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Exercise Bulimia: The New (Hidden) Eating Disorder

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Do You Have Exercise Bulimia? What Are the Signs?

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Exercise bulimia is an extreme, pathologic exercise behavior. It has some characteristics similar to bulimia nervosa. Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that generally involves binge eating.

Exercise bulimia is a psychological disorder in which a person feels compelled to compensate for eating (or, in some cases, binge-eating) through exercise. You have to treat exercise bulimia as bulimia, and as such know that exercise is the purge part, but the bingeing part is intrinsic to bulimia. You should go with what works for you. In my own opinion, I have seen the best results with habit change.

Now, I know that I do not have exercise bulimia; however, that does not mean I have not been treated for an eating disorder binge eating disorder to be more. Exercise bulimia is the term often used to describe the use of exercise as a purging behavior in compensation for excess eating. It may be somewhat of a misnomer, as the word bulimia means literally “ox hunger.”.

Exercise bulimia is a psychological disorder in which a person feels compelled to compensate for eating (or, in some cases, binge-eating) through exercise. Exercise bulimia is not about being physically fit and healthy. It’s all about burning off that chocolate you polished off at lunch time Or that bag of chips you flattened on the way back from work. The only reason you exercise is to burn off calories.

Complete this test to get an assessment on the probability that you or someone you care about is displaying signs of bulimia. All answers supplied here are anonymous I have irresistible impulses to eat large amounts of food, which I consume within minutes. Someone with bulimia may eat a large amount of food in a short period and then try to remove it from their body by purging using several different methods.

These methods may include vomiting, exercising excessively, fasting, and using laxatives, enemas or diuretics. The. Do you use behaviors such as self-induced vomiting, laxatives/diuretics, fasting or excessive exercise to compensate for eating what you feel is “too much”?

Do you have questions about bulimia or other eating disorders? Please call to speak confidentially with one. If you still think over-exercising works to help you lose or control your weight or you HAVE TO EXERCISE, Basically Ednos is an eating disorder that does not fit neatly into the specific criteria for other eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia.

This means someone may show all the symptoms of bulimia, but they are binging/purging less.

List of related literature:

Excessive exercising is also a symptom of bulimia nervosa but may be present within the NOS category as well.

“The Encyclopedia of Neuropsychological Disorders” by Arthur MacNeill Horton, Jr., EdD, ABPP, ABPN, Chad A. Noggle, PhD, ABN, Raymond S. Dean, PhD, ABPP, ABN, ABPdN
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Excessive exercise is known to be a symptom of bulimia nervosa.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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I thought bulimia would help me lose pounds but after the months of doing it, not only hadn’t it controlled my weight, but the purging had opened up the pits of hell.

“Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III: More Stories of Life, Love and Learning” by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Kimberly Kirberger
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In bulimia nervosa, body

“Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders, Fifth Edition: A Step-By-Step Treatment Manual” by David H. Barlow
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Does “excessive” or “compulsive” best describe exercise as a symptom of bulimia nervosa?

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
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In some patients with bulimia nervosa, excessive exercising is also prominent.

“Handbook of Treatment for Eating Disorders” by David M. Garner, Paul E. Garfinkel
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bulimia nervosa An eating disorder characterized by regular episodes of overeating and binge eating, which is then compensated with unhealthy weight-loss strategies, including vomiting, excessive exercise, or laxative abuse.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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Further criteria for the diagnosis of bulimia include the use of one or more purging methods or compensatory behaviors such as excessive exercise or fasting, and overconcern with body shape or weight (8).

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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Bulimia nervosa is characterized by periods of binge eating (2000 to 10,000 calories) followed by self-induced vomiting, purging, and exercise to prevent weight gain.

“Advanced Pediatric Assessment” by Ellen M. Chiocca
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Bulimia Nervosa What is bulimia nervosa?

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  • To be honest I would say anyone who harms their body for aesthetic reasons has this. That’s when it becomes unhealthy. I don’t even mean it as a criticism or a judgement but if you’re on gear you have this. It’s not really any different to someone who harms their body by throwing up to look a certain way.

  • This is definitely a real thing. When I had a stress fracture on my foot I asked my doctor right after it happened if I could still work legs. I had a need to keep working out no matter what.

  • 4:20 I would add that you can tell when the exercise is coming from a good place when the movement is joyful. Hard but joyful. All kids love to say “look at me” when they are proud of a physical accomplishment. That’s what joyful movement means to me.

  • I once did 6 hours of cardio. All those stupid days of exercise bulimia has taught me a valuable lesson. The excess calories ain’t worth the suffering ��

  • I suffered from bulimia and over exercising for many years I wrote a book about being 19 and trying to stop purging while running on a team. I really relate to the planning of miles and calories burned and running in a state of total self-loathing. You might like it and it’s on sale at Amazon for a whopping 99¢.:-)


  • If you have too much estrogen excercising alot will take away most of the symptoms of too much estrogen. It is better to excercise and cure your body naturally, this is for women with too much estrogen.

