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Full body and split workouts each come with their own lists of pros and cons. In this article, we’re going to discuss what full body and split workouts are, their respective list of pros and. Full-Body Workouts vs. Split Training: Complete Pros and Cons You hear both side,s and one is as convincing as the other. In one camp are the full-body believers who feel that simplicity and minimalism is best; that often criticize split training programs and.

The following will teach you about the pros and cons of full body workouts and split routines so you can decide which type of routine is right for you. Full Body Workout: Pros & Cons Pros. Balanced Body – You will be able to build a well balanced body by hitting all muscle groups in one workout, which is more natural and more closely mimics. Pros of Full Body Workout Programs.

Full body training is a great method of training for beginners or newbies to the gym, it will elevate protein synthesis on a more regular basis for their whole body, allowing them to acquire faster results. Pros of a Full Body Workout Biggest advantage of whole body training are the metabolic benefits it offers. Can train the whole body more frequently per week therefore stimulating muscle growth more often per week.

Burns more calories in a session than a split workout. The Pros and Cons of Full Body Workouts. “Split training might create endurance for an individual muscle, but full body workouts are so much more impactful for sports.”. – Rob Dionne. Pros of full body workouts: You stay fresh every time you do a full body workou.

While splits can help you improve “problem” areas, full body workouts are probably your best bet for the fastest overall size gains. Since you’re focusing almost all of your attention on the heaviest lifts, your body is constantly facing pressure to adapt and grow. Most fitness professionals agree that split training is better for bodybuilding and general physique competitors. Split training hits a higher percentage of the total motor units in the body per week than a total body plan.

As a muscle is fatigued you recruit more motor units, which is better for hypertrophy. What’s more, there are pros and cons for both full body and split styles of training. As with most other training practices, the right one for you entirely depends on your goals. Here’s what.

Only requires 3–4 workouts per week, at most. Cons of Full-Body Workouts: Can be fatiguing because so many muscle groups are targeted during each workout. Workouts are harder to recover from, especially as you increase volume and intensity. Harder to target and grow specific muscles.

Pros of Body-Part Splits: Better for increasing muscle size.

List of related literature:

There are advantages and disadvantages to the double split routine.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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During whole-body training, you work the entire body each session, so tech— nically you’re not splitting anything up.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
by Bret Contreras
Human Kinetics, 2013

Split routines allow the advanced trainer to focus on specific body parts to get the most out of his or her training while increasing intensity and saving time.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
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At first glance, double split training provides two major benefits.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
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For instance, you can train your entire body several times per week (“full-body split”), your upper and lower body on different days (“upper/lower split”), or different major muscle groups on different days (“body-part split”).

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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While the benefits of both are clear and there is no doubt that both should be part of a complete training program, there is a downside to combining these two different types of training.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
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Split routines allows a greater amount of recovery to occur between sessions as well as allowing more work to be done for each bodypart.

“The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner” by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
from The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner
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Although it may seem like you run out of weekdays for these sessions, the five-day split actually allows for more recovery per muscle group because you’re only training each body part once a week.

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
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Whole-body versus split routines 5.

“Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards” by Jonathan T. Finnoff, DO, Mark A. Harrast, MD
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One way to deal with the demands of Advanced Training is by following a program of Double-Split Training, which simply means breaking up each day’s workout into two different training sessions.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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  • My Strength + Aesthetics workout program is now available for download! https://strengthplusaesthetics.com/products/strength-aesthetics-workout-program-pdf-ebook

  • Here’s my full body home workout using only 10kg dumbbells:

    Traps –
    Dumbbell shrug (5×10 reps)
    Circular shrug (burnout)

    Shoulders –
    Dumbbell OHP (3×8 reps)
    Seated OHP (4×8 reps)
    One arm rows (3×15 reps)
    Lean away lateral raises (3×10 reps)
    Shoulder press push ups (x50)

    Back –
    Bent over rows (4×10 reps)
    Reverse flies (3×6 reps)
    Standing rows (3×8 reps)
    Pull ups (x25)

    Biceps –
    Concentration curl (3×10 reps)
    Hammer curl (3×8 reps)
    Cross curl (3×5 reps)
    Seated wide curls (2×10 reps)
    Seated inner curls (2×10 reps)
    Chin ups (x25)

    Standing one arm skull crushers (3×5 reps)
    Lying skull crushers (3×6 reps)
    One arm tricep kickbacks (3×8 reps)
    Lying cross extensions (3×6 reps)
    Standing single dumbbell extension (burnout)
    Dips (x50)

    Incline dumbbell press (4×10 reps)
    Decline dumbbell press (4×10 reps)
    Incline flies (3×8 reps)
    Decline flies (3×8 reps)
    Push up freestyle

    Abs –
    20x flutter kicks
    20x Russian twists
    10x crunches
    5x hip raises
    5x starfish crunches
    20x bicycle crunches
    10x high toe touches
    10x wiper toe touches
    10x kettlebell drops
    Hollow hold till burnout
    Crunched hold till burnout

    Legs –
    Goblet squat (4×9 reps)
    Deadlift squat (3×12 reps)
    Dumbbell lunges (3×6 reps)
    Bulgarian split squat (3×6 reps)
    Squat to shoulder press (3×6 reps)
    Deadlift hold till burnout
    Calf raises till burnout (3 sets)

  • I’m 61 years old and train full body 5 days a week. I use an A/B routine (to avoid repetitive strain injury) and only use compound exercises. After a brief warm up, I perform one set (NOT to failure) of each exercise (totaling 5) and finish with a 60 second high intensity sprint, a 60 second brisk march and 3 minutes of walking to warm down. The whole workout takes 20 to 30 minutes. Even though I am “ancient”, I am still making gains 😉 High frequency training works, IF you do it sensibly and leave the ego outside. I’m 62 this year and recognise that my recovery is a bigger issue than when I was 20, hence the low volume. In addition to all this, I train in martial arts daily and if I met my 20 year old self, I would kick the wee shite’s arse! 😉

  • Great stuff man, Have you started the hydrogen peroxide 35%food grade protocol 3 drop’s in 8 Oz of distilled water on a empty stomach twice a day increase the dose every two days by one drop until you get to approx 10 drops then taper back down, all the toxins viruses and bacterias cannot live in this oxygenated environment, H202 fantastic stupid makes you feel new again ect, look into it and get it done and good luck man.

