Enhance Your Workouts for Abs 8 Exercises for any Shredded Midsection



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Contrary to popular belief, abs are probably the easiest body part to train when you’re short on time and low on equipment. All you need is a floor. The next time you’re in a hotel, or your gym is closed for renovations, whip this workout out, which trains the abs (upper and lower) and the deep core muscles in. Workout with these exercises for abs to get a ripped midsection. These 30 exercises are time-tested winners for definition and strength.

Start by gripping a small dumbbell with your feet and perform 3 sets of 8 reps and then add weight as you progress. 3. Side Plank Row. Side plank is great to engage the lateral core stabilizers such as the obliques.

Ditch side bends to sculpt your abs and instead, perform the side plank row. Start by gripping a small dumbbell with your feet and perform 3 sets of 8 reps and then add weight as you progress. 3. Side Plank Row.

Side plank is great to engage the lateral core stabilizers such as the obliques. Ditch side bends to sculpt your abs and instead, perform the side plank row. Common Abs Myths Endless crunches and situps will tone the abs, and result in a six pack! Wrong. You can perform 1,000 crunches and situps every day for the next 2 decades and you still won’t tone your abs and carve out a six pack.

While ab exercises can help to build strong and thick abs, they won’t strip away the fat that is currently covering your abs. The best abs workouts for getting a ripped stomach, courtesy of some of the best trainers in the country. Your Cristiano Ronaldo six-pack starts here. Working out your abs this often will ensure a stronger core without keeping your abs in an overworked state.

Of course, make sure you don’t focus on only one part of your abs (i.e. crunches for your rectus abdominus); train all of your ab areas. Also Read: 5 Calisthenics Gloves That Will Help You Grip And Grow. Ab Exercises.

With your head neutral and upper body rigid, contract your abs, bringing your face toward the floor. Stop just short of the floor, squeeze abs momentarily, then slowly return to start. Exercise Ball Pike Works: Lower Abs. Get into a pushup position, hands shoulder-width apart on. In this article, we go over the basic anatomy of what makes up the core, and list five easy-to-follow workouts to help strengthen your midsection.

Diet and cardiovascular training will have to be in check for you to see your abs. This article will only focus on the training that goes into building and strengthening your mighty core. Apr 4, 2020 Explore edgarquintero377’s board “Shredded abs workout” on Pinterest.

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List of related literature:

I make it as easy as possible with just a few simple exercises that target your abs in just minutes per day (see the earlier sections for details).

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
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Core The plank: This is one of the best, and simplest, ways to work the abdominal muscles.

“Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints” by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
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These exercises target all of your abdominal muscles, with an emphasis on your obliques.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
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Planks and bridging movements statically work the musculature in a manner that can provide an additive abdominal stimulus.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
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These exercises work the superficial abdominal muscles, such as the rectus abdominis, very well.

“Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way” by Yasmin Karachiwala, Zeena Dhalla
from Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way
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To have strong abs, you need not only belly exercises but also lower—back strength and exercises for your obliques (theabdominal musclesthat run down the sides ofyourtorso).

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
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When it comes to training the abs, there are many different training methods.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
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Exercises should also incorporate the transversus abdominis, multifidi, and internal and external obliques, as these help with lumbopelvic stabilization.

“Essentials of Interventional Cancer Pain Management” by Amitabh Gulati, Vinay Puttanniah, Brian M. Bruel, William S. Rosenberg, Joseph C. Hung
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For further guidance on creating and executing a bodysculpting routine, watch the sample abs routine provided on the companion DVD.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
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All ab-specific exercises are some kind of crunch.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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  • Is this routine good for basketball players and athletes? Will it help with speed and athleticism or just definition and strength?

  • Will you do all that in one workout? How many sets, reps of each one and a break/pause. I’m doing your latest lower ab workout at the moment, since it’s the area I want away the most, but not doing other abs exercises. Will you recommend this hole workout everyday, or what? Cause I want to hit all the areas, just not the lower the most. Please help.

  • Why do people dislike informative videos? There is nothing offending about this vid. It is just an explanation of how our core muscles work and how to train them. But still 1K dislikes.

