Fight Rope Exercises The HIIT Cardio King


STOP Doing Boring Cardio Do THIS Battle Rope Circuit Instead

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Fat Burning Battle Ropes HIIT Workout

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HIIT Workout With Battle Ropes

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Best Cardio For Weight Loss HIIT (with Battle Ropes)

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Fat-Blasting Battle Rope 10-Min Workout | BURNER | Men’s Health

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Battle Rope Workout | Battle rope FAT BURN workout HIIT Cardio

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Battle Rope Workout | Battle rope FAT BURN workout HIIT Cardio

Video taken from the channel: FDMX Fitness

As a finishing exercise you don’t have to hit the battle ropes as a HIIT session with short rest periods. You can rest 45-60 seconds between sets, as you would with resistance training, and focus on activating your arms and shoulders with each slam of the rope. you’ll continue to build muscle and shred your upper body while shredding fat. Do six rounds as fast as possible of the following: 10 Knee Tuck Jumps 10 Battle Rope Waves with both hands 10 Burpees 10 Planks 10 Battle Rope Large Waves 400 Meter Run. Battle ropes are one of the king pieces of equipment to get in a fast, high-intensity-interval (HIIT) workout, which are hands-down the best for burning fat. Pushup to side plank (10 reps) Goblet squat (10 reps) Alternating renegade or bentover row (10 total reps, 5 each side) Alternating side lunge with a biceps curl (10 total) 30 seconds of rope training (Round 1: Alternating waves.

Round 2: Claps. Round 3: Circles) Sprinter situp. 20 minute battle rope workout King Full Workout | RAW & UNCUT Duration: 1:11:33. Matt Delovino 486,930 views.

1:11:33. Battle Rope Workout | Battle rope FAT BURN workout HIIT Cardio. Related: Battle Rope Exercises: The HIIT Cardio King? I looked at this 76 year old woman with guns bigger than Rhonda Rousey and then looked down at my own arms which were sorely lacking in any definition and decided then and there I had no more excuses.

I was going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger from Terminator 2 or die trying. Heavy rope (or battle rope) training is one of the best cardio workouts to do when you have a foot injury. It consists of holding onto both end of a heavy rope (one end in each hand). There are many exercises you can do to ramp up your cardio and build your core strength. Some of the exercises include waves, slams, throws, spirals and whips.

Place left hand 12 inches below right. Bend your knees and wrap your right ankle and left heel around the bottom of the rope. Simultaneously drive your elbows down while pushing with your legs to lift off the floor. Remove your left hand from the rope and place it 12. Im doing Jim Stoppani’s shortcut to shred 6 week program, and in the second day of the program one of the cardio acceleration exercises is battle ropes.

Ive never seen them before and my gym doesnt have them. After thinking about possible alternatives, Iv’e created something pretty close to Battling Ropes i believe. Song Afro Trap Pt.

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List of related literature:

And ajump rope is an ideal tool for a fast, albeit tough, interval workout.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
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Aerobic riders (HealthRider) Jump rope Spinning ellipticals Stair climbers high resistance for upper body. and upper body.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
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The concept behind these workouts is keeping your heart rate at the low end of an aerobic training zone so you also receive some aerobic conditioning benefits as well.

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In the context of this chapter on power-endurance training, doing a series of gym rope intervals is as effective as they are brutal to perform.

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Sprint-jog intervals or imaginary jump rope

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Total training time for the HIIT group was 38 minutes.105 Breathing Diaphragmatic breathing may help reduce excessive accessory muscle use and reduce the work of Exercises breathing.

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These include lower-extremity aerobic exercise training, ventilatory muscle training, upperextremity resistance training, and whole-body resistance training.

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In line with aerobic training principles, intensity and duration are also inversely related in resistance training.

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Jumping rope, on the other hand, reinforces three basic movement patterns from the movement screen in chapter 5—the squat, hurdle step, and lunge— while providing a workout, burning calories, and improving stamina.

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But whether a variation of a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is better than the usual training programs currently employed for the prevention of stress fractures is unclear.

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  • yeah so….. I tried to do this and the ropes where all over the place, but now I know that it is only 30 seconds:) now I dont feel so bad LOLLL

  • Love this video! I usually forget all the different moves to do on the ropes! Thanks for the tips! I want some boulder shoulders! #snapfam #gimmeTWL Maricarmen Mendez

  • Hey I’ve been watching your videos and they really inspire me. I have lost 130 lbs so far and I really want to work on the arm wings, side and mid back workouts and building a nice chest. if you could help that would be amazing:) thank you for all your hard work and dedication

  • I love when you teach a battle rope upper body class #gimmeTWL I truly honor & appreciate all that you do.  FB: Denise Rodrigues

  • Great vid, a shame you don’t say the exercise just before it kicks in as I have to keep looking at my phone just to know what to do.

