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Working Out on an Empty Stomach? Does It Help You Lose Weight FASTER? Fasted Cardio Explained

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Fasted Cardio Burning Fat on an Empty Stomach — Tiger Fitness Losing fat while maintaining or building muscle is hard. Fortunately, there are ways to force your body to burn fat more effectively as fuel. Fasted cardio is your answer. The con of working out on an empty stomach is that your body eventually kicks into ‘survival mode,’ where it will eventually burn fewer calories as. The con of working out on an empty stomach is that your body eventually kicks into ‘survival mode,’ where it will eventually burn fewer calories as your body will try to prevent too much fat from being burned; this can make it more difficult to lose weight.

You may also feel ill or lacking in energy after.”. What is fasted cardio? Fasted cardio is exercising after fasting, so on an empty stomach.

It probably sounds a bit counter-productive, as conventional wisdom tells us that we need to eat to fuel our workouts. But people who do fasted cardio. Fasted cardio is just what it sounds like: Doing cardio training without eating beforehand. Typically, fasted cardio is done first thing in the morning, so the stomach has had all night to empty out.

The theory is that doing cardio before breakfast will force the body to burn more of its stored fat. Exercising on an empty stomach is what’s known as fasted cardio. The theory is that your body feeds on stored fat and carbohydrates for energy instead of food you’ve recently eaten, leading to. In one study that tested the fat burning effect cardio on an empty stomach, six healthy men cycled for 60 minutes at a low to moderate intensity: 1 Group 1 – Fasted overnight before the bike ride.

Group 2 – Performed the bike ride after ingesting 0.8g/kg of glucose or fructose to replenish glycogen levels 1 hour prior to the workout. Fasted cardio is the popular term for doing cardio on an empty stomach, says ACE Fitness. If you want to do it properly, you eat dinner, go to bed, wake up in the morning, and go for your run.

That way, you’ll have gone without food for around 8 hours, which is plenty of time for your stomach to burn through last night’s dinner. Despite the evidence above, we can’t unequivocally say that fasted cardio is best for burning fat. Many studies on fasted or fed cardio focus solely on how many calories are burned during exercise. This is problematic because the real benefits of exercise, particularly high-intensity cardio and lifting, come after training. High-intensity training burns more calories and fat after a.

In 1999, Bill Phillips published his bestselling fitness book, Body-for-LIFE, which promised a body transformation in 12 weeks. In his cardio chapter, Phillips put forth the theory that performing aerobic exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach maximizes fat loss. The rest, as they say, is history.

List of related literature:

Workout 2: Morning Fasted Fat Burning Before breakfast, perform 20 to 30 minutes of light cardio: brisk walking, cycling, the elliptical, swimming, hiking, or anything else you can perform while maintaining an easy, conversational, aerobic pace.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

You can do cardio on an empty stomach, but eat your snack of protein and carbs (again, no fat) within 45 minutes of finishing your session.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer
by Natasha Turner
Rodale Books,

However, a study directly comparing fastedand fedstate cardio observed no difference in weight loss, fat loss, or body composition (28).

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

If you’re following an interval eating schedule, by the time morning rolls around, you will have already fasted for a significant number of hours and your body will likely be burning through the last of its glycogen stores and moving on to burning fat as fuel.

“The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless” by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
from The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless
by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
Bird Street Books, 2018

The best way to burn fat is to perform aerobic exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach after drinking a large glass of water with a bit of quality salt, to avoid dehydration.

“Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
from Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans
by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

In short, high-intensity (anaerobic) exercises, such as 20 seconds of weight training or a 40-yard sprint, your body’s primary source of energy is carbohydrates, not fat.

“Wrestling For Dummies” by Henry Cejudo, Philip J. Willenbrock, Ed.D.
from Wrestling For Dummies
by Henry Cejudo, Philip J. Willenbrock, Ed.D.
Wiley, 2012

The work intensity of HIIT forces your body to burn through glycogen, its easy-access fuel, and start burning fat much sooner than with long, slow aerobics.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
from Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality
by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
Rodale Books, 2012

This will burn 300 percent more body fat than exercising any other time of the day because there is no glycogen (stored carbohydrates) in your liver to burn, so your body has to go directly into the fat stores to get the energy necessary to complete the activity.

“The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse: Reset Your Metabolism with 160 Tasty Whole-Food Recipes & Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich
from The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse: Reset Your Metabolism with 160 Tasty Whole-Food Recipes & Meal Plans
by Maria Emmerich
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Studies show that exercising first thing in the morning before eating for a mere 20 minutes is more effective in melting fat than a full hour of aerobic exercise performed later in the day after you’ve eaten.

“The Looneyspoons Collection” by Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
from The Looneyspoons Collection
by Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
Hay House, 2012

Your metabolism remains elevated even after you have finished training, prolonging fat burning for up to several hours after your session.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2008

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  • I love that your videos are evidence based yet so easy to follow!! Keep up the great work. Just came across your page & you’ve gained a new subscriber ����

  • I switched to healthy and mindful eating using 6:18 IF. I jog at least 6 hours after my last meal. If not jogging, body weight workout at home also at least 6 hours after my last food intake. Max of 1000 calories per day. Did a 3-day water fasting once. All looks good so far and I feel great. I think calorie deficit plus any kind of exercise will help you hit your target.

  • Ok It reduced from 16% to 6%… But without context this info can be worthless… We know that an adult man has about 400g of glicogen… At 16% how much intramuscular fat we’re talking about?

  • It probably just makes u eat less calories because you push your breakfast back, but and this is a big but, if it works go for it. And even if it doesn’t there’s no benefits to working out fed anyway so its worth a shot

  • Fasted cardio works on me and I’m 55 years old. Started doing it in March and after a little over 10 weeks and. I lost 20 pounds and 2 inches on my waistline. I’ve done research here on YouTube by doctors and they all said that fasted cardio works. How? You burn fat from your body and those fats stored in your liver gets burned. I also lift weights.

