Fullbody Workouts 4 Days per week Is That This Crazy


Drunk Russian 5 Day Per Week Full-Body Workout

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2x vs 4x a Week Full Body Training

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somethings very wrong.

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A Fullbody Workout 5 Days a Week?

Video taken from the channel: Massive Iron Steve Shaw


Fullbody Workouts 4 Days a Week? Is This Crazy?

Video taken from the channel: Massive Iron Steve Shaw


Why Training Full Body 5x Per Week Is Smart: Science-Based Workout ft. Dr. Eric Helms

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My Experience With Full Body 4x Week

Video taken from the channel: Radu Antoniu

So if we are to attempt four full-body workouts per week, the best plan of attack is to use only 3 sets per major muscle group per session. This yields 12 total working sets per week. For minor muscle groups I am going to aim for eight total sets per week, or two sets per session.

Heavy/Light 4 Day Full-body Workout Here is a sample schedul. The goal of this 4 day advanced full body workout routine for mass is to gain maximum amount of muscle mass while keeping you lean and also to increase your strength. This advanced workout plan is designed to hit your muscles hard four times per week and. Notes for this 4 Day Workout to Build Muscle. This workout is intended to be performed for 8 weeks.

After 8 weeks, take a week to deload. After you’ve finished your deload week, you can return to this program if you’re enjoying it or try something new for a mesocycle.. With the main goal for this workout being to build muscle, you’ll want to eat in a calorie surplus while performing it. The Full Body Workout Routine: 2, 3, And 4-Day Split (Programs Included) In this context, you’d end up being in the gym for 3+ hours, which is excessive/crazy. Instead, full body workouts take advantage of a if you can only manage to work out two times per week, the 2-day full body split is the only option for achieving a training.

Full body workout 4 days a week So for the last few months I have been dieting and doing a variation of the PHUL workout routine. I plan to continue dieting until I decide I am happy with my weight, but I am wanting to change things up with my workout routine. Perform this 4-day workout split for 12 weeks to allow your body time to fully benefit from the program. Properly fuel yourself with at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight. Do your best to get approximately 50% of your calories from carbohydrates and.

With full-body training I’ve found that 4 workouts per week works great for people that want to build muscle and strength quickly. The key, of course, is recovery. When you train 4 days per week it doesn’t allow you to always have a full day off between each workout.

Hi, I love the 4 day work out routine, is working out one muscle group every 7days enough to see substantial muscle growth and strength gain? I read a lot of other articles that say it’s to much time in between to gain really good results, I have only been doing for two weeks, but was wondering myself. Exercise/ Routine #4 # of Sets # of Reps *Diminishing sets is when you use a weight that you can do only 3-4 reps with. Then do 3-4 strict reps with it. The Full Body Workout Plan (Overview) First off, to clarify, this full body workout routine consists of 3 workout days per week and will alternate between two different full body workouts like so: Monday – Workout A. Tuesday – Rest.

Wednesday – Workout B. Thursday – Rest. Friday – Workout A. Saturday/Sunday – Rest. Monday.

List of related literature:

In this type of structure the workouts are on unspecified days; that is, the rest day is not the same each week.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

Doublesplit routines (two training sessions per day with emphasis on different muscle groups) are common during training, which may result in 8 to 12 training sessions per week.

“NSCA's Guide to Program Design” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
from NSCA’s Guide to Program Design
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

If you’re training three days a week, you have to be careful not to overdo it.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

That doesn’t mean you can’t do well with the fouror three-day routines, though, because you absolutely can.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

Perhaps doing the same workouts on the same days week after week is getting a bit tiresome.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2016

That is, one week you work the upper body twice and the lower body once and the next week you work the lower body twice and the upper body once.

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
from 52-week Basketball Training
by Chip Sigmon
Human Kinetics, 2003

Even better is five workouts a week, staggering them so you get three upperbody and two lower-body workouts in one week and just the reverse in the next.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
from Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing, 2017

Three routines per day is an ambitious schedule, especially with a group.

“Advanced Yoga Practices Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living, Vol. 2” by Yogani
from Advanced Yoga Practices Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living, Vol. 2
by Yogani
AYP Publishing, 2010

Doing the exact same exercises in the exact same order on the exact same days of the week gets stale pretty fast.

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
from Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies
by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
Wiley, 2004

I’ve seen bodybuilding routines with twelve workouts a week—two a day for six days.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

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  • GPP/ cardio is better than more training sessions, as you can you will increase your work capacity, and hence will be able to add more volume in the long run. you will also be able to recover better which will further aid this.

  • I wonder if it’s ulcersyou mentioned taking a ton of excedrin which has aspirin in itcould be causing ulcers= bleeding in stomach= feeling weakI wanna say they have to do an endoscope to diagnosesomething to think about.
    ETAbe sure to let the GI doctor know the supplements you takeall the pre or post work out etc. I’d take a print out of the ingredients of each. I say this as a nurse and people not letting us know of supplements they are on when they come for treatment. This matters just like taking prescription or OTC meds.

  • Full body x 5 lol
    Ya won’t sustain that for long.
    Even factoring age alone this will not be practicle and otherwise voiding injury a complete watse of time

  • Does working Out 2 times a week also work for beginners? Can I do 3×10 2 times a week? Or should I do 5×12 because at least 10 sets are needed for muscle growth? How much more results would a beginner get from 3 times a week vs 2 times a week?

  • I recently tried to spike up my training intensity to 4x a week from 3x week and fuck I could barely manage to do it especially since I have a job and school to attend. I think 4x a week full body can lead to over training very easily if you don’t know how to manage your sets. I’m going to lower my training frequency back down to 3x a week so I can add in a HIT/cardio day to build work capacity.

  • Im doing 5 full body workouts a week right now, it works great but you have to know what you’re doing. Mix it up and don’t max out

  • WOW! Look who’s back!
    I’m literally crying with joy.
    You sir have my utmost respect, I started my fitness journey watching your videos. Thanks a ton, bruh.

  • Hmm parca am vazut ceva asemanator la Jeff Nippard de curand.
    edit: am comentat inainte sa vad tot clipul. Si tu ai postat primul:P good stuff

  • Great program thanks for providing!
    If I only used this 4x per week (5 is pushing it for me), could I increase the volume on squats a little bit? Squat volume is 4 sets per week on your program whilst I currently to 6 sets of squats per week.

  • What bothers me a bit about the norwegian study is that an elite powerlifter gained 11% strength in a lift. Either the powerlifters weren’t elite at all amd weak as shit, or the study took place of a 10 year period

  • Get a colonoscopy!!! It’s not surgery. You’re not even completely under and there isn’t even a recovery process. Other than needing to pass gas before leaving. And it doesn’t matter your age, seriously.

  • Your videos are what got me started to workout, and now, three years on, I am no longer obese. Your fitness videos were sorely missed, dude. Glad to have you bacc!

  • For a period of time I hit everything 7 days a week. As I got older and busier I found 3 days a week and eating 100 less calories a day to be just as effective

  • Jeff, if I buy your 5 day full program, will it be effective if I can only run it 3x per week? Or would I have to adjust the volume per muscle per day slightly higher?

  • My sister had to shut down her massage business because her chronic stomach pain was so bad. She was diagnosed with diverticulitis. But what she realized is there are times when we are on a pause because the Universe is working things out on our behalf. I truly believe that.

  • I have a question. If a volume is all that matters in the end, can i build muscles, training only with high reps and 30 40% of RM??? Can it build some muscle mass? I have super problems with hypertension and i’ve been a gym member many times before, but it’s always the same story: i do two sets i get dizzy and i get blackouts and i feel terrible after training….

  • Hey! Great information!
    I was watching your video on reverse pyramid training and then i watched your video on periodization and now your 4×4 program so now Can you recommend which will be better for a skinny fat individual? RPT or linear?
    Hope you reply.

