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You don’t have to stretch, especially if you’re one of those people whose joints are working efficiently, and you haven’t damaged any muscle tissues over a lifetime of exercise. But it’s. Stretching is also ideal for times when you don’t plan to exercise, but you need to loosen your muscles. For example, if you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and immobile, a quick stretch session can be a great way to get your muscles back to their ideal length.

Stretching is great on your off-days or when you decide not to exercise. If you wake up in the morning feeling stiff, a few quick stretches can help you get your day. The reasons for stretching are diverse.

Most people think stretching makes them more flexible. Some believe stretching reduces the risk of injury, reduces soreness experienced after exercise, or. Stretching before exercise may not be all that good for you. In fact, it may be doing you harm. The long-held belief that stretching before a workout improves mobility and prevents injuries is facing a challenge from exercise physiologists, reportedThe Guardian.

Jody Anderson of the University of Tampa said he used to advocate static stretching until he realised he still experienced the same. Some people believe stretching reduces the risk of injury, reduces soreness experienced after exercise, or enhances sporting performance. natalie/Flickr, CC BY. After your workout, hold each stretch for 25-30 seconds before releasing. One important note: Not all muscles need to be stretched post-workout. Focus on hitting only those areas that are.

People should not think that stretching is universally good for an exercise routine just because of perceived health benefits. However, stretching, when performed correctly, does have a lot of very clear health benefits that will become more important for all people as they get older. In. If you exercise first, you’ll get blood flow to the area, and that makes the tissue more pliable and amenable to change,” says Nolan. All it takes to warm up the muscles before stretching is five to 10 minutes of light activity, such as a quick walk.

You can also stretch after an aerobic or weight-training workout. Hold a stretch for 30 seconds. Want to live your life pain free and without injuries?

What should you focus on? It’s not the exercises, it’s the stretching!

List of related literature:

You have never experienced stretching as an activity that can impact all

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If your body is already messed up or injured, stretching can actually create more problems than it fixes.

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I have often seen how a lot of people underestimate the importance of stretching.

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Well, that’s another aspect to it: Stretching after you run does help you recover.

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You can stretch every day, even on SMaRT Exercise days.

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Stretching is not important.

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For both performance and injury prevention, it is important to do the right type of stretching at the right times.

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Just like strength or endurance training, the benefit you get from stretching will be lost if you don’t do it regularly.

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I feel more flexible, getting a broader range of motion more easily, and many experts believe stretching before and after exercise helps reduce the risk of injury.

“The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes” by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
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Thus, it is especially important to stretch properly after exercise.

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  • I’m not very flexible at all but I stretch every day a little bit before and after each exercise.  Is that too much?

    Sometimes it feels really good to my back and legs.

  • ‘soreness’ is way too vague. If you’re referring to DOMS, then yes, but if you’re referring to soreness and pain from lack of mobility and inhibition, then it absolutely does help with soreness.

  • Lmao bruh I was shocked when I improved more with just doing it once ima start doing this everyday now yay I’m happy and it’s 8:00 and I haven’t slept yet so I feel crazy

  • So I’ve been doing this for sometime now and I rly recommend not skipping a day and be constant cuz my muscles felt stiff af after skipping a day and I feel like I’m back to square one

  • Thanks for joining me for the live session this morning ♥︎ 
    There was a tiny lack in the end of the livestream, so I re-uploaded the file! 

    I’m super excited for this video as well, since I really need to step up my stretching skills:D I’m soo optimistic that I will stick to this better, if I will have a fix video that I can follow haha. My goals is 4x a week!!

    xx Pam

  • That military statistic is wrong because most injuries in the military are due to not stretching. Can’t believe everything on the internet

  • I like how this guy doesn’t say STRETCHING LE BAD WAA and actually goes into the good factors equally with the bad and shows things where stretching may be necessary for things like gymnastics which Is what I do so I support this and It’s also entertaining to watch

  • I do warm up exercises before I lift light and medium weights. I don’t lift heavy. I also hit the sauna after exercise. My routine has kept me injury free for decades. This was learned through trial and error. It’s what helps me. You should find what works for you and stick with it.

