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Do This Every Morning To Lose Flabby Arms ( Slimmer Arms In 7 Days! ) No Equipment Arm Workout

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Lose Arm Fat in 1 WEEK Get Slim Arms | Arms Workout Exercise for Flabby Arms & Tone Sagging Arms

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How To Lose Arm Fat

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How to Lose Arm Fat In 7 Days: Slim Arms Fast!

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Women! How to Lose Excess Arm Fat 7 Simple Steps

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Lean Arms Workout Challenge | Lose Arm Fat (No Equipment)

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Slim Arms in 30 DAYS | 8 min Beginner Friendly Standing Workout, No Equipment

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Best Gym Exercises for Losing Arm Fat 1. Barbell curl/ Ez-bar curl: Stand straight and hold the barbell or ez-bar at a shoulder width distance with palm facing forward. If you want to lose arm fat fast, you’ll have to cut out sugary, refined and processed foods that offer little nutrition and have deleterious effects on your metabolic system. Fried, fatty foods are in the same category. Instead of these foods, focus on eating more fruits and vegetables and lean protein from chicken, fish and beans.

Make sure that the distance between your arms is shoulder-width apart. With your back in an upright position, sit at the very edge of the seat, with your legs stretched out in front of you. Bend your elbows to a 90 degree angle and slowly lower your lower body off the seat and towards the ground.

Exercise combined with proper diet melts fat off your body incredibly quickly. If you want to lose arm fat, just doing arm exercises alone will not work. You need to do a mix of work outs to exercise your entire body, this is very important. Doing a mix of exercises will boost your metabolism. How To Lose Arm Fat | Simple Exercises at home for Beginners.

How to tighten and tone sagging arms by doing this simple arms exercises daily. This will help. Include more lean meats, beans, nuts, seeds, seafood, and leafy vegetables to lose flabby arms. 2.Increase Your Fiber Intake: Adding a couple of additional servings of fiber to your diet can. Make fresh fruits and vegetables the focus of each meal and supplement with small amounts of lean meats, fish, whole grains, nuts, seeds and low-fat dairy.

Eliminate refined grain products, foods that contain added sugars and anything fried. Sip water or unsweetened tea instead of sugary sodas and juices. In other words, choose whole foods (veggies, fruits, whole grains) and high-quality fats, carbs, and proteins. Eat smaller meals, more often being especially sure to eat a healthy snack after 3.

2 hours ago · How to lose visceral fat the easy workout to ‘blast’ your belly fat fast HOW to lose visceral fat: Belly fat raises the risk of some deadly disease. Home Workout To Lose Arm Fat It is a 12 week program designed normally for women, to target and areas that the majority of women struggle most with. You also get the booty structure and shaping guide to really assault those bothersome areas!

List of related literature:

Liposuction of the arms can provide excellent recontouring, particularly in women.

“Dermatology E-Book” by Jean L. Bolognia, Joseph L. Jorizzo, Julie V. Schaffer
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Continue arm exercises three times per day.

“Lippincott Review for NCLEX-PN” by Barbara K. Timby, Diana Rupert
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In one study, women with this condition who followed a twelve-week weight reduction diet for healthier eating lost weight and had reduced arm size.

“Prescription for Herbal Healing, 2nd Edition: An Easy-to-Use A-to-Z Reference to Hundreds of Common Disorders and Their Herbal Remedies” by Phyllis A. Balch CNC, Stacey Bell
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Encourage woman to do hand, arm, and wrist exercises that can be performed in the immediate To enhance fluid return and prevent muscle atrophy

“Maternity and Women's Health Care E-Book” by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry, Mary Catherine Cashion, Kathryn Rhodes Alden, Ellen Olshansky
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Repeat the exercise with the opposite arm.

“Fitness and Wellness” by Wener W.K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger
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Cengage Learning, 2014

Arm exercises are encouraged at least four times daily (Box 10-5).

“Maternity and Women's Health Care E-Book” by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry, Mary Catherine Cashion, Kathryn Rhodes Alden
from Maternity and Women’s Health Care E-Book
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Exercise training of the upper extremities is essential for improving arm function.

“Textbook of Palliative Medicine and Supportive Care” by Eduardo Bruera, Irene Higginson, Charles F. von Gunten, Tatsuya Morita
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If you’re going to do arm exercises and don’t have access to any upper­body cardio machines, such as an elliptical trainer with arm handles or a rower, do a few minutes of arm swings.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
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After performing the desired number of repetitions, repeat the exercise with your right arm.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
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Encourage movement of the arm in activities of daily living (brushing her hair, eating, washing her face).

“Illustrated Study Guide for the NCLEX-RN® Exam E-Book” by JoAnn Zerwekh
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  • Im literally doing this in the bathroom so my parents wouldnt know and when this quarantine ends i wanna be a new person and forget all the mistakes ive done but carry and remember all te lessons ive learnt and i wanna have a glow up when this pandemic is over

  • Yes, more videos for women please. I’m a 66 yr old female, just trying to get back into shape and not very strong. Would wall push ups work, if so, how many in a set? And how about hand weights for lats? Or do they focus on other muscle groups?

  • alright my progress here, since i saw alot of people do this
    right: 25
    left:26,5 ( I’m right-handed so wow there is a small difference! )
    goal: 23 cm
    also, keep in mind I’m starting to do some other exercises
    1. just dance for around 15-20 minutes
    2. emi wongs blackpink cardio workouts 10-15 minutes
    3. emi wongs thing burner 15 minutes
    4. emi wongs abs workout 15 minutes
    I’m gonna TRY to keep up and see what it will be like on September 1st (first school day!)
    and please comment if you see this to be a reminder for me!
    day 1 ✅I did it! it was hard and I could hear cracking:’0 kept up and finished it barely i really hope this will work
    day 2
    day 3
    day 4
    day 5
    day 6
    day 7
    day 8
    dau 9
    day 10

  • Very informative video ���� I’m interested in more information on which plan to follow for my body type. Do you have a video for that? Heavy hips and thighs and 50 years old…my old methods aren’t working! ��

  • No one:
    Litterally no one:
    That comment on workout vids:
    Omg I’m trying 2 do this
    Day 1 it wasn’t really hard
    Day 2 is better than the first one
    Day 3..
    Day 4..