  • The app is called GRAVITUS and currently it’s not available for Android. However they have a google form waitlist here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdckEnWiHDYGmBYH_Y8HVTZWBBnDooZ4w14DcbvFupl-_HQIg/viewform

  • Is this really enough volume and intensity on the squat to produce growth? The single work set on Monday, with 7 reps of your 12 rep max seems way low. I understand there’d be ramp up sets but still.

    If this type of squat protocol can produce results, it seems too good to be true.

  • If you do full body x2 a week what do you actually do on your off days I’ve been doing full body x3 a week for 2 weeks now as I’ve got 2 children but think I need to cut it down to x2 a week as the second child is 4 weeks old and can’t really do x3 a week for a while now I’m just confused how I would structure 2 workouts per week intensity volume etc

  • Hi Radu, great video.
    I have a question.
    I just lost 50 pounds following IF 16:8, now I’ve started working out to build muscle. My question is should I consume protein in the post workout anabolic window or is it ok if I have required amount of protein throughout the day.
    Because I follow IF. I have my breakfast at 9.a.m and I work out from 5to6.a.m.
    Is a gap of 3 hours between workout and first meal fine?
    Please answer.

  • Full body’s are for weightlifters. Splits are for the competitive bodybuilders.
    Both are beneficial depending on YOUR personal goals.
    That’s what I was taught.

  • Hi, Jordan I Have To Have A Colonscopy August 31st. The Procedure Is Only 30 Minutes. It Is Very Important To Have A Colonscopy If The Doctor Recommend This Procedure. You Are Sleepy After The Procedure. Please Do This Is Your Dr. Recommens This. It Is NOT Major Surgery. I Have Had Many Of These Done Over The Years.

  • Don’t know if you’ll see this, but two and a half years ago I was 300 lbs 5’9” and just started working out watching mainly your videos and this guy, Brix Fitness. Today I am 160 and am about to switch off this two year push pull legs split to a 4x full body. Hopefully I can build up a little more muscle to help fit this loose skin

  • Bine ai revenit, Radule! Te asteptam de mult ca sa revii pe youtube. De cand n-ai mai postat au aparut atatia vlogeri de fitness cu un continut mediocru, facut doar pentru view-uri si cu editari slabe de tot. Esti la alt nivel:)

  • Consider getting a blood test for Celiac’s Disease. It can cause Migraines, fatigue, exhaustion, random pain, etc. My daughter has it and was bent over in pain all different times of the day. I asked her doctor for a script for that blood test. She came back positive, has eaten gluten free since 2014. She feels soooo much better. Gluten allergies are something that can cause intense pain & doctors don’t always think about that first. I hope that’s helpful.

  • Makes so much sense. I’ve been doing FB 6 days a week for 23 weeks now. Very similar to this but some great ideas in this video. It’s not rocket surgery it’s brain science!

  • Shoutout to Eric for the amazing workout and words of wisdom! Hope you guys enjoy the more “behind the scenes style” video. Got a few more on the way ����

  • I know where you’re coming from. I’m 22 and was diagnosed with a rare breast disease. This past year has been full of meetings with a breast cancer specialist, ultrasounds, and biopsies. In October I’m getting my first MRI done and I’m really nervous about it. All while I’m finishing my last 2 semesters of college. I know you’re strong and that makes me want to be strong too! WE got this!

  • i have been doing full body 5x a week for month now, i do chins rows bench military squats and good mornings, low volume but heavy…getting some of the best gains ever

  • I’ve always heard it isnt the load or the impingement necessarily that hurts the upright row, it’s the fixed hand position that can either hurt wrist flexors in the forearm or the rotator cuff when your shoulder internally rotates to give clearance at the top since your hands can’t move apart. The counter I’ve heard is doing single or double arm dumbell upright rows (double arm for stability and slightly higher load, single for core and stabilizer engagement). Thoughts?

  • My husband dealt with stomach issues for literally 20 years. I cant tell you how many times he went to the doctor and the did jack shit always blamed it on something else. Then it started getting really bad. He’s a tough guy and it was so bad he would be doubled over in pain moaning. Day 3 of this in a row he was lying on the bathroom floor and that day we took him to emergency. THEY finally did something, finally ran test on him and ultrasounds and what not. A doctor finally pressed under his rib cage in a certain spot and it sent him through the roof. It was his gall bladder! It was so big and full of stones they had to take it out in several pieces. It makes me mad he suffered for so many years. I literally think i have a little ptsd from the many nights i stayed up with him worried that it something terrible and didn’t know how to help his pain. Ugh. He always explained it as a severe tightening of pain and releasing ( like a contraction) on those last days though it was constant. I hope they figure it out for u good luck! Its been 2 years since his surgery and no more nights in pain.

  • I know most people lift weights for a reason but i actually do it cause i like it i dont have a reason people always say u aint even big haha im like im not a bodybuilder u dumbfuck they think just because u lift weights u think ur a bodybuilder

  • I’d be very interested to know the levels of igf in the bloodstream after such workouts, compared to more common splits with more volume per session

  • Most of my gains came from full-body 3x a week. Now I’m on upper 3x lower 2x a week. I still miss those full body days. New subscriber here, great content.

  • Colonoscopy can see if you have something like Crohn’s or other IBS that can’t be seen through other ways like X-ray CT, etc. Also it is not something that is a true surgery, you will be at the doctor for about 2 hours, you will need someone to take you or bring you home.

    Best tip would be to have a diary of what you eat so you can see what might be triggering the pain. Diverticulitis or Crohn’s might be causing the pain. I had my gallbladder removed but the side affect was vomiting after eating. Sorry if that’s TMI

  • Quick question what would be an appropriate rep/set range for the light day of a three time per week full body workout?
    Thanks keep up the great work Alex

  • Still, remember back in 2010 when visiting a Poliquin Workshop how he praised neck training! And at the same time straight out threaten everyone in the group that if he’ll see them post it in their Youtube media or other socials he would ruin their careers… o_O

  • “Is it efficient? Who gives a crap, just have fun, do what excites you in the gym…” Nobody says this enough, even Dave Tate and Jim Wendler reiterate similar sentiments regarding their current training.

  • I’ve been dealing with very similar issues!! Literally just made a video talking about it. I’ve always had stomach issues. Lately I have a pounding headache everyday.. after I eat certain things I’m instantly tired. Running to the bathroom. Was on a back to back antibioticsbe careful they can make things worse by stripping your body of good and bad bacteria. Anyways, I went to a holistic doctor. Ran allergy testing. Pretty sure it’s gluten! I also got a stool testing done so I’ll have more answers Thursday. But gluten can cause all of these symptoms if you have an intolerance or celiac disease. It can cause more anxiety, depression, mouth ulcers, extreme fatigue, brain fog… so many. Maybe that’s it? Hope you feel better!

  • Hey your book on hypertrophy is 3 day full body workout, should I switch it to 5?? 2 days off in a row for rest or split it during the week??? Anybody have solid advice

  • Jordon,
    I work in healthcare, with all due respect are you a physician? If you go to a doctor and then reject what he says what do you expect? It amazes me when patients want to tell the doctor what they want as opposed to following doctors orders. You’re excuses to not want a colonoscopy or endoscopy is unmerrited. Those are diagnostic procedures that are non evasive. In those procedure the G.I. doc introduces a scope( very small ) with a camera where he can see inside your colon and tummy to see with his very own eyes what is going on or any issues you may have. No xray or CT Scan is as effective. Those are taking images from the outside in. The endoscopy and colonoscopy is taking images from the inside. Which do you think is more beneficial? And you’re not going under, you’re being sedated for maybe 30 minutes tops, usually. When you had your breast done I’m sure that was way more invasive and greater risk to your health than these diagnostic procedures. Colonoscopy and endoscopy are not surgeries. Doing all those other test you want are just a waste of time and money that is why your doctor referred you to a G.I. They’re specialist in this part of the body. Don’t worry things will be fine the most important part is to find out what is going on, and always remember early detection of anything always results in better outcome. Just take one day at a time my love ��

  • Make sure they do the NUCLEAR TEST on your gall bladder. Because I wasn’t having gall stones they kept saying mine was fine… but after the nuclear test they could tell my gall bladder was dead. It could also be diverticulitis which they can see on a colonoscopy. Both issues are soooo painful and just drain you of your energy. Sweating is definitely a sign of an infection. Hoping you can get some answers ��

  • You’re back!!! I haven’t clicked on a video faster lol. Been doing full body 4x a week myself for quite awhile. I’ve been on Scott Abel’s Hard Gainer Solution. Lovin’ it! Any tall wiry guys reading this: Def check out Scott Abel’s work if you haven’t. Guy is a genius when it comes to fitness and cutting through the industry bs. I’ve personally been finding that my body responds better to less than 4x a week (like even 2x is fine), since my recovery capacity isn’t that great, on top of what you said in the video. Most tall guys like myself will know exactly what I’m talking about. We just have to train a little differently from the average meat head.

