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Working Out After Surgery How to Return to the Gym You’re down, but you’re not out. For whatever reason, whether it is because of an injury, or a cosmetic choice, you’ve had surgery. If you find yourself unable to return to a favorite exercise due to your surgery, or if your physical capabilities have been permanently limited, seek alternatives. Instead of running, try swimming.

Instead of overhead presses, spend some extra time on your chest and triceps. There may not be a “perfect” alternative for you. Elbows back stretch: Great for stretching your chest muscles without much movement.

Incline bench dumbbell curl: The incline bench dumbbell curl helps isolate your biceps so you don’t engage other muscle groups or your surgery site. Standing calf raise: A great exercise for lower legs and developing better balance. If you’re eager to get back in the gym after your back or neck procedure, you need to be smart, slow, and steady. To help provide some basic guidelines around safely exercising after spine surgery, SpineUniverse reached out to Dwight S. Tyndall, MD, FAAOS, an orthopaedic spine surgeon at Orthopaedic Specialists of Northwest Indiana in Munster.

Return to the gym for light workouts, such as walking on a treadmill or elliptical trainer, as early as 10 days to two weeks postsurgery. Once your incisions are healed, consider adding swimming to your routine as a low-impact exercise. And there are risks associated with working out after a hip or knee replacement.

The biggest concerns about exercising after a joint replacement include loosening, wearing out, and instability. Any of these problems can result in the need for revision surgery. The head lift is an exercise after surgery for the abs that you can start a couple of weeks after your procedure. You can do one of several variations.

Option one is to lie face up on the floor or your bed and bend your knees, placing your feet about eight inches from your buttocks. Put your hands behind your head with the elbows bent. After Two Weeks.

Return to your normal exercise routine. Start slow and easy, then gradually ramp up your exertion levels as the days go by. Listen to your body.

If you feel aching in the repaired area, dial it back. The reason for waiting at least two weeks to resume. Working out after gyno surgery; Results 1 to 7 of 7 Thread: Working most surgeons will not show such early after surgery pictures.

Return to activity after any injury including surgery, is something like returning after a sprain. If the tissues are too injured, pushing them too soon will cause further injury and swelling. One week, you’re working out every day, or at least every weekday.

The next, something gets in the way, maybe an appointment or a family commitment, and you skip a day. Then you skip another day.

List of related literature:

You will need to be sedentary after surgery, so being strong beforehand will make you bounce back better.

“YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
from YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management
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include avoidance of vigorous activity and heavy lifting for 6 weeks after surgery.

“Otologic Surgery E-Book: Expert Consult Online” by Derald Brackmann, Clough Shelton, Moses A. Arriaga
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You will need to be sedentary after surgery, so being strong beforehand just makes you bounce back better.

“You: On A Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz
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Your home gym will have equipment that is specific to your recovery.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
from Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery
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Return to aerobic activity as soon as possible Work with your treatment team to implement some form of aerobic activity as soon as physically possible, while still protecting the injury and allowing it to heal.

“The Sport Psych Handbook” by Shane Murphy
from The Sport Psych Handbook
by Shane Murphy
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Treat every workout as you would an appointment with an important doctor—write it in pen in your calendar (or add it to your phone or Internet calendar), and don’t accept any excuses for missing it.

“The Bodybuilding.com Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever” by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
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Stay with that period for 3 to 4 weeks or until your workouts indicate that you are back to where you left off before the lost training.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
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You could switch to a rest day while you try to reschedule the facility for the next day.

“Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts” by William J. Kraemer, Steven J. Fleck
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ACTIVITY • After surgery, resume your normal activities gradually, allowing 6 weeks for full recovery.

“Griffith's Instructions for Patients E-Book: Expert Consult” by Stephen W. Moore
from Griffith’s Instructions for Patients E-Book: Expert Consult
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Do not do any form of exercise for at least five days, since your body needs time to heal first.

“From XL to XS: A fitness guru's guide to changing your body” by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
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  • I am 16 weeks post surgery. 2″ tear of the Supraspinitus with deburment of AC joint. I will start lifting again this week. Low weight more reps for me. I think a lot depends on the individual. I walked 4.5 miles 10 days after surgery. Had to stop that as it was hindering the process and causing a lot of pain after I shed the brace.

  • How much time is necessary to heal from a umbilical cord hernia surgery. Do you have a video on some exercises

    that can help to strengthen the muscles after an umbilical cord hernia surgery? It has been nearly 3 months since my

    husbands surgery and my husband is having trouble doing simple things like having sex. He did not need to have a mesh,

    but he is afraid of busting the wound open especially during sex. Thank you in advance for your response.

  • I’d say I’ve been out near 3-4 years. Didn’t realise how bad it was until I went to a physical therapy session for a job I’m applying for. I thought eh, how bad can lifting a box that is 50lbs to a shelf 5 times, I mean after all I lift grocery totes for a living, right? Yeah think again!
    I spent 30 mins at the pt office taking tests, no more than 50lbs but I am here to tell you, 3-4 years of not doing anything omg! It’s hell. Two days later and I’m still sore. I didn’t feel it when I walked out, all I felt was my legs like hello and my arms hurt a little, but these last two days have been rough as hell. Not to be gross but this is how bad it was, I sat down to take a dump and almost could not get back up. Color be pretty embarrassed.
    So I am starting slow like vipar says, slow and steady. I’ve already slimmed down from 5’11” 240lbs to now 212, so that’s a good start.
    I’ll probably start with cardio and get that in check with walking, which will also help with legs not being so worn when I exercise them in the future.