    “Leave a like to remind me”

  • Hello Mrs. April when during and at the end of these exercises I only have pain in the shoulders and not in the lower arm. Is it normal? Thanks in advance for the answer ����

  • I have huge arms and I definitely want to have slimmer arms so ima do this in keep posting to see if this works starting tomorrow morning!…. It’s been twi weeks and I’ve done this every day and no results������

  • Esta rutina me funcionó muchisimo, solía tener los brazos bastante flacidos y gorditos. Llevo haciéndola 3 meses y eh perdido 5 cm de grosor… Se las super recomiendo

  • Can anyone help? My elbows and knees keep cracking while doing the exercises, a little help here? And yes, I am doing them correctly, I think.

  • I started 19th August….4 days before my arms were 38cm
    Today is my 4th day… Both arms are 36cm….im following hana milly arms workout+chloe ting’s lean arms challenge and abs 2 weeks +diet

  • Hey,so today m starting this Aug 5 and today is basically…Wednesday…so i will give you updates of mine “Every week that is on next wed.
    So stay tuned��

  • didn’t want to do updates at first but I think this might help motivate me so yesss let’s go:
    left: 29 cm
    right: 30 cm
    Day 1: ✅ challenging but not so challenging that I had to stop or felt that I physically could not do it
    Day 2: ✅ equally as difficult
    Day 3: ✅ maybe slightly easier but my forehead was still covered in sweat by the end
    Day 4: ✅ easier! except for the c-rotations those will surely be the death of me…
    Day 5: ❌ got into a HUGEEEE fight w my mom won’t go into detail but basically I’m too tired from crying all day though I probs lost weight since I barely ate due to stress and anxiety ��

  • I’m doing the lean arm program, here’s my schedule et results:

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: rest day
    Day 5: ✅
    Day 6: ✅
    Day 7: rest day
    Day 8: ✅
    Day 9: ✅
    Day 10: ✅
    Day 11: ✅
    Day 12: ✅
    Day 13: ✅
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:

    I’m gonna try to get fit before school. ��

  • I’m going to do this because I have broad shoulders and bulky arms. It’s impossible for me to find women’s long/short sleeve clothing that fits nicely on my body AND my shoulders/upper arms. Hopefully, if I can reduce the fat content on my arms, I’ll finally be able to wear what I want.

    Week 1
    Left: 13 in/33 cm
    Right:13 in/33 cm

  • I’ve had that fat right above my elbow as long as I can remember (I’m 40+ years old) but I’ve never had thyroid issues… I want to believe this might finally be a reason I have that fat pocket!! Just wondering how long, if I do all of these things, before I start to I see results in my “elbow fat”? My upper arms are 13″ and when I measure just above my elbow it’s 12″…. It’s frustrating that I’ve never had a nice arm silhouette.

  • GONNA DO THIS FOR A MONTH AND SEE WHAT PROGRESS WILL I GET. Measurement will be every after work.✨
    ✨Day 1: 1 set done 14 inches
    ✨DAY 1: 1 set done 13.5 inches

  • I never stay consistent with these so I’m try and see if I can make it through 7 days without failing to hard-

  • I tried this for 3 weeks now…. initially it was difficult for me… But to reduce the arms u need to increase the duration gradually… Instead of 30sec try extending for a minute all 5 excercise… Next week you can go with 1.5 minute.. then only it works

  • going to try this out on my bed every night ( ordered a measuring tape just now to tell y’all the difference )

    week 1
    day 1 the pain… i hate her she made it look easy ( didn’t do the last one b’cuz i refuse to stand up )
    day 2 woke up with all sorts of pain but bts dynamite fixed it for me, still painful to do but will get used to it (my MT arrives in two days)
    day 3 man time passes real slow when you’re exercising, was less painful today but still hard to complete. focus on your breathing DO NOT hold it in and make sure to do the hand stretches (and more if you can) at the end these two things make it easier

  • I will update!
    Day one was yesterday
    Day one: ✔️
    Day two:✔️
    Day three: ✔️
    My brother walked in on me doing the 20 second plank and said “haha your in pain” and luckily it ended when he said that and I said “well haha, your about to be” and chased after him

  • Hey if u wanna know something this is suppereffective arm workout ever, I’ve try another before but its doesnt work until I find this, u dont need to lift any weight anwy LOL, we working for burn fat arms guys not build muscle, its look so easy and simple but believe me I just try this about 20days and I already saw the result OMG!!!, (I dont have measurement tape actually thts why I dont do the record ) but my friend also get shocked! now I feel my arms not as heavy as before, and if I hold my shoulder, it feels like it is not mine!!! U should practice this in a month guys, there is no shortcut to have a big change, ignore all the arm workout tht say result in week! There is no shortcut

  • heya! so ive noticed that every time i start a workout programme, i kind of start slacking if no one is keeping me accountable. and since im too shy to tell anyone im doing this challenge, ive decided to leave a comment! (i really hope i find this comment later haha)
    day 1: started the challenge today! i really lack upper body strength so i decided to give this arm programme a shot! my arms and shoulders are killing me lmao, but i feel good!
    day 2: just completed my workout! i played my own music today. i have to keep looking at the screen to know when to change, but i find that it gets me through the workout easier! so i definitely recommend that!
    day 3: i was experiencing pain in my shoulders and i didnt want to risk it so i made this day my active rest day (i danced for some cardio) and did the workout on day 4 instead!
    day 4: today was mostly abs, and they are KILLING ME. I CANT MOVE. but perhaps its the good kind of pain. also, for the lower ab exercises i fell the burn in my thighs, despite doing what i think is engaging my core. any advice?
    day 5: ahhh i had a lot of work and i couldnt exercise today:/ im trying to follow the programme as best as i can, but if i have to push the workout a day im trying not to beat myself up for it! im trying stay in a healthy mindset while doing this!
    day 6: its getting easier to do the arm workouts so im happy about that! cardio is still my worst tho haha i have to keep pausing to drink water. but im getting through them!
    day 7: active rest day! i danced as my light exercise today. its so much fun haha

  • It is really very tough to listen when someone says that….you used to be perfect before but now you look fatty ��….i really got tired of listening this and finally decided to work on it and now I’m watching this at midnight ��… i don’t know that weather i could even wake up early next morning and perform this exercise or not ����������but I’ll try for sure from date12 August and upload result later on

  • My upper arms are the part of my body that I am most conscious about…
    Going all in here hoping to be able to stop covering them up i 3 weeks time ��

  • What if you’re naturally skinny but have flabby arms and stomach fat when you gain some weight? I don’t want to lose weight, I just want to get rid of fat in certain areas. If I lose weight I look anorexic but then my fat goes away so I honestly don’t know what I should do. Should I eat more, gain weight then do some weight lifting in order to gain muscle? Will it get rid of my fat?