    On a full body program like Scott’s, you don’t even sniff failure on any lift, and the reps and schemes are constantly switching. There are heavy days mixed in (5×5), but it’s mostly high/medium reps and lower weights, which really works the actual muscle. So like 8-12, 15-20, 12-15, etc. It works the entire range. I like this undulating style because it does throw your muscles off, keeps your body guessing, and you’re never bored. It’s always a challenge doing full body.

    Using weights you can actually handle forces you to utilize the actual muscle rather than the joint (or other muscles that you shouldn’t be using to get the weight up), and prevents long term injury as well. A lot of guys try and push through “plateaus” and just end up getting hurt because they weren’t actually strong. I’m one of those guys. After injuring myself on the bench press in 2018 (shoulder popped out), I had to re-evaluate everything I was doing.

    Any way that’s just my.02. It’s important to remember that everyone’s body responds differently as you said. This was a fantastic video! I appreciate your humble approach to fitness and always have. This is why your subs stick around even after a long hiatus. You’re truly a genuine person!! Much love and blessings to you. Looking forward to more. Your edits have gotten even better as well. Very inspiring for my own channel.:) In fact, my latest video (How to Measure Your DAC) was directly inspired from one of your “Protein Bro” Videos where you clown on people who take supplements.

    Haha remember: you ran across the floor and did like a slide so you could grab your protein shake in time for the “Protein window.” I have never laughed so hard.

  • The tonsils, would be ear, nose, and throat (ENT). I would recommend my office, but I know you’re in a different state than me. If it’s tonsillitis the dr. Might recommend a tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy too which is usually done at the same time. The upper endoscopy is usually a one day thing and they send you home an hour or two after you wake up, nit invasive. Just feel a little out of it after its done from the anesthesia, but fine the next day. I had one cause I was having bad stomach pains too. There is also ibs, irritable bowel syndrome,, not sure if its that,, but just another idea if it sort of lines up with your symptoms. Hope this helps. ❤❤

  • I saw someone in the comments say something about getting your thyroid checked. I agree ��! My sister in law went to multiple doctors to finally find out that she has hypothyroidism and hashimoto’s. They kept telling her at 26 years old she was too young for all of that. Her mom has it so then there was a good chance that was her problem too. She’s 34 now and she does have episodes here and there to where she can’t get it under control, but for the most part she’s finally been able to take control of it. ❤️

  • I believe after you’ve built something close to your limit, you really need to crush body parts to get growth. This requires more recovery days in between. You really have to find that growth/injury limit or get nothing but maintenance.

  • Been doing full body 3x a week for a few months. It is burning me out. Stepping down to 2x per week. Love full body and your advice is spot on man

  • Seeing jeff struggle on bicep curls is actually nice cause you realize he’s human and has that same breaking point where the rep is tough

  • Great content!
    I have some queries.
    1. You mentioned linear progression,that means should i decrease my reps every week when i can finally increase my weights? So till how many reps should i drop?
    2. How much weights to decrease in deload week?
    3. Finally, Can you elaborate and recommed between double or linear progression a bit more please. I need this.
    Thank you for this content. Hope you reply.

  • I like full body workouts but tend to overtrain while on them. I’ll do a three days a week routine but my problem is the volume….I tend to do too many sets…I know this but hard to correct when your at the gym and your body is feeling great. I mostly stay with a four days a week split….Mon/Tues…Thurs/Fri

  • How about mixing lower body with upper body like I’ll do bicep curls the pullups then deadlifts to get a more cardio and intense effect

  • how about fullbody twice a week: day1 heavy-day2 power/volume and a sprint session in between days? i want to increase my athletic performance while still getting stronger.

  • I have to be careful how I word this because I know you’ve been a proponent for high frequency even before the research(and eventually the internet and people who capitalize on said internet people) concurred with your opinion. But I have to say that recommending a full body with a frequency of 5 times no matter the effort to vary the movement patterns is just a recipe for a high likelihood of injury.

    I know I’m not credible but speaking to any credible sports therapist, most know that the endeavor we take on, which is progressively overloaded resistance training, is not exactly completely healthy. Our body was not made to do multiple linear patterns multiple times in a extremely short amount of time(sets) and repeating the process every week, let alone 3x a week.

    Me being an aspiring competitive physique athlete, I’ve made peace with it. I want to state again I know you mean well and are not as greedy or nefarious as those who online fitness an integral part of their livelihood. But to recommend and promote a 5x full body just doesn’t keep in mind the integrity of people’s joints, ligaments, and tendons beyond the inevitable deterioration of any recreational bodybuilder provided chemical assistance is not utilized or a world class therapist or orthopedic surgeon. I know this is received in a positive manner.n

  • I had super super bad headaches literally like 3-5 times a week for years and finally we actually stopped using scented washing powder and my headaches completely went away. It’s such a weird thing that that is what made the headaches stopped but I guess I had a sensitivity to the scent or the dyes in washing powder and that’s what was causing the headaches. Maybe try that and hope it works for you like it did for me

  • OMG tonsillectomy recovery is BRUTAL>….for adults… children not so bad…but Adults solid 2 weeks recovery..but it does help long term. Hope you get to the bottom of what is going on..

  • Girl, your complexion and skin is so beautiful I can’t believe you use full coverage foundation and not just a lightweight foundation or BB cream. Keep those pores from being overly clogged and face from looking cakey if you can! I’d give anything to be able to not need to cover my fine lines, redness, and blemish scars. You’re beautiful either way and honestly don’t want this comment to sound mean, bc that’s not how I mean it, it’s just you don’t need full coverage AT ALL!!

  • Good video….ive been doing full body 3 days in a row and good results and fixing to goto 4 days in a row, eventually gonna hit 5 day.  No logic behind this, other than what he said, sometimes we wanna go out of the ordinary and go for the challenge of it

  • You can try doing front squats they do not hurt my knees at all and I can do them very frequently. Low bar squats are very stressful on the knees. If you don’t have mobility try doing them with straps.

  • For my next vlog I’ll do an audience Q&A. Reply to this comment and ask me anything about my training, personal life, work, goals, etc. I’ll choose the most interesting questions and those that I feel will be relevant for the largest number of viewers. Hit reply and leave a question

  • Antibiotics can really mess your stomach up. Do you think your stomach issues have been related to when you’ve been on the antibiotics? Just a thought! Sending good vibes and hope you feel better soon!! ��

  • So awesome having regular content from you again Radu. I fully appreciate the tension between long-term/ large projects and shorter-term/ higher-frequency content; again it’s all about those tradeoffs. There’s just something really enjoyable about a tighter learning->sharing cycle that I think works for this kind of platform and audience. Thanks and please keep it up. cjG

  • Hope you find out what you have soon and get it resolved. Feel better soon. Also love your short nails. Positives vibes only xoxoxo

  • I like full body every other day. Does anyone have any workout program like that? (For advanced lifters, mix powerlift and bodybuild to keep gains and get some more if it is possible)

  • so with the full body split 5x a week, should i still bench, squat,deadlift each twice a week heavy or no? like should i squat heavy on monday and thursdays, bench heavy tuesdays and fridays, etc?

