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Why Full Body Workouts Are Best Full body training is pretty self-explanatory? you train every major muscle group in a single session. As you need to hit each muscle group, the number of sets and exercises you can perform in one session is limited. Training Some people say that doing full body workouts when bulking is the key to muscle growth. Others say that split workouts like upper/lower body or push/pull/legs are the best. Then you have those who swears by training just two, or even one body part per day for 5 days in a row.

If you like the ‘pump’ you get from isolation exercises during a split workout, you may not get it to the same extent during a full body session, although you will most likely sweat more and work harder. With total body workouts, or upper/lower splits, you are hitting your muscle groups with at least twice as much frequency meaning you are triggering twice as many growth phases. In any given year, if you are only training each body part once a week, that is 52 growth phases.

Lose the body part split and you are already up over 100 growth phases. When you do a full body routine you’re raising these rates of muscle protein synthesis for your entire body 3 times per week. When you do a split routine, you’re only raising the rates of muscle protein synthesis for each muscle group once or twice per week.

Simple math tells us that 3 is greater than 1 (or 2). If that describes your situation, you might best be served by an upper/lower split, or perhaps even a bro split, because the more weight you lift (in absolute terms), the more damage your muscles experience. And the more muscle you have, the more muscle that you’re damaging with your workouts. Both of which mean you need more time to recover. A full body workout routine is a strength training program built around training most or all of the entire body during each workout rather than splitting it up into different parts.

With other types of workouts, you might have an upper body day, or chest day, or arm day, or leg day, or back and biceps day, or push day, or something similar. Full body workouts do have the downside of being longer in duration. Even though they are performed only 3 days a week, this time constraint may become less than ideal. This leads us to the next level of gym competency.

The Best Workout Split for Intermediate/Advanced Lifters. Are Full Body Workouts or Bro Split Training Routines better for muscle growth and fat loss? Find out exactly how often you should train each body part for f. “When programmed properly, the split workout routine results in considerably less overall fatigue since the focus is only on one or two body parts—max,” Krajewski says.

Full-body routines torch.

List of related literature:

There are advantages and disadvantages to the double split routine.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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When I perform split routines, I miss feeling like I hit everything in each workout.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
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Split routines allows a greater amount of recovery to occur between sessions as well as allowing more work to be done for each bodypart.

“The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner” by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
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Whole-body versus split routines 5.

“Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards” by Jonathan T. Finnoff, DO, Mark A. Harrast, MD
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During whole-body training, you work the entire body each session, so tech— nically you’re not splitting anything up.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
by Bret Contreras
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Split routines also work well for people who have a short attention span for weight training or who want to give each muscle group an extra-hard workout.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
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When you’re implementing the two-day split, you have your client devote one workout solely to upper-body exercises, then on the next workout, concentrate on lower-body movements.

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
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The three-day split is easier to follow because it alleviates the need to train the legs on the same day as the back and biceps.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
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Split routines allow the advanced trainer to focus on specific body parts to get the most out of his or her training while increasing intensity and saving time.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
from Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice
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The purpose of the split step is to prepare the body for an explosive movement in any direction while maintaining conDITIONINGTIP proper balance.

“Complete Conditioning for Tennis” by Paul Roetert, Todd S. Ellenbecker, United States Tennis Association
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  • 0:52 Bro Split
    Mon Chest
    Tue Back
    Wed Legs
    Thu Shoulders & Abs
    Fri Biceps & Triceps
    Sat & Sun Rest Day

    1:32 Full Body
    Mon, Wed & Fri Full Body Workout
    Tue, Thu, Sat & Sun Rest Day

    3:06 Push-Pull Routine
    Day 1 Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
    Day 2 Legs & Abs
    Day 3 Back & Biceps
    Day 4 Rest Day
    Then repeat

    3:42 Opposing Body Part Routine
    Day 1 Chest & Back
    Day 2 Legs
    Day 3 Arms & Shoulders
    Day 4 Rest Day
    Then Repeat

    4:07 Upper/Lower Routine
    Mon Upper Body
    Tue Lower Body
    Wed Rest Day
    Thu Upper Body
    Fri Lower Body
    Sat & Sun Rest Day

  • Well I believe a big issue is how do you manage training intensity during all these sessions? What % of 1rm? How many reps are we leaving in the tank? Exercise selection?

  • I’ve decide to go with push pull 6 day work out. How should I mix set/reps. Example monday is chest and back… do I go 5 sets of 8-12 and then on the second chest and back day go heavier with pyramid or 5×5?

  • Eric helms is so concise and the things he says are so clear and easy to understand that he makes even an uninitiated lifter get it.

  • i find 1 flaw in the volme comparison, this is assuming you do 3 full body days and take the weekend off, but if you workout every other day with ONLY one day for rest inbetween, for example mon/wed/fri/sun/tue/thu/sat/mon/… you get 4 workout days a week wich ammounts to the same volume as the splits, in this case 24 insted of 18, and you still spend half the time at the gym

  • Dorian Yates trained extremely intensely but only once a week for each muscle, yes he was on drugs but still very careful about overtraining and resting for growth.

  • explain to me, why when I increased bodypart frequency for a good year, I lost both size and strength…the moment i went back to training each body part every 7-8 days, my size and strength immediately started to go back up…this whole body, training each body part multiple times per week is a new fad/trend…and you can cite every alleged study there is, but in my opinion, there is a reason why, not one pro bodybuilder or top amateur does whole body training…they all do split body part training…the more advanced you get, the more recovery you need…cause the stronger you get, and with that experience, you’re able to give much more intensity to an exercise than a typical newbie….I go by results, and increased frequency has never ever worked for me….remember, it’s not just about how long a muscle takes to recover, but the cns as well…the stronger you get, the longer it takes for your cns to recover.

  • @AlphaDestiny how did you looksmaxx so successfully? Your beard looks even fuller nowadays and your skin looks flawless and less pale. Your face looks more defined too! Most likely due to cardio. Are you still on minox?

  • I was skeptic about Next Level Diet because I thought that I would have to eat only broccoli to lose weight. I am eating only food I like and still losing weight.

  • I just started the full body workout this week and it seems I’m less sore and can go a bit harder on each excerise, I’m definitely sweating alot more each workout!

