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Heavy waves is an advanced strength building protocol. Once you’re benching 225 for reps, squatting 315 for reps, and deadlifting 365 for reps, you’re ready. For the main lifts only (squats, bench, deadlifts) you will start with four singles using 85%of your one rep max. Wave loading is an advanced set/rep scheme where you adjust the weights and reps for each set in an ascending or descending fashion (a wave). Here’s a simple example of one descending wave: 8 reps of 300 lbs.

6 reps of 320 lbs. 4 reps of 340 lbs. Here, the reps. Wave loading is a technique seen in more advanced strength and power cycles, often in pre-competition phases to maximally prepare an athlete/lifter.

The more frequently you train, the less volume you should do at each workout that is, if you want to build muscle or strength. So the basic principles for natural lifters are: Train each muscle frequently, ideally 3 times per week to trigger protein synthesis more often. Keep volume low to allow for the greater frequency. 6 reps at 80kg.

1 rep at 102.5kg. 6 reps at 82.5kg. There are two main ways to use this benefit of wave training. One is for size, the other for strength: In the hypertrophy option, you allow the sets of singles to amp up the CNS to allow you to lift more weight for your sets of six reps. The mind-body connection has numerous automatic protective mechanisms intended to prevent you from hurting yourself–which translates in strength training as putting the brakes on how much you can lift!

Wave loading, used wisely and appropriately, helps peel back these inhibitions and opens you up to a whole new world of opportunities. The squat, deadlift, bench press, and shoulder press are the best strength-training exercises, period. The chinup and row are great moves too, but don’t make them the focus of your workout—they can. This rotating 4-5 day intermediate and advanced push/pull/legs split routine will build muscle and strength efficiently for experienced lifters. The workout sessions are divided by the type of motion used to perform exercises, into three categorie.

The “Dad Bod” Bridge program is a workout routine submitted by a Lift Vault reader. It is designed for busy people (especially parents) that are looking for any easy to follow routine that will help them grow and maintain strength in a limited amount of time. The tips here are intended to help experienced lifters improve their “show,” either on the stage or at the beach. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get serious about building muscle. The Size-Strength Continuum.

In simple terms, strength is about increasing force production.

List of related literature:

His book Theory and Methodology of Training describes the various periodization patterns included in this classic wave cycle, starting with aerobic base, adding intensity, and building to peak.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
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(136) For increasing mass and strength the American Council on Exercise recommends 2-second concentric lifts followed by 4-second eccentric returns.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
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The upper curve in Figure 85-5 shows the approximate percentage increase in strength that can be achieved in a previously untrained young person by this resistive training program, demonstrating that the muscle strength increases about 30 percent during the first 6 to 8 weeks but almost plateaus after that time.

“Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology E-Book” by John E. Hall
from Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology E-Book
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The change­up here from Strength I is that, instead of doing waves, you’ll be doing sets of four reps on the key exercises, and you’ll do them at a slightly faster tempo (two­second descent, no pause, one­second lift).

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
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Likewise, a 1-repetition maximum (1RM) test in the squat movement may be appropriate for a conditioned individual who has previous experience with that free weight movement pattern.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
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Typically, the volume and intensity utilized during the strength phase is incorporated, and only the core lifts are required (see table 12.15).

“NSCA's Guide to Program Design” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
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Waves offering the strongest and most consistent lift are those with great amplitude and short wave length.

“Aviation Weather for Pilots and Flight Operations Personnel” by United States. Federal Aviation Administration, United States. Flight Standards Service, United States. National Weather Service, United States. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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Be ready to take the bar if the lifter loses control (especially at the top of the lift), if the barbell begins to move backward, or ifthe lifter begins to tremble.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
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To fully train this area, you need both power and isolation movements, you have to hit the different heads at different angles, and you aren’t going to accomplish this with just a few sets.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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If you already know an E-Z Curl bar from a horseshoe grip, and know that in the weight training world, a circuit has nothing to do with electrical currents, you can go straight to Part III and find numerous exercises for each body part.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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  • I’ve been doing something similar almost by accident, and I’m glad to hear it..incredibly intelligent and insightful man…his fame is so well deserved

  • I agree with the Russian. I train the way he says is most effective, whatever he called it…stepping i think. Sounds gay ima change it to beefing

  • I love how this thumbnail has soviet weightlifting legend Leonid Taranenko, who to this day still holds the biggest clean and jerk at 266kg

  • Don’t be fooled it Louis Simmons owner and founder of Westside Barbell in Columbus Ohio was who brought the Soviet way of weightlifting to the USA

  • Could listen to this guy talk all day. He is so considered in his speaking on the subject. Really focused. Also, loved how he can talk science about the virtues of Step Loading Vs Progressive Loading, and drop in a ‘Ferris Bueller’ reference, that still seemed completely appropriate!����

  • i think most people like low reps because going to failure is easier. high reps to failure are too painful and difficult for a lazy troll. JS

  • That was the best action movie that I’ve seen this summer! I am sold on the exercise, especially the strength aspect, e.g. more pushups.

