward M. Winter, Andrew M. Jones, R.C. Richard Davison, Paul D. Bromley, Tom H. Mercer
from Sport and Exercise Physiology Testing Guidelines: Volume I – Sport Testing: The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Guide
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Observe your biceps, elbows, and forearms, and slowly work your way into your wrists, your hands, and down to the ends of each fingertip.

“Don't Let Your Emotions Run Your Life for Teens: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills for Helping You Manage Mood Swings, Control Angry Outbursts, and” by Sheri Van Dijk
from Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life for Teens: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills for Helping You Manage Mood Swings, Control Angry Outbursts, and
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For example, begin with biceps curls, and then do arm swings front to back and side to side.

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
from Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults
by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
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At the top of the movement, squeeze your biceps for a count of two, and then lower the weight while rotating your palm back down into the starting position.

“Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living” by Ben Lerner
from Body by God: The Owner’s Manual for Maximized Living
by Ben Lerner
Thomas Nelson, 2007

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  • Hey I’ve been into bodyweight training for almost 2 years now, and my shoulder mobility has gotten a lot better from the switch over from weights. However, my shoulder still tends to cause problems. Especially when hanging. It’s not too bad if I use two hands, but whenever I try to do one arm I can feel a strain if I completely lock out. I have been hearing mixed opinions on weather or not to lock out or keep a little bend. I was wondering what your opinion is on that?

  • Hey, my wrist was injured 3 year ago. So, my wrist are not fully recovered. Which mean I can’t do too much weight now because of the wrist. Anyone know the better way to solve this issue?

  • The best workout training for forearms? Just watch the armwrestling training videos. They are the pro.

    I came here just to understand the anatomy of the forearms though.

  • I’ve read many planes you can workout your forearms pretty much everyday of the week. Thoughts? Is there lots of research that states the 2-3x per week?

  • You dont have to train you forearms specifically. Forearms during back exercises and certain bicep exercises as well such as hammer curls and reverse curls

  • This guy’s face looks like he give a lot Of Blo.wjobs besides his bodybuilding schedule.
    Some people are stuck between a Masculine and a Feminine features.

  • Let me get this straight; you’re on here producing high quality videos however that’s really all you do because if you knew so much about gaining mass (which I assume you think you do because your videos suggest that you’re a guru), then why are so tiny relative to others who produce similar info-videos? Makes no sense bruv. Stick to video editing…obviously that’s all you’re good at

  • If you’re short…dont build so much muscle on your limbs because it’s just gonna make you look even shorter. Try to have a lean body.

    If you’re over 5’11. Its ok.

  • I always had skinny forearms. This video have increased the size by two holes on my watch in the month.
    My forearms heal quick so I work them out 3 times a week

  • Will this help with falsegrip? as it is a different movement (more hand flexion than finger flexion), I never know how to improve it. Thx!

  • I can almost crush the 250 Heavy Gripps and can crush the 200 lb 30 times with each hand. I feel it in my biceps aswell so I think it works the whole arm.Stared the reverse way now and it’s harder to do.

  • can you do a video about dodgy ankles and ankle injuries?
    got a big problem with my tendons in and around them, and how to fix it too:D

  • I did this for some time and i must say my grip strenght improved lol. When i was doing romanian deadlifts at the gym, at the final sets my grip aways gave up. now i can hold it for longer. These exercises are also used im rock climbing.

  • Wow, this was just the video I was looking for, I need to work on the grip on my left arm more but you couldn’t have put out this video at a more perfect time Daniel. Thank you so much.

  • I tried the excercise at 1:27 a month ago, now I have pain inside my right elbow since. What the hell happened? I couldn’t hold anything for a week, it gets better but still cannot perform anything with this (pullups, anything with hanging involved in general). And it’s not that I haven’t been trained, I worked out before that regularly…

  • I just started working out… I can barely deadlift 150������.. I feel like a weeny bro… and after leg days man I feel sick a puking and feel like I have a fever.. for atleast 1 hour.

  • For some reason hand grips become my hobby.
    Every time i woke up
    Every time i watch something
    While in mid class
    When my phone is drained
    When doing nothing
    once your stronge enough, the 50kg is like a stress ball. It removes stress

  • Great video! Mine arrived today! Can close 200s couple times but can’t with the 250! I’ve always had grip strength but noticed now that if you can do it I can just need more training. I’m really impressed that you can close the 250!!