  • Lets start,Need your support guys.
    Week 1
    Day 1:☑️ I feel too hard.
    Day 2:☑️ Its hard but I didn’t give up
    Day 3:☑️ It started burning
    Will update regularly ��

  • um okay i’ve got school in 3 weeks so i’ll be updating it till then i also focus on different areas with pamela reif’s workouts + a diet:)

    day 1 ✅ it’s not that hard cause i’ve done these types of workouts before

  • Doing Summer Shread Challange Day26 and after this, I don’t feel my arms I literally don’t know how my arms are still intact, tbh worth it:D

  • Day 1: done. (Can not feel my arms)
    Day 2: done(seems like my arms are cut off from my body)
    Day 3: done(My arms are actually burning, I guess I got the actual posture of the exercises today only, otherwise It did not use to burn so much)
    Day 4:done(I took the measurement of my arm, I used to forget every day. My right arm is 33.5cm. Left-arm: 33.8cm, my arms are burning!! But it is so fun)
    Day 5: done(I was about to take a break as I had a major fight with my group and was not feeling right, anyways I pushed myself and happy that I did. It is more painful today, Do not know why!! But I am happy to be in a routine)
    Day 6: done(Yesterday when I contracted my arm, I could see little bumps on my arm(Muscles)
    and It became one of the happiest days for me. This exercise really works man! I will be taking my measurements tomorrow)
    Day 7: done( I am finding it difficult to write, so much are my arms paining. Anyways I did it, I am paranoid to take the measurements thinking what if there is no change, I might lose the motivation, But I will note it down today and let you people know)

    I took a one day break

    Day 8: done (I took the measurements after my day 7 workout and there wasn’t any change, left arm:33.8cm Right arm:33.5cm, well this was, of course, a little demotivating for me, but my arms have really become stronger and are less flabbier now,nvm I won’t leave the challenge in between, and also my arms look slightly toned, and that is what I want:D)

    Day 9: done(I have also started to do HIIT but as I really hate HIITs I could not do it for more than 8minutes but I am okay with it, and then I did my arm workout, I took 10-sec rest three times today since I was already tired because of the HIIT)

  • when you just want to give up because today’s workouts are ridiculous, but you are already on day 26 of the summer shred challenge, so you are committed to finish… >.

  • You are amazing!!! I just found your channel. I’m gonna watch as many videos that I can for the next 2 months and watch my results… I’m gonna order my Keto box. I wish you had a 30 day camp. I’d be the first to sign up!!
    Wish me luck on this new journey…��

  • Hey y’all im gonna try and do this exercise. I started today august 16 2020. I’ll do 3 sets in the afternoon and 3 more in the evening. I have to check how many inches my arms are. I’ll update y’all.

    Day 1: Afternoon:✔️ Evening:✔️
    (So its left: 11.5 inches (30.5cm)
    Right is: 12inches (31cm) )
    Day 2: Afternoon: ✔️ Evening:✔️
    Day 3: Afternoon:✔️ Evening:✔️
    Day 4: Afternoon:✔️ Evening:✔️
    Day 5: Afternoon:✔️ Evening:✔️
    Day 6: Afternoon: Evening:
    Day 7: Afternoon: Evening:

  • I am always looking for new things to add to my routine. I get two 10 min breaks (besides lunch) and I just do basic yoga in my cubical. Now that I’m not feeling the same intensity from my stretches I’m going to start toning my body with basic things. Here’s to toned arms!

  • Day 1✅
    Day2✅(my arms are shaking ��)
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14
    Day 15
    Day 16
    Day 17
    Day 18
    Day 19
    Day 20
    Day 21

  • The amount of bs in comments lol. You guys really think you can spot reduce? Lose your flabby arms in 1 weak? Sad bs clickbait. If you guys actually noticed a lil bit of difference it’s mainly becsuse you lost overall body fat and not just the arms �� kinda depressing shit like this gets views and is recommended to people without any knowledge about fitness and just wana lose some weight. Coach gregburn more calories than you eat and you’ll lose fat, consume more than you burn and you gain fat as simple as that. Stop with the bs

  • I’m on my day 5 ��

    On my first day i measured my arms I don’t now whats is called the parts of arms so i measured the upper the middle and lower part

    Day 1: Left Right
    upper: 30cm 30cm
    Middle: 27.5cm 27.5cm
    Lower: 26cm 26cm

    DAY 5��
    Day 1: Left Right
    upper: 29cm 30cm
    Middle: 26.5cm 27cm
    Lower: 25.5cm 25.5cm

  • So i just did the 25-day hourglass challenge and now I’m here
    day 1: i only did two videos because I kept feeling light-headed but that’s okay
    day 2: today I had a fever so I tried to give my body a break
    day 3: today’s exercise really kicked my butt but I needed that:)
    day 4: rest day
    day 5: it felt good to workout today
    Day 6: today I was pretty lazy but that’s okay
    Day 7: rest day
    day 8: i skipped the first workout
    day 9: ughhhh
    Day 10: I’m tired of this

  • Hi there, Certified and licensed athletic trainer here, I have so often read that working the larger muscle groups in the body like your legs burns more calories. I have never heard that using the upper body burns more. Would you happen to know how these two compare? Arms burning more calories vs. larger muscles?

    Thanks! Love your content!

  • i realy like your exercise and help me alot for everyday i feel so much energy and i can do householdchors thank you very much and keep up the goodworks.

  • Thank you so much veey nice videos, 53 years old i can’t do all these exercises as my wrist hurts so how i can reduce fat from arm and belly i gained weight first time in one month as my cravings for sugar was high and i ate sweet things like sugar in tea and daily 2 time tea also i had brown sugar with yogurt and honeydew melon. But now i am fasting trying to stop this craving and stopped sugar. But i need expert advice

  • I keep seeing people commenting that it worked could y’all pls explain the diet too? like what should I consume and what should I not consume to get an effective result?

  • Welcome and let’s suffer together!

