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Chin-ups and pull-ups show practically identical lat activation; grip doesn’t matter in that regard. And since people can typically do more chin-ups, that makes it better for lats, all else equal. In other words, the trade-off between biceps and lats is not the correct way of framing it: the real consideration is whether your biceps or.

Step up and grab the bar with an overhand wide grip (your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder with apart). Tighten your abs, and try to focus on pulling the bar down towards you (instead of focusing on pulling your body up). Best Back Exercise, How to Build a Big Back with Pull Ups This video from Victor Costa explains the best way to do pull ups. Top trainer Victor Costa explains the pull ups exercise and how to best. Let’s say you can do 7 pull ups.

You will do 1 rep, then 2 reps, then 3 reps, then 4 reps, then 5 reps, resting between each set. Then go all the way back to the 1 and repeat 2x. So it’s 1-2-3-4-5 repeated 3x total. This style of training allows you to do a ton of volume without burning yourself out. Here’s how to increase Pull-Ups exponentially.

During the eccentric portion of a lift, you are 20 to 30 percent stronger than on the concentric portion. Your muscles lengthen as they develop. To do this you pick a top number, for a beginner it may be ten. You start by doing one pull-up, then rest 30 seconds, then do 2 pullups, then rest 30 seconds, then do 3 pullups, and so on until you get to ten, then you start heading back down the pyramid by doing 9, then 8, etc. Pull-ups Can Give You a Really Wide Back.

One of the best exercises for achieving a wide back is the close grip pull-up. Contrary to popular belief, close grip pull-ups do more for your width than wide grip pull-ups. The range of motion is longer, and it’s easier to activate the lats with a close grip. Related article: The Most Complete Pull-up Tutorial On The Internet.

Consider it a test to see if you should increase your reps per training set. If yesterday was relatively easy, add 1 rep to each set. If you make it through all 9 sets, then the following week, add another rep and use this new number to reach your 9 sets. For athletes, any sport that involves pulling, climbing, or physical contact will undoubtedly benefit from building a stronger back.

Finally, in the real world, a big strong back is highly functional. Anytime you pick up something heavy, the back is doing the majority of the work, so when you lift a heavy box at work, it’s your back strength. The easiest, most sure-fire way to improve your pullup strength is to focus on negative reps.

Hold on to the bar, and assist yourself up (you can use the sides of the machine or a step) to the top position of a pullup. Your shoulders should be depressed, and your chest should be up.

List of related literature:

To develop the lower lats, you need to do your back exercises with a very narrow grip —Close-Grip Chins and Close-Grip Pulldowns, for example—as well as One-Arm Cable Rows and One-Arm Dumbbell Rows.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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• If full pull-ups cannot yet be done, start with hanging from a bar to train grip, arms, and body posture.

“Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Paul S. Auerbach
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Think about it: To do a push-up you must perform a deep squat (leg muscles), extend both legs out (core and back muscles), get into the starting plank position (core, back, arm, and shoulder muscles), and then lower yourself to the ground and push back up again (chest, arms, and abs).

“Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything” by Alden Mills
from Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything
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Start by challenging students to accomplish one Pull-Up in the defined position and then slowly increase the number of repetitions.

“Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children” by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
from Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children
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The first strategy is simply to have a spotter hold you around your waist and lift a portion of your body weight so that you can do eight to ten less-than-body-weight pull-ups.

“The Rock Climber's Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability” by Eric Horst
from The Rock Climber’s Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability
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When you reach the bottom phase of the movement, squeeze your shoulderblades together and feela distinct contraction in your lats, mid traps, and rhomboids.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
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To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
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Here is a basic routine using the push-and-pull training method.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

With your legs straight and feet spread a few inches apart, bend over at the waist and put your hands on the ground, about three to four feet in front of your toes as you would for Classic Push Ups.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
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Continue doing pull-ups in this manner until you reach eight to twelve total repetitions.

“Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance” by Eric Horst
from Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance
by Eric Horst
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  • I used to be pretty fit, now I got a bit sloppy. Ill do apply this method for the next month.
    Started today, will update every week

    Week 0: 5 max pullups

    Week 1: 7 max pullups

    Week 2: 9 pullups

    Week 3: No significant progress I injured my back a bit for over-training. I took a break. Its important to warm up a bit and try not to mess up technic

    Week 4: started again from where Ieft off, but less rest in between sets, and doing every other day. I just did 11 pullups. I will stop doing this method and switch to a more conventional way of training. Maybe in the near future I will use this method again if I hit a plateau.

    Great method to increase pullups I recommend it a lot

  • I huge help for getting out of a platou is doing a hundreds of reps of the easier version for example: stuck on 6 handstand pushups? Add 25 pushups.
    Stuck on 10 pullups?
    Add 30 Australian pullups.
    Each time you do this you’ll gain a couple more reps, in handstand pushups i went from 6 to 8 and in pullups i went from 10 to 12 which was amazing.