  • Never trained with grippers and last time at gym was 7 years ago. I bought coc1.5 and it was too heavy for me. It took 2 weeks daily train to close it. Now I can do 2 reps lol. Maybe I try train negatives

  • whenever i do hanging leg raises my shoulders hurt like hell, could it be because of poor grip strength? i really wanna do hanging leg raises as ab exercise but i just can’t focus on my core because of shoulder pain, what part of my body do i have to strengthen to get rid of that pain, please help

  • I have heavier forearm than him and I want to grow more and I feel it’s a great way guys this guy is telling the truth it’s allowing my all muscle to work at a time

  • We created Gripzilla One® 5-Piece Kit. Get your kit here: ����
    You can improve your grip in the office, in the car, and when jusy walking. + Free Shipping!

  • Do what he’s saying but on a towel. don’t hang on a bar. Also, after about 2 months, you can hang everyday and not just 3 times a week. Also, do knee-tucked L sit while hanging.

  • An overlooked part of the body..forearm and grip strength. I’ve been doing these for about 2 weeks after watching your video and noticed a significant increase in grip strength for my pull ups.

  • Awesome Video’s brother I appreciate what you do. Very knowledgeable information about the different muscle groups and how to work them out. Thanks again man, Keep up the good work.

  • I got to say a very good forearm exerciser I can feel the pain. I tried 4 rounds of this but I think it is a bit too much to fit into one session for me that is. I would do 4 sets of the weighted exercise and then do the body weighted wrist extensions 2-3 sets to fit into 1 hour of work.

  • I did this one yesterday along with the 3 chest workout and threw in the DB side lateral raises and the Tom Hardy traps and I was “smoked” at the end of it all. There is another area that I know you have included into many of your workout routines. The gluteus maximus. This is one area of my anatomy I have been trying to improve butt seems like not much improvement. I even had one lady friend make fun of my derriere saying I have a frog-butt. LOL. I will probably get ribbed for this butt, would you put up a video on how to get a bubble-butt?

  • i did these workoutss and man my lower arms feel f*cking pumped! this is a great workout routine, not alot of time consumed but efficient and explosive. ill try to do this everyday

  • Hi Chris, I tried the arm hang to gradually increase my grip strength. I’m starting to have blisters to the point it’s yellow. I thought of using gloves, but wouldn’t that be counter-intuitive? If so, what can I do help cope with this?

  • whats a good time for a dead hang? i read anythinf over 1min30s is very good and im on 3mins20s. however the people that are ‘good at this stuff’ hold for 5-9mins or so. so im not sure what a good representation of ‘good’ is considering the state of a lot of the population the standard of good may be deflated

  • Ohhh, finally, I found the vid I’ve been looking for.This will really help my pullups, muscle ups, dips on bars and rings.Thanks Chris

  • Can you make a video of full body routine for intermediate? I have been looking at your videos from back then, and it shows how much dedication and hard work you have put in! GJ mate

  • Okay guys lets get this video started
    Number one
    Be single
    Number two
    Just your hand so the workout lasts longer
    Number three
    No Corn so the workout lasts longer

  • Jeremy, I love your videos and find them super helpful. However, it’s hard for me to stay focused when I listen because I find the way you talk a bit monotonous. Perhaps it’s just me but maybe you would like to give it a try and vary your voice just a bit more, please? Oh, and big congrats for your degree! Kinda late written in 2020, but still:)

  • is it necessary to train pronation and supination or are those muscles basically hit by flexion? As I understand, there is some overlap?

  • Guess i found the reason why i couldn’t do more pushups since my wrists started hurting and i had to stop while other body parts were completely fine also that i can’t do pull ups too 😉

  • My personal trainer gave me a similar exercise to the wrist rolling one you showed. He would tie a rope to at the end of a barbell on the bench press (where you normally put the weights) and tie a small weight at the bottom of the rope. You would keep rolling the rope with your hands to lift up the weight. Then unroll it slowly when it reaches the top. Def one of the biggest forearm burns I’ve ever felt.

  • 4:06 My man, its blatantly obvious, the guy on the right, has a lower insertion than the guy on the left, with the bigger forearm. You just explained a lack of forearm exposure, as a lower insertion point.

    4:51 Please stop doing that bullshit. You’re turning a bar with no laden weight. What you use, is a bar with a cable that turns around it, then lift weights via a pulley with that same rolling movement. But just rolling the bar like that, means the weight you have on there, matters NOT.

  • Id go for wrist roller, single handed farmers walk each hand and the gripper and day! Combine that with some rope pull like the spartans and everyone will remember your forearms!