    I do this exercise with other workout like ALLBLANCTV’s, the order of my workout:
    1. 5 min no gym full body workout,
    2. 5 min abs workout (lose belly fat) ×2 (if I’m not tired lmao),
    3. 5 min hip booster lower body workout,
    4. 8 min slim arm workout (April Han)

    I’m doing these around 5 to 7 pm (in france). I wouldn’t forget to update since this is always the last workout I’m doing, so don’t worry, I will not disappear:))

    And feel free to ask me anything (◍•ᴗ•◍)

    18/08: the beginning of all my workout but I did not do April slim arm workout ;-;
    19/08: ¾ (I was to tired)
    20/08: undone (but I do other workout)
    21/08: done
    22/08: done
    (Right arm: 24, 5 cm ; Left arm: 25 cm
    Right leg: 51 cm ; Left leg: 52, 5 cm)

  • Guys it really works…I was continuously doing this workout for one month not one week….now my arms are just try it…I suggest that u can do this workout for one month not one week for the best results

  • Love this video Thomas. I suffer from
    hormone imbalance as well as hypothyroidism. These are my problem areas. When I go off the rails, these are the areas I see affected the most. Like doing strict keto for 9 mos. straight and now completely off. Thank you so much for these tips. Yes, more please and thank you!

  • can someine or jo if you see it tell me the name of the song that has the melody never knew a love like this in this video cant findit

  • I am commenting this for myself so I dont lose track. And also I am gonna do this challenge for 3 weeks!

    Left arm: 31 cm
    Right arm: 31.5 cm

    Day1: ✅
    Day2: ✅
    Day3: Done

  • Day1✔
    Day3✔ today it was very painfull
    Day4✔( i am going to start doing it 2 times a day from tommorow)
    Day5✔( i did it twice today i dont really see much difference but i can feel my arms getting harder means the fat is lossing)

  • I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I went carnivore 4 weeks ago. After two weeks, my inflamation was gone, I lost 14lbs, my IBS wasn’t hurting me so much, my hair stopped falling out, my skin cleared up and my doctor took me off my bp medication. Yesterday I went to have my bp checked and it was 123 over 79.
    Along with the diet, I have been more and more active because I felt so much better that (beside walking and minor exercise and stretching) I have been on cleaning sprees.
    My only issue is that this last two weeks, I lost nothing. I didn’t start the diet with the intention to lose weight, but to solve my health problems. Not that I wouldn’t like to, but losing weight has never been enough motivation for me. I want to be healthy and have fun. My kids are out and I suddenly felt every discomfort ten times magnified.
    I still feel as though not losing more weight means I must be doing something wrong. I think part of it was pork seeming to make me feel not well again, but I don’t know why. (I can’t even have bacon) My body shape feels different, people keep telling me how much better I look, but the scale doesn’t agree. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Imma do this in 2 weeks
    (Im doing 2 arm workouts)

    Left: 29cm
    Right: 30cm

    (1st week)

    1st day:✔
    2nd day:✔
    3rd day:
    4th day:
    5th day:
    6th day:

    (Pls do like so I can remember updating)

  • love your videos Mr. DeLauer! It’s a shame that the store groceriey hauls, thrivemarket, butcherbox and so many products I cant get access to in Spain (even Aldi has very different stuff) but I keep watching your videos!

  • Decided to start the 4 week Summer Shred Challenge yesterday and couldn’t walk today lol. So I decided do this for those days my legs feel like they don’t want to be part of my body anymore and I’m slightly regretting it.

    However I’ll say knowing it already burns makes me excited to keep it up; like I can already feel the progress:) and reading everyone’s stories is inspiring & has me hopeful I can keep up with it despite the pain!

    (I rarely comment on vids so I’m sorry if this sounds so stiff ��)

  • Day 1: Left Arm 17.5in and Right Arm 17 in
    Day 7: Left Arm 15.875in amd Right Arm 15.5 in.. Left Arm lost 1.625in and Right Arm lost 1.5in
    Not Bad, so it does work..I will continue to do this workout.

  • I’m 60 years old. I have no fat. I weigh 110 pounds. My problem is I have no muscle. And it’s alluding me a massive freight. I’ve started a healthy diet. How do I build muscle without gaining weight. My arms have no fat they have no muscle. I want them to look healthy not flabby. It’s a huge problem no matter how hard I try I have wings that flap in the wind. Does it have something to do with my diet. What can I do? Maybe you can address the issues that older women have. Issues with diet bone mass and muscle.

  • Hi sir.I am so tens about my arms and chest i am 26 year old My arms are to big and.And chest non exsistence.plzz suggest effective workout

  • Please do more! I’m 25 and I never had fat in my belly or arms until I turned 23. It’s been 2 years since it’s gotten bad and I can’t figure out how to fix it…help! I have more fat near my elbows and I have been tested for thyroid and they said I was a few points off from being considered a problem. My mom has it so I’m shocked they didn’t consider me to have a thyroid issue.

  • I love how she says that there will be rests in the second set but then puts 5 seconds as if that’s enough for anything other than wiping the tears streaming down my face.

  • i’ve done two other workouts before this and am currently sitting on the couch for a “quick” break… and GURRRLLL when i tell you i won’t be getting up i mean it

  • I’m currently 6 months pregnant and I see myself getting out shape I’m going to do most of these being that I can’t really do the exercises with abdominal movement.

  • @Thomas DeLauer Hi Thomas, thanks for sharing. Very informative. Could you please please do a timed arm exercises for us to follow everyday? I really wanna lose my arm fats “bat wings” on my elbow like u said might be because of thyroid issues.

  • Wow looking for such a video for a long time.. acc to this video i have estrogen issue.. my arms are growing bigger and bigger. Thank you so much for the info.

  • Love the education and tips. Any tips on tricep workouts with having carpel tunnel? I found myself giving up not far into doing dips/push ups simply because it was just causing me pain in my wrists. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  • I’ve found that when I exercise in a fasted state I get light headed and feel like fainting so I’ve been training in the evening for years. However I have stubborn fat in my arms and lower belly so I’m willing to try this again, but anyone have any advice on how I can do this without potentially fainting?