  • I can do four sets of 8 pull ups with a 25lbs dumbbell between my legs but four sets of 10 bodyweight is tough to crank out (although still doable)

  • What’s a replacement for a kneeling pull-down? I was thinking a round of inverted rows, bent over rows, scapular retractions, and band-assisted pull-ups should suffice nicely.

  • I’ve found the eccentric (aka negative) pull ups very effective. They helped increase my pull ups from an average six max to a respectable ten. But they’re really tough; it takes a lot of discipline to do 10-15 eight second descents. I definitely couldn’t do a thirty second descent for more than 3-5 reps.

  • Wish I could do one pull up, so I could progress from there. Being unable to do one is ridiculous. Im not overweight and I move quite a lot, not necessarily sports but I walk tons (groceries, to and from work, bored, etc) and Im used to carrying heavy stuff.

    Im not very fit, but Im not an morbidly obese Couch potato with an office job.

    Yet I cant do one pull up and I am ashamed to work out in public, and I cant work out at home cause I live on a yacht and theres no possibility for a pull up bar.

  • If you want to learn perfect pullup form look at gymnasts not people that focus on weights gymnasts do it right and are way stronger with their bodyweight

  • I was up to 16 pull ups….I stopped doing them for a few months….today I maxed at 10…u gotta stay consistent to keep them gains

  • very very thank you for your teaching for how to do after my weight is 34 now my weight is 40 I see your video always and I gan weight of your help and I do every day pull up thank you very much

  • What if I don’t have access to the equipment that you mentioned in the video? Is there workout I can don’t home to get my first pull-up? Thank you!

  • Who can do over 30 pullups??
    Bodyweight Bodybuilder Program:
    Free Ebook “5 Things to know before starting calisthenics”:

  • As it relates to exercises that improve pull up abilities, isn’t a kneeling lat pulldown better than a sitting lat pulldown because the kneeling variation requires the abs to be engaged and the seated variation does not? in an actual pull up, the abs are used a lot to try and stabilize the lower body so your not swinging around at all. not sure if this is true, heard it from a friend and just wanted to know what anyone thinks about it

  • wow amazing I tried this exercise this very effective for back workout and for beginner, please watch my short video ill make 32 pull ups road to 40-50 pull ups..

  • I’m suffering from golfers elbow! Help!
    I cant do any pull ups or chin ups anymore without pain. I’ve been icing for 2 weeks and stretching. I can do horizontal pulling movements relatively pain free. Anyone have any advice or protocols for me?

  • “what is poppin fam”? go “cop” you some. ctfu! cultural appropriation much, I know you not from the hood, dude…..lmao, nice vid tho.

  • Hey good money totally unrelated but I was wondering if you’re still gonna repost that Shredda leg workout where he had a very motivational speech at the beginning and end of the video?

  • For the first literature study, it’s a comparison between chin up and lat pull down, not a comparison between a pull up and pull down… isn’t a chin-up supposed to be a supinated grip, while a pull up is a pronated grip?

  • What other exercises do you struggle with the most? Comment below and I’ll continue making videos dedicated to strengthening them! Hope you enjoyed this one!

  • Im fairly counted strong in my class, as my arm strength and legs are more stronger than the average people in my class. I think this is because as my weight is heavy compared to others, Even if I do the same exercises as them, I receive more pressure and so, have more muscle. But as said in 3:35, As I’m fairly fat and I don’t work out that much, my core isn’t developed enough to hold my weight properly in pull ups, Nor other exercises. I think this is somewhat most people don’t think about as they only count the record, It does not mean you have more strength or that you are fit or not fit.

  • I do upper lower body spli 4 times a week, can I do this on rest days? Or is that to much, what is the best way to incorporate this style with my training. Or should I just solely focus on this and neglect the rest of my training, which I don’t want to do.

  • This video of it was released on my birthday maybe that’s a sign to do more Pull-Ups! I know I do a lot of pull-ups now but I think I need to do more!

  • You can get a rough idea of how much this guy has worked out by just looking at his nose holes. Man, he must’ve breathed hella hard for that.

  • I could never do pull-ups and I made the decision that this was the year I was going to make it happen. January 1, I couidn’t do any and today I did three reps of 3. If I continue at this pace, I will be able to do 20 by the end year. I feel incredibly fantastic about that!!!!

  • Was doubting results. But then it took me a min to remember when i was fat as hell and couldn’t do pushups, then one summer dedicated myself to getting better at pushups. Ended up working so why the hell not give this a go? I’ve always struggled with pull-ups.

  • You seem like a really nice person and very happy pursuing your passion. Living the dream! Greetings from Switzerland (but originally from Winnipeg lol)

  • Thanks for the guidelines; a lot of these exercises I had incorporated but the train-up I was doing was all wrong. The progression is just as important here, as the exercises themselves.

    Bothers me that I had to back up the video because I kept getting stuck that the demo photo person is wearing Army PT’s.

