Half hour Incline Treadmill Workout



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Treadmill workout for beginners with Chrissy 30 Minutes

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LAUREN GIRLADO TREADMILL ROUTINE | Weight Loss Before and After| ***RESULTS | Yessi Waters Remake

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I WENT ON THE TREADMILL EVERY DAY FOR A MONTH | 30 day workout challenge inspired by Lauren Giraldo

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Treadmill workout with music with Jenni 30 Minutes

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HIIT Workout Insane 30 Minute Treadmill Workout

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A 30-Minute Treadmill Workout (No Running Required) Minutes 21-23: Keep Incline at 15 (all the way uphill) and do a side step hop. Turn to face the right handrail and step with your left foot. To start it you set the treadmill at a 0 incline and find a walking pace you can maintain for 30 minutes.

The faster you go, the better the workout. If you are beginner, start slow because the incline. The whole workout will take 30 minutes!

We highly recommend that you also perform the flexibility routine included at the bottom of this workout. Warm-Up (5 Minutes) Incline: Set the incline to no more than 1.0%. Speed: Maintain a consistent speed of 2.5 – 3 mph for 5 minutes.

Jog / Sprint Intervals (10 Minutes). Working the incline on the treadmill targets your hamstring and glutes! This calorie-torching workout combines bursts of running with quick hilly walking as you play with speed and incline. 30 Minute Incline Walking Treadmill Workout 7.17.13 by Tamara 14 Comments Since I am on a cleanse right now and have ZERO motivation to do any type of exercise I thought this would be the perfect time to start sharing more workouts on my blog.

Now is when the incline starts! Put the incline on the maximum height, usually at 15, and continue your speed walking pace for the next 5 minutes. I always make sure that I hold on to the handles at this point so I stay on the machine!

Although this may seem ridiculously hard, this is what make it the best 30 minute treadmill workout!This 30 minute treadmill workout is the perfect way to walk and lose weight. The speed varies between 3.0 mph to 4.0 mph, which is a quick walking pace.

The change in incline will help you enter the fat burning zone to help you melt away the pounds. Why This Walking Workout Works. Over the years I have found that hopping on the treadmill at a.

Try an efficient 30-Minute Fat-Blasting Treadmill Walking Workout to get your heart rate up, break a sweat, and stay in shape! It’s probably pretty. Part two of this 30 minute treadmill workout is where incline work comes into play.

A steeper incline on the treadmill will fire up your muscles and make your heart pump, even if. 30 minute incline treadmill workout. When I was driving home from school yesterday, I was so exhausted.

It was a busy day at school, and staring at the computer all day sometimes gives me a bit of a headache. I was almost home, when I got a tweet from Kyle.

List of related literature:

These are good to try once you’ve gotten used to walking on the treadmill and you feel comfortable with changing the speed and incline of the ramp.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
from ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy
by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
Atria Books, 2009

Tabata Sets Perform a 10-to-15-minute warm-up, then complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, kettlebell swings, squats, treadmill running, cycling, rowing machine—you choose) with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

If you can eventually work up to twenty minutes or more on most days, great.

“The Self-Esteem Workbook” by Glenn R. Schiraldi
from The Self-Esteem Workbook
by Glenn R. Schiraldi
ReadHowYouWant.com, Limited, 2009

Using an exercise bike, a treadmill, or an elliptical trainer, or doing intervals of sprints and walking, you work out to your maximum intensity for 20 to 30 seconds, then move gently for 90 seconds, then repeat the sequence for a total of eight cycles.

“Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Hay House, 2015

That’s how I do my cardio workouts—I do 45 minutes of walk, run, walk—divided to 1 to 2 minutes cycle.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

They’re even less precise for running and completely useless for something like weightlifting (heavy squatting burns a lot of energy but doesn’t involve a lot of motion).9 Fancier fitness trackers aren’t much better.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

When you incline the treadmill to simulate running up a grade, it’s somewhat easier than running up real­life hills that are equally steep.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
Wiley, 2010

The researchers found that the most effective workout for improving fitness was a HIIT program that entailed switching back and forth between high-intensity exercise (performed at 90 percent of maximum effort) for 30 seconds and lowintensity exercise for 30 seconds.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
from Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality
by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
Rodale Books, 2012

After 25 to 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill, I have gotten the same benefit I would have from 50 to 60 minutes without a preceding workout.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

At 40 minutes or less, these are perfect for your commute to campus, your walk across campus, or your time on the elliptical trainer.

“Small Teaching Online: Applying Learning Science in Online Classes” by Flower Darby, James M. Lang
from Small Teaching Online: Applying Learning Science in Online Classes
by Flower Darby, James M. Lang
Wiley, 2019

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  • I do 12mph for 30 sec then lower it to 6mph and do 1min for 20mins this is my 3rd day in cant wait to see the difference in my body

  • I’m on my second day of this routine and I am loving it so far! We have very similar body types, height and all. I know EXACTLY what you mean when you talk about your sides (even though they are not bad whatsoever, I just think we all like to pick on ourselves). Hope my results are as good as yours!

  • I Loveeee this!!!!
    Thank you so much for this!
    you are awesome trainer!
    I am doing this HIIT 3 times a week and between long run!

    I am a runner I enjoy every second��

  • I cannot wait to try this I am new to the treadmill been going 8 days 30 mins twice a day every day these movements will be a fun slow add

  • My problem with this method is that i end up each time with injury even if i warmed up i am so scared of doing hiit on treadmill again, any advice?