  • My workout has been become more effective and better after watching these videos. I really loved the parts where he explains the functions of the muscles and how to train these to get optimal results. And nontheless activate several muscles at once. I have replaced some exercises simply because I didnt knew that they were actually going to cause injury (which they did). So a big salute to Athlean-X. Respects from Norway/Pakistan:)

  • Did Jeff happen to say how many sets or rounds to complete? I watched the video twice and I just must be missing it. Is it just one set of the 7 exercises?

  • Hello everyone. I have a question. Can I do these exercises once a day or should I follow the instructions in the programme? Thanks Chloe for your work. You are amazing

  • Great video. It inspired me and I did workout every day, since April 02, 2020. Now on August 02, 2020, I lost almost 40 lbs in 4 months and get my 6 packs!!! Please check: https://youtu.be/5urcknbrZS8

  • Can you skip cardio then? Because all that internet says is you need to do cardio at least 3 times per week and 3 times per week of Strength training and only then is you’re gonna see your abs popping…

    4:40 ISO Reverse Crunches
    5:55 Seated AB Circles
    7:00 Recliner Elbow Knee Tucks
    8:05 Opposite Side Elbow to Knee
    9:22 Oak Tree Stepouts
    10:38 Banded Pulldowns
    12:45 Plank Pushaways
    13:46 Overview

    PS: I took it from alex marinquez for myself please dont give me hate

    5:05 Hanging X Raises
    6:10 Hanging Leg Spirals
    7:20 Tornado Chops
    8:39 Scissor V-Ups
    9:55 Sledgehammer Swings
    10:38 Banded Pulldowns
    13:26 Plank Punchouts
    13:55 Overview

    PS: I took it from alex marinquez for myself please dont give me hate

  • damn my abs are on FIRE and my back hurts a lot i need to do this a lot in order to know how to perform the moves well without hurting myself:(

  • Jeff and Jessie:

    Don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I would like to suggest some close up (like the usual views of your videos) but also a far view (to visualize your head till toes) when you are showing us the correct and proper form. It would help a lot especially for someone like me. I am what they call a muscle mind connection idiot. Thanks guys

    Great video as always. Like I always tell everyone Jeff is a genius

  • 2:01 fun fact: go ride a bicycle if you have one or hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmdosame as followed

  • Hi Jeff! I had a pilonidal cyst some years ago and as a result, I cannot apply direct pressure to my coccyx to prevent recurrence of the issue. Do you have any tips on how to best perform these exercises in a way that will not put pressure on the coccyx? Or maybe some alternative workouts to engage the same muscles?

    Ab exercises have always been an issue ever since I had the pilonidal cyst, which is a shame since I enjoy working out my core. Your advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Great video as always Jeff, I will definitely use this along with the app which I’m finding really great. Just one comment about the video edits, the cuts were really noticeable and frequent, it makes the video appear glitchy and not the usual quality. Thanks for all the sage advice.

  • Well I just tried this for the first time. I was doing another work out but my body is getting used to it so I’m trying to find something else to add into it. I hope this works!

    4:40 ISO Reverse Crunches
    5:55 Seated AB Circles
    7:00 Recliner Elbow Knee Tucks
    8:05 Opposite Side Elbow to Knee
    9:22 Oak Tree Stepouts
    10:38 Banded Pulldowns
    12:45 Plank Pushaways
    13:46 Overview

    (Copied the comment for personal use)

  • Let’s say you combine shoulders and core in your split scheme. If you would combine the shoulder and core exercises from this channel, it would be more than 15 exercises, which would be like more than 2 hours of training. How do you know which exercises you should do and which exercises you shouldn’t do, so you don’t pass the point of training over 45-60 minutes?

  • Anyone else struggling with opposite side elbow to knee (lifts one leg up all good, lifts opposite arm up “balance.exe is not responding”) can you just substitute in the black widow knee slide for this?

  • im have been doing the beginner exercises for about a week now and my body is starting to handle them better, the only issue is i can only do the first 4 cause the last two require a band and something to tie it to.