  • I think I need to split my volume from heavy/recovery to medium/medium upper/lower. Unsure if this strategy is more efficient but heavy/recovery has been working for me, with recovery days having more cardio. ��‍♀️

  • I’m doing a full body nucleus overload
    Body weight squats 10×10
    Band rows 10×10
    Decline push ups 10×10
    Total 300 reps
    30 days no rest

    I’m going to do this for a couple cycles, adding reps or sets after a week deload in between, then I’m going to go back to full body but I’m going to hit it 4x to 5x a week, I’m going to try and pack on as much mass as possible, do you have a 5x full body program or a template you can kick down

  • I find myself full body is good to change things up for a while to stimulate some new growth through adaption to a higher frequency over volume but ultimately Ive always found it has its drawbacks long term.
    I started lifting doing a full body split back in the 90s for my first couple of years of training and have gone back to it a few times since (even quite recently for a while doing home workouts).

    For me the drawbacks are when you start to put on muscle bulk and notice areas lagging then have to address those areas it can be a lot harder with a full body split without adding more volume weekly overall, which then makes the workouts longer or one of your restdays becomes a workout day.
    Also I found over time some muscle groups for myself personally responded better to higher frequency where as others needed more recovery time.

    In terms of motivation I found a full body can at times feel mentally draining. even whilst having 4 different full body workouts a week with different exercises hitting the same muscle group 4 (example) times a week can feel like groundhog day. It can take the fun out of even your favorite exercises or muscle groups.

    Personally Ive found more success with a bro split over the years working with more volume and more recovery per muscle group as my mainstay default programming then when i feel my body needs a change I’ll switch to a push pull for a while, but push pull could just as easily be substituted for a fullbody split as both I’ll only do short term 8-10 weeks

  • Whole body training is more natural after all what farmers and ranchers or stone masons only focused on one body group as they worked. They used total recruitment daily.

  • But why calling it a bro split? It worked wonders for millions since decades. For me if I have to optimize the workout in my legs I can never do it on a whole body workout.

  • Anyone hear of GZCLP? That’s what I just started doing. I hit each muscle group 2x a week and if I tweak it enough I can fit everything into 3 days as opposed to 4. Seems to add an even mix of compound and isolation exercises to maximize both strength and size. Just interested in everyone else’s thoughts on it if you’ve tried it before.

  • i just started school so now i switched to full body 3x a week so i have time and energy to do other things as well like mobility work and see friends

  • Can someone help me because I am new to gym currently 3 weeks of doing it btw I’m skinny fat. I always do full body workout and they say that should I focus on getting one group muscle per day and cut off my full body workout. But I don’t want to look like them because they too bulk and bigger to look and I don’t want to be bulky (like super). I just want to look normal toned muscle build so my question is should I do the bro split or do the full body workout

  • They’re really convenient. I have 2 strength training full body days and 1 for more explosive movement training (mostly bodyweight).

  • I personally love full body. I did it for the first year I was training. Gained 24 lbs and only went up 1 percent in body fat(was bulking the whole year). I went to a push, pull, legs split and haven’t really had a lot of results. I know it slows down each year. What I read was the 2nd year was half of the first and the 3rd was half of the 2nd. From there it’s minimal gain every year. Well in year 2 I only gained 5 lbs in 10 months now. Going back to full body today.

  • I don’t know man I do workout 6 day a week all my training is HIIT 30 sec work 20 sec rest worm up is jumping rope 15 min I lost 4kg in 14 day my diet is missed up but my body still losing fat and growing muscle

  • Haha hey that’s how I do it. Split muscles that don’t conflict.

    Day1:Quads, chest,triceps, calves
    Day2:Back, hamstrings, biceps,shoulders


  • My workout routine

    Rest my legs (3 sets of 10)
    Rest my arms (3 sets of 10)
    Rest my back and shoulders
    (3 sets of 10)

    Lift 500 lbs with my glutes
    (3 sets of 10)

  • Why would you waste a day on Bi’s&Tri’s when you hit them during Chest and Back The best split routine is M-(Chest/Tri’s), Tu-(Legs/Traps) W-(Back/Bi’s) and Thu-(Cardio/Abs) Repeat. A) Cardio for me is the same as a rest day, you could do cardio or rest. I say Legs and Traps because deadlifts and farmer walks hit the traps and I do them on my leg day. Mix in some shoulders during your chest day, I see no reason to waste a hold day just on shoulders when you hit them during incline bench. Do Arnold DB twist shoulder press after incline bench. this will hit your shoulders nicely. Also, when you do the Arnold twist DB press, pyramid the DB upward at the top to add more definition. Going a whole week before you hit a major muscle is a waste of time All splits would include compound movements like Squats, Deadlift, bent over rows and bench press.

  • My question is this tho, can i work my muscles once a week at 100%, and to complete failure?? cuz i calculated my volume and for bicep, for eg; it was 6 excercises x 3 sets= 18 sets a week. or should it be 3 excercises x 3 sets, twice a week= 18 sets. i’d be cutting workouts in half, but still working them more often. would appreciate it if someone could get back to me on this.

  • He looks okay. But if a man wants to convince some young scrotes all body 3 times a week is the way to go. He needs to look better than that.

  • My weekly routine is:

    Monday = Upper body
    Tuesday = Lower Body
    Wednesday = Abs
    Thursday = Push
    Friday = Pull
    Sat = Legs & Abs
    Sunday = Off

  • I do 2 full body workout days in a row (90 minute routine) and 1 day off (that I still do a minimum of 2 sets of push-ups and 2 sets of dumbbell curls, and often more). This is perfect for me.

  • Here is what I do and it works for me
    Monday, Wednesday,Friday
    Squat x4 sets
    Deadlifts x4 sets
    Bent over row x4 sets
    Bench press x4sets
    Overhead shoulder press x 4 sets

    Usually I do between 5-8 reps, rest 60-120 seconds and I eat normally but no food after 4pm, I feel great and have a nice body.

  • I just started the full body workout this week and it seems I’m less sore and can go a bit harder on each excerise, I’m definitely sweating alot more each workout!

  • Currently I do push/pull/legs/rest/upper/lower. It helps me increase frequencies, and also means I can do more accessory work on weaker muscles.

  • I found best is the one you’re NOT doing. So I alternate between FBW style training and various splits (from push pull to elaborate bodypart splits) on usually bi-monthly basis. This allows me to reap the benefits of both while avoiding the pitfalls of each.

