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My recent experience with (very) high frequency training

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Training Frequency for Maximal Muscle Growth

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Why High Frequency Workouts Are Better For Building Mass

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High Frequency Training

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Muscle Building Training Frequency

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Key Points: – High-Frequency Training produces a greater increase in anabolic hormones and increases protein synthesis to help you build muscle. – High-Frequency Training increases the speed of motor learning, helping you learn new skills, lifts, and exercises faster. – High-Frequency Training can rapidly improve strength and accelerate muscle building in beginners and advanced lifters. However, if training resumes around the 72 hour mark and progressive overload is present, a trainee can build upon the new adaptations and set a much higher homeostasis. Many people have gotten good results from training a muscle group once per week. The 6-Week, High-frequency Training Program to Build More Muscle It’s time to banish bro splits from your repertoire and add more muscle by hitting every muscle four times a week.

Jump to the Routine 12. Higher training frequencies also reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which suggests lower muscle damage and the possibility to recover from a higher training volume. High frequency training increases testosterone production and improves the T:C ratio, a measure of overtraining [ 2, 3 ].

Total body and upper-lower training splits provide higher frequency training to maximize strength and muscle-building gains with compound lifts. Put the leg extensions and seven variations of biceps curls on the back-burner and get back to what’s essential: high-frequency training with big movements, your strength building solution. Work by McLester and colleagues showed that when frequency and volume were held equal 3 times per week training approach was superior to a 1 time per week, and these were in trained subjects. In fact, the 3 times per week group saw 40% better gains.

Compounded with the fact that each session lasted 2 hours, I quickly became exhausted with the high frequency and high volume. I was always excited for my rest day on Sunday. Then I stumbled on Mike Mentzer’s “Heavy Duty II: Mind And Body” where some of the splits called for one full body session once every fourteen days. High-frequency training fixes the natural lifter dilemma by allowing you to be in a constant anabolic state due to the style of training.

High-frequency training is training body parts at a moderate volume multiple times a week rather than once. So overall growth of muscle tissue will occur much greater for the natural lifter when protein synthesis is constantly elevated. High-Frequency Training and Adaptation Weight. Yet his books and articles continued to influence millions around the world who adopted his program that emphasized less training and more recovery for superior results.

Enter Dorian Yates It’s likely that bodybuilders would have continued training 5-6 days a week, working each muscle group twice per week, had it not been for the six-year Mr. Now, if you would bump up your train frequency for each muscle to four, five, six, or even seven times a week, your life will largely revolve around working out. Sure, it may benefit your gains.

But if you want to get excellent results without making the gym your life, you can also do so by training each muscle two or three times a week. 2.

List of related literature:

Alternatively, when moderate to high volumes are performed (>10 sets per muscle per week), higher training frequencies (at least twice per week) provide better volume management and thus facilitate greater muscular adaptations.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
by Brad Schoenfeld
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Vukovich and coworkers [160] also reported that HMB supplementation (3 grams/day for 8Ȭweeks during resistance training) significantly increased muscle mass, reducedȬfat mass, and promoted greater gains in upper and lower extremity 1ȬRM strength in a group of elderly men and women initiating training.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
from Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice
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The training emphasis for Type I muscle fibers should therefore be on high volume (repetition and sets) with low intensity, while training for Type Ilb muscle fibers should emphasize low volume and high intensity.

“Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiology” by Janice Kaye Loudon, Robert C. Manske, Michael P. Reiman
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McCarthy JJ, Esser K. Counterpoint: satellite cell addition is not obligatory for skeletal muscle hypertrophy.

“Concurrent Aerobic and Strength Training: Scientific Basics and Practical Applications” by Moritz Schumann, Bent R. Rønnestad
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It is important to note that not all muscle groups are trained specifically per workout using a high frequency.

“NSCA's Guide to Program Design” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
from NSCA’s Guide to Program Design
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For untrained individuals, maximal strength gains are elicited at a mean training intensity of 60% of 1 RM, 3 days per week, and with a mean training volume of four sets per muscle group.

“Grieve's Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy E-Book” by Gwendolen Jull, Ann Moore, Deborah Falla, Jeremy Lewis, Chris McCarthy, Michele Sterling
from Grieve’s Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy E-Book
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Even the group receiving the drug without training Figure 23.3 • Changes from baseline in average fat-free body mass, triceps and quadriceps cross-sectional areas, and muscle strength in bench press and squatting exercises over 10 weeks of testosterone treatment.

“Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance” by William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch
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Manipulation of volume and intensity of resistance training will cause more or less hypertrophy to these respective muscle fiber types.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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As an example, a meta-analysis of 49 studies, with 1,863 participants, by Robert Morton and collaborators confirmed that protein supplementation during prolonged (at least six-week) resistance exercise improved muscle hypertrophy and maximal strength (1RM).

“Exercise Biochemistry” by Vassilis Mougios
from Exercise Biochemistry
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For the first 4-8 weeks of muscle strength training, neural adaptations will be the predominant mechanism for strength gains before muscle hypertrophy (muscle volume increases) are obvious.

“Vocal Health and Pedagogy: Science, Assessment, and Treatment, Third Edition” by Plural Publishing, Incorporated
from Vocal Health and Pedagogy: Science, Assessment, and Treatment, Third Edition
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  • Please do the same video but not for growth only strength. I have a larger upper body and want to get stronger but not bigger in size. I do low reps high weight but wondering strength wise how many days a week is best.

  • Hey brother I got one question I need answered. Is there anyway you can ask my question. I’m supposed to progress every week with either weight or reps to keep growing. My question is, when I add weight does it need to be with every set of my workout or just one set out of the whole workout. Say I do chest with 3 exercises, does it need to be more weight with all the exercise or just one set of one exercise.

  • Train the muscles not the joints! Fucking love it! I keep thinking that every time my mate is ego lifting in the gym and then weeks after he saying he still can’t do dumbbells for chest day because his wrists are fucked ������

  • Hey Omar, I have been training now for almost 8 months come this 10th of September and I just wanted to say thanks for giving some of the best advice I have come across so far on YouTube besides Arnold (Except for the roids of course lol), but still keep it up man because it’s people like you who have helped get me into the best shape of my life bro
    Sincerely from the now Grinder For Life,

  • Big muscle groups can be hit 2x/week, 1 if you’re advanced. Smaller muscle groups (especially side and rear delts) love frequency.
    Quality content as always man, hope your channel explodes, cause you deserve it! ✌️

  • Hi ben,thunk you so much,always whit big informtions,you are the most great smart bodybuilder in the world,your freind from Algeria

  • Do you say that people with more slow twitch muscle fibers which generally means not very good genetics would benefit more from a higher frequency???

  • Awesome video Paul! Was just wondering what your take is on training bodyparts that recover faster more often? For example my hams and shoulders need 2-3 days to fully recover but my back feels good after just a day regardless of the volume I do on the days where I train back. So training back three times a week while keeping everything else at a two day frequency. Thank you and keep up the vids, really enjoy direct no bs knowledge base approach in your videos.

  • I had the same experience w/ the front lever. Took about 3 weeks from not being able to get into the position at all to being able to hold it for 10 seconds.

  • Listen, the fact is most training works great. Some routines are better for some and others for others. Splits, PPL, upper lower, full body etc etc, all great if done with consistency and progressive overload. Do what you enjoy best. Yes, there’s a chance that what you’re doing might not be absolutely optimal but I ask you this, what is more likely to get you results? A routine that is more optimal or a routine that you enjoy, give your all and stick with? What I do find funny with a lot of the stuff on the internet and you tube etc is that a lot of the guys that are like “bro splits are terrible”, “if you do bro splits you won’t grow”, “if you do bro splits you’ll blow up into a million pieces”. And ” full body is the only way”, “frequency is the only way” etc etc. But I look at pro natural bodybuilders that use splits and the guys are massive, for naturals of course, and the guys that are spouting the full body message are small and have arms like pipe cleaners. Makes you think about the credibility sometimes. I do upper lower by the way, I’m not defending bro splits blindly because I do them, I just feel they get very unwarranted bad press.

  • Tried this idea of splitting my workouts in two and working upto 3 body parts per session and each muscle twice a week. I have seen better gains and feel less fatigued also workouts stay fresh and don’t get boring. Great way to workout great vid all true.

  • Frequency is key. I spent over ten years on bro splits, stuck at 185lbs. I changed to a very simple, strength-based two day split and now walk around at 265 at 5’7.” Jason speaks the truth!

  • Question: 2 day split is great sure, but how often? 2 or 3 times a week? I mean for example: monday push, tuesday pull wednesday rest, thursday push, friday pull and rest on the weekend or rather push, pull, push, pull, push, pull and rest only on sunday?