  • Very informative, I just purchased battle ropes to use at home. By the way, cute bichon you have there but he looked like he was plotting against those ropes, maybe about to mark his/her territory. ��

  • Sorry to break it to you but russian weightlifting have been copied from bulgarian weightlifting that was developed by Ivan Abadzhiev. Just check the olympic medals by country and you’ll see. Also take into consideration Bulgaria hasn’t won a medal since he left 20 years ago. It was second or third in the world with 7 million total population.

  • Your filosofi and tips helped me to enter the PPL/3split zone successful for the first time, and this during cut!!! I tried many times before but could not recover and make progress, felt helpless stuck in the brospit-swamp…Now im breking new ground.

  • Jason you are a task master. Poor camera man. I guess working for He Man was never going to be a walk in the park. More a tumble down a mountain ravine. There is almost an immutable law. The more you do something the better you get at it

  • Could you replace weights with Battle ropes? I love cardio but I don’t really care for weights, I like bodyweight exercises but not into weight.

  • I snaped my shoulder 2 times.
    i injured my lower back 4 times.
    I injured my wrist 3 times.
    I injured my ligaments around my ancle 2 times.

    and that only in 2 years.

    i am f.cked up!

    i will experiment with only a partial movement training…aye aye aye…

  • Just because somebody achieved some success doing something a particular way, does NOT mean they couldn’t have achieved more success or the same success approaching it a different way. Don’t necessarily look at pro powerlifters as if they are the authority on strength training. They are not. People disregard genetic predispositions or drug use.

  • I’m glad to see that I was a precursor of a revolution in the work out field by doing a L-sit while breakstroke.. My big advantage i have to say, is that I don’t sink when I do this which allows me to breath lmfao. Basic stuff I guess people have done since they wanted to work out while swimming cause I’m not genius and figured it out by myself in this context like 10 years ago when I was 16 yo.. And guess what?! I have another one for you: same f*cking L-sit but you use your arms to move Backward, do as if you were doing butterfly (the work out exercise not the swimming style of course) revolutionnary short-head biceps and chest work-out

  • I’m heavy and single. I asked siri why and she just turned on the front camera. Don’t ask siri what woman want either because the damn thing hasn’t shut up for 3 days. I’ve changed to alexa now Hahaha

  • Pavel is COMPLETELY full of shit. The appeal to history, and the “soviets figured it out” nonsense, just shows that he has no firm data to support his hypothesis.

  • Because Russians picked the most non-interesting for US disciplines and dedicated to them. It is same stupid as asking why American Baseball System is so effective? Because no one fucking play Baseball anymore. Same as Soccer for Argentina or Brazil. Weightlifting and Hokey is all Russians can do in sport. That is it. They suck at everything else 99% of disciplines.

  • Man that dude tries to sound so very important but cannot explain one simple thing with a red line whhhuff. How often does he repeat veriable loading to always give examples but not explaining what it actually is?

  • I use battle ropes every week but I have issues with my hands getting so tired of holding the ropes with or without gloves…any ideas on how to hold the ropes with this issue?

  • “I didnt know why they sent me over here this job is evil. They sent me here to Vietnam to kill innocent people” some jedi mind tricks, nice

  • Man as a 70 year old weightlifting/power lifting guy…..these comments are generally non serious.
    It’s a waste of time looking at them. Not really funny, sad.

  • When you say for 10mins…i am assuming your not talking a straight 10 mins but rather a hiit type of workout? If it is hiit what would be a good interval for such as fat loss and endurance?

  • Laird’s wife is rude she has an attitude people that live in Malibu are pretty worthless stand up paddle boarding is pretty lame don’t bring your stand up paddle board out

  • This workout is great, I am going to pair it with one of your 30 minute cardio workouts for a complete workout. PS: I am loving you 30 minute workouts, keep them coming.

  • Does pavel still do kettlebell pistol squats, I have had one of his books for bout 15 years called The Naked Warrior, and its brilliant

  • I believe this topic is subjective to every individual becuz we all are mechanical built differently N we all respond to different types off training wether hypertrophy or progressive overload but it’s obviously wise to incorporate both but depending on ur genetics you’ll responder better to one more than the other

  • I love this video. Helped me a bunch. I just ordered a battle rope, 50’ 2” from Amazon. It was a bit confusing at first with the crazy prices on some sites. Almost purchased an Onnit rope. It was so ridiculously high priced. Anyway, it gets here Friday and I’ll be looking for a routine to do. Thanks for the info. Subscribed.

  • Love you guys so much!!�� thank you for everything. You guys are so beautiful ��btw. My most hated exercise is push ups��my arms are so weak

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  • NO BS bodybuiding advice for naturals. People complaining about range of motion should try some sets without a full range of motion to see how it feels. It’s harder than they think. Full range of motion on a bench allows you to rest the bar, but pumping the chest in a middle range of motion with no lockout or rest on chest will cause a lot of muscle tension. Muscle tension with progressively heavier weights is the way to grow for naturals in a variety of rep ranges and ranges of motion is the way to grow.

  • Absolutely love seeing you in my notifications! Also I am 100% purchasing ur workout plan next pay. What do u recommend for someone who is technically a begginer again?

  • I love that he flat out says “we dont understand hypertrophy.” That shit is the truth. So much of hypertrophy training is “try this for 6 months, if you see no results, try this….” rinse and repeat. There are a lot of methodologies, but no solid answers. Lots of great opportunity for studies, though!

