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Is German Volume Training Effective For Building Muscle?

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German Volume Training Review Right for You? The origins of German Volume Training can be traced back to the mid-70s and German National Weightlifting Coach Rolf Feser. Also referred to as GVT, Feser’s German Volume Training revolves around the 10 sets method or 10 sets of 10 reps for the main lifts.

German Volume Training (GVT) is the best known program for anyone who really wants to tax their muscles for optimal growth within a period as short as 4 or 6 weeks. However, as this German Volume Training review will reveal, the training program is designed to be simple focusing on only 3 workouts which should be performed 3 times a week. German Volume Training (GVT) is a very tough and dynamic training system offering great results, with no doubt, especially if you show patience and persistence! At certain times the program is applied for a short time under a dynamic intensity, while in other cases is running for longer time being more “acceptable” in intensity!In simple words, German Volume Training is an intense program which consists of high volume and little rest.

This means you do a high number of reps and sets, for example, ten reps per set and ten sets of a barbell bench press. This workout develops strength, muscles and even your skeletal structure. Popularized by legendary strength coach Charles Poliquin, GVT involves a lot of volume, little rest, and a limited timeframe. Generally speaking programs can be crazy intense and short.

German Volume Training is an intense activity and a commitment to be in some serious discomfort for a full month. That means that you should prepare to deal with loads of muscle soreness during your off time. German volume training is very taxing due to the sheer number of reps you perform in a given session. As a result, you’ll need to lower your training frequency to recover between workouts. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be training more than 2-3x per week.

The goal of the Advanced German Volume Training method is to complete 10 sets of 5 reps with the same weight for each exercise. You want to begin with a weight you could lift for 10 reps to failure (10RM), if you had to push it. For most people, on most exercises, that would represent 75% of. German Volume Training Overview.

Charles Poliquin has stated: “You preferably alternate with the antagonist “most bang for your buck” exercise.” This is mentioned because most sources on the net overlook antagonistic work, and talk only about straight 10×10 sets for single muscle groups. The basics of German Volume Training ar. Final Thoughts on German Volume Training. I actually cater much of my workouts to the German Volume Training philosophy. I may not always do 10 sets.

But it’s not uncommon for my first compound exercises to be 6-7 sets. The downfall of GVT is that you’re limited to the number of exercises you.

List of related literature:

Poliquin’s German Volume Training (10 sets of 10) as well as German Body Composition training also fits this description, as do many other systems.

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
from The Ultimate Diet 2.0
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There has been substantial debate concerning the appropriate operational definition of training volume within the resistance exercise literature, making this parameter difficult to evaluate and replicate in research and/or provide practical guidelines for exercise prescription.

“Grieve's Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy E-Book” by Gwendolen Jull, Ann Moore, Deborah Falla, Jeremy Lewis, Chris McCarthy, Michele Sterling
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During the highintensity training session, all exercises should be dynamic and of short duration and should contain mediumto high-intensity loading.

“Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training” by Tudor Bompa, G. Gregory Haff
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The training cycle (phase or stage) will dictate the volume and intensity of the exercises.

“High-performance Sports Conditioning” by Bill Foran
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The training volume one uses is 83 7 typically dependent on training status and goals.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
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Heavy but never-to-failure, frequent, and high volume training delivers!

“Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American” by Pavel Tsatsouline
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Izquierdo and colleagues (110) reported reductions in resting IGF-1 concentrations and a blunting of resting testosterone levels in a group of physically active men when failure training was consistently employed over the course of a 16-week resistance training protocol.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
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The companion video for this book is superb as well, and a must for mastering some of the nuances of the unique kettlebell exercises.

“The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades
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Sforzo and P. R. Touey, “Manipulating Exercise Order Affects Muscular Performance During a Resistance Exercise Training Session,” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 10 (1) (1996): 20–24.

“Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life” by Joe Friel
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One aspect of any periodized training program that needs to be considered is how often training intensity and volume should be changed.

“Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts” by William J. Kraemer, Steven J. Fleck
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  • Thank you Steve. Just found this GVT training (and your channel in the process) and your video has shed some good, honest feedback.