  • I hit deadlifts 3 times a week, ive upped my 1RM from 200lb to 340 in around 8 months. following a process of 1 day max effort 1 day at 80% and 1 day at 75%. so i can definitely confirm this is a really good way of training, the only downside is obviously the huge fatigue and rehab post workouts to ensure you dont fuck your shit up.

  • Another thing to note about the way you perform Lat Pulldowns, is that your grip width keeps your forearms parallel with the cable. This greatly reduces Bicep activity by making the forearm a neutral lever.

  • Hi Jason, you often talk about how frequency works better for you and I believe part of the reason is myostatin. Lowering myostatin levels increases muscle mass and this decrease lasts for about 12 hours after a work out I believe. So the more often you work out the lower your myostatin levels, not sure if you agree with this but would be awesome if you could do a video on this subject in the future:)

  • I’m not sure I entirely agree that it is quite as limited in scope as there is some evidence suggesting that high frequency training is slightly better over a longer period for muscle growth as well, but it is true that the clearest benefits are related to neural adaptation.

    Been a while since I’ve looked at what Thib has been up to, but in the two videos I watched recently I’ve been impressed! Thanks for the insight Thib!

  • Paul it would be great to follow this topic up with how much training do you need to do to maintain the power, strength, hypertrophy one currently has. Ex: endurance athlete who builds strength over the off season, then the volume of resistance training comes down during the endurance season.

  • In terms of lat and general back development do you think Weighted or BW Pull/Chin Ups are overrated? Do you feel you can get the same effect with pulldowns? Perhaps a more precise contraction?

  • I wonder how applicable this is to older lifters{40-50}, given that we are supposed to lose testosterone etc. as we age.regardless I will be trying the every day pull ups as I suck at them >..<

  • i love your 2 day splits.
    in the past ive struggled to present progressively higher volumes with my push,pull legs. and even worse bro type splits. i was over doing it because i knew i hadnt hit the muscles in a while.then i went the dorian yates HIT style route for too long after and got all kinds of beat up, like the time before when i thought i could be a powerlifter but more Tendonitisy and zombifying with too many days off sick.
    i needed more volume and training more body parts more often was the best way to increase the work load.And it”s easy to skip a body part or have a recovery style work out now.
    ���� as always!

  • Not sure but is anyone else having sound issues when watching through like PlayStation or Xbox I get no sound at all on these newer videos but no problems on iPad desktop or iPhone

  • Hey Gallant, with a two day full body split, is there any risk or even a great enough risk to there being crossover?

    Example, will there be muscles that get involved in both days, ie; forearms and delts; that I sould maybe try to do as much indirect work with them as I can?

  • if squatting 3x a week, is it advisable to just stick with back squat, or do different variations e.g back squat, front squat, yoke bar?

  • Week 3 of gallantian training… these videos are amazing. I see my body changing rapidly and it is very exciting. I am really able to target my muscles and keep constant tension. Shorter range of motion, yes!

  • Wait, I’m a bit confuse. I don’t care about strength necessarily, I just want to look good. So, can you gain more muscle by increasing your workout per muscle group on a weekly basis. I try to hit each group twice a week and I’m considering trying to do three times a week on each muscle group. Will that help or will it be doing more harm than good??? Thanks

  • So, does that mean that it is optimal to train 5-6 times a week ramping up to a 5RM on compound movements?
    Or maybe utilizing a heavy-light-medium scheme (maybe heavy-light-medium-light-heavy?)?

    And what about people who can only train 3-4 times a week total?
    Do all movements but less volume per movement?

  • Agreed. I’m doing full body every other day now so my cns can also recover. I have to try and not overdo the volume so next workout isn’t affected negatively. I’ll keep you posted 😉 #Canada

  • Also do you count reps in your head when your training? Let’s so you do flat bench for 2-3 sets of like 12-15 reps. Do you count in your head 1, 2, 3, etc, or just go by feel and pump?

  • I’m trying to get Nicks strength and power to cover you on his YouTube channel the guy has like 300000 subscribers and does bodybuilding biographies.
    I keep messaging him to cover you. And ur twin and I keep telling him u got a YouTube channel so that his subscribers can visit ur channel and maybe even subscribe. I didn”t shovel ur drive way so at least I can share ur stuff.

  • What about full body training every day if you are just coming back from a lay-off? Provided your not going too heavy, just to get your groove back? Also would it possibly assist if you were coming back from injury to help get strength back quicker to the effected area, provided you weren’t trying to work through pain?Thanks for this video ��✌️

  • Entry-level bodybuilders need to start out with total body training…. full body workouts is the fastest way for a beginner to build muscles… split training comes later to build symmetry… everybody’s got it wrong they do it the other way around… starting out with split training is the slowest way to build muscle… the foundation has to be established first… in the early days of bodybuilding they already did full body workouts before they entered competitions!