  • Picture fit can you also do a video about fasted weight training or any resistance training…….i heard it increases IGF and muscle mass

  • Personally I have to wait around 4 hours after I eat before I do cardio otherwise I feel like I am going to puke and sometimes do.

  • Yep! And if you’re like me and you run for performance and watch your pace you know that fasted cardio is not going to let you pick up the pace as much as eating carbs. Carbs are a more powerful fuel than fat and anybody trying to go fast on a mile or even 3 miles must be powered by carbs, not by fat. I do fasted weigth training and fasted walking but never fasted running.

  • What if I did Cardio during a water-fast of 36 hours? Would I get cravings and fail my water-fast? And would the water-fast be even more effective with some Cardio on the side?:)

  • I think people who like fasted cardio just like the feeling of conquering hunger and exercise at the same time.
    To me exercise is far more important, if you push yourself correctly you can be very strong and you’ll need food consistently, probably more than you actually want.

  • My question is how long after you eat is considered fasted? Does it have to be overnight? Sometimes I eat breakfast at 7 am but don’t actually workout until 10am. I don’t consider this fasted. I feel that my breakfast gives me the energy to get thru the workout.

  • it doesn’t make sense, you’re always using researches with males and applying to everyone, but a research with females there’s a chance it won’t apply to men??? are u kidding me?????

  • Same with the end. It just feels better. I’ve only been taking working out seriously for about 2 months and I felt awful eating before I went running.

  • I used to drink lots of caffeinated drinks before workout much like Tao here but I had to stop because I was becoming hypersensitive to it and it was causing heart troubles. Something to consider for some of y’all!

  • Good Video. What I appreciate the most is the simple fact you admit, “I changed my mind”. Fitness changes all the time with new research, new evidence, and many, most people can’t simply saythis has changed. They’re so hard and fast on ‘this is the way it has to be’it’s ridiculous.

  • Too many people looking for the easy or easier way to there goals. Hard work, discipline, constancy, and knowledge are all you need to reach any goal. But people don’t like that idea lol

  • Wow I’m so glad I ran into your channel. I just started intermittent fasting 3 days ago and I’ve been trying to find good info about it. I’ve been watching your videos for close to 2hrs now. I hope over time I see some good progress!!! Keep posting more videos pleasseeee

  • Need help! I can only work out in the mornings because I got to work at 1pm and get out at 10 pm, when’s the best time to fast and finally eat

  • I recently listened podcast with Darryn Willoughby on Iraki nutrition about fasted cardio, and he talked about how is even less beneficial for muscle mass in calorie deficit to do cardio in fasted state. Best way is to be in fed state, when nutrients are available and insulin response is low.

  • What if the only thing I consume is a pre-workout? I do know the sweeteners etc stop part of the fasting benefits but I wonder if this actually mean I can loose muscle during a morning weight session…

  • Great video!
    I mostly do all my exercise fasted but flexibility is probably one of the most important things for sustainability.
    Keep up the good work!

  • “GET IT DONE” Sounds simple enough and growing up in the 70s folk either worked out or didn’t,,but now we have the exercise Guru’s,,endless personal trainer courses,,home workout vid’s, HIIT,Low Intensity,State of the art gyms,, newspapers telling us this is good that is bad,,,,,, A good example FAT in food is bad and so on,,,, and somewhere behind the corner is the latest findings and we believe them take in info without exercising common sense,,,, If we take control for a week do what makes sense,drop bro science,statistics,latest cars,,we will be pleasantly surprised with what we can come up with,,,,, This channel is great,,simple not over complicated with props quantum science about how bad upright rows are,,,I’m in my 59s and known folk doing upright rows sensibly,no prob,,,,,, so “LET THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”,,

  • question: what if i add in some bcaa drink in there? am i still considered fasted and will i still reap the benefits of the “fat burning” stuff

  • Can you make a video about low blood pressure? I am getting my blood pressure lower and a little dizzy after routinely lifting weight

  • Evidence science shows, that is you don’t track NEAT and do fasted cardio people tend to lower their NEAT throught the rest of the day.

  • Son of a bitch! I’m in a fast and at like 5:40 this sociopath puts images of sushi into the video. Willpower is a finite resource!

  • I walk 3 hours a day fasted in the morning, no muscle loss but losing fat. I think eating before works when doing high intensity purely due to performance.

  • Hey picture fit,I just wanted to tell you that i have hit that bell and youtube didnt inform me about this vid.Love your videos btw

  • Morning WO is the shit. Kick-starting the day the right way. My only issues is the fear of burning muscles before biking one our in the morning doI need my EAAdrink prior to this? Lost ton om muscles last year during my cut, but don’t know if it was due to an overall too restricted diet, or all my fasted morning cardio and strength workouts. THANKS!

  • Pls comment on
    fasted cardio= muscle loss.
    Like others have commented, I too have heard that it hurts gains but only if longer than about 30mins etc

  • I want to run in the morning on empty stomach with Water by 6am or 9am then eat a nice meal plus protein shake followed by lifting and a recovery shake.

    So I want to run and lift Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and be off weekends.

    What you think?

  • How can we reduce body water level by consuming potassium and magnesium?? Can you please let us know the science behind it and how much of it can be beneficial or not?

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    For the first 250 people who purchase Sprint 2.0, I’m also hooking you up with a copy of our brand new 30 day Fat Melting Power Sets resistance training program.

