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Yoga For Lower Back Pain | Yoga With Adriene

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Yoga For Back Pain Relief While the exact sequence wasn?t detailed in the full study, the authors did describe the overall nature of each class: Each class began with relaxation and meditation exercises, yoga breathing, and yoga philosophy. It continued with yoga poses and concluded with relaxation. Yoga for back pain have a number of benefits not just for the back but also for other parts of the body.

So here are some of the most effective exercises for lower back pain which help in relieving back pain quickly. 1. Downward Facing Dog Pose. It is one of the most popular yoga for back pain. This pose elongates cervical spine and helps in strengthening the.

Yoga contributes to the healing of the physical and mental health. Your emotional state is important to speed up the healing process. Even simple yoga poses can help and improve the lower back pain you may be experiencing. The practice of Yoga is designed to educate students in the use of a daily regimen of self-care that acts to manage and ultimately prevent the recurrence of chronic low back pain.

There are numerous yoga poses that could help in warding off back pain – Cow Pose, Cat Pose, Cow-Cat Vinyasa, Vajrasana, Padmasana, Supta Baddha Konasana, Tirangle Pose – and many more. The intensity and difficulty of the poses depend on the nature of back pain. Lower back pain is often acute (defined by the National Institute of Health as lasting between a few days and a few weeks), resolving on its own without residual loss of function. But many people suffer from lower back pain that is subacute (lasting between 4 to 12 weeks) or even chronic (persisting for 12 weeks or longer). Yoga is a wonderful activity to do for flexibility and a limber spine.

However, yoga asanas should not be used as an antidote for back pain. It should be used as a preventive measure to back pain. If you already have low back pain, yoga is most likely not the answer.

Yoga’s focus on balance and steadiness encourages your body to develop defenses against the causes of back pain, which include weak abdominal and pelvic muscles, as well lack of flexibility in the. Flowing vinyasas often are thought of as back-pain cures, but for newbies or those trying to keep up with the flexible folks on mats nearby, yogacan increase the aches. “Often, lower-back issues already exist, and poses such as cobra, upward dog, plow, forward fold, and backbend bring them to light,” Johnson explains. How to to Relieve Back Pain in 10 Minutes. Back pain is a very common health problem that many people have to live with, and exercising is the best way to de.

See also 16 Poses to Ease Back Pain “Yoga is filled with eccentric contractions that cause microscopic injuries to the muscle and fascial tissues,” says Erica Yeary, MPH, RYT, an exercise physiologist and a Yoga Medicine registered therapeutic specialist based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

List of related literature:

I lived with chronic back pain for many years before I began my practice of a daily 90-minute class of Bikram hot yoga, and I’m happy to say that I’ve been pain free now for almost four full years.

“The Essential Wayne Dyer Collection” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
from The Essential Wayne Dyer Collection
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Particularly when you have a history of pain, yoga requires a friendly attitude toward your body.

“Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Chronic Pain” by Timothy McCall, Kelly McGonigal
from Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Chronic Pain
by Timothy McCall, Kelly McGonigal
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Beginner yoga poses that are great to relieve back pain are Cat/Cow, Downward Dog and Spinal Twist.

“Personal Development With Success Ingredients: Step-by-Step Guide for Success, Wealth & Happiness” by Mo Abraham
from Personal Development With Success Ingredients: Step-by-Step Guide for Success, Wealth & Happiness
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Because of the stretching and reduction in tension and stress in Downward Dog, there is even data showing that this yoga position can help relieve back pain, improve digestion, lessen fatigue, and have a general calming effect.

“Modern Tantra: Living One of the World's Oldest, Continuously Practiced Forms of Pagan Spirituality in the New Millennium” by Donald Michael Kraig
from Modern Tantra: Living One of the World’s Oldest, Continuously Practiced Forms of Pagan Spirituality in the New Millennium
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Llewellyn Worldwide, Limited, 2015

Despite the disparity of evidence, it is important to note that no evidence of harm from the utilization of Yoga in patients with back pain has been reported in the few studies found.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio
from Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult
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Chapter 22 looks at using Yoga therapeutically to deal with common aches and pains and illustrates safe postures to relieve back pain.

“Yoga For Dummies” by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
from Yoga For Dummies
by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
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Yoga can promote good posture, which can help prevent sciatic nerve discomfort as well as back pain.

“Manual of High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery E-Book” by Elizabeth S. Gilbert
from Manual of High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery E-Book
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That’s the reason why in yoga so much emphasis is put on alignment and not pushing the body to the point where it hurts.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
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My own back pain started in college while doing a yoga pose.

“8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot” by Esther Gokhale, Susan Adams
from 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot
by Esther Gokhale, Susan Adams
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Yoga had come easily to me when I had a physical body that was relatively free from pain.

“Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness Through the Body's Own Wisdom” by Don Stapleton
from Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness Through the Body’s Own Wisdom
by Don Stapleton
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2004

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  • This has healed my back pain from pulled muscles like nothing else has before. Thank you for this. I am telling all my friends with bad backs about it

  • I pulled my back doing yoga and made it worse by going on a bike ride afterward ����‍♀️ this video and the one for back pain have helped me through the most painful stage. I will definitely incorporate this practice into my routine. My cattle dog is not allowed to be in the room with me during practice cos he likes to pin me down and gives me thousands of kisses ❤️

  • I threw my back out and this seemed to be the only thing that provided me at least a bit of relief! Plus I love that you don’t take yourself so seriously:) I listened to this playlist for my practice

  • I just want to say thank you. It’s been almost three years since my auto accident and my lower back was screaming in pain. I’ve had to go to the chiropractor weekly but after losing my job, it wasn’t in the cards. Then I found you on here and have been doing this regularly for the past three months. I haven’t had a visit to the Chiro and most importantly I don’t have stabbing pain in my lower back at all!! Yeah it gets sore but it’s not can’t-get-out-of-bed horrible like it was before. So thank you Adriene! You’ve made my life a lot better:)

  • I felt so much relief today working out some back kinks. Thanks Adriene and Benji. This is beginning my fourth month of covid inspired yoga. So, I had practiced some yoga before but not so intently, or with so much noticed improvement and strength built. The current situation is not one that anyone would have wanted but it has been positive in some ways if you can reset the situation��

  • Thankyou master ji
    For your divinely service to all of us showing us a way to heal our body problems within our body’s self recovery healing system.

  • I had this when I was around 17. Worst pain I have ever felt and it lasted for a long time. Took doctors a while to figure out what was wrong too. Still to this day, I have moments of pain, although luckily nowhere near as bad as back then. These tips would definitely have been helpful back then….

  • I don’t know if you can opt out of what types of ads are on your videos, but there was a Trump product ad that played before this one when I watched this morning. Just an FYI.