  • I’m obsessed with this HIIT workout. I used to try and HIIT train on the treadmill, but found myself losing track of the time and how many rounds while concentrating on getting my breath back and then would easily give up as I had no clear end goal of how many rounds I was doing. This is a game changer for me! Thank you so much and for being so motivating �� my shin splints are back which means I’ve definitely pushed myself but I feel amazing

  • Thank you from Malaysia!!! This is my quick fix for the. Working mom of 2 toddlers…totally helped me get back into my sweaty routine which I’ve neglected for the past 5 years…
    Thank you once again Dr. Kevin, my PT!

  • The best workout; it’s easy to follow along but also challenging enough to make you sweat! I’ve been doing this for about 2 1/2 weeks along with healthy eating and I’m down 7 pounds! On days I don’t feel as motivated I do the 15 or 20 minute version ��

  • I did it today and damn the jump squats really made it hard. Still I very enjoyed it, I sweated in places I didn’t know I could like my knees for example, or my…peach. Anyway great workout, really gets your sweat on as I have stayed before and I will be incorporating this to my weekly routine. Burning the fat away. Anyway…love your videos Grace have a great day..everyone not just Grace although you too sweetheart have a great day. (Face palm)

  • Does this help to lose weight if i do everyday? Im 100kg and 165cm 19yo. Is this workout enough to lose weight or shall i do other workouts too for example Abs workout and squats?

  • So my PE teacher always shouted at me for not running. After I left secondary school (5 years of her nagging me!!) I went to the doctors for a checkup and they was very worried about my feet. Got a referral to the hospital and turned out I had an inverted ankle. So my right ankle turns out instead of the normal way.

    Is there any brand of shoe that would help with running with this??

  • Hey! This looks great! Going back to the gym next week. I’m on a goal to lose weight? I’m gonna use this method. I’ll be sure to check back in and let you know my results.

    Thank you!

  • My maximum speed is 10. As a kid what is a good workout similar to this. I managed to do all rounds on this vid. I’m about 138 lbs and want to go back to 115-125. Also what are the recommended meals before this.

  • I’ve been feeling kinda down about my fitness and health lately but I did this and I feel great now!! Thank you so much:)
    Also, do you think that speed of 15.5km/h and incline of 5.0 is okay or should I try to exert myself more?

  • I completed the 20 min version of this two days ago and it was great, but not enough for me. SO happy I found this one! Today, I completed this one and it was definitely enough! Perfect amount of time and effort for me. With both of these videos, I was able to increase my speed from 7.0 mph to 7.8 mph, and 30 secs goes by quick! Smelly and dripping in sweat! Thanks! ��❤����

  • Hi Dr. Kevin, I’m about 280 pounds, I started to walk/jog on the treadmill at 340 lbs. Since last year I lost around 70Lbs. I attempted this workout yesterday and I love it, brings me such a high. I performed the 10 m on 6.5 mph/7 1 min on 1 min off (Stopped at 40 secs on some time. ( which is fast for me, my Heart rate is at 185 or more.) Can I perform this without affecting my joints at my weight?

  • That is a really invigorating workout. I just wish you didn’t have the music get so loud during the running part because everyone else is still asleep on my house lol.

  • Nothing like doing a time workout and it be interrupted by commercials?! If you have the ability to post these workouts without them being constructed by commercials I think it would be really get to do so. Otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose of interval workout. Thank you

  • I was watching this video on a treadmill I may look skinny but I’m not ������ so I’m watching this while on a treadmill and yes I’m only 10 years old and people say I’m too young to worry about my weight but I don’t care my mom bought a treadmill about 6 months ago for herself but she let me use it so yay��

  • I started doing this as a way to a) prepare myself for walking up the hills at my school lol and b) get myself to a place where I’ll feel more comfortable or confident when I walk into the gym at my college. It’s good! It very quickly began to feel like I was no longer doing anything difficult, I was just walking (with sweat). SO I’ve been kicking it up, where I’ll do 12% incline at a speed of 3.6-4.0 for however long it takes to do 2 miles. Which is more difficult but still feels like walking flat. SO I’m going to start kicking up the incline to max and see what happens:)

  • Love it. I do it 5 days a week. I will take it to three days a week when I’m where I’m suppose to be. Goal wise. Please keep it up.

  • Is 6-7 rounds of 1 minute sprint at 11-12 kmph at 2%-3% incline followed by 2-4 minutes of slow walking at 4-4.5 kmph same as this?

  • Started with a 20 minutes workout first week l’m on my second week 30 minutes and looking forward every morning to do my exercises. My goal for April was to reduce 10 pounds instead I gain 10 pounds. My daughter is an excellent cook and home due to the corona virus. I’m using the treadmill that was collecting dust and run into your program, easy to follow and sweat a lot which motivates me to continue. Thank You. Love to have you as my trainer every morning. Will write again when I reach my goal.

  • is it okay to ONLY do cardio? i do 12,000ish steps a day, and i bike sometimes, but i never really do strength training since its hard to do and i have no gym near me

  • That speech in the last round made me max out my speed and almost max incline lol. I’ve never had a runners high before but I think that did it for me!

  • First time in a while that I have enjoyed my treadmill workout….I even thought it was too short…can’t wait to redo it…Thank you very much.

  • Hi,, this workout was amazing, but I’m not sure I could get the most out of it because my treadmill doesn’t have an incline setting. Any suggestions to challenge myself so I could get the same effect as the workout?

  • Great stuff man, I started back at it on the 20min workouts but I needed more and this 30 min is just perfect, beginning to get that flow back, long strides, open hip high knee, top of the world, thank man and keep them coming

  • Amazing work out. My treadmill can only go to 8mph so i raised the incline to 10. For 30 minutes. I went from 147 pound to 143 in 2 weeks. 5 days a week.

