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3 Tips to Become a Powerful Human Being

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Deep Sleep Music for Stress Relief: Healing Delta Binaural Beats for Brain Power

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5 Tips for Getting Fit Faster

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How To Add Originality To A 12 Bar Blues. Guitar Fundamentals. Take Advantage Of The Turnaround.

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How to Get Your Brain to Focus | Chris Bailey | TEDxManchester

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Here are seven tips on how to have the right mentality and improving faster in Rocket League. Stop focussing on your rank It sounds counterintuitive but focussing too much on your rank and what rank you want can negatively affect your practice. 7 tips for going minimalist: 1. Begin with the end in mind. Think about how you want your home to be. Browse through the ideabooks you’ve already created and look for themes.

Only after you’re clear what you’re shooting for should you begin to purge. 2. Prepare to feel worse before you feel better. Find your inner peace and get fit fast with the benefits of yoga. You don’t need to sign up for classes to make this exercise work for you.

Do a few poses while you’re waiting for dinner to cook, sneak in 20 minutes after work to wind down or take 5 minutes in the tree pose before you jump into bed. Productivity 7 Habits of People With Remarkable Mental Toughness You don’t have to be born mentally tough. Here’s how you can develop the vital trait. Work your neck muscles, shoulders, and back with simple exercises done at your desk. Do abdominal crunches, push-ups, or leg lifts while lying on the floor watching television.

Keep in mind that. Recharge Your Batteries. A key to maintaining your positive attitude is taking the time to recharge your batteries. This might mean taking a few hours on the weekend to read a positive book or taking a few weeks for a holiday.

1. Strive for at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. Break it down to 40 minutes 4 days a week, 30 minutes 5 days a week, or however you’d like! Choose what works best for your lifestyle. 2. Cut your coffee calories.

Cut calories in your morning cup of coffee by skipping the cream and sugar. You will want to be sure to get lots of lean protein, as this is necessary for building muscle. Good sources of protein include seafood, lean meats, eggs, milk, beans, soy and nuts.

Carbohydrates from whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and dairy will provide you with energy. Avoid foods with a high amount of trans fats. Exercise does not have to be formal. Run up and down your stairs 10 times a day.

Take your dog outside for a jog, or even a quick jaunt, around the neighborhood. Anything that makes your heart. 11 tips to stay mentally strong; 11 tips to stay mentally strong As much as we want to be happy, everyday stress gets the better of us, leaving us exhausted and disconnected with our inner self.

Here are some tips that will help you keep mentally fit and strong.

List of related literature:

Tip #9—Write out your goals daily.

“The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth” by Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen
from The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth
by Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen
Crown, 2009

THE 5TH STEP: CREATE A HEALTHY PHYSICAL EXISTENCE gives you the mind-set and strategy to take charge of your health.

“Who Says You Can't? You Do” by Daniel Chidiac
from Who Says You Can’t? You Do
by Daniel Chidiac
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2013

8) Focus your mind on each exercise.

“The Wrestler's Body: Identity and Ideology in North India” by Joseph S. Alter
from The Wrestler’s Body: Identity and Ideology in North India
by Joseph S. Alter
University of California Press, 1992

After years of beating myself up with unproductive exercise routines, I’ve applied Pavel’s Power to the People principles with far better results at 40-plus years of age than I got at 20.

“The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades
by Pavel Tsatsouline
Dragon Door Publications, 2001

Keeping Mentality Fit: A Guide to Everyday

“Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers” by John R. Shook, Richard T. Hull
from Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers
by John R. Shook, Richard T. Hull
Bloomsbury Academic, 2005

Here are eight tips I have found transformative that have improved my relationship with food and kicked my athleticism up a notch.

“Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have” by Louise Green, Jess Weiner
from Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have
by Louise Green, Jess Weiner
Greystone Books, 2017

Using the Five Principles in all my workouts has helped me get to know myself so much better; they’re now as indispensible as my Nike sneakers or my puffy running vest.

“The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life” by Hilaria Baldwin
from The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life
by Hilaria Baldwin
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2016

Discipline comes from the joy of looking forward to achieving the goal you have learned to picture so clearly in your mind and consistently hammering away, rep by rep, set by set, workout by workout.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

Focusing on tasks all day consumes a good deal of mental energy, even when you’re managing and defending your attentional space using the tactics set out in part 1.

“Hyperfocus: How to Manage Your Attention in a World of Distraction” by Chris Bailey
from Hyperfocus: How to Manage Your Attention in a World of Distraction
by Chris Bailey
Penguin Publishing Group, 2018

These strategies are objectivebased fitness optimization and Novelty Search optimization.