  • So from what I’ve seen the guys who hav tore pecs lately it’s pretty obvious it came from trying to handle a heavy weight on a muscle that wasn’t used to that weight in the first place then not used to the range of motion so doing half reps then the heavy weight going lower than the muscle is used to because of being so heavy then tear

  • The best information on battle ropes I’ve seen yet. I’ve viewed a ton of them, but got the most from yours. I started adding ropes to my workout(s) in February and it has been a game changer. I’ve had my back fused twice now (l3 s1), have had 3 rotator cuff surgeries, and 4 knee surgeries (all on left knee), and the ropes don’t aggravate any of it. Anyway, fantastic info…very well done. Will subscribe for sure!

  • Kyles not even at large PUT somebody like Brock Lesnar in their let’s see some heavy weights doing this type of exercise then I can show comparison for myself

  • I don’t care how big you are im still not wearing those stupid little shorts that make your balls look like f**** bowling balls but good exercise though

  • Gym body is tight, dense, bulky, slow and leads to tension and imbalance. Swim more, meditate more and do some taiji. The US would do well to stop idealizing Hollywood alpha male shallow culture.

  • Guys theres nothing really revolutionary here, just drills that are used in waterpolo, swimming, surfing, etc.. Hydrotherapy has been going on for decades in Physiotherapy. move on. From a swimmer and Physio.

  • Great video what do you guys think would be a good weight to start off and what length. Also what do you guys tether it to if you buy this at home.

  • I make my own style of fight training in public swimming facility (covered) ppls look llike mhhh? wtf is he doing xd imake kicks, pushes block, everything xd

  • With only one ass you cannot sit on two horses. Most guys at gym don’t know how to train. Using heavy weight all the time and body looks the same. Go lighter with higher reps and improve physique. Lighter means heavy enough.��

  • I just come across your channel the other day you put out some great content, keep up the good work!

    And yes sadly I have a shoulder injury thats taking ages to heal

  • Justin Lascek did a very similar system where he would do an “Over Warm-up” for people that were afraid to get under weights and it was basiclly warming up to a moderately heavy single and then doing your work sets for the day on Volume days of the Texas Method.

  • Brings me right back to CTT Coronado days. Great to see these guys experiencing this. Would love to get back to these pool workouts.

  • Gotta say that this was pretty lame. Not sure what the point was other than to show a muscle heavy, ripped guy, like many, sucks in the water and needs to get more experience.

  • If Laird does it it has to be good. As a physical therapist, martial arts instructor and former MMA fighter who knows the massive benefits of hydrotherapy, this is an excellent workout. I had the advantage of growing up on Oahu doing many water sports, so I knew kind of what to expect. Because of the properties of water, compression, buoyancy and viscosity it is excellent for training and rehab. The basic premise of water is that the more you resist the more the water will fight back. If you want to burn out fast, which is not the point of this exercise, treat it like a sprint. However, the way it is supposed to be done is in a “find your zone” state and stay in a smooth rhythmic pattern to move through the water without using much oxygen. Everyone blows it and panics in the beginning, but if you stick with it all of a sudden you find your groove. Thanks for the vid.

  • accept your muscles fire in completely different order under wander than on land so it has no conversion to dry land activity. This is total nonsense unless dana is gonna build a aguagon

  • I trained as a long-distance swimmer as kid. As an adult I use this exercise to balance my muscles on my arms and my shoulders especially the small ones. The trick to this no matter how damn big jar is to relax and keep your toes out of the water otherwise it doesn’t work. By the way it ain’t revolutionary I’ve been doing it for decades

  • Your awesome personality and attitude alone makes you deserving of way more than 15k subs. Been training for many years, and your view further cemented my own. Thank you for spreading positive energy and great advices! Greetings from Sweden

  • Thank you so much coach…. U explained it so beautifully, was searching for a informative video and found this one. Tons of info in a single video!! Loved it ����

  • I always been a fan of lower reps heavier weight. It’s always worked for me and quickly. If i could do at least 3 sets of 3-5 reps I would make significant gains in just 1 week. (Typically 4,4,3 or 5,4,4 sometimes 5,4,3,) Doing higher reps has never worked well for increasing the amount of weight I could do. Like he said a lot of time when going for higher reps at some point you compromise your form in some way to get the weight up anyway even if the weight isn’t super challenging usually half way through the set. Instead I think it is best to do heavy weight with clean reps.

  • Started watching your videos a couple days ago. Love both your exercise demos as well as this video, in terms of how you explain the knowledge and logic behind the exercises. Thank you so much! Wanna say hi from Taiwan.

  • I have been doing this in the local pool, THANKS LAIRD & Gabby, (Laird, we surfed together at Little Dume a long time ago, made my day) Anyway, triggering the fight or flight response being underwater is not just changing my body but my mind. Better workouts, sex and surfing. THANKS to whoever put this up as well.

  • Great angles and filming, shared: http://www.iksurfmag.com/kitesurfing-news/2017/01/laird-hamiltons-revolutionary-pool-workout-xpt/

  • Why does this man not have more subscribers? I’ve tried his methods and wisdom he teaches and the amount of gains I got in those few weeks alone were insane

  • Agree except about your bones, repeated impact against the bone causes the body to lay down more I ternal honeycombing and outer layers so the bone becomes stronger, I did that years to the point that my knuckles are so hard that it gives me an unfair advantage in bare knuckle boxing.