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  • I love this workout!! I think you take way too many breaks, maybe go slightly less fast so you can keep moving a bit more during the time frame ;p

  • This should be knees bent and stable, elbows in not flared all the way out, rigid form not see saw shoulders, tight disciplined movement. One of the best workouts there is if done properly.

  • Hi Lyzabeth! My name is Cici Belmontes, I’m from Dallas, TX and literally your BIGGEST fan (along with JLo’s lol) I’ve been following you for about two years now and I think you’re absolutely incredible. I’ve struggled with my weight ALL of my life and I’ve always been “thick” & “curvy”, so you obviously know that it wasn’t until recently that our bodies have been main stream accepted. However, I always thought you were real dope for embracing your curves way before it was accepted and I loved that about you! My dream is to inspire, motivate, and spark the change in people as you did for me! I would love to one day be a franchisee for you and continue the hourglass movement!! Unfortunately, every time I’ve been ready to purchase your TWL program, something has happened that didn’t allow me to financially do it; so naturally when I saw your snap a couple of minutes ago I freeeeeeaked out!!! I watch all of your snaps and videos so I’ve seen your other giveaways & I never thought I’d actually have a chance. But something pushed me to try this time! I know you said to pick out a favorite video but tbh I LOVE THEM ALL & I could JUST choose one so I had to post and share all! I’m always telling everyone I meet about you and how you’ve inspired me & my fitness journey… Keep doing your thing girl! You’re changing lives! Besos!!! �� #gimmeTWL 

  • #gimmeTWL Facebook name Sabrinamarie. Umm yes these are awesome. When I go to the gym tomorrow I’ll definitely do the one on the balance ball.

  • Hey guys…I sectioned hike the AT from Springer MNT> and it kicked my butt. I’m starting back mid march…any ideas what workout I could do before i go again?

  • hello very good video!… could you tell me the length of the rope and if it is 1.5 “or 2”? I want to buy one. thanks for your help!

  • I love this! This is my favorite. you made it look so easy (boy was I wrong)! I watch all your videos /snapchats not just for workouts but also motivation at the gym. Seeing how all the hourglass girls push themselves makes me want to workout! I love it! I did try the battle ropes….I thought I was gonna die! I loved how much it made me sweat,and it kicks your butt literally. I used alot of advice on juicing and read alot about holistic health. I like the body cleansing ♡ I am pregnant with my third and cannot wait to get back on with heavy training again!! I still workout 6 days a week but can’t go full force lol. love you Lyzabeth!! #gimmeTWL

  • hi new here! can battle rope help to slim down arms? i’m not a bit fond of toned arms… i hope for a reply thanks! new subs here. philippines.

  • this is HIIT but theyre not getting the full benefits from it. By resting way longer they would improve on their max output when actually performing the exercise and burn more fat.

  • hello Lyzabeth Lopez, thank you for the videos I love them all. I love the battle rope I was going purchase one of my own I use the ropes at the gym but some are very heavy. What weight rope do you recommend to use for fat burning/weight loss/toning.

    thank you in advance.

  • GR8, I love it, mix up your workouts, boxing, battlerope, kettlebell, TRX, who would think the battlerope would be so effective, this is a fantastic cardio tool:)

  • I love incorporating battle ropes into my cardio days! I’ve only started playing around with them about 4-5 months ago and never realized how tough they are until I tried them & now I’m addicted! �� I’ll definitely be trying some of the ones you demonstrated in your video! ☺️✌��️�� #butterme #snapfam

  • Rope diameter & length?
    Would it be better to say?, on a long term basis, to get at least a 15 metre & 50mm diameter rope?
    Thank you.

  • I incorporated a few of these exercises into my new workout regime and I am seeing amazing results. Although I am more sore than I have ever been, I love it and will not stop using these exercises until the day I die. Team Lyza 4 eva! #feedme #spapfam

  • Lyzabeth thank you for sharing this. I’ve always been curious as to what the benefits were to using the ropes as well as how to use them. This is very helpful!! This is my favorite video thus far. My facebook name is: Alvarez Mari  #gimmeTWL

  • How many times a week should this be done? I get the idea if I do this kind of intense training daily I’ll burn out fast, and I do weightlifting so I don’t want to kill my gains from overtraining see. Can this actually be done everyday if you want without killing gains?