  • There is one forearm exercise I like that was not mentioned exactly, besides turning barbell. Round stick with a rope attached and a hanging weight on the end of the rope. Extend arms and turn stick winding up the rope until weight approaches it. Then unwind it back to the floor, then reverse direction.

  • Sorry, you just have to be born with bear grips. Your well selected exercises can only bring out certain gene sets’ ability to crush em like a wadam.

  • I have a Few questions. 1:Should we be doing sets of the barbell suitcase hold or just one time hold as long as possible then on to the next exercise? 2: when performing the other exercises how many sets and reps should we be doing?

  • For further extensor bulk you can hold your arm out and bend your hand up and using grip strengthners on a light setting you can really stretch and strengthen your flexors. also do it with your hand down to stretch and strengthen your extensors.. but dont have a heavy setting on the grip strenghener as you may tear a ligament on a harder setting ONLY stick to light at high reps to avoid injury.

  • 100% factual info. When doing suitcase holds I like to slowly rotate the bar around the knee for 3 full rotations in 30 seconds. And very specific overhand isolation with a 10# dumbell digs in to the brachial and forearm really well.

  • Hello,Just for clarification! in 1:32 min, There is a collision between extensor digitorum & extensor digiti minimi, it’s not in proper place! but since this for explanation purposes I think there is no issues

  • So much science in this that a non science guy like me didn’t understand shit �������� i only understood what exercises i need to do to build forearms ��

  • Could you make a video about calves? I got good hamstrings, adductors, abductors, etc. However, it just looks weird having big legs and small calves. Please help.:(

  • Daniel your videos are Gr8
    No loud Noise and Pure instruction Thanks
    As expected This exercise WORKS as do ALL of your exercises
    Thumbs Up and Subd

  • i think the best way would be to wear gloves who will slide on the metal bar and then doing a movement (i don’t how to call it but the same as those who ride the bike) back and forth. that video would deserves a remake i think.

  • I have a grip Strengther & it’s on 80 pound resistance I believe or whatever but it’s at the highest Anyways I just squeeze it hard on both hands for 10 reps on each hand for like a minute or 2 & it definitely works. Seems like the more creative/thought out workouts are always the best ones. Try it

  • Hey Daniel, I’ve heard a lot of different stuff about active vs passive dead hangs… you seem to recommend a passive hang here, would you mind explaining the reasoning when you have a chance? Thanks, love your channel!

  • Hi, How to hang in bar for atleast 3 minutes? because whenever i try it, I only last for 20 seconds. I’m a lady preparing for my agility test. Thanks

  • Handgrips may work well. But when my forearm strength exploded was when I hit puberty and got my first skin mag my grip was vise like lol. Thanks for the video and the tips also try the skinmag trick.

  • I wonder how much pain this will bring me I’m 16 with chronic movement pain in my left wrist I have most strength in it though so no excuses

  • my friend, can this hand griper affects our height becz i am only 16…i am i am doing this from 2 weeks…i am afraid…plz reply me…does it affect our height

  • I am facing forearm splints rn and I can’t do any lifting it suck.. i mainly train at home.. any tips to recover ftom this bitch.. i am frustrated as hell

  • Nice video as always.

    Does thumb position matter? And on the matter of chalk: does it really help increase the strength of your grip if you can hold onto the bar longer by using chalk? Logically, it seems that you you could only attribute the extra time you can spend hanging to the chalk itself, not your forearm strength. 1 minute without chalk or 90 seconds with chalk, it’s the same thing, no?

  • For further extensor bulk you can hold your arm out and bend your hand up and using grip strengthners on a light setting you can really stretch and strengthen your flexors. also do it with your hand down to stretch and strengthen your extensors.. but dont have a heavy setting on the grip strenghener as you may tear a ligament on a harder setting ONLY stick to light at high reps to avoid injury.

  • I wonder if the neighbours are like “its that creepy guy in the undershirt with the flattop haircut again on the playground. You kids are going to stay away”.

    Jokes aside, it looks like the entire neighbourhood is empty. Early morning?

  • Daniel, you should make a video on Towel Hangs from Red Delta Project in a video on Convict Conditioning shotgun muscles. I would say that Towel Hangs are an more advanced exercise than this, and that once beginner/intermediate trainees are able to do 3-5 sets for at least 30 seconds on single arm holds, they should progress to Towel Hangs. Just an idea and you are one of my favorite channels covering calisthenics. Keep it up

  • just an addition, how i got my grip strength improved, is to use only your fingers to hang. Don’t use your whole hand, just a very “open” grip, if thats understandable

  • If you guys want to try something along these lines you can search on Google Ido Portal Hanging Month it has more information about how to increase grip strength as well as mobility for the shoulders and strength development for the front lever

    Not hating on you Daniel this is great for beginners but I’m just trying to provide more information to those more seasoned people

    Keep up the great vids man!