  • Something I believe isn’t addressed enough regarding preliminary stages of amateur bodybuilding is how common it is to have a dominant arm/leg and how its crucial to work on unilateral exercises focusing on balancing your bodies strength before seriously tackling bilateral lifts in order to avoid injury. Just an example, instead of barbell squats and bench press you opt for building a balanced muscular foundation with dumbbell fly’s/press as well as weighted lunges. Of course if you are relatively balanced and perhaps even ambidextrous then bilateral movements wont be detrimental. Its important to be mindful that strength imbalance is common and there are wise ways to approach overcoming it.

  • I’ve been avoiding heavy singles as I just started 2 months ago, have no plans to compete, and don’t have any spotters or safety alteratives in my home gym. I do plan to incorporate them in at a later point once I have more safety equipment in place.

  • Nice video bro, what is the deal with someone who still wants an impressive physique but trains at home with decent equipment but doesn’t want to train super super heavy. Can you still build muscle with say the 10+ rep range or even higher? Do you ‘need’ to get strong or does it not matter?

  • sometimes people are so obsessed with the number on the weight they forget one persons light weight is another persons heavy weight. right now 26kg dumber for dumber incline press is heavy so i cant go many reps with it. for others this is there start weight after warm up. listen to your body stop looking to see who’s lifting what

  • Thank you again for another informative and motivational video. I have been switching up my routine about every couple of weeks and am currently doing higher volume training and pyramid sets. Each week it seems like I am in the gym longer and longer and working out harder and harder but I can not seem to achieve what I believe as true muscle soreness. My muscles do get tender to the touch, but I cant seem to get that awesome burning soreness anymore that I used to get when I trained years ago. I do seem to be gaining both in strength and size, I just don’t know if my post workout expectations are off?

  • Do anybody know the difference between training and working out…You don’t lift heavy weights when you workout..You do when your training..maybe that went over your head..when a football player go to camp it’s called training camp not workout camp..training is what you do to prepare yourself for a contest or sport etc..working out is something you do in your daily life..know the difference and.stop listening to steroids bodybuilders who say lift heavy all the time..

  • Been wondering for years what “those rope thingys” were for, and this finally provided a full answer. Thanks to YouTube for being an info treasure hunter’s dream!

  • Jason, I love your channel… I have been a natural lifter for over a decade, and I still love learning about natural bodybuilding; I learn so much from you! Knowledge is key, and you help me gain more insight on bodybuilding. Your the best, and keep up the amazing work!

  • I am totally out of shape and started swimming a few weeks ago. The seahorse is totally easy. Maybe I’m in better shape than I look?

  • lift and increase weight when you can its not rocket science.If you get to a point stop them build again.protein eat protein never count reps just lift

  • I didn’t see a resounding yes coming. Lol. But I agree. And I also agree it’s not the end all. But is necessary. Not that you need my agreement.:). Great video!

  • Loved this video, I use them because I have osteoarthritis in my knees so can’t do high impact cardio so I love battle ropes for this

  • This guy is a true informative person. I used to be quite overweight with no muscle mass. Had 2 failed steroid attempts that just left me with a skinny fat physique. Unless you’re a complete idiot, or want to be Mr olympia, natural is the way to go. I feel great knowing my slow solid changes is body composition are real and hard earned. I still need to fill out my tall wide frame with more muscle mass to look complete, but Jason’s videos are cementing my foundation for physique training. Well done mate and thanks for the content. Really ��

  • i watched now 5 videos from you….really like your unique mindset about training. I will continue watching your stuff. thank your for this new perspective!

  • Hello Mr. Gallant, i hope it’s not too rude if i expect you to have a look at my program in the youtube comment section (i made some changes because of watching your vids). So here it is:
    Monday (workout A): 3×5 bb-squats, 3×5 bb-military press, 3×5 bb-bentoverrows, 3×10-12 curls
    Wednesday (workout B): 3×3 deadlift, 3×5 bb-benchpress, 3×5 weighted chinups, 3×10-12 triceppushdown
    Friday: usually i’d now repeat workout A and start next week with B, but (because of your vids) i’m now doing a super high volume “pump“-workout instead using significantly less weight, consisting of bench, ohp, chinups, rows, frontsquats and stiff legged deadlifts. Does that make any sense or will it hinder my growth? I kinda feel it positively impacts my recovery. Thanks a lot in advance.

  • I heard that the Russian special forces had a strength and fitness comp with American special forces and the Russians wiped the floor with them, don’t know how true this is but yeah!

  • I think I stumbled into a rough form of step training, just by seeing what works for me over the years, but this is making me want to do so much more research.

  • when doing the “rock-face-smash thing,” i have noticed a reduced R.O.S** that slowly ramps up over time, actually seems to lead to useful strengthening of scar-tissue… of course I am no longer recognized as human, BUT… I feel… I FEEL.. like it has been worth it.

    Furthermore, I am experimenting with different rates-of-increase regarding the amount of “smash” used per set, during the introduction phase. Once I can get at least 5 test subjects to live through the entire process, I may have results that are useful… that or multiple man-slaughter charges.  