  • I definitely see the benefits in theory of this.
    But I really don’t know if I can do heavy squats and then heavy bench press in the same morning. Let alone doing heavy back and shoulder exercises afterwards.
    At the end of my current leg day workout I feel like I’m about to faint… Not sure if I can pull this program off.
    But I am interested in trying at some point. Cross my fingers

  • So Jordan Peters and Dr Scott Stevenson are wrong and “broscience” splits are somehow more of a training stimulus than high frequency low volume high intensity training even though it’s been shown that individual muscle gains following a training stimulus only lasts a few days therefore rendering the concept of waiting 7 days to resubject stimulus on that muscle to be redundant??? SMH ����‍♂️��

  • Ive been doing full body for a few months and in like a few weeks i noticed the difference, burn more calories, also was able to bench 2 plates for the first time ever and im just noticing my muscles getting really good all over. On the 2 days between i either do sprints or get errands done or even both. I love it its helped me burn some fat and get stronger

  • Really good explanation. I’ve searched for this kind of info on several calisthenics channels, but you’ve given the clearest answer, straight to the point.

    I’ve tried Upper/Lower + abs, Push/Pull/Legs + abs and Full Body workouts (as circuits, straight sets, super sets or paired sets).

    For me, as a student/researcher with too many tasks and too little time, full body workouts with paired sets (ex.: Pull Ups + rest + Push Ups, and repeat), 2 or 3 times per week works the best for me. For now, I seem to have found the balance between strength gains, time efficiency and individual focus on each movement (without too much interference from the “cardio element”).

  • Lol dude, you literary have so many spot on videos. I have a ton of questions in my head and whenever I type it in YouTube, you pop up with the exact video I need. Just going to search in your videos next time. Excellent work brother!

  • Look what Jim says about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZGxwjp76wc
    But he does it every day, which really is fine, because the muscle can recover from only a few sets, in a day.
    You look just as good or better doing full body then you did busting your ass on splits, and it sounds like you’re stronger.

    Also, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_m0sdG2DI4

  • I’m trying to do a full body split 3 times per week (squats, bench press, shoulder press, bent over row, tricep extension, bicep curl), but I’m also incorporating a « full body » hiit workout on 2 rest days (squat jumps, mountain climbers, push-ups and burpees). So a total of 5 training days, all of which are exhausting in general. I’m a beginner and my main goal is to lose fat, but build muscle in the process. What do you think? My main concern is that the hiit days might not let me fully recover for the lifting days.

  • I looked you do bit resurch should only be doing 4 to 8 reps max for power or hyperdaphy response to muscles perk of full body is it multiple muscles working at once and it foundation isolation good way to kind of stablize but they really are not so needed if your progression great 3×10 thing of past more endurance based if going over 9 reps to 15 can be damaging to gains

  • I need F#%*$& help.. I did p90x and was able to complete it twice and then moved to the gym for weights..but I miss doing body weight stuff. I’m lost and 270 lbs at 5’5 still after almost 7 months now.

  • In highschool weight training class, I had a 4 day split. Monday was shoulders and triceps 9 sets a body, 3 different exercises for each body part with 10,7,4 reps. 10 reps is hypertrophy, 7 slow twitch, 4 pure strength. Tuesday… Back, Forearms. Wednesday we played basketball. Thursday Legs and Traps. Friday was Chest and biceps. Every week I was increasing my decline, incline and reg bench. Reg bench, 170 10 times. 180 7 times, 190, 4 times. Next week 175, 185, 195 and so on. 5 pounds may not sound like a lot by there is 52 weeks a year. That’s an increase of 260 pounds. Even 2.5 pound increase a week is decent, 130 pounds. Full body taxes the fuck out if your muscles, unless you eat a lot the day before and after.

  • Lol its ok to talk shit,when you’re already at a high level,it won’t make a difference what you do,you still have to shock your muscles. Leave the science bullshit in a book

  • I’ma go wit dis…

    (01) Squat (ass-to-grass frog squat)
    (02) Deadlift / Deficit deadlift (bands)
    (03) Barbell row (deadlift style heavy) and/or T-bar row
    (04) Chin-up / Pull-up (added weight / bodyweight / band assisted)
    (05) Bench press and/or Incline press
    (06) Upright press
    (07) Upright row (wide grip)

    You can throw in bend-squats with (01) squats and romanian deadlifts with (02) deadlifts. Start with lighter weights and longer sets and add weight each set to build up to the heaviest set. Long enough rest between sets. Start deadlifts with RDL and do (03) bent over barbell rows (and/or T-bar rows) as well followed immediately by (04) chin-ups and/or pull-ups. You can add some front lever pull-downs with bands or pulley before the chin-ups to pre-exhaust. Continue with deadlifts only as you add weight ending with heavy deadlifts. Then (05) bench press. Then (06) upright press. Then (07) upright row. End with hanging shrugs and a few chin-ups to really stretch the back.