  • I’ve just found you and loved this haven’t run for a while but will do this indoors for 4 weeks to get me road ready?? Thanks Chrissy xb

  • Hello �� mr dr Kevin I’m new subscribers I love your treadmill workout I Follow your work I need to know incline workouts..dose helps to lose belly fat too please answer me I really need to know? Thanks �� for your workout

  • You can always do 3.5 walking 90 seconds and then fast as you can 30 seconds. That way works the best for me. I still jump off on side rails and lower to 3.5 walk.

  • Dr. I have been doing the 20 minute treadmill 8 sets for about 2 weeks and it has been amazing thank you. But now I am getting so much pain in my legs. Mostly the outside of both shins and my left buttock shooting pain down. Do you have any suggestions? Am I landing wrong. I am wearing Aultra running shoes. Thank you

  • I did 10 mph with a 1.0 incline and completed all rounds… Afterwards I had to take a big ��…. Since my diet is high in fiber i.e. spinach, broccoli, chia seeds, berries, banana, apples, etc these ������ are draining literally and it’s a lot of it too

  • Dr. Kevin,
    Wow!!!! I am so Happy I found your YouTube page. I just got back to working out after a 5 year bump in the road. I have been doing your HIIT treadmill workouts and I actually look forward to doing them each day. I can already see the change in my cardio and my legs are toning. I pray that God keeps giving you more creative out of the box workout ideas. I can’t wait to get back to this workout tomorrow and incorporate your other HIIT workouts as well. Thank you so much����

  • What type of incline did you use here?

    Note: I appreciate that you completed the entire exercise on film. I watch this at the gym and run along with you when I do this routine ������

  • I would say 20% (I was going to say 10%) of people actually know how to run correctly. Most just pound their feet and are an annoyance.

  • I loved your video, your presentation, the length and the intervals. Since I am 68 and very out of shape, I walked at a brisk pace for me and did a jog during the 30 second intervals. Perfect workout. I felt great afterwards. Maybe in a year I’ll be actually doing it they way it is intended.

  • Great video. 1:1 rest ratio too intense for me. This 1:3 run/rest ratio looks more doable. Can I do a 1:4 ratio and still see good results? Coz I normally need about 2 minutes to fully recover

  • I’m body building and am in my cutting phase (high protein, low carb) and do my resistance workout in the morning late afternoon and cardio in the evening p. I’m here cause I’m always looking for new ideas and techniques. I’m 6’4, 265 lbs and have two more weeks left to cut before I switch up my diet again to suite my training. Thanks for the vid and ideas! Just subscribed ��

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  • I’m gonna do this challenge and do a quick update everyday!

    Day 1 Thought “it’s just walking! Can’t be that hard.” But after 6 mins my legs were on fireeeeee. But I got the whole 30 mins done

  • Thank you for this!

    This was a great workout for me. I’m no runner and with this workout I felt great afterward! I didn’t feel like I failed because I couldn’t keep up like some of the other videos I’ve watched by others.

    It’s not easy but I’ll be coming back!

  • My treadmill won’t incline and can’t afford a new one.. I put a board under the front for a slight lift but not going to be able to jump on and off to take it out. So do you think it is good to do an inch board, and leave it there?
    And I am short and kind of beginner on jogging. So can u do one for endurance to burn calories to get used to it and not to many hills? And I love the music and beat thanks!

  • Hi it was wonderful. Far less than u due to knee pain but still. Just wanna ask. How many kilometers u travelled in that duration and how mich calorie u burnt.

  • I don’t have an inclined treadmill. Can you please tell me that for how many minutes I have to do treadmill on speed of 6.0 to lose weight faster?

  • Thanks for this Jenni. Havent used my treadmill for months as I was getting bored… I had reverted to walking workouts! So now I have found you and loved using the treadmill, will check out your other workouts:-)

  • I could barely walk at 3.5. I followed this routine and can now run at 4.5 for a steady 30 minutes. It might not seem like a lot to some people but I could NEVER run before. It took me 6 weeks to work up to it. I’m an ex-smoker and was 40lbs overweight. I hope it encourages other to give it a try��‍♀️��

  • Hello Jenni…wow!! where were you all my life? Finally a workout for my 60 year old body! I was able to follow your treadmill exercise till I reached the 24 minutes,,then I died.. but I have a 20 year old Trimline treadmill. It does the job great but has no indication of the incline, only the speed and calories..is there a way I can measure what a 2 or 3 % incline is? Anyone who could answer me would be great.. See you tomorrow!

  • I closed my eyes bc I felt dizzy, and then fell off the treadmill hitting my knee and chin:) ow that hurt like a mother f. (Still finished the workout though)

  • Great workout!  I have been doing this frequently for the last several months because I enjoy it.  I have also done her 60 minute workout also tough and great!  Keep going!  We need more like this!!!

  • Scream laughing at the gym photo LMAO. Power walking is the SHIT. Girl, you better stop using such negative words to describe yourself though! You’re gorgeous 24/7 3.6.5.

  • Just recently did a similar workout the other day! Sprints are killer at the end omg!! ������Will give this set a try another day Thanks for the inspiration guuuurl will definitely be on the floor after it x

  • For the love of god sweet heart… you do not have “curves” in the wrong places… you are a beautiful bean pole and you should know it!

  • I started doing this too, the first two days i wanted to finish my walk quickly, then i had the idea to watch tv series or movies while walking, by doing this the time pass quickly and you walk more.