  • Thank you, Christina! Nice gentle routine for those of us with herniated discs. Looking forward to more of your programs. With appreciation.

  • I woke up with my lower back super tight this morning, found this video and now it’s completely pain free. So much relief, thank you!

  • Adriene I LOVE your videos! Unfortunately, I’m 2+ weeks into back pain that I brought on by pushing my new yogi self too hard/too fast. Dr says it’s a spasm but I’m starting to feel nerve tingle/numbness. I suppose this kind of practice is not for injury recovery? I so badly want to get back to yoga but scared to push it. Thank you for your detailed guidance through the practice!

  • All of these exercises made my bulging disc heal. I do the hamstirng stretch every morning, they have helped me a lot. Sit ups are also another must for me. And I do yoga which envolves more of these stretches. I highly disagree with your video

  • Hip Pain Relief | 3 Best exercises இடுப்பு வலியா? WFH and seated long hours | Lying on one side in Bed | Seated long hours ��������

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  • Highly recommend this yoga routine for lower back pain!

    I have been living a sedentary life since March 13th, 2020 and put on 12kg and developed back pain from lack of exercise. Coming from a life that I would complete 30,000 steps per day on my FitBit and visiting the gym 3-5 times a week to zero has deeply effected my health.
    This workout is my first workout to rehabilitation and it was unbelievable how stiff, compact, tight and piercing my back muscles are from my sacrum to upper shoulders and the transformation and relief I felt after completing this workout.

    I practiced Iyengar & Hatha yoga for 3 years and Pilates for 2 years, so I adopted a few more asanas inbetween each position and pressed ‘pause’ on the video to intensify and hold the poses longer. Almost like a Yin Yoga practice.

    One thing I noticed about this video compared to the ones I’ve seen with the “Foam Roller for back pain” videos is that Adrienne is very aware of your pain and limitations. She doesn’t expect you to do the full pose but gives you a beginner/advanced option which many in the industry forget to implement and newbies become intimidated. A couple of the other videos have you lifting your body straightaway with no warm up or alternative pose for those who are injured.

    Now, I understand I will have a bit more pain after the workout which is normal considering I am injured and unfit but I already feel remarkably better. A shower, tea and a painkiller is needed and hopefully, I can get off the back pain medication in a week or 2.

  • To anyone with a herniated disk who can do this routine, I just want to say “ more power to you”. The cobra pose just wasn’t happening for me.

  • Adriene’s whole demeanor & attitude are super relaxing to practice to and also, super attractive �� These videos have helped me immensely ����

  • Thank you mam, I have herniated disc and siviour pain on the left side. I couldn’t do daily routine
    I have no hope on my body and because of pain I don’t know how how to live. Please tell me, is this yoga helpful for me? Please

  • Hi,
    I stopped here after going through many other videos. I felt energetic to fight back with my backpain. I wanted ask Christina, should I increase the frequency of all stretches and exercises?

  • Thank you so much!!! My back has been twisted for days and before I could barely bend over, my movement feels much less restricted now! I’ll deffo be doing this tomorrow too ❤️

  • I do construction and it’s very physical demanding work, I hurt my lower back and tried this after a epsom salt bath and I gotta say it works better than using bengay or icy hot and laying on the couch. Thanks for the stretch techniques it really helped my lower back pain����

  • I was doing burpees and a pain shot through my right leg and i couldn’t even move. Every movement i make with my right leg hurts. I’m so scared i don’t know if the pain is permanent or will go away on its own

  • OMGGG Dude I have had fucked back pain for almost a year now since I started going to the gym (deadlifts) I know as a guy who lifts it’s probably not “cool” to be seen doing yoga. But this just zenned me the fuck out and I feel so damn good! It makes so much sense to stretch when you spend all week making your muscles tight in the gym. THIS, is looking after your body, wow �� thank you

  • This has been by far the most helpful video for relieving my back pain. I’ve been doing it every morning before I start working (at a desk) and now am able to work pain free

  • Effective, whether you have every practiced yoga before or not! I have Parkinson’s Disease, and every resolute PD patient knows that exercise is key to slowing its progress.

  • Watch your whole add,you deserve it,my back pain is gone,thank you!,God bless everyone,Matthew 13,john 3:16,seriously Thank you

  • Nice to see that most of the exercises are ones that I’m seeing recommended by physical therapists!
    This is an easy series to do every morning

  • Thank you for acknowledging the the fact that forward flexion stretches are not good for herniated disks. as a therapist, i seem to spend a lot of time explaining to people that their Dr recommended stretches aren’t the best

  • Would recommend this to all IT folks, as our work involves long sitting hours, these exercises can relieve you of the ever present back pain.

  • Hi, yogi friends��!! I really hope this Yoga for Herniated Disc helps to relieve your pain! As always, please work with caution. ��

  • I got a herniated disc. I can’t barbell squat or deadlift but I have no problem doing dumbbell squats and hyperextentions.
    Just keep in mind to avoid exercises which bring your torso forward. Dumbbell squats allow you to stay upright to a certain degree. Alternatively you can do front squats but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • 忍痛 肉体的痛 我真的很忍得
    以前我去减肥 他们故意叫那些技师
    超大力刮下去 滑下去 每次都黑青 红肿
    什么淋巴减肥法 手臂大腿内侧中间上下按/滑刮
    都是大大力 我都是忍 潜意识是
    一不要认输 看你刮到没力先还是我痛到不行先
    二是我知道痛是好的 因为排毒
    不过现在想回去 这可能也是 害我变度我

  • I lose some rest because of my back pain. I feel that my hips will go out of placement when I rest on my side. I never experienced this kind of situation again when I discovered about this back discomfort guide known as “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it). Will no longer waking up a couple of times at nighttime with back discomfort…

  • Baba tali bone fracture pain k liye kuch accha solution btaiye India m bhut almost logo KO ye problem h��������������������������������

  • I like the fact that we can be in tune with our bodies with this, Adriene. ” Lilias Yoga and You” was my first experience with back issue relief from Yoga exercise. I mentioned you to two relatives, and they both, also, watch you.. You are exceedingly popular. Keep up the great work.

  • Yoga for the Back: 6 Poses for a Healthy Spine, see here

  • Thank you for doing all these videos for the pain in our bodies they are truly helpful. I love that you are slow enough for us beginners to keep up.

  • my lower back is hurting. I am doing lot of garden work. Bending and picking the weeds from my vegetable patch. Can I do the above streches?

  • Hi I’m watching your video for the first time and I just gran the energy you off, plus I was googling ‘yoga for the back’ can I add you on insta?