  • Why would you try to copy the workout of someone who’s on steroids? Nobody natural can do heavy lifts everyday and still recuperate. You need a lot of time for your nervous system to recuperate, and nobody natural will be able to lift heavy every day or every 2 days and make progressive overload

  • Full body all day…. Monday metabolic stress… Wednesday TUT…. Friday heavy!…. Switch up the exercises Everytime but hit the same muscle groups…. I do feel pumped all week with full body…if I finish my day in good time…I just throw in some lagging body parts…loving it

  • Bro split if you’re on gear
    Full-body if you’re natty. You also can do high volume if you want a pump and work cardio into it.


  • This has nothing to do with the video but I’m new to the channel I saw this guy and thought he looks like he’s probably 5’5, little did I know lol

  • I’m sorry I don’t know if you already clarified this, but on what days are you including neck and forearm training in the full body routine?

  • Hey Scott my Chest is lacking. Incase I do a compound lift on my workout day and plan on taking chest the next rest day. Do you think my recovery is likely to be disrupted? If there’s any other way can you let me know? Thanks Scott.

  • I do split training with sets and reps since I started calisthenics 2 years ago thanks to following the programs of a famous calisthenic athlete, BM (guess who I’m talking about) and right now I’ve adapted my own training sessions to improve skills and I’ve improved a lot, but nowadays I feel like a little stucked with some skills because of injuries, lack of equipment and space, etc. But that’s my goal, improving skills and get the front and back lever, flag pole, planche, etc. I started weighted calisthenics and so then is when I injured my shoulder and my wrists… anyways, I feel amused and grateful for your videos, thank you so much for your videos, advices and all you’ve teached to all of us, I’ve learned a lot more since I started watching your videos and definitely putting in practice soon, even I decided to put in practice some yoga in my training days, at the beginning I was a little sceptic, but then when I followed one of your yoga routine video, it changed my mind and I felt pretty well with it, anyway sorry about the speech, hope to write you soon again Gabo… Greetings from Mexico hermano ����

  • What do you guys think about this split??

    WednesdayFull body Push focused
    ThursdayFull body Pull focused
    FridayLegs and Abs

  • Full body high frequency low volume 5 days a week worked best for me, for instance day 1 was Squat 3×8 bb lunge 3×6 each bb row 4×8 weighted pull-ups 4×6 weighted planks 3×30

  • I started off doing full body workouts in my teens back when i first starting lifting (mainly as i didnt know any other split or in fact anything really) I grew bigger and faster than most but i think this was genetic. I eventually took to bro splits and started growing more so they have always been my default over the years since. Ive gone back to full body now and then for a change but ultimately whilst i increased strength with frequency i found the quality of muscle was different. For me at least full body felt more of a pump workout and that so much as taking a week off showed diminishing gains, as opposed to other splits where you are hitting the muscle with more volume per workout and allowing longer recovery

  • Jose is SO RIGHT about the need to take more time to recover. I get severe cases of DOMS when I train legs. The brutal soreness lasts several days and I can feel it around the connector tissues and muscle insertions a full week. When you’re young and optimal in your early twenties you can get away with a full body but there’s no way you’ll have the same levels of energy or concentrated focus toward the latter or second half of a workout if you’re training full body. I find it much better to high-intensity direct train a body part, give it at least a few days rest, eat well, get sleep because that is when you actually grow, and train the body bit-by-bit. There is simply no way a person naturally can do perform both a high-intensity squat, train the legs in other exercises AND have enough in the tank for effectively training the upper body parts the same day. In my case, my body will start “shutting down” if I overtax it. Train with a positive “no limits” mentality but realize when your body is talking to you not to overdo it.

  • Sound advice.. Being the grand old age of 40 now I benefit better from 8-9 days recovery between body parts… A change from the 90’s gear days of smashing body parts twice a week lol… I just try to maintain what I have nowadays, sad but true lol

  • Only on week 2 of full body 3 x week after getting back in to gym. I used to do the bro split for 2 years and got pretty big back when I was a gym rat. But I got to say, I’ve never climbed strength so fast since doing full body. I’m starting from the beginning again with all previous gains lost, but so far I’ve jumped from 60 to 70 kg on the benchpress in just a week!! I’m not on this 5×5 thing and still aim for 8-12 rep range with focus on eccentric hypertrophy. So I’m not getting quick strength gains by powerlifting.
    I dunno, full body feels like every workout is a nice pace as well, whereas bro splits can feel too intense on a leg day or not intense enough on an arm day.
    Definitely gonna stick at this for the next 6 months for a better comparison.

  • Hey I enjoyed the video. Do you follow a minimalist diet? And could you maybe give a brief example of a decent diet? There’s all of these fancy diets out there and its really confusing.

  • Hey Gabo! Thank you so match! It is very interesting and full of information training programs! I`m really like it and will try some of them for sure. If look at my training program, its pretty routine now. I sure, that i need to make it more various:
    1day base super sets(pull ups/bar push ups/ floor push ups x4);
    2day biceps and back exercises also in superset(on bar.with bands and dumbbells);
    3day legs and cardio;
    4day 10 push ups with 6 different grips in superset x2 and 12 bar pushups x5;
    5day triceps and chest (pushups and band and dumbbells);
    6day abs and cardio;
    7day rest.
    Sometimes i make different combinations of this training days; In summer try to run almost every day; in winter do a lot of rope jumping. Always try to do flexing exercises and smth for abs; but no elements i try to learn.

  • my friend (natural) train chest and arms on everyday, and he looks amazing. Fullbody or split is doesn’t matter. Just focus and enjoy workout

  • Can you please make a video of your exercise split per day I tried this but I hit a wall day 3, I went 3 exercises each body part 1 warmup set and 3 lift sets almost completely drained on energy any guidance very helpful

  • I love me that full body strength training. Gives me what I want, which is fitness and power. I occasionally do bro splits to build up weak points, get past plateaus or if I want to work specifically on my physique.