    The world of science (and/or or victims’ families), can thank mountain for offering such amazing information!!

    **Range of Smash

  • You have the best info around and you have the experience to boot.And I love your one size don’t fit all approach just have fun with the experience

  • There’s a great interview series with Pyrros Dimas, the most decorated weightlifter, and in one segment, titled “the right system at the right time”, he credited the Albanian-Soviet system approximating the step-loading / cycle loading approach for building solid fundamentals and making him a healthy longtime lifter, training different muscle groups at lighter weights….and the Bulgarian system involving higher intensity highly-focused work, close to the athlete’s limits for allowing him to top the competition. https://youtu.be/Vclap1VJzwo

  • Anybody know where i can find good pool work out plans that don’t require much equipment (and without too much plain swimming cuz that bores the hell out of me)

  • No actually its not. I’ve been lifting for years and I get a better work out with medium weight. after what happen to Ronnie Colman its makes you think twice of what you do on the gym. it just ain’t worth it

  • When i was doing 6 reps to 8 reps i grew zero. For about 10 years i tried this stupid style, a few monthsno results, give up, come back next year, try for 6 monthssee tiny results, sometimes 4 kg from eating a lot of food…. because all in the gym were doing heavy weight low reps. I didn t know they were taking dianabol, but they all said “i m natural” fuck them… This was in the 90′ But i changed to 10-20 reps after 2002 and started growing.i don t understand how can someone grow doing under 8 reps.

  • With all the knowledge this guy has, I’d figure he’d know NOT to swallow his drink into the microphone. Just putting that out there.

  • I’ve noticed in my training sometimes it takes a few reps to get into the groove. 12-20 reps is my sweet spot. Sometimes I don’t start counting reps until I start to feel the burn (Muhammad Ali style). 4-6 reps has always been a neurological challenge but just like the old saying goesno pain no gain. #mountain

  • OK IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING STRONGER WHY WOULD THE MUSCLE HAVE REASON TO ADAPT? Im not saying 1-3 reps but in the 8-12 range getting stronger if you are benching 225 and 5 yrs later its still 225 well done you wasted 5yrs ����

  • Do you need heavy weights NO, but damn is it fun. If it makes your training enjoyable, while staying injury free I see no problem doing it. And at the end of the day if progressive overload is achieved then you are going to see hypertrophy.
    I personally enjoy lifting heavy and do get results from it. However, I also got very good results from doing calisthenics sets and reps, so I know both work very well.

    PS: Great video

  • I had a couple of ladies, active older adults, who wanted to use the battle ropes. We would start with five seconds and work up to more time. One had CHF and shoulder replacements. They miss the training since I moved.

  • this video is a complete all rounder. relaxing, very informative and I believe the number one thing a lot of videos lack is the balance between information and the lengths of video time. another thumbs up for the pin points in the description to make things a little more clear in what i’m getting out of the video. Thanks!!!!!!:)

  • Hey Jason, I’m a teenager and how should I apply this strategic ROM with calisthenics? For example 1st set of “partial reps” diamond pushups and 2nd set of full ROM diamond pushups to get hypertrophy in all the muscles?

  • Your advice has allowed me to break through a wall I have been stuck at for a long time. thank you for sharing your knowledge you have obtained over the course of your training. I not only broke through my wall i soared past it in the last 6 weeks. Please continue your videos they are the best advice I have found on you tube.

  • Now, I’m sitting in jail cause I thought by hitting an ugly girl in the face with a rock would make her better looking. So, thanks a lot for the bad advice.

  • Great video as always bud, just common sense and sound advice on every video. Personally I find if I try and load up too heavy for a low rep high weight(ish) workout I start feeling it in my joints, seated military press normally affects my rotator cuff because of stabilisation with the dumbbells because of the weight, and bent over row normally affects the tendons between my biceps and forearms if I go to heavy. And although my body is getting more and more aesthetic I am not seeing many strength gains (which is depressing as I train for strength over aesthetics) I do think getting older and general wear and tear from from the military and doing a physical job plays a part in these niggles. So I do think age and old injuries as well as genetics as you said plays a pivotal part when lifting heavy especially when it comes to range of motion etc. Anyway thanks for the great Vid my friend ����

    (Ps: I’m telling anyone who will listen about your channel mate, I hope you end up smashing the 20k benchmark soon, it would be well deserved)

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  • For women and weight loss, it is good. But if you are building muscle it has no use. You can use the rope to climb for example tie it on a pull up bar or two seperate ropes for two seperate arms. You can also do bicep training which is also good for grip, you tie the rope on the kettlebel and do curls with it. Sledge pull will also be good with the battle rope.

  • These are the sort of explanations I like. The fact that Pavel makes a distinction between theoretical/scientific vs empirical or phenomenological derived knowledge, I know this guy has a very profound acumen on the kinesological sciences. He truly deserves to be ranked as a Professor.

  • I felt quite vindicated after finding this channel, as I noticed a lack of strength gains from forcing heavy weight compound lifts into an almost exaggerated ROM like online zealots tell you to. Just made my elbows feel bad. Been training with strategic ROM since about the end of august and I’m beginning to notice the start of positive change/muscle growth again. Even the weight I can handle for full ROM has gone up actually.
    It does beg the question why people don’t listen to bodybuilders in matters of muscle gain though. Not sure why I didn’t for the first couple of years of my training.