  • Hey I have a question I’ve started doing cardio In the morning around 9 to 10 I’ve been training My but off in lifting seen good results and I Wanna get rid of some body fat and gain Muscel at the same time and not loose any of it I’ve been getting nervous about it and I don’t know if I should do fasting or fed I feel like fasting will make me loose all my gains

  • Stop saying fasting…… say not eating. Fasting is a whole different thing, you do cardio with a 20 hour fast and 4 hours of eating.. You will see results.

  • I’ve been searching this issue all the morning, watched alot of videos so am concluding this video because it makes more sense, fasted cardio is what works for me so I’ll stick to it thanks ��

  • Much respect my brother, such useful information. I watch a lot of channels on health and the information that you put out hits home and I use this for my planning, keep doing a phenomenal job giving people the right information ℹ️ ������

  • I’ve started doing my strength and cardio workouts in the morning due to daily schedule. And I’m doing intermittent fasting as well. (Which means all my workouts are fasted since I don’t eat until noon). I feel surprisingly good. At what point would I start getting worried about muscle loss?

  • I like to do fasted cardio because I find I get stomach aches if I eat before and also I find I feel heavy and lethargic…i think so what works for YOU��!

  • What are you talking about. Of corse fasted cardio made only sense with low intensity. Most studies shows. You state is not wrong but mostly misunderstand

  • I been doing if I’m really sorry I’m sipping on calorie free bcaa an I eat my first meal soon after my protein shake but I’m really sore

  • Heck yeah bro! I know there is no difference…but I “feel” like it helps me wake up. Did it for years in the Army. Also…we did cardio ALL DAY in the Army and got super conditioned (but we ate a ton) so not shredded…but strong.

    Hello from Gainesville!


  • I am usually surprised at the energy I have doing cardio at the gym first thing in the morning in a fasted state…. sometimes more than when I go after work and have eaten throughout the day!

  • He says “that’s kinda bro science and not how it works” and then goes on to describe the exact same thing as truth but using bigger words -_-

  • I am watching this video after doing a fasted workout in the morning. And I have to say that I was feeling weak throughout my workout and wasn’t able to lift as heavy. Which means that my workout was not as effective as I wanted it to be.

    Therefore personally, I would not be doing fasted workout again and would rather do them in the evening when I would have eaten something in the day.

  • Did any of the studies differentiate between “leaness” of the participants? It could be that the people suggesting that fasted cardio have a greater impact are generally more lean than the rest of the population: fitness personalities, youtubers, IG thots, etc. I don’t think its out of the realm of possibility for this to have an appreciable effect.

  • What about HIIT style workouts with lifting?
    I only have one hour a day to dedicate to fitness and I have to do it early in the morning. With only only 1 hour per day, I choose Crossfit. Love it. But the workouts are explosive and I don’t think I can do it without eating first. I really want to loose body fat more quickly but still get stronger and better at my training. I want both things. I’m all ears on this topic because I feel like fasting longer would be a direct solution to fat loss and a way to easily cut calories out of my days. I have faith in the facts here but……I still worry that it might be counter productive to not eat before I do my workouts.
    Can I get good intense workouts at 6:00am without some food energy? I usually just hear everyone preach that I have to eat before I train but I want to train and pursue my fat loss goals simultaneously. Please help!

  • Hi Thomas, i dont have the possibility to work out in the morning (lifting weights). How do i do this when im doing a 8/16 IF schedule?

  • I started working out 2 months ago and at i thought first fed workout would make me feel better and would work on me so when i did the chloe ting challenge workout, at the end of the challenge there was like little to no change (i had my meal plan sorted out) and i was frustrated because i really worked hard for it. And so in my second try i did the fasted workout and during those times i was feeling better because i didnt feel heavy during my sessions. At the end of the challenge i legit saw visible results so i just decided to workout on an empty stomache until now. But i really think the bottomline on this is what you really prefer to do whether fasted nor fed but for me personally my genes plays a crucial part in my fitness journey so my metabolism is different from others who get fit easily. Alsthough its frustrating and saddening on my end because i wanna be like other people who get fit easily and have my ideal body type i have to work even as much as harder and i have to be smarter in my habits and food choices because not all body are the same. Its a sad fact for me but you know, progress takes time.

  • So if you sum it up for a simple non biology guy like me, what are you saying?

    If training fasted (= not eating daytime, only in the evenings) do I:
    1. Loose muscle or keep the muscle volume
    2. Loose fat or keep the fat volume

    Just keep things simple.. don’t bs a rather simple subject.

  • Y’all making fun of this dude for ” big words” and “talking too much” can fuck off. Small brain energy. We came here to research the science to get better results for ourselves. And the dude gave��us��exactly ��that��
    Too “sCiEnCeY” for you? Read a book.

  • luis villasenor from ketogains
    For building muscle you should not training fasted
    Cuase muscle will be breaking down while weight training

  • Your bodies energy isn’t divided between digesting food and working out when you fast. Obviously you should work out on an empty stomach.

  • I was always under the impression I would faint or something if I trained fasted. I feel like I have tons of energy. I am sure it is just that I am living healthier over all but I have more energy training in fasted states now than I did after eating before.

  • Good channel brotha! From a fellow IFer. I’m a chiropractor in the bay area. We gotta find someone out there In LA it could help a ton with the back pain and training. Just some advice brotha. Keep up the good work on the channel

  • I always have done fasted cardio first thing after waking. A habit I have had since my years in the Army. My question is what supplements can I take for energy that you or your peers advise for women. Right now I take Lean Mode from Evl Nutrition. Is there something else in your opinion that I can take for that extra boost or push of energy and added endurance?????