  • I’m liking it as a way to break back into lifting after taking three weeks off, it seems to be helping me bring back up some of my weaker links (wrists, inner quads, triceps, top part of the bicep curl) consistent with my better developed muscles.

    I don’t expect huge gains, I’m hoping for endurance and to more quickly recover from the unexpected break I needed to take. Maybe some pain tolerance in there too to work through heavier lifts further down the line.

  • I am 57 years old and I still go to the gym.but yet I started weight training in 1978 and I i have been a bodybuilder in the 80s and 90s and the 2000s drug free yes I was a monster in the 80sand 90s too yes you can get big muscles naturally but there are secret one I will tell you after read thousand of books and magazines way back before I ever took up weight training it was about education your self first I already new a lot about nutrition and hard work I was raise on a farm in Jamaica in the bush before I come to the uk in 1977 the uk was very cold then I was a skinny kid so when I was 23 I took up weight training and if I tell you the all what really read in those books were useless I find out what work for me and I keep writing ✍�� it down yes I did win a shit lode of EFBB bodybuilding championships I even when to the USA ���� and I train at gold gym great but I stick to what work for me the I discover it still work up till today young men in the gym cannot keep with me even if the take there little bulk shit.and so call hard core training they do so many of them in the gym ask me stuff on training I just laugh �� you be amazed some of the stuff they ask me even women it is so funny tell some one to do ten set of bench press and see if they get there and ten reps each set.they might look at you straight yes and even get up into the five hundred of real iron �� 4-week train work for me back them and it still work for me now but there is hundreds of ways to train but there is ways for you to grow fast like wildfire or wild bush too many people jumping on the band wagon talking crap yes I see them come and see the go even the pro bodybuilder of to day and back then so much ego in the gym and now brain �� crazy Rome was not build over night understand but i will tell my son the truth so he will not in the future if we not there now.fake city real planet.����

  • I see a lot of whining ass…bitching men on this post… it’s disgusting everybody’s a fucking expert just do you boys… till you find yourself in the gym game quit listening to these fuckers

  • There are no specifics for the human body. Everyone is different and everyone will respond to different things differently. Whether this kind of training will be suitable for newbies is a totally case sensitive issue. People on PED will respond to all programs since the “stuff” does the magic (Temporarily)

  • If you were to do a side by side comparison between GVT and a Powerlifting program, what similarities/differences would you say there are?

  • In terms of fatigue management and having a powerbuilding goal. I’d say do 3×3/5×5 on compound lifts and 2x 8-12 on isolation/accessories + drop set on last set. 1 exercise using 10×10 and switching the 10×10 exercise each week. I’ve noticed my strength is consistently doing good and endurance is good enough to make me do more reps on my drop set/move more weight on accessories for bodybuilding part.

  • DId it ever occur to anyone that jumping from 5 sets straight to classic 10×10 just MIGHT be too large a volume increase? Great for a ‘shock’ to the muscles, but,….might be wise to try only 6 or 7×10 first…:)

  • I’ve been training for 28 years and been training people for many years as well, when a person tells you they had DOMS for 8 days you know they are obviously either lying, or train like a lazy fat bitch. GVT works well if you want to mix it up and work through a plateau.

  • I like it because It’s helped me get a lot stronger. I was doing 135 lbs deadlifts, squats and leg presses at least one time a week, inside a regular split program. Today, I did 290 x 10 and then drop set load down throughout my german volume training to 200lbs. Which is a benchmark. Of course, I do not follow the program as accurately, I just lift what feels right and only do a 10/10 with one or two other exercises while in the gym. I think it’s a great system if you use less than 70% of your max weight or do drop sets but I am eating a great deal and never can seem to eat enough. Before I was tired of eating. I’ve been doing this german volume training for about 5 weeks now.

  • I’ve been trying to gain muscle mass in my back and over the summer i saw an increase but now not so much. I don’t currently do german volume training but was thinking about it because I don’t know how else to switch up my routine to increase my gains

  • 10×10 messes up cns and recovery. Rather have consistency in training as opposed to mess muself up and take so many days off. Rather have progressive overload in squats. Warmup to squating 5 rep mark, never do a 1rpm

  • You’re not supposed to stick to the program. By design GVT is supposed to be cycled because it’s so intense. But there’s a protocol that needs to be followed.