  • Great, chiropractor specifically gave me just 4 things to do and one is squats to avoid the even worse glute bridge hold (bulging disc at L5 plus lumbar lordosis making my left SI joint easily upset, that move set it all off once), I’ve seen them years and still finding things aren’t the right advice ����‍♀️

  • One thing to note at 9:58 is when going from lying on your back to sitting up, you want to roll to one side and gently push yourself up with your hands (rather than, say, doing more like a sit-up motion). I have been told by multiple physical therapists that it’s the best way to protect the spine, and applies to when you are getting out of bed as well. Great video. I herniated a disc (doing forward folds in yoga!!!) a few years ago and am mostly recovered, but still need to do routines like this to stay strong or to loosen up when I get a twinge. It works! thank you.

  • Hi actually im postpartam of my 5 th mnth and i noticed pain on my back to leg…like sciatica problem….please let me know can i do this yoga posture please

  • Oh, on a side note Just wanted to give you a head’s up that the form on your landing page when clicking your “CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH YOGA FREE GUIDE” link in the description seems to be broken. The “Address” field is cut off/overlapped by the button so it won’t let you enter that in, so when you try to submit it without that, it just says, “There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again.” Just wanted to let you know in case you didn’t.:)

  • You filmed this 6 years ago. I’m watching this in 2020. I have to do school work and work from my apartment and the chairs and couch we have has absolutely MURDERED my lower back. I was practically in tears and feeling sick from all the pain i was in. I could hardly walk. I’ve been doing stretches and exercises. I even had a massage. The pain went away for about a week and it’s back again. It’s more manageable because of all the work I’m putting into it. Your videos are helping me so much!!!

  • I hurt my back yesterday and I’ve been in pain since. I tried ibuprofen, a heating pad and some bio freeze and nothing really helped. I used to practice yoga about 3 years ago but I moved somewhere that is hard to find a good class. I thought I would try to find a yoga video for back pain and try it today. I came across you and did two of your videos. The pain is almost all gone now. ����. I’m glad I found you here. I can’t wait to do other videos of yours. ��

  • I was feeling electricity in my left thigh because my herniated disc. After doing the routine you showed in this video, the electricity feeling was significantly reduced. Thank you! Cheers!

  • Yes it is effective.
    It works like a miracle for me.
    70 % of back pain gone in just 2 days.
    Now gone Do it regulary for 20 mintues.

  • Thank you so much Adriene. This video is 5 years old but really help ease back pain I developed working at home during Covid shut down. Absolutely, I saved this one!

  • Nice information. I have just started pain due to herniated disc at very low back. So I will avoid doing these. Tell few exercises which I can do. And can I also start exercises which are dont’s for me after my pain gets all reduced? As I want to reduce my belly fat.

  • Some advice for anyone suffering from a disc herniation:
    -Abs of steel. Work on planks to improve posture and strengthen the abdominal chain that supports the back

    -Avoid any forward folds (crunches, sit ups, hanging leg raises, etc)

    -If you can, opt for a standing desk to keep off your bum as much as possible.

    -Avoid jogging and running, switch to walking. Even better, try swimming

    Pull/chin ups/bar holds are great for strengthening the upper body and abs, as well as relieving pressure on your spine.

    -Avoid sitting cross legged

    -Be wary of leg weight training. Avoid squats/leg press as you can risk rounding your back with those movements (I have not found a fully safe leg exercise besides walking/swimming yet, better to just focus on healing then GRADUALLY introduce low risk movements if you have to)

    -Never EVER do the weighted calf raise machine where the weight is rested on the shoulders. This exercise puts an incredible amount of stress on the spinal column.

    -I’ve heard of studies showing that the lower back exercise called the “Superman” puts a large amount of pressure on the spinal column, avoid it.


    I’ve been dealing with a L5S1 herniation for years, and this is a culmination of the things I’ve learned on the way. The worst thing you can do, is avoid exercise completely. Understand that your skeletal system is compromised. It’s up to your muscles to support the affected area now. I’m sure there are more things I’m forgetting, if you have any questions on anything I’ve said please feel free to ask! Good luck everyone:)

    EDIT: What they don’t tell you, is that herniated discs CAN be healed. Depending on severity/location on the back etc… most of the time, people have been able to correct and heal the disc through physical therapy. However, the healed disc will not be as strong prior to herniation and will always be susceptible to re-injury. I cannot stress enough how valuable a good physical therapist is. If you have insurance it’s worth going for the knowledge, you’ll learn leagues more there than any comment or video on youtube!

  • I woke up and my back was beyond stiff. I was in so much pain. I did this and felt much better. Not 100% but this truly helped stretch my back.

  • For me, this video is Yoga for the Hungover, Sore, Overworked Bicyclist. I now have a few Adriene videos saved. During this specific practice, I could literally feel the bad energy leaving my feet. I think it’s a great electrical-grounding technique.

  • This sequence is delicious! My back pain usually goes away right after there psoas stretch. I come straight here as a warm up/ light stretch before a more intense flow. Thank you Adriene!

  • Hi Christina Do you know if this routine would be ok for people who also have a bulging disc in the neck? Enjoyed this video, thanks.:)

  • I am notsure what problem is going on with by back but recently I am hacking weird pain since I started skipping (before that I used to do some home exercises only). The pain areaa point which is just opposite of chest area not above is yet..

  • Depends on which direction your disc is bulging, anterior or posterior. This video is important for a posterior bulge.

    An inversion table is my go to for treatment. ( you could also try hanging from pull up bar, but this is hard for those that have weak grip strength) an inversion table offers more subtle decompression.

  • Gosh it’s so hard to do most of this, my lumbar area hurts so bad and pain in my left leg, it shoots down my leg idk what to do����

  • I really enjoyed this yoga with you. I have a back injury. The pain never goes anywhere. However I am making the best of it by yoga, exercising, and meditating through the pain. I just want to thank for this video to help with my pain. Keep smiling.

  • Hi my doctor wants me to do L5 to S1 anterior and posterior fusion surgery but I’m terrified of surgery. Can this yoga heal me back?

  • Knee Pain Relief Stretches and Exercises �� மூட்டு வலியா? ��15 Best Exercises for Knee Pain Relief ��⛷️��������

  • Not sure what it is about this little video, but it always seems to relieve lower back pain for me! Love having something that doesn’t aggravate my compressed disc!:) Thank you!!

  • This work like magic, it has helped reduce my lower back pain. I had to follow this routine from India cos they are good with yoga.

  • I’m 30 and having a severe lower back pain as my legs were uneven length. This is truly instant fix bruh.. thabks. At least I’m not gonna sleep in pain tonight. Many thanks.