  • what is you eat good before training your training for heavy weight for 4 hour not eating till next day morning you exercise from 3pm till 7 pm start fasting 3 pm after eating breakfast and dinner and fast from 3 to next mourning for religion purpose???? thank you i am caring about health only and muscle not loosing weight

  • I actually used to train fasted without thinking about it or even knowing the word fasted.
    And i had SOOO much energy that it was basically infinite and big muscles, my brain was also on overdrive in every aspect!

  • Been doing cardio after weight training for years with little to no fat loss. Switched it up to morning cardio, and evening lifting and bam, actual fatloss.

  • how come I didn’t see this video earlier…? This is great information, every time I want to train on an empty stomach there is that one guy saying that I’m gonna lose muscle or that I’ll faint in the middle of the workout…

  • Fasted cardio works for me…… because i have two young kids and the only opportunity that i have to workout is when they are still asleep =)

  • Hi,
    Can I achieve a same results with using bcaa or eaa-being maybe even more anabolic (if my goal is not auttophagy, but rather fat loss)? I love these form of “fasted workouts”, because I feel truly even more energized because of leucine content…Thanks everybody

  • Fasted Cardio has always felt better for me. Plus, for the same reasons you listed, I get up and get it done so that I know if that I don’t accomplish much that day at least I got my workout in. Thanks for sharing your feeling on the topic. ��

  • Tried working out in a fasted state. I fainted flat on my third day due to low blood pressure. Still seems very tempting but…guess not for me..

  • Thomas, I understand from your videos that workout fasted burn more fat. That because there is less carbs to be used as fuel. But does workout or cardio fasted burn more calories?? I mean, do we lose more fat because of the fasted workout? for example if I do exactly the same thing same food same workout but one I do after eat and one I do fasted. will the fasted workout burn more fat?

  • Saying fasted cardio is better because you burn more fat while training doesn’t take into account the next 24 hours. Research suggests that over a 24 hour period, the amount of fat and carbs burned is the same regardless of whether the exercise took place before the first mean of the day (fasted) or between meals (not fasted).

  • Just subscribed, you are great and saying everything I’ve been taking in for the past year. When my kids get a couple years older I’m going into this thing tough with awesome knowledge and this past year of learning the basics.

  • There is potential to draw from you protein within muscle for energy transfer if doing intense cardio in a fasted state. Do you oxidize fat? YES (and he says that) Will you also be drawing from protein stores? YES. This guy is a doctor people. You read a few articles online.

    I personally do morning WALKS in a fasted state with coffee prior…to destress and keep things very minimal in terms of intensity. Energy demands remain very low which fat energy transfer pathways keep up with and reduces the amount of protein my body with draw from to oxidize energy. My morning post walk breakfast is then a healthy mix of all three macros.

  • Thank you man.I had tried exercising in fasted state many time and yes doing body weight exercises,cardio and even strength training is better in fasted mode.More energy,more focus and somehow easier to lift that last 2 reps.I don’t recommend exercising during 5 days of fasting though cos you wilk lose a tons of weight like 10kgs of fats but the dry effects is pretty bad.You can feel your Testosterone depleted and yours muscles gains depleted too.

  • Hey Thomas just wondering I usually fast from 6pm to 12/1 pm the next day but hit the gym after work around 10pm in my fasting window should I consume anything post workout to build muscle or is it ok to continue the fast till the next day when my feeding window resumes?

  • This is one of the greatest videos of working out in a fasted state I have ever seen.I am definitely impressed of the breakdown of science and the studies that were brought together to clarify the benefits of training while fasting, well done!

  • Why the hell do you break your fasting with shit like monster drink??? I am afraid to take even amino acids, but you just killed your fast..

  • How many hours overnight, after the last meal and before the first workout, were the people in the study getting whom were considered fasted?

  • @thomasdelauer you mention training in a fasted state is different from fasting, according to this statement how long should be the fast state period to star training and taking this benefits?

  • i’m a fat as fuck boi and today i tried to walk for 1 hour at morning with a empty stomach. Normally walk after 1 hour later of my breakfast. I dont feel that much different. It is walking after all

  • What about a skinny dude like me? I workout to gain weight. The last thing I want is to burn that last bit of fat that I have.. is it still make sense to workout in a fasted state in my case??

  • Smoke some weed then lift hard fasted as soon as your done drink a chocolate protein shake(in the gym if possible) then go home and eat spaghetti your all set for massive shit

  • This guy is fat and telling you
    How to do cardio
    Ive gotten so ripped doing fasted cardio
    This is a load of bs
    All this ‘science’ and talking is a waste of time

  • Its hard to differentiate between commercialised studies to real studies.
    Protien and supplement companies invest greatly into swaying results of studies to show that men need more than necessary protiens

  • Isn’t the point of eating before doing cardio to be in a non-catabolic state (breaking fat instead of protein for fuel)? So, why eating protein before cardio?

  • This is bullshit… your body utilizes and burns fat before it touches muslce you will not lose muscle.. natural built muscle is hard to get rid off

  • I’ve been lifting for 5 years now and I always do it fasted. I’ve even trained when I was fasted for 24h and didn’t skip a beat. I just feel much better that way and I hate needlessly complicating my life by calculating how long before a workout I have to eat, and how much and blah blah.

    Nothing like the feeling of finishing your workout and realising you have your workouts done before 9am and have the whole day ahead.

  • An hour of excersise a day split into two sessions along with a 16/8 of intermittent fasting is a great way to loose weight and get in shape at the same time.

    First off, you need to skip “Breakfast” You don’t need to eat early in the morning. Just break your fast at lunch time (about noon)

    Do 30 minutes of fasted cardio early in the morning and fed weight training in the evening.

    You see, when you do your cardio, such as jogging in a fasted state, you don’t have all that food bouncing and pounding around in your stomach. Keep your cardio clean, clear, and smooth.