  • Been doing GVT for about a week now, and I just get so bored by the end of my workout. It simply just takes too damn long to finish a whole workout.

  • what?.. what the hell do you mean it’s too much volume… it’s too LITTLE volume, that’s the problem… let’s take back for example… 10 sets of 10… (i’m ignoring that it is combined with chest on that day, it is irrelevant)… the program is 5 days with days off and some people will actually take 2 additional days off after the 5 day program just to make it one week… but basically it is 10 sets for the back once every 5 to 7 days…. that’s RIDICULOUSLY underloading

    if you do a standard back sessions which might have 4 to 5 exercises with 3 to 5 sets each… you are already at minimum of 12 up to 25 sets for your back… but then when you repeat it again 3 or 4 days later (and probably twice a week most weeks until you get to that one week where it’s only one back session in that week) you’re up to 24 to 50 sets for the back in a week

    how is 10 sets too much volume?.. that’s fucking nuts… even if you keep running it is a 5 day program that’s 3 sessions of 10 sets in 2 weeks which averages out to 15 sets per week (half of 30)

    NOT EVEN CLOSE to enough volume with waaaay too many rest days


    why are saying these things?.. are you trying to insult or infuriate?

  • I dont know how people are doing their studies on gvt. In my case my squat keeps going up. Linearly and consistently. I do 4 by 20 of hamstrings and 4 by 20 of quads on machines and same with crunches snd situps. Then do 10 by ten squats with 3 to 5 minutes break. Not 90 seconds. Approaching double bodyweight at age 51. Works for me.

  • Started doing GVt two weeks ago, gained 1kg, waist seems to have lost 1cm, not sure because I get different readings in the morning and afternoon. One startling by product is that I see the beginning of a six pack, a two pack actually but hope to get the full six pack in a few weeks. GVT is not done the whole year, six weeks per year is recommended so issue about boredom is not relevant.

  • I am using this training for about 1.5 monts i have increase my bench by 30 pounds by 3 reps, my squats by 70 pounds 1 max rep, this shit work all programs works, if people if do it, now if u go to the gym to jerk off and sit on the bench for a hour, you never going to progress i want to i am natural, body weight wise. I have gain 6 pounds with some fat lets by honest.

  • I stopped watchin as soon as this meat head said natural builders can only get so big. bullshit!! Intensity, high weight high reps. Try it. U don’t need no “stuff” juss dedication and time ��������

  • I modify it so that I do a week of GVT and then a week of heavy low rep/long rest. Otherwise I found my endurance was growing but my 1rep max was shrinking. And my body needs a break from the intensity, its too much unless I was on tren. Cant heal fast enough.

  • I hate cardio I have problems with my feet /heels cant run will this work if I want to leanout a bit I already eat just two small meals a day(never needed more I cant eat much ) and two Brotein shakes a day

  • I am starting a GVT program

    But I am starting very light with 3 sets

    My plan is to add weight each week and an extra set every week

    This way I a progressively adding each week more stress over time

    Then I will take a week off and then start a 5 x 5 program

    My hope is to condition my body with the volume training over time preparing myself for the 5 x 5 rogram

    I expect to put on muscle and strengthen my connective tissues and trim off bodyfat before starting the 5 x 5

  • I think it’s great to do GVT just for mental strength alone is the bonus I am doing it to cut and gain strength I will run ostamuscle with it and carderine to help

  • I did gvt and advanced gvt. with it I learned that only leg muscles can take some benefit from this Training. upper body muscles don t get any benefit from it.

  • I’m a Vegan Lifter. This program sounds like the perfect program to compliment my diet life. Veganism has really woken up my genes with the gains I’ve been getting so it only makes sense to incorporate something as hardcore as German volume trai… BAH HA HA HA HA!! Sorry dude, I can’t be serious about this.

    I’d love to do this to be honest, but my budget isn’t the greatest so I can’t take in as many calories as I’d like, plus I had my thyroid removed 10 years ago, so I don’t want to mess up the thyroid hormones I’m taking for it, so I can’t really go on the gear.

