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Here is a good weight to start with during your first workout. Set 1 (12 rep goal) 70% of your one rep max (1RM) Set 2 (8 rep goal) 77.5% of your one rep max (1RM) Set 3 (5 rep goal) 82.5% of your one rep max (1RM) Other Exercises. Add weight when you. For your pre-workout warm up, start by walking for 3 minutes and follow-up with a 30 second balls-to-the-walls high intensity sprint. Finish off with 90 seconds of walking.

This “shock” is going to prime your body to train hard and helps get your core body temperature up. 3 Day Powerbuilding Workout. Warm Up. Warming up primes the body to perform.

Take the time to get your body ready to lift some heavy weight. Try jumping on the treadmill and walk for three minutes. Follow that up with a 30-second balls-to-the-walls high-intensity sprint. Finish that off with 90 seconds of walking. With a 3-day full body powerlifting workout routine, you work each muscle group three times a week.

Although many routines have workout days of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, really any other three nonconsecutive days can be used. You can just as easily train on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays if it works better for you. You will only be lifting three days a week and each workout. Goal Of This Workout This workout routine runs for 12 weeks and is ideal for someone who really wants to beef up and get big. Diet and Nutrition Tips You are going to gain some muscle, some fat, and a lot of strength during this routine all in the name of becoming a mass monster.

Become A Mass Monster With This 3 Day Split Read More ». The training 3-day (mon/wed/fri) split Powerlifting Routine This training split is a 3 day split, so, obviously, you will be training for just 3 days each week. When powerlifting, you train with three exercises in mind: Bench press, squats, and deadlifts. Needless to say, the routine listed below, is designed to work on each of these lifts.

Mass Moves Routine You will only be lifting three days per week. (Yes, only three days per week.) Each workout should take you about 60-70 minutes, door to door. We mean four sets of four reps of squats on day one, bench on day two, and deadlifts on day three. During your first workout, start with a weight that easily allows you to perform 4 sets x 4 reps. When your 4th rep feels comfortable and manageable, add 5 pounds. Working out three days per week is by far the most popular way to workout.

While each routine has stated workout days ofMonday, Wednesday and Friday, any other three nonconsecutive days each week can be used. You can just as easily train on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays if it would be better for you. Long ago, when lifters were naturally big, strong, and powerful, full-body routines ruled the gym. They were replete with Olympic lifts, difficult and now obscure exercises, and plenty of volume.

Whole-body workouts checked all of the boxes for building a Greek-like physique. As the decades flew by, bodybuilding went from the gym to the lab.

List of related literature:

Microcycle 3 increases frequency to 4 days per week employing an upper-body/lower-body split routine.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
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Trying to do all of this work in one workout would be a killer, especially since some of the same muscles are involved in training different body parts, and if these muscles get too tired and don’t have

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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I have tried many different schedules to complete this workout.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
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DAY 1: Half upper-body workout (chest, biceps, and triceps) 10-Minute Workout: Chest and bicep workout together using the Monster-Set Format.

“Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living” by Ben Lerner
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How many total sets will you do in the workout?

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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CFT isn’t necessarily along workout routine.

“The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body” by Ori Hofmekler
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Adams K, O’Shea JP, O’Shea KL, Climstein M. The effect of six weeks of squat, plyometric and squatplyometric training on power production.

“Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations: Limiting the Risk of Reinjury and Maximizing Athletic Performance” by Frank R. Noyes, Sue Barber-Westin
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The best part is he’ll make several different routines that build on each other each day to work all the core muscle groups.

“Exploitative Play in Live Poker: How to Manipulate your Opponents into Making Mistakes” by Alexander Fitzgerald
from Exploitative Play in Live Poker: How to Manipulate your Opponents into Making Mistakes
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The routine is safe and doable and includes segments that reduce stress and increase strength, flexibility, and overall pep and vitality.

“Yoga For Dummies” by Larry Payne, Georg Feuerstein
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Follow the Base workout for four weeks, then the Dynamic routine for three.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
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  • Just switched to 3 days a week full body…. Monday metabolic stress… Wednesday constant tension and slow tempo….Friday heavy!.. Let’s see how this goes

  • Monday chest/tris/shoulders
    Tuesday back / traps / biceps/ forearms
    Wednesday legs
    Repeat… Rest Sunday
    Cardio and abs everyday

  • Im a new subscriber to your channel, love your content. Question for you on this video (watched almost all of yours).
    I’m trying to figure out exactly what muscle groups to work together and this helps a lot. Are these the only exercises you really recommend doing? I wrote down ALL the muscles areas and ALL the exercises you did (I think I got 5-7 out of each video I watched). Is it better to just stick to these for a while then start adding more to the routine?