  • i literally do back,chest,arms,fore arms, legs, thighs, butt, abs,neck, shoulders like 4 days a week takes about 2 hours per session sometimes i feel tired but that is because of work, but i got to say my stamina and endurance is ridiculous.

  • Ive had stomach issues for about 2 years now and finally couldn’t take it anymore as I would get sick throughout the day. Some days id be fine. They did blood work first, then an ultrasound of my gallbladder to check for gallstones.. nothing found so then they used some type of dye fluid in the iv and I did a scan to check function of my gallbladder. All fine.. still dealing with bouts of nausea and stomach pains so they scheduled an endoscopy which was not nearly the process I thought.. but they found I had mild gastritis and suggested probiotics, which didn’t help. Their last suggestion was a colonoscopy which I declined. After spending tons of money I realized I had just been overworking myself and stressed to the max.. started on citilophram and a month later my stomach issues basically were gone.. all due to stress, CRAZY

  • Having to go through a stroke at a young age and being pregnant at the same time is frightening, procedures or medical conditions come as they do, our ages, younger than 35 or older than 40, has nothing to do with when a health, medical condition should occur, your body is set up and strutured in a unique way that often times they are no answers for you at that moment. You have to be patient, and regretfully allow nature to take its course.

  • Working full body 5 days a week is only going to result in injury. Second off this all.depends on the individual, so this is not smart science, this is bro science.

  • Jordan have you researched breast implant illness symptoms? Not sure how long you’re had you implants, but these symptoms occur months or years after getting implants.

  • oh my gaaawd..i had my tonsils out as an adult and it was awful but it’s also the BEST thing i ever did. i had to BEG and go to tons of doctors til we found a friend of my mom’s (ent) that would take them out. i’d give birth to my kids a 100 times over before getting it done again �� but once you’re out and recovered, you’ll be a new person!

  • Girl, I can’t wait to hear what’s going on because you literally named all my symptoms. Stomach pains, extreme fatigue, migraines that are whole head migraines and sweating all the time. I hope you feel better. I seriously feel your pain. I did get prescription for a muscle relaxer for migraines which barely take the edge off and something for my stomach which again barely takes the edge off. Praying for you!

  • ER nurse here ����‍♀️ Hope none of this comes across as rude..just trying to help you! Sorry you’re not feeling well! There isn’t always necessarily a “reason” for getting tonsillitis frequently..it’s just one of those weird things our body does, kinda like appendicitis. That’s why most people end up having them out as children. So it’s not the “doctors not telling you why.” You absolutely have the right as a patient to advocate for yourself and should but please trust the people that went to school for years for this. If you were sent to a GI doctor for chronic GI issues, an endoscopy or colonoscopy may be what they feel would get answers based on your symptoms. If someone comes into the ER for acute localized abdominal pain, we do a scan to rule out an emergent cause… something that would show on that wouldn’t typically cause pain for years without other severe symptoms anyways! So while a colonoscopy may feel invasive, unnecessary radiation is ����‍♀️. An ultrasound can be done to look at your gallbladder but from what you’ve said here it might be unlikely that’s the issue. Typically with that you have right upper abdominal pain worse after eating and would have signs on bloodwork. And last thing, amoxicillin is an antibiotic, which will absolutely make GI issues worse! I would strongly recommend also taking a probiotic which you can get over the counter or making sure you eat foods rich in probiotics! Hope that all made sense and that you feel better soon��

  • This sounds similar symptoms to having an Ulcer. They can be either small or large, but feel like a “canker sore in the mouth” but this is somewhere in your stomach lining. Either too much acidic drinks or sugars for example(energy drinks, too much coffee…etc.).
    Hope you find the answer. My sister is 23 and she’s be affected like this.:( it’s sucks.

  • An excellent video for full body workout. Explained very well.
    One clarification please:

    2 sets for each 5 major muscle /day and
    1 set for each 5 minor muscle /day
    So, it comes 10 sets for major muscle group and 5 set for minor muscle group per day. Total 15 sets per day.
    So it comes 5*15=75 sets/week.

  • watching your videos taught me videos about training all those years ago. I used to be a complete novice in the gym and since then i put on a lot of muscle and gained a decent physique. I like the fact you use scientific studies to back up training habits

  • Few years ago i saw your Vlog and at that time u were following intermittent fasting with regular workouts. I thought you must be really lazy hence to skip the brefast and delay the lunch ( now i do know a little about IF)…
    its Kind of nice to see you growing… Nice work, really informative.❤️♥️♥️

  • I workout everyday. upper, lower alternate. without any problem. I avoid full body because they extend to more than an hour and sometimes that tires me after my workout.

  • Interesting… I don’t think I’d like to workout any more than 4 days a week though. I’ve been creating some of my own custom routines as of late; full body, half body, pre-exhaustion body part splits… I’m unsure about full body routines at this point as you’re having to have to focus on so many body parts within a single session; it seems simpler (mentally) just to focus on 2-4 body parts at a time, to me at least.

  • Your asking for alot of radiation.. i went through all of that and they still couldn’t figure it out.. i had to get surgery to be diagnosed and finally I had my answer. I have to go for surgery every two years so they can cut, scrape and burn all the built up scar tissue.. there is a new medication orilissa and it worked wonders for me.

  • Radu worries about being relevant after years. Me watches whole video without skipping ��❤️ 100x better than those drama fitness youtube channels.

  • Its just light sedation not being put under it is fast.. its not surgery…its a diagnostic test… Young people can have cancer.

  • Jordan, please do your research. I thought removing my gallbladder would solve all my issues. I have had mine removed for a year and still suffer. It’s to the point where it’s even worse now. I’ve been in ER several times and the only thing that helps is morphine.
    I’m in a group on Facebook for people that have recently have had theirs removed also and have been diagnosed with a certain condition called SOD when their pain never went away.
    I saw a specialist for this condition and he doesn’t think I have it but prescribed me a sublingual medication to take when I have my “attacks”. He also advised me to change my rating habits. I stay away from fatty foods, almost all spices and stick to a leaner diet.
    This combined with trying to be not so stressed has helped me so much. I haven’t had an attack since March and I was getting them every month.
    Just a few suggestions..I hear so many people getting their gallbladders removed and it not fixing the situation! Best of luck to you.

  • I haven’t read all the comments but what about that “pill” that you can swallow that’s actually a video cam? It goes through your whole system and records video of your digestive tract maybe that’s an option.

  • in the new year, I’m going to start to do this 3 times a week for a month then 4 times a week the next month and then start 5 times a the month after and just keep on 5 times

  • Gallbladder issues run on my husbands side. A lot of them had there’s taken out and he just had his out recently. He would have lots of pain off & on and it’d go away. This time it didn’t, they did an ultrasound, X-ray & MRI. They didn’t find anything until they ran a HIDA scan. His gallbladder wasn’t functioning and had to be taken immediately because it was already considered “dead tissue”. It took 2 DAYS to get to the scan, so keep speaking up to get as many tests as needed.

  • Instead of having set workout days and having your recovery time boxed in, couldn’t you do intense full body workouts and allow your rest days to be as long as you need them to be?

  • It is extremely difficult to maintain 5 days fullbody routine especially for natural builders.You will FAIL on the third day.Muscles have no recovery time,muscles cannot rest which is important for Muscle-Protein synthesis.Less sets and less demanding workouts may be feasible but you wont be lift a lot of weight due to gradual fatigue.A rest day b/W Total body compound workout is recommended for best gains.

  • It’s stupid. There’s no differences in the frequency of training as long the volume is maintained. That show the last scientific evidence.

  • I am doing, 3 upper days, 2 lower days and 2 rest days in a week. Up/Low/Up/Rest/Low/Up/Rest. My legs are well developed but my upperbody needs work. I progress in weights/reps on every workout, i feel so powerfull on this slplit.