    I liked this video, it was pretty informative dude. Are there any other programs you’d recommend for naturals instead? Thanks bud and happy new years

  • I’m thinking about doing 10 x 10 for 6 weeks, then switching to 5 x 5 for 6 weeks, do some other program for 6 to 12 weeks and then repeating this cycle over and over ad infinitum until it’s time to cut. Then do p90x and carb cycling with animal pak for my cut.

  • As I said to a different YouTuber. I never took more than 15 seconds pause. If I took pause more than 15 seconds I can say I am talking at the phone or my will to train is down. And I like it to train under tension.. I hate to take rests.. my smallest rest between the sets of the triceps press was like 5 seconds or 10. AND I do it for 8 years!

  • I ran this program as a natural I ran it to the tee, as Charles Pliquin says to. I agree that you certainly need to eat more. I ate a minimum of 2.5-3LB of meat a day alone. It is EXTREMELY boring, but if you can deal with it you can make a lot of gains. I put on 10LB in a 2.5 month period and thats coming from an experienced lifter with a legitimate 6 years of training.

  • I’ve been using GVT for two month cycles since last year on front squats, weighted pushups and deadlifts. I’m a natural trainer. And I have been making the best gains of my life. I’ve done many other programmes but GVT beats them all IMO. So I would disagree with the video. Most people who do GVT do it incorrectly.

  • Odd question: can you become a beginner again? What actually dictates beginner gains? Can you lift for 5 years (natural) and basically deload for an extended period of time… maybe take a month off or so, and start over whereas the gains you made over the years wont go down as much as the anticipated gains of being fresh again?

  • Another downside of GVT or anything with absurdly high volume per session… If you have any past or current joint issues, these programs WILL exacerbate them.

  • I like this style of training gets an insane pump. Much more fun than the super heavy, low-rep/long rest interval type of training that gets so heavily promoted today

  • i was a 4x a week lifter for years but i fell off (struggled with alcoholism and am now clean going on 5 years) and i jumped right back in to GVT with a gap of years since i last lifted.

    it works, the secret is to start L I G H T. dont try to be he-man and sure as hell don’t try to lift what you could years ago. doesn’t hurt that i was doing a high volume training routine before and hit every exercise to failure every time, and i’m so goddamn stubborn i wont quit. i dont give a fuck if the other guys in the gym laugh at my pathetic weights, im going to power through and they won’t be laughing long.

  • Did it for 20 days and got so overtrained I didn’t even want to get out of bed most days! Took 2 weeks off to recoop and lost it all just a lot of pump and no real gains!

  • Personally I don’t like 10×10. I find it too restrictive just doing one exercise per bodypart. Plus using a light weight to get through all 10 sets isn’t great for strength. I prefer to do more exercises in GVT style. So instead of doing 1 exercise for chest I’ll do at least 3 for 3-4 sets of 10.


    Bench press 4×10
    Incline press 3-4×10
    Dips 3-4×10

    This way I can use a heavier weight on each exercise plus get more development instead of doing the same exercise for a large amount of sets. I use a weight where if I pushed to failure I’ll get 12 or so reps but I stop at 10 reps. Rest 60-90 seconds then repeat. Each set it gets harder to get 10 reps with the same weight. So for bench press it’ll look like this

    10, 10, 9, 8

    Something like that. Sets are not to failure. I stop at least a rep shy of failure. Once I can get 10 reps on most sets, I increase the weight.

  • I’ve been using GVT for 25 years. I love it! Short rest intervals gets your cardio up at the same time as strength training. In and out of the gym quickly!

  • If you’re natural, German volume training will just turn you in to a crying bag of cortisol.

    Build real strength and muscle with 75% to 95% of max

  • GVT is only for limited amounts of time. Your conditioning has to be on point, as well as sleep and nutrition. I was sore constantly. I vomited on the squats and was constantly sore. I got a little weaker, but was extremely cut when I did this. The weights will be so light, I would only recommend this for bodybuilding and no strength or power sports. Consider a 6×6 at the most.