“Hands-On Neuroevolution with Python: Build high-performing artificial neural network architectures using neuroevolution-based algorithms” by Iaroslav Omelianenko
from Hands-On Neuroevolution with Python: Build high-performing artificial neural network architectures using neuroevolution-based algorithms
by Iaroslav Omelianenko
Packt Publishing, 2019

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • All countries under the lockdown,self isolation home quarantine.this time stared listening speech satguru such a great thing.
    then I’m fill very well being.

  • Developing personal power within all dimensions of my life is my vision. The supernatural power & potential within all human beings is to be awakened from within. Ultimately I recognize that there is more to me than what I’ve settled for. A flame has been invoked within me. I must find its source.

  • I had a rough day stress and overthinking stuff like that. But i believe in Allah Almighty now i am stress free going to sleep. I pray for all you that you will be out from this situation soon. Stay safe stay strong believe in yourself. Goodnight

  • Hi, i loved your speech, and i would like to try the 30 days of boredom! Could you give your list so that i can steal a few ideas please ��

  • Man, I was @ Sturgis bike run around 2008 or so, we had a blast over there during bike week.
    Anyway, RV’ing has to be real cool too, I never have.
    Thanks again for another awesome lesson Stitch! If I ever run into you the beers are on me! ����

  • Apropos. Commercial break comes just after he says “…but we not only crave distraction, but our mind rewards us for seeking-out and finding distraction in the first place.”

  • Hello to everybody!
    Lets act upon his advice and starts an experiment:
    Take a challenge of grayscale your phone for two weeks. And after that comes here and share your thoughts in the comments. Come on.

  • I struggle to get my mind to focus on reading. It just wonders off but if I consume the same information via audio, I remember it. Unfortunately some things require a book.

  • I wish, Politician can understand that power is not about domination but about becoming effective & empower. Following three step anyone become powerful within & keep themselves from all other things. If you speak less then you are heard more that’s the reason you become powerful without investing so much energy. If you are not too much available to anyone then you draw the attention in the integration.

  • It doesn’t matter financially where you are
    It doesn’t matter materially where u r
    You walk like a king because u have power within u… this Is called BS

  • We all know people who chatter endlessly, hopping from one irrelevant thing to another. It’s exhausting being around them. Consider that we also have a person like that inside of us. As Chris Bailey communicates so beautifully, getting that person to shut up can be the portal to an inspired, creative and productive life. Onward! Thank you, Chris.

  • Good stuff. Your vibratos are tight and seemingly effortless. Try as I might, I can’t “vibrato” any string with any finger with any decent affect. in short, my attempts to incorporate them are awful. Do you have any how-to vibrato exercises/techniques etc Thx much

  • great episode with great content,,u make dance easy like drinking water and u hit the point for more confidence in dancing,, big thx for u

  • In my opinion everyone has been given a different expression of conveying things some speak and some speak speak… But what makes someone powerful is the work they do not the amount of words they use.
    Everyone is different and powerful

  • The sound is very good. I’m going to sleep with it on! I’ll come and see you more often.
    I’d appreciate it if you could come visit our channel!

  • Less words spoken give more value to your words spoken by those who hear them. People pay less attention to a man who always speaks.

  • Another little tip: Never voice a negative without a solution. That will help reduce words spoken by at least 50%. Many times I hear about a problem, the solution is simple if everyone agrees and it is the highest solution for the benefit of all. Let it not be my will, but Gods will be done.

  • My top three Tips. Don’t be a Guru that preaches the God: Virus, Stop having endless videos for profit, Stop brainwashing insecure people. Yes I know truth is not popular but if no one can see through this opportunist then I feel sorry for such people!

  • The key to power in our modern world is life. We can create it we can destroy it we can heal it and damage it but we cannot make it last FOREVER.

  • It’s funny how I clicked on this video to learn “How to trick your brain to focus” but yet I can not focus watching the video ����

  • Hey Stich. This is my first time reaching out after lurking… I don’t know if anyone else has commented something similar yet, but this video has caught my attention, because it addresses a clear frustration I’ve had with my 12 bars getting stagnant. I’d also particularly like to learn more about a haunting blues, and if possible some of your theory behind it, because I’ve had trouble finding resources online for such a thing. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Paradox of god
    X precedes R and R evolves into X and X becomes R.
    X becomes like a beginning like an apparition out of nothing because R will become the evolution which will become X.
    X appears first and not the R before because the R comes after to become X it is a paradox.