  • You are not to abuse anything and that means over working yourself. Even those who go off to work are not to work so many hours a day just for the love of money as well.

  • What if i self harm or have an eating disorder but dont have mental illness, everyone just says im experiencing hormones? Why do people self harm if they dont have an mental illness?

  • I’m overweight and trying to lose. I don’t have an ED, but I feel like I’m slipping into some unhealthy behaviors that might progress into one. Should I stop trying to lose?

  • At first i can do every exercise, now if i do Russian twist my tail bone hurt like hell, and if i do crunches my spine bone just get out of my skin,

  • How much exercise is too much? At the moment I’m going to the gym 10 times a week for an or more at a time. Is that too much? Thanks Kati

  • Yep, you’re right. I don’t like your definition because it’s true. The other parts of my eating disorder I have a good handle on, but the exercise I still struggle with. I felt like I was doing a good thing getting in the habit, but it sucks as it takes over your life.

  • One thing that I have to do is to ALWAYS beat my yesterday’s step count. Every day I have to walk for hours to achieve that and if I’m sick or anything I still have to do it. It’s really getting in my way of really living because I think about walking all day so that I get mad at people if they don’t wanna go out walking in the freezing weather. I’m just scared what Will happen once I hit a impossible number of steps.

  • this helped a lot but I cant go to the doctor right now and I don’t know how much I weigh right now but I’m going to start to do lift weighting for now.

  • #KatiFAQ

    You’re awesome. Had a question for you:
    Do you have any information about unipolar depression? It strikes me as something that it’s symptoms I can relate to greatly (I.e excessive crying, agitation, or a repetition of thoughts) Id love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

  • @***** I’ve been in pretty solid Recovery since 2011 as you know. But I am craving binge eating again and chewing and spitting. Ever since my cat died a month ago, it’s all I want to do.Also I tried downloading your LGBT= workbook but all I got was blank pages.

  • I’m slowly getting into excessive exercise.I’m a former anorexic and it got really bad.I recovered three years ago but I’m either slowly relapsing either falling into EDNOS.I hate exercising but my mind’s not letting me go through the day without working out and everyday,I push myself further,past my limits,in the bad way.I count calories in everything and I plan the days I can starve without people noticing.Idk how to stop,it’s so hard ��

  • Anybody have exercise addiction that also relates to life in general like just doing physical activity that’s not exactly structural exercise? Like cleaning compulsive or walking around pacing just to burn calories ������ I have issues I would love to see if anyone else has any similar issues

  • I have an eating disorder… I exercise constantly. I have to exercise so much, or I refuse to eat. I have to cancel out the calories. Thankfully, I’m getting treatment very soon, becoming an inpatient. This video answered a bunch of questions I have before going into recovery. Thanks

  • Kati, it is SO cathartic when you cuss at/about ED voice. I know it’s true but it’s so hard to say those things on my own behalf, and it is so satisfying to hear it articulated by someone else.

  • I love how real you are with everyone. You have helped me to be honest with my therapist and I finally got a diagnosis of an eating disorder. Thank you so much (:

  • wow kati this was an amazing video i love it. your amazing i love alll you do you are succh a role model to me.kati im really scared about getting an autism dignosis im getting a referal and i dont wanna have a label because youcant get rid of autism. could you pls do a video about labels and dignosis im just really scared.

  • Well this is a day in summer when I’m doing nothing and I don’t have to worry about studying

    Weights ( 2hrs )
    Stretching and mobility ( 1hr )
    Hot and cold treatment ( 15 min each )
    Option of cardio ( 15 30 mins ) or conditioning ( functional training 45 min 1hr )
    Shadow boxing ( 2 hrs )

    Is this too much @Marc Lobliner?

  • Hi Mia, I love your videos! Thank you for talking about these topics. I do want to point out that some people (like myself) have a back injury and need to exercise. Can you talk about how to deal with that during recovery? I’m pretty sure I’m at a point where it isn’t fueled by ED but I’m curious to hear what you have to say!

  • Kati. I have started to realize this happening. Two years ago I lost 60 pounds and near the end it was getting unhealthy how I was loosing it. Now I started working out 15 days ago and I have already seen it going bad again. I have told myself that I have only have enough time for one rest day a week. I have been restricting what I am eating majorly and making myself work out even though I have been injured and told to take it easy. I tell myself I am not worth the food I am eating. I am not skinny. I can afford to lose weight.But is what I am experiencing, could it turn into a larger eating disorder issue? I have no place around where I live that I know of that I can go to. I have many other issues such as depression and anxiety and panic attacks…I need help Kati. I need help.

  • Cool video:) For me exercise works best when it’s not exercise for the sake of exercise. I prefer to do things that are like ‘exercise in disguise’ like rock climbing or riding my bike to get from A to B.:) That way I don’t get all uptight about running on the treadmill for a specific amount of time, and watching the amount of calories burnt go up and up.