    When you’ve already broken your fast throughout the day, let’s say with a high protein lunch, even if you still have some food left in your stomach by evening time, you can still lift weights without feeling like King Kong is dancing in your stomach. After your weight session, you can still have a sensible dinner. Something light but nutritious.

    Then, just wait about 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. Rinse and repeat the next day.

  • On January 1st of this year I weighed 261.3 lbs and had a BMI of 42.1. I decided to change the way I eat and start walking. I decided to not eat after 8:30 PM and I don’t eat in the morning until after 10:30 AM. Every morning rain or shine I walk a 5K. Now, I don’t do it leisurely I try to walk pretty fast (well fast for me I’m only 5 feet 6 inches). It used to take an hour now it takes around 44 minutes. So far, I have lost 81 pounds (20 more to go) and have taken my BMI to 29.2. I have cervical stenosis so I have to do something low impact. Walking seems to work for me.

  • This videos do not give you any hint about your really needed way to lose proper weight.. everyone has his unique metabolism. I’d prefer you to know first whats your bodywork and food needs.. to fulfill your own task, what really matters is the way you gonna know what your body needs to get rid of excessive weight..
    I think one of the most important things here is to get rid first of your bad eating habits your life style ones as well, that will make you on the right way..also in the most beginning you definitely have to know if you are healthy enough to do such sorts of cardio sessions.. explore yourself first my dear..

  • I used to run 5 miles in the morning without any food, and 5 miles 2 hours after dinner. Let’s just say I don’t like the feeling of food on my throat.

  • Love it because like you said it’s done for the day and gets my blood going. I’ve got my spinning bike set up in front of my TV and Xbox one. I get up, drink L-carnitine, get my coffee, turn on my Xbox and go for 40-45 minutes. Cardio,coffee and Call of Duty every morning for the last 15 years.

  • How are you lean bulking while intermittent fasting? Surely you’d always be in a calorific deficit all day until your last meal. Does this mean your last meal puts you in a surplus and it’s filled with protein and carbs?

  • I love Fasting but somedays i didnt workout on fasted state because i have to go Job,and that day i can workout only evening and i already breaking fast,how to adjust my meals for that day gaining muscle and control insulin with IF?

  • I use fat burner called “Shredabull” very good, I get up early in the morning 4.45am and go fasted cardio only 20 minutes, 1 minutes sprint and 1 minutes rest for 10X enough, I can see my body change a lot then heavy weightlifting in the afternoon 1pm, workout 2 hours, feel really good positive.

  • How important is it to stay in the ‘fat burning zone’ (60-70% of max heart rate) when doing fasted cardio? Only I find my heart rate can be a lot different on certain days so I could be running at a slower pace than a week previous but my heart rate will be higher (or vice versa). Surely a consistent pace is more important?

  • I’m gonna go ahead and guess the people that do fasted cardio are going for the beach body model look and not the bulking hulk one. So please don’t say it works or it doesn’t, say it works for X but doesn’t work for Y.

    Also your body goes into burning muscle instead of fat after like 10 hours of no eating? Seriously? C’mon dude, you have to know that’s not true at all. You start burning mainly muscle after like a 72 hours fast and after that your own body puts a stop to it if you continue not eating for longer. Fasted cardio is not “optimal” for fat burning but the difference is not even noticeable for anybody who is not a high performance athlete, you doing the fasted cardio puts you in a way better position than if you didn’t do it like most people anyway. Just do your cardio however you like it, just doing it gives you 90% of the results the other 10% comes from details almost nobody should stress over.

    Just do it, any way you like it but do it.

    And is he implying you eat some protein and your body is going to use that at that time when you do the cardio? This guy lol. Protein stays in your stomach for up to 4 hours and can be literally days in your intestines. Your body is using what you already ate way before for your work outs not what you ate 15 minutes ago wtf is this saying? Protein is not carbs that can fill your body with glycogen easily, c’mon dude.

  • A pro for me doing fasted cardio (not that I do it ALL the time but the days I do) Like you mentioned that “high” you get afterward just sets my whole day up for success… I feel more motivated and just in a better state of mind. Hope that makes sense!:)

  • Does anyone find that fasted cardio increases your hunger for the rest of your day? That would make it harder for me to stick to my diet

  • You made my day. I been afraid to workout fasted because of the fear of losing muscle mass, now I can finally let go of that fear and head to gym with no worries.

  • Hi Paul! I have a cardio related question I’m hoping you can address. Can you please elaborate on how slowly you taper off cardio on a reverse diet? ie reducing a couple of minutes per week, or cutting whole sessions per week? I’m interested to hear more about how small the changes need to be. Thanks for another great video:)

  • This guys is cool. But monster!? I don’t know man. Will try your regiment for sure. You got to come to Vancouver. Traffic. Is stupid. Thanks for this video!

  • Hey picturefit is it possible to make a vid about vo2 max you mentioned it in your (the best cardio Hiit) video but didn’t went any deeper on it and i don’t get it fully when i look into it thanks:)

  • I find fasted cardio easier as feel tired after eating not an excuse or through choice but checked for metabolism,,, 3 double black coffee’s and I’m ready,,,Paul Thanx for a great vid,,

  • sir im a sportsperson and need power a lot in my sport….i came to know that ketosis leads to losing musclemass will this also decrease my power??

  • Hey Paul! Plz give me some advice!
    I’m just done my quick leg surgery and dr said that i can’t go to gym for 1 weeks. But right now i’m in my contest prep and i dont know what to do with my calories intake.Should i eat at deficit to keep losing fat while healing my wound?
    9 weeks out from show!