  • Do you have any suggestions for strengthening the lower back? I can feel a small dull pain in the bottom vertebrae whenever I do Romanians or lift in a similar way. I think I messed something up awhile ago, but I know you said you injured your back pretty bad when you were younger.

  • To build muscle mass, all you need to know is that high frequency should be called, “high FRIGG-quency.” because seriously, high frequency training kills your gains, thus it is a friggin’ lousy way to train.

  • Hey Abel, good content as always, thanks! I’m training 3 times a week full body, and for some lagging areas like the rear and side delts I’m also training them at home with bands the days I don’t go to the gym. I think it’s a good strategy for someone that doesn’t have the time to go to the gym 4+ times a week, but want to increase the frequency. Maybe I’ll do some push ups and pull ups / chin ups at home also. High frequency is the way to go!

  • I know this isn’t lifting/fitness related but someone really needs to make a compilation of every time Omar uses ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ in his videos….
    Also #FreeOmerSurfclam

  • Ive been telling my friends that this routine is the most optimal (at least for natural) what I get in response are “been there done that, made no significant gains” but when I ask how long they have been following this routine the answer is always less than a month and some just quit after a week! I’m sure bro split fanboys will not like this video. But hey, this is science. Thumbs up Alain.

  • I’m doing exactly for 6 months
    3 days full body workout
    and eating 250 above my mainytainence calories.
    Staying lean and having good gains and weight increased 0.8 1.2 kg every month.

  • I like Ben, but it’s hard to take the science channels seriously if the coaches are on anabolics. Science shows that the vast majority of gains come from the anabolics, not the gym. I’d like to know what works for naturals.

  • MI40,
    Do you have a video on muscle imbalances? My quads look completely different. They are basically the same size but my right has way more separation and overall shape. Any suggestions on how to help correct this problem?

  • My experience on high frequency training is that my average intensity goes down necessarily as a consequence of having to warm up too long for high intensities. I simply cannot do the majority of my volume around my 6 RM anymore if I want to train every day, as the warmup is nearly half of my volume already. Dunno, maybe that’s just me…

  • I just kill myself in the gym and eat like a King while making sure I get 1 pound of Protien per bodyweight (organic clean whole foods of course) and I grow while getting leaner. Not sure if this is magic (lol) but it works.

  • I honestly couldn’t see training anything every day or eod. Especially as a natty that works 6 days a week. I need at least 4 days recovery and even then, that’s just when the muscle soreness dissipates, I lose strength if I don’t give myself a week to heal. I like really dialing in and working my muscles thoroughly and really kill it, especially weak body parts. I feel like the repeated bout effect wouldn’t really create much linear growth as my workouts would have to be too mediocre to really stimulate anything but who knows. I can say that the supplementation with creatine, glycerol, bcaa’s, phosphatidic acid, carb cycling, HIIT cardio, even just a 10-15 min brisk run, etc., and time under tension techniques along with being aware of the different strength curves have made an already noticeable difference in my muscle’s size, appearance as well as body composition. Great advice MI40 team!

  • Can I Split all my training volume in a ultra split frequency like:

    2 times a day, 6 or 7 days per week?

    I do have a personal gym in my home, and I really LOVE to train frequently, but can be VERY short sessions…

    Ex: 3 trainings for legs, 5 for biceps and calves, 2 for chest, 3 for back…

    My Ideia is 12 to 20 sets per muscle part (per week), looking the overlap between muscles…

    My main goal is gain muscle.

    Everyday I do light walk about 1:30… (10.000 steps)

    1,78 cm (5 10 inches)

    68kg (150 pounds)

  • I put a lot of work into my leg workouts. It takes around 4-5 days to recover, where the biggest soreness comes after 2 3 days. I am always well hydrated and high on nutrition and supplements. Is this normal? As you say legs could be trained every 2 days it just blows my mind!

  • Sounds like over training to me. If somebody takes some stuff, okay it´s possible, because the recovery is way faster.
    But for “normal” people it´s probably not the best thing.
    The only body parts I would train twice a week are abs and calves.

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. A little over a year ago I was trying to break through a plateau and started squatting 6 days a week. After 2 weeks I developed I.T. Band Syndrome and it took a long time to recover. Suggestions on avoiding things like that with high volume lifting? Thanks for your time.