    It’s an X that nothing precedes before but that comes after (R)

    So the R is hidden in X because X will become R.

    X is unstable because R created an unstable X by mistake.

    X seeks to re-stabilize itself via R whenever R comes to an end, it lifts R to seek to become a stable X

    For X to become R, X has to disappear, then its unstable energy produces the bing bang and so the R program is launched to find the perfect formula in R’s story to resolve itself.

    X kind of projects its error into r so that r is the magnification of the set of X to the scale of R.

    If suffering exists in R it expresses that X suffers in another frequency and if peace exists in R it is because X seeks and wishes to find his stability as if to find the woman of his life, his half.

    Everything that is in R like conflicts in human history is a projection of X before the bing bang which is in conflict with itself.
    X reflects disturbances they reflect millions of dimensions intertwined in it it is an X which is in incomprehensible pain for us but which we see and feel in one way or another on our scale.

    If X is not coherent, it becomes so in R by the laws which govern us by everything that the universe produces.

    At the beginning X makes its appearance then X generates R and R generates X
    X creates R to stabilize X

    By creating R based on what he is or what he was, it allows him to collect various information from us and then use that to find the right formula to solve himself.

    So our history our evolution our creation is a tool for it to repair itself and then it will stop starting to recreate another universe with more or less the same story and the same characters.

  • This is one of the greatest lessons I have ever learnt. I will count my words and reduce them by 50 % and chant mantra and certainly walk like a ��!!! And will remain grateful to you Sadguru.

  • There ia only solution to frustion, depression,inner illness-
    Just close and think of God pray to God and believe me guys everything will be just fine.Start your day with the name of God. I pray for you all guys get a deep peaceful sleep

  • To all of you who read this comment God bless you, you might be struggling but God will always be right beside you. You are amazing, you are loved, you are blessed and you are going to be ok!!! Don’t worry you got this. I will be praying for you.��

  • May you know healing, peace and joy again. This is just for now. ���� telling myself this while praying the same for whoever this reaches.
    God is in the midst of this too.

  • I’m kinda ghost banned with a comment others got approved after, so I’ll tone it down a tad. Where’s the unicorn? Oh, here it is. ��

    If you think it’s the space between cars that lets traffic move, you take cars for granted. Fine if you can afford it, no skin off us, but it’s not realistic. And a moment may come, God forbid, when it matters, when it costs. Probably not, but it’s a virtue to be sane and scrupulous.

    Weak minds project. Strong minds need not do anything. It’s a figure of speech, so many of those, if the spirit is strong without compromise, the mind conforms to nothing but its own spirit.

    It’s like I’m listening to a talking sheep, when I hear a wandering bored mind is occupied by the past, present and future. So much is timeless. Another sort of mind, never bored if not captive, is digesting something from weeks ago, unrelated to business at hand, but with potential value. So I’m bored and I contemplate how to interpret a tricky part of the scriptures, or something less eternal in implication perhaps, my navel, the physiology of rodents versus anthropoids, copper versus iron, an algorithm to generate Pascal’s triangle, out of time.

    The master of time isn’t in it. Reaches in and takes care of business. Not under the influence. Easier said than done? We don’t all have the same talent. You might want to watch Gumby or Jonny Quest, muted, with Iron Maiden playing real loud. On painkillers. Ha ha.

    The things that distract you don’t do the same to another. The things that take a day or three to make you more lucid, don’t do the same to another. Baked already, and more time won’t do zip.

    Developed enough, lucid enough, much matters less if at all.

    You got a point, yay, but a contingent and conditional law’s not an absolute law, hallelujah, some are liberated.

    In any case, fear of the unknown can propel a mouse to dispel it and forge ahead to greatness. Or drink some beer.

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  • Gr8 thank you,its got that grateful dead feel,stay safe out there on the road,looking forward to next week’s and peace from Thailand..

  • i am holding your hand throughout this❤️ maybe not physically but spiritually:) you are not alone. breathe and rest up and have a goodnight sleep you deserve this


  • 1: Self love learn to love yourself unconditionally without this you will never be able to love another.

    2: Avoid negativity by all means rather it’s a life figure, music, a movie, etc. do not allow anyone to change your chakra.

    3: HealthRead books train your brain by learning something new everyday eat healthy, Exercise.

    4: Act to inspire wake up with a goal to make ones day it can be as small as a good morning to a stranger or as big as paying someones tab the universe is alive and is watching that energy will return to you.