    I probably would’ve grown if I had eaten more and rested, as well as cut the volume. I tried to use it on main lifts and accessories, but it’s too much. Do a 10×10 on squat, bench, press, row, chins, RDL (God forbid) and what have you, but don’t go on to do leg press, leg extension, leg curl, etc, all in one session, after squats. Unless you are eating like a pig, have supreme genetics and on some big pharma, you will overtrain. Maybe I can’t handle it because I’ve always been very explosive with little endurance, but hey, that’s me.

  • Have been doing this sort of high rep training without knowing about it for the longest time. For years with bodyweight exercises, and now with weights, specifically bench first. Have been benching 160 for 100 reps every day for the past month or so, and was benching 150 previously for 100 reps each day. Contrary to every random joe telling me that I won’t get stronger without resting and that I’m going too fast, by the end of each month the next weight feels generally as light/easy as the previous weight. I know that I’m insane, but I think that my body is a bit abnormal and can actually handle it. My gut tells me that the longer I beat my body up with the same level of resistance, the better it adapts to that resistance. If you can manage 100 reps of a weight at 20% of your maximum strength/endurance/output for a significant period of time you slowly adapt and overcome it while handicapped and then when you’re back at even 50% it makes a massive difference in difficulty. This is what I have personally experienced, I have noticed gradual strength increases even without resting for 2-3 weeks of lifting and then when I rest what I struggled with the month before becomes cardio. I’m aware that this is as simple as saying ‘just lift heavy weights a thousand times” but through pushing myself to an extreme I know that my body is generally capable of an intense high rep routine. 160 took an extra month or so to adjust to because I jumped from 145 out of impatience and wanting to be at 200 by the end of this year at a rate of adding 5 lbs a month.. But by doing high volume training my best lift puts me at a nearly double bodyweight bench (255 lbs) in like 10 months of lifting total. It can’t be that bad to try, if anyone’s curious. At the end of the day, you want to lift heavy ass weights with ease? The only way to do that without drugs is to lift the weights. Over and over and over and over and over again. I’ve clocked in at 1500 reps in a week. Doing 200-400 reps of a weight on a single Saturday. Playing video games all day and then throwing in 10 to 25 bench reps in-between matches of league of legends. Play a game that pisses you off a lot, gets you in the mood to throw around heavy shit. League’s perfect, a bunch of toxic childish 20 something year olds who’d rather argue and troll each other than play a gosh darn game. lol.

  • I ran a 12 week GVT program about a year ago and loved it. My bench went through the roof. It is very tiring though and expect the first two weeks to be extremely difficult. Especially if you stick to the four second eccentrics. I agree with Steve that this would not be a good workout for a beginner. There is too much about it that would discourage. I would suggest trying a 5×5 for 8-12 weeks and see how you progress with that and if you like it and your body doesn’t break down try out the GVT.

  • Do you guys think its stupid when I do 36 reps on the bench press warm up 135. I do this once a week and im trying to hit one set for 50 reps in the coming months. Just for a fun challenge to myself not really for anything else.

    Once I can hit 50 reps in a row in one set ill up the weight to 155 for 50 reps and so on until I hit 225 for 50 reps.

  • Just my experience! I took my 10×10 bench from 145 to nearly 190 on ten weeks of GVT. I ate a lot, slept a lot, and slowly and carefully progressed. Only lifted three days per week and did classic pairing (bench super setted with chin-ups, etc.) Accessory work was limited. I fully intend to run another eight to ten week program of GVT sometime in 2019!

  • I like Advanced German Volume Training. It really jumped up my Bench and Squat. What’s your opinion on that style since the Rep range much lower but sets are still at 10?

  • You forgot the 4th thing. Do you like being nearly immobilized and in excruciating pain for 5 days afterward? I did a 10×10 on bulgarian split squats once. Just one exercise. I regretted it for a whole week.

  • Extremely informative video. For someone lifting for 22 years you explained all of these concepts perfectly. Your channel is priceless not only you new lifters but all experience levels. Well done. Keep up the great work. Thank you sir.

  • I am confused about how this method is effective. You mentioned using short rest times to accumulate fatigue in GVT. Due to the high metabolic stress of doing compound exercises (especially in superset format) wouldn’t using short rest times cut down your ability to achieve a certain amount of volume?