  • When I do the second exercise, my hip flexors and Lower back hurt a lot more than by abs. Does anyone have any idea why this might be and how to avoid it? I have to stop because of the hip aches, not the ab pain.

  • some can explain or give me alternatives for the “Banded Pulldowns” and “Plank Pushaways” exercises? i probably don’t get them right i dont feel any of my core muscles instead i literally feel my arms and biceps so something is not right for sure:(

  • Should I have a seperate day for only abs workout or should I include this on one of my four different workouts:
    1. chest and triceps
    2. back and biceps
    3. sholders and forearms
    4. thigh and calf

  • I am a beginner and did the beginner version, I didn’t feel any discomfort or pain in my body while doing any of it. Should I move to the advance version? Is feeling pain or sore necessary for building muscle? And if there’s any other tips for core building it would help (this is the muscle group I’m most confused about what to do).

  • I just want to say thanks for being so honest and truly helpful, I love the ab workouts you have shown and I have been using them now for about a week since I found your channel and I can feel the burn in my abs.

  • Two rounds, I assume? And how many times a week min-max?
    Assuming I’m doing some core and many indirect abs workouts 3-4 times a week, is it enough if I do this routine twice, 3 times a week?

  • What are the best exercises to build the muscle above the knee and strengthen the knee for people in their 50’s who have lost some muscle tone in that area.

  • The lifting weighs with your feet one, you might adjust it to bending and straightening the knees version, so it hurts less of your back

  • I Challange anyone here reading to do this workout with me, Starting August/10/2020 to June/21/2021. This is only if you have the willpower to do this and ill be uploading a video on the end date of my transformation, Challenge Soon To Start!

  • I did 2 Chloe Ting workouts and I only saw results in my lower abs. I am really insecure about my upper belly fat and I really hope this workout helps me

  • I’ve been doing your total plank workout for 30 days now, I really enjoyed the walk through, the encouragement and the timer. I think I’ll switch to this workout for the next 30 days. Thanks!

  • You are a literal star!!! You are so positive and and work hard and are just you! You are amazing! Thanks Chloe:) plus you get people moving…. total awesomeness ��

  • I’ve tried this and I definitely seen changes but you definitely need sum cardio and eating right has to be in too, y’all can’t eat the same way; fried foods etc. and do these exercises and expect change

  • Una pregunta ¿ como evito dolor en la zona de la cervical al hacer los ejercicios? ¿Será que estoy haciendo el ejercicio con mucha presión?

  • Can i ask you please
    When i went to do exercises me i am fat i do 1 video in 15 day or I change the videos?? I don’t know because me i change the videos every day

  • This exercise routine is actually really fire my guy. Indeed totally could feel it in my abs mate. Indeed Chris keep it up ��������

  • Hey Holly! I am from India and I am following your all abs workout and really I was surprised to see my result ��it’s awesome..keep posting your superb workout.. I’m waiting for your reply ⏲️
    Lots of love from India ����

  • Wow. My old ass did this once just now and I am feeling it hard. Going to hit it once more then I need someone to call me an ambulance.

  • HE’S A MONSTER! Not human. He lives in a space ship, and beams down to help us poor humans:) ha ha! He could probably even sing while doing this. Thanks Chris AMAZING!

  • Did this every other day for 2 months and the results are insane! First month you could see a six pack if i flexed, 2 months in its fairly visble without flexing. This really works!

  • I could only do round one, and the last two exercises were immensely tough, but yes, like our coach said, being humble with my body workouts and hopefully in time it takes me somewhere in the following year. goal for 2021

  • I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. NextLevelDeit proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

  • Hey so I have a question for you. I been really good doing that abs work out and I’m getting good results but my question is. Do I just do that abs work out or I combine with other? Like one day I do that one the ne t time an other and mix up like that?