    I’m grateful I found this video vipar, it makes it so simple. Thanks I greatly appreciate it.

  • Not only did i gain back 10 pounds lf fat of the 20 that i lost, i lost all my muscle and stamina. Im going back after 8 months of not going so i really appreciate the advice. Ima take it slow and try not to let the anxiety get to me.

  • Thanks bro I will go to gym and if I did my best I’ll reward myself by watching Harry Potter movies from all the beginning rewatching it also with good snacks and milkshakes

  • Thanks for the video…. I am having surgery this week and was more scared of the ability not to lift than the surgery itself.  This video keeps my spirits up of returning to the one thing I love most!!!!!!

  • I wonder how come Jeff is on his way to a hernia again if he knows so well how to prevent it and even deal with it if there is one already. Please don’t think I criticize someone or something. I just really want to know that. Is it possible that Jeff is e.g. predisposed to have a hernia and if he didn’t know all he knows he would have even more and worse hernias? Thanks

  • Everything you pointed out is exactly what I did wrong and now I’m paying for it. My recovery time has gone from two days to almost four. Now all I can do is slowly walk around the house in devastating fatigue. So now I thought it would be a good time to see I should have taken a different approach to re-entering the gym and I ran across your video. A lot of times in life first comes the test then you get the lesson,this is definitely one of those times.Thank you for a great informative video and keep up the good work.

  • I started of excercising at a early age got the inguinal hernia early too however post operation I’ve never been able to hit the gym because of excruciating pain..to overcome the pain I have started something new I hang upside down using gravity boots this way there is no pressure on the abdomen and I have managed to maintain a athletic body.

  • I just had a bilateral and umbilical hernia repair a week ago. First week of recovery was pretty slow. Week 2 almost no pain left.

  • Another study from the New England journal of medicine

    The open technique is superior to the laparoscopic technique for mesh repair of primary hernias.

  • So glad I did years of research and got mesh-free Desarda hernia repair.
    0% ongoing or chronic pain.
    Lifting pain-free again and no damn truss.

  • So after full body workout on the first day back out what are you gonna do the other days of the week? Wont all your muscles be sore after Monday?

  • Someone please explain to me why this happened. I took around 3 to 4 months off of training my bench went from 330 to around maybe 255. I started back working out last week and I could only hit 225 for a set of 6. This week when I benched I could only hit 225 for a set of 3. Please explain why this is happening and I am in perfect health?

  • You Elliott…HOW DO I CONTACT YOU? Of all the people I’ve watched, you’re the most credible. I’m a retired NYC Police Detective of 21 years. On 9/11/2001, I was seriously injured when the North Tower of the WTC collapsed less than 200’ from where I was standing, instantly killing 14 members of my team. In July of 2003, I was given less than 6 months to live. A competitive Bodybuilder friend of mine asked if he can speak to my doctor, which he happily agreed. After their meeting, he said to me: “Just do as I say, Not as I do, and you’ll be good…my reasons for doing what I do are different than yours”. My doctor then handed me 5 prescriptions for injectable and oral Anabolic Steroids that had to be made at a compounding pharmacy, much to the envy of my friend. I was also put on a weekly regiment of Serostim rDNA 4mg. Human Growth Hormone. I was also instructed to join a gym to begin the long and lonely journey toward rehabilitation considering I lost every friend I ever made in a two decade career, in a matter of minutes, and they still continue to die on a weekly basis. I firmly believe had it not been for these compounds, I would’ve been gone many years ago. I never had a single day of trouble using AAS & HGH. I never had a bad blood test, CT Scan, MRI and everything in between. The only side effect I experienced, and frankly enjoyed is a physique, stamina and well being of someone half my age. (I’m 54). However, about 6 years ago, I experienced a severe setback that basically rendered me bedridden for over 20 hours a day. During all this time, my Lifelong Impeccably Clean Diet, and the use of AAS & HGH continued at my doctor’s and my bodybuilder friend’s orders. Unfortunately, Ray, my bodybuilder friend sadly passed away as the result of an unrelated illness. STEROIDS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS DEATH…As a result of my continuation of AAS & HGH while I’ve been laid up is that I’ve managed to keep most of my musculature, however, I have a somewhat thick layer of belly fat. Other than that, anyone who sees me says I look like I train everyday, yet they have no idea that a 15’ walk to my bathroom and back leaves me sucking wind for 15 minutes and my heart rate goes through the roof. Man, these Fucking Self-Promoters on this site are all so full of shit!! All they talk about is all the knowledge they have and contests they won. YOU, on the other hand, have a great personality, you get right to the point and when I watch your videos, I feel like you’re personally speaking to me!! I’m desperate Elliott…I’m at my wits end. We moved to Seattle not long after I retired and the gyms here suck, but I’ll find one that’ll suit my needs. I’m dying a slow Suicide in my bed. I’ve gotten advice from 100’s of Know-It-All’s. I hope you get this message and can help me. If not, your channel is wonderful and informative. Keep up the good work!!!