  • Hi… wanted to know if I start GVT… whether I can alter the training eg…D1 chest/tri,D3 back/bi, D5 shoulders/legs… as I’m going to start GVT probably next week or so… I am creating a program that will consist of exercises I know that will specifically hit those specific muscle through different compound movements

  • Question: do you have to be at your litmit already on the first set? Is that even possible? I’m pushing to the linit every Set but then I have 14 reps in the beginning going down to 8 at the 10th set.

  • GVT IS One of most intense workouts to ever try! I yes it a Brutal! I only do GVT when I need to change it up. Separates the men from the boys. GVT is not recommended every week, because it’s too taxing on your nerves system.

  • Wow, for somebody that is an advanced lifter and just now utilizing GVT as a re-entry program after 1 year off, this video was exactly what I was looking for. The breakdown and explanation of periodization was the cherry on top. Liked, subscribed, and looking forward to future videos. Thank you!

  • Sorry, tried it for 20 days and got DOMS and overtrained so bad I didn’t even want to get out of bed some days! Laid off for 2 weeks and it all went away! Just a lot of pump and no growth.

  • I started this training method this week. I’ve worked out twice. I did bench 10×10 I couldn’t finish it I had to drop the weight a bit by my 8th set but it’s ok. I then went onto triceps and did 3×20 pulldowns focusing on negatives. Day 2 I did rows on a machine cause I’m coming back from a herniated disc, 10×10 then I did biceps 3×20 to finish them off,and I shit you not I can see my muscles gaining size already that puffy muscular look German volume will give you that big look

  • Nice one James! Loved this Video! More of these please! ���� Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy all the other Videos you make, but this style is really helpful for me as you not only explain the concept, you give examples of actual real World application! I’m Anabolic already! ������

  • Finally! Found your video on periodization! You mention it a lot on other videos, and I wanted to find the one that explained it.
    I would love to see a whole video about it with more detail though:)

  • Ive been using the GVT workout since 2007, which was my junior year in high school. GVT goes great with olympic lifts. Ive literraly have been in great shape since day one of doing this. So im happy to hear this program is still very relevant today.

  • But Jeff just said volume training kills gains! Idk who to believe! I really want to add in volume training so I think I’ll listen to you ��

  • 60% of 1 rm is not the same % of fibers used when youve been volume training for a few months vs when you have been lifting heavy in sets of 3. Fiber recruitment after prolonged volume training goes down per contraction as opposed to when you lift heavy as hell. This is why people frequently complain that they have lost strength after volume training. Conversely when you have been doing high volume and have alot of mass built from it, when you do begin to lift heavy and frequently you will get strong fast.

  • What I want to know is what exercise is best for health. I’ve watched a few people come out against cardio as a form of exercise, but the reason is always about looks being more muscular. But if the goal is health and not a specific muscular look then what’s best? I read that running is very good for heart disease treatment and prevention.

  • Nice shout out to Athlean-X. I’m here because I’m doing his Max Size, and the first month is GVT. Helped me better understand what I’m doing.

  • Perfect timing!! I enjoy doing different work-outs sometimes. I enjoy the feeling after. You’d think it may be hard on joints but it’s just the opposite. Didn’t take long to figure out why. The body isn’t shocked by huge weights all at once but the volume does catch up. My joints are much happier and was much needed Wht I’ve noticed is that the rest period is so important. Have to keep it short and don’t guess at it. I’m a fan!! And you aded some things not normally told commonly included in other videos. But I expect that from you..

  • I fully agree! I use this concept for leg training, I only use 3 compound exercises but with many sets and don’t do shit like leg extensions or leg curls

  • How do you establish what weight to use? What percentage of 1RM should be used? What happens if I fail to get 10 reps on set 7 of 10? Do I rest and get the remaining reps or do I lower the weight?

  • That’s 10 sets per bodypart, right? Because I just tried it with Hacksquats and Deadlifts and there’s no way in hell I’m going to be able to do another 5 sets of each.