  • I’ve been struggling with back pain for a few years now. I finally made the move to talk to a physiotherapist this week and she recommended taking a look at your videos. I have done them for the last 3 days in a row and I am so impressed. I know that my body is not very flexible and I have a long way to go, but I have managed to follow the videos to the best of my body’s ability and I just know that good things will come from it.

  • I get toe cramps when I do certain poses, I am wondering if this is anyway linked to the herniated disc and the nerves it is pinching?
    Also, thank you for the video. Real nice, and I enjoy that you are not talking the whole way through. Lik when you say hold here, you aren’t talking, you just stay in the position. it is nice.

  • Another completely useless video, a waste of time, no question properly answered, no doubt explained, no proper exercise suggested or showed for people who got herniated discs (slipped discs or bulged discs or disks) in the lower back. Thumb down.

  • Thanks a lot… father was going through lower back pain from 3 days but after doing these exercises he felt some instant relief ��

  • 8:20 “You can lift the earth up to YOU, baby” �� Lol, that got a laugh out of me. Thank you for the great practice! My back has been killing me these last few days

  • I’ve followed your stuff for many years now. Not lately have I used you or much other videos; mostly was just doing my own poses and a little of apps. Realising YouTube is overall better than apps because of my personality, given options, tips, more angles, and more rewarding in terms of variety. My back was aching and tight, before I used YouTube today for videos for yoga. Used one other girl’s, then your very popular channel, with this video. My back opened up towards like midway of this. Thank you so much! Keep doing what you’re doing, Adriene! ���������������� #Centrist #Vegan #Yoga #Meditation #EssentialOils #Incense #BreathWork #MassageHeaterMachines #Peptides #ProperSleep #ProperHydration #Agnostic #DrJoeDispenza #Sadhguru #DrBruceLipton #GreggBraden <3 ����������

  • I had been experiencing low back pain whilst attempting to rest at night. I like to rest on my side and this was tossing my hips out of place. Using this certain back problems guidebook. Will not waking up several times at nighttime with back problems.. Research this guidebook on Google, the guidebook name is Mason Κonozback
    good luck

  • I hurt my back last week and decided to try yoga for the first time to see if it would help. I came across this video and there were many things I was able to follow along with, but some I couldn’t handle. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, got frustrated with my body and myself, curled up into a ball and sobbed. Then suddenly you directed us into child’s pose, which is exactly what I was doing. I guess I’m a natural at this? I already feel better after just a few sessions and I look forward to growing more, I know I need to make a change, and I just want to thank you for what you do. ��

  • My physio advised me to not arch my back due to the bulging disc issue. What can I do different? Also, is there a way to increase the space or decompress the disc?

  • I have lower back pain Adriene. I had never heard your name before. While searching for some pain relief, I saw ur video. Will try and update how it goes. Love from India.

  • Thanks for the low back moves (I’ve been using other videos of yours). Just a hint to other people, don’t forget to always keep up with your yoga and walking (don’t get lazy) because sometimes you end up with the back pain. Luckily, we have Adriene.

  • This routine cured my lower back pain. I couldn’t sit, stand, walk, hike, I couldn’t even lay down flat without feeling a hot, burning, tight, painful sensation. I’ve been doing this routine for a month but honestly the pain disappeared after a week.

  • im laying over a chair with no back on it. not to be gross but like im ready take it up the @$$ �� its the only relief i got. sitting is what hurt it. sitting mixed with lifting heavy boxes at work.

    i injured it after a weekend of sitting with bad posture then went back and lifted just a few things and boom like lightning.

    its the sitting though that makes it worse. if i even sit down normal for 5 minutes im fucked. crippling pain from even the slightest wrong bend.

    and the only solution i found was laying on my stomach

  • I’ve been doing this short routine now since herniating​ a disc in my lumbar spine. I have found this video to be helpful in relieving my pain and reducing the sciatica associated with this plaguing injury. Thank you

  • woke up with bad lower back pain, aggravated by dong a beach clean up and having to bend over all the time. Nothing seemed to help, nt even a hot bath. Then I put this video on, as hubby and I are Adriene fans, and kachin!, back soooo much better!!!! Thanks Adrene <3

    Left postero-lateral herniation of L4-5 iv disc is causing compression over emerging nerve root on iet
    side, and narrowing of the iv foramen on right side.
    Postero-central protrusion of L5-S1 iv disc is causing narrowing of the adjacent spinal canal. This iv
    disc is reduced in height hypointense on T2W images, indicating disc desiccation.
    Lumbar vertebrae are normal in height and reveal normal bone marrow signal intensity on pulse
    No marrow edema is seen on T2WFS images.
    There is no evidence of diskitis.
    Conus medullaris is normal in morphology and signal intensity on all pulse sequences. CS
    No pre or paravertebral soft tissue abnormality is seen.
    On T2WFS images prominent bilateral sacroiliitis is seen.
    IMPRESSION: MRI study reveals:
    -Left postero-lateral herniation of L4-5 iv disc, causing compression over emerging nerve root on left
    side, and narrowing of the iv foramen on right side.
    -Postero-central protrusion of L5-S1 iv disc is causing narrowing of the adjacent spinal canal
    Prominent bilateral sacroiliitis.
    Plz help me out..plz suggest exercises i m in very much pain

  • Lower Back Pain, Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

  • This is is incorrect in so many ways. You font need to stop squatting or doing sit-ups, just don’t round your back and use good technique.

  • My doctor suggested me single leg raise and hold for 10 seconds both one by one I am at home from 3 months my pain is still increasing what should I do?

  • I do bodyweight exercises daily but one day I get Heavy pain in back. I searched exercises for back pain, this video was on top. Than I followed this exercises I get pain relief in just some minutes

  • This is great! No pressure on the back and it helped keep the stiffness away during the day. Please make more yoga videos for herniated disk!

  • I really like the child’s pose she did with legs wider and arms rest in between the legs. I do yoga at work in jeans so this way was much nicer!! Love a quick yoga break♥️��‍♀️

  • I have problem in my s1/L5. And L4/L5 And I started these yoga and problem took nearly three months to recover so people if you have just muscle problem it may help but if you got disc problem please don’t try this

  • Adriene, I know this video is 6 years old, but I just want to say thank you. I’ve been doing yoga with you for years now and this morning woke up with horrible back pain (going mattress shopping today lol) I did one of your upper back pain videos and that worked the pain into my lower back, and so then I did this session. Now I’m loose as a goose. Thank you so much for sharing your yoga with everyone, and thank you for having such specific and targeted videos. I know there is always something I can do if I’m having a specific issue. You’re the best!!��♥️

  • The same poses and excercises are now being promoted as western research under some fancy name.
    No philosophy and religion has been robbed as much as hinduism.

  • Not only is Adreine gentle and well informed…..She cares. Great stretch. Can’t wait to do this every am to heal my back and my soul!