  • Is it good if i do it like. Monday push/pull and all of my push workout mainly target tricep and for the next day(wednesday) which is push/pull workout, and this time my push workout will mainly focus on chest. Is it okay to do this?

  • Hey I’ve done the full body program, it’s something u created myself, for top to bottom on the first day then split mid section then bottom to top, it was actually really fun seeing and feeling the cons, I don’t like the bro split, but my time management allows me to be able to train properly, also being 20 years of age also helps

  • keep it up dude!! trust me this is your passion eventually you will be living off this full time �� make a cashapp/vennmo/ paypal we can all send some blessings to you

  • my biggest issue is if i workout monday and rest on tuesday my doms allways hits me hard on the wednesday so if i do full body do i just beast mode the doms im confused

  • I agree on the length of workouts I’m up to 1:30 on most workouts but doesn’t bother me at all! I have been using your full body program, it’s been great! I’m 10 years in training and it’s such a cool and different way to train. I will say my Hamms are pretty sore throughout the week but, my body is still adapting I think

  • Agree with all of this Jeff. I got your plan 4 weeks ago. No constant soreness anymore and really looking forward to upping the intensity next week. Also really interesting to do a split completely different to the norm!

  • Full body everyday, does that mean every muscle every session or for example legs everyday. Squat monday, leg curls tuesday etc or for shoulders: ohp monday, facepull tuesday..?

  • 0:29 did you guys custom make that song for your videos or can we find it somewhere? I feel a compulsory need to get up and gym every time that plays

  • Can you make a video explaining the difference between training by reps and training with a timer for example 30s each exercise? And also some examples of how to use each training style

  • Hey man. About 2 months into training and be all over the place with routines. I was getting obsessed with getting everything perfect rather than just training the way I like (doing something is better than nothing) Looking forward to getting a copy of your book. Keep up the great content man����

  • Utt ohh… the cancel culture will have you cancelled because of your black face… don’t run for office… you’ll be doomed… regardless that it’s a joke…. they are ridiculous

  • Hey scott what should be the rest period between sets? And one question isn’t the rep range a bit on the lower side? Isn’t 8-12 a better range for muscle hypertrophy?

  • I was having a pizza with my friend when he said he was on a diet and pizza is his regular cheat meal and part of diet plan he got from NextLevelDiet. I thought he was crazy, but after a month I noticed his body has changed a lot. He looked better than ever. I should really visit that website

  • Very relevant video, Saturno team..
    Actually, I like to mix them sometimes too.. and I think, as you said, variety is the key.. so through the week I train in circuits for upper body, abs and legs.
    The only difference is the rest:
    Upper: 2-3 min rest between upper body exercises (pull ups and dips)
    Abs and legs: 3 min rest between sets.

    Abs training is a cardio-based and a killer one, so legs are.

    Currently, my training split is:
    Mon Upper body
    Tue Abs
    Wed Legs
    Thu Upper body
    Fri Abs
    Sat Legs
    Sun Rest

    I don’t know if it’s the best way, but i’m used to it nowadays..:D

  • Full body doesn’t mean full intensity, full heavy every day. Alternating loads and intensity is a good idea. Light days, heavy days, explosive days, etc.

  • Really informative video. Because I love combining bodyweight training with external loads, I usually run a 4-day weekly protocol consisting of upper-lower-rest-upper-rest-lower-rest. It works wonders for me:)

  • I like the video very much, but u build muscle too when working out fullbody cuz u train the muscles more than when ur doing splits, i honestly do upperbody and lowerbody workouts, i train 3-5 days upperbody and lowerbody what do you think gabo?

  • Hey @SaturnoMovement how would u recommend incorporating calisthenics into weights training? Or would u suggest i only focus on one?

  • i know you dont answere me but it would be great if you do!! i Do 3er split, Back bieceps, Chest trieces shoulders, Legs, And ABS always every 2. day i train 6 times a week or 5. times deepens on howi feel is it good or bad? Because you train push and pull together i split it:P

  • You said it right when you brought up the legs. If someone has great genetics, they can work out how ever they want and look great. Everyone says naturals shouldn’t do bro splits but it always made more sense so we can fully recover before the next workout. Great vid��

  • If you go have a look at what the legendary bodybuilders were doing in the pre-steroid era, you will see that almost all of them were doing full body workout

  • I used to do full body but no matter what i plateaued for a long time and no matter what i did, i.e. longer sessions, different exercises, i even started eating 3 more meals than normal (i dont count calories, but id guess around 3500-4000-ish (and i was only 17) But when i switched to p/p/l i gained about 15 lbs in 3 months and was still pretty lean. IDK everybody is different

  • Could you make a video on periodization please, i.e mix of low and high reps in one session or split through out the week. What is tbe best way for learning skills, gaining strength as well as improving on the basics In terms of periodization

    Thanks for the great content you have already provided.

    Much appreciated.

  • I’m gonna try this out for sure. My day to day schedule is quite random, so some days I just don’t have time to work out. This means that some weeks I don’t hit my legs (or another muscle group) at all. I also feel that my technique gets worse the longer into the session I am. My normal split is 4 days: Chest/biceps, back/triceps, legs, shoulders/abs. I really think this could be something for me. Do you have programs for this full body split Jeff? By the way, watched a bunch of your vids today and I’m really impressed. You’re calm, honest and straight to the point. You earned a subscription from me!

  • I just wanted to say this, since YouTube translates on its own, unrequiered: it translates soooo bad it’s painfull. My mother language is spanish and it is hilarious how YT butches the titles and the descriptions. So, YT, please stop. You’re not helping anyone.
    Ohter than that, amazing video, as allways.