  • Hi Vic, do u think its possible to re-create the “newbie gains? somehow? Maybe stop training for a year and then start again and maybe u can have newbie gains again?:=D

  • It’s been 7 weeks since I started training with Full Body Workouts and I currently weight 188lbs! Before I started I had a hard time maintaining 182lbs! But because I’m training full body 5 days a week I’m subconsciously eating a lot more because I’m ALWAYS hungry.

    Also, I can’t quite say that I’m “bulking” in the traditional sense of the word though. I mean, I AM bulking, but I’m listening to my body and feeding it when needed. Not just forcing calories down my throat for the sake of it. I would call this more of a LEAN BULK.

    But I think most of the newly maintained weight is in my legs. You’ll be surprised how fast your legs will get THICC from squatting 3 4 days a week. Not that they built all kinds of muscle, but they were the last part of my body that still felt / looked quite deflated when compared to before I moved to Florida 2 years ago. I’m sure its a combination of Muscle Memory and increased calories that is the cause of the increased weight.

    Regardless, this just goes to show you that as a Natural Lifter, you can really push your limits beyond what you though was possible with Full Body Workouts and the changes happen FAST.

    I really hope you guys try it and if you click the link below you can take on my “Full Body Evolution” program for 7 Days Free.
    Just use code “MS7” when you join as a platinum member! https://muscularstrength.com/join

    and if you need help packing in more calories, ICON MEALS is the way to go. Beef Medallions and Salmon every day!! I love it!
    ICON MEALS MS10 (10%) https://athlete.iconmeals.com/2379.html

  • Can anyone explain how you should order the exercises ( I get compound movements first but then Isolations)? How do you choose? How many exercises usually? Like two chest Two leg Two back? Then the next two different chest Two diffent back? Sorry I just don’t understand:(

  • I workout everyday. 2x a day half hour for the morning and half for the afternoon. At my first week i experienced muscle soorness but didnt mind of it i continued what i did everyday, and it is just disappeared. im a beginner. And i think 2 days to wait before one month of grinding. I just want to know if its wrong of working out everyday? Can someone pls guide me if im doing wrong? Pros out there pls?

  • I have done target areas and full body workouts too. You cannot go as heavy as you get tired but great pump and I did get results.

  • There is so much of “DO this… DONT do this” when it comes to weight training, it simply should also come down to what makes you feel the best and what you enjoy doing in the Gym. Being a Noob, of only 1.6 years now and being just over 40. I train 4 days a week, Push, Pull REST Push Pull (with ab training on Tues and Fri) and on the Wednesday i have MTB and go cross country for approx 20kms twice per week. For me my body needs the 3 “rest days” but use 2 of the rest days for cycling which i find not too taxing on the body.

  • I have always done full body, you will spike muscle protein synthesis more for one.. and If you are sick or miss a day because of life etc you can get straight back to it and not worry about what body parts you missed out and so on… I like to work in movement patterns and not isolate small muscles, occasionally some lagging muscles but always 90% compound, obviously this is what works for me as a busy new dad with a full time job.. so just my opinion. PLM

  • Sorry dumb question did you mention when you’re doing full body’s you just hit two full body workouts a week and thats it? Or did I miss hear that. Help please!!

  • This dude at the gym who literally just started last year is telling me full body is bad because you cant lift heavy and you do too many lifts for your body to really grow…lol dude barely lifts at all and suddenly hes a gym bro.

  • there is a lot science been talk about weight training on youtuble,

    was a personal/fitness trainer for 10 years ave girl or guy just what know what work’s how go about it, they did not care about science of weight training

    but science is great for trainers and bookworms

    as worlds of Hulk Hogan to all my little Hulkamaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong.”

    Hulk Hogan Real American (official video) / Theme Song


  • Having high work capacity are you aiming to compete in strongman? Is it just general strength your goal or are you planing to compete. If not, what are you thoughts in competing

  • I’ve been doing full body training for about 8 weeks and I love it. It’s a lot of fun to be doing something different than push/pull and bro splits. I can’t say whether it’s delivering better results or not but the fact I like it I think is much more important!

  • Full body is the most natural way to train especially if you’re an athlete. The body should be trained as a unit, instead of one individual part at a time.

  • When he’s saying one to two exercises per muscle does that mean just two exercises for the whole chest oder shoulder or whatever? Or still one exercise for “upper, middle and lower” chest? Please help?.

  • For some reason, when I’m off the gym I consider it a cheat day, thus I tend to eat what I crave. So working out only 3/7 per week (full body) will trick my mind when it comes to nutrition during off-days.
    Ill stick to bro split or I’ll squeeze it in an upper/lower or opposing split eventually.
    Btw the video was very explanatory.
    One of my fav channels

  • Hey scott, longtime fan. One question, how long did it take to reach your current natural physique? I see all these guys in my gym get ripped QUICK after only a year or two in the gym, despite that i started at the same time as them and it makes me feel unsatisfactory with my gains.I’ve been dedicated to the gym for 2 years, i do not look as good to my peers. Thanks!

  • Nah. Full body didn’t do nearly as much for me as a ppl. I couldn’t go as hard on each group and the workouts become too damn long. To be honest I had better results on a brosplit but that could have been because I was a beginner. PPL just requires a lot of dedication to be in the gym every day. I’m doing an upper-lower split now and it’s almost as good.

  • I do full body workout 6 day a well with a concentration on one muscle everyday. I don’t know if that’s the best way to go about doing it, but it’s working for me

  • A lot of excercises cary over like the bench and the OHP on the tri’s and chest, the deadlift and rows on the back. Its the most efficient way to work out.

  • my workout plan at home:
    day1: bicep, trisep
    day2: abs, legs,
    day3: chest, shoulders
    day4: rest but still do pullups throughout the day for a little bit of back.
    day5: start again
    ( my equipment is really limited: dumbbells, pull up bar, chairs )

  • If you lived close to me what would you have done when my sister was in the hospital If I wouldn’t have had any help with a shower and I got intouch with you and I told you I needed help with a shower?

  • the more people stress out their “natty” status the less likely they are natty.. my bet this guy is on gear but has shitty genetics.. my 2 cents

  • Absolutely incredible video Omar and Eric! I’ve recently been implementing some of these strategies by adding some shoulder volume on a squat day or some split squat volume in a push day. But Eric does a fantastic job of explaining things precisely, yet very understandably. Not a single word wasted yet the entire message was clear. I don’t know if Eric reads Omar’s comments but great job nonetheless!