  • Hi Alex, I’m currently training full-body 2x per week. How frequent should I deload, or do I even need to deload? As there are one extra day to recover from training day to another training day.

  • 6/7 days a week. Very low volume. Is fun. I ended up going back to it. Just make sure to go low volume. I am talking one or two sets.

  • For tonsillectomy, look for a surgeon that uses the MiFusion thermal tissue welding device (now microline surgical sells it) device for tonsillectomy. It divides/cuts tissue at a lower temp than electrocaudery and seals skin at even lower temp (less harsh recovery, damages less of surrounding throat tissue)…vs old school method many ENT surgeons still use (probably b/c insurance reimburses the same for either tool used and equipment mentioned costs $…but it saves them from emergency calls of bleeding late at night. Much lower bleed rate w/ thermal tissue welding! Electrocaudery that fries and cauderizes tissues (electro caudery) is like a bad burn and scabs that can peel off and cause a big, life threatening bleed. The co that makes this equipment has a list of CA docs that use it…the rep emailed them to me to choose one but idk if more of less docs use it now. I had a tonsillectomy in late 2016…pathology said I had a long running low grade tonsillitis w/ damage they saw & examined microscopicly. You likely have very cryptic tonsils (holes, crevices) where bacteria hangs out & becomes infection. I did. ALSO w/ braces (if you have them or a mouth device) you’ve GOTTA get Amox Clav liquid antibiotic to switch & swallow to kill bacteria in braces…I fought recurring tonsillitis for mos (after had it a few times over the yrs also…doc didn’t realize about bacteria hiding in brsces. ENT doc did. Said it’s the same idea of having dirty shrapnel in you…you can take pill antibiotics but til sanitize it out of braces…will return. I know about the 6x in a yr but some docs fudge it b/c a lot of ppl would lose their jobs if randomly out 6x for maybe a week at a time. My ENT talked to my ins’ doc and was like, you know this isn’t reasonable. Probably its to save ins $. Some ppl have trouble breathing they swell so much…can’t go through that 6x!

    I used to get AmoxClav b/c would get Staph Aureus throat infection. At first they didn’t culture it and gave me amox but only improved slightly & came back. I had to demand a culture (ENT doc commended me and said his daughter had the same experience at university med center & it made the doc mad so he really jabbed her throat…and she was right, needed different antibio) at the urgent care…a broad spectrum culture (no food or water an hr ahead of this)! Not just ruling out strep. I’ve never been positive for strep, so I probably don’t carry it.

    Have you been tested for H. Pylori??..causes heartburn, pain, ulcers…leading cause of stomach cancer in various countries. BUT before gets too bad, a 3 antibiotic cocktail can wipe it out, ulcers go away.

    Could it be gluten, dairy, fructose intolerance issues?

    MALS…Medium Artuate Ligament Syndrome?

    Celiac disease?

    Get a huge panel of food allergies or sensitivities (IgE food panel)…allergists docs are most likely to do this test but GI doc might order some.

    I had a colonoscopy at 18 or 19 y.o…my mom had to also. IBS and I have endometriosis which took 12 YEARS for diagnosis. It can cause anemia (has in me) and can travel up to diaphragm and rarely the lungs. DO NOT GET ABLATION/COAGULATION ENDO SURG…much left behind on organs, bowel, bladder, stomach. Only Co2 laser & wide excision of peritoneum (area it lives on) really gets rid of it. Insurance pays the same for surg that leaves lots behind and thorough high skill level surg….its a coding issue and wrong). So gotta fight ins to cover it. I just had this surg on Aug 20th after 2 of the ablation/coagulation endo surgs left lots behind and me not better. Had those in 2018 & 2019.
    -Does this abdominal pain increase cyclically w/ your period? And perhaps flare at other times of high stress, other bodily dysfunction, excess sugar consumption. Migraines and endo are linked. Many many w/ endo get migraines.

    Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome? Monitor your pulse & blood pressure multiple times while standing at least 20 min. You can look up criteria of how much the numbers need to change while upright to qualify as POTS or orthostaric intolerance. Often involves excessive sweating. Look up “NASA lean test”…you can test yourself at home or have someone assist. There’s also a tilt table test that cardiologists use for strengthening the clinical diagnosis.

    ^That and migraines are disorders of the nervous system. Migraines are a familial neurologic disorder.

    I get migraines frequently also, I feel your pain. Consider seeing a headache-specializing neurologist. I do. There are non-drug options like the Cefaly dual device for prevention and treatment of migraines (has 2 modes). Also there’s an at-home S-TMS mini device you use in back of head. Cefaly sticks on forehead.

    Caffeine eventually loses effects for relief if consume regularly. NSAIDs can cause rebound headaches but Tylenol is much worse…csuses rebound headaches about the most of any pain med.

    Excessive sweating…dysautonomia, infection

    Get scan and/or blood work to rule out lymphoma or something in abdomen..like swollen lymph nodes.

    On IG I’ll send you bad periods gal info on wide excision of endo (why there’s a coding issue, why wide excision of endo is the gold standard) and Microline surgical/MiFusion thermal tissue welding doc/surgeon list. An updated one would be handy.

  • If it’s Chrons or Celiac (which unfortunately are more likely due to your ongoing anemia) imaging won’t show anything conclusive, colonoscopy or biopsy are the only way to get answers….
    Btw people have those conditions on and off all their life, and at what age it gets bad enough to go through mentioned procedures to get the diagnosis and start treatment is different for everyone. Pretty much it’s not about how old you are, it’s about how bad it’s gotten, how much it screws with your life at this point, and if you’re ready to go through whatever it takes to get answers. And for everyone it’s at different age and time in their life….

  • YouTube placed the ads on this video!! It’s been happening to so many creators where we upload and immediately YouTube adds in a bunch of ads. I’m so sorry! I usually only prefer 1-2. After reading all your DM’s on Instagram, my anxiety is on 100 lol. Apparently my stomach issues could be GI, ulcerative colitis, Gut issues, food allergies, celiac disease, gluten intolerance… the list goes on. I wrote down every suggestion you guys gave me and best believe Im going to sit there & ask the doctor about every single one to narrow it down. Thank you for the suggestions & healing prayers!!! xoxo

  • With all due respect, yes as a patient you have your rights, but you must meet certain criteria to get certain exams. An endoscopy will see the upper part of your digestive system, while the colonoscopy will look at the lower. X rays and CT scans are limited as to what can be seen. I, like you, had excruciating stomach pain and when I got the endoscopy, everything came back normal. Believe it or not, for most people like myself, anxiety and stress manifest in our digestive system, causing us extreme pain. Listen to your healthcare providers, tell them your fears and concerns. I was prescribed an antidepressant to help suppress an overactive stomach nerve. Inhale. Exhale. It’s going to be alright.

  • Hey Alex I believe Weighted Dips is fantastic Exercise..
    What are the good Weighted Dips variation your suggest? and What is the best supplemental exercise for Weighted Dips and building upper pec more?

  • Do you think you would ever do YouTube stories? I think they are a lot like Instagram stories. I don’t have insta but I’d love to see your stories!

  • I had to have my gallbladder removed when I was 13 I was the youngest person that my surgeon had ever removed a gallbladder from I never had low energy but I did have severe lower abdomen pain. But you do you have the right to request certain test as a patient. You gotta always remember at the end of the day you are paying these doctors. Sending prayers your way girl❤️

  • I had to get my tonsils out when I was 20. It was painful but I don’t get strep anymore. I was getting it once a month before I got them out. I hope you feel better soon!

  • Full body and/or splits don’t need to be this difficult. Just find the exercise selection you enjoy most and that will be the best. The only way you can do that is stop worrying about what other people do. They are suggestions, not the end-all-be-all of your routine.

  • Everything you say is appealing and makes sense.. I wish we could sit down and just talk for like 2-3 hours about it cuz im a duntz.. and my head is steamin from all this info.