  • I’m experienced in this subject. You can walk properly after about 2 weeks and you can train really really light after 4 weeks. Focus more on diet please than gym

  • Just joined today after a layoff of about 6 months…..will muscle memory work even after 6 months? I’m going easy and steady though as you said…

  • Don’t do mesh! I had my second hernia surgery 11 days ago, the first was done by the Navy, this one was done by a guy in Las Vegas, No Insurance Surgery. Man! This guy is great. I feel fantastic (not like the last one) no pain at all. Doc says I’ll be back to work and working out in 30 days! Thanks Jeff!

  • Hi. I had 6 months ago a hiatal hernia surgery a nissen fundoplication who let me more dead than alive, i lost alot of weight (after 6 years of gym). Was the worst decision of my life. I was suspected of vagus nerve damage by surgery. 10 days ago i had takedown this fundoplication (first surgery) so another one. I don’t feel well, i have muscle spasm, my stomach it seems is dead, i hope to God to not have gastroparesys. In 6 months i had ruin my life. I look and i feel horrible. I eat, but i cannot put any weight back, like all the food it goes somewhere else. I’m feeling dehydrated, muscular spasm, confusion, weakness, etc. I am in a bad depression. Working out was part of my life and now is gone. Those traumas changed me in a worst way posible. Can you tell me how can i manage that? Some tips for recovery, i want to workout again but losing weight affect me, level of energy is down. I eat protein, meat at blender, eggs, milk, oat and nothing. Cannot put any weight. It seems my gastro system it is in colaps after those surgeries. I don’t know what to do.

  • Hey, I will be undergoing a Hernia surgery in the next couple of months. What all core exercises can you suggest for strengthening the core and the exercises to avoid for the 1st couple.of weeks on the road towards recovery.

  • Can I dobasic core and exercises a week after appendix surgery. I was told not to lift more than five pounds for six weeks. Do I stay still and not do any exercises? What exercises can I do after laproscopic surgery where they cut three holes in my abdomen to remove my appendix?

  • Guys help! I had inguinal hernia surgery last November and i still get mild to moderate pain pretty much on a daily basis with little to no exercise. I also have a small hernia on my other side that i havent got around to yet because it hasnt been bothersome. Now im trying to get into shape but deadlifting for my lower back really ups the pain. This is the only muscle i cant seem to train around. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

  • Hving recently had bilateral open hernia surgery I thought I might add a few things that people might find interesting. The big meta analysis and studies looking at primary outcome of inguinal hernia re-occurance after laparoscopic mesh vs open mesh surgery show that both have a roughly 1% reoccurance rate. Obviously each has it’s own complications, open tends to be more painful while laparoscopic runs the risk of damaging internal organs. There are a sub section of people mainly atheletes and active people who will also have weakness of inner most the layer of muscle “transverse abdominus”(caused by overstreching and straining) that makes up the inguinal canal (this is not a true hernia in the sence of a inguinal hernia but can occur in addition to a true inguinal hernia, it used to be called a sportsmans hernia but more recently been classified as inguinal dysfunction). t
    This is very difficult to repair laparoscopically. Hence why I went for open. Another thing to think about is that the laparoscopic equipment has to make small holes in you abdominal wall in order to carry out the surgery. These small holes can themselves end up forming hernias (so called port site hernias). This is where things get interesting the rate of port site hernia is quoted in studies as being anywhere between 2% 40% and the only way to fix them would be another surgery. With regards to mesh it has had a bad rep over the past few years and yes it has its problems. But you cannot compare mesh used in hernia surgery to mesh used in vascular surgery to mesh used in Gynecological surgery this is just scientifically inaccurate and spreads alot of miss information. The best non mesh rapir is called a sholdice repair and you have to be in good physical shape to get this and even the it has a re-occrnace rate of 3-5 %

  • Now that I’m watching this again, how do you expect someone who just came back into the gym to heal the next day. I feel you need at least 2 days in between.

  • First week was tough but my mentality was strong so i kept going rough. I was weak and weak. In second week. In thirs week i started to see results. Getting my muscles back. But still lacked strength. Forth week. Had an increase in strength not so much tho. Anyway,this was my first month so i cant wait for second month. Ps:been out for 6months due to final year of exams.

  • This is good. I completely ruptured my distal tendon after being in an accident and I won’t be able to lift for another 5-6 months (just had surgery a week ago) so seeing this def gives me direction when I start back up

  • Here is a study published in jama. Lap vs open
    Conclusions and Relevance During the operation, there was less blood loss and less need for a wound drain in the laparoscopic group. However, operative time was longer during laparoscopy. Perioperative complications were significantly higher in the laparoscopic group. Visual analog scores for pain and nausea did not differ between groups. The incidence of a recurrence was similar in both groups. The size of the defect was found to be an independent factor for recurrence of an incisional hernia.