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  • I feel like, I wanna finish but at the same time it burns, but also I really don’t wanna keep being a lazy plus sized person. Maybe I’m just getting used to it? ;-;

  • i have my period and today is my 6th day on starting challange. i want to do but my body havent ready yet. c what can i do? if i dont today it doesnt work? please answer it guys i asked you a lot of on other videos too but i couldnt get an answer yet

  • Buried my grandmother last Thursday n I did not exercise for 1 week.. I start like 1 hr ago and just finish �� i tried to make up for 1 week but i couldn’t.. I feel good again ��thanks again Chloe ��������

  • Can anyone please let me know. How frequently this has to be done. And do I have to do this consecutively or combine it within my other workouts. Also if I do this daily how fast will I see the results

  • To whoever sees this: I’m so happy you started/continued your fitness journey!! You’re doing amazing, remember it’s better to do it well and slowly than wrong and very fast. I believe in you!!!!! Keep going ����

  • Thank you so much for this!! I always feel like my lower and aren’t getting as much of a work out as the rest of my abs so thank you Chloe Ting!!❤��

  • Chloe your workouts are the only things that make me sweat, I’m literally in track and field and would get the occasional thin layer of sweat over my face, but your workouts literally have me sweating BUCKETS! ������

  • What exactly is Custokebon Secrets? How does this thing really work? I see a lot of people keep on talking about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • Great exercice. This is the first time since I have been working abs that I really feel that my abs working. Did it once because started the intermittent fasting. Drinking a lot of water. In one day, lost 1 pound. Have to lose 9 more. Thanks Chris for your great video and advice. By the way, I will be 70 in a couple of days and feel in top shape. You have to keep exercising and eating well!

  • I feel like the only one saying “ UUUUUUUUU BOATTTTTTTT” every time I do u boats, legs go up I say UUUUU, legs go down I say BOATTTTT

  • Diet Plan known as Custokebon Secrets kept showing up here on different youtube videos and I thought they were scams. However after my mate follow it, and finally lost a lot of weight with it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Do not take my word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on google.

  • I’m half way through the 4 weeks challenge and I can feel the difference. Chloe thank you so much a yet I can’t thank you for making these programs free and reachable for everyone and it’s been a huge help through this quarantine not only physically but mentally too. Much love ❤❤❤

  • If you ask me, it’s truly tough to obtain muscular tissue and reduce weight at the same time, yet website called NextLevelDiet is excellent for that. They likewise determine your BMI and calorie consumption free of charge and also supply you with diet plan meal plan and training strategy.

  • Hey chloe i’ve been doin ur work out for a while now but while my body is sweating like hell and i can feel the burn but still my belly is bulging instead of loosening up
    Btw i do ur belly fat cardio, 2 weeks shred from four weeks now and leg workout and this one:-(

  • I am on my Day 13 of the 15 days intense core challenge… and this video is the 4th video of today’s exercise… MAN I AM DYING……..anyone with me?!

  • chloe you need to realise that some of your exercises are so hard to perform �� like not just like it hurts, i mean they’re genujnely hard to get the form right, a lot of beginners wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the exercises, even me because some of it is so fkn hard i literally can’t even do one rep, like jackknifes?? wtf is that i will NEVER be able to do that ����

  • I’ve been doing these workouts for a while now and today is the first time I realised that Chloe does the right side first instead of the left

  • I have a bad back and I find this particular work out video hurts it, any recommendations on what I can do in place of it? I don’t want to injure myself and end up back in physiotherapy

  • I have fat bumps under my boobs (lol) they’re honestly really annoying and they make my upper half look really big and gross����Hopefully this helps

    4:40 ISO Reverse Crunches
    5:55 Seated AB Circles
    7:00 Recliner Elbow Knee Tucks
    8:05 Oppisite Side Elbow To Knee
    9:22 Oak Tree Stepouts
    10:38 Banded Pulldowns
    12:45 Plank Pushaways

  • Just found your channel and its impressive. I’m 55 and getting back into training. Been losing weight with Keto and want to add to my swim routine with no equipment exercise. What would you suggest I combine with this workout in a session? Cheers.