  • Total bullshit. Maybe you should familiarize yourself with S.A.I.D. Your horizontal pulls are all but useless as the force vectors and subsequent muscle recruitment patterns are all WRONG for doing a real pull up. No idea who told you that you actually know anything about building muscle, but they lied to you. I have more muscle in my cock than that pathetically puny thing you call your body. Just another example of some d-bag flip boy with a channel, hilarious!!!

  • Negatives got me to 1 pull-up. Then doing them after regular pullup sets got me to 20. For people who just have a bar at the park. You dont need anything

  • Good advice! I’ve been stuck at the 10-12 rep range for awhile but I will incorporate your tips into my next workout!

    Thank you!

    Edit: Just came back from the gym and incorporated doing full pull ups quicker and increased my rep by 1 for each of my 3 sets. ��

  • Number one exercise to increase your pullups is…. pullups. If you can only do one then do ten sets of one and throw some chinups and pullup negatives in there for good measure, boom

  • I did that. I can do 70lbs on my one rep max. Still i can only do 10 reps without the weight. The difference is that now the first rep is super easy. (Before that weight training i could do 6-8 reps. Not a big increase) but figher pullups progression by Povlov, the Russian trainer seems to work.
    Thank you for your videos and the opportunity to share.
    Take care.

  • It is better to do this in regular fashion i.e., scapular pull up rest repeat the next set of the same exercise, on down the list or do them as a super set? i.e Scapular rest, banded rest, kneeling lats rest, inverted rows rest and then the Negs, and the repeat twice more? Which would be more effective?

  • Are you able to do abs or other workouts in between sets of the grease the groove? Or will it be too much on your body. Just abs should be ok right?

  • I’ve been going to the gym for almost 2 months(from skinny-fat to fat then now im not sure but i feel stronger and leaner) and yes it was so difficult for me to even do 2 pull ups at first. so i just keep progressive overload for my back using the lat pulldown, deadlift, seated cable row. and i finally did it yesterday. I did 5 reps for 3sets yesterday. That feeling of achieving your goals is just fantastic.
    P/s that’s just my back routine. I do target all body parts. just that pull ups is always my number 1 enemy. So just keep grinding and you’ll see results. with the help of TRUSTED YouTube instructors of course like Jeff.

  • While the chins do bring more bicep into it, you can get

    A. Bigger range of motion

    B. more reps

    Between those two, you will still get the same great back workout while also blasting the biceps.

    If you’re doing same range of motion, and same reps, yes, overhand will always be better. If you’re taking full use of the advantages of the chin up, it’s really just an overall better exercise.

    Harder =/= better

  • Hi Jeff, I had watched many of your videos earlier for techniques, but never subscribed, really sorry.. But after watching this video I could really connect to your tutorials, observing how true you are towards fundamentals for strong and healthy living..I never took pull ups seriously since I was 16 or maybe younger during my school days when I was active in sports and military camps.. But now i am 32, and only since past 2 year I realized the importance of fundamental exercises like weighted squats, deadlift, barbell press, bench press, barbell row, pull ups, push ups, etc. Being in corporate industry and culturally vegetarian from India (I do eat meat and eggs though, but not daily), its hard for me to stick to proper regime and diet for my body, so whenever I can, I focus on fundamental weighted, body weight and cardio exercises.. Nothing great, but i am mildly satisfied that at this age and height of 5′ 6″ I am able to maintiain a waist of 29″, chest of 39″ and arms of 14.5″ and most importantly, my blood pressure is in control now. So whoever is reading this: CHALLENGING ISN’T IMPOSSIBLE, BUT REWARDING. Waiting for lockdown to get over and I will do my best to focus on techniques as explained by you.. Thank you, keep up the good work..

  • Even 5 pull ups will make me happy for now, to have something to get better at. I can only do 1 “good” pull up and it’s not even that good.

  • Jeff Cavaliere: you should NOT let your body hangng down and let your shoulders relaxed! And pull with you hands in!
    Jeff Nippard: lets himself chilling under the bar like his head is compressed between his massive shoulders pull hout my friends:)

    confusion intensifies

  • The study cited at 1:12 which finds similar activation in lats, but more in biceps, is comparing lat pulldowns with chinups not pullups. And chinups are known to involve biceps more than pullups.

  • I don’t understand why raising the knees in an isometric manner (without using the movement to initiate the pullup) would be considered cheating. Wouldn’t that just stretch the lats a little more and also help add some core work?

  • Thank you so much Chris for making these videos, every day I am getting better and you are a good coach and you are my motivation, keep making these videos!

  • Thank you for mentioning machines for doing an assisted pull-up. I’m on the start of my 6-month plan for weight lifting and at 6’6″ and 240 pounds, I have to set the assisted machine to 160 pounds so I can do the full range of motion. I will be lowering that slightly because I was aiming for a few more reps previously.

  • I’m pretty new here, but I’ve already noticed that every time Jeff is trying to show what you should NOT do, he puts on a cap backwards with the headphone. And when he’s done with the set he always walks around like a cocky hulk bobbing his head to the music.:D I find this hilarious!