  • Loved, shared, and now #gimmeTWL!!!!! I need your help girl! I have a love/hate relationship with these ropes!!! FBRochelle (Clark) Wilkerson

  • I did this today in the gym And I was sweating like hell gave me such a great feeling when I finished it thanks man great workout.though I am curious what do you eat post this workout.and keep up the good work man cheers!

  • girl just watching your video hyped me up to want to go to the gym but made me tired at the same time lol that looked like a kick @ss workout I’ll be buying ropes to try those moves. keep the videos coming! and PLEASEEEE pick me i have a 6 month old baby and need to get my sexy back for my wedding! #gimmeTWL fb: Susan Laurent

  • so did you show us set 1 or wha that the whole exercise? would you recommend going through those 6 exercises 2 more times in a workout?

  • I love your classic meal prep ideas and your workout booklet!! I am looking forward to try this form of cardio! ���� #gimmeTWL
    Fb: Blanca aurora Aranda

  • Lyzabeth, you are a beast! I did this as a tabata this morning after doing glutes and after 3 rounds I was winded and sweating bullets ��

  • Can you make a video on how to get a bigger butt on your sides? I have a nice butt all around but it goes in on my sides and doesn’t look as round or full as I’d like�� any tips or workouts you’d recommend?

  • LOVE this post!!! Def helpful for learning proper technique and form. You are so motivating and inspiring. You make me want to work harder than ever to achieve my goals. �� #gimmeTWL @erikascheithauer on IG ��

  • Although short this is probably the toughest video on the site. Maybe because I did it back to back with bosu. Also noticed the coach is not resting in the middle of the set anymore unlike in the old ropes videos I had been doing from 3 years ago:)

  • Hi lyzabeth, I’ve been watching you for awhile now and doing my best to work on building my body and booty the way you do at home but I don’t have any weights, I’m a stay at home mom of 2, under age 2, can you build booty with no weights if you are really over weight? I’m 5’5″ and weight about 210 (I don’t have a scale so I’m not sure how much for sure) I also don’t have much room to work with as I live in a fifth wheel camper. you are my inspiration you are so beautiful, cardio is also a challenge because I can’t get out and do much with a 14 month and a 3 month old, do you have any suggestions for me in my situation? I do drink a Apple cider vinager drink with honey and grapefruit juice and also a turmeric tea with cinnamon and pepper to help burn fat

  • #gimmeTWL My facebook page is Kori Schriver and my IGs are korischriver and forthebabyphat. I look forward to your videos every week!! Thank you so much!

  • Oh Gurrrrrl the battle ropes are no joke, thanks for sharing this… I just attempted the alternative wave on the flat side of the bosu ball at HG Brampton on Monday, trainer Priscilla took a vid for me, posted it on my FB: Tanjah Osoblessed, feel free to check it out… I would love to have access to more if your wisdom #gimmeTWL

  • Your videos are awesome! I’ve been following you since 2013 and since then, you became my go-to “booty” trainer lol! I would love to share my story with you since I lost weight on my own… LITERALLY and now I try to help others start their journey. I am picky about the workouts I mimic because of my body type… and your shape is very similar to mine which is perfect for the workouts provide the proper ‘gains’ in the right areas! I spoke to you once before (back in 2014 i think) before you came to Chicago because I needed to make your group training but unfortunately I was unable to make it ;( (it was on IG -> gabs_bunny) I hope that I get to meet you one day and thank you for being an inspiration to me! Please let me know when you are coming to Chicago!

    Continue to be Great!!


  • I love love love all of your videos. As a food and nutrition major and urban entrepreneurship minor I honestly hope to become as influential as you to young girls and guys like myself one day. Living a healthy life style is about more than just looks but longevity of life and treating your body well. I follow you on FB, snap and insta and I hope you continue to inspire the world. Thank you for the new cardio advice, I hope I get a chance to train with you! #gimmeTWL Facebook name: Shyanne Kiiara.

  • When I use the ropes I only do one thing. I’m gonna have to try some of these. thanks!! my Facebook name is Joelle Camp #gimmetwl #snapfam

  • this is not interval training because you stop and do nothing in between sets… do some mellow jumping jacks… jog in one spot… do something at least. just pacing around and standing doesn’t actually make it HIIT

  • How tall are you Mr Mike Thurston? purely curious. You inspire the shit out of me man, I love your channel. One of the most impressive Physiques I’ve seen, and you’re humble. Good on ya mate

  • I’ve tried 5 variations of these, and honestly, never thought I’d find a form of cardio I could enjoy so much! And you really feel the burn the next day as well, love it! Looking forward to tonight’s workout! Thank you Lyzabeth!