    5: Family is everything find a way to spend more time with your love ones if you’re mad or holding a grudge today is the day you forgive them no matter what it is be the bigger person!

    I understand it’s not easy but try it you’ll see, I walk around with a bright ora people always stop and seem to want to talk to me I’ve had nfl players to boxers doctors etc. become good friend with me because of it I’m 25 and my friends are a lot older than me 30+ it’s a positive energy humans release you can feel it it’s like when someone walks in a room either you can feel a bad presence or a good one the human mind is powerful capable of so many things if you master this please share it to someone else it could save a life my goal is to try to change at least one person because then he/she will change another and that will continue to go on for many generations and I feel that’s how the world will change I love you all and I pray many more blessings come your way!

  • It is so true and I discovered this a long time ago, but I never had the ability to stop using electronical devices, it is an addiction. But now I am going to change my behavior and with it my life.

  • My sister played this song on bass and I thought it was really good, and I’m so glad I found it by looking at YouTube’s “Millennial mixtape”

  • i took a break for a month and the same thing happened to me and my notebook was filled with ideas that i wanted to try after i come back

  • Hi Ian, I have your blues master class and have watched a few of your videos where you have said “Pentatonic Form 3” is your favorite position, and other guitar greats as well, Trey etc… could you please do a dedicated form 3 video? Im curious to see your amazing insight!

  • I’m about to go to work, i accidentally hit this and right now I’m sitting here in the couch and listening to it. I’m so stress for everything, I’ve been here in the middle east for 2 yrs now. Can’t go back to the Philippines coz of this corona. Thank you for this,it helps me a lot. Take care guys, God’s Will everything will be fine. ❤❤❤. Let us all keep moving.❤❤��

  • Speaking as a typographer… the letter spacing on your Star Wars crawl is significantly better than the original. Thank you! (Also great lesson, as always!)

  • Hi everyone i need help with sth. A long time ago i watched a tiktok that said there’s sth in the top right corner of the video you can click and it shows you the timestamps and summary of what’s been said(at least for these kind of videos i guess)does anyone know if such a thing actually exists and if so,where i can find it?thanks

  • My sister played this song on bass and I thought it was really good, and I’m so glad I found it by looking at YouTube’s “Millennial mixtape”

  • Heavenly Father I just thank you for your peace and your strenght because this world is so wicked I stay so stressed because because of some people in my life and I removed from my life if it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t know what to do I thank you for your grace and mercy please block those that does not serve me any purpose out my like because the distraction keeps me unfocused on what you are trying to tell me to do I thank you in advance for all that you have done and doing in my life amen ��������

  • 3 tips to become a powerful being of light. Stay away from histrionic overly sentimental shows immaturity and a manipulative tendency, they will be nothing but a burden and a distraction from the task at hand. Welcome obstacles and challenges..they more obstacles you overcome the stronger you get. Walk away from situations and people who have nothing to teach and nothing to share..lingering runs the risk of having to walk away with nothing..learn what little you can..share what little you can and then walk away. And hey presto! Let there be light!

  • To people who are scared during these times just think happy thoughts and everything thing will be ok if you think about happy thoughts like something or someone that can make you laugh or someone that you are very close to you that are happy to be around

  • You’ve got this ���� we all go through rough stages in life but we have friends who are there but also we have other human beings who have been where you are and I am now I wake up each day my legs don’t feel like my own I feel like I’m going to fall in don’t knw what to do I’m trying this music for the 2nd time it worked 3 years ago but came back once I started depression mode again not good I’m here for anyone always

  • Just discovered your channel and I’m really digging it! If you feel so inclined a future video on gear you use would be awesome!


  • This is not the issue with everyone.Yes these devices and social media are a major reason for not being focussed, so for someone who actually is very involved in these things would feel better after eliminating or reducing exposure but would not resolve the issue for someone who is already not engaged in social media.

  • At the root of it all is concetration,and this only comes from deep interest to fascination.Without, it is an uphill struggle.If one has no interest in a subject,then forget it.