  • I have a question,the thumb must be over or under the bar during pull up?when i do pull ups with the thumb over the bar i fell much more my lats but i am scared of over stressing the forearm(the area near the elbow in the first place)when i do pull ups with the thumbs under the bar i feel only my hands working and the scapula atctivation in praticaly impossible,so wich one is right?

  • Yo Austin I did this for a week or two and holy crap it works, thank you so much dawg so much respect for u man. I used to only be able to do like 6 or 7 now I can get 10

  • good videobut you do want to do some sets slow because it works the muscle in a different spectrum. if you rock climb or are even some self defense moves require an isometric tension.

  • I’m so happy to hear i’ve doing my pullups decently, i was so scared i’d have to widen my grip more because the exercise becomes painfull. I had surgery.

  • Really really nice and intense workout but how much rest in between the sets and the rounds? I made 1 min rest between sets and 2min rest between the rounds is this ok?

  • Happy New Year everyone! My top goal for 2019 is to read 50 books… what’s your #1 goal? Anyway timestamps are below as usual. Enjoy!

    0:17 Target muscles and joint actions
    0:50 Why is the pull up SO good?
    1:34 How heavy? How many reps?
    2:35 Setting up the pull up
    3:00 What grip is best?
    4:13 Execution of the pull up and training cues
    5:44 Common Errors
    7:50 30% discount on my Back Hypertrophy Program! (

  • Did this with push ups, with a 30-day GTG programme. Day 1 my max was 46 proper push ups. Day 31 was 55. I was doing 6-10 sets daily of 25 push ups. Maybe should have lowered it to 20. Still, a slight increase in reps.

  • Cara, sou brasileiro e estou aprendendo muito com os seus vídeos. Muitas informações que pouquíssimas pessoas que no Brasil tem!!! ótimo trabalho, irmão.

  • It’s far easier to build the muscle strength for a one arm pull-up than it is to build the tendons and ligaments to withstand the one arm pull-up. One arm pull-ups will destroy your elbows if you do them very much.

  • Guys, just do pull-ups! Seriously, you don’t need to do anything other than pulling up. Now, I do believe trying weighted pull ups, explosive pulls ups (going as far up as you can) or doing slow pulls ups (contrary to what was explained in the video) can help you achieve a higher rep count. That said, once you do try your max reps, do them explosively, not above the bar, just your average range o motion for a regular pull up.

  • Hej Brendan. Tell me this. I’ve been training intensively in my 20’s for couple oc years till my 30. Then I stopped kids, work and stuff like that. Now I’m 40, around 75 kg, no problem with bodyfat, but not much of muscle mass either. Do I still got a chance to gain any? Or should I focus rather on cardio and such in this age. I’ve been practicing acrobatic gymnastics, still can do a few tricks, though flip ups or splits are not possible now. Kindly advice me pls, thx��

  • Dude really greatful.

    That was a tremendous explanation. Something you did that so many forget to, is mention each step so thoroughly. We’re not all advanced, hence we’re watching, but when you focus so much on keeping a tight core, the tilt of the pelvis, where your scapula should be…it teaches us how NOT to create poor form…but instead to improve and excel at it.

    I’ve added this to my training favourites.

  • So iam going do my routine as. Pull ups as the way they said and in additional iam gonna add leg exercises like squats,lunges etc. It isn’t a pull based exercise. So is that works? @calimove? Anyone reply.

  • just do damn pull ups 3 days in a week at least as a part of ur workout and ull have good lats guaranteed. 40 pullups per workout is more then enough. ( 10 reps / max. if u cant do 10 )

  • Since I subscribed to this channel, I’ve noticed a change in my body. I’m a little older but yet it took me 2 weeks to see the ” fruits of my labor. I like the way he went further into detail on how to better utilize the muscles your working on.

  • You made great points on how we can increase the number of pull ups but the thing that I am not sure whether to do or not is explosive pull ups, because as far as I know pull ups is not helpful to build muscle and get a wider shoulder. Can you please explain this point to me? I might be wrong

  • So what i deduced from this video is that I need to improve my core and traps, while I have very good strength in my biceps. (This explains why I can easily do chinups but have problems with doing even a single widegrip..)

  • Hey man what do you think about this planche workout:
    50 planche leans
    10 series max hspu
    10 series of hardest planche variations
    10 series of supported maltese

  • hey brendan I have a question for you:) I do IF (intermittent fasting) and my eating window starts at 12 pm and ends at 6 pm. usually my workouts are in my eating window so I can get my post workout proteins but sometimes I have to workout in the evening.. Should I in that case just skip my post meal or should I break my fast? what is your advice? greetings a great fan! keep up the amazing work I admire you!!

  • I loved this! Everything is beautifully demonstrated and specifically shown. Brendan Meyers is not just a person with knowledge, he knows how to share it and engage it with the audience and not many athletes or personal trainers can do that. He’s a good teacher.

  • This video is complete, easy to understand, and makes pull-ups accessible to anyone willing to put in the work. I’ve watched and read a lot on pull-up improvement, and this is the BEST video outlining an achievable program, supported by science, for pull-up improvement.