  • I’ve always been lean
    Now I’m 56 menopause and disasters recki
    So I’m saving up to have surgury as can’t cope with the pain no more.
    I need to lose weight I lost 3 lbs this week but I use to loss weight so quick and now nothing

  • I am glad that I found this channel. I was really upset about my flabby arms and couldn’t dare to wear my sleeves dresses. My whole body was toned except those arms, such stubborn fat around them. Then I started lifting weights just a few weeks ago and really found the difference and I am amazed to see the results. Still long way to get those beautifully toned arms. I am looking forward to it and already stocked new clothes in my wardrobe for motivations. Thanks for such workout videos to train muscles right way. ��

  • I had vertical sleeve gastrectomy done over 2 years ago (haven’t really plateaued yet in weight loss) should I still do cardio fasting to burn arm fat?

  • Just a few questions. I enjoyed your video. I am 73 years old with upper arms 15 1/2 inches. I do keto since Jan. 5, 2020 and have lost 25 pounds. I am 5′ 0″ tall. I was told by a dr. that surgery was the only way to get my upper arms manageable. Well We are retired and cannot afford that. Is there any set exercises that you would recommend for me. I live in an apt. and don’t have a bike. Don’t have money to go to the gym. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  • Definitely more women videos, Im nearly 50 and rally struggling to understand why my body is changing how it deposits fat and muscle… this is making it much more clear.

  • Dont lie why do you say on this workout we have 5 minints rest time al the vedio no rest time cant you let your fallowers no rest time

  • Yes, please add more content specifically for women! So much is generalized in the fitness world and mainly based upon the male operating system, while we as women have many different variables to consider. Thus, many of the tips we see don’t necessarily work for us. Please keep the female content coming!

  • How do you loose arm fat without gaining muscle in your arms? Because I’ve been exercising my arms but they seem bigger i think I’m gaining muscle instead of loosing fat what can i do to help that??

    Plz answer!!!!

  • Another great video loads of knowledge supported by science delivered in a succinct way. And now i know where my excessive bingo wings came in i’ve never had bingo wings and one day i raised my arms in the mirror and was pretty disturbed to see a flab of something swinging left and right on my arms. This video now gave me clues that i am not controlling my estrogen well, and looking back at my diet i have not been eating any estrogen-relieving foods for a long period of time. So they might be the result of this diet issue. Plus i am over 30 and that comes with increasing metabolic challenges of its own. Well, plus big amounts of stress over the last few years. Great, got the tools now to address the problem! THank you!

  • Yes!! Thank you… I would LOVE to see a whole series on how to get my muscles strong again… from home. Now that I have the fat burning down successfully, (25 lb. lost so far), I need to reshape weak muscles and mild sagging skin. How about a “get fit for summer” series? Something that can be done in 30 minutes per day if possible. ��

  • Just finished this workout!! It definitely burns �� I haven’t worked out in half a year and this was well worth it. Feeling motivated ��

  • Hopefully my question will get answered every time I leave a question in comments of a workout video it gets ignored. The fasting thing is easy but what about fasting in Ramadan? When should one exercise? I can break my fast with water and one date and then exercise?
    And I did for the last two weeks a get your arms toned challenge but what I have noticed is that my arms got bigger �� 1cm extra. I don’t want muscle I want to loose the fat. Now I have bulky arms where I have muscle nesting under fat �� what exercises should I do to loose fat without gaining muscles?

  • There’s studies that show there’s no difference since we will store the fat as soon as we eat & if you’re doing high intensity interval training you may burn out and won’t have the stamina compared to if you had the energy you gained from the glucose boost from your breakfast

  • Instead of scrolling down the comments to see whether it works or not.
    If you start doing it,you will feel the pain which means you are loosing arm fat and gaining muscles.��

  • I think if you want to change something your mindset would be to get up to do it Ori -2020 
    so this is what I am going to do with her

  • Day 1did everything but with a little difficulty. But I didn’t put my hands down even once. My left arm10inches right arm-10inches
    Remind me to update I’ll surely do it promise. *Also I daily do dumbles and also other exercises.
    *Day 1 (again) I did three sets and in the third set it was pretty easy to do the 1st, 3rd and 5th exercise so much. I can feel my arms stretched. But still 10inch
    *Day 2it was easier to do but not really easy. I don’t notice any change till now.
    *Day 3it was a lot easier but I haven’t yet loose arm fat maybe because of my genes. But I gained so much stamina.
    *Day4(I didn’t updated yesterday so sorry but my data was over watching Netflix;)) I did all the exercises pretty easily and it wasn’t paining anymore but STILL NO CHANGE…….�� I think that now I need some motivation………. But I’ll do it for sure.
    *Day5I did all the exercises verry easily and now it’s nothing for me:D and now I can see my arms a little thinner and toned. Yaaaaaa
    *Day6it was pretty easy to do but now I do 2sets twice in a day.(no change from yesterday)
    Omg I lost another.4inches that is about 1inch.����������������
    *Day7didn’t do 2sets only did one set because of the Indian independence day.
    *Day8I did it very easily but it seems that my arm gained a bit fat.
    *Day9did it easily and I didn’t gain any fat it was just my imagination.
    Day10did all the sets easily. My arms are much toned now.���� I did 5 sets today due to impulse and also *new results I lost 1inch�� my arms are 9inch now but I aim for 7inches
    *Day11did just 2sets because of my periods. But I am looking forward to tone my arms by another exercise on another YouTube channel.

  • Hi, i have high amount fat on my arm, thighs. I have pcos and thyroid. I heard broccoli and cauliflower are bad for hypothyroidism. Can I include the reccomended vegetables?

  • first time watcher…LOVE the knowledge you share I am soon to be 55 and 6 months in working to build muscle. I have NEVER worked out or was athletic so you see my challenge. I am working with a trainer and do 1 hour daily weights/cardio class i am just starting to notice some muscle gain. I do count macros to help with this process. Im wondering if you have any videos out or advice on what a workout should look like for me. while working to maintain clean eating am I doing enough or should i do more? your knowledge with the metabolic system could obviously help me more than any work out alone im looking into your boxes with thrive market as well… thanks

  • Day 1
    I did the alexis ren ab workout thrice (10 min), plus the chloe ting butt plumping workout twice(10min), and one workout each for my collarbones and my shoulders(ten min each)

    Evening i went for an hour long walk around my colony, it was pretty fun.

    I came home and took a warm bath, helps soothe my muscles a lot and helps cramps:D

    Day 2
    I did the alexis ren workout once in the morning, plus chloe ting’s butt workout with weights, and this additional chloe ting arm workout.