  • This is my second time watching this video.. but it really is hard motivating yourself when nobody else does and your always there cheering everyone else on. (I hope that makes sense)


  • this is my first video watching of yours and i’m definitely subscribing you were so real about everything and talked so well btw you’re gorgeous

  • Find a tv show that you’re addicted to. I started greys anatomy I walk 3 miles and don’t even notice it lol nothing’s worse than listening to music on the treadmill in my opinion, I notice how long the songs are and it feels like forever!

  • Because of this video I was motivated to get up and do this challenge myself and girl this was so hard �� I just posted my journey on my channel! Thank you for the motivation ����

  • I am
    Actually buying a treadmill tomorrow evening!!! I need to lose 15 kg and I have been so neglecting myself need to get into it!! So investing in a good treadmill! Motivate each other go go go! Thanks for your video!

  • Did this today. 10/10 would recommend to EVERYONE I KNOW. going to start your guide soon ❤️ ps can’t wait to your vegan video. You and Sam James are the reasons I began my journey towards veganism. I’m one month strong ������

  • new subscriber here! i was walking and doing your workout challenge while watching you. omg, its my 1st day no actually i was doing workout for a month now and a several weeks but i changed my treadmill workout to this and will see if something happenes. I LOVE YOUU!!

    edit: I’m srsly sweating a lot in this challenge, omg!!

  • Hi! I just started this challenge myself today. May I ask, what pace did you walk at and what incline level did you use? Did you just do 12 3 30?

  • i have a treadmill at home but it has no incline so is there something i can do that’ll make me get good results? maybe increase the speed instead or increase the time?

  • Omg!! Love this video and workout! Thank you so much! I just had my 2nd child 5 months ago and have always wanted to try starting jogging but had the hardest time finding a video that actually showed u how to start as a beginner and did it with u until now! Thanks again:)

  • Imma start doing this challenge from today… hope it goes well, im not putting much expectation but this is sending me tbh!

    Day 1
    Done it. Out of breath. Hold on to the rail pretty much half of the time. But so far so great!
    Day 2
    The second try always way more heavier, but i did it! I also jog a lil bit in the last 5 min and rise the speed up to 4.5��
    Day 3
    U have no idea how lazy i am doing this. But once again. Mission accomplished cyber
    Day 4
    I forgot to update it yesterday but i did it tho.
    Day 5
    Its getting easier but still hold on to the rail sometimes.
    Day 6
    Tbh i didn’t do it, im too tired or maybe im just finding an excuse hh:)
    Day 7
    Back on track!:)
    Day 8
    I got a really bad period cramps:(
    Day 9
    Done it��
    Day 10
    It feels a lot harder than usual. Done it ✅
    Day 11

    Day 12

  • Is there Anybody who reduce the weight with 30 days,30 minutes walking?
    I started last week to walk 30 minutes on the treadmill. Lets see how it goes.

  • I did this workout yesterday at my gym and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for this because I was tired of just walking on the treadmill not knowing what I am doing

  • This virus gave me the idea to use our treadmill and look for some routines and benefits. And now im here lol.

    Im doing 10 incline (max), 3.5-3.8 speed, to cover 5 miles, im not into time but i prefer distance more. At first, I typically finish walking 5 miles more than 2 hours the first week including rest for every mile (i feel like im dying on my first few days lol need to rest more often).

    now on my 3rd week i can cover 3 miles straight, take a good rest and back for another 2 miles to finish the job. Instead of covering my 5 miles for more than 2 hours, i can do it now for about 1hr 45mins including rest time. my next goal is to finish 5 miles straight no rest, no water, just pure sweat.

    I forgot to take pictures to see any improvements but i can really feel my legs, calves, ankles are getting better. My leg muscles feels harder and has less fat movements you know when you shake them, its firmer it doesnt shake a lot anymore. But i do lost some weight for sure around 8lbs now, without changing my diet drastically just a bit less carbs and less fats not totally removing them. Maybe i should add the gallon of water a day to my diet ��

  • My max treadmill speed is 12km/h (7.5 mph) and has no incline�� so what should i do to compensate with this problem? More rounds? Or Run more than 30 seconds? Im 5’2 btw (Im trying to lose weight)

  • Funny story but really not that funny, my treadmill is stuck on incline so that gives me an even better excuse to do this. I started walking on it last week but kind of got discouraged. Now I’m taking the weekend to mentally prepare and get my meals ready and I’ll start Monday.

    Also, my fiance says treadmill the same way as you do & it cracks me up!!

  • Thank you so much for the inspiration, I’m 13 and I’m 139 lbs and 5’3, so far I’ve lost 25 pounds from eating healthy. I want to start working out more to lose 20lbs of fat.

  • I’ve done incline walking before so I know it sounds easy but it’s no joke I’m actually going to try it again thanks for the motivation ��

  • I’ve been doing 30 mins a day on the treadmill the last few days and it’s been going well. Also love how you say “treadmeel” �� curious where you’re from cuz I hear a slight accent

  • I have a treadmill at home and have been skipping exercise and gaining weight steadily for the last 6 months. The last 7 weeks have been worse due to not leaving the house.

    This is so motivating. This time last year I LOVED going to the gym (mostly for my mental health). This video has made me want to set myself that challenge to get back into the rhythm of things, slowly but surely. You’re awesome!

  • We have a treadmill and ofc i cant just leave it there for display XD, imma do thiss to challenge myself too, because im legitimately NOT a running or walking person TTUTT but challenges are nice once in a while ��

  • Thanks. Starting this challenge today. Walking on treadmill for one hour every day. Incline 7 and speed above 3. SW= 145.8 lbs. Doing this for one week. Will update.