  • I am at the third day. I could do 2-3 clean pull ups. Now I can do 5. I’m so surprised It worked so efficiently. Climove never let’s me down.

  • Love the videos Brendan. Trying the intermittent fasting diet you talked up and huge fan. Also the gear is fresh and made in USA, differently goin to try it out brah.

  • First at all a big thank you for your qualified content

    you mentioned in a past video that it makes sense to train abs daily. other muscle groups in turn needs a 48h break. can you deal with this topic in one of your next videos?

    which muscles need how much Rest?

  • This video is so helpful, i used this workout to get my 10-15 flying reps, the power gained by this workout actually helped me to master my muscle up. Thanks a lot Chris✊️

  • Good exercises but the only way to do pull-ups is simply do pull-ups. To progress, start with assisted, dead-hang, scapula pull (third exercise shown here), standard rep, weighted, negatives and single arm. For added challenge, you can slip in a few variations like Archer, L-sit, commando/close-grip, isometric, rep and a half, circular, switch grip, plyometric, clap-ups etc There are videos showing other variations too.

  • I can only advise you to follow their recommendations on warming up before each set. I chose to ignore them and am typing this with one hand after needing an operation on my right shoulder due to tendon tear and bursitis.

  • I think the most important thing is you’re making it about ideas and creative ways to overcome obstacles to make progress. Great job!

  • For the one where you hold your body, for example, if I’m elevating my legs with weights on the tip of my legs, I descoverd it my self by trying to drop slower, it had worked, it wasn’t difficult much

  • Hmm would this make you heavier also? I’m a climber so I’m all for more reps… Just not more body weight… Or bulk.
    Great vid anyway ��

  • Why does it look when he does the pull ups that he is not doing any effort but then I try to do it and I look like im about to die ������

    Oh Common Chris WTF MANN
    U should have made this Vid Years Ago!��
    Sorry Im so frustrated its just that I have been fucking struggling to get over 15 perfect pull ups in a row!

  • The workout:
    -5 pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    -5 jumping pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    -5 australian pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    -5 scapula shrug (wide, shoulder, close)
    -5 shoulder depresion (wide, shoulder, close)

  • Bro thank you for the video, that has literally been my pull-up face for years. stopped doing them because of it but gonna give it another try now.

  • I’m skinny af but a few months ago I got up of my ass and I put work in now I’m bigger and I gained a lot of weight in just a few months if I did it you can to��

  • 1. Weighted pull ups x5 in wide, shoulder width, closed grip
    2. Jumping pull ups x5 in each grip (concentrate on the negative)
    3. Australian pull ups x5 in each grip (hold at the top, slow negatives)
    4. Scapula shrugs in x5 in each grip
    5. Shoulder depression x10

    Total of 4 rounds

  • Good work Moses, sending Luv and Blessings from the DMV, do you have an Email or cell, Would like to get some Calastics routines from you..

  • For the past 3 months I have been using an app where I do 5 sets of pull ups, all with 1 minute rest in between, and the sets increase every day that you complete the previous day’s sets. I usually do this as soon as I get home from college and it easily uses 100% of my energy, with me failing to complete the sets on some days where it is so demanding. The other thing is that I only do traditional pull ups and no other forms.
    For someone like me who spends their whole day at college and works too on the weekends, could you recommend me a pull up schedule that will be better than my app?
    Thank you:)

  • su creación de un plan de entreno en 30 días para tener un objetivo cada día. ¡¡¡What machine!!!

    6 months since I started in calisthenics

  • This video is complete, easy to understand, and makes pull-ups accessible to anyone willing to put in the work. I’ve watched and read a lot on pull-up improvement, and this is the BEST video outlining an achievable program, supported by science, for pull-up improvement.

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  • I found that doing barbell curls increased my ability to do chinups significantly (135lb curls @ 240lb bw), perhaps lat pulldowns or some kind or row would help with the pullup. Also, grip strength seems to help (with many things mind you)

  • Whenever I do pull ups, I always have a sore chest the next day (as well as lats, to a lesser degree). Anyone else, or is it just me?

  • I thought my pull-ups weren’t too bad, managed 1.5 rounds of this!! �� looking forward to putting some work into this over the coming months.

  • 3x Pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    3x Jumping pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    6x Australian pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    6x Scapula shrugs (wide, shoulder, close
    10x Shoulder depression

  • I want to say with you somethings.
    Maybe you should training your legs more time because it make your body become perfect.
    Good luck!! I like you.

  • really nice video. wait for tips like that since many months!
    but when doing ultimate exercice I don’t retract scapula within stay my arms strenght, not easy move or it’s better when my body goes in front lever position or scapula pull ups.can you help me?

  • Bro, can u pls make a video for teenagers. Now a days many teenagers are interested in calisthenics and bodybuilding. So pls make a video bro. It would be helpful. Thank you

  • Follow Moses on Instagram and to get online training DM him on the link below
    Subscribe to Moses YouTube channel

  • Is this still an effective way to stimulate muscle growth? How would this style of training compare to doing 4 sets till failure, 2 min rest in between sets?