  • Hey can I ask where you got the procedure done? The results were great. Also, do you think it’s safe to stay on cycle during the recovery period?

  • Ok so, I used to be a bodybuilder, and I joined that marine corps, now it has almost been a year, and I have lost a lot of size, can I start hitting the gym as hard as I used to, or should I do special exercises to warm up

  • 10 years! Help! I’m a former bodybuilder who had 2 shoulder surgeries 10 years ago, got addicted to Opioids and stopped training. Now 6 years clean, (thank you God). My question is this, do I still have muscle memory after all this time?

  • I’ve been out of the gym for 2 years, eating dirty, fatty foods and gained about 60 pounds. This is just me, but I feel I should work on my diet for about a week while, every day, doing some light cardio like: burpees, short sprints, intense walking. After that week of eating clean with light cardio, I’ll jump into full body, light workouts 3xs a week for about 2 weeks to get my body somewhat in tune again. After those 2 weeks, I’ll jump into the drop sets, super sets and circuit training. How do you feel about this plan bro? Should I implement some other stuff? Let me know and thanks!

  • Appreciate Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard the talk about Franaar Sound Ovaries Formula (should be on google have a look)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for Eliminating Ovarian Cysts minus the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin at very last got great results with it.

  • I was 13 when I had an inguinal hernia..I waited until 18 to do something about it… It was so huge it was like I had a avocado seed inside my scrotum. Well I went to the doctor and hey asked how it got so huge…I didn’t tell them I waited 5 years to get it fixed. The good thing is that it wasn’t being STRANGULATED. Meaning the blood would stop flowing to the portion of the intestines that were moving out of the herina area. When that happens you MUST GO to the emergency room immediately. Otherwise the intestine that is being STRANGULATED will die and possibly kill you.

    Anyways I was suppose to have a follow up in 2 weeks… After the first week a hurricane came in and did damage to the city. So I didn’t go…but I was walking around looking at the damage…by the second week I was sprinting around doing simple exercises. Then they called me and ask me how I am doing. I said “I am doing great and I am going to school as well”. Then they said “wait you went back to school already?”

    6 months later I go in for a check up and the physician wanted to see the scar.. He looked and said “where is it?” Lol I am guessing due to the skill of the doctor and my young recovery speed, The scar is still barely noticeable to this day.

    Recovery was so easy when I was younger… Now I think twice about pushing myself…

    I am getting back into shape after a 10 yr hiatus of exercise lol. This time I am going for the ripped abs.. I have to see how the hernia affected me overall.

  • Great thanks, I’ve been out for 6 weeks, thanks to xmas, so according your advice, Im going to train as if i’m being lazy at 50%…which is great by me! Lol.

  • Really happy I found this video I need to go to the gym to keep up with my workouts but Iv laid off my workouts since covid and lockdown and I’m can’t do long work outs at home because I’m just lazy like that but doing 20 minute work outs seem like a good idea to get me back in to the swing of things for when the gym opens thank you for this video xxx

  • First.. I appreciate the Many vids on this surgery Jacob did Thank you.
    Guys.. I am on day 15.
    Surgery went smooth, in Canada and cost $5750 tax inc.
    Zero Pain killers needed, not even tylenol at any point.
    They removed two Large glands, looked like scrambled egg. Zero Lipo, I trained 7 days a week prior none needed.
    Drains in 7 days. Period!
    Stopped bleeding after day 4 though. YES get drains!!
    Compression Vest 6 weeks!
    and rest rest rest… Eat to heal, rest to heal, AND YES wear the vest 6 weeks (It sucks ass)!
    Day 15 today and I’m going nuts wanting to toss it as I feel fine, BUT I’ve done the research and for too many reasons to type.. WEAR the vest 6 weeks. AND I’d consider wearing it longer when training. In short you need the skin to re-bond to the lean tissue(muscle) for one and that takes 30+ days, if you get fluid between the skin and muscle it will prevent the bonding and skin tightening etc..
    Just wear the Vest!! The skill taken in your healing is as important as the skill of the surgeon on day 1.
    Jacob was good and lean and young so he has less of that long term issue to deal with in skin etc… vs in our 40’s
    but he’d still need drains and be careful of internal bleeding, keep your hands to your body the first 10 days.
    All in all, if you have a surgeon with good Gyno surgery experience you’ll be fine. They all have the skill, but some have less experience in dealing with guys who want to bench press by week 2-3.

    Good luck to all and it is really not bad at all if you follow your protocol to the letter you will be fine.
    Now off for my Hernia surgery.. At least that is free in Canada.

  • Started gym 2005.. on and off more off than on.. ain’t been since January.. that’s 13 years paid full only been 3 years in total ��

  • Anyone have experience with working out after open (not laproscopic) surgery for inguinal hernia? I don’t think Jeff’s timeline will work for me.

  • Had umbilical surgery 2.5 weeks ago, stitches not mesh. Surgeon said light exercise is okay at 2 weeks. This includes light jogging, biking, basically low intensity that does not create a crunch motion. Full activity by 6 weeks. My question: what exercises should be okay between now and then and what abdominal workouts can I do to keep engaged without hurting myself unto then?