    Oh and i also do my shoulders and collarbone workouts daily, it’s really mild and only affects my upper body.

    I also executed a few more exercises like planks for several seconds, a bit of crunches and stretching.

    Nothing hurts too much. My glutes are perfectly fine and my stomach has a dull soreness because of my ab workouts.

    Today I’ll try to go for a longer walk, and maybe do another ab workout before my walk.

    Honestly,  my body was a disaster on my actual first day. I had decided to do the two week shred workout by chloe ting and i was cRying in my bathroom vomiting. Made me regret my life choices.

    But i decided to start with something milder, and here i am now! It barely hurts at all.

    Also, one thing I’d want to mention. My lower body is a lot weaker than my upper body and arms. So i cannot do squats because it’s really injurious for me. Fortunately, chloe has a lot of butt exercises without squatting etc, so I’m heppy.

    Ive triEd to eat proper, I’ve controlled most of my unhealthy diet. It’s kinda hard to juggle classes aNd my workouts but at the end of the day, my body and my mind are both real satisfied.:3

    If I’m doing anyting (pun intended hehe) wrong gimme advice lol

  • What can you do if you will fell that your arms are used to this exercise and now you dont feel any fat burning sensation after 10 days of this exercise

  • I started this yesterday
    Day 1(complete)It was sooo hard but atleast I wasn t alone because my cousin joined me:)
    Day 2(complete)Some of them got a little bit easier but my arms hurted alot (sadly no change yet)
    I update y all tommorow:)
    Day 3(complete)All of them got pretty easy,i only find kinda hard the Reverse Table(I don t see a big change yet )
    Day 4(complete)I did all of them perfect I’m so happy and I can already see a big change:)
    Day 5(complete)All of them easy:)I can see a really big change

  • I am a mom of 5 kids.. I will be turning 48 next month.. I use to be able to keep my weight off.. I am about 15 pounds over weight.. I never use to gain weight… but since I turned 47 I’ve been struggling to keep my weight down.. can you please give me suggestions.. I still workout but I feel that my energy levels have decreased.. I love watching your videos.. is there anything that I can do or change?

  • Thank you SO much for this!! I felt like you were speaking directly to me and my issues. I am starting now!! Thanks and God bless. ����❤️

  • As everyone is telling their arm sizes and telling their updates also, so l m also starting from today (Monday)

    Before exercise12″/30cm
    After ” 12″/30cm

    No changes��

    Both arms11.8″


    No changes��

    No changes

    Don’t forget to make me remind by liking or replying to my comment otherwise l will forget about it ��

  • Some people say if you work biceps and triceps out they grow but if you have fat on top of it will your arms look fatter? Does this workout make arms fatter?

  • Thank You Bright Side l Feel Soooo Much Better lm Going To Share This With My Family lm 54 Years Old And l WANT TO STAY FIT ALSO TO STAY OUT OF THE Nursing Home lM SUPER FIT TO BE 54 YEARS OLD I RUN CIRCLES AROUND MY 4 GROWN DAUGHTERS

  • Wow what an amazing workout. I remember some of the basic ones from Phys Ed. Thank you so much for showing us how easy yet effective these are. I love this video!! Here’s to half inch loss on mine woohoo ❤❤❤

  • Me waiting for the 5 sec rest after every exercise: Chloe ting: hang in there guys, you’ll have have 5 sec rest after one set Me: ������

  • School starts for me in 2-3 weeks so I’m trying her exercises (i’ve only ever done her 10 minute abs and I have never completed it) so hopefully I can complete it!! Day 1 ✅ super tired had to take a lot of small breaks, can no longer feel arms.

  • Don’t mind this post

    Starting measurements:
    Right arm: 33 cm
    Left arm: 33 cm

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅ (My arms are sore from yesterday)
    Day 3:✅ (it’s a bit easier now)
    Day 4:✅
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Right arm:
    Left arm:

    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Right arm:
    Left arm:

    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25:
    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29:
    Day 30:

    Final results:
    Right arm:
    Left arm:

  • I have started doing this workout.. I am doing your abs challenge as well.. I just hope my arms gets tonned.. If not much,atleast a little change will keep me motivated.

    Right arm:15 inches
    Left arm: 14.5 inches

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2:✅
    Day 3:✅
    Day 4:✅

  • We do this excercise & we lose weight in our arms, but if we discontinue that after losing weight, will it again increase due to this discontinuity? Anyone answer me pls

  • I decided I’m actually going to do these everyday for one week. I don’t think I’ll be motivated enough to do them twice a day, but we’ll see. I’ll do my best to update. Please like and comment to keep me accountable and motivated!��

    Day 1: I could feel my arms burning, especially during the tricep dips. I’m glad I could feel my muscles working. It seems doable.
    I ended up doing it again before bed.

    Day 2: Surprisingly, my arms burned more in the beginning and less at the end. I’m not really seeing results, yet (obviously), but I feel great!
    I did it twice today, too.

    Day 3: It’s getting easier, but burns more because my arms are sore from previous days.

    Day 4: It’s getting pretty easy for me.

    Day 5: Today was pretty much the same.
    I did it again at like 1 am, so I’m counting it for today. I don’t know if any fat’s gone, but I do see a line of definition on each arm.

    Day 6: I didn’t feel very motivated today, but I still did it!
    Day 7: I skipped for a couple days, but did it again.

    Overall, I’m pleased with my results. They weren’t SHOCKING, but I do notice a slight difference. I’m more toned. I think I’ll just continue to do this every other day as a quick and easy arm workout.

  • Day1:Really tough than I thought. It was mission impossible to do the 2nd set but I did some how. My hands are paining like something.������

    Day2:It was equally tough than the first day. But I got a good experience. When I wore a dress I was not able to find weather my hand was thin or thick. Because my hands were painting that much. I did not give up.����

    Day3:It was the same. But I was able to do it complete the 2 sets fully. The pain in my shoulders reduced.But the pain while I do my exercise is still the same.����

    Day4: Today when I wore a dress it surprised me it became lose. OMG I was sooooooooo happy. I did my exercise with so much liking it. It did not pain at all at then 1st set but in the 2nd set it pained a little but not like the 1st day.������������

    If you wanna me to update plz give me a like so I would remember.plz

    Comment and like ������plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • The link for Thrive takes you to a page where you are forced to sign up for a membership. Is there any way to see your list without signing up? Thank you for the reply.