  • this is so misleading lol how are the comments this positive thus they are not telling you anything about the fact that nutrition is key to losing weight and jot exercising, you can do as many hiit workouts as you want a day but if you eat junk all day long and a lot of that especially you still even gain wait

  • Guys, do you realise that any other option is better than doing these exercises? Its too hard for non trained people with excess body weight. These exercises are the reason why they give up and stay away from sports forever. Just saying…

  • Someone help pls.. i cant lift my body while doing sit ups i can do it like just crunches and if i try hard it really hurts my back. What should i do????

  • What is included in sweetened drink? Can I drink coffee, peace tea or normal tea? And what about fruit juice like water malon and mango?

  • Jared, I love all your videos! They are the best ones on YouTube. I’m hoping that if I do the abs 3 times a week, I will lose my love handle. What do you think?

  • Hey,hello everyone,for 5 days its my 18th birthday,one of my wishes that i hope will come true is to reach 1K subscribers on my YouTube channel for my birthday,I thank all those who will do this for my 18th birthday.Thanks

  • Today I am starting this workout seems it’s really effective so I am going to update a month later about my abs!!!
    Thank you the great workout.
    From Japan����

  • does this workout burn fat or tone muscle? or both? lol. also, about how long should i do this workout before getting used to it and adding other stuff? great vid!

  • testing this for you!
    day 1: not positive I’m doing the frog crunches right but I’m trying to engage my core. done!
    day 2: loving the frog crunches really hits everything. done!
    day 3:
    day 4:
    day 5:
    day 6:
    day 7:
    day 8:

  • i’m going to try and do this for a week and i’ll keep updating! day 1: completed! quite hard but i really want to become a lot more confident with my stomach weight!:)

  • Hi, your vibeo is super and nice, but the words are bidding the video too much and we are unavailable to see the some part of video

  • This is what I have been looking for, just takes 8 minutes to so but makes for sweat for more. Love the bicycle crunches, that really pushes me.

  • Which exercises make you loose weight in your legs, from this video? I dont want that so Im hesitent to try this. But I do want to tighten my upper abs ��

  • i just started workout out using dumbbells and came across this video. Today is my first day. Aiming to do this 2x/week. wish me luck guys!

  • I’ve been doing your workouts for so long and have such great improvement. I just have a question though I was doing your quiz and it won’t let me move on to the next question when it says which of the following is true ex: I don’t get enough sleep

  • My abs are toned thank you so much and if you are looking for advice just solider on and it does show results even if you are a little chubby like me xx

  • I feel like my form is off because I don’t seem to be getting a burn after like the 3rd round, is that normal? It’s either my abs get used to it or I get so fatigued that my body simply isn’t pushing as hard.

  • I workout frequently, currently completing my cert. 3 in fitness. I just want to say this is incredible difficult. I’m not even a beginner! Guess I just found my problem area, thanks for making these great videos:)

  • I am a beginner but am having a huge problem. Instead of feeling the burn in my core, I feel an ache in my lower back. Its making these exercises hell. Any help?

  • Circuit 1:
    10 sit ups
    10 frog crunches
    10 calf taps

    Circuit 2:
    10 cross arm crunch
    10 foot taps
    20 superman crunches (10 each side)

  • I am completely new to these exercises. The beginner exercises are even hard for me. This is good work out. Thank you for publishing.

  • I fell pain in superior abs when doing reverse crunch, and barely feel nothing in inferior abs. I must be doing sth wrong, but I don’t see how, in comparison with the video. Any tips from someone in the same situation? thnx!

  • Hey, I have upper mummy tummy, and its been 3 years. Do these exercises help for me or should I focus on mummy tummy exercises? Thanks

  • I love holly’s workout, THEY ARE SO KILLING AND THEY TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!, great routines, great explications, great work! This is one of my faves workout channels! Love you holly ��

  • 13:25 When I did it, it seems easy, but I realized when he does it, Jeff’s plank position isn’t moving at all meanwhile I’m moving all over the place.

  • Very practical exercises and the good thing is that you explain the right posture to do them, even an experienced gym guy like me may do something wrong, cheers man.

  • I’m a total beginner. I just turned 60 and I’m overweight and needing to do something. I’ve started an overall low impact exercise routine but I wanted to target my abs in my fight against heart disease. This is a great workout. I may not be that good at it but I adjust to my abilities and I’m really feeling it. I do it everyday. I’ll check-in in a few months to let you know my progress. Thanks.