  • When you recommend changing rep ranges would you stick at the new routine for a week, a month, other? For months I have been doing the same ranges but have been increasing strength

  • Love your channel! Bodybuilding Gold always haha. And I had to learn what your saying the hard way. I was trying to do too much 1 to 3 rep max in full ROM February of this year and tore my patellar tendon. Thankfully it’s a partial tear but I’ve been an idiot and re tore what was healing. Orthopedic told me I better lay off unless I want a partial tear into a complete tear. This video was encouraging and I will be changing my training routine.

  • I added this comment to another workout video.
    This workout does look like something I can use.
    However, I called the Y where I would be doing this, and I was told I can NOT bring weights into the pool because (and I still laugh over this) “something might happen and it might add cracks to the bottom of the pool”.
    So, with that being said, is there any way I can improvise/alter this workout in any way, shape or form? I have the buoyancy dumbbells, but don’t think they would do the job. Also, the pool is only 6.5 feet deep.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Jason is having his own little series here on youtube and I absolutely LOVE it. Appreciate your expression.
    Edit: I seem to be getting notifications 1 day after the upload.

  • Just imagine being a normal manual worker like a lumberjack or carpenter or Mason or something. Keep the same approach and mentalilty to training. Train in the weekdays and rest during weekends. Works well.

  • Jason’s is correct about frequently works. I found by eating ten times a day my belly grew to 75 inches. I’m not a bodybuilder. I’m a bellybuilder.

  • Hi, I just found this video. LOVE the science to support your video. Adds authenticity to your words and the work you do. Thank you. Keep doing what ya doing. Big thumbs up from me

  • I agree with this and this is also supposed to be true with full body training; I also agree with Jason’s philosophy of not needing to be fully recovered before hitting the same body parts again (explained in a recent previous video). Makes sense; the body will adapt and become like a machine. Some trainers are wary of this though thinking that you’ll accrue ‘overuse injuries’ with high frequency training…? Probably not a problem if you’re working out Gallantian style though. Super high frequency; I’ve never tried this myself, but maybe I could experiment with it at some point… Currently, I’m going to be starting a Push/Pull split soon (moderate 2x a week frequency). Interesting insights thanks Mountain. ��

  • So much sensible advice on this channel. Too bad it didn’t exist when I was young, fit and training like a moron 30 years ago… Better late than never I guess.

  • Hey Jason,
    I’ve been watching your video on training and we know that frequency is generally key for naturals. Would one set to failure full body workout every day be the best way for a natural to gain the most muscle mass?

  • Hey Jason another awesome video man.I have a question,I’m finding my elbow hurts when I do side laterals(when I feel it the most along with skullcrushers) I do a upper body lower body split and there’s a lot of pressing before I get to laterals (shoulders) Any suggestions? As always thanks

    Edit:I should add that despite a upper body split I have neglected my triceps in favour of biceps.

  • Fab video! Thanks for the info! That poor cameraman, the dangers of the wild! Although you have an epic Toyota, which is basically a tank, so I suggest just hiding in that.

  • Hey Jason, would that apply to dumbell skull crushers, as we go from lighter dumbells to heaver dumbells the range of motion gets compromised means less, not all the way to lock the elbows (especially in my case)? Otherwise it gives me elbow pain from time to time

  • Hey jason whats your opinion on canned food, for me its salmon. Im not worried about salt. You think I could reach 80% of my genetic limit through canned food?

  • I’m scared of heavy singles because I’ve been doing deadlifts and squats for only a couple of months and I’m scared that my form is not as good as I think it is and I would pull my back.

  • I naturally do this under water as a workout, I didn’t realize it was a thing. Excersize is so much more fluid then learned techniques, sometimes movement and instinct alone can be suffecient and efficient.

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    How to lose tummy fat..please….this battle rope exercises scinve are sueprb…and i say one word
    U r ginious

  • Eastern Block training is only effective in that it was so brutal that it found all the genetic freaks who could handle such an intense routine.

  • My garage is only 16ft. My drive way is sloped where I can’t walk out on it for extra room. Can I not have a battle rope in my garage? 30ft+ is a lot of distance

  • Hi, Thanks for the video. My daughter is pursuing Tennis and we have incorporated battle ropes to improve her physical health.We want a mix of power and endurance.Kindly suggest if battling rope is good for her.

  • Excellent tutorial on battle ropes. Just started and since I’m a male, fit but in mid ’70s I went for a 1 1/2 x 30′ rope. I can see that I can go longer and heavier but i think I’ll save that for the future since my main concern is to avoid injury. Thanks again for this video.

  • Hi, I am interested in purchasing battle ropes and I would like to know the name of the equipment is used on the video that is anchoring the ropes (looks somewhat like a sled). Also, I noticed a shot that featured pink and black ropes can you tell me where I can buy the pink and black ropes? Thank you.

  • Please answer my question..how do you stay motivated and is it all from the mind set? I tried everyday but it was hard to keep up my spirit.. I was moving alone

  • I shit you not the opening line to this video is:
    “For surfing icon Laird Hamilton, the ability to Control His Breathing UNDERWATER can be a matter of life and death”
    Yes… If he tries to breathe under water, Laird Hamilton will in fact….. be dead

  • One of the reasons I never wanted to add a lot of bulky muscle. Over time you can wear your joints out on land and in the water you can do without it as well. Why be 225 when you can me a lean and fit 195?