  • This is definitely something I had for my first couple years competing. I eventually learned on my own to get a handle on it but it’s something I make my clients very aware of so they don’t deal with it themselves

  • This is 100% me. I mean every symptom everything! I walk 20,000-35,000 steps day weight 106lb and am 5 6′ I sleep for 2 hours at a time wake up binge sleep wake up binge walk sleep it controls my life and I didn’t know until now what it was!

  • #KatiFAQ. PLEASE ANSWER. Hi Kati love your videos, they have gotten me through a lot, and still are. I have a question/suggestion for you, Could you do a video on FASD? Also, I have been feeling very, very dissociated the last few weeks, so dissociated to the point where I can’t function, I become so lost in where ever my head goes that I can’t seem to really eat, sleep, and now even drink water?! Do you have any tips on how to pull myself back into my body? It’s getting to the point where also, my performance at school has struggled tremendously. Please Help! And if at all possible, Be even more caring and amazing to this world! Love your work, Keep it up. Smiles Yana

  • Hey, can a female both have anorexia and bigarexia at the same time? Wanting to be boney, with very little fat, but with well defined muscles. I keep thinking about being chubby even though I’m a normal weight and I think thay my muscles are small. Also I want to be able to increase my cardio endurance and strength as much as I can. I do exercise a lot and I do restrict, sometimes way too much.

  • hello guys, I just suggested on twitter to the Jenna and Julien podcast (the podcast of Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend Julien) that it would be a great idea to have Kati as a guest! Please like and retweet my tweet, I just mentioned Kati in it, or search by my username (@myrest). Thanks!

  • thank you!! I was dealing with that for almost 2 years. I always used to binge at night.. in the morning, I always woke up with stomach pain and I was like I HAVE to exercise now for 3-5 hours in order to make the stomach pain go away and still be able to have a good afternoon WITHOUT feeling so full. I never planned to binge but it always happened again. in the beginning, I exercised 3+ hours every day because I enjoyed the higher state I got into (not saying that it was healthy either haha), but in the end it was just a way to maintain my weight and make the food I binged on at night ”digest”
    After two years of exercising every day for so long I burned out completely. It’s been almost 9 months now since it happened and I still feel weak from it.. Never use exercising for hours to bring you into a high and euphoric state of being, or misuse it to make up for binging!! I learned that the hard way and if I wouldn’t have crashed I would probably be still an exercise bulimic/addict today..

  • Hi Kati! I just wanted to say how amazing you are! Your videos are such an inspiration. I know that I am just one of a billion people watching your videos and letting you know that you by posting those videos saved my life and gave (and still give) me comfort and hope even in my darkest hours! But with that you not only saved my life but also my friends’ and family’s! Thank you so so much!
    I would be so glad if you could answer my question, cuz I don’t know what to do and I am scared to ask my therapist about it. –
    So I haven’t been eating anything in the last three days and I’ve already fainted twice in the gym yesterday and today.. I know it’s because of my ED and it won’t happen again if I start eating something again. But still I am a little worried and don’t know if I should see a doctor.
    I just feel like I don’t want to bother him because I know there are a lot of people who feel way worse. I don’t know what to do –

  • I used to over exercise as part of my ED. I counted calories, and then I would go on a run for example, and I would say I have to burn X calories before I can be done, and X was usually twice as much as I consumed. It was really unhealthy and looking back, scary. Not only was I starving my body, I was taking away everything extra it had!

  • #katiFAQ Hi Kati! First off, your videos have really helped with my bulimia. I was hoping you could please help me with a “nightmare” that I have been having for the past 4-5months. In these nightmares my jaw is locked and I can’t unlock it no matter how hard I try. This causes an immense amount of pressure on my teeth causing them to break into a million pieces. Sometimes I wake up with my fingers in my mouth or with painful bite marks on my fingers. How do I make these nightmares stop? I know it might be due to stress but sometimes I don’t feel stressed. I also have a fear that the bulimia is going to ruin my teeth, could it be related? It’s very disturbing and very unpleasant sometimes causing me to wake up in a panic. I really appreciate any tips or advice. Thank you!

  • Thank you for this awesome explanation. I used to use exercising for my purging behaviors. In Recovery, I had to cut down my exercise routines. five years later I still struggle with it. Not in such a excessive way, but its definitly there. But I never understood, what this actually means; “obsessive exercising”. Being fit and active is good, right?! Well, now I understand what this means for my body and that I cant fully recover without stopping these obsessive behaviors. And I realised, after watching this video, that I still have routines in my day, where I use my behaviors, because my head tells me, that I have to do it, otherwise I gain weight. So, thank you for this lightbulb-moment!!! I will work on this!!!