  • I was gonna do split body workouts for 1 or 2 months then I’m probably gonna do full body after for 1 or 2 months, is this a good idea or is it bad

  • Love this video! Been following you for years and what you said about freaking out missing a day in your younger years is exactly what I would do. Still freak out a bit but not like before and embrace the day off and rest my body. I’ve also embraced full body workouts this time around in my fitness journey and love it. I definitely feel the difference and think I am seeing some difference too.

  • Back in the day, I used to think that this guy was in it for himself, insane in the brain, whatever you may call it. That was partially influenced by critique from other youtubers, but lately, I’ve been watching these videos and implementing them towards myself, because it’s good to experiment. It turns out this guy is golden. Keep the videos coming, we’re grateful.

  • In my younger years i was obsessed with stuart mcroberts book brawn and later on beyond brawn. Much of what is said of fullbody workouts in this great video reminds me of those books. Vic have you ever read anything by stuart mcrobert?

  • I’ve trained both ways and now I’m 41 and for me full body is king! Having the 1 or 2 days off between workouts not only is enjoyable to balance life but also cause I look forward to the next training session. If your diet and sleep is on point you will see rapid results and not feel burnt out. Great vid

  • Bro to grow your calves you need to do seated calve raises. /and use Progressive overload on it. like for instants you got a bigger chest from using Progressive overload on bench press etc. why not/why would it not work for other exercises/things. https://youtu.be/mTissC9K1FQ

  • Thanks for the video, Vic! I found keeping my intensity low (70-75 percent of 1RM), frequency moderate (2x per week) and volume high (16-18 sets/10-15 reps) is what works best for me. Having a good Mind muscle connection as you’ve stated in previous videos was a game-changer for me. I believe people can achieve great results being natural, but they beat themselves up going heavy too often with a poor connection to the muscle they are trying to work.

    Kind regards.

  • This is awesome timing seeing this. Started doing full body 3x per week at the start of the year. Not because I’d seen others do it but because I wanted to go back to basics. Awesome as always.

  • I like full body….but I don’t like the feeling of no pump…..so I have been trying a hybrid split….push w/quads…pull w/ hams..calves.. traps…..rest….then two days full body…..works for me

  • hey man! Being able to train 3x a week at the gym, would it be beneficial to add 2 bodyweight/Calistenic full body workout to reach 5 full body workout per week? thanks man, love your content

  • My gym goals was to get toned, with a bit more mass in my arms. I already had a decent base body. I do full body workout 5 days a week, and hav done so for the last 3 months. I now have defined abs and muscle definition. That said, i am not “massive” or “huge”, but i don’t want that; i wanted an athletic look, which I now have. Gym for me now is like a ritual, and makes me feel good. Whether it’s whole body, or split workouts, you do whatever works best for you!

  • No measurable differences in strength gains between groups doesn’t mean necessarily no strength gains at all, it can also mean (and that’s the case in this study) that both groups experienced same strength gains.

  • I think only the beginning of the movie was real. Obviously nothing with his “girlfriend” was real. Everything after he kills his mom is all part of a schizophrenic delusion.

  • To the guy down below who is 50 and looks 30, my uncle is 76 and still a big strong bull! Around 6 foot 2 and has hands like shovels and shoulders of an ox! As far as I know he never went to the gym but did lots of manual work which kept him strong. Reason I say this is because I think whole body training is similar to his work life which kept him looking a big motherfucker at almost 80! I do whole body training and I’m best shape of my life.

  • When He said that fullbody training didn’t mean to train your whole body in one day my head exploded �� Greaylt video and great informations. I will start a new job as a nurse and I will work 12.5 hours a day 3 times a week, I have to change my split and this video gave me a lot of ideas!

  • When I get sore muscles from training hard, I am sore for three days. Day 2 is even worse than Day 1. So I invented an 8-day weekly split of 4×2. Admittedly there are only 7 days in the week, but it’s close enough to twice a week for each group. Rarely take a rest day. So I slay whichever group to which that day is dedicated, and have 3 full days to recover.

  • I think most sensible splits work. Ive been doing full body 3 days a week for a couple years with good results. The most important part at least for me has been diet and consistency. I didn’t see much change until I started eating alot more calories.

  • I have always done full body every other day. It just felt right although I read over and over again to break it up to push pull or upper lower. It’s bugged me.

  • We had gymbros, now we have fucking nerd bros as the new bane of fitness industry spreading bullshit and nearly everyone jumps on the wagon. Just like intermittent fasting, I guess it sells.

    There is nothing wrong with full body workout but training 5 times a week full body is bullshit. If you just can recover next day from a heavy squat or bench it means you didn’t work hard enough. 2 to 3 times full body is where it’s should be.

    With the nerdbro logic why not 6 times a week is not better than 5, if you match the total volume (as nerdbros claim it’s between 10-20 sets per body part)? Or more volume? Let’s say 3 sets for every body part, 5 days=15 sets, 6 days=18 reps, more volume within the “scientific limit” they claim, boom the bullshit just become better!

    I just hope these nerdbros obsessed with numbers, RPEs, RIRs, set and rep schemes and this trend overall fades away and people realize that progressive overload matters the most.

    Also nuclei overload is a myth and power shrugs are just for ego (alphadestiny bullshit). Do heavy farmer’s walk for traps, thank me later.

  • Alright, I 100% agree. For starters, Joker was beautifully done. I think it was all events he experienced were real other than what was revealed at the end.

  • I’m only doing whole body training coz I find it that my average calories burnt from this training style is up by 30%, and I can hit target muscle group harder than before, which is great for fat loss as well as retain muscle as much as possible during the cutting.

  • One word (Trend).. Is the answer of all the fitness industry.. After a while upper lower will be the trend again or new routine etc.

  • Is it ok to split the training in the same day? Upper body in the morning then lower body in the evening? (when using compound exercises)

  • It’s exhausting just doing upper body weights (interval training) in one day. not sure how you can do a whole body without affecting your performance or form? Also if you are not giving your muscles enough recovery time you could cause injury.

  • Great video! I have done a bro split for over 6 years lmao. Idk everyone is different. It worked for me, but for beginners, a bro split probably isnt the best idea! post more, love the content though!

  • Did you know you can train your face. Lots of muscles that miss out there.. essential for full body training… thank you enjoyed the video:)

  • I see pics of Eric flexing/posing and he looks great. But if you see him in clothes, it doesn’t even look like he lifts/works out. So very odd.