  • oh man! So much to say to you here!
    1. Just so psyched you’re making videos again.
    2. You’re After effects and editing has made leaps and bounds of progress!
    3. This one video is better than all my videos combined!
    4. I need to stop making “quick content” and this video is proof that kind of thinking is superior! Why would anyone share a half-done Mona Lisa?
    5. My question: Have you stopped doing reverse pyramid sets?

  • Do you have diverticulosis? Mine flares every few months and I feel miserable for at least a week and the pain is horrible. Bottom left pain for me. Get a colonoscopy to be sure. A colonoscopy is only about 20-30 minutes… you fall asleep and wake up and its over. You dont feel a thing. You are NOT too young to get one. Its not surgery and you wont have any recovery period except for feeling a bit out of it as the anesthesia is wearing off. You will need a ride to and from the day of. Also check for ovarian cysts. For yoru tonsils… do you go near people who smoke or to clubs where there is a lot of smoke? My tonsils flare when I get near cigarette smoke as I’m allergic to it. I hope you find all the answers you need. Also, the closer you get to 30 your body starts changing. I went thru hell with my health when I turned 28… Best of luck to you!

  • Try Anthony William protocol i went on his diet, drinking celery juice every morning and eating food he recommends and my health improved alot. I had tonsillitis often too. Check him out on Instagram and YouTube he is amazing. I bet a few changes in your diet would help you alot. You dont need to remove tonsils to heal. Good luck ����i hope you will get better soon

  • I do heavy and intense 1.5-2 hour long full body workouts Monday through Friday every week. because who cares about recovery, right?

  • I have MAJOR stomach issues. For 7 years now. It all started after I had my gallbladder out. DO YOUR RESEARCH if that ends up being the issue. Doctors will not tell you what can happen after you have it removed. There are very few things I can eat without getting sick. Also I have intermittent severe pain. All stemming from my gallbladder removal. Just please do research before doing anything invasive.
    I am not much older than you and just had a colonoscopy and my second endoscopy. You are lightly put out. Very easy and felt fine the rest of the day!

  • Colonoscopies and endoscopies are minimally invasive. My brother has to get them annually from the age of 15. Age is not a factor. I hope its nothing serious but if it is the earlier you know the better.

  • Currently I am doing 2.5x/week full body since instead of 2/week I do 1 every 3 days just to get in a little more often then do other stuff on one of the 2 off days then prob a light walk on complete off day.

  • I had the same thing low iron and stomach pain. It ended up being cysts. I need an endometrial biopsy. But because of Covid-19 we lost our insurance so I haven’t gotten it yet. Prayers ����

  • so what you’re saying is: its 48 hrs that protein syth. is elevated after training so the optimal was your 3 times per day program for MUSCLES, but 48 hrs recovery too taxing on connective tissue? so take 72 hours for overall recovery that will be better in the long run holistically?…and not to mention CNS recovery

  • Hey Steve I’m 36 years old and I would like to put on some size like you and I’m having a hard time doing so so please tell me or show me what I can do to get a bigger upper body

  • I do 3 times per week full body 8 to 15 reps per set, 3-4 sets per bodypart and once or twice a month i’ll throw in a heavy day. Does that sound like a good program set up?

  • Hey girl! I’m a physical therapist not an MD but we see and learn about some stuff. One of my friends had these exact symptoms and ended up having hashimotos disease (hypothyroid) and it went undiagnosed for a while. Excedrin can also be irritating the lining of your stomach. It could be a combo. But just keep in the back of your mind once you find the reason you can get better <3

  • I feel like you are the only trustworthy fitness YouTuber. That’s why this is my favorite channel. Also helped me out in the beginning.

  • A good follow on topic could be to talk about a Bulgarian style of training for powerlifting/powerbuilding (jeans got to be an issue after 3 months of this for me).

  • if you want to work-out 4 days, you can also do (i do this lredy few months now)

    Monday Fullbody

    Wednesday Fullbody

    Friday Upper body
    Saturday Lower body

    it works good for me

  • Girl, I love you, I’ve been a subscriber and fan forever! But you gotta chill. Sounds like you need to do the colonoscopy. I promise you, it’s not scary and not a big deal it’s a routine procedure. Keep in mind how strong you are! You have had voluntary surgeries before! If you have to do this for the sake of your health and finding out what’s going on, then you gotta do it!

  • Funny, I jumped into full-body so I can train legs every workout. I have to do a lot of mobility on them, and also doing some single leg excercises so it balances everything out. Easily the most fun to train for me.

  • Getting my tonsils removed has been the best thing for me. I got them removed in 2015 I was getting tonsillitis at least once a month. I was 23 when I got them removed. For me surgery wasn’t bad and recovery was easy. I’ve known a lot of people who said that it was painful but honestly it’s manageable and worth it. I’ve also had a boob job and I was more uncomfortable with my boob job then with getting my tonsils removed

  • Yo Alex, im trying to get my traps to grow but i don’t know how i should approach them. I was doing shrugs for around 2 years but it seems like there are no gains and on top of that my traps are uneven as result of wearing my backpack on one shoulder for years. I do shrugs at the end of my workout but it seems like im too tired to use big boy weights. Should i hit them more often or try to use as much weight as i can handle and do them before everything else?

  • From what I’ve read tonsillitis is a combination of streptococcus bacteria and the epstein bar virus. That could also be what’s giving u stomach issues too. U may have low hydrochloric acid. Might help to clean up diet and avoid eggs and dairy and cheese. You should look into Anthony Williams books. Liver rescue talks about tonsillitis. I hope you get better ❤️

  • Sounds like gallbladder. It is def genetic. Both my parents had issues n almost died. It took me 22 months to finally find out what it was. The pain is so bad. I was doubled over. They did a test on my gallbladder that tests how it emptied. Mine emptied faster than normal. Then they said well there isn’t enough studies to say that causes issues. I went to a surgeon who looked at everything and said family history and my symptoms clearly it is my gallbladder. Best thing i ever did! He found my gallbladder was inflamed, there was sludge. 22 months i suffered n had countless tests, on my heart etc. Advocate girl!

  • Great comeback & great insights! Going beyond data through personal experience and delivering well structured conclusions from deep dive analysis. WELL DONE!

    *Jeff Nippard is now the gold standard in quality content between research and application, great mention there and great profile alignment! Congrats!!!

  • I’m an icu nurse and an xray/CT will show you absolutely nothing Jordan. The endoscopy or colonoscopy is your very best bet for a diagnosis. These are categorized as procedures not surgery sis. You’ll be recovered and go home same day. ����‍♀️ my fiancé is 25 and he has ulcerative colitis. He gets routine colonoscopies every 3 years. You’re not too young and we’re not invincible because we’re young. Also get your tonsils out if that’s what is recommended. You don’t want to become resistant to antibiotics.

  • Hey Jordan, I’m 25 years old and I’ve had an endoscopy done recently. It’s really not as bad as you think. The other patients beside me were getting colonoscopies and it’s such an easy procedure. It takes 15 min max and you’re out there! You’re not fully out too which is great (I’m from Canada which is great). By doing that, the doctors were able to finally figure out that I am Celiac and have been trying to find the issue for YEARS! I would 100% recommend doing the colonoscopy!

  • Girl!! I have chronic crohns disease ( an auto immune digestive condition) ive had it AALLLL done when it comes to anything digestive related including resectioning surgeries. If you would like a point in the right direction to get some actual answers please message me. I have more knowledge than I would like to admit and sharing is caring but I won’t give any unsolicited advice. I legit listened to this whole video (getting ready) you described my mom life to a T. Love ya so much ��

  • I used to have this problem with my tonsils. I started cleaning them at least once a week. I wash my hands really well and then use a clean qtip and press gently on my tonsil. Tiny stones will pop out. Then I immediately brush my teeth and gargle with either warm salt water or mild mouthwash. It sounds gross (it kinda is), but I haven’t had a throat infection in over ten years.

  • I’ve been doing strong lifts for the past 4-5 months, obviously 3x a week. do you have any recommendations for programs that have you in the gym 2x/week?