  • I love this workout I have been doing it a few times per week and my abs are feeling so much stronger. The 8 minute timeframe is perfect, it is quick to fit in even on a busy day (no excuses). I enjoy all of your videos so much, thank you!

  • Hahha switching up exercises makes you feel soo weak! Been training for years but doing something new always fucks me up so much mpre than the 200 toes to bars or crunches i normally do! Great home workout my man!

  • Hey Jared! Can you do a Mcgill 3 big workout, please???? �������� I couldn’t find any but just explanations. Besides, I love following your instructions.

  • Jared, I tried your workout today and I really like it! It was challenging because I have weak abs, but I plan on sticking it out. I hate working abs. I think this workout is do-able for me. Thank you!

  • Love this video, very helpful. I have not been able to fully perform the entire 8 minutes but I feel it. Disregard those who mentioned less talking, if they listen your directions are very helpful. Form is 50% of the workout. Keep doing what you do.

  • Hi Jared, I am 17 months post partum. Did your mommy tommy work out that cleared my 4 finger diastatis recti space. But the tommy is still hanging out. May I do this set of exercises to get rid of my mommy tommy?

  • Wtf? Chest and abs? I felt my triceps burning like fire, when I had to do my 3 push-ups set I could do only 2 and stop for 5 seconds, my max pull-ups was 19, and here I couldn’t do these push-ups without a little pause

  • My favorite, walk outs or “inch worms” as my trainer called them. I would go for a long reach. Is that an ab exercise? Your “8-minute Plank” is all I can do!

  • I tried this after completing the 8-minute plank 4 times. The straight leg leg raises seem to me to carry to much risk for the lower back for what you get out of it. That one can get away from you quick, whereas planks don’t leverage so much moving weight.

  • Hii i have a question. Im never really motivated to do these but i workout 4/6 times a week. I switch workouts every 5 min of the video�� do u think i will get results? Ps i really love these videos!��

  • Out of the 1000’s of exercise videos, this is a 5⭐️ ab workout! At 8 minutes, it doesn’t waste a second. It’s like having a coach, showing me the correct positions, & telling me what abdominal muscles I’m working. Thank you for doing the exercises with us. It’s what pushes me to finish.

  • This is a great routine. At 66 years old I go to the gym 3 or 4 days a week. This video helps me stay focused, so a couple of times a day for me. Being retired I have some time. Gotta keep moving. And yes, I like the bicycle crunches best.

  • Hey Jared, I like the idea of this routine, I really need to eliminate some flab, would this be suitable for someone with myocarditis? Thanks

  • (I am not fluent in english, sorry.)

    I start this yeasterday.

    Day1= Cheating all of it. I do 10 15 per excercises.

    Day2= I do it all but need more time like extra 15 secs. My stomach and chest hurts a lot.


  • Should I be doing these, or in general, ab exercises everyday or every other day? I’ve been having knee problems so I’ve been watching your videos and going to be starting them to get ready for basketball season!

  • Hey, Jared. Couple years ago, I became a vegetarian, and man, the weight melted off. The only problem is with my limited lifestyle I didn’t have a lot of space or funds to do the equipment things. This 8-minute work out is gonna help me lose, not so much the fat (that’s gone) but the flab, so thanks! Oh, yeah 2 years ago, 320 lbs, BP 138/95, size 52 jeans; now, 240 lbs, 109/66, and for the first time, brand new size 40 wranglers! Life’s a hoot, when you scoot

  • So glad I came across this video. I’m a male and 39 yrs old. I want to lose around 15lbs and flatten the belly. I was wondering how long it would take till I see results. Knowing how long it would take will help me focus on my goal instead of looking at myself in the mirror every day after a workout.

  • I’ve been doing this routine almost every day for several weeks now. The back pain that I have been experiencing is all but gone. This workout has gotten easier for me but it’s never easy. I’ve started working in the eight minute plank routine as well. Thanks!