  • Hi Gabog great video as usual my question is would u use yoga as a warming up and stretching exercise before the pull push and mobility exercises or leave that till the end of workout and go into the pull push mobility cold thanks

  • Hey Jeff, I’ve Been following you and you’re really doing a Great Job,, Congrats On that..
    and i wanted to u ask a Question, That it.
    Doing a Full body 5x requires Bout effect which kicks in after 2-3 weeks.. and
    what if i changed my routine to push,pull and lower after 8 weeks and then if i start 5x Full body workout.. does the bout effect take 2-3 weeks to kick in or does it occur within short term?
    looking forward for your answer on this.

  • Can anyone give me sugestion i train boxing and i started to go to gym to get little bit more strength and a bit more muscle mass im 16 is this a good split

  • I never thought I’d ever do full body…but doing split I felt like I wasn’t progressing any more so 2 weeks ago have tried full body and I’m already seeing better results so I’m going to keep it going..plus my stamina is so much better and I’m definitely stronger

  • I’ve been doing the strong man 5×5 routine it’s amazing look into it… It’s a compound movement routine… Increasing weight every workout

  • Girls don’t like skinny boys! Get muscles like me. I got 3kg of lean muscle in one month. The secret is website called NextLevelDiet, because I followed their 30 days meal plan. IM FU**ING STRONG NOW!!!

  • Awesome that you start to upload more frequently by now! Love your videos and your mentality about training in general. I completely agree on you saying, training should be fun. That is the most important thing in my opinion.
    Greetings from Vienna

  • Hi Eric,Been a long time subscriber, appreciate your honesty and basic approach to lifting.Question: I have a half rack, and I was interested in adding a pulley like you have. as a suggestion, can you o a quick segment on how you have yours setup and what brand it is?RegardsAndrew

  • Can I do this kind of schedule?
    This is my schedule:
    M: Full Body
    Tue: Rest
    Wednesday: Upper Body
    Thu: Rest
    Friday: Lower Body
    Sat: Movement
    Sun: Rest

  • I use them both few weeks with a full body routine, then few weeks of bro split lol and when doing the full body I dont just do 5×5 I preform 5×5 say on a Monday then wed I’ll change it up focusing on other push,pull and leg variation exercises and adding isolation movements and also change the weight and rep ranges like Monday, heavy, Wednesday moderate, and Friday light weight and when it come to the split well it’s a split lol but all and all good videos guys keep it up!

  • Full body mimics the natural expression of exercise that one would do.in the real world when people used to do manual labor on like a farm, etc.
    The body responds by an increase in strength and endurance over growth.

  • 37 sets for a workout is just too much imo. I’m doing upper /Lower split and I need to do about 28 sets for upper just to hit the volume I need, and I’m already at the gym for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  • I’m currently doing a 4 day/week full body program and have been loving it! Having the intra-session volume be a little lower while weekly frequency is higher has me feeling really good and enjoying each workout!

  • there’s something not too obvious abot leg days that people seem to forget:
    unlike all the other muscles, after a full leg day, you are still training your legs: you walk. Like, your legs are in a constant tension as the result of carrying the rest of your body everywhere at all times. It’s no surprise legs need a bit longer to recover since their workout doesn’t quite end in the gym

  • Gabo, your channel is incredible. Personally, I like full body training on a frequent basis. I’m thinking of switching to a split with a combination of two methods you described to change things up:

    M: push and anterior core
    T: pull and posterior core
    W: legs and lateral core
    Th: straight arm and anterior core
    F: bent arm and posterior core
    S: legs and lateral core

    What do you think? Right now, straight arm strength is more of a skill workout for me, I’m transitioning from kettlebell based workouts to more ring based. I’ve also considered doing this as a split in which I work out with my kettlebells in the first half of the week, then rings in the second half.

  • As far as recovery is concerned i find whole body so difficult as it requires more knowledge to pilot. Legs are the only thing i use on a daily basis so it sucks doing legs everyday. Im a huge fan of the classic Push/Pull/Leg split

  • I don’t think split workouts are needed, unless you’re trying to be competitive in bodybuilding or powerlifting. That said, you might do the heaviest exercises (deads and squats) alternately or one “light” and the other heavy. Start with the exercise you want to emphasise. You might alternate barbell row with T-bar row and flat or incline bench. You might only do deadlift or squat for a week or two, if you feel one is lagging. For general power and mass, I think full body is the way, as long as you can recover.

  • Full Body vs Bro Split analysis:

    1.) Dexa Scan Showed increased muscle mass and lowered Body fat Percentage with FB training.
    2.) Testosterone levels (taken at doctors office) was 38% higher (after three months of training this way but having the same exact diet).
    3.) I was able to increase frequency as I could workout my muscle groups one more time per week than with the bro split of two times per week.
    4.) More time in my life with only going to the gym 3 days a week now.
    5.) Progressed much faster in not only my weight on my lifts but my physique improved much faster

    Negatives of FB training:
    1.) You have to be in the gym for at least 1.5-2 hours to complete the training
    2.) Endurance is difficult when first starting
    3.) Must consume more calories during these days (might be a positive for foodies)

    Overall I decided to adhere to FB training for life now. I feel like I’ve doubled the speed in more progress.