  • That adding on thing is something I do. Although I don’t think it’s in an unhealthy way. Everyday I have a set of exercises that I have to do that I’ve gradually increased and if Im on a holiday and miss it I make it up on other days. It’s only about 10 minutes though if I added it all up and I do it while watching TV so I doesn’t get it the way. But there is a mindset if I’m not away somewhere that I can’t miss a day, that I just have to finish them. But I also find telling myself that helps me get things done in generally. It doesn’t get in the way or anything but I’ll have to make sure to keep it in check after watching this video.

  • This is what I need to work on right now. Finding that healthy balance is so hard, but I’m starting to see that it’s a long road to recovery. Thanks for this, it’s nice to hear from someone who has made it through and gotten better ��

  • @tribunalfunk The “but there are starving kids in Africa!” refrain is a familiar one to anyone who’s had an eating disorder. No, EDs don’t just affect white women. If you’re really interested in learning more, I recommend Lauren Greenfield’s film and book THIN. Joan Jacobs Brumberg has written some really insightful books about EDs as well.

  • Hi Kati, great video. when you were taking about if ocd behavior is only around food is an eating disorder what about the other way around? what I mean by that is if someone has ocd and they have obsessions and compulsions around food does that make it amazing disorder?

  • My dietitian helped me with this…she gave me “permission” to not exercise. I already burn more calories than I am taking in with my activity at work, but would feel guilty if I didn’t get additional exercise on my days off.

  • Exercising for 3 hours a day? Sure, if you’re not eating enough of the right kinds of food, that could lead to a problem, but that’s really not “excessive” at all.

  • SO true�� Literally, that’s exactly what I did: I Abused running. Now I make sure to check in with myself.
    Good on you for tackling this subject; you’re such a wonderful contribution to the recovery community.��

  • What is the difference between compulsive exercise and exercise addiction? I feel like I am not myself if I do not exercise, so I want to exercise almost always and panick when I can’t.

  • My dietician didn’t help and I started exercising 6 hours a day. The diet made me very unhealthy and I became bulimic out of desperation. I stopped in time. My metabolism slowed and I wasn’t willing to risk my life. I have fallen off the wagon forgetting to eat but I never found myself in the situation again gaining weight on low calories. I would walk for hours and run. It felt horrible. I am now slim the weight is gone but I have enough to stay well. I needed a basic amount and I was slowing down to conserve energy. Getting a second opinion helped me. Nothing extreme though. I proved by degrees my anorexia is telling lies. If I eat something I tell myself its not going to do any harm and it doesn’t. My doctor would tell me anyway.

  • Hey Kati! So my moms friend was just diagnosed with “Unvoluntary Bulimia” or some type of Unvoluntary Ed. I was wondering if you could explain what this is or if you could do a video on this.? Thanks:) Love your videos!:)

  • I’ve been on a weird rollercoaster of emotions because of a girl I’m interested in has been curving then flirting and on and on over the past two weeks and I’ve found myself exercising a lot when I feel good and I’m flirting with her and when I’m depressed about her not being as interested as I want her to be. I don’t talk to a lot of girls like this and it’s killing me that I don’t know if she’s interested or not. It’s made me anxious all week and I’ve had trouble eating without feeling queasy and I’ve been exercising a ridiculous amount. Idk why I’m obsessing over her but it’s definitely leading me to exercise in a much more violent and impulsive way.

  • Great video Mia:) I also used exercise as a form of purging for a lot of years. I think it’s so important that people working with and diagnosing eating disorders recognize that this manifestation of eating disorder is no less serious than the others. Having waffled between AN, BN and EDNOS (when I was purging through exercise) throughout my eating disorder, it mystifies me how EDNOS can be sometimes labbled as “less severe”. While exercise may be more socially acceptable than vomiting, it was equally as destructive and distressing for me. In fact, I was extremely suicidal during periods of my ED when I was purging through exercise. I will not forget the unfortunate experience of, upon first seeking treatment, having a professional tell me, “as far as eating disorders go, yours isn’t that bad”. Thanks for sharing your experience, as well as for all your advocacy in the field. It is much appreciated by all of us who have struggled <3

  • Thank you for this! I was never diagnosed with anorexia but I know I had it (have it?) for 2/3 of my life. I somehow managed to mostly get things under control by now but tbh it’s really not properly dealt with probably, because one way I deal with things is avoidance and another is trying to talk back to the voice.

    Problem is, recently I did a yearly check up and they said I was super healthy blah blah but then it said my BMI was one point below the upper level of average for my height. And that completely horrified me. I’ve been thinking I should exercise for a while, just to be healthy, but the problem is I used to freak out on exercising and I’m scared to do any exercising at all. It’s kind of frustrating because people are like OMG NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT? JUST EXERCISE:D and I’m like, I can’t just randomly exercise. I tried running with my dog one day and I got instantly into that mindset of, “Well I need to run one more block. I need to sprint this far. I need to do this. I need to do that.”