  • As a 13 year long natural bodybuilder and power lifter I can’t condone full body workouts, I have way more muscle mass than this guy and I train push/pull only two major muscle groups a workout

  • 3 day full body is great, no issues there. But 5x per week is going to have the same body part two days in a row. There’s is decent evidence to support 2-3 times per week of a body part but not 5.

  • i am doing Intermittent fasting.and i do full body workout in the morning and spilt workout in the evening..is it a good approach??

  • I’ve tried full body and push/pull. For me, working out every other day with this routine is where I get my most gains. Example: Monday (chest/back), Wednesday (legs), Friday (shoulders/arms). Everyone is different so find out what best works for you.

  • Although I took it too late As I am 36 now but I must say from 5 months I was doing split bro and 40 minutes cardio everyday but I could not flat my belly. My trainer advice me lift compound and I saw sharp results reducing my fats and composing myself only within 2 months.. It really work guys Jym Staphani is right..

  • This guy eric comes off like a tryhard and pronounces everything wrong. what’s funny is how he changes how he says Analysis from a-nal-y-sis to a-nal-laa-cease midway through then back to original way. Then he adds a terrible french accent to renaissance when it’s more of an italian word.

  • Can also do twice a week split and not over do it both times you hit same body parts. I like to stimulate twice a week split and seem to get pretty good results honestly. To change things a full body might be a nice change on occasion. Thanks for advice Vic…stimulate Not annihilate whichever routine you choose

  • Great advice and it’s already something i have been doing as i find some things work and others not, i am personalising it to myself as well as experimenting

  • Your perspective is very nice bro. Im doing full body (upper dominant) 2 time a week and cardio every day. Aesthetics is subjective i just wanna look lean and firm this approach is very hit the point

  • 2 sets for each body part till failure 2 to 3 times a week. Monday Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Friday…. Repeat. That’s 8 workouts in 21 days.

  • I love you videos but what would help me with my basketball schedule, I do 2 hours of track work, 2 hours of weights, 2 hours of basketball, and I’m sitting at 190 at 6’6. I’ve seen that a full body would benefit a lot but would like your input.

  • Hi Scott, throughout the video you gave a lot of reasons why you believe full body is better then bro splits, Like hitting multiple growth periods is more important then shredding down a muscle group completely. But you didn’t give any reasons why this is better then a push pull legs routine? push pull legs can still efficiently take advantage of the 48 hour window to hit multiple growth periods while still allowing you to more fully shred a body part. So based on the logic you used in this video, Isnt push pull legs the best of both worlds here?

  • Full body takes at least 2 hours including walking to the gym and stretching. What about this in a fortnight?
    leg day, upper body day, cardio day rotated 4 times, followed by 2 days off.

  • My muscles recover fast so i workout 6 days a week but not at the gym. I workout at home with no equipment such as: push up, sit up, squat, calf raises

  • Thanks for this video!! I started doing whole-body training twice per week due to limited free time and started seeing better gains than my bro split. It makes sense now!

  • You lost me at “this is why I do this everyday”. If you can do a full body workout every single day without rest then you’re absolutely not working out to a great enough intensity to stimulate hypertrophy in my opinion.

  • I’ve tried this style of training before and its great at first, but then it becomes a burn out and the gains just stop. When I went back to normal training again my pumps were better and my strength shot up quickly..

  • I have just started a full body workout 6days a week 1 day off 5weeks going so far aiming for a 12week transformation,7 weeks to go

  • When you say “whole body training” do you mean training the whole body in a single day, or within the week? I have trained for about 8 months exercising two body areas each day of the week and the whole body in the Saturdays.

  • Full body routines only allow me to go to the gym 3 times a week (with 2 days rest between)… that’s boring. I want to be in the gym almost every day, that’s why I choose split routines

  • Fullbody if ur cutting coz u burn more cals. And fullbody is horrible for bodybuilding because when it comes to ur isolation work u become too tired. Beginners focus on compounds and so fullbody is better for packing on overall mass, but when it comes to tackling weak points/bodybuilding, definitely go bodypart splits/PPL

  • I love to change my training every about 2-5 month
    From weight to boddy weight to calisthenics to mixing up month..
    From 4 days training to 5-7 and back again..
    God bless you man rest job ������

  • Greetings Scott, hope you are doing well, I wanted to give my thoughts on full body training, there is a statement that makes alot of truth which is that what is good on paper is not always the same in reality, full body training can definitely yield growth, but the reality is that it’s so taxing on the body if you are training intense enough so around 1 2 reps short to failure or up to complete failure, the fatigue is gonna be high and Performance might go down, specially if most exercises are multi joint, not only that but recovery might be lacking for alot of people, some people might do better than others depending on their lifestyle and training intensity level, but others won’t handle it well, maybe in the short term, but it’s not a long term plan in my opinion, it’s good for people who started training or people looking to maintain their gains, also alot of lifters might not train all their muscles on a full body split, personally i believe that hitting each muscle group twice a week is the sweet spot for natural lifters, people are getting Obsessed about Volume and frequency and forgetting the importance of progressive overload and recovery, simple programs can sometimes produce more growth than complex splits. Looking for your reply:)

  • Great explanation. Reminds me of the break in the dogmatic thinking of Martial arts styles that Bruce Lee had when he invented Jeet Kune Do.

  • Thanks for being a natural bodybuilder and sharing your knowledge. I have worked out for 30 plus years and never resorted to drugs. It’s funny to watch these guys in the gym, their a dime a dozen��. I look forward to future videos and thanks for the old fashion way of working out, hard work and determination

  • What’s your week of training like? Do you do cardio? I have tons of time and like the gym 5-6 times a week. Been doing full body pretty hard and I love it. I’m debating if I should add cardio to help get abs

  • I recommend full body routine to start, then to boost a body part you need to do that day split routine, then continue with the full body routing except the part you boost yesterday, I called dynamic workout, listen to your body, if today is chest but you feel to do leg do leg, full body routing help you get ridd of choosing, and keep all body in shape, but never will grow up, thats why you need 1 time a week boost a body part to gain and then mantain, gain and mantain. Thanks VIC.

  • I find 1-1.5 hour or so, 5 days a week (Legs/Push/Pull/Rest/Lower/Upper/Rest) to be good for me.
    Usually I do 40 minutes cardio after, but I am starting to HATE it, so am doing that in the day instead (just walking for 40 minutes or so at lunch time).