  • For my current goals i dont see much point in full body. Im not trying to look like arnold but all of my training (besides cardio) is focused on building strength so lower reps with higher wheights, i do a push, pull, legs, rest split at the moment and i prefer that because it gives certain muscle groups eg. Biceps, back, traps (pull) a good time to rest and a full session can be focused on then to get the max work out of the muscles, i think full body doesnt let you tear perticular muscle groups enough to give good strength gains, especially with the tine that ive got


    Squat: 6 SETS x 4 6 REPS
    Bench Press: 6 SETS x 4 6 REPS
    T-Bar Row 6 SETS x 4 6 REPS
    Overhead Press 4 SETS x 8 REPS
    Dips 4 SETS x 8 REPS
    Dumbbell Incline Curl 4 SETS x 8 REPS
    Glute Bridge: 4 SETS x 4 6 REPS
    Rear Delt Fly 3 SETS x 15 REPS

    FULL WORKOUT PROGRAMS! https://muscularstrength.com/Full-Workout-Programs

  • Hi guys i just subscribed to your channel! AWESOME IS ALL I CAN SAY! You guys nail down the truth in a fun and joyful way. I have always liked all body workouts and i’m going to give this one a shot. thanks guys!! Also i cant wait to try the egg omelette pizza lol

  • Glad you guys didn’t get too much crap about the “blackface.” Outrage culture can’t become history fast enough. I’d say it’s probably important to incorporate both in your workout routine depending on your personal goals.

  • Hey, I do full upper body 5x a week and my work requires lots of movement, it feels like I get enough rest or is that still to much?

  • I always used to get bad DOMS when i used superheavy weights in the 3 to 6 range, with no high rep sets afterwards to flush the muscles out.
    now i avboid super heavy cuz im 51 and use high rep sets of 8 to as high as 20 and almost never get sore.

  • i do a combination of full body and split workout. 3x a week with a concentration split of chest & biceps, back & triceps, shoulders & legs on my main sets; my warm-up and failure sets would cover the rest of the muscles. so, essentially, the entire workout session is a full body workout

  • I am a complete beginner so dont hate me for this question but arent you completly missing the abs in split method 2 which is overall the classic one? Im german so probably i didnt understand something right so would be nice if someone could answer me

  • Ive been doing full body workout since I started weightlifting 3 months ago… Ive getting more gains than my buddies who does bro splits 5 days a week…

  • As a personal trainer, i’ve typically found that most of my clients get their best results by doing both. You alternate between the two, duration based on client, and then obviously hit their more specific needs. Also, keep in mind that everyone’s bodies respond differently.

  • good content as usual, your neck veins look totally pumped.

    Like I said on a previous video I haven’t trained for nearly 7 months because of my battling with my mental health

    I’m going to try the milk and squat program in my home gym

    I don’t know I might try to do a video on my home gym and then do a progress report on YouTube not sure yet

  • I’ve noticed when I train heavy with RPT ect and focus on strength my muscle seems hard and dense and looks better than if I follow what studies say and focus on mind muscle connection and up the reps (10/12) What are your thoughts on this?

  • Ive never understood PUSH-PULL-LEG sequence. If youre working out at good intensity levels, upper body needs rest after PUSH day before PULL day our bodies arent as “separated” as it appears on paper. I always put LEG in the middle and/or be sure to take a day off after Legs and Back days, which are the two most taxing. My 2 cents.

  • Hey Eric,

    Have you read the book “Bigger Leaner Stronger”? What’s your thoughts on the program suggested on that? I think it’s called push pull legs.

  • I’m 38 and have been training since I was 16. This is the first time I’ve ever tried full body, and the excitement factor is definitely there.

  • @SaturnoMovement HELP PLS! so here my main goal is to build muscle because I am ( 6.0 foot on 158 pound) (185cm on 71 kg) 19y old. My goals are statics and dynamics, i trained 3 and half months and came from 1 pull up to around 10,11, from 1,2 dip to almost 15 dips….. Should I choose full split ( chest-triceps,back-biceps,should traps, legs ) or regular split like push/pull/abs-legs??

  • I want to try one of your programs but I dont know which one. I’m definitely beyond fundamentals/ 3 day full body splits. But you characterize all your other programs as intermediate/advanced. So I’m torn between upper/lower/push/pull/legs or one or the other.

  • I like your videos bro. No BS. I’ve been doing upper lower (been slacking on the lower part lol) and that’s my favorite routine. I’ll be going on a clean bulk to put on some weight again, and I’m sticking to upper lower.

  • I have been doing bro split for like months and i couldn’t see much effect, i wasn’t visually progressing, i wasn’t progressing in weights either and that was due to my schedule i hardly get 2-3 weeks to do workout spread through out a month.
    Then i decided to go with push pull leg, i started getting stronger, visually big, more weights on the bars etc, and i guess i progressed more in 2 months then an entire year of training (ps. I still get hardly 2-3 weeks a month)
    And now im doing full body split for like past 1 week and i broke personal records of every single exercise i did with in that week. And im gonna do it for 3 more weeks and then back to push pull leg
    So the conclusion is, i got huge overall strength gains in full body split, and hypertrophy gains in push pull legs way faster than bro split
    Ps. I didn’t change anything in my diet

  • Every time I go to the gym people ask me “are you still doing full body? How’s it going?” So I figured I’d make a video explaining my personal experience and thoughts so far to keep you guys in the loop! Once I finish up with the Science Applied series I want to do more training vlogs as well to show some more of the “in the trenches” perspectives from me as well! Hope you all have a great weekend ����

  • I like bro splits better. You can also make a plan so that you hit body parts 2 to 3 times a week when taking into acount rest time for certain muscles and their recruitment in compound exercises. You just have to be creative while maintaining a certain threshold or rest time of choice.

  • Full body workouts is how everyone needs to be training really. Your body is one functional unit, and not meant to be divided into certain parts. That’s just something bodybuilders adopted to compete on stage with the aid of steroids. Over time splits just became popular in magazines, because everyone wanted to look like those guys on stage. Do splits work? Of course. But should you be training like that? In my opinion no. Stick to full body for the most optimal results whether you are a beginner or advanced lifter. Reason being because you are hitting each muscle group more frequently then you would be doing following a split style routine.