  • Stretching prevents injury in all activities because it promotes greater flexibility and eliminate body pain. Almost all runners even boxers, it helps them to achieve their speed after performing enough stretching. Of course over stretching before running will reduce athlete’s endurance. I do stretching almost every day and I’ve felt the great benefits in my body and even psychologically.

  • stretching doesnt do shit, i ever stretch and ive only lightly pulled a few muscles and when i stretch in gym class than i pull muscles and badly

  • Yes, too much stretching can be bad for you but only if you over stretch your muscles. If you over stretch your muscles then there will be a decrease in muscle strength this occurs because once over stretched the same muscle become unresponsive for up to 30 30 mins.

  • I totally disagree!!! I find stretching very useful to release muscle soreness. Like A Lot!!
    Also, it helps improve flexibility and relaxs my sore muscles. If it wasn’t for stretching i wouldn’t be going to gym after doms set in

  • It’s wild all these new studies that have us shifting the way we train nowadays. Back in my childhood days we thought it was all about stretching before doing whatever sport you were doing. Now it’s all about the warmup routine with very mild stretching. I warmup then very very lightly stretch after the workout but not too much stretching. Just to get loose. Then I’m ready to go

  • I know this is an older video but it really helps, i just got back into body building and after attempting some ab work outs I realized I won’t be able to do them properly if I can’t stretch. I found your video and its easy to follow Thank You

  • I did this video today, my body is so stiff from 5 months of chemo. I hope it helps. Will try to do everyday and also the 30 min stretch

  • I do freerunning and in the 4 years i have trained i have never stretched regularly. I am always considering it because of the sore muscles i sometimes get but if it doesnt help why should i even start. flexibility isnt a huge issue so if we skip that why would i need to stretch?

  • I agree, stretching promotes flexibility and reduces injury before exercising. And a person like me that is on my 40s with lots of medical issues but wants to stay fit by going to the gym stretching is a must and I can totally feel my performance is better whenever I do my head to toe stretching with breathing exercises specially on my chest and legs day.

  • Im on a gymnastics team and my coach makes us stretch before its not because she doesn’t want us to hurt ourselves its so we can get more flexible

  • Wtf this is bull shit because when I stretch my rotator cuff I can lift so much more and my shoulders never hurt if I stretch lol if y’all don’t stretch gl with not tearing a rotator cuff lifting big

  • 6:20 I cant get my legs that far apart
    11:30 yeah I cant lean forward like that it hurts a lot
    12:45 yeah cant do that either my legs won’t go straight if I do it further than 90°

  • Funny how I come across this video as I thought about the topic of stretching to relieve muscle soreness. The next day after our company conducted an APFT, my battle buddy noticed that I was stretching a bit.

    He said, “Hey battle, I don’t recommend ya stretching because you could do more harm to your muscles in this state because you’re not warmed-up yet.” I was like, “Mhm, thanks battle. I’ll look into this…” I stuck with massaging the sore muscles groups instead for the rest of the day.

    But it got me thinking… because I have always heard that it is “best practice.” This video was a great tid bit to explore that idea. Thank you for the upload. ^-^

  • Darn, I was really hoping that you would say and give scientific evidence that stretching doesn’t help so I could show it to my P.E. coach!  Guess I’ll have to wait at least until college to not have to do warm-ups/P.E.

  • Stretching also increases the muscles to be more like a rubberband. Thus making it ideal for athletes who take physical contacts in a game. That’s why we say it causes less injuries.

  • This video only makes people undermine the importance of stretching. Flexibility is more important to your daily life than being able to lift 20 lbs. You should stretch, it actually reduces the risk of injuries no matter what sport you play and no matter what activities you do everyday. The increase of range of motion and mobility will improve your performance over time.