    I end up sabotaging myself when I do that because it’s currently the only way I know how to stop myself from proving to myself that I CAN do those things because like you said, once I acknowledge I CAN do those things then it goes on my list of things I HAVE to do. And the problem is once I start counting calories and actually using a scale and monitoring exercising and all of that, then I run right back into my old mindset of feeling like I have to overachieve and wouldn’t it be better to lose 30 or 40 lbs because then I’d know FOR SURE I wasn’t fat and in danger of a BMI going out of healthy range?, I’d be in the safe zone of being underweight or under_ and that’s always better than over_, right?, and then some of my clothes would fit a little better and etc etc etc.

    It’s only remembering how miserable I was and the times I passed out that keeps me from jumping on that train, but at the same time it seems clear to me that I need to do something because my BMI shouldn’t be that high and I have been having issues with clothing not fitting as well as I want. Plus I legit can’t jog up a set of stairs or run a city block without getting a bit winded lol, and that’s really not healthy.

    I’ve been feeling really stuck; like for my health I should go this direction but also precisely because of my health, that direction terrifies me. It took me… I don’t even know. 8 years? To really lose all the vestiges of those messed up thoughts on my own and even now they still pop up, I’ve just gotten a lot better at ignoring them.

    I actually didn’t know OCD was BFF with EDs and that makes me feel better to know that because at least that puts in the right context what I used to do and why I did it. I’m going to download your workbooks, also I saw that video about exercising with an ED and I liked the ideas in that so I’m going to try to focus on that first. It’s actually really helpful to have something to start with, like, ok only 30 minutes 3 times a week, that isn’t horrible; I could feel like I’m doing something but I’m not going insane. And I liked the weights thing because I actually bought little 5 lb weights years ago planning to use them but hadn’t yet. I think I’ll pull those out. Weights was never a thing I did to exercise in the past so I think that might be a safe place for me to begin.

    Anyway I know you get a bajillion stories all the time from people, and I hadn’t really commented much on your videos before because I don’t talk a lot about my anorexia issues in the past, but I’d been wanting to research this topic for the past few weeks but kept stopping myself for fear I’d go too crazy with everything. So this was perfect timing for me and I think I’ll start small with the workbooks and aiming more toward the 30 minute thing to see how I do. I’ll monitor myself the way I did in the past and if I start to feel myself going too far I’ll intercept myself and reach out to someone else. I guess the tl;dr is I wanted to say thank you for the timing, your videos, and all that you do:) And thank you for mentioning the workbooks too, since I didn’t know about them before.

  • I’ve found that strength training/ weightlifting is an amazing form of exercise for recoveryit’s not about burning calories it’s about getting stronger and feeling good!

  • #katiFAQ so I’ve been struggling with bulimia for over a year now, I’ve had no therapy or help or anything. In the past nearly 2 weeks I have not engaged in any bulimic behaviours, although it is constantly in my head, still counting calories & weighing myself daily & in no way whatsoever will I eat or buy food infront of anyone. Self harm has been worse this time tho, does that mean I’m replacing bulimia with self harm & I no longer have an ED? Thanks

  • I have been trying to download your self harm workbook ages! it just want work so it would be amazing if you could email me with the file! thanks!

  • As a former XC runner, it took a long time to back myself down to working out only once a day 6 days a week. I’m still working out 6 days a week, just old habits, but I’d like to think I’m more comfortable taking rest days now when I need them, instead of pushing on past a fever or a sore knee.

  • I knew this was some sort of disorder. I had (still is showing up sometimes) that disorder. I was so obsessive about only eating 1500 kcal a day. I was doing sports every single day like crazy. And one day I ate 2100 kcal. And I was crying and totally depressed. Then I decided, I will just burn this off… Although I would already burn it of by my regular one hour of exercising. But I exercised three hours!… I burnt about 1800 to 2000 kcal in this three hours… I was so proud of myself but at the sime time I was also thinking… This cannot be a normal behavior…

  • Great video as always Kati! You were right though, you did irritate me in this video, but only because I know what you say is the truth, heh.

  • what if you feel a million times more depressed and just like crabby and bitchy and miserable all day long when you don’t get up and do it first thing in the morning..?

  • Nothing but love for you Marc!!! Definitely a topic so many suffer from but I think don’t know they’re even dealing with it or how much it’s overtaken their life and approach to fitness. I’ve had to catch myself from time to time in the past.

  • Katie great video! Can you do a video on situational depression and how to tell the different between it and regular depression? Thanks!

  • Tis is me….I eat a lot n exercise a lot…I eat until I fell like vomit and exercise for an hour to burn off d calories”..tis is making me crazy

  • @makemeskinny3 ah i so feel your pain, i do the binge and purge cycle all the time! ive never told ANYONE before so i cant really recover:/ im 15, how old are you??