  • what everyone misses here is that there is no way you can isolate a bodypart….when you work the legs, you are working the back…when you work the chest you working shoulders and triceps and etc…..full body is best for natural, just look at the fellas before the Arnold and weider era (reeves, Colbert, grimek, viator, Arthur jones, etc), Arnold and franco performed full body before the steroids
    mentzer brothers trained 3x/week, yates trained 4x/week
    also, if you have no other life other than the gym…i.e. a job, a significant other, other hobbies such as golf or home projects…then by all means go to the gym
    I have a life, therefore I find fullbody 3x/week to be perfect especially for us older folks

  • Great video gabo my current split is a push pull legs routine where on Monday I would do my skill practice of a specific skill combaind with the push workout then on Tuesday another specific skill with my pull workout therseday legs with again skill practice and reapite the cycle of the push and pull of course handstand and yoga practice every day I would really like to see your opinion on my split I a little bit late on this but it’s never too late right?

  • If you are to be big, you will be big either way. I just enjoy working out and I don’t want to spend 3 hours during one workout. I much prefer 45 min.

  • Brandon, my dude, I love ya and your advice and fun videos, but that… Is an omelette. There is no possible way that could be called a pizza or scramble. It’s beaten eggs with other ingredients. It’s an omelette.

  • Full body doesn’t mean full intensity, full heavy every day. Alternating loads and intensity is a good idea. Light days, heavy days, explosive days, etc.

  • Like being in a normal gym after work there is no way possible I could get this done in hr and a half while waiting on people to get done with their sets. If I had a home gym yea

  • I don’t personally respond well to FBW. I tried this 6 months 3 times a week, but can’t get any progres. Wen’t back to splitting muscle groups for 2 different days with more recovery time between training mucle groups. More volume per session and more recovery time seems to work best for me.

  • I like something in between: not full body, but no split either…. It’s a push, lowerbody and pull shedule, than one day off and repeat. Sometimes I do it twice in a row. than day 7 is off.

  • You are a legend always so informative and motivational thanks for passing on all you skill and knowledge.
    I personally prefer full body three time a week

  • bro ur pic looks amazing but in your video your just a regular skinny dude and you keep tensing to pop the neck veins makes you look constipating lol keep the hard work tho and good luck

  • This is still tricky. You wouldn’t go and do a 3 hr full body workout. The way it works is that you do one exercise per muscle group, max 4 sets of 10 reps for ex. You wouldn’t do 4 exercises per muscle group cause that just doesn’t make sense… I had great success with doing full body splits where you start with the biggest and finish with the smallest muscle group and I am not gifted nor I have great genetics…

  • I’m comfortable with a one hour workout half hour on the elliptical to wake up then I hit the weights more just isolating individual muscles upper leg, calves, bench press, and pull ups the change it up with rowing and crunches hopefully I’m doing it right.

  • You does not talk that much about muscle recovery. A big critique of the bro split is that there is no time for proper recovery between workouts. I love this split and just started doing it, but I am just a little bit curious that I am overtraining and that my muscles will not have time to recover.

  • What do you think of this Full Body routine?

    Squat 3 3-5
    Deadlift 1 5
    Bench Press 3 3-5
    Seated Barbell Press 3 3-5


    Exercise Sets Reps
    Leg Press or Leg Extension 2 15
    Dumbbell Flys or Weighted Chest Dip 2 15
    Lat Pull Down or Wide Grip Pull Up 2 15
    Leg Curl 2 15
    Dumbbell Lateral Raise 2 15
    Skull Crushers or Cable Tricep Extension 2 15
    Concentration Curl or EZ Bar Preacher Curl 2 15
    Seated Calf Raise 2 15
    Rear Laterals 2 15

    Friday SETS REPS
    Squat 1 20
    Dumbbell Bench Press 3 6 to 10
    Bent Over Row 3 6 to 10
    Romanian Deadlift 2 6 to 10
    Seated Dumbbell Press 3 6 to 10
    French Press or Close Grip Bench Press 2 6 to 10
    Barbell Curl or Dumbbell Curl 2 6 to 10
    Standing Calf Raise 2 6 to 10

  • welcome to florida bro! what area are you in?
    i agree w the full body approach. i just made a full body program as well. been doing it for a few weeks now and i’ve seen awesome results so far! for anyone who wants to try it out ����

    Day 1 Heavy
    Squat 4×8
    Bench 4×8-10
    Bent Row 4×8-10
    OHP 4×8-10
    BB Curl 4×8-10
    CG Bench 4×8-10

    Day 2 Mix
    Deadlift 4×10
    Incline 4×8-10
    Pull ups 4×5
    Upright Row 4×8-10
    Cable Bar Curls 4×8 drop set 4×15
    Cable Bar Pushdown 4×8 drop set 4×15

    Day 3 Hypertrophy
    Flys 5×12-15
    DB Row 5×12-15
    Lateral Raise 5×12-15
    Curls 5×12-15
    Rope Ext 5×12-15

  • I train full body for 4 years.
    2wk 15 repetitions
    2wk 10repetitions
    1wk 6/8 repetitions
    then back to 15 repetitions 2wk
    weak parts I do 3 exercises 2sets
    good parts I do 2 exercises 2sets.
    I do not want anything else, perfect.
    and I am naturell now for 26 years

  • Hey, I do full upper body 5x a week and my work requires lots of movement, it feels like I get enough rest or is that still to much?

  • I’m a busy guy with kids and limited time.. for me I’m lucky to get to the gym twice a week.. I superset a full body workout Everytime. Bench to leg press, to lat pulldown, to lat raises, to abs, etc etc. Doing 3 sets each. My heart rate and breathing are sky high the entire time and I’m done in about 45 minutes..