  • Adrian I love your videos.
    I have recovered from my lower back and shoulder pains.
    I enjoy your great energy and feel soothed by your voice as much as your exersices.

  • I fell 50ft and broke multiple vertibrae, tore my spinal cord and ended up having multiple surgeries. This really helps, thank you ��

  • I pulled something in my back / hamstrings gardening earlier this week. I practice yoga regularly so I think I’m invincible sometimes. ��. Turns out I am not!! I’ve barely been able to move for the past several days. I did this practice yesterday and today. The difference is amazing! A few more days and I should be back to normal. This is a great practice for addressing back pain.

  • Resting at night is quite hard for me simply because of my lower back pain. Due to my sleeping alignment, I made my hips out of its natural position. Using this back pain guide, “fetching loni” (Google it) it`s done the trick. Thanks to this guideline, gone are the sleepless nights because of my back pain..

  • Stunning yoga positions and my introduction to yoga work out. Adored how loosening up it was for the back. Thank you. �� Om Namo Shivaya ��

  • I thank Yoga Guru Ramdev jee a lot for such a great guidance.. Trust me guys i too had a great relief from back PAIN, After doing these exercises or asans only for 2 days… Now it’s been a week I have killed the back pain… Also now I have made a habit of doing these and other exercises daily for 40-60min…this keeps my day and night free from all kinds of body pain… Bending down now and then haS no effect on my back now…

    Please PLease all those who all are suffering from back or any other body pain regularly please start your Yoga soon…

    Why to live a painful life when you have a free and wonderful medicine.


  • Felt instant relief

    Had received back pain because of my corporate job & gym workouts!
    Tried this yoga thanks to babaji n YouTube now feeling some relief

    Although I believe in long term it’ll he more beneficial

  • Movement is the cause and solution to all back problems.
    Incorrect movement = Pain, dysfunction, herniated discs, and sciatica.
    Correct and efficient movement = little pain and excellent quality of life.
    Addressing the movement problems that led the disc to herniate in the first place is the only way to get lasting relief.
    This is the mission of Movement Project PT Avoid unnecessary surgeries at all costs.

  • Adrienne, your videos have been amazing for me. My physio was going slowly and your yoga practice has been the difference. Thank you so much!

  • I m having Pinched nerves c5&c6,went to a chiropractor after 1 week happened (17th of may I was in terrible pain,I cried)..I’m still under a treatment from my chiropractor,twice a week for 1 month,and once a week for 2 months,I’m getting better but the symptoms still appear sometimes,but he said I can do cycling.
    And that’s true about hamstring standing stretch position I always get pain every time I do that,kind of tingling from arm down to my thumb.
    My chiropractor disc degenerated at least started since 4 years ago!i didn’t realize it till one day I m totally ‘broken’, I work lifting goods and heavy stuffs since 8years ago plus….I do pole dancing,watched too much my phone with bad posture.
    anyone of you had any experiences about pinched nerve?

  • Hi mam iam from india in belong small village I need help because my lumber disc herniated and disc bulging so plz correct treatment give me thanks…

  • my own experienceherniated disc L5-S1 decades ago.. surgery about 10 years after initial injury discectomy went well. i was also a personal trainer many eons ago. I’ve managed it well ever since and I do weights and cardio and crunches. with weights, i don’t go heavy if you want to work your muscles harder, take shorter rests with lighter weights plus you finish faster which is added bonus. crunches were a very important part of my rehab and i do it two to three times per weekand my back if sore, feels better while and after doing them but i learned from my physical therapist to do them on a large inflated gym ball you want to be balanced on it when you do them. legs almost bent at right angles and flex your hips upwards when doing them not just your upper body head and neck coming upbut boththis is key for strengthening your core which is also key for bad backs. before my herniated disc, i did heavy weights but never did any abs and i had a larger-than-normal arch/curve in my lower back which many people have which didn’t help. so, anything with your legs straight out usually feels bad floor stuff i mean. even when on a weight bench, bend your legs up or even crossing them on top of the bench is better than leaving them on the floor. same when bench is in incline positionget your feet up and elevated and resting on something (I use my weight rack) gyms often dont allow for this so better to make your own home gym. also, biking is not necessarily bad for your back. esp if done in moderation. I use a bike on a trainer for cardio and almost never get sore from that. you can raise the handlebars as that may help some ppl. i don’t rec running as the pounding on the spine is not worth it. same for basketball jumping. jumping in general or exercises jumping up and down off of stands etc are bad. go slow and steady too. and DO squats just don’t do them with weights. the best way is to straddle a door and hold onto the nobs (can pad them with sweat bands) and lean back and go all they way down and back up slowly do 10 sets of 10 or 5 sets of 20 or 2 sets of 50 if you can.. so around 100 total is good once a week but don’t rest long in between sets no more than 40 secs is good your thighs and butt will stay toned and relatively strong and it’s good cardio while doing them don’t rest long in between sets and leaning back will help the weight stay back over your butt vs the knees which can be a problem with regular weighted squats.. alternatively to a door you can hold onto a person’s arms outstretched if they can hold you as you go down and up. but again keep your body leaned back this is the single best thing you can do if you have a herniated disc for your thighs and glutes and hamstrings at the same time. I do full body by doing shoulders and triceps on one day and back and biceps on another and then on leg day do chest and forearms.. so 3 diff’t workouts. and i do my cardio on the two non-leg days. so 3x a week is sufficient for maintaining tone and helping avoid injuries at other activities. I do play tennis (singles) and rarely have issues serving you need to be careful esp if recent herniated disc wudn’t do them at all for a while. i haven’t done it yet, but i’ve also heard from mountain bikers that it actually helps their backs to ride just don’t sit on the saddle a lot, keep your back straight with hips bent when seated and ideally get dual suspensionand i’ve read aluminum is better than carbon for frames bc has more flex which is better for the back. no dead lifts of course, no leg press, if doing light or medium weight for shoulder press you must sit on a bench and lean into it. same for overhead tricep extensions.. if you have to, sit on the floor and lean into your weight bench with your back (can put dumbbells on other side against the bench so it won’t slide), no standing military press, and be careful with standing barbell curls can do them but don’t go heavy. and bands are okay as long as you’re careful in not arching too much.. hyper-arching is usu terrible for lower back herniated discs. also i totally disagree about his sleep rec of not sleeping in fetal position fetal pzn is excellent and the best for herniated discs..another good sleeping pzn if you don’t move around a lot while asleep is to put pillows under your legs elevate the legs and head this will flatten out your spine which takes pressure off the lower spine. that’s also why it’s key to get those feet off the ground and elevated in the air or on something higher vs the floor when doing bench press or incline press or incline dumbbell curls, and even seated dumbbell shoulder presses get them up some it will feel better. and you’ll be flattening your back vs arching. flexing your upper back forwards is also good try it and seesee if it feels good while doing it.. general rule of thumb of course is don’t do it if it hurts while doing it. other sports, of course swimming is good but watch out with even casual diving as you can arch as you enter the water unintentionally and that can aggravate your back. don’t sit too long in any chair as mentioned. take breaks if you sit for your work. and be extremely careful doing simple stupid little things around the house like sliding a bookcase, leaning over with straight legs and opening a tight window (very bad), twisting to pick up something not really light (i think he mentioned that one), pushing any heavy furniture even if you mean just to move it a few inches, and of course bend w the legs to pick up stuff vs the back with straight legs. stretching is key too. golf should be okay once you’ve rehabbed your back but listen to your body as you go to a range first before going back 100%. massage and spas are generally pretty good too. heat to loosen up tight muscles. cold to help them be less inflammed after activity although personally i use heat much more then cold. and also if you are going to have to lift something relatively heavy use a belt! if in doubt, wear it. but don’t wear a belt all the time as you won’t strengthen your lower back and torso in general as much. some ppl wear belts during sports and cycling can try it and see how it feels. i also learned regular meditation can help with severe pain if you get decent at meditating, your intensity of pain will go down (proven by research; it won’t eliminate pain necessarily but most ppl report reduced intensity); it helps you to kind of numb your body during it which feels good and relaxes your mind and body overall. I should do it more.