  • Nice video bruh pull ups will get you right but dont for get the main part….the food you put in your body plays a big part in what you look like what you put in is what you get out black goku out and stay fit.

  • That’s Good Money! The physiques I see here and on similar channels keeps me motivated to continue calisthenics! Proves you don’t need a gym to get ripped and strong:D

  • I guess I need a “personal trainer” or something because I don’t even know what the specific muscles are called that you are talking about or where they are on your body… too many names to remember! #noob

  • Would appreciate if the cameraman can walk around u to capture all the different angles, so We the viewer can see the little movements and your head movement.
    IF U WILL ����

  • Moses,

    You are so amazing. You are forever my fitness inspiration. I really admire your wealth of knowledge in fitness education. ��

    You have an amazing body! ����

    #TeamMotivationByMoses ������������

  • We are following your channels from the Arab countries. We do not understand your English well. We hope that you will translate into Arabic if you can.��������❤����

  • Moses is a great athlet! I am always looking forward to watch him again! Let’s get those fuckn thick back man! I always do a kind of chinups while keeping me legs in vertical position away from me. Gives me that burn in my abs! Keep up the good work man!

    Greetings from Germany! I really do appreciate the effort you put into your videos

  • Just starting this program today. My current max is 8 reps and I will try to do at least 6 sets a day, 5 reps. Will share results later.

  • Where are the hating ass white boys talking about that brotha is on steroids on every damn workout video???

    No steroids there!!! That’s all natural.

  • I have suggested this page to many people that I Know because this is the best channel about calisthenics so far i have encountered. Bought both mobility and Level 1-5 programs and training every day.. I will be in Level 5 kn another year I can see great progress just after finishing one level. Thumbs up for you guys way to go ������������

  • what the hell do you talking about men!!pull ups works the lowe back,is a big law,pull ups,works all your higher and middle back muscles,not the lower back

  • Dude honestly this works wonders for anyone working from home during quarantine, just put a pullup bar in the room you’re working in and take a break once an hour

  • Hey Alex, thanks for all your great videos! I am wondering whether it would be okay to combine two or three exercises in these throughout-the-day sets. For example pull/ push or pull / push / abs (eg. pull ups/push ups/ knee raises). If so, what would the rest period between be? Thanks

  • thanks dude…your video is really helpful but I am weak on my left side so I can’t do pull ups on left side.. I mean my body automatically goes to right side so if u please give me some tips it ‘ll be very helpful…

  • Pull-ups is one of the most challenging exercise I have ever done I have been training for about t two months and I can tell you I’m still struggling with it.

  • Okay so i grease the groove for 2 to 4 weeks. I reach my goal of 15 reps or whatever in pull ups. Now i want to start this with push ups. How do i maintain my pull up strength while greasing the groove with my new exercise?

  • Mmm damn I want to do that but I don’t want to sacrifice other movements and my workouts efficiency for this… Never a decision felt so difficult lol

  • I really like your videos, but for me its always important to see the sources of what you say. Just give a little reference that this infromation is from Pavel Tatsouline “The naked warrior”

  • OMG this bullshit! Just do pull ups 3 days a week. Try your best to get more reps, 25-30. Overrated feew weeks You will get stronger and bigger. If you can t pull ups just do inverted rows. If u can get only 23 reps per set, do 20 sets. 20×2=40. Rest 1,2 minutes between sets. I started with 2 seta and now i can get 8, 10.

  • What if im not mobile enough to bring the bar to my upper chest or upper chest to the bar, when properly activating my back muscles. Heck, cant even pull my hands down to my upper chest if I contract my back muscles

  • Hey cool clip, thanks. One complain though! Any chance you can change the whooping millennial style sound track to something more mature?
    Cheers ��

  • let’s say you can do 5-10 reps, or even 2-3…. fast forward do one arm pullups once you reach 10 pullups. Best advice ever. Let’s all subscribe to this guy

  • Can we combine this method with other programs,for example you tell we need to don’t don’t get exhausted,but if i have back and biceps day in the program and workout make me exhausted did this method works ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️i love you so much

  • Should use a resistance band instead of the assisted pullup machine the assisted pullup machine is no different than a lat pulldown your core isnt even activated in it always keep your whole body tight even the lower flex the quads and calves and have them just down and in front of you to activate the core

  • Is this something that I can do alongside my normal workout routine?
    If yes, how should I adjust my pull day from my normal workout routine?

  • love the video. Only thing is, Jeff Cavalier says feet slightly forward, and tight from glutes to quads to feet and to pull together. Jeff Nippard says to hang loose, and that you can even cross the feet and to pull apart when coming up. Now idk who to listen to lol. So far I think I prefer hanging loose, only because when i do try and be tight like Calalier says, I swing and kick up too much.