  • Hey Jason….. Ive been consistently lifting for a month now…… 6 days a week…… Eating like crazy…… Etc……. I’m on the push pull routine with quads on push day and hamstrings on pull day….. I do jus one exercise for each body part except the back as its a bigger muscle for which i do 2 exercises of 3 sets each…. I do one exercise using 3 sets of 6 reps…… With heavy weights….. The last set being a drop set or a double rest pause set or a 5 second slow eccentric…..for example… I do one exercise of 3 sets each only for chest tricep shoulder and quads on push day and two exercises for back (one hprizontal and one vertical) and one each for bicep and hamstrings on pull day with cable facepulls done everday and a lil bit of rack pulls here and there as a finisher…. Aiming for hypertrophy here…i focus mostly on compound movements except squats which i perform on a smith machine becos of a previous lower back injury.. M completely natural….. M i on the right path??……r there any ways of tweaking the programme m following??? Any advice….. Ive been seeing decent gains on this…..but is there any tips on how to maximise gains…..

  • Im usually skeptical of laird’s videos but this was pretty on point. especially exposing weaknesses with certain positions like the pike, and the idea that water and aggression don’t mix one of the most powerful training features of water.

  • Hello Jason,

    first of all thank you for everything you‘re providing for us. I have the B full body program. There is a week where strenght training is listed. But i only have 100 pounds dumbells. I can do one legged squats for strenght etc. but for rows and benchpress it is too easy since i can do about 20 reps with them. Is there any option for doing this without going to the gym? I canceled my membership some months ago. And i would like to do strenght training from time to time i always stay in the 10-20 rep range and throw in some light workouts with 30-40 reps this helps a lot thanks for this. Since i trained at home and applied everything u are advocating it worked for me i got really strong in the higher rep range. So question is what would you recommend? I would really appreaciate it if you answer. Thanks in advance

  • this month is my year anniversary of using the batle roap might was fascinated because you can do lots of movement, I bought one and use it at the gym 4 days a week, it’s never boring but it kick my button every time,

  • I have a legit question so as he described progressive overload, I did something like that but did not suffer from any negative issues and actually had 5 huge changes to my body from a perspective performance. ( Just some background) I’m a college sprinter that is only 2 years into sprinting ever, the year before I broke my foot playing basketball. The underlining reason I broke my foot was that I had too much growth within a short time ( ill explain soon). So as this guy is explaining progressive overload I realize that I have done something similar where every two weeks I would increase my weight regardless if I felt comfortable or not for an entire summer. Now for compound lifts all except for bench I increased by 10 pounds and basically, my workout was built around a bodybuilder but I sprinted or did some type of running every day. Am I getting this for a whole summer but just as an example one of my Lifes for squat I started out with 225 three sets of eight and at the end of the summer I was lifting 385 three sets of eight. But my workouts never shifted once but my weight was the only thing they continue to grow so the question is is this still considered a progressive overload. Also the five changes that I had were a fast increase in power, muscular endurance, cell regrowth, coordination, and response time. I also understand that I didn’t do the type of lifting for a very long time but I expected to have more drawbacks towards the end of the summer rather than no drawbacks because most the people I explain this to say that I shouldn’t have become faster blah blah blah.

  • I see a lot of MMA motivational videos doing Battle Ropes and because of that, I’m definitely looking to add that to my Warrior’s Workout routine. ��������

  • Why you can’t continue to add the same weight perpetually over time is due to the law of dimishing returns. The rate of adaptation will be slower over time.

  • 3:25 Bulgarian weightlifters dominated for 30 years over USA and Russia. Bulgarian training included very low number of exercises and very frequent peaking. Every day maximums were a normal thing. This type of program is at least for advanced world class lifters.

    The coach that made the program was Ivan Abadjiev.

  • I believe range of motion also has to take in account the mechanics of each individual..i used to believe i had to bring bench press to my chest..all i felt the next day was front delts..i have a naturally shallow chest…i switched to 2..3 inchs off the chest and improved development..muscles either contract or they dont..theres no half contraction from half reps

  • Really great content. I only have a 30 foot rope and was confused by men needing more than a 50 footer to see vO2 improvements. I used battle ropes in my journey 5 years ago when I was losing weight and gaining strength. I made huge gains in endurance and lowered my resting heart rate significantly. I only use them occasionally now to mix things up but have not been in the same shape since regarding ease of breathing during intense workouts. Battle ropes are crazy good. Thanks for sharing this info!

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  • Does anyone have an example of the soviet power lifting programs hes speaking of? He mentions the 12 weeks, 4 weeks of 8 reps, 4 weeks of 5 reps and 4 weeks of 3 reps but does not mention how many sets as well as which exercises used, does anyone know this information?

  • When you said 10 minutes of rope exercise are you saying to intensely swing these ropes like this for 10 minutes without stopping? I have not seen anyone do more than 30 seconds or so. I have not seen anyone really time it, they just kind of seem to do it with an undefined time goal, until they go on and so something else. So, my point being…should a person keep increasing the non-stop time, as the method for effectiveness and success with the rope workout? I have exercised for years off and on, I am no beginner, but I have not done every type of workout, some of this stuff just started appearing in gyms fairly recently.