  • Sooo… I started doing this… I’m on week 2 and I’ve already lost 7lbs… I’m super excited to see what it will be at the end of 30 days… it seems so simple but it is intense… lolz…definitely gets the heart rate going…such a motivation!! Thanks for this!!

  • When I run 60 too 90 minutes a day and it’s been a long time and I haven’t lost any weight:( tomorrow I’m going on another run tomorrow and going to try and look for the results, maybe this time it will work:)

  • Thanks for sharing I just did this 3.0-3.2 mph at max incline kicked my butt well worth it Im continue to do it. Thanks for sharing also.

  • ive tried so many workouts and barre is my favorite. it’s shaped and toned my muscles more than anything else i’ve tried and would probably work really well w this!!

  • thought I had been working out on the treadmill till I played this vid…now this is a real workout. still can only make it halfway through without a break but I’m gonna keep trying.

  • Your right this workout makes you sweat a lot in a good way�� I’m a day 3 so going to see how it goes�� you look so beautiful your results r so good❤️

  • i did it for the first time today!! i also did step master with kicks and then did rope slams and weights with weigh machines!! if that helps:)

  • I am like what u said I am a person who was doing exercise and lost a lot of weight and then that lasted a while till I stopped exercise all the time I ended up eating more less exercise and here I am after hysterectomy I have been trying to get into exercise and I now have a good cardio from step aerobics and weight lifting and I also jog but can’t do more the 30 minimum and I am a slow jogger. I want to do more because my lungs and heart can do it but my feet can’t. My ankles and knees are wonky now. Old injury’s and surgeries was what hurt me. So it keeps my weight higher then I want.
    I try to eat right but I guess I need to stop eating so much. I really need a good steady state cardio like this to lose some weight off my feet because I gained 40 pounds the past ten years and I am now wanting to lose 20 pounds and it hurts to have that weight on my knees. I really loved this workout. Sensible and doable and wasn’t dull.
    Can you all add mobility work as well? I do some yoga but I am not a yogi, I am flexible but not “mobile” if that makes sense. As I get older is can tell the mobility in my feet and back and shoulders are starting to stiffen and just my range is getting bad. Today I did a spin class for 30 minutes and this workout. It was fun. I do lift weights too

  • I will give this a try.I usually walk around the park for 30 mins a day i wanna get to 180 at least i weight 239 omg the biggest weight i ever gained though��

  • Yes sis!
    so glad I watched this video. Ive been filming a 7 day 12/3/30 for my channel as well! Tomorrow is my last/upload day! (Im obsessed with Lauren & her channel lmao & I’m dying @ the fact she commented on your video!) I’m so excited I found your channel! I subbed �� let’s be YouTube friends!

  • I started off with the 20 min HIIT session and worked my way up to this 30 min workout. I was pretty out of shape and wanted to shed some winter/quarantine weight. 6 weeks later I reached my goal. Looking to lose another 10lbs. Best thing I could have done for myself during these stressful times. ����‍♀️

  • OMG you look AMAZING!!! you looked stunning in the before pic, and in the after i really saw the difference you looked SO toned! Today was my day 1 of this workout routine and so far absolutely loving it, and i’m filming it for a week as well. I love Lauren! You have the perfect personality for youtube, keep going i can tell you’re gonna be big on here!!!!!

  • I just found your channel through Lauren’s routine and I am obsessed with you!!!
    She is a queen. I agree.
    I just did the 12,3,30 for 7 days on my channel also and it KILLED ME. I wasn’t expecting it to be such a workout!!
    So glad I found your channel! New subbie here. I hope we can stay connected! ��

  • I recommend using an app called BodySpace if you want to get set workout routines. The app has multiple free programs for all levels, beginner to advanced. In each workout program they also provide a video on how to do the exercise or use the machine. I’ve been using the app for a little over a year now and am very happy with my progress.

  • Kinda a late response to this video since I just saw it for the first time, I’m actually going to try to add this to my routine once the gyms are back open and running. You should add a full body workout with this by doing one exercise per body part on the machines. That’ll really kick it up a notch for ya ����

  • I have this workout three times. I’m not a runner so this is making it easy for me to get a jog/run workout. I’m trying to get more cardiovascular exercise to lose weight.
    My only question is is the treadmill elevated or at 0.
    Thx Chrissy awesome work out.:)
    *I need to work on the yoga **
    Thanks for the reminder.

  • Thank you for this great workout. I have always walked and did not think that I could run and was able to jog through the entire workout


  • Great workout!! My treadmill is being Utilized since being home and I actually want to get into running! Thank you Also the movie Brittany Runs A Marathon is inspiring Grazie!!

  • Thank you so much for making this video. I have such a hard time staying focused on a treadmill and commonly cut my routine short after 10 minutes or so. But I really WANT to like it and want to increase my endurance. So I decided that I needed some extra motivation to push me to stay on the treadmill for 30 minutes. You were exactly what I needed. Your fun, informative and motivating banter throughout the workout kept me engaged and I definitely will be repeating this workout. Much love to the Instructor, Chrissy.

  • I love this been doing it for months lost more than a hundred pounds, I do it 5 days a week and two days off, should I be concerned? I feel good but I’m concerned, I do it 16mph no incline BTW

  • Maybe my treadmill is different or something but it only goes up to a 10 on the incline? So I feel like it’s not exact to what her routine is but it’s really really hard and intense so I’m not gonna complain cuz I don’t think I could do it if it went up to 12 anyways lol it’s so difficult

  • First jogging in my life today. And I made thru this video thank you Jesus and this video. I felt good afterwards. I went at my own pace I made thru. I will definitely work on getting good running sneakers.