  • imma do this everyday until i’m happy with the results. i’ve done a whole bunch of holly’s workouts and they are all amazing.
    day 1: i’m not sure if i’m doing the superman crunches right but i do try to crunch my abs a lot while doing them. ✅
    day 2: i think i started doing them more right because the first circuit was harder then yesterday. ✅
    day 3: ✅
    day 4: ✅
    day 5: ✅
    day 6: i forgot lmao
    day 7: ✅
    day 8: ✅

  • Thanks again for vids I am been following u r DR excercises but this vid excercises r safe for DR?? Can i start doing these?? I have lot of flabby stomuch hanging down out of my waist line will these help to to get rid of that mommy tummy kindly help

  • Another awesome ab workout by T and T!! This one and the Total Plank workout torch my abs!! A month and a half of Jared’s ab workouts and my 57 year old core looks 25 again. Back to a bikini!
    Thank you, Jared!

  • How I keep myself / trying to keep myself shredded:

    a)10 minute jump rope workout from @jumpropedudes
    b) do this every morning to keep yourself shredded @chrisheria
    c) and this above workout �� ��

    Of course i do weight training in the evening
    Do the morning routine in a fasted state as far as possible. You may take that coffee for caffeine.
    Keep yourself hydrated at all times.
    If you are overweight have an ideal weight in your mind and trust me you will achieve it if you are consistent and with clean eating.
    Six packs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym.
    If you want to push yourself more take BCAA s. Will def help you out during workouts.
    Tc folks.

  • How to get a Six Pack ➤ http://bit.ly/P4PSixPack
    Best Chest Exercises ➤ http://bit.ly/P4PBestChest
    Best Abs Exercises➤ http://bit.ly/P4PBestAbs

  • I’m totally a beginner so how often should I be doing this workout? Once a day? Twice a day? Would appreciate a response from anybody.

  • الإخوان الله يجازيكم بخير دخلو للقناة ✅ و ديرو إشتراك راني عاد بادي و الحالة ضعيفة و المحتوى زوين مافيها باس الى تعاونتو معايا بالإشتراك راه ماغادي تخسرو والو و ماتعرف تكونو سبب في تحسين وضعيتي الإجتماعية ����

  • If anyone is having trouble with these exercises what you should do is doing it little by little. They want you to do like 20 pushups when in reality if you can’t do it then you should be doing the amount you can actually do and keep doing it for a a week or more. Once your body actually got used to it add more numbers to whatever exercise you are doing until you hit your goal. You got this guys I believe in you!!

  • Ma dear froggieee….
    I luv the pain that it gives….u introduced that one 2 me and it became ma fav W.O..
    But i don’t like that superman

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  • Me: Phew, that’s round 1, I will reward myself with a 5 minutes break before the next round
    Chris: Keep a short rest time
    Me: I’m dead

  • NextLevelDiet internet site makes it straightforward. Select food you like as well as they offer you INDIVIDUALIZED dish plan with pointers, TRAINING STRATEGY and healthy and balanced recipes

  • The worst part is getting back into working out after not working out for a long ass time. I almost forgot how good the burn feels.

  • Because of the corona virus I’m not lifting anymore at the gym, but I want to stay active. Today was chest and abs day so I did this since I have almost no equipment at home. This is pretty intense. I feel good.

  • This video was posted a long time ago but if new viewers come regular push-ups are rash if your used to them start doing the ones that are chest width those are harder but they pay off in the end

  • Guys, don’t rest for 30 seconds. You should rest for at least 2 minutes to get enough time for recovery.

    Evidence in musclemonster channel.

  • Okay so guys this i did it and its been 5 months and all i could say is i did this regularly like atleast 4 times a weeks 3x daily and pull ups and all i could say is yea it helps with looking skinny buy you gonna need a diet to go with this or else your just gonna be skinny with muscles

  • I’ve been doing different workouts for a while now, at first I couldn’t see anything, then I could but now I’m putting so much effort in it and nothing has changed, do you guys have any tips?

  • Back when I was 14 I tried and tried doing this but never could but started doing other exercises and now this is baby food at age 16