  • I will try this and keep you guys updated.
    Week 1: 10 pull-ups
    Week 2: 11 pull-ups
    Week 3: 12 pull-ups
    Week 4: 13 pull-ups
    Week 5: 14 pull-ups
    Week 6: 15 pull-ups
    Week 7: 16 pull-ups
    Week 8: 17 pull-ups


  • Kind of late for when the video was released haha, but ive been getting into exercises and with the gym closed im doing calisthenics only, so this video was really helpful. I had watched the Athlean-X video on pullups, but I thought yours was much better, with great footage, editing, and your really good explanations. Great video overall, thanks!

  • Question: does being lean make pull ups easier to do? Or is it just a matter of pure strength, whatever my weight would be? Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us Brendan! Really looking forward to try the one arm Australian pull-up.
    I am trying to be a fitness instructor too and started an instagram page guys. Follow me @Chrisgeo_Fitness on instagram, help a brother out!

  • This sounds so much fun! I started right away this evening at 22:30, will test this month and see how it goes. I did 10 a few days ago and my record is 13 two months ago, always ultra-strict and slow. I will see how this goes, sins I’m at the university daytime I will try to get as many sets in before and after school.

  • I’ve done this method for 2 1/2 weeks now and I went from struggling to get even one clean Wide grip komm up to 5 clean reps. I started doing gtg with a very light resistance band 6 times a day and 6 days a week and went from 4 to 7 reps in the first week. Then i switched to unassisted pullups (same volume as before) and went from 3 to 5 unassisted reps in the next 1 1/2 weeks. I would highly recommend this method BUT make sure to properly warm up every time especially your shoulders (I didnt do that in the beginning and got shoulder pain after two days). That being said I would highly suggest doing this method in your vacation (summer holidays if you are a student) and wish you all fast progress ��

  • Hi Chris…I just start Calisthenx in 2020 and I would like you to do the best home workout for bigenners,including warm up and stretches…and tell me if its recomended to rest some day of the week our I can workout all week?Thankx Thenx

  • I can now do around 8 pull ups I hope in not that far future I will achieve muscle up, I am training only by his videos for 3 and half months and from 1or 2 barely and incorect form pull up I can now almost do straight 7,8

  • I’m on Level 2 of their 1-5 and I must say, it looks deceivingly easy. Not the case. Been weight lifting for years and never had I had such intense training sessions before their program. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve in calisthenics.

  • Good stuff broskiii thx for your expertise… I am currently doing 10-18 reps per set then drop down to about 7-10 after a few minutes.

  • Can you workout other muscle groups as you would normally do while doing this program? Like, can I go to the gym and do leg workout and bench press?

  • I don’t feel like completely abandoning chest, triceps and legs for 3 weeks. So what about this mix:
    My max is 10 pullups, 20 pushups, 25 squats.
    So I do 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats. I take 1-2 hours rest and do 5 sets in total per day.

  • After like a year and a half without working out today i decided to start over with calisthenics, back to basics. I consider myself a beginner since i can barely do one pull up after all this time without working out ( my greatest achievement was 4 pull ups in a row haha ) Today i did a close grip australian pull up and i felt one side of my body could reach the bar really easy, almost effortless but the other side didn’t. It was pretty hard even trying to hold the negative.

    Is the bar thickness something to consider?
    Any advice?

  • I used to be able to do 8 max. When I tested my max after watching this video I did 6. I tested the method for a week and retested my max now I’m at 7. I’m going to keep going.

    Now I’m at 9 max:)

  • It can be dangerous using excessive weight (50-60lbs or more say..) for weighted-pulls ups…puts great stretching tension on the spine and can cause separations and permanent injury or paraylsis. This happened to an advanced lifter/bodybuilder resulted in major surgery, long recovery process to be able to first walk, then train again, but chronic back issues persisted throughout life,a nd may have indirectly shortened his life…pushing it too hard not always worth it. *Concepts great and Austin looks great, but extreme training methods = caution advised…IMHO

  • hi guys, I’ve started with calesthenics for a week now, and I really like it…I am already sporting few years so I am not that bad with things like push-ups (40-50x in a row), pull-ups(5-10x in a row), dips (15x I think, never triet maximum)..anybody got tips for what i should do of how I should train? I’ll really appreciate it.

  • 2:45 3:45; Yeah, definitely not that strong… a 15 lb dumbbell for a “beginner”??.. Yeah, right!.. I can do 15 lbs. (barely) in that exercise when using BOTH arms together, but using only one arm, only about 5 lbs max.

    BTW, when laying down, how is it possible to keep your abs contracted and pull your lower back down touching the floor and still have your legs and upper back and head touching the floor too???.. If I contract my abs like that, (where my lower back touches the floor), then all of my upper body goes up off of the floor, and if I lay my head and upper shoulders down onto the floor, then my lower back ALWAYS arches up off the floor no matter what… Maybe I’m just too skinny still, but I cannot reach ANY position where everything on my backside touches the floor at once… I wish I could figure this out!.. I definitely don’t want to “hurt myself” or anything like that, but no matter how many times I try, I simply cannot reach any position where everything on my backside touches the floor at the same time!:(

  • When I was doing my vertical upper body pulls I didn’t feel my back as much it was mostly arms thanks to these cues I bend it more and feel my back way more now this works

  • I can do 30 push up in full range of motion in correct form but only can do 3 pull up��after 5 month of home workout just buy door straight bar… my long term goal is to do 100 pull in a row��wish me luck��

  • Lats, traps and rombids. All people seems to forget THE number one for width which is Teres major. This is what is working with really wide pull ups.