  • I going to work condition �� and I make this exercises anda I talked about my condition and lady �� said is good �� for your lower back I have sciatic and herniation L4 5 with stenosis foraminal

  • I disagree with almost all of these. I am 23, I have 2 herniated discs and I do all of these exercises except bending forward. I was in terrible pain for 4 months and couldn’t even walk. I thought my active sport life was over but decided I can’t live like that. 3 months ago I started doing crunches and I strenghtened my abdominal muscles so I don’t have any pain whatsoever. Stay strong and don’t let a herniated disc ruin your life!

  • Stop spreading misinformation and stop scaring people!

    There is enough pain and confusion as it is, even without you terrifying people out of their minds!

    “Leon found that most of the back pain advice found on the internet is generic and super hard to understand for the regular person”… The advice on this video certainly not a good example and doesn’t make things any better…

    Oh, the irony!

  • Hi Christina,

    I was hopeful of this video buy the very first motion on your mat was flexion… with a herniated disc that reaching forward makes me collapse.

    I am unfortunately not going to go further but just thought I would leave feedback before I leave.


  • I’m just 17 years old. But still I have severe lower back pain whenever I do some sort of stretching or bend over. So can this Yoga posture help me get rid of that?

  • Hi good morning Chriska, I am having recently lower back pain, went for scan and they found it’s a bulged between the bones, it’s soo painful from last 2 months, shall I do this yoga or any thing else, advice me thanks

  • Thank you for this! I have severe scoliosis and my back was hurting so badly this morning that I couldn’t concentrate on work. This practice helped a TON and I’m so grateful!

  • Thank you Adriene, I’m doing your yoga for lower back pain every day, well almost! It is really helping me. I recently injured my back and was very limited watched a lot of netflix on the floor on my back. Your video has been great for my recovery and to keep me free of back pain. <3

  • Jai Ram ji ki apka namaskar.
    Mera ek problem hai mera paad ME jab mai baita hu to kolthi mar ke thikse baith nahi pata kiya karu uske liye ����������

  • Hi Adriene! Thanks for this class, it is just what I needed today. Back feels so much better. Will practice this again tomorrow.

  • Sir I was diagnosed with posterior disc bulge, I recently joined a local gym,.. And I’m in my university football team,.. Can I rejoin and continue playing football once I get fully recovered

  • Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about “can a chiropractor help with sciatica” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Mapilarrna Ease Back Idea (do a google search)? Ive heard some super things about it and my neighbour got excellent success with it.

  • Funny you say to avoid all these exercises as since I’ve joined the gym and actually am doing these exercise my back pain has gone ��

  • hello I started following you today. I am currently 310lbs and have spinal stenosis and suffer from major back and hip pain. I did this today and feel this can be a big game changer. However, I still can’t do certain stretches and but can you recommend so position that will help withmy situation?

  • Hey guys,

    I use the safe stretch from
    to help stretch and relieve back pain

    I had back pain for 3 years and using this for a couple months has really helped
    it serves well as a yoga stretcher and helps relieve back and shoulder pain

    I hope this helped anyone with back or shoulder pain or anyone needing a stretcher.

  • Oksy,so there’s chronic pain above my right upper glute area that extends to my thigh. It’s kind of like aching. My right knee also seems to not be able to hold when I walk. It constantly bends forward and my walk is kind of awkward. I feel like my right leg is just beans right now. I recently started working out…squats and leg stuff and I am hoping they could help fix this… bad idea?

  • Is a herneated disc different from a slip disc? I was diagnosed with a slip disc and was recommended a few exercises by my doctor, one of which is the single leg raise.

  • Namaste����, This is amazing. I had severe back pain and I did these exercises for a weak or more and the pain has vanished, so helpful❤️❤️

  • the single leg lift is suggested by physiotherapist, get in sleep position and lift the single leg straight up. I also have diskbuldge

  • So im suffering from herniated disc since i was 25. Im 31 now. Im over weight and out of shape and want to fix this. I use to be 185 at 14% body fat before i hurt my back. Im now 280 and who knows what bmi. I am also 6’1″. This is amazing that people try to help us out. I liked and subscribe already just from this video. I hope there now i can do to help my back and lose weight.

  • Bro plz let me know i have gotten slipped dis two weeks ago…first few days it was too much pain but now a bit ok…just tell me is it possible to cure without surgery? Thanks a lot

  • First time doing this yoga sequence,in fact, first time doing any of your yoga videos. It was very helpful and fun too. Love the bonus of subtle humour.

  • I am 6’4’’ and have suffered from constant lower back problems. I tried this today and immediately felt better. Thanks Adriene. I will be pursuing this and look for other videos around neck pain.

  • Hello sir
    I operate L4 and L5 disc last year in 2017.
    From few days i have problem in right leg,i think its may bhi sciatica,could you suggest me exercise for both problem?

  • My problem���� ��
    1)Cervical vertebrae ;
    *Diffuse disk bulge at C3 C4 and C4 C5 level spinal canal narrowing and thecal sac indentation.[Disk desiccation seen]

    2) Lumbor spine ;
    Mild loss of lumbor lordosis.
    Mild diffuse disk bulge at L2 L3, L3 L4 & L4 L5 level.