  • My surgeon in Maryland numbed the shit out of the area (left side inguinal) so I had my dad drive me home to Ohio the same day after surgery. The car ride was a piece of cake. The first few days after are really not bad, at least in my case. Try to avoid sneezing by plugging your nose and blowing out of your nose as you release your fingers. Breathe in through your mouth when you feel a sneeze. No joke. Sneezes hurt. If they’re inevitable, grab something soft to push onto your wound. Try your hardest to be very mindful when eating and drinking anything to avoid choking/coughing. The worst part about the whole thing was wiping my ass. For some reason it was the most uncomfortable thing about it.

    I absolutely avoided the surgery and got considerably weaker during the 9 months I put off the surgery. It took a while before I was comfortable to lift any weights. Probably 3 or 4 weeks.But I was walking since day 2.

    Find a good surgeon who repairs hernias allllll dayyyy every day!!! As someone who was DEATHLY afraid of getting surgery, it was so fucking simple and relatively painless. Don’t be a pussy like I was… get it done and get back to your life.

  • I came back to the gym from quarantine and I thought I’ll do what I use to do and I went intense 4 sets of 8/10 pyramids and I really been waking up with maddddd aches it stopped aching now but tbh I think I’m just getting worst then getting better from working like this so imma do the basics and just try get back in shape lose this belly fat get defined and tnen focus on lifts

  • Hi Jeff, been following your channel for a while and been on workout n diet routines as much as possible. I’m 39 years old and had been in n out of working out for a few years but hadn’t been as committed as the last year. However now have an inguinal hernia which due to this lockdown I haven’t been able to show to a physician. What do u suggest I do during this period before I can get a proper scan and get it fixed.

  • About 3 years ago I underwent umbilical hernia repair. According to my doctor, the hernia was the size of a lemon.
    The repair done on me was through a small incision around the umbilical area.
    I’m looking to strengthen my core through proper means. The gym I belong to has a seated ab crunch machine. My goal is to return to using that very machine with very little weight, if any. My core is super weak at the moment. It frustrates me to this day.
    Hoping for some feedback

  • I took an off for a month,rejoining gym today.Did the mistake of lifting hard last week and felt a lot of pain couldn’t go to the gym for 4-5 days.Now ill follow your advice and be all right hopefully:)

  • Thanks for the advice. It’s been 5 years since I stopped working out due to being a working student and then for having drug (painkillers) induced hepatitis where I came from almost 200lbs to 135lbs. My girlfriend is into power lifting and I want to support her and eventually, help her train. Right now my muscle mass is gone… zero…. and I have pretty badly damage to my knees. I suffer from Patellofemoral Syndrome and during my youth I suffered from Osgood-Schlater syndrome that left its mark but at the same time, I need to regain muscle tone on my legs to better protect my knees…. it’s a bit of a catch 22. Any tips in how to start working out again? Thank you for the upload.

  • I usually “powered through the initial phase of feeling like shit” when I was younger but this sums up perfectly what I did wrong when I laid it off for say 3 weeks or so.

  • Jeff I have Hiatal Hernia and the info about it is not a lot. Could you make video about Hiatal Hernia and exercizing with hiatal hernia. It is very common almost every 3th person has it, so it would be helpfull to many!

  • Hey Jeff thanks for your input great stuff, just had the left side hernia surgery done Oct 18 and had the right side done about 1 1/2 ago. My question is I’m 67 years old and try and stay in shape not doing heavy weights or anything but I started playing tennis 2 years ago and have lost weight my blood pressure is good but not sure how long to wait until I can resume playing at full speed. Thanks for your time…. Mike Truax

  • I would only recommend mesh to someone I wanted to see suffer. There’s been so many lawsuits over that shit and how toxic they are. I’d rather use superglue.

  • So I’ve just done my first week back at the gym not going all out till after week 3 btw. But I just wanted to ask for the first 3 weeks.. is diet Important?

  • Been in a relationship almost 2 years, stopped going to the gym, eating like shit, now the relationship is over and I’m going back to the gym, this was a serious help

  • Very good advise! Injury can set you back months, I know I’ve made all these mistakes, so follow his advise, he knows what he’s talking about! God Bless!

  • Thank you so much, this was really helpful. I been on a break for 5 months, lost 10kg. I started training again yesterday and i really think this plan will help me. Again thank you ��

  • Hello! Is there any difference if I was training for two years and lifted lighter weights during quarantine (using filled backpacks, water gallons due to lack of weighted plates)? Should I ahead and lift the same heavy weights I was lifting previously, or should I still try to ease into it again?

  • So glad to hear this.Im going in soon to get 3 fixed up.Ive had many say dont bother working out anymore.Not gonna let this stop me.Get better get back at it is the plan.

  • Thank you man.. It really helped bcz the gyms are finally reopening after quarantine and I got nothing to do. This video helped so much

  • @yo Elliott would you suggest doing 1 set of each exercise 10 times. Or doing 3 sets of 1 exercise then moving onto the next exercise?