  • This is the best video on YouTube about calisthenics workouts routine, much love from Saudi Arabia.
    Keep on the good work bro ������

  • SCOTT PLZ HELP ME whenever i search for muscularstrength on youtube or google search a big freaking gorilla jumps out of the screen and hits me!

  • As a natty with average genetics I’ve had success building muscle with chest/back, shoulders/arms, legs/abs repeat or off day. A lot of building muscle has to do with intensity too. If you aren’t doing at least 4 sets with no more then 30 secs/ a minute rest in between sets you won’t see much progress. At least I didn’t. Once I lifted with intensity with 30 secs in between sets I started seeing noticeable results in a couple months.

  • I used to be fullbody. Till I reached 20 sets per muscle group per week. My workouts were too long and too exhausting. Then I switched to upper/lower 4x week and then LPP 6x week. I was more often at the gym, but my workouts were shorters and I had more energy before and after.

  • Today i tried this. I did Leg press (4×10) | Standing Calve Raises (4×10) | Incline (4×8) | 45 °roman bench back extension (4×8) | curl bench (4×10)+(4×5) brachii curlz | Mech triceps pull-downs (4×10). Is this a good full-body example Jeff Nippard??

  • I’d like to address some of the comments about full body workouts. I agree with Jose. Reason being the most important factor in building muscle is progressive overload. Tearing down tissue and rebuilding and the longer and more intensely you workout, over time, the more intensely you must workout to continue to see hypertrophy. At some point, you’re gonna reach a peak or a wall where your gains diminished. In other words, you’ve “outgrown” that routine and need to move up to the next level and… there’s always another level. With the increase in intensity, even if you’re Superman and have stamina, your body’s gonna need to recover. Lotta folks on here talking Jose down and his words of advise but one experienced bodybuilder knows when he’s listened to another and when he’s heard bullshit.

  • Bro Splits > ALL

    1)Chest and Bíceps ( chin ups)
    3)Cardio + Abs
    4)Shoulder and Triceps ( dips )
    5)Back + Deadlifts
    6)Cardio + Abs

    Each day starts with a heavy compound movemente

    Bench, Squats, OHP, T Bar Rows

  • Con 2 can be avoided fairly easily… Since you have an exercise for each muscle group you can super set even tri-set with all antagonic muscles and finish your workout even earlier than the other splits

  • I have been triyng the full body training for about a mounth and actually my elbows pain, that I felt when I was trainning triceps, has gone. I’m considering keep this kind of workout just because of it. At the first week I’ve messed it up a bit, but after a time and when I wrote it down it is going fine.

  • Today I was soar and tired. I didn’t feel like waking up to work out, but I reminded myself, this is going to happen for a little while and that I have to trust the process. I started doing 5 days a week about a month ago. My bench has increased 20lbs from when I started. My my deadlift increased 35lbs. All of my lifts have increased actually. Now I’m spending more time focused on lifting and less on drinking. I’m concerned that my body will wear out and I’ll get an over use injury. As long as I keep leaving my ego at the door and stay away from the RPE 9-10 range, I hope I keep moving forward.

  • Hi sir iam from India iam a big fan of you
    I have one doubt sir if we do full body workout do we need to eat the same amount of protein intake on rest day?

  • Good video. Did your workout today. Tough but very good. My arms and legs are lagging. How many set and reps should I doing on my 2 rest dsys to get them built up. Example leg extensions.

  • Someone can help me with 6 example of exercises for Legs, 6 for Back & Biceps and 6 for Shoulders & Traps. Im trying to organize my routine

  • Here’s an easy progression
    0-3 years of training history = full body split
    3-7 years of training = upper/lower
    7+ years = split
    13+ years back to full body

  • I thought that full body workout were just for beginners? Shouldn’t more advanced lifters be doing a push/pull routine split into 5 or more days a week?

  • Am I the only guy who actually loves leg day? And thats coming from someone with skinny legs who cant even squat 225lbs. I just love feeling like I got hit by a car at the end of the workout and feeling like I’m going to pass out… That’s not weird or anything ��

  • AMAZING, this video CLEARED MY MIND FINALLY!:´) I´ve been 2 entire days looking for this kind of info and this video almost made me cry (with the free PDF) I love you thank you so much gabo!!!

  • just try arnold 3 day split with supersets like chest/back, most effective workout split i have ever tried compared to some average BS like push pull legs grap..

  • I did this for the last 8 weeks now. I loved it. Your right it is taxing I’m now on a rest week this week to allow my body to recover, then I will get back to my workouts next week

  • Yes! I actually just started building my own full body workouts based on a lot of your videos. I do everything except abs, then the next day just abs (I use AthleanX for that), then back to full body again. No rest so far and the gains are fvcking phenomenal! Thanks man!

  • I started with a full body workout, but after running some numbers (NERD ALERT!!!) and making a few adjustments, I found that a Bro Split allowed me to increase the workout volume and intensity by a significant degree. It eventually evolved into doing *heavy partials in the morning (**Great for waking up!!!) and “lighter” full range of motion work in the evening.

    *This can also help you overcome plateaus, provided that you use common sense and don’t abuse it.

    **Try not to do anything stupid (like bench pressing 900 pounds), if you do this.

  • This is pussy workout:))))) I do full body but every muscle and hit 3 exercises for each body part and it takes about 3 hours almost to complete, and twice a week is enough plus gbp work when ever it fits you, now that is a real full body workout not this pussy shit gay ass pump and go ������������������������������

  • This seems like a real cool idea to do. I am in the midst of losing some extra pounds before I start making gains again, would this type of routine be also good for that? Aka cutting? Obviously I would need to tweak this a little but would it still be good?