  • I only watched 2 mins (so far) and am about to coment. This is wonderful! I needed someone to tell me its ok to reduce the ROM when going heavy. Because I was conflicted with my current program, that when I do get to the heavy days, should I do box squats instead of full ROM squats because my knees are knackered. And doing less ROM is much easier on the joints and still I get decent activation and thought it was somehow cheating or something. So thanks, this helps me continue my program without feeling it is somehow wrong.

  • this guy is so hard to follow.. his brain is too fast for the words that come out and makes for a confusing conversation.. props to joe

  • He’s a baldy mongo I’ll slap him about n I’ll slap him about for free Cos he’s a fuxkin knob @ cavsbarbarshop.com he’s a bitch from Scotland

  • This was the best 26 minutes ever of someone just talking about the history of A.S. Prilepin’s chart for weightlifting volume and intensity

  • They just installed battle ropes at my gym and I tried them yesterday and loved them (even though I discovered I am weaker than I thought:D) and was looking for more info and different exercises I can do. This was extremely helpful, thanks:)

  • i have discovered these in the gym over the last 6months or so, but I dont always have access at the time I’m there. so, I REALLY REALLY want one at home but have no space inside, or even in the garage. (I rent a room and my roommate/the owner has it filled with stuff.) What is the best set of adapters so I can go down to the local park and attach to a tree safely, or other equipment, fencing etc without damaging the ropes, or other property? Where do i get them? Do the covered ones for outside damage grass in the parks or is it pretty ok on the turf? Just trying like crazy to figure out how to make this a regular thing in my week!

  • This video gave me a science orgasm. I absolutely love it that you cited research in this. I’ve been looking for better oblique workouts and have been trying battle ropes more and this is so very helpful. Thank you!

  • I used the constant method in Running. I started at 20 minutes every other day. At first it was hard and i was completely destroyed at the end of a sessions (yes i was that unfit) but after a month or so it was like a walk in the park. I then moved up to 40 minutes. Again this at first was very hard but after a few weeks was easy. Up and up until i’ve reached my limited at 1.5 hours every day. At the end of a session i’m still tired but can still go to work etc. I’ve tried to do more but i just can’t. I’ve reached my peak and even if i take a week off i can be back at that limited fairly easily.

    and old video but just wanted to tell my story.

  • Hey Jason I get Sharp chest pain in the center of my chest sometimes when I workout. Hurts especially when I expand my chest and breathe out. Went to the hospital once they xrayed me but found nothing and told me to take ibuprofen. It comes and goes but I’m concern of what it could be. They told me it wasn’t probably anything serious but i still get it time to time and I thought maybe you might know and if not it’s cool.

  • The handful of times I’ve seen Laird in the line up, he has made an ass out of himself and I have 0 respect after what I’ve witnessed. Too bad his amazing surf abilities and good fortune has gone to his head. Blame laird!

  • I am looking for a self made program for my next 8 weeks. Then this pop out.:) I can still progress with NLP. Lucky me. But for 8 weeks training. I kind of want to see if I can make better result with RPE kind of approach. we shall see.

  • Looks like a lot of woowoo. The big guy’s issues aren’t just about “muscles burning oxygen”, but his lack of buoyancy due to his mass. It’s really unclear how this style of exercise will help someone in a non-aquatic discipline.

  • Missed the AZ seminar by a year, but had to comment that AZ is easily the most metal and fitness-oriented place I’ve ever lived. Loved it.

  • Surely Jason you can not have people critiquing your form or giving you advice on how to lift? Look at Jason’s body, he is frigging huge! Look at his results, he knows what he’s doing!

  • The most important aspect of Alan’s shared knowledge is to incorporate much more metal into your music life, this cannot be overlooked if you have any plans for future progress in life.

  • Started doing the bridge today, was having trouble figuring out my 1 rep max to work out the percentages because I don’t have a lifting partner, but extrapolating it from a regular heavy set is a great idea! thanks!

  • Can y’all put me on to some cool metal bands? I like Obituary, slayer, bolt thrower, Motörhead, coal chamber, pantera, lamb of god, after the burial and shit like that

  • This wasn’t very convincing, as most people I’m not a powerlifter and don’t care about 1rm strength. What I care about is for example how much volume can I pack into a leg workout with short pauses high sets high reps to complete fuck my muscles. It’s so much harder on your stamina and muscles to do >8 reps compared to 1.

  • Wow, ending this video with Jedi Mind Tricks just made it that much better for me.
    I reckon you know this Alan, but Vinnie Paz loves heavy-metal, and always incorporates moshpits in his concerts:D

    Always a pleasure watching you.

  • One thing that I disagree with in this video is when he talks about singles of close variations to comp lifts closer to your meet. Training up to a meet should go from less specific(variations addressing weakpoints) to more specific(comp squat bench and deadlift). In my opinion, singles of variations should go earlier in your training cycle rather than later.

  • 1:18 ahh yes the heavy metal walk of increased beastliness and power which guarantees a 5% increase in strength and a 100% increase in confidence!!!