  • thx for this ha bisky vid and i need to exercise more luckily i have barre class tomorrow i dont know if i am going weekly again now that my mom is back i might be able to until vidcon but i am going to try to do that

    for me my depression has been kicking my ass recently so i just been laying around feeling horrible

  • I struggle with exercising too much. Sometimes I am so exhausted that I wish I would get sick so that I wouldn‘t be able to exercise. But even if I am having a cold I will still exercise. It is a tough habit because you feel like you are letting yourself go on a day where you only exercise for 1hour.

  • I do rigorous running and cycling almost everyday, if I miss it for a day I literally eat nothing, I can’t enjoy anything. I feel extremely guilty and try to punish myself. I’m so devastated and lost.

  • “Most people exercise to keep those extra pounds at bay…”

    I wish most people set performance related goals, as opposed to goals that are only focused on aesthetics. I feel much more fulfilled and satisfied with my body now that I aim for being able to get stronger (squat 2x bodyweight, etc.) instead of trying to be X number of pounds.

  • Katie, I just want you to know that you’ve helped me more than any psychiatrist/counselor has. I come from a country where EDs aren’t really recognised or understood. So thank you for doing what you do. You’re the best. GOD bless Xx

  • This is a great video with helpful tips…I have had a tendency to overexcercise during recovery…almost as if to “make up” for the food I’ve been eating. The tip about listning to your body is good…I’m a runner and I find myself wanting to run an hour or two each day, when I know I need to take a day or two a week off to let my body recover. I will start doing that from now on! Thanks for the tips!

  • i fully have a workout disorder. working out is my best friend. i would rather stay home and do lunges than go out on dates. Unless the guy is super spectacular. �� meh.

  • exercise can be very addicting I use to be a fitness instructor until I had a relapse and knee injury and decided to stop. Its not good to exercise if you don’t have the nutrients to sustain metabolism going on within our cells.
    And yes talk to you doctor to get medical clearance before doing any exercise.

  • What if they are passionate about it? Or if what they’ve heard from the media makes them believe this is necessary to be healthy? You’re not ready for a marathon with just a little exercise, and here people have developed a subculture around it. You don’t go out with your old friends, but you make new ones.

  • It’s so hard to notice the line between obsession and dedication. Or even normal and obsession. Not just exercise but food too. Like you said, moderation. But all I’m good at is all or nothing.:)

    When you said the Hulk I just thought at first, well of course we’re not going to turn green. He was so epic in the Avengers. hahahaha

  • I love your videos. Thank you. I struggled with disordered eating behaviour from junior high through my first year of college, and even for a while after. Much of it was rooted in my social anxiety and I felt greatly uncomfortable eating in front of other people, even though I knew, logically, that everyone has to eat, and eating is normal. ButI didn’t think it was serious enough to seek help, I was in denial about my behaviour and what was happening-I even got so sick from a prescription med for my migraines that I dropped a huge amount of weight in on e summer, and I was just so thrilled to be thin that I couldn’t see that I was sick and miserable. My denial and fear of judgement meant that I had to overcome it by myself. Now, I am at a healthy upper-range BMI and weight for my build and height, and even on days when I think I look heavy or I feel gross, I make sure that I only ever work out to let off steam or to make myself feel good. I eat what I want, when I want, and I don’t beat myself up for not going to the gym 5 times a week, because I have learned that food and exercise should bring you joy; they shouldn’t be a form of punishment. It has been a long journey, but I now know that my worth as a person has nothing to do with my shape or size, or how little I eat or how much I exercise. At the end of the day, if you’re good enough for you, you’re more than good enough.

  • I’m always scared to listen to my dietition. I got diagnosed as diabetic and I felt like I was gaining weight on the diet they made me so I stopped going. I felt disappointed with myself and started feeling like I couldn’t trust her anymore.

  • @bheavynsad

    you gotta push yourself beyond your limits and you gotta stop feeling pity for yourself.
    Only YOU can control what you eat, and only YOU can choose to work out.

    If you want it you need to let your actions speak for themselves.

    It all starts and ends in the mind. You need to become love mates with Pain and adore every last characteristic because what you think you hate is really what you need to make you who Y O U want to be.

    Change your mindset and change your lifestyle.

  • Hi, Audra!
    I wasn’t sure if I should try and reach you through here or not, but I am kinda concerned and I wasn’t sure if I had a valid reason for freaking out.
    I began a “weight loss” journey in January 2015 and have lost about 30lbs since then. I didn’t get my period last month and I have yet to get it this month.
    I have experienced period symptoms, but no period. I’ve watched some of your videos, but I’m new here.
    Thanks for the help.

  • Thanks again for such a helpful video. I am at the stage where I need to get back exercising now, but find I lack the motivation and interest.

  • Can you do a video about Paranoia?
    Like I feel kinda creeped out about a lot of stuff I see or hear because I think they are all connected in some way and stuf…
    Eg: My roll number in school is 1223 and so is your PO box number thing, and when I first saw it, I had to close the tab and think about how it might be connected.