  • This is my second time and I must say that I did way better than day 1.. This is my go to video for 5 days of the week at home on my new treadmill….. Thanks a lot!

  • Hi there, my treadmill only goes to 12km/h I believe that’s just over 7mph, I have it on its full incline but I don’t feel like I’m getting a full workout like I feel like I could do a lot more. Do you recommend doing more rounds or trying to get my hands on a faster one.

  • I am so glad that you needed 2 bottles of water hahah I get soooo thirsty during this workout and thought there was something wrong with me. I’m also glad you mentioned how BORED you get!! I’ve been walking the first and last 10 minutes and running the middle 10 without an incline haha it’s just too boring for me but it got me to the gym and that makes me so happy!!!

  • This is my second day doing this work out… in the past I had worked up to running 5.5 miles and absolutely loved it. But it’s been about 8 months since I’ve ran, so I’m having to start at the bottom. I have a great love for running and this video was my motivator to get back at it…it feels so good! Thank you so much for your time and effort to make this possible!

  • I’ve been walking treadmill for about 2 months now consistently. Wanted to add some calorie burning so decided to add a little jogging. So glad I found your video…. no frills just an honest workout is what I found here. Fun, challenging. Also refreshing that you aren’t in like marathon mode-I can hear your breathing, getting tired right along with me. I hope you make more videos.

  • Tried this workout for the first time last night on my treadmill! I loved it.. I have been sedentary for 10+yrs and have tried on and off to lose weight for the past months.. I’m currently down 20lbs and my goal is to be able to keep up with you.. Maybe not at your speeds but close.. Last night I was able to do 2 sets and really enjoyed it.

  • The title is deceptive. This is a jogging workout. Beginners wouldn’t be able to do it and they wouldn’t expect a jogging workout either.

  • Hi I got a treadmill home but the incline mood isn’t working…. I really don’t want to go to the gym because of this pandemic an the expenses here in my country… Would this still be effective if I still use it without it being inclined?

  • Great workout!!! I don’t feel boring at all running with you Dr. Kevin, on the treadmill!!! Please, provide us a new video with long distance running, at least 45 to 60 minutes!!! I know, I can do it with you!!!

  • Are you kidding? Your example at the beginning is horrible for people who aren’t used to exercising. I would think that it would discourage them. If you went slower you would encourage people who were not fit to exercise

  • I love this, but with my treadmill going and the fan, I can’t really hear you. Is it possible to put text in the upper left hand corner to say what you’re doing next?

  • U don’t need no perfect shoe.. treadmill is a good way to burn body fat. Try increase your speed for 30 seconds and then decrease and walk to recover. Repeat 10 times wear a tennis shoe or track shoe.

  • >>> ur2.pl/915 Sturdy, compact, easy to put away and put down for use, handles to hold are in just the right position, emergency shut-off is comforting, display has distance, speed, calories burned and time don’t need anything else. Love it!

  • You are awesome. This is just what I needed to start running again. I love running and needed to start again. It has been YEARS since I have ran. This is exactly what I needed. THANK YOU. ������

  • Just amazing video!!!! I was mever able to run.. All my body’s heavy and can’t breathe. I just watched this vid fir the first time and I ran for about 25mins!!!! Thank you uploading this. I appreciate you so much.

  • Hey Grace! so keen to try this workout, would it be possible to do some of these exercises off the treadmill like lengthwise in a fitness studio at the gym? and instead of the sprinting part with running do sprinting on a bike? It’s just because last summer I fainted on the treadmill and got knocked out on the edge of one so I have this weird fear over them now haha. Thanks though am still so keen to try this somehow even if I can do it on a bike lol

  • I absolutely love this video. I workout to this video, about 4 -5 days a week. Your energy is so magnetic. Thank you for creating this video. ❣️

  • From INDIAN HINDU Professional in Rich Beautiful Safe Singapore Lovely video nice presentation but disinformation this unnatural Running accelerates aging of your bodies! Walk walk walk STOP Running! We walk in our private gated village for 20 to 30 minutes every day if its rainy season we use our treadmill for 15 to 30 minutes @ 3 KH an hour! All you need to extend your life n keep your immune system healthy! STOP running Its unnatural n burns up your body! UNNATURAL EXERCIZE KILLS YOU N CAUSES DAMAGE!

  • So I’m just starting to run this weekend when I get my treadmill. I was wondering if it is good to do this the next day when you are sore or let your body rest?

  • Hey doc! Can you please recommend to me a proper time table of workouts to follow for weight loss. Without gym bit I have a treadmill at home

  • It hurts to jog. I had a rod put through my femur after a fall 2 years ago and still, I hurt walking.. What did you do for your knee prior to exercise. I have searched everywhere for help. I just want to jog and walk without pain.

  • excellent EXCELLENT workout! you are inspiring, it’s nice to see someone with an injury who Is motivating people who don’t think they can do this for one reason or another.

  • I’m overweight and Ive never been able to run NEVER and I found this video, took your advice and got a good pair of shoes and actually jogged at a steady pace with you for the whole time. I appreciate you and this video!

  • I’m overweight and Ive never been able to run NEVER and I found this video, took your advice and got a good pair of shoes and actually jogged at a steady pace with you for the whole time. I appreciate you and this video!

  • loved this work out thanks ☺☺amazing i just got a trill miles and i ran 10 minutes and walked 10 minutes but this will help me alot☺☺

  • hi pls could u do a workout on de treadmill for pregnant women I like to workout but pregnant now especially on de treadmill even if its to walk….