  • no wonder i feel so much relax and wasnt able to perform well after stretching and before my workout. totally agree with the stretching for muscle soreness. it doesnt reduce it but only temporary get ur sore pain reduced. after a while, same exact soreness and sometime it is worsen

  • Yes i agree you should always keep stretching/flexiblity exercises in your routine. But as for a warm up dynamic stretching in the form of jumping jacks or light joggging or warming up with 50 RM is enough. Static stretching to length muscle is probably best on a separate session or after a rigors workout. But it does depend on how far you push your static stretching and weather your working out for a max out or if your just working out for another reason. Also overstretching can be an issue when it comes to static stretching…

  • Is there anyone here who is tall and struggles to find anywhere to do a workout where they can do full range of motion because they don’t fit? ��

  • If stretching makes you feel better, by all means, stretch. Really depends on your objectives though. Martial artists may want higher kicks, so it would make sense to incorporate various hamstring and “split” routines into their training. A center fielder on a summer time soft ball team may have their own objectives for performing various stretch routines regularly. A 12 year old gymnast, may want better balance or just an increase in over-all flexibility to avoid injury. Whatever the desired end result is, self discipline plays a vital part of one’s exercise regime. Once you know the reason WHY you’d want to stretch-simply follow thru on a regular and consistent basis. Not everyone will agree with what you do, and that’s ok. They don’t have to.

  • Hey so I have always had problems with my flexibility in my hips and back. So you think you could make a video related to that? P.S. this one really helped already, thanks so much ����

  • I don’t really care what the studies say about stretching not helping with soreness. Every time I don’t stretch after a workout, I get DOMS and my muscles are not ready to be worked again the next time I train. If some study goes against what I have found, then a) the study’s scope was limited, b) the result is for the average (for half of the people it helps, for half it hurts) or c) there are outliers and I am one of them (for example I’m somewhat hyper mobile, so that could be a factor). Nevertheless, generalizations suck.

  • warming up has to account for fitness level of every athlete/participant. The more fit you are the quicker your body adapts to exercise. The less fit you are, the body requires at least 10-15min of exercise at 70-75% of your max effort. The reality is that someone can overdo warming up and start fatiguing glycogen stores and therefore diminishing performance for the intended event/activity. Listen to your body.

  • streching should be done after your work out. it is extreamly dangrus to do it before you work out. also your musscels are cold. so all it will do is make you stiff, if you want to strech fir do some arobic exersizes first then when your wamed up then stretch. but yes working out after you strech will just lose all results of it

  • I’m off work this week and struggle with movement so it’ll be good to do this everyday and see how I progress. Thank you I feel much looser already after one session ❤️

  • I’m naturally very hyper mobile and did / hope to continue acrobatic gymnastics but because of my flexibility I used to over stretch with out feeling any pain (as mentioned in the video) and have recently found out that I have bi-lateral pars defects in my spine (spinal fractures) and am out for 5 months at least:(. Let this be a lesson to not over stretch:)

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  • There are so many benefits to post workout stretching that I don’t think the person doing these videos actually exercises anymore than less moderately. Anyone who runs long distances will tell you, slow or fast, you’re going to benefit from better blood circulation and have much more comfortable muscles to work with if you roll and stretch post work out. This vid is silly.

  • Is there a relation between stretching and muscle growth? I have found an article somewhere I don’t remember but it links stretching with muscle growth. Is that true?

  • Stretching is not for competition.
    Stretching is not for Instagram post.
    Stretching is not for survey purposes.
    Stretching is not for comparison purposes.
    Stretching is not what somebody tells me about baselessly.
    Stretching is not for your YouTube videos to gain likes and dislikes.
    Stretching is not for you to run your mouth.

    Just SHUT UP and STRETCH for your own good.

    �� To be honest sometimes I wish I was suicidal lol so I can get the fuck outta this dumb as$ world. But damn it, I can’t even pinch myself, coz I love myself so much. (�� oh Didi, you’re so cute telling myself)

    Hey don’t come back here to count for your dislikes and likes. You don’t need it to be healthy, if it’s what puts food on your table, oh well. Typical of the world today. Everyone selling fake sh!ts!

  • Werbung davor und danach ist ja okay, aber währenddessen doof. Dann finde ich die 30 Sekunden zu wenig (habe gehört 2-3 min sollte man machen) und ich bin auch zu unflexibel, kann einige Übungen gar nicht machen. Durch Yoga habe ich alternative Stellungen gelernt, die vermisse ich hier. Schade, kein Video für mich:(

  • Dear Pam, thanks for this stretching routine. I think it’s pretty helpful that you always mention the body part the stretch focuses on. What I like about your videos is that you don’t talk much and start directly. But I think it would be great, just talking about stretching sequences, if you would explain more. Everyone’s flexibility is different and people, who are not that flexible could tend to harm their bodies by ‘falling’ into the stretches (f. ex. the back stretch or ham strings). Maybe it would be great if you would always mention what to be aware of (like that it’s more important to always straighten your back than to reach your feet) and give alternatives.
    To everyone doing this: You’re doing great! Please don’t stress your body and focus more on how your boy feels than to rush trough this routine to chance the positions every 30 seconds.:)

  • Note: before stretch is necessary warm up, doesn’t need a half an hour routine, depending of what the person need to warm, it can be 5 or 10 minutes.

  • THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THIS. I’ve tried to find stretching videos for beginners for so long, but everybody is just way too advanced for me. I appreciate that even though you’re already flexible, you understand that some of us can’t even bend. I hope that in a few months of doing this every day, I’ll be as bendy as I’d like to be:)

  • it is all good and perfect but why do you speak when i need a moment of silence and not speak when i need you speaking me through the intense workouts ( no hate intended i love u sm)

  • Don’t even have to watch this video to tell you that based on personal experience from playing soccer the past 11 years that stretching does help if not is required before a good training or game, many of reasons why I have gotten injured before was because I did not warm up properly before playing extensively so yes, it does help with most sports

  • Your “studies” are looking at short term benefits/changes. I dont think stretching works short term. Long term benefits are why we all stretch.

  • It’s a great thing to do before a exercise I do it in the morning.but don’t bother working out after that Lol, that becomes my work out.������.

  • yes dynamic stretching definitely helps and prevents any muscle pulls for me. No more shoulder pain since I started doing dynamic stretches before

  • I never attempted stretches, I just do the workout in the other videos. When I tried, my knee cracked for some reason �� Guess I’ll stick to workout only ��

  • Stretching after a run is vital! If I just sit down and forget to stretch after a long run all my leg muscles tense up and I can hardly walk!

  • This guy doesn’t know shit, what about improved blood flow, recovery, blood pressure, blood sugar, longevity, increased energy, pain tolerance, range of motion, muscle length, and etc. SMFHHHHHHHH you’re gonna hurt a lot of people

  • i walk,then jog, then sprint,then stretch. i find it to be a productive combo in terms improving flexibility. what im looking for is something that works on strength and flexibility at the same time

  • Anyway you guys could link your references? Im doing a research paper on flexibility as it relates to injury and have found very little that could back some of these claims.

  • I love how she is so supportive not just in her words but also with her actions. When she stretches, she does it to suit what a beginner level might only be able to do. *claps. Thank you for that! ❤️

  • Throughout my life I have played a number of different sports and I have also done quite a bit of weight lifting and working out at gyms. The coaches that I had always stressed how important it was to stretch and warm up before we practiced or started our weight lifting. So, since I was taught that way I have always thought that stretching and warming up were very important so I didn’t get hurt. It does make sense though, that if you stretch too much before certain things it can decrease your muscle strength. Now that I am no longer actively playing a sport, I typically go to the gym to work out. I have gotten into a habit of not stretching anymore before I work out because it didn’t really seem to be helping, but I still warm up a little before I get started. If I am sore I tend to stretch to help with it and typically it does help loosen me up a bit. I agree with the video though that the more flexible you are the easier you could get hurt. I knew someone in high school who was extremely flexible and she was always getting hurt. I still think that warming up before you start to do any kind of exercise is very important. It warms up your muscles and get your heart pumping and helps your body get prepared for whatever you are going to do. I completely agree the warming up before exercise will help your body more than if you don’t.

  • I do this every single morning, no skip. My goal is to have my body more flexible since I didn’t exercise for years. It’s my 18th day and I notice that my butt looks more firmed and bumpy, and my thighs are slowly getting firmed also. Is that even possible??? I don’t do any butt and thigh workout really

  • He is incorrect on this one sorry… especially after exercising, increases muscle growth due to it mobilising the fibramiagla around your muscles

  • Hi so this was great. I am a very beginner a stretching but I was wondering if it is still effective for the sitting down position if I can not even bring my back to 90 degree from the ground. I am always leaning back, I feel the stretch but not very much. I can not do the butterfly sitting down also. Do you know what I could do to get there? Thank you

  • I tried doing these stretches, because of pressure and poor flexibility. OMG!!! I can feel the difference, and it has released some tension. I will try to do this a few times a week. You are amazing girl. Thank you for sharing. <3

  • I find stretching does help me with my fitness, but I do martial arts to stay fit. I can kick higher after stretching and it makes grappling easier. I also do weight training and cardio 3 times a week and doing some stretching before helps my range of motion for exercises like squats.