  • I have also been doing fasted cardio because I like to run outside and it gets too hot later in the day. Plus I don’t like to run on a full stomach. Fasted cardio when traveling def frees up your evening WINNING

  • I just started watching your videos about a week ago and they have helped me so much!!! I’m in my first bikini prep and listen when doing my cardio. I really have learned so much from you and lauren! Thanks ������

  • I want to be a better runner so I plan to “practice running” a few times per week, however I also do a long walk every day. If I were to combine them, would it be better in fat burning terms to do a 10 min run followed by 30+ min waking, or walk first with the run at the end?

  • Working out for long periods of time is gonna burn some muscle… How much long is considered as “long periods”? 1hr? 2hr? 3…?

  • When I do go for runs in the morning, I prefer to do it in a fasted state as I tend to feel sick if I run on a full stomach (I have big breakfasts). This may be because it’s cereal or my body just isn’t fully awake yet as I’ve played futsal at night on a stomach full of rice (like 2 1/2 cups) with no I’ll affect after warming up and even had more stamina from the extra carbs.

  • if you do fasted cardio first thing in the morning is it necessary to have a meal right after? or could you wait and have your first meal later?

  • I read by another “expert in the field” that Fasted Cardio will decrease your Metabolic rate thought out the day compared to fed cardio. Is that true?

  • Love working out fasted and still being able to lose weight and gain muscle. I will say do whatever that works for your body don’t listen to anyone else

  • I never felt it was better. It became habit after the military. Wake up, shit, shine, shower, shave. Physical training, shower, breakfast.

  • I did fasted cardio and dropped 40lbs in 3months. I also tried same workout after lunch and barely lost anything. I guess it’s up to the individual to experiment what works. thanks

  • It works for me because I’m getting my exercise goal out of the way before going to work. When I get home, I’m exhausted and don’t have the mental energy to get myself to go to the gym

  • I’m 27 female and will start intermittent fasting tommrow I don’t want to be shredded just leaner,flatter stomach and fat loss I haven’t worked out in years �� I have watched like 20 videos this is the only one that answered my question can I workout in fasted state thanks! Love your videos looking forward to learning more thanks Tao!

  • I simply feel better doing cardio fasted. I cant say for sure it is any better or worse but I feel better doing it fasted than fed so that’s what I do.

  • Dude for everyone watching please do this, I’ve lost 40 pounds in a month by doing this. I feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life. I am finally happy

  • Great video-but I would have changed your dialogue slightly to say-I’ll give you two great reasons to do this and 1 reason this may not work for you. They way you originally say it-it’s like you’re saying OK 2 reasons to do it and 1 MAJOR reason NOT to do it!!! It’s almost like you’re contradicting yourself and at the same time giving people an excuse-not to do it.
    Just a thought-not a criticism.

  • This guy isn’t bullshit trust me. Almost every study on fasted cardio has shown fasted or fed you burn the same amount of fat. But if your goal is to burn fat while maintaining muscle mass which unless your obese are peoples main goal. Dont do it fasted you will not loose muscle if you do it fed you could potentially loose muscle fasted. It makes no difference in fat loss overall.

  • Hi there just watched your video did I here right you butmrn more fat at a slower pace? Wow I never knew that that’s for the great video and tip

  • Even when fasting wasn’t a thing, I always trained on empty. Even a small snack prior would take energy to the digestive system… that never sat right for me. Bottom line: do what serves you better✨

  • It’s an interesting study. But what happens when you work at 100% instead of 75%?
    Like if you hit legs at the gym for 60-90 mins doing sets to failure, drop setting, super setting, squats, lunges, leg press, dead lifts etc would the glucose utilization still be the same in both groups?
    Variables such as training length and intensity would play a big roll in glucose utilization, and there has to be a point where muscle WILL be used as fuel.

  • I swear you idiots on they’re high horse dont get it obviously you all have your stories of losing 20lbs or 40lbs fasted and that’s fine but it’s no different when you can lose 20 or 40lbs on fed stomach….What it really comes down to is you mentally feeling like your getting the advantage just cuz you did your workout fasted lol…The fitness industry will one day say fast all day and then at night put a feeding tube down your throat and all the calories you consume while asleep wont count because the calories will drift away in your Dreams so Technically you fast forever and I bet yall will do it lol

  • I think people missed a key point that he stated….hiit does burn more triglycerides but they are not all used by the body….if they are not used, they get put back.

  • This guy has never skipped a meal and wants to tell me fasted cardio doesn’t work. Also, your body does not go catabolic after a few hours of fasting. This guy got his doctorate in a Cracker Jacks box

  • Completely different topic, but related to fat-loss & cardio!

    I love road biking and can easily ride 50 70 kilometers a week during the summer.
    But, sometimes that will be like 50 kilometers in 1 day! As long as I recover well (as it’s not all out biking), & don’t lose too much weight on a weekly basis. Would that be okay?

  • I agree with ehat you said but if I’m a normal average slim person and I want to biuld muscle mass and I’m exercising seriously, what is best for me? Have a pre work out meal or not?

  • I run ten miles fasted every morning and have only gotten faster over the last two months. I e also lost twenty five pounds and it’s not really that hard (not bragging because I’m still pretty slow)

  • Logically speaking it should be exactly the same whether you do it before or after eating if you’re in a calorie deficit.
    I do intermittent fasting I eat once every 24 hours. I don’t like 16 hours fasted with an 8 hour window because then you’re just going to have two small meals or three smaller meals
    Id rather have one good meal. With the way I fast and exercise (6-7 times a week cardio and 3-4 days a week weight lifting) your glycogen levels are going to get lower either way and will start consuming fat from your fat stores for energy throughout the course of the day. Goggins also uses this method for his normal diet, eats his whole fill for the day in the morning. I have lost 20kg so far i have 18 left till I get to my current goal, Has been working fabulously for me. I have tried both exercising on an empty stomach and 3-4 hours after I eat and I don’t feel any difference what so ever, It depends on how I feel. If I’m feeling lethargic then I will eat and then exercise, If i’m feeling fine while fasted then I’ll just get my workout out of the way

  • Why not ingest BCAA before and during the cardio and keep it at a moderate level. I think the video is a bit too general and doesn’t specify the type of cardio done. Running 10 miles or sprint intervals is prob not the best, but 25-30min at 60-70% max heart rate isn’t going to destroy your muscle. Guy in the vid is clearly a meathead

  • Personally, the later in the day I work out, the less calories I eat all day. This is because my appetite increases greatly after the workout.