  • I know this is a reasonably old post, but I had an umbilical repair via open surgery and with stitches as opposed to mesh, and recovery was so bad, i’m struggling to even do simple ab work.

  • I took a 3 day break from working out because a trip to San Antonio and now I can’t do anything at all. It’s really surprising how fast things can change

  • 3 months thats nothing, try 2years, I had to stop training for 3 months 19x due to me having surgery 19x. I don’t understand that someone who trains that long doesn’t know what to do after a short layoff.

  • I’ve had nearly 3 weeks off due to injury and I feel like shit…what can I do to take my mind off from going to the gym? Thanks for postive replys.

  • Great info, but terrible camera work. Too many close ups. To understand how to do these exercises, you need a wide shot to see the complete body movements. I didn’t need to see close ups of faces. Also, too much jumping around. More consistent wide shots.

  • Hey Jeff, i had a bilateral inguinal hernia surgery last October and now i have this pudgy lower belly cut that i can’t seem to get rid of. Anyway you can do a lower ab training video specifically for folks that have had this procedure please?

  • Thank you for this! I made the mistake, twice, of going at it with 110% intensity right at the beginning after taking a very long time off from working out. The results? I was in immense pain from muscle soreness (could barely move or extend my arms) for nearly 2 weeks, which is way too long to be suffering from muscle soreness in my eyes. This of course, got me out of the routine of working out. Now, I’m starting off with much lighter weights and slowly easing into it.

  • Came off a steroid cycle over a year ago. I put my body through alot of trama. Trying to get back in the gym and found this video. Thanks.

  • Went to the gym for the first time today after 5 months… did the total opposite of what you said. Ended up puking my entire stomach! #Regrets

  • can you explain/elaborate on why we should keep our sessions easy and short when we first get back into it? you only stated these as reasons but didn’t say why. Cheers

  • Coming off a layoff now. Found this and thanks for what you do. I can see everything I worked so hard for slipping away and cant stand to look in a mirror right now. Back at it tomorrow morning when I get off����

  • Great bro. My surgeon adviced me to do pushups and light bench press 20days after surgery. I am from kerala india. Ur videos motivated me a lot god bless you brother

  • Hi Jeff. I’m currently waiting on an inguinal hernia surgery and am wondering how long it took you before you could drive after having the surgery? And also whether or not your hernia has ever caused you any nausea/vomiting? Thanks.

  • Hey Elliot, so I was in great shape a few years. I was using hormones, mainly doing T replacement and cruising. Low test weekly. Well I stopped test cold turkey and went into a huge depression. It’s been 2 years, I’m 70 pounds overweight for my own personal body and type. I’m lethargic, weak, my blood flows bad, and all my systems are on high alert meaning if I’m sick I’m really sick or I get a cut it takes longer to heal etc. I was at a 600# dead max, 350# bench, and so on. Do I need to start at the beginning and low low or could I try higher but not too high numbers? Do I start cardio what should I do, motivation has been difficult, smoking again etc. Pls man, I need any advice I can get. Thank you.
    PS, I have a 6 year old girl. It’s been hard to keep up and I want to see her grow up. She inspires me, and I want to inspire her as well. I need to do this not only for myself but for her as well. Ty

  • 2 years out from cartilage damage. Finally back and wow I’ve gone weak. Gained 20lbs and lost muscle. Looking to push back in 4 months

  • Ah, back when he was cool, down to earth, no bs. No he holds seminars where guys get half naked and scream at each other… AND PAY FOR IT

  • I have hiatal hernia and the discomfort is horrible. Breath issue, pain in chest, lose weight, strange water retention, nausea all the time,etc. I want to do surgery for that. The quality of life is shit with hernias.

  • Great video,

    What about people that compete in combat based sports? Ie boxing, martial arts.
    Have you had anyone or yourself, advise on weather the mesh would or has been a better solution than basic stitches? I worry about impact in that area in the future and unsure weather the mesh would fail more times over then the stitches? I’ve had the stitches repair around 5 years ago but going for another as it failed pretty fast after. Looking back I’m not sure if I was in the gym to early (around 8 weeks after opp) but nothing to much training wise.
    I get your not a surgeon lol but If you have any idea or advise it would be appreciated.


  • Great Video!! Right to the point in just over 3 minutes!!! Cool Guy!! Not like these self promoting assholes who would take 20 minutes to do what this dude did in 3!!

  • Hi Jeff… I got a rigth side hinguinal hernia…doctor said is too small….and he said is not neccesary the operation buy Im concern to keep training….Im not doing heavy but love go to the gym…

  • I’ve been very sick for the past 6 years, couldn’t move. Now I’m better and i wanna do stuff but i don’t know how,my back hurts a lot! And..i dunno what to do.. i really should go to a gym hu?

  • Based on age, weight and condition the medical community will advise at least 4 weeks for 60% recovery and 12 weeks for full recovery. Don’t be foolish. Take your time, it isn’t going to kill you.

  • Thanks for the info bro, Im gonna have surgery and will be out for a month so this will help me set a game plan. Those DOMS are killer if you do too much too soon lol.