  • Couldn’t agree more..

    I increased my bench frequency from 1-2 times per week to three times (not much of a difference, i know) but it has made a lot of difference in terms of strength increase.

  • Hey Ben, Stay away from stimulants if you train often 6:28. I drink black coffee before I train for the caffeine. Should I stop because I train often and it is stimulants?

  • Hi bro, I do really like your channels, just a quick question, if you would like to lose weight, should we focus on full body workout during a week, or isolated on one group of muscle per day? Currently, I am doing each group of muscle per day, except arm day. Thanks bro, Peace

  • when you say training arms everyday 6-8 sets do you mean 6-8 sets of triceps alone for example or divided 3-4 sets bis 3-4 sets tris?

  • I’ve been training for 4 months and gained 20 lbs. went from 164 to 184 and I’m 5,7 I’ve been getting stronger but I look flat and getting stretch marks am I not gaining muscle???

  • I’ve been training 6 days a week.on a 2 day split. Each muscle gets hit 3 times a week but witha different exercise each day ie: bench press monday dumbell inclines wednesday and declines or dips on friday 15-20 reps. No joint issues and i have to restrain myself from workin out on sunday. At 54 i feel great. Jason gallant has good ideas about this type of workout program. JS

  • I squat once every 5 or 6 days and my max has gone from 285 to 395 in 6 months. I’ve nearly caught up to this guy at the gym who squats like every day. He’s had roughly the same max for 6 months (405 x 2). Another 6 months from now and imma leave him in the dust.

  • Have been doing 5 days per week for 3 months now from hearing Menno. Changing up workouts are key to proper recovery. Listen to body. Had to deload almost immediately on back first couple weeks. Had to deload on chest after 3 months. Don’t plan ahead the deload, but deload only that body part when you start struggling.

  • Awesome videos that aren’t 26 minutes long. Love the fast vids. My attention span is very very short so I’m always on limited time. ��

  • Hey Abel, just wanna ask you about this. If i put my deadlift on leg day, will it mess with my back recovery, and if i put it in my pull workout, will it mess with my legs… I do push pull legs 2x a week so i cant really separate them.

  • Thank you for your awesome videos..what’s ur opinion about intermittent fasting..can u make video about that…anyway ur video helped me lot…

  • when you focus on getting better and strong on a specific lift do you change up the percentages each day if your performing that lift multiple times per week?

  • When you say twice per week, what exactly do you mean by that? Every 4 days? Every 5? One day on Monday and the other on Friday or Saturday?

  • 3 day full body seems to be good fit for me, with work and stress etc I need those rest days. Like you say, everyone is different.

  • Wouldn´t training the sam muscle group 6 days in a row every week be too much? I mean, souldn´t you let your muscles recover more time before hittingg them again even though the volume is lower?

  • Can you do a video about talking about a full week off, or maybe even two weeks off? It seems to be something that is never talked about, but could be what most chronic trainers need to hear…

  • РrоМusсcсlе Fit will nаturallу bооst уour tеstоstеrоne lеvеls, еnааbling уоu tо build mоre musсlе, FASТЕR… https://twitter.com/8ab8bdf79a5df9d72/status/742668391975096320 HIGH FREQUЕNCY LIFТING GЕT STRОNGЕR BUILD МОRЕ МUSCLЕ

  • I watched your video literally to get some motivation to hit the gym. I’ve been feeling just gassed and this a lot to think about with how I have been training. Omar keeping it real. Thanks bro.

  • Nice vid. I’ve just recently switched from 4 to 5 days and it’s been going great. Definitely agree. End up with much better quality sets rather than very long session squashed into 3-4 workouts. Biggest issue is having the time to do it, which lucky I have that luxury.

  • Yet again, this was a great video. There is still one thing I am confused about. How can you tell wether or not you have a higher frequency of high-twitch or low-twitch muscle fibers? Thanks Jason.

  • I am weird, i go through there phases of feeling super motivated and thus I have trained full body every single day in the past for periods of time and i have just finished a 2 week cycle my self, In the past i used heavy to moderate weight, 3×5, or 3×8, I too would begin to experience aches and pains lifting heavy and would also notice performance regress after a while but this time i went high reps 15-20 reps and the difference high reps makes on recovery is huge, i had zero symptoms of over training and could train every single day with no problems what so ever, so much so i felt like i could even do two a day’s with high reps no kidding! high reps even when taken to or close to failure literally gives me zero over training symptoms where as going heavy i notice fatigue set in rather quickly.