  • How to do our work eg i am a am i supposed to study…i study lying in prone with elbow me..i want to study i have my exams..i m in pain

  • Thank you for this option! I recently herniated my disc and have had trouble finding exercises and especially yoga that is not exacerbating to my back. Really appreciate your teaching ����

  • Really working, in one session only at home, done myself on own after watching here, I relieved, so definitely after some days it will be completely vanished, thanks Baba, thanks Indian Saint for invention

  • 1. Remove all tightness from your muscles. 2. Start to CAREFULLY work those weak muscles groups to make them stronger. I healed my herniated disc with a long rest first, I stop sitting too much and then I start to open all my tight muscles, starting first from my front thighs with a foam roller, then a lot of stretching very carefully, too much stretching makes the disc bulb more. My back took 4 years to heal. Doctors won’t help you, they just lie and wants your money. About physiotherapist and osteopathic etc.. Yes, they will help you a little, but may not tell you what causes it and what to do with it, or they give wrong exercise programs.

  • is it ok to do push ups and gore & abs strengthening in plank stance? when i do these i do not feel any kind of pain in my herniated disc.

  • I am suffering from herniated disc from past 10 years. First doctors told it is rheumatoid arthritis but last month the told that it is bulged disc problem. As it became severe it had started affecting my head, now for a relief I am gonna start yoga, pls everyone pray for me, hope it will work

  • leg press was the thing i did it got again i hate this back ache its been 8 years m just 25 and it sucks so always stretch out well before u do any exercise:)

  • I’ve had several stress fractures in my lumbar 5th vertebrae in the past before and have dealt with back pain since. I’ve been to physical therapy and that helped but with COVID it’s kind of hard to stay motivated doing those dry exercises alone at home. This video had a lot of similar stretches to the physical therapy (actual medical rehabilitation) that I used to do and the process is really calming so its a win-win for me! Take it from someone who’s dealt with injuries and can attest that if you don’t have money to go to physical therapy or rehab for your back and don’t want to destroy your stomach lining with ibuprofen, at least give this video a try! Thanks Adriene!

  • Thank you for all that you do Adriene! Your videos have brought me so much peace and pain relief more times than I can count. So grateful to you. Thank you. ❤️

  • I loved this routine. I have a question. What other yoga programs would be suitable for a person with herniated disc? What to avoid?

  • Kudos for the Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you ever tried Dinanlinson Straightening Life Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a great exclusive product for learning how to cure lower back pain minus the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my close friend Aubrey after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.

  • Thanks for these wonderful teachings Baba Ramdevji, I never had back pain, but these days I started to feel some pain in my back, after practising these asanas I felt immediate relief.

  • Baba ji kaun si dawai le agar kamar me muscle pain hota he…baith ke sote hai kabhi kabhi to baith ke bhi nahi soya jata…. please suggest… patanjali se kaun se dawai le

  • Adriene, thank you so much for all of the content you provide. After years weightlifting and barely ever stretching, my body is tight and sore. I have been doing 10 minutes of yoga a day for the past 2 months with you and now did this 30 minute one. I feel so much better, I’m less tight and I actually love yoga for the first time ever because of you. I can find yoga for just about anything from your channel and look forward to our daily practice. You did have me laughing a few times with your wit, so I hope that’s ok while doing yoga.

  • I have been suffering from lower back pain for several month.After practicing these exercises for one month my back pain is gone completely.
    Thanks a lot

  • Sir I have small disc bulge problem…. Bt now I ill doing skipping exercise…. I ill continue or d’t continue skipping exercise sir….

  • Thank you for sharing this information with the world. I have been doing the wrong stretches. I’m feeling better after doing the correct stretches. This information is vital. God Bless You.

  • I used to sleep on hard surface, mostly right side, i felt pain in mid back, then thread like pain in thigh muscle, then to the toe.

    I can play cricket, footlball, volleyball with no pain
    But still i feels pain in midback & so on in sitting position
    So please suggest me what can i do to get rid of it.

  • I’ve had this video saved for 3 years and use it every time I get back pain. Nothing else helps. Thank you so much for sharing and doing what you do… You have helped more people than you know!

  • I do not agree with this guy. I had a herniated disc (L5-S1), and it was lest than half as thick as it should be. After keeping myself a little active and taking care of my back position when reaching for something, I started doing deadlifts at the gym. The first time I was doing RDL (Romanian Dead Lifts), just to be nicer to the back. I could not do 10 repetitions with 20kg (just the bar), without feeling an uncomfortable pain. After just 4 months of doing both squats and DL, together with a lot of other exercises, I had no more back pain and was able to lift 70kg times 12 repetitions for 4 sets. It just has to be done with proper form. Best exercise I have ever done for my back

  • I have started practicing this yoga exercise for over a week now, but I am not sure if I am able to follow & get to the same poses mentioned in the video. If we cannot get to the perfect position in some cases or have been doing the yoga practice wrongly, will it have any side-effects or pain? Also suggest how I could get to a perfect position.

  • Thank you for the channel your video pleased me.
    During the break, your emotions will be cleaned up with a Ukrainian/Russian music video.
    Be the best when you become a friend and click the red finish button at the end.
    Ukrainian / Russian Music: f공팔이이이삼사오

  • Amzinggg thank you my first time ever yoga practice ��‍♂️ happy i came across your lesson Very clear and easy to follow ����������

  • I have a herniated disc so I have severe spinal stenosis and I’m trying to lose weight and it’s hard because when I do exercise my back gets messed up and hurts. It really sucks!!

  • This guy obviously never had herniated disc because if he had he would know all of them totally impossible without searing pain I have one and just doing everyday tasks painful with saictca as well nightmare months till surgery when it happened it was the most intense pain ever couldn’t walk 3 days now 3 months on still very painful can’t do anything remotely hard without pain wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy

  • For my case forward bend helped me gain that flexibility I needed that helped with the pain and healing. Did not go all the way down at first but slowly regaining this ability is the best I could do. Of course I have a minor case of bulging disc so this will probably not apply for more severe cases…

  • This was the first time I tried yoga and you’re amazing! Thank you for this Easy video. It’s so easy to follow. I was always intimidated by yoga before this, but you just put me on. Thank you!

  • Hi Andriene, I am a mom of 6 months baby( c section delivery), having severe back pain. Can I do these asanas to reduce the pain. Please reply.

  • For the last month I have been dealing with the worst back pain of my life. For the first couple days I could hardly walk. I still can’t bend over (and end up squatting to grab something on the floor lol). It’s been painful to sneeze even (I cringe every time I get the urge). I starting doing Yoga over a year ago but haven’t been practicing due to many reasons. I remembered how much your videos have helped my back pain when I was pmsing. I went ahead and did this practice. In many ways I felt weak (I couldn’t do certain poses I used to find easy, was in pain and nearly cried while doing this) However I adjusted some poses so they were easier on my back or simply took a break to sit while you finished them. After having done this practice I feel so much better. I definitely plan on continuing this practice and you other back pain practices. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom/practices here on youtube for free. You are a lifesaver Adriene. Much love xx

  • If I’m experiencing pain in the affected area during even low cobra pose, should I be continuing? I’m not sure if I should muscle through it, as it’s mostly bearable, but it worries me.