  • This used to be a HUGE part of my eating disorder before landing in the hospital with cardiac failure at age 25.
    Now I’m terrified of running (or any cardio) because I know that “little OCD” voice will start talking again.
    Thank you for saying something about this; I think so many younger sufferers believe overexercising benign.
    I certainly thought so, & I was SO wrong!
    Awesome info, as always:)

  • I always find it hilarious when Kati swears because she’s so clinical and professional, but when she’s like “the eating disorder voice FUCKIN lies” it makes me laugh xD

  • I was diagnosed with anorexia when I was twelve and I’m now in recovery but unfortunately now I exercise excessively. This is almost three years later so I feel like I completely failed at getting better. I feel that if I can’t exercise, then I can’t eat much either. I literally cannot go an hour without doing some kind of exercise, and I do them until I feel like throwing up and can no longer walk.

  • So I do exercise but I also try not to eat at all or at least once a day with very small snacks and I wouldn’t say I have anorexia but it’s not normal so what should I do??

  • when you said stop exercise i started to sweat. i prefer death than stop exercising. currently running on chronic injury. i dont think it will ever go away, whats the point.. besides giving me the sense of control i need i do love running, i cant stand one day without running, iit makes me crave it so hard, i count all thqe calorioes and definitely change my diet if i cant run. it doesnt bother me you know what bothers me is feelng so weak

  • I don’t know if you will see this, but I used to exercise obsessively. In treatment I wasn’t allowed to walk or exercise and now, a couple of years later, I don’t exercise enough. How can i increase my exercise without becoming addicted again? Thank you!

  • I believe excessive exercise derives from a feeling of extreme self conscious. People are more insecur of their bodies because we live in a society where we are bombarded with photo shopped ads of models with physiques thats virtually unobtainable. So some people base their identity on the way the look. But this is a form of marketing because “sexy bodies” sell. So we have been indoctrinated to look like this. Another plausible reason is because exercise release feel good hormones in the brain and throughout the body. Dopamine, endorphins ect…..which gives you a high. And its an amazing strees reliever. But to much exercise is counterproductive and keeps your body at catabolic phase. Being addicted to exercising is definitely harmful but beneficial in moderation. But marketing from big business tells you that you should look like this….and people desperately try to look like these celebrities or models in order to feel adequate. Great video:-) Just my subjective opinion.

  • I like the way you say gif haha. This is an important topic I feel like people often don’t talk about compulsive exercise when they talk about eating disorders, and it often goes unrecognized.

  • When I was a kid, I had an aunt who went into treatment for (I think) anorexia and I remember her exhibiting symptoms like this. I have a clear memory of being at the mall with her. We were waiting for my grandparents and she started running up and down the stairs rather than just wait with us, the whole time laughing like it was a really funny joke. I was too young to understand it at the time, but on some level I must have known something was wrong because that scene really etched itself into my long-term memory.

  • i struggle with this issue myself. I usually work out too hard, and crash the next few days or a week with no working out at all.

  • I think there isn’t a thing as too much excersise. I think everyone should excersise because it does the body well. Also, it is incredibly good for the mind. I could go all day if I had a private gym, lol, it’s so much fun! I’m guessing athletes don’t ever get emotional problems, working out is good for body and soul.

  • You see this problem (exercise bulimia) with many of these ‘fitness’ youtubers. Correct me if I am wrong, but almost every fitness obsessed youtuber had an eating disordered past. They just seem to think that: ‘as long as I am not super skinny or super fat, I am healthy! I have a six-pack and do an hour of cardio every day! Thats healthy right?!’. Truth is, most of these fitness-obsessed youtubers have exercise bulimia and they don’t even know it.

  • i get severe anxiety when there’s a time i am not able to exercise. i exercise every single day after anything i eat, and set a goal of how many calories i’m supposed to burn. if i don’t feel weak and tired after, i do more. if the calorie counter in the treadmill is less than what i’m aiming for, i push even harder and don’t care about injuring myself. if i’m out of town visiting family, i literally go into the bathroom and do a quick ab workout just so i feel a bit better. i got a gym membership JUST so i can workout more. i get insanely triggered when i see someone burning more calories than me. embarrassing to admit, but sometimes i peek over to the person next to me and see how many calories they’ve burned and i am determined to beat them. the worst thing is that i make my own workout sets, and if a normal person who was healthy looked at them they’d be scared for me.

  • I needed this. It’s sucks though because I’m already in this mentality, but I’m still actually overweight. I still need to lose weight but I used to be anorexic and I am worried that my fitness journey taking back to Anorexia.