  • These tips on form were so helpful for me, particularly leading with the chest. This has immediately helped with shoulder-clicking issues I was experiencing. Thanks Jeff, love your channel.

  • What everybody forgetting to mention is to look after your body fat. If you still have stubborn belly fat, that is an extra weight which is slowing you down. So basically you need to get lean in order to do more pull ups or statics.

  • Dont do weighted pullups unless its neutral grip or chin pull. This guy is young he will learn the hard way. Elbow tendinitis,shoulder impingement,snap city is real��

  • Does this work if I can only do 7 clean pull-ups?
    Only doing 4 pull-ups at a time seems like it does nothing.
    Please someone who did this tell me:)

  • Austin,
    How do you train traps? They blew up recently. Rack pulls? Deadlifts? Calisthenic movements are not generally focused heavily on that plane of motion, from the floor up.

  • I’ve been working on my pull ups for at least 3 months and can only do 2 but I mean for me it’s technically a 9999999999% increase but yeah I’m gonna start doing this on my pull day and I’ll share the end of February results

  • My PR on pull ups is 38 right now. He’s correct in all of this. I’m subscribing. It was practicing fast paced pull ups that got my numbers high. I’m gonna throw in those one arm pull ups because you mentioned it.

  • Please, stop keep saying “fast”, “easy”, “increase by over so and so”…EASY is useless. If you want your body grow, exercises must be uncomfortable, heavy and slow….And stop keep counting reps, you better set timer and increase it every few weeks for a few seconds

  • I started doing pull ups the day before yesterday, since yesterday I cant straighten my arms because my forearms hurt like broken bones when I try to. Anyone know what to do?

  • Subscribed halfway through this video! Used to be able to do 20, 2 hernia surgeries and someone away from the gym later I’m getting back up to those numbers

  • Sorry But this workout plan legitimately sucks.

    Im Sure it works, but I cant stand not being able to practice for example my core and bench press just to pull-up.

    I simply Dont have this much time

  • Thanks Austin,
    This will help me prepare for the special operations physical test standards.
    Don’t aim for the standards, break them.

  • I love it!
    The version of you with headphones onacting like a badass!!! Hahaha!
    The epitome of gym rats…
    They can’t even do one correct pull-up, push-up or dip… But think they’re strong!

    Thanks for the video!!! I’m sharing!
    It isn’t easy to find proper technique vids.

  • I think at some point you need to do bodyweight pull-ups as well. I can do a one-arm and 9 reps with 90lbs (I am about 185lbs), but my bodyweight max set would be only like 22-23. I rarely train with less than two plates, so my muscular endurance is quite bad compared to my max strength.

  • I’m an over 40 chick, and I’ve never been able to do pull ups. Now I’m at 10. Started working with a weighted vest. Maybe I’ll get to 20 soon…?

  • I can do considerably more chin ups than pull ups(due to some elbow trouble I think)… I can do about 12 chin us and 9 pull ups. Should I then spread it around kin of like this; 9 chin ups, 5 pull ups, 9 chin ups, 5 pull ups, 9 chin ups, 5 pull ups, etc or should I do considerably less chin ups and just do 5 of each throughout the day?

  • Okay guys if anyone is interested:
    I’m going to do this from today on:
    Current Max: 7
    I’m doing 4 with a break of one hour in between and 5-10 sets a day (depends on how much else I have to do on that days)
    I’m aiming for 5 days a week so I can train other things on the other 2 days.
    I try to give a monthly feedback here.

  • I feel some sort of blockage in my left shoulder. It feels like that’s it’s right shoulder is good and I know i have the strength to to do atleast one pull cause my right side comes up but then because I can’t bring up the left I fail what should I do

  • I’d do 15 pull-ups in a set once. I think that was because my arms had a lot of strength. Just like I said, I think I honestly don’t know what it was but now I struggle doing 2 pull-ups.

  • Summary of the video:
    1. work towards one-arm pull-ups for a few reps
    2. incorporate weighted pull-ups (aim for +50% b.w for 5 reps)
    3. explosive concentric movement

    1+2+3 = easy 25++ reps of normal pull-ups

  • Yo Brendan, gonna buy some joggers, but not sure on the size I should get. I’m 5′ 10″ and I weigh below 165lbs. I’m pretty skinny. Only a sophomore in high school and not sure what size I should get. Don’t wanna get a pair that don’t fit right.

  • Braden can you pls make a video explaining how to create your own skill training workout program and how we can fit it into the bodyevo program?

  • facts! weighted calisthenics is the ultimate activity to supplement regular calisthenics! current pullup record: 15 (weighted calisthenics have been helping my front lever too)