  • Mix the workout… Its much better… Like if you are doing chest workout, literally you are working your triceps too…so do chest and triceps 1 day and back and biceps on the other day… It gives you a great advantage of developing muscle and save some time

  • I do a ppl routine then do a cardio day then ppl etc because I wanna do more cardio would doing full body every 2nd day with cardio every other day maintain muscle

  • 1st week> Full body | 2nd week > upper and lower | 3rd week> opposing body part | 4th week > push pull | 5th week > basic split | 6th week > conditioning nd recovery Repeat.

  • Your advices are really great, been watching them for two yrs now and I’ve seen pretty good gains. If it’s okay can you do a video on upper and lower body split and how long it takes to recover to hit them again? Thank you ��

  • Their are no studies that show, training 4 or 5 times per week per muscle group have better hypertrophic response than training 2 times per week per muscle group.

  • Great video. I think it comes down to personal preference as well as your experience in lifting. I have trained traditionally for almost 15 years (hypertrophy / split routines) push / pull, upper and lower, etc… Now I prefer full body workouts. While I do believe that fat burning is almost equal in both (if you incorporate drop sets and super sets, etc.) I believe full body has a clear advantage here its not just fat burning but its forcing your neuromuscular system to adapt to various movements and exercises.

  • this energy u talk about is called central nervous system fatigue vs structural fatique wich is the muscle storage itself, most of times the problem is the CNS fatigue

  • i gained 20kg of muscle (i didn’t gained any bf, i’ve been skinny always) in 1 year doing 5×5 stronglifts, then i stalled so hard, went from 60kg to 82kg bw in that time

  • Thanks Vic iv always wanted to go back to a full body routine, but I have been paralysed by fear thinking that I have to do flys and dumbbell laterals ect or I’d lose shape & I need to do 4 movements per body part. But you know what I’m going to give it a go

  • I usually don’t feel like I’m working out when I’m doing split routines, but switching from full body workouts this might be a good thing since you leave energy in the tank. With full body workouts you’re quite tired afterwards

  • Ive been training for 5 years and been doing full body the last 2. Bench, ohp, pull ups, and squats 3 days a week with accessories and i look really jacked more jacked than alex but thats coz of my genetics

  • After this video, I have decided to give up lifting and focus my time on being able to talk like this fellow. I think I could get more women that way.

  • Alpha; may I ask your opinion on Upper (Day 1) / Lower (Day 2) / Full Body (Day 3) in a week. This is doable in my current state…

  • I signed up for the platinum subscription and im having trouble logging in. Tried multiple devices. Also the app won’t recognize my log in. Help!

  • I always feel Scott is actually my older brother. Giving advice designed to only help you….. But smacking you in the back of the head while telling you.


  • Hey Alex. New to the channel. Loving your stuff. I really resonate with wanting aesthetics and performing optimally as well. I’ve been running a typical 6 per week bro split. I’ve been neglecting Legs as I have a weird hamstring/knee injury that prevents me from doing most leg exercises. Although I can play soccer perfectly fine with no pain. It’s very strange. The only leg exercises I can seem to do regularly with no pain is leg Press and leg Extension, which I know is less than optimal. I’ve been contemplating using the spin bike at higher resistances to increase my leg size/strength. I love playing soccer and cannot give that up and I miss my heavy squats/deadlifts but I know it’s not best for my body to do them. Do you have any advice for what I could try doing to build my legs?

  • I do a combination of both. Here’s a sample of what my week might look like if I worked out every day(which I don’t)….MondayChest + Back, Tuesday full body, wednesdaydeadlift + cleans, thursday legs + shoulders, Friday Full body. I don’t follow any set rules or paradigms anymore and it seems to be working fine. I believe the main principle to follow is just “work hard” no matter what exercises you choose. I think there’s a whole lot of overthinking going on with many people when it comes to getting fit, gaining muscle etc. Some days I only get 50 grams of protein…my muscles aren’t shriveling up and disappearing. It’s not that complicated.

  • Leroy colbert also always used to mention the benefits about doing a full body workout as compared to split routines for natural athletes��������

  • My work schedule is going to be changed to three 16’s in a row then three days off. I am considering moving to a full body routine to try to cover everything in those three days off.

  • Full body training is stupid! This is my split

    Monday: Back, shoulders, biceps
    Tuesday: Chest and tris
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday: Back, triceps, rear delts
    Friday: Chest and biceps
    Saturday: Legs

  • I only have 3 days out of the week to get a work out in. Dont really like PPL. Is full body but low volume everyday advised or nah?

  • Not sure of covered but what is considered the best cardio? I wanna do two heavy full body sessions a week. Then followed by a day of cardio training then a rest day. Is that optimal for losing weight and gaining strength? My main focus for cardio is biking and swimming as I hate running but if running is far better I’d just find a way to incorporate it.

  • From your older videos I see your skin especially around the eyes has changed and cleared up alot, something you can tell me about? I have pretty baggy eyes and it makes me feel bad even though I cant really do too much about it. Water, cardio, less sugar. Anything else?
    such an amazing change!

  • Alex, after watching your cardio every day video i went from never running before(for more than 3 min on the treadmill) to running 5k every other day + doing 1/2 heavy pulls a week and i never felt better before. Im preparing for a marathon in a year now. All because that 1 video of yours.

    Thank you.

  • I have the same mindset, even though I’m not anywhere near your level of muscle development. Your legs are big and aesthetic enough and in my opinion functional training like running is my priority for lower body and strength and muscles are my priority for upper body. You do you Alex:)!

  • His traps are huge and delts are so defined that if i had never seen this man before, id accuse him of steroids…. its crazy how much he learned and improved in such a short period of time.

  • I still do full body myself but stopped doing squats and DLs coz im a waiter and that shit kills my body. I do fullbody 2-3 times a week and finish with 400 metres swimming.
    BY THE WAY, thats a question for your next Q&A. How good is swimming as cardio?

  • I think that gives jason who gives a fuck blaha his answer… the man who looks like he is 30% body fat.
    Rather than criticising why you dont train legs as much he should focus on his own shortcomings like when it comes to his body fat.