  • I both use fastedcardio for morning jog… and/or 6hours badminton.. haha! Yes i actually feel better, and eating after the exercise makes me feel less guilt, also eating protein after those exercises really makes my day. I was once from 99.7kg down to 82kg for 4 months, and that was with somewhat healthy cheat day twice in a month. I want to do these again but I lack the time now that I’m working.

    P.S. Experiment on your body, what feels right, the fed or fasted, and you’ll be fine. Don’t take a case of another person as a bible. We are all unique, even in how our body responds to each stimuli:)

  • This is old science and the Dr knows this. Latest research does not support his statements.
    Part of scientific integrity is using the most recent scientific research. So it would seem he”a biased and hawking protein powder and supplements.
    He looks uncomfortable and very tight.
    His belly is distended, visible even through the oversized shirta symptom of consuming too much protein and having too much visceral fat despite lower body fat overall. How to get rid of the visceral fat? Intermittent fasting
    & cardioIronic, no?
    One thing a scientist needs to be is objective enough to realize when their theories don’t work.

  • im on my 36th hour of fasting, then i did a hundred pushups… im not sweating very much unlike when i was still on 16/8 pattern. is this alarming?

  • OK so you shouldn’t worry about loosing muscle fasted but can you gain as much? Gains have been so slow for me that just today I started eating pre workout. I noticed a boost in energy right away. Will be interesting to see if there is more muscle gain.

  • I’m sure our early ancestors were ripped back then running long distances and carrying heavy spears all day to hunt. They had a nice physique. Some people have been brainwashed

  • From what I’ve read of scientific studies on the subject of fasted vs non fasted cardio, there absolutely 100% is no definitive proof to prove one way or the other. Anyone saying passionately it does or doesn’t work has deeper lying issues. Experiment, and go with whatever works personally for your body. We’re all blissfully individual and different.
    Some days I’m on fire doing fasted cardio, other days, I get lightheaded towards the end of the workout so the next few sessions I time my IF window to end right before I leave for the gym or run so I can get a bowel of porridge with flaxseeds and chia down me.

    Listen to your body peeps and workout safe.

  • lol, your body can’t burn protein before fat in any way.
    Every pound of “muscle” you burn has been either water or fat, no matter what you thought it was.

    The body always dissolves fat first, and only after that, it starts to dissolve the proteins, which will never happen with normal people.

  • Fasted, morning cardio works great.
    I swear by it. It’s not hard on the body if you use a bike or other low impact cardio. This video is bullshit.

  • where does a pre-workout drink like C4 fall into this? does it technically count as “eating before the fast”? or does it not matter since there’s not too many carbohydrates, fats, etc?

  • Ingesting protein does nothing but spike insulin which blocks fat burning. That food will take 12-20 hours to digest anyway so your not “getting those aminos straight to the muscle”

  • Nah man.. Here is my experience. Damn.. I do Intermittent Fasting and go to the Gym only at end stage of the fast Startin at 15th hour.. I do weights followed by high intensity interval training on bike or sprints… Initial days my quality of workout suffered, but within 5days or so my body adapted. I could do amazing weights and high intensity in cardio… But lately I have noticed strong amonia stench in my sweat and clothing when I come home.. Meaning I think I have been breaking down (looked up google), amino acids and probably not fats as I hoped. Haha ��

  • So I just wanted to say, I just started working out seriously about two months ago, and I’ve found a couple of different sites and channels that sorta pointed me in the right direction toward where I suppose I wanted to go (my ambitions originally were very vague). Finding this channel though has helped immensely and I’m very grateful for your incredibly well researched and explained videos. Keep it up.

  • Lol I was getting scared to the reason why you may not want to walk…then he said “if you’re not a morning person don’t do it” haha I though it was something else. I’m a morning person so I guess there won’t be an issue.

  • Following your logic -> the presence of ketones triggers Leucine which prevent burning muscle. Would you than say, that having a table spoon of MCT oil before workout would be an alternative for those who can’t workout in a fasted state?

  • You had me when you grabbed that cup of coffee. Haha… Been doing 16/8 IF for more than a month now but haven’t trained fasted. I’m gonna try that.. after a drinking a cup of coffee.

  • I do 16/8 to 18/6. I usually break my fast at 2pm then I work out at 5pm and be done with dinner by 8pm. Is this ok? Because I’m basically working out in the middle of my feeding window?

  • I like doing fasting I’ve read some studies that say it will improve my hgh which hopefully helps me fix my wrist which is sprained

  • 4:44 omg looks just like malcom in the middle, california is scenic asfff. What a dream that is of mine to wake up everyday and see a street like that. Europe streets suck dick

  • I like working out on an empty stomach then feed the muscles after the work out. If your eat then work out youl be kind of full and lazy.

  • Obviously if you train fasted, you will have low/no free glycogen, and will have to burn fat. So, you will feel low energy, your work-out will be inefficient, you may even get light-headed and even pass out if you push yourself hard. Just eat something pre-work out so you can do a proper workout and reap the long-term rewards of real gains.