  • The sad part of conditioning. Big guys. No doubt. Lots of muscle and lean without fat. Get these guys into a boxing ring and watch all that muscle do very little. They are doing 15sec intervals on 20lbs battle ropes. Sorry to say, but the average boxer in our gym is doing a lot more “ropes’ than that after completing multiple bag sessions of 3-4min roads. Lifting heavy loads is one thing (and they know it well for sure) but using that power for sports such as boxing and even ground fighting is something entirely different.

  • My battle ropes come today. I was excited to find a video on them but I think I’ll pass. I would be done after the first set of Jack’s lol

  • My weight never matches my actual size. I lose more inches than weight… Why is losing inches better than weight loss on scale?..I tend to get discouraged. Is it a mental/visual thing? Help!!! #snapfam #butterme

  • When considering eating healthy, you must never fall victim to modern day fad diets. Extreme diets undoubtedly are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritionary intake. While they might induce fast weight loss, these diet plans are never a long-term answer for your weight problem. It is best to look up Fenoboci Diet Plan on google search engine as it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Sorry to say boys but fuckin piss weak. I am 47 and go for 1 minute all out for 20 sets with 15m 50mm rope. Cut the roids and actually get fit, your cardio is for shit.

  • Love all your videos how can I use battle ropes at home. Do you sell them. Also when will your booty bands be available. What kind of Glucosamine should I buy. I am a member of your online site

  • Great content:) check out my battle rope workout challenge and see how you get on, comment and like once done please! ��

  • Hey, thanks for the ideas. I just picked up a battle rope for cheap at a local Sears that is closing down. Now I got some ideas about how to train with it…besides attaching it to the garage ceiling and climbing 😉 I hope those cupcakes are just a prop. Don’t reverse all the metabolic goodness you’ve just done! Okay, maybe one is okay to restore glycogen supplies, but don’t use the workout as an excuse to binge!

  • If YOU had to pause for a break after 5 jumping jacks, I KNOW I will need a break after half a jumping jack whew. Tough one! ����������.

  • This is one of my favorites for sure since you show so many amazing ways to incorporate different muscles. In my opinion you need to switch things up so this was great information for me and I can’t wait to try them! A little nervous about balancing on the ball love you girl. Straight up the best trainer out there!  #gimmeTWL facebook: Shayla Leininger

  • How are there not more views of this? This is such a killer workout. I had back day scheduled today but i couldn’t decide between that and HIIT. How stoked was I that this is BOTH?! My lats were annihilated. Love your workouts man. They are always a great combination of cardio and strength training. The only thing that would make these premium is if you could license some solid music to work out to! Keep up the good work bro.

  • Hi lyzabeth in your snaps you talked about having an internal corset any tips on how we can properly breathe (like you said Pilates style) to properly activate the core and get the most out of any core exercise. Also what types core workout should you avoid when cinching your waist in for an hourglass and get rid of lower belly fat if that makes sense lol Really appreciate your hard work you put in to your channel❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • This is a killer battle rope routine. First time I barely got to the 12th minute. The 20 minutes is a great exercise. Thanks for the content.

  • Bought a TRX on sale about a year ago, joined your “squad”….am a TRX convert based on your programs got hooked on your Channel, bought a battle rope when I saw your recent workout…..Holy Shit! This thing nearly killed me but I love it…thanks for the inspiration man.

  • I despise all the extra unneccessary grunt sht. Breathe instead holding it in and you won’t sound like you are being prison molested.

  • I loved this tutorial! I already used battle ropes, but now have a ton of new variations to add to my workouts! Thanks! Chastity Duke!

  • What a waste of 12 minutes, I hate to slander the video, just another steroid induced & poor form of true fitness and grit as a LIFESTYLE. Ponder this, please know that you won’t be 25 forever. The key of fitness as a lifestyle is your mind, body and soul. Bring it down (humble), teach something practical and useful and put on your shirt. Keep grinding man!

  • I love battleropes in a love/hate kind of way…some to try asap; alternate waves with up and downs, alternate waves with reverse lunges and the Rear Flys….. ohhhhh my!!!!
    now about the balanced on bosu move….������������������

  • Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear a lot of people lost a lot of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • Hi I’m a beginner, have just started with my kettle bel swing ( 5 reps at a time). Can I alternate kettle bell swing and battle rope? Or is it too early? Chances of injury?

  • great bid guys, well done!! Do you guys know roughly how many calories are burnt doing exactly what shows in the video?? Thank you!