  • I know it’s sprawled out across multiple videos but I would love to have an annual “What I’ve learned” video. Your information is so good and I try and absorb every bit of information because especially this year you have skyrocketed in appearance but I’m scared I missed a video somewhere

  • Bro can you please make a video on how to manage calories for doing cardio and strenght/hypertrophy training. Appreciate all your videos.

  • I hope you are loving this series as much as I’m enjoying making the videos ❤️. Do you currently train full body or bro splits??? I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU ������������

  • Ya man, you don’t have to justify yourself for anyone. Doing what you love makes your life passionate. There’s tons of dead people, trying to be like everyone else. Fuck them. Follow your passion and speak your truth and be the expression of your originality. That’s where the power is. It bubbles up, like a mad scientist, pushing the boundaries, finding ‘unrealistic’ goals. Always be true to that and you’ll always be a legend.

  • I can’t do 3 a day a week workouts because protein’s expensive. Real people problems, lol. Not only that but too many protein shakes a week can make it really hard to take a shit. Btw, how come I’ve literally never heard anyone else ever say that? I’ve had a hard time getting off the toilet after more than 2 protein shakes a week.

  • Hey Alex your novice program got me crazy gains I’m weighing at 165 at 5,9 18 years old benching 225×5 paused squat 315×2 and trap bar deadlift 375×1 in the course of 7months how do I maintain and keep making progress and how should I program my training routine?

  • I ll tell you what. This is why I like Alex. No B.S. about strict diets and boring workouts. Just set goals and KILL it in the gym. That’s the hard truth for all the over researchers.

  • You still doing your 100s of push and pulls every day too, I am, every single day, it hit 100 push ups in one the other day for the first time ever, beat my PB, I’m 38. at this time of year it’s a massive bonus doing cardio every day, or at least multiple times per week

  • This is why folks should only listen for different ways of approach. Make adjustments to your own programmes. Test, add and remove new ideas accordingly. Don’t treat anyone like a guru.

  • You ate 2500kcal?! I eat that every day and I’m thin AF. Being tall and having proabably a high metabolism sucks:( eating more is so damn hard for me… I weigh 73kg (161 lbs) at 1,88m (6’2″).
    There was a time I somehow managed to get to 3000kcal and I reached 76kg (167 lbs):|

  • Hey Alex. A. Great content as always. B. I’m in a similar situation, just started training for a marathon in Jan, are there any 2 day full body programs out there you’d recommend? I’d run your novice program, but I think it might be too taxing (or I might be being over cautious) with 3 days running 3 days training.

  • You wanted Eric on, he’s back on the channeling discussing training frequency. You’ve heard me talk about full body training recently but is it for everyone? Find out how training frequency is a powerful tool in your quest for a stronger more aesthetic you.

    For an even more in-depth conversation on training frequency for size & strength, listen to our latest episode of Iron Culture here (and make sure to Subscribe): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDNvJaNeDw4

  • It depends.If you need to burn fats and gain muscles or get leaner I would suggest to go for full body workout.once you reach a good body muscles go for split body routine.

  • You know what I have discovered after 25 years of training? Basically it all works as long as you do compound movements as your base and train with intensity.

  • Id love to see a complete layout topic on how to meassure the right volume/frequency for an beginner/intermediate & advanced athlete. As this is per individual its difficult to say but would like to see something on how to meassure and adjust to your own needs. Pretty much structuring your own perfect program

  • Eric explains things so well and detailed that is very easy to understand. Plus I like the way he speaks, what an awesome teacher.

  • It’s funny because everytime I try to figure out what I’m doing there is always some guy saying NO that’s wrong, then say all this shit. Then I switch to that, then once I switch to that shit, nope wrong again you aren’t giving your body enough time to recover you will become weaker. I like to workout EVERYDAY that’s why I like PPL because it allows me to do that. Full body may make me sore everywhere more often making me need more days off, idefk anymore

  • Eric, this is just sad. Or has ‘evidence based’ simply become to mean ‘whatever I want it to mean’.

    You can’t state that the studies don’t support more than 2X/week frequency, which they don’t and add

    “challenge yourself and how you think”

    It equates to “Science doesn’t have all the answers”. It’s the argument of the guru, the charlatan, the guy who only wants to use science when it suits him. It’s the same garbage all of the other zealots use. Science only matters when it agrees with them. Suddenly it doesn’t when it doesn’t.

    You know I’m right.

    But I guess anecdotes are ok for the evidence based crew now. Well YOUR anecdotes. We all know you’d never accept anecdotes that questioned the crew. It’s a cute little game.

    You’ve become Layne. But I guess science stops mattering when views are on the line. Or money. When should we expect a high frequency training manual from you?

    Also, just curious but what objectively measured gains has this nonsense gotten you? The last 1/4 lb of muscle you’ll ever gain in this past year? This isn’t even case study level claims. This is just garbage anecdote. The kind YOU WOULD NEVER accept from anybody else.

    Your attempts to redefine full body are semantic silly buggers and you know it. You know what full body means. And it’s not ‘one exercise per muscle group’ and nobody ever said it was. But squat, bench,row is full body. And hits quads, glutes, some hamstring, pecs, delts, tris, backs and biceps. That’s what full body means: you work the FULL BODY (i.e. all muscles) in a workout.

    This is simply sad.

  • VERY WORDY with a ridiculously authoritarian tone. Skip the first half and the last quarter…and still not get anything really worth your time outta this.

  • I’ve been bulking and doing 5 full body workouts a week for the last month and I have concluded it’s the bestest thing ever and everyone should do it…

    -Scott Herman

  • When i was 20 or 21, I worked delivering sacks of sugar and flour everyday to bakeries. Full body workout everyday ��

    I got fat working desk job then got back in shape with 2x a week full body and 5 kms run every week

  • I find it funny that every pro bodybuilder does one bodypart a week or every 5 days and it works. And you have these guys using all these studies based on weight trained individuals who are ‘not’ bodybuilders.

    None of these studies take into effect intensity, forced reps etc. Training more frequently isn’t new as these jokers make it out to be. Its actually old school. We moved on from this non-sense.
    Pro-builders look like they do for a reason. This joker has no actual practical experience. Just use studies. Disrespectful to pro-bodybuilders. These guys are the pinnacle of built bodies. And you have these jokers calling their training bro-splits.
    Well these bro-splits build the best bodies in the world. How do you explain that? If higher frequency worked better, they would be doing it.