  • Stretching used to scare me because of muscle cramps. But I noticed since I started doing body weight and dumbbell exercises some what regularly, I almost never get muscle cramps anymore.

  • This has really helped me with my leg flexibility as a dancer It’s one of the things that I struggle with but this had made me feel much more flexible xx

  • I went on a run Sunday morning hardly stretched and now I have a pain in my groin area, I would suggest stretching before a work out for sure

  • Hold on, why not just jump into high intensity exercise? That’s the fastest way to warm up. You didn’t actually discuss why we should increase intensity gradually, which should have been the whole point of this video.

  • Why do most of these “stretching” studies emphasize muscle soreness?
    1. Why worry about muscle soreness?
    2. Who’s training regularly and is still getting muscle soreness?

  • That really bothers me that you completely missed a burn pun at the end… Should’ve said “speaking of burning, got a burning question you want answered? leave it in the comments below”

  • Iam personally a powerlifter but I know from personal experience and my PTs that flexing for a strength exercises is pointless, if u are involved in heavy athletics bodybuilding powerlifting strongman etc u dont need to stretch before work out/competition as it will not improve your strength performance. Thou this is legit for light athletes runners etc.

  • Lovely setting you have there:)
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to follow at least half of the positions because they were too advanced for me /I’m not flexible enough (yet) so I didn’t have that much fun..

  • This video says streatching dose not help aginst muscle pains after training. but all my life i have been learned that it dose. what to belive?

  • I once had an abdominal muscle injury. I took a break for 2 months so that I know that it would heal completely. I then started abdominal exercises again and added an abdominal stretch at the end. It decreased my injury related muscle soreness after the muscles healed.

  • Hello, Ms. Nico. Been doing this routine for almost a full week. Thank you for putting this out there. I feel better and sleep better. Have a great evening and weekend!

  • 1. yes and i know why because when i was lifting weights and doing cardio 7 days a week in high school i was stiff as hell and slow in punches and kicks
    2. now i stretch 2 hours a day and work out a lot at the gym when i have the time but recently i havent been stretching because of college but i am taking a yoga class which we stretch for 2 hours so i make up for it and my punches and kicks have vastly increased in speed because of my gym routine
    3. but recently for the past 6 months going on 7 months i have been doing push ups and squats at high, medium, and low positions and am still very flexible even though i only stretch for 2 days out of the week instead of 7 days
    4. i cant wait until i have the time to do my gym routine again
    5. BRUCE LEE is the perfect example of what stretching can do who is also my fitness goal

  • Stretching before doing martial arts is probably beneficial, don’t wanna start throwing head kicks without a little stretching, and stretching a muscle after you workout might not make it less sore, but saw a study that said that it made the muscle like 20% stronger or something like that compared to ppl who didnt stretch over a period of time. Would def keep stretching.

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  • I think when I got to the butterfly legs and had to use my elbows to push my legs down was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced everything else was decent I will definitely keep up with this routine every morning

  • So crazy…I literally just went to YouTube to look up some kind of 10 min stretch video before I do one of Pamela’s videos bc I felt stiff and tired and BOOM…first video on my homepage! Thank you so much, Pamela!! ✨✨✨����������������������

  • i took ballet for 2 years when i was 2, so i was 4 when i dropped out because we started moving, and im still pretty flexible surprisingly, but ive started getting rusty so im gonna get flexible again, im going to start cosplaying and such so flexibility would be useful

  • Since it increases flexibility, i can see how it would reduce strength/power since the muscle is being elongated instead of dense and close together.

  • I could not do a single exercize she showed! And I am very active (+3 hours of physical activities a day) nor that old (in mid-thirties). I need to find something suitable for real beginners.

  • So I have actually been doing gymnastics before this but I stopped after about 2 years so I’m back at square one

    Day 1: Some of them were very painful but no pain no gain right? I don’t feel any pain after these stretches

  • How exactly can it damage your muscles to overstretch?
    Are the muscles not designd to move and hold positions no matter how much time placed in that position?