  • I had my left fallopian tube removed (laparoscopy) 2 and a half weeks ago because of an ectopic pregnancy and I’m so restless! I don’t have any pain anymore. I’ve been wondering if it’s OK if I start doing very very low impact exercises? I was and have always been very active.

  • Ty and don’t forget just gettin yo butt up n GOIN is that mental hump that turns 1 day into 2 weeks of non action. Even if it’s just for 30min. Just hit it?

  • I’m really scared about using my ab muscles and building up my core. Just had hernia surgery. 8. YES 8 hernias found and repaired. How do i start building up that core? Sometimes just getting up from sitting will cause a pain in my lower abd quad area. So purposely trying to do extra scares newer. Had the surgery Feb 7 2019. Doc says slowly start building. Isometrics maybe? Thanks

  • The idea that the average person can do 210 full body sets a week the first week back and still be able to walk is a little bit hilarious tbh. In fact it’s absurd.

    quarter of that volume for two weeks will actually get you back in shape without the debilitating pain that stops you working out again for a full week. “210 sets” haha

  • Nice info! Hoped I gone through it sooner. Yesterday I hit the gym after 5 months of layoff and did get dizzy, heart was like thumping out of chest and suffocated after 5 exercises. Front lat pull down, bendover barbell row, cable fly, butterfly, and leg press. And I was kinda like fanted when I reach home some how catching my breath all the way to my room.
    We should always lay low and do basic stuff after a long period off from the gym.

  • I’m going in for op tomorrow to repair a left and right inguinal hernia. Can’t wait to get back into it and recover. Thanks for video

  • Hey, I’ll be honest!!! I’ve been severely depressed and bedridden for 3 years or so. Very little exercise!!! Only doing what I had to. I was worried about damaging my back again and I started having panic attacks!!! Please please please help me get back to fitness!!! I always had a toned body and 6 pack just from working. But then I ended up being a single dad and just staying in bed all day while they’re at school!!! Then it was constant just getting up to do stuff for them. I’m in a mess!!! Please help

  • If we can go hard after and have done it before and know we wont get burned out is it more beneficial to do so? I’m not sure if starting slow is to prevent getting sore or what but if we can withstand harder workouts is it beneficial to do so?

  • Definitely listening to this for post Covid situation. It’s been almost 10 weeks I’ve been off the gym. I lost moderate amount of muscle and put fat on my waist.

    The advice here is absolutely correct. It’s important to go slow and steady. Remember fitness is a long marathon not a 100 metre race.

  • Great tips! Totally agree that you need to make it fun so that it’s sustainable. Can’t wait to grab that barbell when I head back to the gym again…it’s the one thing I really miss.

  • I went from 8 years lifting weights and doing cardio religiously, never having longer than 1 week off except 1 occasion where I was on holiday for 18 days so had almost 3 weeks off…to not being at the gym for almost 2 years straight now. Getting back to it ��

  • Thanks to the op and jeff for this q&a. I have a bilateral inguinal hernia repair slated for September. Really don’t think im gonna wait that long to go back to the gym tho. Im sick of people telling me what not to do or what i can’t do. Wtbs what are some safe workouts i can do until I have the surgery?

  • Great. But I’m calling “bullshit” on 20 Minute Workouts. I’ll just concentrate my gym layoff on rebuilding my Glucose stores and consolidating and investing in creatine and protein storage…then I got a bank of stored nutrition with which to platform on…

  • Good advice, especially after a 2-3 month shut down. Snap city is easy to accomplish in this scenario. I know most of us are pissed off and want to push the hell out of some heavy weight. Be smart. The gains will return. You’ll only extend the amount of time to re-obtain the gains if you snap your shit.

  • Man I haven’t touched a weight since I’ve been out of the army. That was 5 years ago. I’ve gained a lot of weight since then and I hate the way I look and feel. I’m starting tomorrow morning and getting my fat ass back in shape. I weigh roughly 250 right now. I hope to have lost about 10-20lbs by the end of August.

  • I was off for a month or so and I was going back on ‘back day.’ I went in saying I would take it slow. I soon as I started I didn’t take it easy. yeah, I felt weaker and tired quicker but I still went for it. Now I have lower back pain 2 hours after exercising. Plus, I have a 9am tee time tomorrow. I iced, though

  • I laid of the gym due to my severe anxiety, i know it’s weird, for some people going to the gym relieves anxiety, complete opposite for me, 20-40 mins in my anxiety kicks in (shortness of breath, legs&arms feels weird, numbness,heart palpitation and w.e else you can think of that comes with bad anxiety) why does anxiety exist ��

  • @VIPER hey man i have a question, im still kinds recovering from a 2016 injure on my lower arm, because i was going crazy in the gym and did too much, im looking forward to start again so eventhough you gave advice, what do you got for me? Should i start with extreme low weights to build it up! My arm is really weak anything thats a lil heavy will fuck my arm up! Thx

  • I was gone for about 3-4 weeks and now I have a motivation problem. Still trying to keep at it and still strong, just my endurance needs to be up to par. Hope everyone gets it back, we’re all struggling together.