  • I do a full body routine six days a week. Take Sunday off. It works for me and I haven’t seen any bad side effects. I mostly do it for weight loss. Light weight high reps with dumbells. I keep my heart rate up to around 110-120 for an hour.

  • I don’t understand how someone can go down for unnecessary procedures like breast implants, but an easy procedure like removing your tonsils is an issue. Priorities I guess.

  • Hey Jordan!! I want to share what happened with my mom because it sounds similar. My mother had major stomach pain, bloating, not able to move. After so much time with pain she ended up in the ER. They scanned her stomach and found that her stomach wasnt passing food. She had ulcers blocking the stomach to the intestines. They did a scope as well thru the mouth and saw that her stomach was completely full. So to be able to see the ulcers clearly and what was fully going on they had to pump her stomach and soooo much old food came out, it was black!!! She filled two containers before they were done. Ever since she has to get the scope put down her throat to make sure her stomach isnt closing up again to her intestines..if it has they pry open the hole. So seeing a gast. Doc is perfect first step!! I do recommend getting an ultrasound and cat scan first but the scope will also let them see way more because of the camera! I would def go with getting that done its a fairly quick procedure even tho u are put under! Im praying for you!!

  • You should really read the book medical medium! The antibiotics especially amoxicillin will completely wipe out your immune system, So If you get better when taking it then it comes back that would make sense. It’s obviously a inflammation issue, you need to see a ENT for your throat. Please read that book it’s been a life saver for me and I’m post covid.

  • Don’t feel bad my ex husband went grey at 16,lol! He’s 46 now. I color my hair a lot, so nobody will ever see gray in my hair. I’m a dirty blonde naturally, but don’t like it. I just started seeing a little bit of silver mixed with the dirty blonde, when my roots grow out. I color them every 4 weeks.

  • If you manage volume and intensity anyone can train 5x per week full body. You just need to really back off on the volume and rotate exercises to avoid overuse. The only real difference is as you get more advanced you generally need more volume to produce an adaptation. This can be just more weekly volume or as you get more advanced build in some overreaching and recovery mesocycles, so you strategically overreach and then back off, which should account for more average volume than just keeping it the same all the time. It also resensitises you to your training, allowing you to get more adaptations after a deload.

    Another aspect of this kind of training that I think is often overlooked by the bodybuilding community is the opportunity to get in a massive amount of really good reps. Only doing a few sets for each body part means most of your work is done in a fresh state where you have a chance to really dial in technique without fatigue making you sloppy. There are a lot of high level ipf lifters who use a very high frequency, benching 5x per week and squatting nearly as much. This can help enormously with gaining strength over time, which as a drug free lifter is probably the biggest contributor to hypertophy

  • Stress and exhaustion lower immune system allowing the virus/bacteria toxins to produce strep organisms causing tonsillitis.

    Colonoscopy is the best imaging. The imaging your requiring prior to your procedure is called conservative treatment. Most doctors do these images first. You might have gastritis/ulcers. Common in young ppl.

  • Antibiotics are hard on your stomach and throat infection causes stomach pain because you have glands in the stomach that drain infection. Severe cramping is normal with any infection or antibiotic. Also Excedrin is great for the headaches but the worst at eating an ulcer in your stomach. I have migraines and several autoimmune issues. Praying you get some answers and feel better please watch out taking Excedrin

  • have been doing bench, military, squats, good mornings for months now…been working amazing, for strength and size…1 working set an exercise sometimes heavy sometimes for a set of 10, but never to failure…..feals great never sore

  • These YouTube weight lifting fools have no idea what they are talking about and spreading shit information to other fools who follow their uneducated bs.

  • How about 5 days a week but Monday Wednesday Friday full body heavy training Tuesday and Thursday are little Cardio stretching and little calisthenics work maybe just bodyweight?

  • Is it possible that you, as an advanced lifter, can afford to only train twice per week because you are nearing your generic potential? For a skinny fat, weak AF dude (me) wouldn’t I benefit from MUCH more intensity and volume because I don’t have the same base of strength as an advanced individual?

  • For headaches my husband, mother and I all use sumatriptan and it works miracles at getting rid of migraines and horrible headaches.

  • 3x is optimal protein synthesis. Ttraining every other day) gives you diminished returns, but close to maximal protein synthesis. Training every 24 hours would give you maximal protein synthesis. Going less than twice per week is very ineffective. Protein synthesis lasts 36-72 hours max for a noob, usually closer to 24-36. Max 24 hours for advanced athletes.

  • Good insight. I’m one of them people that go 3 days on 1 day off. Being in the gym is like meditation for me. I enjoy it, it makes me feel motivated, confident, and sharp throughout the rest of the day. Granted deloads and backing off a little bit every now and then are what come with that territory, that of which I don’t mind. To each their own I guess. Awesome channel tho bro, on a spree of watching your vids. lol

  • I love Calisthenics work but I also need weights to gain some mass and strenght. Could I do something where I do the two full body workouts and 3 of the additional days I do calisthenics strength skills that I am working on. At the moment this would be handstand pushups (non wall assisted) and one arm pullups. These workout only last like 30-45 minutes.

  • 6:40 ok so yes you can do more weight on the things like incline bench since it’s the lighter excercise but how about recovery for the bench press/ heaviest movement? That wouldn’t get as strong in theory

  • I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy at the age of 20…because of the same reason turns out I have celiacs disease and I didn’t do any other “small” procedure…just do it

  • I always enjoy your videos. I always train full body 3 x week. 60 years ago that is all they did and they looked great and were strong. I think roids changed programming and the industry pushed all the iterations to sell magazines and supplements.

  • Happy you’re back, you are a good guy and your intentions are in the right place you will evolve much much higher in your life and your content will reflect that and help a lot more people. Thank you.

  • I had stomach pains beginning in 2008. The first time I got it super bad I was in Disneyland and I was in extreme pain the cast members had to take me on a wheelchair to their on site nursing area. I rested on their bed and got a hot hot hot tea that helped soothe my stomach muscles. Throughout the year’s it kept getting worse and in 2012 I finally got health insurance and schedule all my appts. I had countless ultrasounds, CT abdominal scans, endoscopies, EVERYTHing! After several tests it turned out I had a cystic tumor on the head of my pancreas along with gallstones. Because the tumor was the size of a bell pepper I couldn’t gave it done laparoscopically and I had to have full blown surgery. I had the “whipple procedure” done at the young age of 25! My surgeon said I was his youngest patient EVER since he usually performs these surgeries on people over 70. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and out of work for 3 months per my doctors orders. I can confidently say I have NOT had any pain since then. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do even though it’s scary. I hope the doctors are able to give you results:)

  • Hi Cheyenne, I’m a nurse and think I may have some advice for you.. I know it can be so frustrating when you feel awful and seems like you aren’t getting any answers. If you want to chat my Instagram name is @kaylarizai you can send me a pm anytime.

  • I go to the gym 3x per week. 2 full body, 1 intense and one volume focused, and the middle workout is to hit my more lagging parts with extra direct work. Working out great

  • Steve, i am a teenager ( 6,2 ft and 160 pounds), i enjoy do compunds movements so i am trying the 4 day split (upper/lower). How many sets do u think I should do by workout? I kinda have a good back, because i need a lot of swimming, but recently I can´t feel my back and train it very well, do u have any tips?

    ps: sry for my english, third language….

  • 3:18 ” those are the three things that are important” Say what? Split push pull, Bulgaria and what?
    Anyone? Thank you. This is great.

  • ive tried to send u mail and even contact u on FB.. no answer. hope to hear from you when u have the time =) really want to do this 12 week program or even coaching..

  • How do you feel about this now, since your working out almost everyday.. I have thought about both approaches.. training everyday, has like a warrior feel to it, and you expect your body to adapt. But rest then days off full body makes sense too, because you go all out then rest.