  • Hi!Im trying to become flexible so i wont be the odd one out in my friend group and to pursue my dream as a kpop idol.I think ill do this exercise twice a day(maybe 1 in the evening and 1 at night)for a week or two.Ill update this tmr,wish me luck!♡

    Day 1♡:It really hurted during the stretch where it looked like a split,i hope the next day goes smoothly

  • Such bullshit mate, I literally stretch before every soccer game of mine, however, last week I did not and I tore my entire quad. There certainly is a correlation between stretching and reducing injury during exercise.

  • Stretching is awesome to increase performance but only when you do mobility moves of stretching pigeon,back sit up,(hip and shoulder mobility)

  • Hey I haven’t worked out in a while so I wanted to do a workout but my thighs got such bad cramps I couldn’t do it so I wanted to do this stretch but I got sooo many cramps while doing it �� does anyone has tips on how to prevent them?❤️ ( sorry for my English)

  • This video is great. It will help them increase flexibility for dance, gymnastics and many more. Click here to know more

  • Well I used not to stretch before jogging and every time after stretching my groin would hurt. And then I started stretching and it went away. Stretching is very important!!!

  • I think most people confuse warming up your muscles with stretching. If you gonna do peak-performance you should warm up your muscles with some low intensity movement.

  • Well yea but you’re talking about static stretching, in that case yes if done before activity it can lead to injury and also decreases performances.. however if done it correctly to cool done, after the activity, not only flexibility and mobility will improve but also strength and explosiveness. BTW you can always do dynamic stretches before and during activity.

  • I talking from a pure bodybuilding-powerlifting perspective about streching..Let’s say you are warmed up and ready to go in first set..Streched person before workout will have felling that is stronger due to strech, but in fact they will be weaker as a non streched person..Think about muscles and tendons in a slingshot band way..The more you pull and hold rubber band on a slingshot the more elastic and weaker it gets over streched period of time, you lose conctracted force in the muscles that was build for that first set to explode or lift heavy..Im not saying streching is bad, it’s great but after the workout when you wanna ease your muslces to relax and increase joint mobility and flexibility

  • Don’t Stretch before workout, because for example if you do squats you can go downer than you usually do and that’s is not healthy if you already go down enough. Warm up instead! Every muscle group should be warmed up, that’s how you avoid injury. Stretch is important but still not after workout because it can kill your gains. It should be twice a week in a warmed up state too on a rest day, because your muscles get shorter with every workout and you will suffer after some years…

  • Thank you so much I did that like for 10 days and I got like perfect like you’re not perfect but I got like like pretty good results I got flexible I could do them in the Cicely I could do a hair back while I can do everything thank you so

  • Stretching/Warming up is EXTREMELY important.
    Muscle tightness caused me to miss almost a week of training because it made me dizzy, increased my heart rate, vomiting, lose of appetite, trouble breathing normally etc.

    Having to deal with stuff like that makes those 2-5 min of warm-up worth it.
    I used to be one of those dudes who didn’t care for warming up but after that experience I will never skip warm-ups or stretching ever again.
    It’s a pretty scary experience when you don’t know what has caused it and haven’t dealt with stuff like that before.

  • All the young people under 40 saying they don’t need stretching will find that in their 50’s it will become one of the cornerstones of their training (that’s if they are still training in their 50’s). We loose flexibility as we age and even if you’re working out but not stretching, you will become less mobile and capable if you don’t stretch.

  • Little backstory here: when I was little I fell off a trampoline and was almost paralyzed. I’m not thankfully but it has made me extremely stiff 7 years later. Doing this exercise every morning. I’ll update my progress.

  • As a 16 year old weight lifter, I don’t have time at the gym to do stretches. I just get straight into my workouts. If you want to “warmup” just start with a lighter weight if you’re lifting

  • Lies. Not everyone cares about stretching unless you love exercising or you got the right education to know why stretching is important.
    Depend on the person. Swimmers should consider swimming if they want to avoid those stupid cramps in the toes

  • Any RCT, randomized control trial, data to back these claims of benefit in range of motion and athletic performance? Thanks for the good content, Mayo Clinic.