  • Why are the studies cited only about males? Are there no studies where the subjects are women? I’m interested in what studies on women would conclude.

  • Oh my goshhhh, my arms was like krek krek krek when I make this exercise �� but I really love it coz it’s easy for beginners like me.. I think this slim exercise is really effective because it seems like my arms getting slimmer slowly and slowly than before.. keep doing guys!!! Yes you can achieve what you want if you’re so passionate about what you want in your life, fighting ����

  • Day 1: did the arm workout. It was easy peazy. My arms are 25cm each.
    Day 2: While doing the workout today, I realised how sore my arms were. It hurts when I lift them up.
    Day 3: Hands are kinda sore. Done with the workout.

  • I’ve been doing this workout for 2 weeks and my shoulders and hands are so toned it’s crazy and that too with 1kg weights and in 2 weeks. Guys this workss.

  • Ha ha ha do u realise u have odd socks on, I know training isn’t a fashion thing but thought Ud have the same socks on for the YouTube video. My gf noticed first haha

  • Doing the lean arms program

    Day1: cannot do pressups even on my knees but I finish first 2 workouts easily. Last abs one u stop about 2 thirds of the way in
    Day2: I am very sore. It is much harder to do the workout

  • Started on a Friday. Will be updating as I go throughout the week.

    1 seemed quite simple, got a little tired, since I already work out.
    2 I was sore when I woke up but still managed to do it twice a day. Haven’t noticed anything yet.
    3 Felt quite easy to do! I haven’t noticed mush though.
    4i feel the same, arms hurting a little at the joints, but that’s because I’m doing more
    5 again, the same, I guess I’m noticing slight changes?

  • Some else posted their progress on here so I will too.
    7/27/2020I started today. My arms are burning but I made it through. The dips were challenging and I had to modify the push ups. Next up date 8/26/2020.

  • Hi.. I’m new to this channel.. And i feel some differences on my arms and back. I do this work out with 1 kg dumbell almost everyday in 7 days and i already feel the result. My arms become smaller, my back also become stronger.. And also i am in calorie deficit using intermittent fasting. But thank u so much for the work out i’ve been looking for..

  • Okay so everyone’s doing it so i will do it too!

    left arm: 34cm // right arm: 34cm

    Day 1: the first one doing this was very hard, i mean my arms are not so strong so i couldn’t do everything properly but i did my best! so i really hope it will work

  • For anyone that doesn’t realise, targeting a specific area like this to lose fat in that area (‘spot reduction’) has been shown by science to be impossible. Do not fall for the title of this video. See below:

    Any excercise, however, can be helpful in losing weight overall, which may come off your arms! Good weight loss excercises though are often cardio, like running and skipping. So if you want to lose arm fat, these are a good shout (along with calorie reduction)!

    These excercises on the video will help you build arm strength though!

  • Hi…me aj apka vdo Dekh ri hu…meri biceps,triceps kafi badi..mtlb bahot jyada. Thik aajse me apki ye excersice try kr rhi hu…or thik 27 aug ko..yani 10 din bad aapko btaungi…ki kya result he

  • I’ve watched this a million times and I just relized her socks are mismatched. She is a real human! Lol. I do the same thing. Who cares, right?

  • I absolutely love her, with this particular arm workout I’m seeing changes and I love it. I do this every single day!!!!!!! Consistent is key

  • After seen the positive comments want to try this workout for my huge arms ���� will update you after a week
    Today Day.1 right arm 34cm, left arm 33.5cm
    Day 2 completed
    Day 3 completed
    Day 4 completed

  • (I’m here because i gained 5 kg since quarantine and school is just around the corner i need to be perfect��) Ima start today wish me luck! Left:31 cm right:31 cm(my goal is 25 cm)
    day one:done
    Day 2:done (twice)
    Day 3:done (twice)
    Day 4:done (twice) ngl my arm feels a tad smaller

  • I am trying this for a week I will keep updating.
    Day 1:✅(12 right hand), (11.5 left hand)
    Day 2:✅(11.5 right hand), (11 left hand)
    Day 3:✅(11 right hand), (10.5 left hand)
    Day 4:✅(10.5 right hand), (10 left hand)
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • Ok so from today I started this workout
    So from now (in week) I will update you guys…….just wait for 26/08/20….I will edit this comment on this date….��

  • Hi so today I decided to get fit and healthy so here we are
    1: first time doing it and it was quite good and easy but the ending hurt besides from that the end bit with the stretches really took away the pain. Mood of day 1 ☺️

  • “Left hand 16.8″”” “Right hand 16.4″””
    Completed day 3. Very tough to do Second set
    Day-1 ✅ 8/16/20
    Day-2 ✅
    Day-3 ✅
    Day-4 ✅ Left arm 16.2” right arm 16.2” on 8/19/20
    Day-5 ✅ now I can do set 2 easily. I mean it still pains but not as much as it was in the beginning. Along with these i am trying to do 1min plank every day
    Planning to continue until I feel bore.

  • Aug 19 tomorrow onwards I will do these exercises…I will hope if it will be work…
    I should tell very happy…
    I will try it daily 2 time or 3 times as possible and I will try for 2 or 3 weeks….
    If it will work…I will definitely tell to u…..and one thing I don’t take any diet plans with this….
    LET’S see what happens….����

  • Hii guys
    My left arm-12.5inch
    Right arm-12.8inch
    I start this exercise from today 17 AUGUST
    Target-11inch in 1 week
    I will update you in a week

  • Starting From 16/8/2020 till 30 Days Let’s see guys I am a chubby guy My arms are 34cm will sure come with the results Let’s Go Guy’s Wish Me Luck…

  • This is great! I mainly store fat in my arms. Even when I was younger and slim my arms were always bigger than usual. I even had a my former boyfriend and current boyfriend wish they had my arm mass. lol They simply had issues growing their arms but mine were perfect. In their opinion but for them not for me. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t admire skinny arms. I just need to reduce in this area.

    Funny you mention dips. Dips are the ones that I have begun to focus on especially in quarantine.

    Thanks again!


  • Let’s do this 20/08/20

    Left arm 26
    Right arm 26

    Day 1 ��
    Day 2 ��
    Day 3 �� kì lạ là những buổi đầu thì không đau mà càng về sau càng đau ��

  • Your too funny! “No one says drop and give me 5 to 10”, reminds me of the movie Weird Science when Kelly LeBrock says “drop and give me 20” hilarious finish! I loved that movie. You just took me back to the 80’s. lol loved those movies.