  • hi pls could u do a workout on de treadmill for pregnant women I like to workout but pregnant now especially on de treadmill even if its to walk….

  • FINALLY! I was neglecting my Treadmill until I saw this video. You are my treadmill partner for life now. Thank you for a video like this. Keep it up! I feel GREAT!!

  • I tried to do 12 incline, 3.4 speed until I got to 400 calories burned but I think I’m going to focus on actually doing it then how many calories I’m losing:)

  • Lauren Giraldo HI �� i really want to do this workout routine however my treadmill only goes to 10 incline. What numbers should I use instead ♡♡♡

  • This looks so solid lmao �� I know it’s different for everyone but just out of interest, what speed do you do your sprints at? Just so I have a rough idea of what I want to work towards

  • Help. I really want to do this, my city is on lockdown since march due to Ms. Rona, I have a treadmill but no incline (it does have these little “legs” to get tiny incline but that’s it). What do ya’ll recommend? Walk longer? Faster? I can’t do much about it, can’t go walk up a hill either; we only get two permits a week (enforced by police) and honestly need those to grocery shop. Ideas?

  • I am going to be 100% honest. This works. I started doing this on 7th July. I did it twice a day everyday for a week with the exception of one day when I couldn’t do it because of a leg cramp. Today marks the end of day 7 and I have lost 1.2kg (=2.6 pounds). It might not seem like much but it is. I maintained a normal diet but had absolutely no refined sugar or processed snacks. I am going to continue doing this for a month and update again. Thanks Lauren!

  • Does someone maybe know what the 12 incline is on the treadmills in Europe because when i set the ones we have to 10 than im walking straight to the fucking sky and that cant be right ��

  • All that stuff is wrapped in PLASTIC! I get you guys are trying to eat real food, but please don’t microwave in plastic and if you buy whole veggies all you have to do is cut them up. Plastic is death.

  • Who else is trying this ����‍♀️I’ll update what happens in 2 months and see how much i lost or maybe this week if i see progress��

    Week 1:so far I’ve lost 2 pounds and it is hard but not really just my feet hurt bc I have flat feet but so far it’s going good

    2 months later: sorry I didn’t update each week but I finally finshed it and the results to me were slow but the changes were noticeable In total I lost 10 pounds my metabolism is slow so it took me 2 months to lose 10 pounds!!☺️

  • I’m already doing workout programs, but my stamina is not quite there. I wanna try this but I don’t wanna like overwork myself? Any tips? Or should I be okay?

  • Does anyone know if I can still get pretty similar results if my home treadmill only has an incline of 10? It’s a ProForm if that helps. Hope everyone is staying safe

  • what’s crazy is that’s how EASY it is.. people make dieting or whatever so hard and it’s not.. i lost 110 from eating PROPERLY and WORKING OUT. THATS IT!
    cut sugar and fast food out of your life, move your body.. workout and you’ll see some crazy shit. coming from a former fatty, i was fat for 23 years.. my entire life, like i was 225 lbs and now im 117 at age 26.. i lost 110 in ONE YEAR by literally eating healthy and moving my body. it’s not hard. don’t over think it and be patient, you will get there!!!

  • so I’ve always wondered if running on a treadmill makes you lose your booty lol��since it’s burning fat over time.. if anyone know deje answer to this lmk (help a girl out)

  • My treadmill is slower than most lol. 4.5 was an fast pace walk for me on that thing. But bump it up to 4.7 I’m jogging. I’m sweating like crazy now lol.

  • i really want to do this, but i’m scared it’ll make my calves bigger because of how steep the incline is. i’m insecure about how big they are and ughekxihekdkwisjwk should i say fuck it and do it

  • I’ve started your treadmill routine today.. Hopefully I lose some weight.. currently 155lbs hoping to lose 25-30lbs plus I’ve been doing IF for about 10days now

  • Biiiiiiiiiitch this is the perfect vid for me I just started doing this. Trying to aggressively lose weight. It’s hard for me to do more than 8 minutes at a time but I really wanna hit “600” calories doing this per session twice a day at the gym. I was lifting but realized I’d rather have a big deficit before I start packing more on for muscle to form

  • i’ve been doing this for 3 days now and decided i wanted to track my progress so here we go. this is with a very loose diet (eating what i want in moderation only when im hungry) and short workout videos after the treadmill. P.S. i have really weak knees despite being 19 so there’s struggle there lol

    day 1: not too bad, made it through the 30 minutes fairly easily, it’s a little hard on my knees though. put the speed around 2.8
    day 2: way worse on my knees, put the speed to 2.7-2.8, had to take a few breaks and almost gave up at 20 minutes but figured there was only 10 minutes left so why not? felt really good after.
    day 3: not as horrible as day 2 but it was still difficult. the 30 minutes went by quickly with only 2-3 10-15 second breaks thrown in there. also wasn’t nearly as hard on my knees as day 2 but there was still some pain. speed 2.9 weight around 115

  • I walk fast in general, I live in San Francisco so theres my incline right there lol, and I don’t have a gym access also its quarantine time anyways. So I’m going to walk for an hour and a half every day for 30 days, I will make sure I cross the street and stay away from getting close to people.

  • LOL why was this so funny? I was doing chassies yesterday and got jelly legs. Not feeling too happy about the sprinting part though, too lazy and it’s been such a long time since I ran.

  • >>> ur2.pl/915 Sturdy, compact, easy to put away and put down for use, handles to hold are in just the right position, emergency shut-off is comforting, display has distance, speed, calories burned and time don’t need anything else. Love it!