  • Finally I’ve found someone that actually keeps things at a slow pace for beginners,you wont believe the amount of teachers who say it’s for beginners and you just cant keep up its ridiculous.
    Thank you so much Christina this is perfect for me.
    I actually had a trampoline accident over 12 years ago,I landed on my neck and shoulders and my back as never been the same,I was diagnosed with lumbar stenosis which is where the last 5 bones in my spine have been crushed together.
    I get good days and bad days and sometimes unbearable days which does tell me something can be done to help the pain,doctors ain’t interested and the chiropractor took alot of money from me just to give me 3 exercises to do saying I should be able to rebuild my back muscle and core strength to a good state again but it’s never worked which in turn as led me write here seeking help…..thanks again for the nice work and any advice from you or anyone would be greatly appreciated ♥️��

  • Dear Adriene
    Well I am 5 weeks into yoga my first 4 weeks I practiced your beginners clip 7 days week. In my fifth week I felt confident enough to try an address my lower back pain that came from a lower back injury that I experienced 7years ago. This injury has presented me with intermittent pain and feelings of pressure ever since. I am three days into your lower back yoga clip and not only had the pain gone but the feelings of pressure have dissipated leaving me with lots of pleasant tingling, a furnace has been ignited in my torso and feet and a need to drink lots of water and walk! �� I am so lucky to have found you, your expertise and guidance. Alongside my insight mediation this journey in yoga has only just begun and I thank you. May you be safe may you be healthy may you be happy and may you live your life at ease.

  • Just watched, amazing feel and results! Love your simplicity and lil sounds you added. You embraced the silliness and set the stage of enjoying the process. 100% loved it!

  • I loved this! Thank you! I am 18 and had a steroid injection to treat a herniated disk! It is getting better and this was so nice and relaxing!
    Thank you

  • I’m pretty sure you broke through my husbands depression. He slipped his disk last week and was out of work for Thursday and Friday. I’ve begged him to do yoga, as of today girl he’s been on a three day streak. Not only that but my butt is up at 4:30 working out with him lol thank you thank you thank you. He’s seen the light!!

  • OMG I wish I could hug you. I was in crucial pain for several past weeks until I found your video. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it helps a lot. Thank you ��❤️

  • I knew I had come to the right place as soon as I laid on the floor and my lower back was killing me haha. Thank you Adriene, I feel much better after!

  • Struggling with chronic lower back pain and a kind of side ache. Did this practice in combination with Yoga for Psoas. Blissful release to begin my day. Thanks so much, Adriene for always being in my corner guiding my self care.

  • Avoid sitting, lying, standing, bending, lifting, breathing, moving, speaking, thinking…. you should be fine with my 3 secrets for only £75! Lol seriously??

  • Thank you Adrienne for your very informative low back videos and for explaining why you do each move and how they are affecting the body…..please more of these videos explaining moves and benefits…much love from Liz in little ‘ol Long Melford, Suffolk, England…xx

  • Avoid to bending forward/rounding spine? So sorry but it’s totally wrong. I suggest you to read what Dr. O’Sullivan or Dr.Sarno explain about Herniated Discs. Sometimes pathology is in the head, not in the spine

  • I had such severe lower back ache for 8-10 days and after doing these postures for 2 days, I am feeling 75% better.

    I’m sure in next 4-5 days, I will be back to normal.

  • You are so funny and authentic with your extemporaneous slips, ‘stiff pose’ laugh out loud!! I have reason to believe I love you.. My back feels ‘normal’ again. Thank you so much.

  • I had a L5S1 disc rupture with a tear. Now I have disk narrowing. Would this help me get loose, and possibly start getting a little strength in my back? If not strength, could you please recommend one of your videos that could. Once I get my back use to stretching i mean. Thank you for any response. Have a great day.

  • In early January, I pulled something in my back and it became inflamed, because of this My doctors discovered early stages of arthritis (I’m 25) and my lower back is in constant pain, some days I can ignore it and some days I can’t. Your videos are helping me exercise and work on keeping those muscles working to take the pain away and I really appreciate it. I love being able to do yoga alone and on my own time. Thank you again for what you do!

  • Hi Adriene! I love this video and the lower back pain video. I have mid back pain that has come on rather suddenly but has persisted for several days. Do you have plans to make a mid-back video? Thanks for all the awesome videos!

  • I didn’t even think one day I’ll search Adriene for “Yoga for back pain” till I injured my back doing headstand. I was actually good at it, but shouldn’t have done it while I was so tired.�� So instead of continuing the SHIFT calendar, I have to deal with my new situation. It happens & I accept!��

  • After a long day of school and sitting around I had quite a bad backpain, then I discovered this video and did the exercise and the pain is gone??!! Thank you so much!! My back was cracking crazy through all of the exercises so it was time to finally stretch it! ��

  • I honestly respect you swami ji from the bottom of my heart as I have got huge benefits from the exercises you have shown….I was recommended for spinal surgery because of my back pain but after practicing those exercises I feel much more better now. That time you and your word(100% thick ho jayega) was only my hope. Wish you all the best. Thank you

  • Chill vibe and this routine actually helps. I hurt my back overdoing the whole exercise-at-home thing when the pandemic came. Day one after doing this video & my back felt really great and I could begin exercising again (much more gently tho smh). Thx, yoga queen! You’re once, twice, three times a genius…..

  • Gaming wit da boys got me here from my bad posture while gaming for like 13 hours straight hopefully my 80 year old back will be better lmao

  • Throwing it BACK to YOGA FOR LOWER BACK PAIN today. Share with someone you love or enjoy this healing sequence for yourself! #preventativecare #findwhatfeelsgood 

  • These exercises were great for my back pain, I am free from pain. THANK YOU! I just have an issue with those movements that you lift up hips and stay on palms. I have so much pain in my right arm included wrist, elbow, shoulder and shoulder blade. I have had it in many years and any exercise and movements which pushes my right arm makes me go on heavy pain. I have no idea how can I treat it and I am always afraid of doing exercises because of that. I wished that you could give any alternative for those movements. You are great dear!

  • I have an L5-S1 herniation and have been wanting to do a light yoga routine to build up my back and core. This video is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for to incorporate into my daily routine. Thank you for such excellent, healing content! My sciatic pain has receded already after one session.

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