  • Thanks for this and all the other informative and helpful videos… I like your channel a lot… but I can’t get my head around one particular problem: I hear more and more often that 1. volume matters and 2. that the real benefit of volume only starts at 10 sets a week… my current program provides more volume per muscle each without generating that much fatigue, because I hit each of them twice… If i have to recover each muscle for a week, I don’t get that much volume… should therefore GVT not be called GIT?

  • What do you do periodization-wise when you reach your target, rather than a plateau? When homeostasis is ok? I mean, you’re hitting the weights you want, the athletic goals you have (if any), etc. You look how you want to look, perform how you want to perform. You don’t want to lift heavier, do more reps, or get more hypertrophy or whatever. You just want to maintain the gains you have made.

    If homeostasis is a gain-killer, and periodization is a homeostasis-killer, will just doing the same series of broad cycles year after year be fine? Or will the gains you’re trying to maintain begin to decline?


  • hello James, i’ve not been training with weight seriously for very long but I first discovered athlean x then, lately your channel and I think your content is a beacon of light amidst the dark miasma of utube fitness, so thank you for your work. I have one question, what do you make of studies such as Carpinelli ‘Berger in retrospect’ which concludes that in terms of muscle growth (hypertrophy) one set of a well performed exercise with the right weight stimulus and good form is no better than more, say 3 sets. This seems to go in the face of all excepted thinking. Be interested to hear your comments on this.

  • I’ve had super great success with GVT with my athletes in the offseason. (After some time is spent on mobility and fixing issues).

  • It’s actually better to do 4 exercises for the same bodypart for 5 sets of 10 each. More variation, more development of the muscle, plus you can use a bit more weight as you’re only doing 5 sets as to 10 sets. Doing 1-2 exercises for 10 sets each can be repetitive. Volume rules.

  • James amazing style of narrative and easy to understand explanation. Good job, saw your video first time and I immediately subscribed and forwarded link to many.
    As an Indian saying goes stones are thrown only at trees laden with fruits. So idiots are going to troll you, throw crap at your knowledge.
    Another saying the dogs bark when the majestic elephant strolls, but he remains unaffected, ignores and continues his journey, unfazed, dogs shut up after a while. Keep up your fantastic work. Look forward to regular informative scientific videos from you.

  • The German volume training is great for someone that doesn’t have a job and nothing else to do and tons of food to eat and an endless amount of rest. for people in the real world that work for a living. Less volume higher-intensity-mindmuscle connection works best. at best people need to figure out how much is too much is first and then they will know how much enough is��

  • I like old Vince Gironda’s “honest workout”, basically the same thing, just 8×8, 10-30 seconds rest between sets. He called it the honest workout because he said use a weight that you can complete each set with that felt like an 80-85% intensity challenge, no hitch, no cheat, no momentum. He said this work would keep you honest about your actual strength and health levels and let the muscle do the actual work. Once again, the name of the game is focus, and intensity. Great stuff! Would you recommend trying a P/P/L type of setup with this? As long as you took adequate time between days, if you were pressed for time?

  • Somehow missed this video, good information as usual!! Could you give me your thoughts on Mixing rep ranges in the same session? I’ve been mixing heavy 5 rep Max sets with 12rep Max sets all in the same session. I have seen alot of progress as in maintaining my strength and improving endurance while I lose fat but I’ve had my gym bro friends (smdh) and read articles about this method actually taxing on my progress? Granted these to me aren’t reliable sources and have no scientific statements so I figured you’d be the guy to ask.

  • Hi James, I’m taking up sports science and I love your videos! I can’t stop watching since I’m learning so much from your channel. Does this work for calisthenics based training programs? Also, is it possible to get work a body part twice a week with the use of this program? Thank you very much!

  • I dont believe in negative.
    I do think, muscles are done for positive movements. For instance… in bench press a negative is affecting lats(the one that are involved in negative, that looks like row if you pay attention)
    Bench press ALWAYS the faster you can do… no matter the weigh.

  • You said that we should do explosive concentric repetitions because it creates intramuscular tension and stimulates the nervous system. So are you saying that doing slow concentric contractions does not create as much intramuscular tension? Are you also implying that slow concentric repetitions does not stimulate the nervous system as much as explosive repetitions?

  • I am following this type of training for the squat and bench press twice s week in order to improve strength so far I have seen improvement.