  • ff0入一7入一丿丿L一卜一十厂!啊人一0厂丨”®™®™“¢{》{{{{”》》》“》{》》》》》》©{》{{]》》{{}“》“{》{》“{ {》{》》》{{“®》}{{》》{®》{{{{{ {{“{“{》©{》]]》》“》{¢] 》{{{{]》{]》}®》¢j人一门““人”入f的口I88888iiiiii8iiii88ll [[ [¥. G>’<}<>“

  • Everyone is going to be ok if something is macking you feel bad or upset well you don’t need who every that person or thing get in you way you are a kind lovely person everyone is loved and notis don’t let what ever is making you feel bad take your power and love a lot of people in this world need help but don’t know how or when to help leave a comment = 1 person who is felling down to feel loved everyone disserves a second chance this world is about happyness not negative the world is the place that million of people even more are the people who matter even when people who are making you day feel like nothing is going to go right well there personality is nothing that is the same like yours whatever your going throw you just need to know that everything is going to be ok hope you have a lovely rest of your day❤️

  • In a nutshell, don’t use your phone too much and give your attention to what is going on around you.
    I love his hand movements, full of energy..

  • Love this advice! So related to my field as a speech language pathologist and parent of 2. The more I see children on devices and screens, the more attention deficit, hyperactivity, tantrums, behavior problems and language delays. We are robbing our kids and ourselves of play, creativity, focused and a calmer and happier self. Thank you! I am off to knit, meditate or play my ukulele now:)

  • This really gets me through life journey during this pandemic covid19 it’s been really stressful for me not alone I’m dealing with my ex harassing me all the time i moved to another state to gain peace but still try to be humbled with him to seeing his children but it’s not the children he’s wanting to see it’s myself he wants to continue trying to break apart because I left out of a domestic violence relationship at times depression hits hard because I have been away from my oldest children and grandchildren for almost five years and it really hurts me not being able to see them grow up because I have this one person tormenting me praying for protection and peace over my family far and near ����������������

  • Respected Sadhguru I am watching this video because today I realised that I am very weak, foolish and a coward when a person of my society misbehaved with me and my family and from now I am going to the path of power. I will surely come back to this video and comment how powerful I am…. I will be a king ����

  • Hey stitch great video like always, can you make a video where you analyze ACDC riffs and solos like you did with Led Zeppelin Cuz those were very helpful, thx

  • On August 17, 2005 my sister died in a car accident. I remember hearing this song from time to time but never knew the name or who made it. Last night I discovered that my sister sang this song to herself just before she passed.

    ��✝️Amy Lee Boots✝️��

    Amy it’s been 15 years since it happened and I’m Still hurting that you’re not here. I’ll be 24 in two months and every second without you is a forever ending nightmare. But I continue to fight on, by going forward because I still love life. Thank you for this song. I love you so much. ����������

  • From Middle East i just want to see u to sit next to to kiss ur hand and tell how much i love u ur changing my life every day b4 I sleep i send u my regards full of beautiful emotions ��������

  • My life sucks, i always said it would be alright but i was lying to my self i dont feel sorry or angry just thinking like damn how could i be in this spot but u guess its only up to me and a chosen few fellow homies from back home in the us everything else is sold out to the corporate greed and new world order that wants to prevent me and my people from seeing better times i cant even speak my mind and thats not alright i guess were just fish in a bucket but i cant lose sight of the fact that i still got a better tomorow and im not changing my point of veiw untill i can see a difference in my world so fuck the haters and the nay sayers idk who they are unless they have eeen me before im not toing to stay silent i will not just give in to the lies i will not quit untill i have totally worked hard enough to satisfaction and a more secure future for my entire team and family bismillah

  • There comes a point in life where I think u want to end everything yeah I feel that but just think of it in a way of the people u are leaving behind all it takes is five seconds to be gone forever but it only takes five seconds to call or find someone to talk to please don’t end your life u may not be in a great place rn or mabey never but there is always a chance to change that don’t think of life as a punishment think of it as a gift that u are givin to live it out use it to its full potential don’t through it away if it seems to not work as before but there is always away to fix it

  • Good news! I can improve my dancing today just by smiling. Next time I start to overthink a challenging move, I’ll just smile and basic instead ��

  • i really like about topic improve skill, because not only it helps me enhance english skill but also makes me improve other skill such as think positive, efficiency work, heathy, ballance

  • Wow, these tips do bring positive impact on lives and help in being present, I have been trying hard to follow these tips and recording process day wise so far so good

  • Have you thought of the opposite of the situation based on which a person is able to single mindedly focus on something such as learning a language.

  • Hi, subscribe to help you out from the tensed life and mesmerizing the mood and take you too the other world.

  • An easy way to do this

    Play mmorpg computer games. 8 hours you can sit there talk to nobody and little movement and just chant at same time.