  • Well the science says you only need 24 hours to recover once you are already in good shape so this is really a no brainer. I try to train 5 days a week and will often do the same workout 2 days in a row since I don’t do a lot of the big weight most of you guys do. In the end I look as big, have surely a lot more endurance but, pull/push about 2/3 what you guys can.

  • If you wanted to add volume by adding sets, for example, 2 sets of bench press per week, do you think you’d have better results throwing those new sets on a day you’re already lifting or on a rest day?

  • How do you manage to fit in so much of the same movement in to one wee? I can’t picture squatting four times a week if I wanted to focus on it and not sacrificing maintenance on other major muscle groups. Would you just group certain movements with others in one day and end up with less sets of back for example if you were adding squats on deadlift day or is there an implication of just having longer workouts with squats for example tagged on to the end of a regular workout? Seems like a lot to fit in assuming you’re just training once a day. Curious to hear how it works

  • PLs answer assmuf! Should you prioritize just one main body part or can you do multiple, like deadlifting/squat/bench every week with high frequency?

    ex. High rep squat/deadlift monday, but med-low rep bench = monday

    high rep deadlift/bench, med-low rep squat = wednesday.

  • I want to train 2 x week per body part but go kind of heavy 6-10 reps just 2 working sets to failure. 6 exercises per body part. Is this too much? Thanks

  • thank you for the info but you need to tell the audience that you are definitely recovering faster because of all the anabolics you are using… natural lifters will be drained in your workout…

  • Question Omar: I am bodybuilding but power lifting as well. I usually train the big lifts 3x a week, bench and squat being my weak-points. Lets say I’d like to up the training to 4x a week, as I am bodybuilding, my chest or legs would be too sore to work on strength all 4 days, so what should I do as far as volume and rep ranges go? Thanks for the great video btw, I took two pages of notes from it:)

  • I see so much debate out there in the comments spouting their superior way to achive optimal results.. Its either Intensity or volume or go home type of mentality.. I think something important to note is that intensitiy is necessary to gain muscle = low rep traning but there’s a fine line were intensity loses its effect once someone get more advanced and that’s were volume comes into the picture but i don’t think 20sets or something ridiculous like that per muscle group i see some people claim on various bbvideos only a sterioid user could recover from that.. Totally agree frequency is the way to go when intensity no longer yeild results then cycle over again!

  • @omarisuf are there any drawbacks to using the seated calf raise as an alternative to the barbell to force ankle dorsiflexion in your warmups before you Squat? Notice me Senpai.

  • I challenge the Norwegian study’s results regarding hypertrophy; the following is a quote from an article explaining the results:

    The average increase in the 6/week group was almost 10% in the vastus lateralis and nearly 5% in the quadriceps as a whole. In just 12 weeks, that is great progress. The 3/week group did not make significant increases in muscle mass.

    So according to the study training a muscle 3x a weak resulted IN NO SIGNIFICANT MASS INCREASE LOL… But we all have seen people that grow on 1x a week training (bro split). So this result of 3x a week = 0 hypertrophy sounds shady as hell.

  • You know how you say train the muscles not the joints. What about the notion that you need the stretch at the bottom to take the muscle through its full range of motion. I’ve also read the stretch is a stimulus for muscle growth any thoughts on that?

  • Omar, can be optimal split all my hypertrophy training, based in your volume/frequency (Dr.Mike Israetel) landmarks about 5/6 days per week, 2 or 3 small sessions each day? I workout in my home!

  • Sometimes I see the other Fitness YouTubers apologizing for using a swinging motion…tobad they have to apologize for doing what works best for them;)
    I found a slight swing helps my grove.

  • Depends. IF you squat with higher frequency but you are doing high volume each session you MAY get stronger depending on your genetics, recovery, nutrition, quality of movement and proper muscle activation etc. If you squat with higher frequency but you are hitting high percentages (which will only last so long before you plateau and start to lose strength) you won’t get stronger you’ll just hope fully hold on to whatever gains you have made. I really depends on the factors listed above, some guys get stronger from squatting with weight every other day and on the days between do body weight squats and practice squatting which is super high volume but they end up constantly progressing and hitting higher numbers each cycle, some guys don’t and need to squat 1-2 times per week MAX in order to recover. This question is similar to asking if carbohydrates will help you achieve your goals lol. IT depends. Just experiment and find what works for you.

  • why do people care about all this 1 repping, strength gaining stuff? whats the point? you’re just putting unnecessary strain on your body, risking injury, damaging joints, etc…