  • I will try this, and what about towel hangs. Do you like that exercise? As i know it also train your thumb so you will get overall developement.

  • great daniel, practising this exercices many times a week.great strenght.good for increase my pull-ups, MU on my one arm pull up, and your latest video with 50 OAPU is great.thanks for it

  • If someone looked up this video, they already want to use hand grips. You wasted almost 3 minutes convincing us to use a tool we already decided to use.

  • Jeff, this was great!
    I love your videos, but this one is special.
    If I may, I’d add one more exercise which I find really helps out. It’s the first exercise (beginning at 1:00), but with a one arm/hand variation. Just hang on to the bar using one hand only.
    Try that for 30 seconds and let me know how it went!

  • I do this like 100times on 30kg and 20times on 40kg at a time totally 120times at a time
    Is it bad because now i got pain in one finger and i cant do it more than 10

  • HEY PLEASE HELP! How many times should I squeeze per hand and how fast??? I got my hand grip today and I’ve just been going at it and now my left wrist (where it’s veiny under the palm) REALLY HURTS AND FEELS WEIRD. WHY???

  • The Life Montage at the end was Pure Gold! Respect. You are worth emulating. Transformed my life and workouts since I first started watching your training in 2013

  • Hey Jeff,
    I’m prepping for the fire tests here in Spain. I’m having problems with the legless rope climbing. Do you have any vid covering that?
    Cheers from Spain.

  • Those workouts in this video looks more like wrist conditioning to me, it should be fine for people only with nature mid-big size forearms looking to kill some time in the gym. I recommend AlphaDestiny for more effective methods directly targeting the forearm muscles

  • I started playing squash a few months ago, and have been looking for exercises for strengthening my forearms, grip and external rotators, and of course I’m coming to this beast of a trainer first for that info. And he delivers… of course. It’s Jeff:P I love that “outro” that you had here. It pretty much says “body by science.” Thanks for all the awesome info you put out there, I will definitely be doing this and other grip/forearm/external rotator workouts from your videos in the mornings before I get to work.

  • does when something need to push of reducing weight y not use best tool as my hand more strong as sickle as formerm manual machine

  • Is this exercise much more effective than the other u posted for ripped forearms using a bar and rolling it backwards and forwards?

  • Everyone already knows the best science based forearm exercise is a good old tug of the one eyed trouser snake or a for a female a sneaky finger blast

  • rope + weight plates on a DB is amazing too, I don’t see it a lot but I just started grips. I like it but this grip is alright I guess. I feel like being able to do 20+ reps with no soreness on any of the sets. I feel like this is not working.

  • Thanks man! I’ve been wondering about this for some time. There’s definitely moments where I’m working out and my grip just isn’t strong and the workout suffers because of it.

  • Hi there jeff, i have been lifting for around 4,5 years now but ever since i can remeber my forearms hurt whenever i do barrbell curls,, An EZ-bar does reduce the feeling but it stll hurts, i feel it around the entire ‘outer forearm” just where you can also feel the bone. This causes me to choose different exercizes to avoid the the pain,, my biceps are growing just fine but i feel like i should be able to do every exercize i want without worrying about some pain. I have been talking to a lot of people and searched a lot on the web but i never really got a good answer. I was hoping you got any idea what this could be and/or what i could do about it. This video is about the forearms so it seemed most appropriate to post this here.

  • This is true bruh, my friend workouts especially he got veins popping on his arm, we weight around the same, the dude just rested his arm around me, i thought there was a boulder on me lmao, but yeah I strengthened my arm as well

  • Can you give some tips about training in Ramadan An Islamic month where we refrain from eating and drinking from sunset to sundown.

  • I hope someone who knows what they are talking about reads this:

    I broke my wrist 2 years ago but I still experience pain when I do certain exercises, especially forearm training. Anyone got any tips on this?

  • Anyone knows how large Jeff’s arms are? In inches or Cm, doesn’t matter, they look pretty damn good, and I would love to have something similar to that in size and vascularity.

  • Great video and a big supporter of your work! I have noticed though as my forearm are getting stronger. My wrist strength isn’t increasing along with it. Do you have any tips on strengthening the muscles around the wrist? Thank you for your time and hopefully your feedback as well.

  • damaged my flexor tendon on my right index finger from work, now whenever i close my finger or grip Anything it clicks and pops:(