  • You were one of the luckiest embryo of your parents to come in this world alive.If your parents had delayed just for a nano second to have a sex to fertilize you,your place could be occupied by another person who could be completely different than you.So live happily feeling luckiest human in the universe.Goodnight…

  • In am in 10 std now and due to vast study syllabus I have a lot of tension. This tension has taken my inner peace and now I can’t even sleep properly. Besides it there are many problems I am suffering from. I have tried many methods but nothing worked but i think this works now. I hope that u all guys unlike me have a deep peaceful sleep..

  • Very interesting! Could You please explain why switching to Dorian mode works? E Dorian is an E minor while the E blues is in E Major. Sorry if the question is silly. Thanks I love Your lessons.

  • I know this is a tough time for a lot of ppl, including myself but stay positive & keep on going, it may be hard but you & I both know we can do it… we just gotta take it one step at a time.. & don’t give up… love you guys…

  • Great video. I have seen that turnaround move in a ton of songs and never knew where it came from. Looking forward to Patreon practices sessions. Those are great.

  • If you realise, he in unnecessary emphasising on random words like “ease”, “point”, “seconds” to sound cool and get more time. It is distracting from the key points/words. He is much better than most but needs to learn more to be a good speaker

  • Thanks �� I’m an aspiring blues harpist and play no guitar…
    but I’ve checked out many of your vids and the are VERY helpful with theory aspects

  • Exactly the same way jiddu krishnamurti also spoke about, he said you just cut off your useless things, and you will be phenomenal person

  • Simple advice yet so powerful if you only follow..
    If you want more inspiring videos please visit to my channel..
    God bless everyone..
    Hope you succeed in life

  • .It’s really beautiful… I like it a lot. I always like to go to bed listening to the music you go to bed with… I’m also a new member of relaxing music for you tube….So subscribe to me and help me guys.. I would like to do something new… subscribe and share with me and help…. if you need I would also like to help… many of you who help me with this
    Thank you.��♥️☺️��⚕️

  • Ive read so many of these kind of videos. I can bet that none of them have actually used this to fix someone BUT it is just a theory to them and they think they have discovered some kind of cure. What a waste of time

  • Youtube recommends me this video again this time, which I didn’t finish the first time I watched it, because I got distracted ����

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  • God entered into my body, like a body. my same size. worlds only holy ghost filled man. God promises in bible to betray you, and tempt you with many things at one time. thats God attacking your body. come to God

  • With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.

  • dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu buenarda la cancion

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  • Top 10 Strongest Things known to Humans.
    10. Guillermo
    9. Gandhi
    8. Shaggy
    7. Pewdiepie
    6. Guillermo’s mustache
    5. Gandhi’s Smile
    4. Less than 1% of Shaggy’s power
    3. Pewdiepie’s chair
    2. President Gandhi
    1. President Gandhi with an Uno reverse card.

  • Kalabha kesari vaaji vaahanam Hariharathmajam devamashraye saranam ayyappa swami saranam ayyappa saranam ayyappa swami saranam ayyappa

  • But what about ego? The fact that most people lie to themselves and don’t have a fraction of the personal power they think they have.

  • This is exactly where I’m at! Thank you. I was having a lot of difficulty making the major scale sync with the pentatonic sound. The Dorian mode was awesome plus I like the three notes per string over two notes (pentatonic) for speed and color.
    I know the pentatonic minor and major in all keys and in all 5 boxes. I’ve been waiting to expand it.
    Question: is there a certain amount of boxes in the major scale to learn?
    And, should I tackle major and minor scales at the same time or stick to the major scale for now?
    Best teacher on you tube for sure!

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  • Bonjour…jai decouvert sadghuru durant le confinement du corona…je ne me lasse pas de regarder ses videos…juste en anglais cest un peux difficile mais je comprend essentiel…

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  • when you forget what the song is called but you know the sound so you search:

    do do do do shimie shimie hu hu

    and it comes up with the song

  • Dear Friends.. Kindly watch my channel Dhinesh Valavan musicalz for relaxing soothing calm music..

  • Sadhguruji I have certain questions for you why we need god or an idol to worship and to chant mantras without this can we live happily and die happily? Why we are made of ingredients like hunger lust greed anger or sexual attraction egoism fight between heart and such a complex brain dissatisfaction? Bcos nature have no mercy it only selects the strong one there is no justice in the world unless we have to make it without wars we cannot be so developed history tells us and one last what is your opinion about agar khuda hai tou fikr kyon agar khuda nahi hai tou jikr Lyon pls comment