  • Stimualnts make your adrenal glands weak. Weak adrenals mean poor kidney filtration. Poor kidney filtration means lymph stagnation. Lymph stagnation means acidosis. Acidosis means inflammation. And we should all know what inflammation leads to…

  • Last week I missed a day of eating so i went almost 24hr without eating.

    The same night I went to the gym and banged out a 2 hr gym session. And since I was intermittent fasting for 24 hrs, I felt like my muscles were ripping thru my skin!! Ahaha the pump was amazing

  • I am sorry I workout after fasting for 15 hours with intense heavy weight training
    I have gained muscle and burned the fat
    Fasting is beneficial. All these studies are done by these junk food companies which are all complete BS

  • -1 point for apologizing to vegans about a fact of life of our ancestors.

    +1000 points for amazing advice and insight on working out while fasted.

  • I feel like I have got more endurance in running or any cardio session whilst in a fasted state. But strength and conditioning workouts I feel like I need food just to get me through it as its 1 hour and 20 minutes of sweat and discomfort. I’ve tried eating no food but I get anxious as i need to be in the right mind set to complete the workout. Dam ego wont let me quit whenever ive had enough.

  • Great video. People need to understand basic science on how your body works.Your body will eat sugar/carbs first for fuel, then after that is depleted your body will begin to burn fat for fuel….then when most of the fat has been burned off, then and only then will your body begin to eat the muscle/protein, which would take at least a day or 2. That is the “starvation” mode..not 2 or 3 hours. Humans, for tens of thousands of years generally ate 1 big meal in the evening. This 6 meals a day thing is relatively new to humans which is why we have cancer, diabetes and many other chronic diseases.

  • i skipped lunch today, and I feel fking awesome in my workout, I feel I have more energy, strength and stamina, my mind is more clear and I feel I can fking kill a tiger with bare hands!

  • I usually do fasted cardio unless I do cardio later in the day. But I get the most out of it since food sometimes (even the healthiest food) will make me a little lazy. So an empty stomach works best for me when working out. Another great video:)

  • Fasted cardio/workouts lowered my appetite thus causing me to eat less, so long term in my opinion, it helped burn fat but made it much harder to continue making gains. Just a personal experience.

  • At 4:11 If when you eat was not important then everyone that has ever used Intermitten fasting to lose weight is a liar. Which is simply untrue. This is not a game of calories as the human body does not apply the laws of thermodynamics without a carrier. Calories in and calories out can be irrelevant when there are hormones at work such as insulin that can determine the way you store food as energy.

  • I get cramps if I have eaten anything less than 3 hours before I go running.
    A granola bar or something won’t make the cramps too bad; but I definitely can feel them forming.
    I tried running an hour after a meal and it was just not happening.
    I find I have to wait a bit even after I drink water (only like 15 min or so tho) or I get slight cramps.
    That is why I prefer fasted cardio. So I can actually do my run lol

  • How many meals can I do on the fed window? ( just 2? Lunch and dinner? Or I can eat some ice cream, bar, chocolate…. My question of course is without exceed my daily calories diet )

  • i want to mention something guys. when i tried to work or do some heavy job in the garden alll my muscles seemed downsized.however fat seemed to going down. you all tell about gym in fasted state while you sleep till late and you sit on a couch.if u go to work without eating and continue gym in faste situation this is shit not gonna haooen
    .your cortizol will be raised a lot and all your muscle job will be in risk

  • Dude thank you so much. I actually has stopped my IF because it requires me to workout at noon, and i can’t do it, i got a lot of work to do, and i am only able to workout in the morning like 5 am. But after watching your videi, let me confirm it to you, so is it totally fine for me to workout at 5 am and have my first meal at 12 pm and last meal at 6 pm? sorry for my english tho, im from Indonesia, if you know Bali island, that’s where my country from

  • Don’t listen to this no neck meathead. If you’re that worried abt being catabolic during fasted cardio then sip on bcaa powder during the session. Problem solved

  • I’ve heard some rumors that fasted cardio burns muscle, and if you do it you’ll “lose your gains”. I think this is just broscience, correct?

  • You know why this man is wrong? Two words… Ancestry Life. The men were hunting for food during a fasted state, they ran a ton and were really working out, at this point they were probably fasting for more than 24 hours, and even after they hunt the animal, they still have to cut it and cook it, which can take up to 5 hours after killing it and doing their workout. If you are saying fasted cardio does not work, you are practically saying Intermittent Fasting does not work. Not to mention I have literally lost 4x more weight per week on fasted cardio than fed cardio and my strength was still going up during my weight-training session so this guy is wrong. Also it is true you are breaking down muscle tissue, but you don’t lose protein or muscle, protein is not a source of energy while working out. As long as you give the body enough protein within a day then your good to go, even if it’s after 4 hours of working out and you are still fasting. So if you are doing some type of weight training session or cardio, then yes you will break down muscle tissue but that’s just called working out, after all you can’t lose muscle from working out, your body only breaks it apart so you can heal it and make it stronger. Muscle and the proteins in your body is the last thing your body will take from you, this will not occur unless you are in starvation mode, which have been calculated to go from 24 hours+, meaning more than a day.

  • During my OMAD fasted workouts, i initially drag myself to the gym… feels like low energy..but as soon as i force myself to complete the 2nd warm-up set… somehow the Badass in me takes over and the workout turns as far as lack of energy is concerned…its a myth…the body gets its energy even in OMAD fasted conditions.

    That was about Energy…all good.., HOWEVER, my ability to lift heavier weights seem to be going down when i am on OMAD and working out in a fasted state…

    Is this just me or folks out here with similar experiences?? Btw.. i have been on OMAD. and low carb for the last 2 years.

  • Bro, have good information, but you talk some much shit before say the important information that I got bored. I can’t see your videos anymore