  • how many years did it take you to get to this size???? and i’ve seemed to have run into a little controversy…. namely with the push pull routine…. some say it is hurting the muscles…. i like the push pull set up, but can i get faster gains working opposite muscle groups ie bicep/tricep????…. oh…. and you want some hate-in’??? really??? ok… stupid beard… (not really, don’t cry)….

  • Full body is not split training it’s entry level training or start-up training…. people don’t do full body training and they don’t do split training… Fitness people do cherry picking training… every membership comes with a training card with some cherry-picked exercise… you see people walking around the gym doing one thing to another thing!

  • Is this guy fat? Should he be cutting? Maybe? I could tell he’s strong, but as an athlete or body builder, he seems like he should be cutting.

  • Hm I would say I’m more on the intermediate side. Are pull ups and chainsaws enough for back growth? I used to do 4-5 back exercises on back day so this seems a little too simplistic..or is the whole point of this program to do only a small number of exercises but with maximum intensity?

  • Is it ok to use the machines that replicate the compound moves or at least start on them? I’m sure the idea is to do the free weights and benches but….A) Those are always occupied by “The Rock” types and B) you hate to be utilizing those bars with very little weight on them.

  • I learned to deadlift (just a gym rat, not competition) with a mixed grip. I noticed Alan does his almost always with the overhand grip, but some of the other guys in the videos use the mixed grip.
    Is one superior to the other? If I don’t plan on ever competing, is there any good reason to learn the overhand grip method?
    (I’ve heard of people tearing a bicep using the mixed grip, but I don’t think I’ll ever use enough weight to make that a risk. I’m 50, 180lbs and my best single has only been 405 for 1.
    (Or maybe BEING 50 puts me at risk for a bicep tear, regardless of the weight I use?)
    Anyone who wants to offer an opinion, I would appreciate it.

  • i love the workout, i just feel like you should replace the bulgarian split squats with regular squats, i feel like that would work better. other than that i love all of this

  • Great video with a lot of information. I’ve been hitting the gym for about 4 years now.. the first 2 years were pretty hard because I didn’t really know what hits my body in a proper way. I’ve been doing full body for 2 years now and it’s relaxing and dynamic at the same time. I go to the gym 3 days a week and mainly focus on compounds. Some isolation exercizes as well but mostly compounds.

    If anyone is interessed, feel free to contact me on Instagram: Davy Koenen. There you can see some fitness photo’s to get a certain idea if you’re interested or not. I’ve been dealing with a Lactase error in my body due to a food disease 4 years ago. So my body couldn’t absorb all the nutrients, but still i’ve had and still have some amazing results.

  • Hi Alaine. I love your videos and you look great. I love the way you simplify and streamline the work busy people need to do. Could you make a video for hips, glutes, and legs? It would be so appreciated. Your suggestions always seem attainable. I prefer watching your videos to those that discourage you with discouraging exercises and unrealistic goals. Simplifying my chest day and other days make going to the gym less burdensome. Thus, I have a more gung ho attitude. I think you understand hard-working people who have to fit in workouts into their schedule. Hope to hear from you!

  • for this three day split is okay to substitute workouts as long as the appropriate muscle group is being worked? For example, instead of bench press do push ups.

  • Is this enough frequency? I thought each muscle group should be trained twice a week for optimal results, because monday to monday seems like to far of a time to not train chest shoulders triceps in for example.

  • Hey man, got a question. Would really help if you answered. 1) if its Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Wouldn’t the rest for each muscle group be 1 whole week? Wouldn’t that much rest for a particular muscle make me lose muscle mass, and strength?

  • I might try something like this, i ALMOST fell off the “fit wagon” because I haven’t been eating much. And my leg day recovery took a week lol. But I’m getting back on Tuesday. Such great info. All the time!

  • This is actually helping with my school. We’re doing workout plans in P.E. and this is really giving me the push to do it. Thanks man.

  • What are your thoughts on changing up your exercises? For example, instead of doing 8 sets of flat bench press, do 4 sets, then 4 incline (or decline) to target different areas of the chest? Is this necessary to build a bigger chest or is that more for “bodybuilders” trying to get a complete chest look?


  • I paid $100 for a program that was basically everything you just laid out in this single video. Yours was more engaging, clear and retentive/interesting. Thank you.