  • I m doing these exercises for a week now but everytime i do them i feel a slight pain in my right arm but it feels nothing in my left arm…. Is this something to be concerned about?

  • If this doesnt work im getting a liposuccion!!!
    Like to remind me for updates, if i dont answer you know the liposuccion is done!

    Day 1: saggy fat under my arms ��

    Day 2:

  • You are so intelligent. I’m 65 years old. You keep me young.

    Never be offended by a detrimental post to your videos again.

    Remember…the kids that get their house TP’d are the envied…I hope you understand my analogy. Namaste.

  • I will try this exercise for a month to see the results. Hopefully my arms will become slimmer.
    Right and left arm: 39cm
    Fighting�������� NO PAIN NO GAIN
    ☑️Day 1(19/08)
    ☑️Day 2(20/08)

  • Love the female-focused exercise & nutrition advice. There’s plenty out there for men, but not enough of this science-backed info for women. Please keep it coming!

  • I’m 3 months postpartum and breastfeeding. I did intermittent fasting and low carb before pregnancy. I want to keep my supply and lose weight. Do you have any tips on that? Thank you

  • Very weird that she hasn’t kept even a 5 sec break anywhere. One has to pause multiple times to keep up with her and complete the workout.

  • Im glowing up before school (if the second lockdown doesnt happen) so im gonna test this for 3 weeks and update yall now my arm measurements
    Left upper arm: 31 cm
    Right upper arm: 32 cm

    Lets goo!!

  • Ok I gained a ton of weight and it becomes a major problem in my life now. I decided to take the leap and change my life for the better cause why live in regret?

  • Hi Thomas I have diabetes and you talk about fasting when I tried it I found that I got headaches and dizzy. I have allot of fat. Then suffer from pos thyroid and hypertension but gone in keto and gone in allot surgeries. So I have gone in gym work. Please help.

  • Me, doing the video for several weeks: Why tf isn’t this working?

    Also me: Eats a whole pizza and a bag of Doritos

    You have to eat healthy too, y’all

  • Day one complete!. Im also doing sone leg work outs cuz of how big my legs are… They are both “one week work outs” so I hope to see some change after this week passes��

  • I will start now promise I’ll always Doing it because I have my goal I want to have slim arm so I can be confident to wear sleeveless I start it 13 inch I will update you guys I’ll do it 2weeks if I see some difference I’ll keep doing it for 30 days

    Day 1: √
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

  • for the people who actually got results from doing this workout, did your arms get slimmer with no muscle or did u guys gain a bit of muscle?? if that makes sense lmao

  • Idk if it really working do you have to feel pain on that flabby part? Or anywhere cuz I feel pain different areas such as cheat and shoulders.. help

  • Okay, back after a few weeks. These really work! I quit for a while and the flab is coming back so I’ve got to start over! Let’s do this!

  • For the people just stumbling across this channel and have trust issues I vouch for her. When we first started quarantine I started doing this back workout she has and I lost literally almost all of my back fat. Plus my waist got a little smaller. Which is a big deal to me because my hips are genetically wide.

  • Dang talk nerdy to me! You blow my mind how smart you are off the cuff. I honestly can say without doing any of this info yet…I TRUST it will work already!!

  • At age 60, these look like exercises that I’m willing to try. I have nothing to lose but arm fat, belly fat and thigh fat (LOL):).

  • so, i’ve done this for a week now and my arms are definitely more toned and more musculated, and my armpit is nearly gone, so do this

    EDIT: i have also done hiit workouts mainly by Chloe Ting, and eaten clean and not a lot, also i’ve been drinking green tea

  • Thank you so much Jo for this video! I want so much my arms to be thinner and not so flubby! I am doing this for a couple days and I hope soon to see the results! Have a nice day! Greetings from the Netherlands!

  • No homo, but where you get your shorts, because them bad boys done stayed in place during all those movements! No riding no wedgies!������ I need those in my life

  • I been doing this For 7 weeks And saw no improvement tbh I never thought it was never gonna work cause Sum times this youtuber Have lots Of big Cap Videos So I basically wasted Time

  • Omg this was really intense lol but I hate my big arms on top of that I have broad shoulders I don’t even take pics anymore smh but all I have to do now is stay consistent every morning with this workout much appreciated!

  • You got a like and subscribe from me nice work love! Also does anyone here have trouble doing arm exercises due to injured shoulders? Any suggestions on what to do to help tone arms after dealing with an injured shoulder? I went through a year of physical therapy and still it hurts every time I try to do arm workouts it sucks!

  • im going to do this!!
    starting: both 33 cm
    day 1: ✅
    day 2:
    day 3:
    day 4:
    day 5:
    day 6:
    day 7:
    day 8:
    day 9:
    day 10:
    arm size:
    day 11:
    day 12:
    day 13:
    day 14:
    day 15:
    day 16:
    day 17:
    day 18:
    day 19:
    day 20:
    arm size:
    day 21:
    day 22:
    day 23:
    day 24:
    day 25:
    day 26:
    day 27:
    day 28:
    day 29:
    day 30:
    final size:

  • I have always been concious of not wanting batwings since i was 21 yrs old, But I do retinA and rdl/nir niw for two months. I’m 42 so I sm hoping it keeps me from arm fat or extra skin

  • My arms has already begun to shrink after 5 days of this exercise. I also couldn’t do all the exercises continuously but it is working. I lost some shoulder fat and arm fat and now can fit into my old clothes.

  • I started yesterday August 21st
    both arms are 50 cm, I will also do the following routine
    DAY 1: done ✅
    it was so easy I added weight
    DAY 2: done ✅

  • My arms are 36cm! I will update every day!

    Day 1: ✔
    Day 2: ✔
    Day 3: ✔ 35cm results are true
    Day 4: ✔ it gets easier day by day
    Day 5: rest day because I was busy
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:

  • Hi, thanks for showing us an enjoyable work-out to tone our flabby arms. ���� Since quitting my job as an aromatherapist which ment I stopped doing body and facial massage for clients I’d gained 6kg. Your exercise is not too acrobatic or need special agility and easy to follow even for a beginner. Looking forward to slimming down in a month!