  • It looks like people have helped you out with suggestions! Don’t let the dr tell you you don’t have symptoms for celiac disease!! There are over 300 possible symptoms, many outside of GI issues as well, so that’s not an argument that makes sense! And the endoscopy is really not a big deal, but you could ask for an antibody blood test to test for celiac before the endoscopy if you’d like. Hope you get it figured out!

  • Mouth wash everyday, might be sinus stuff/ allergies Flonase is key to get that stuff out of your system. Also watch your sugar. They have told me I was supposed to get my tonsils out for years I never did.

  • i know this is quite a while since you made this. but what do you think about working out 6 times a week? like: chest, legs, back x2. it is technically the same as working 2 times just that you workout 30-45 minutes instead. thanks flr answer by anyone��

  • why cant it blend high intensity work with high volume in the same session? like starting with olympic lifts and strength moves, then going into higher volume work? or finding a wide rep range and working through it over time? the idea of starting with heavy lifts like push press, bench, deadlift, rows, then high volume squats, rows, some kind of accessory posterior, curls, OH press, for example?

  • I agree, nothing worse than going into the gym not fully recovered, feel less explosive and weaker, i think 2 times a week is the way to go as far as strength gains

  • Whats the point in going 4 times a week if you have to lower the intensity and volume for the last two days? That right there lets you know that your recovery is taking a loss, IMO. You should push hard the first day and push a lot the second day and get the most out of both days and make sure you are eating and getting rest for the rest of the week. If you are doing full body workouts correctly, as a natural, then 2 days of training a week seems like it makes the most sense.

  • True That! I´ve used to train full body 4-5 times a week, I got stronger yes, but did I put on some serious size? Not really! Changed to 3 times a week, and it worked great! I mix it up with some “Split Weeks”

  • Cool. However, every time I’ve tried to work out like that, without using steroids, I’ve gotten steadily weaker due to overtraining. It works super well when on a cycle, though.

  • Like most of the people(I think), I’ve been training split for a couple of years. I have noticed that my body’s response is much better when I train with a strength program. I’ve accomplished some good gains in size and strength, but I’m like a sort of slave of the gym (training weights and boxing 5 times per week). I would like to try with a full body work out 3 or 4 times a week, but I’m a total noob at it. could you give me some advice on how to distribute the exercises?(I would like to keep training strength). thank you in advance and keep it up, your videos are great!

  • Was about to start your alpha program for novice but after watching this video it makes me unsure. Is your novice program any good? Since it’s 3x per wk and also I read in comments it doesn’t have rack pulls? Please answer. Thanks Alex!

  • “is it efficient, who gives a crap, just have fun”

    So many fewer forum wars & so much more happiness could had if more people understood this fact of life

  • Did anybody else catch the “kids” part? ��

    Yes do all your tests your asking for and still do the colonoscopy test it’s super fast down in 10 mins…test takes 30 mins (much less) and back up in 10-15 (more like 5). I just took my mother early this year and I didn’t have time to clean out my purse in the waiting room with Covid I assume it’ll be faster as theirs be a limit to patients.
    Heads up and blessings your way����

  • Would you recommend this to a novice trainee who also boxes, or would you prefer that individual to continue his novice lp 3 times a week? Is 3 times a week of continual progress too taxing on a boxer who needs gpp and ssp?

  • I feel like that 3rd day could be used simply for technique on the more complex lifts as the Intensity side being heavy can make it hard to keep great form, and volume can takes your body and mind making you a little more sloppy. I see a third day based around this WITH GPP being only positive. If you have the time that is..

  • Is there a second like button? How does one combine useful fitness content, personal work/productivity journey, experience, insights with a dash of good sense of humour topped with some smart filming/editing in one video? Everytime I come back I keep getting impressed with the way you create content.

  • Hi Radu good to see your back and also focusing on some really important topics! Have you read much about HIT? I was sceptical but gave it a go and have been impressed with the results. Even doing just one set per week per body part to failure I was able to improve my body composition. I’m still not big but then I didn’t get big doing high volume training either. I think a lot is down to genetics if I’m honest. There’s a great book called body by science which explains the philosophy really well.

  • I notice my back rounding a little when I try to get deep on my leg press. How dangerous is letting it round a little bit to get the full range of motion compared to cutting it short a few inches. I feel like I am cheating or not getting all I can out of it when I do not get more depth. Never really thought about it being dangerous until I heard you in this video. lol

  • Great that the focus is evidence based

    Being popular online is no measure whatsoever of anything however…not talent,quality,fact nor skill…
    …usually it is down to money spent by those marketing the content…

    However,whilst this speaker mentions “popularity” he nevertheless goes on to site evidence as his focus…which reassures us of his integrity

  • To everyone reading this.. always be thankful for your health.. in reading the comments, her symptoms are minimal compared to people who have have lived with chronic diseases, organs removed, cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc… but none the less, having these symptoms can disrupt anyone’s everyday life, mental health, energy, and overall wellbeing. We also don’t know if there is an underlying issue hence why she’s getting herself checked.

  • Your videos have inspired my old, out of shape truck driving ass to get back into the gym. Thank you very much for the informative videos you make. It’s been really hard physically but even more difficult on the mental side of it. Discouraged alot but not going to give up!!

  • Just had a colonoscopy a couple weeks ago it’s not a big deal they put you out for it the only thing that sucks is the day before doing the prep you can do it

  • how do you handle warm up sets? 1or 2 before hitting those exercises on the chart? wouldn’t want to go straight into the reps with that weight or would you?

  • I had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy when i was fifteen. If getting one makes you nervous, just remember that your health is what matters. You don’t remember it or feel it. I promise. They give you medicine through and iv and you’re only asleel for a few minutes.

  • Just started this. Bench press squats,shoulder press,pull ups,curls,behind the head press. 5 reps 3 sets each. Feels good. I’ll do high Intensity 5 reps till failure 2 days of the week. The other 3 ill do 5 reps with a weight that I can leave a rep or 2 in the tank so I don’t tax my cns im liking it so far

  • I could definitely see myself running this for a few weeks. Also would be good for those weird times in your life when you don’t know how many days a week you can make it to a gym so you want to hit full body without going crazy on heavy squats and bench every time. Thanks Steve

  • Still got it mate!! I am doing a 6 times per week with this kind of split (chest shoulders and triceps, back and biceps, legs) and since i am a beginner yet i will try to see if this gets me somewhere… But i will keep your advices on split and sets and reps for future reference… The fact is you got the phisique i aim for so you must know something about the matter… Keep it up with the videos and a massive thanks

  • I am making great progression on my current program but i do like your program. I am loving legs/delts, chest/tricep, back/bicep each twice a week. 1 sometimes 2 day rest a week.

  • I’m really, genuinely hoping your breast implants aren’t starting to cause you issues, especially if you’ve never had gut issues prior.

    Gut issues were my first symptoms when I started to become sick from them, and it progressively spiraled for the next 6 years after that.

    Please just keep note of this, and I really hope you feel better soon. ❤️

  • Can someone please point me in the direction of a good ” How to” video for these exercises please? I’ve started a similar program. 5 days a week. And I’m running out of my known exercises ( stuff I know how to do). I won’t list them here but if anyone wants to know I’ll tell them. Training for 6 months. Ty everyone and Ty for the video. Great question answered.

  • Colonoscopy endoscopy is not surgery at all you’ll be fine the next day I went back to work the next day after my colonoscopy do you research

  • I have been having those pains that are similar. I call them stomach attacks. Cuz it literally feels like my stomach is being attacked by something. I haven’t been to the dr. I let them pass. I probably should get it checked out, but like you I don’t want all that done to me. Please let us know what’s going on. I know our pain may not be caused by the same thing, but it’s informative for us.. well me. Lol. Happy Saturday!

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  • Recently split my Upper Lower, twice a week, program, into a 7 day full body program, and it’s been working well, to my surprise. Fatigue is much lower, and I’ve been able to add weight, every day. I hope I can run this for a while, as I like how it feels.