  • Hi Kati, this video describes me exactly. I have been working with a therapist for my ocd and depression/anxiety for about a year now but i can’t get out to her the fact that i compulsively exercise and restrict/purge. i have been secretly dealing with this for years and i am too afraid/ashamed to tell anyone but it has gotten so out of hand that i don’t know what to do anymore. do you have any tips on how to tell her or is it too late? i am afraid to recover but i’m afraid to live like this anymore

  • I got to a level where I was offered professional contracts in basketball. But I was really excessive with my training because of my mental health. I used to train minimum 5 hours a day and would never do social things because I wanted it so bad, but it was also to a big detriment to me. I also suffered with eating disorders for 3 of my 6 years playing ball and most of my life. Can definitely relate to this really well.

  • My doctor says I have to gain weight before I start losing it which makes sense but I never said I want to lose weight I just want to gain muscle or at least stop feeling like shit all the time. I am always pumped with unhealthy food and I feel tired and aggravated a lot. I feel like I’m just recovering from a cold most of the time. I feel like exercising and eating healthier sounds like a better option but at the same time that’s not enough calories. So Idk what I should do

  • Kati, I’ve downloaded the ed and sh workbooks when they came out. I’ve tried to download them again but it won’t let me.. what can I do?

  • Yep makes sense I am in recovery but have gone crazy on bike riding sometimes 8 hours a day my partner has an electric bike and I never turn mine on and when I get back ask him to go for a walk poor man is older than me I will finish him off �� but on a serious not I am going to address this and only exercise more for pleasure not purging form but it makes me laugh as my partner said most people need motivating to exercise and not eat to many cakes I need help to learn to eat cake and stop exercise ��

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video! This whole point for defining what ‘excessive’ means was quite a journey for me.
    I’m not cancelling plans to exercise, I enjoy sports and stuff, so I really thought I didn’t have a problem with this. Because it wasn’t excessive, right? Because I do it because I like it.
    Well to some extend this was/is true, but I definitely had to notice during inpatient care that there was more to it.

    One day I had an exposure therapy (exposure to fear foods) scheduled and they spontaneously added something: they cancelled the sport therapy I was supposed to go to later that day. And it freaked me out! I noticed how I couldn’t sit still. They asked me to stay in the room next to them and not to go for a walk or anything, and I really didn’t know that this would be so hard on me. Later on they also challenged me to walk a bit slower whenever I’m going somewhere, because apparently I was walking rather than moving in a ‘normal’ speed.

    I guess my point is that EDs are REALLY REALLY good in making you believe that what you do is normal, when in fact it isn’t.
    I might not be excessive to the point where I cancel plans to exercise, but I freak out if I can’t move enough every day. And I think that this is also an important thing to realize.

  • This is seriously amazing. I have so many of those symptoms and I am already aware of each of them. It really sucks, and I wish I wouldn’t obsess over exercise! I think that it gets better each day as I have support from family, friends, and my doctor��

  • I weigh 348lbs. I do aerobics for 2 hours a day and gym work for 1 hour a day. Whilst I’m still very fat it’s not a concern to my doctor.

  • @heavynsad

    I’ll be 100% honest with you.
    I’m 5’2 and I weigh 125-129 pounds. (you can look at my page picture),

    And you’re in luck because there ARE tips to weight loss.
    You may not like the tips, but honestly The absolute best way to lose weight is not fast, There are no fast ways, and if you try to do a fast way you will wreck yourself.

    You need to get your mind strong and stop looking for an easy way out. If you want something in this world you have to sacrifice.

  • Defo what I need! I have made the decision to stop exercising! I need it for my Mental Health! But it is making me very anxious… so thanks I know I have made the right decision and need to commit to it!

  • Ahh this cleared up so much for me. I intuitively stopped exercising when i decided to try to recover on my own. Three years later i still can’t exercise without feeling mentally like shit. And i have been so confused about this and beaten myself up over not being “able” to exercise even though i would consider myself largely recovered. The key i now understand is what motivates you! I still havent replaced that old motivation of trying exercise the life out of me and thats why i can’t do it! Thank you immensly for this video! Pls keep going! <3333

  • Can eating disorders be motivated by something other than weight loss?

    TW: disordered eating, self harm (?)

    For example, when my ED (?) was really bad I starved myself as a form of punishment whenever I felt my grades weren’t good enough, or whenever my home life was so bad. I felt like I needed to starve as punishment. Does this even count as disordered eating or does it fall under self harm?

  • Thank you for this. This is really starting to make sense, how my resolutions to be healthy & practice self love slowly subtly get corrupted by these darker motivations.

  • OMG THANK YOU!!! This is exactly what I’ve been trying to say about Freelee! If you look at her Strava, she bikes 5-6 hours per week and goes on a 2-hour run once a week. If you add it up, she’s burning an excess of 6,000 calories per week. So she eats 2500+, then burns 1200+ calories each and every work out. That makes her net calories around 1300-1500 a day! She’s using exercise as a form of calorie restriction; that’s how she stays so thin on that “diet” of hers. I’ve been beating my head against the wall because I can’t believe no one in this community realizes this! You have no idea how happy it makes me that someone has finally made this video. You rule, Audra.