  • Jeff, I recently had surgery to repair an Inguinal Hernia on my right side. Is it safe to use a Leg Press and Leg Extension machine? How about dips on a Dip Machine. Thanks, Steve

  • i know this video is old but i recently had a surgical hernia repair on my abdominal wall from a hernia that formed after a colon resection surgery. i have a sheet of mesh but the hernia was 5.5in’s in length so its not your typical smaller hernia and i have an 11in incision down my midline where i was fully opened because lathroscopic isnt an option when it reaches that size. any ideas on when i would be able to work out my core again as i was an athlete in highschool for that was just over 10 years ago and due to injury and medical issues i gained nearly 100lbs peaking at 379lbs and being 6ft 2. i had lost nearly 50 lbs by eating right and exercising then my diverticulitis flared and caused multiple hospitalizations and after 5 different surgeries i was down 90lbs at 284 but that was mostly due to repeated hospitalizations and going septic. now im back up to 340 because i am unable to exercise and due to being bed ridden or having limited allowable movement for nearly 6months. and i want to get to at least my highschool weight and even passed that as my end goal but without being able to exercise and due to my diverticulitis and crohns disease my diet is very limited on what my body safely processes.

  • bro, um on my 32nd day today
    i had liposuction and incision for glands removal of grade 2 gyno and puffy nipples too
    my nipples are still bit puffy
    im worried about this
    any suggestion?
    will my nipples get flattened by time?

  • I’ve found the best way to get the momentum back is to start with the best leg workout you can do..feel your legs for the next 4 days is great motivation for the other workouts

  • Hitting legs today
    Made the mistake of going in on chest 2 days ago and my cns is toast literally I was shaking and cold sweat
    First workout in 18 months

  • I’m at day 31 now bro post op and everything has gone great, although I still don’t feel like I can put my chest through a workout, and seeing the complications you had at the start of your recovery i think it’s great you could work out so early i hope i feel like I can get back to it in another week its driving me crazy just wanna get back in the gym so bad now.

  • wow, you can actually return to weight lifting? I think i partially torn mine. My doctor believes its just mild strian but i think it’s torn because it is taking forever to heal.

  • I know protein shakes aren’t that necessary unless you’re eating good but I need it to replace some meals, but would it help or not really when coming back from a long layoff?

  • 24 now and been working out with my dad since I was a kid. He’s gone now and I havent been to the gym in over 2 years. always had the largest shoulders and lats but my chest has always been lack luster. When you say focus on your weaknesses for number 6 what should I take fromt that. Should I workout chest harder than my other muscles or opposite until I get back into it?

  • Hi Jeff, just watched your hernia vids in YouTube. I have a suspected hernia and will have this checked this coming week. There is a small bulge in my groin area although I don’t feel any pain even when working out. I wanna as if it is okay to continue my work outs or should I completely stop and have a surgery ASAP and then resume after recovery in case this is really an inguinal hernia. Also, another question is, were you still training a week before your surgery? Thanks in advance!

  • You really hit this on the head. With this in mind, I will be successful getting back into something I love so much after taking 2 months off

  • I commented on this video about 8 months ago seeking for help and you helped me, honestly if you hadn’t given me advice that day I don’t think I would be able to train rn. I feel stronger and a lot better and it was your advice and I want to thank you a lot.

  • First thank you for this video,
    i’m 22 and i’m getting back to the gym after 9 months off due to multiples injuries in both the shoulder and the back, lately i’ve been doing some jogging/core workouts and i want to know if i should start with the bodyweight exercises or jump right back to the weights?

    thank you,

  • Thanks for the vid. I am going back to weights after progressively getting lazy..and then stopping about 2 months ago. I have been pretty consistent up till that point for years……going to take it slow.

  • The only thing bad about this, is that you might lose motivation after a long may off if you skip the next day. Especially if you had built bad habits prior to not working out. So I would stick to push, pull, legs, doing reps of 10 but not going extremely heavy

  • This was amazing advice thank you I took 3 months off from proper training after a concussion and PTSD and was feeling scared to go back and this helped heaps thank you!!!

  • Note that Jeff had laparoscopic surgery. If you have open surgery like I did I can tell you that you sure as hell won’t be doing any ab exercises in just 2 days. Not only is the pain unbearable for the first 2 days but you’ve got a 4 to 6 inch incision as well as some cutting on the ab muscles that will need to heal before you can do ab training. My doctor said to wait 3 months before doing any ab work and believe me, I tried doing light ab work around week 6 and it hurt too much then. Gotta just be patient.

  • Help! I’m a former NPC bodybuilder who had 2 shoulder surgeries 10 years ago, got addicted to Opioids and stopped training. Now 6 years clean, (thank you God). My question is this, do I still have muscle memory after all this time?

  • Im approaching (hopefully) the time to finally be able to go back to the gym after (thus far) a 2 month break from illness (chronic sinusitis) and I found your video very helpful for planning my workouts! Thanks!

  • Getting back into it but so depressing cause I have lost so much muscle and the belly I worked so hard to lose is really affecting me my clothes don’t feel the same I don’t feel the same oh god I should never have stopped / anyone feel the same way?? Plus the probs is once you start training again your body aches!!