  • So for the warm up I had my speed at 3.5/4.0mph, then for the first and last circuit I would go from 1.0mph (30 seconds on) to 2.0 (30 seconds off), and for the sprints I was able to get up to 9.0 mph (15 seconds on) BUT what did you guys have your incline at? I kept it around 3/4 for the whole thing. It was a great workout but I wasn’t dying… did you guys have your incline all the way up? THANKS����

  • New Sub!
    I just started and I do this:
    Walk fast at 6 speed, incline at 10 for 5 minutes.
    Then go back down to 2 incline, 3 speed for 3 minutes.
    Then do squat walks at 10 incline for 3 minutes.
    Then back down to 2 speed and 3 incline for three minutes.
    Then sprint for two minutes.
    Then cool down for 2 minutes. Repeat twice.
    Then 4 sets of 15 sit ups with a medicine ball.
    Then 5 sets of 10 squats with 10kg.
    Then arms each arm gets 5 sets of ten taking turns.
    I have been doing this for 13 days now everyday, eating healthy (trying hard) and drinking about 3 litres of water a day as well as taking a protein supplement. It’s my 13th day like I mentioned and I have gained weight in the scales but shrunk physically. I feel leaner and look leaner. People have noticed the difference already. I tried the quick fixes for a long time and their not sustainable or healthy. Now I’m doing it the right way. Strong is Sexy as my partner says (hes a bodybuilder and I just did a lot of bulking ��) I’m super excited to not be festively plump anymore. And I feel fantastic ���� Sorry for the novel xx ����������️‍♀️��������

  • Holy Moly I just did this and it was INTENSE! So good though. Thank you!!!! What speed would you usually have the treadmill on for the 3 exercises?

  • My first time in a gym today and I found this the night before. It felt so good. This will be my program for some time. Thanks heaps dr kev

  • I hate cardio because I get bored on the treadmill so normally I just take my dog for a run for cardio. Anyway I tried this today and I honestly didn’t hate one bit of it. I loved it and didn’t get bored at all. I was dripping after this but still managed to do a 20 minute workout after this. Thank you Grace ❤

  • My school got a gym room, so it’s basically a gym�� so it’s got treadmills, that rowing thing etc… I got gym membership at my school so I wanted to know the workout��

  • Only started watching your videos today and was instantly hooked! Subscribed and hit the bell straight away and am very excited to binge watch all your videos. I just finished this workout and it was very tough but I was able to complete it without much problem which really shocked me. I usually struggle to motivate myself once I find something tough and I’m not the fittest or strongest but I did it!! Thank you so much xx

  • This workout is actually so good!! I did it this afternoon and my legs are still burning now and I was dripping with sweat 100% recommend ��

  • Wow great video if you guys need more help in losing weight please check this out I lost 6 pounds in only 2 weeks https://tinyurl.com/y9mna366

  • Day 2 and I think I may have pushed too hard on day 1 my hamstrings are hurtin’!
    Any advice on how to move forward as I am enjoying the workout despite the pain.
    Thank you:-)

  • I got a treadmill a few months back because I hoped that it would motivate me to jog again. I used to work out about five days a week before, I played handball and football/soccer, but I quit because I wasn’t happy with the team anymore and I didn’t like the environment. And after I quit both the teams I stopped exercising as well. I hated jogging, and especially alone. After jogging on the treadmill I soon realised that I still hated jogging alone, so this video helped me so much! It was like I was running with you. It really helped! I did the whole workout with you!

  • Just did this and I neeeeeeed to thank you for saving me. I never do cardio because it’s boring so I can’t vring myself to get into the gym and do it but THIS WAS NOT BORING!! Death, yes, but entertaining and fun death

  • I just did this at the gym and this is officially my new favorite go to HIIT workout. I got so sweaty and it only took me about 40 minutes with the warm up and short cool down. I freaking love it, thank you Grace!!!! ��

  • I would wait till the gym was empty also, looks like a good workout, but you look like a doucher doing jump squats on the treadmill.

  • OH MY GOD just did this and honestly I’ve never sweat so much, it was a killer workout!! felt like a nightmare while doing it but now i feel sooooo good like I’m ready to take on my afternoon! ����

  • Omg love this but I sadly don’t have a treadmill at home and I do not have access to a nearby gym do you have any tips for other workouts and treadmill workouts? Love you

  • Can you please give some general parameters of time interval and incline for the first and the last 10 minute exercises? Thank you!

  • Definitely going to the gym later today because then I’m not in the rush hour doing weird jumps and of course will fall on my but at least 3 times in front of everybodies eyes ������

  • I would so do this if I had a treadmill to myself but I swear if I do this at my gym I’ll look like a right clown with no technique ������

  • This looks so good, can’t wait to try this tomorrow!! Would let you know how it goes, but I might possibly be dead at the end of it xx

  • Before I came across this video I did a speed of 4, incline, 12, for 1 hour. I watched a YouTube video while I did it. Walking burns just as many calories as running. I burned 500 calories on my Apple Watch

  • Yes Grace upload on a sunday so that we can start and smash the week ahead with this workout!! Its SO fab and your workouts are always the best and most challenging ones! I got into lifting thanks to your videos! THANK YOU!

  • damn, I should have done this today! I’ve been doing the HIIT workout you filmed with your dad recently, I’ve done it 3 days in a row because my sister had too much work to do so I couldn’t do your 8 week programme she bought for a few days. Back into it tomorrow and I feel great ���� even though I ate like 40 chocolate raisins today…. oops. I think I made up for it tho, I did cardio tennis for an hour this morning (which is so fun, you should totally try it if you haven’t before) and then HIIT this evening…. feeling good grllllll �������� xoxo