    None of the studies, actually zero use professional bodybuilders as test subjects. Aren’t they built the best? Shouldn’t they try to figure out scientificly how they are doing it? No, these jokers ignore them totally and disrespect them by calling their training bro splits. Well those bro-splits just built the best bodies in the planet.

  • You mean the fact that I’ve been doing two a days for the last five days isn’t the best idea? I don’t believe you clearly I’m already doing the right thing. lol j/k but I am having fun.

  • the best program is the one you enjoy for the rest of your life, you still can have the most optimal program but if you dont enjoy it you shouldnt do it, the most import thing is progressive overload just add weight slowly over time

  • I knew which foods I need to eat to lose weight, but I didn’t know how much. Diet plan I got from Next Level Diet contains portion sizes for every meal. Fantastic!

  • Same here, I have weak but meaty legs. And since I don’t really like hitting it, I just do presses and deadlifts like twice in a month to keep its size and I’m happy with that. I prefer focus on the weak points.

  • Dear gravity, i found this very interesting and well thought out and explained but with a few flaws which I hope you don’t mind me mentioning:
    1. Everything doesn’t have to fit into a 7-day weekly cycle and it doesn’t have to repeat the same each week. For example you could train M W F Sun Tue Thu etc. Weeks are just arbitrary time periods.
    2. There is no mention of cardio respiratory training. Weight training alone is not enough to push the Cardio-vasculo-respiratory system to its limits. It needs sprint training.
    3. A lot of gym goers are training for another sport not just bodybuilding, so many will take a couple of days for skills training.
    Thank you.

  • It’s just preference every split works if you stick to it. When I had enough time I did Push Pull Legs 6 times a week. Now I have less time and started boxing again so now I do Fullbody 2 times a week and boxing 2 times a week.

  • How old are you Michelle? I suspect that youre at my age, and it motivates me so much to See, that you dont have to be 20 to be in shape. ��

  • Once I started training side and rear delt work on my lower body days, my delts become much bigger & stronger in size & strength, plus my upper body days got more balanced in terms of volume. This way I could easily focus on arms at the end as an isolation movements on upper body days too. More frequent yet balanced (in terms of volume distribution) training has given me really great results. Eric has made really good points in this video, thanks for bringing him back to the channel once again, also would like to see more of his content in the future.

  • James Krieger is a fuckwit. He would did not even bother to answer a very simple email question, which only required a yes or no answer! Total asshole!

  • I’ve been doing full body for a few years now and love it. It seems to be growing in popularity online, but I never see anyone else doing it in my local gym.

  • I used to do those workouts to where i would separate my body parts I never really saw any growth that way until I started doing full body routines where I would work my entire body in one workout session and then rest the next day that’s when I saw my most growth I still train this way today I’m 41 when you get this age your body needs more recovery to grow but you have to figure out what works best for you full body workouts definitely work out for me

  • i love to hear eric helms speak. Great man!
    I’m doing full body workout for a while. I do some Big 4, and complement with others body part work. I’m in my best shape and strength ever. Not the it’s a great deal.

  • Fantastic!!!
    Free your mind and don’t think in stubborn categories.
    Organize things as you need them and adapt until you get what you want.
    Very inspirational!!!

  • this video provided info i really needed in my current training situation, very helpful and it will be the reason i will get over the plateau im in. I needed this video. TY omar and eric helms.

  • It would be cool if you guys could talk about how to progress volume and intensity throughout a program for both bodybuilding and powerlifting.

  • How many videos are on you tube, promoting/ promising a great body if you follow their recommendations. And on everyone of them, they argue in the comments section. So here goes,

    Build muscle, split work outs, high protien diet, 6/7 meals a day. Watching fat and carbs. Kpi Consistency

    Lean body composition, regular cardio with overall weight training, watching calorie intake and eat consistently healthy whole foods. Kpi Consistency

    A fat fcuk body, no training and complete disregard for the food quality and quantity you consume.
    Kpi Consistency

    Which one do you want?

  • You can have the best routine known to man but if you don’t enjoy it, its useless you won’t progress at all. So do what gets you into the gym.

  • I would say that an upper/lower or 2-day half body split with moderate volume at the most, is pretty much optimal as far as frequency is concerned… Personally, I only like to workout no more than 3 main body parts at a time.

  • Squats 3sets 10 Bench press 3sets 10 chin ups 50 behind the head press 3sets 10 pull rows 3sets 10. Did this in my 20s went from about 9half stone up to over 12. In less than 12 months.

  • Tsk… Call me a pessimistic.. But full body seems to be a bandwagon..new decade etc… It’s a bandwagon cos fitness industry has tried and tested a lot of other ones…..a new one Till the second one comes in before summer time….summer is ambulatory time.

  • after saving the world of marvel, captain america regains his youth to save the bodybuilding world by dropping knowledge. great informative video

  • I took some time and found what works best for me. Especially doing gymnastics workouts, I found the total-body volume approach to be the best to progress the fastest. The total-body volume approach on something like gymnastics rings really helps you work out the mental aspect of gymnastics skills.

  • I started training full body two weeks ago, ive liked It, but my problem Is with the warm up, go to exercise my chest after doing legs, Is harming my deltoids because they arent warmed, what dou you recommend?

  • I know this sounds very bro science… but I started cardio everyday 2 weeks ago, but I feel like it has increased my testosterone.
    I feel bigger/leaner and in a better mental state.
    I am so glad that I hopped on the cardio gains, get dem heart gains coming!

  • what i got from it, normal people go into full-body, if you do weight don’t forget to make your heart bet quickly so you can also lose fat. he said 3 times per day. However I think this if you cover the proper full body. as I got time now I will do full body between 4 to 5 times per week, just over an hour as I also do cardio. this because I like to eat. I work out to eat and live a healthy life. thanks mate.

  • Update: I did the workout yesterday and I loved it. It felt very complete and varied. I only had time for 3 rounds but felt like I could have done a 4th if I didn’t have to run to catch the bus home. Thanks again, Michelle!

  • I started with a fullbody and eventually went to a 4 day upper/lower split(What I do now at 62) and my fav 3 day was Chest/Back Legs Shoulders/Arms Rest day repeat. Yes fullbody gets it’s volume through frequency and not daily volume. Reg Park 5×5 3 days per week was a standard for a long time. 15 sets per BP per week is a good mark for growth…Great info

  • I always felt like full body workouts were more effective for me and you just did a great job of explaining why. Thank you! The work you put into this video is apparent. Can’t wait to see more!