  • great video. i had a questions for you guys omarlsuf and the public, how can i maximize gains on a 3 day splt if im a competitive mma fighter? with the corona virus i have around 6-7 months to get my body looking like paolo costa lol im 5 9 165 pounds 16% bodyfat. cutting down to 10% body fat to be lean and mean then looking to add a 10 pound lean muscle gain. i compete at 145 but will walkaround 155

  • Tq omar. I will be trying out the 3x a week split but I might not finish the routine bcs of the pandemic I can only gym for 90mins. Been following your channel for 4-5years. By far one of the best informative channel for gym beginners n intermediates

  • No matter what split you choose “recovery” is the key to “natural” gains, so you have to be careful with the “volume”. Just saying.

  • Am training to lose weight so yeah am killing it 6 days a week 1 hr and a half. I feel great ever since because I get good rest at night.

  • For me I felt like there was to much lower back volume in these programs. I will probably do a different squat variations on the deadlift days and less bent over rows.

  • After taking more than a year off of lifting I decided to use this format to get back into it. I’m in my 11th week and am breaking my all time bests. Thanks!

  • you should get that kid off the sugar products not in the gym. Unless you plan for her to never have children… judging by the fact that you’re amerimutts, maybe thats a good ideea. FUck you from Romania!

  • I’m usually really busy so I went with the 3 day split. But the thing is, it’s been a while since I’ve lifted seriously so I’m not really as strong as I used to be so I’m only able to squeeze in half of the workouts he put on for the 3 day split but I don’t hold back everytime I work out. Is that alright? Can anyone give me their thoughts.

  • Hey Omar I wanted to ask what weight should I start with because I’m a pretty skinny guy and I weigh about 110lbs. Also, I can only go to the gym on Tuesday & Thursday. (5’5 in height fyi) I don’t have weights at home so I could do the bodyweight exercises during Saturdays. Thank bro, hope you can reply whenever you’re available!

  • I’f I’ve been training for about 7-8 months (half full body and half PPL split) do I belong to the “late beginner” category? Considering the 4 week split as I want to try something refreshing but I wonder if I will recover fast enough from so much squats and bench.

  • Ok, what about lifters with 7 months off the gym? Should I go straight to 5 days program or start with 3 days split and then after for example 4 weeks move to 5 days split?

  • Not gonna lie Omar I’m loving this routine, I’m currently doing the 4 day Split and feel amazing. Also with your Raskol launch on Friday, I think some of those are gonna increase my gains considerably, cannie wait

  • @ 4:24 there is a typo where you described RIR 1 as: “keeping two good reps in the tank” clearly forgot to edit it after copy+paste from RIR 2. Hope that’s helpful! Thanks for the program Omar, I will be trying this out starting today and and hopeful for the big gains

  • I am doing the 3 day split and I’m seriously feeling it less than a week in. Here’s the question: How much do you raise the weight by each day and each week? +5lb each workout?

  • I don’t love these programs. It’s a lot of volume. In the three day split: Why are you deadlifting twice in a week without any variation? Why are you deadlifting two training days in a row? You say nothing about intensity for these either. If you’re training training 80-90% 1rm on the compounds, I think you’ve underestimated the time it would take to complete these workouts.

  • Thanks Alain, great video. Can you please explain why did you include 4 squats exercises per week? I’m really interested what’s behind this since you don’t hit other muscles beside quads that often.

  • This worked for me..I was out of the gym for 4 years..I started doing the 5×5 workout M-W-F and I got stronger in one month than I ever have been in my whole 43 years..then covid shut all of that down…

  • I’ve mostly used a program that has you increasing the weight the next workout by a certain amount, how you go about increasing the weights after week 4?

  • what is the point of ascending sets? Wouldn’t it take you longer to reach hypertrophy, and make you lift less than you would have if you were “fresh”?

  • So here’s the fucking deal, I have done many many programs. I almost always spend half the year doing a 5×5 and adding 5 pounds on my lift when possible. The rest of the year o do high reps to build muscle. I know I’m trying to have my cake and eat it too but it works for me

  • Surely if you did 10,000 chin ups (supinated grip) instead instead 10,000 pull ups you would grow your biceps if that was a goal?

  • Your videos are great… have to say this is my favourite one, thanks!

    Any recommendations/decent replace for how we could do leg curl and leg press if we don’t have access to the machines as I have a home gym so can’t do either of those.

  • I follow you since 2013. Since the time i was 20%skinny fat to the time of my current lean jacked dude. Never been into commenting much so I’m sure u never saw my name and may never will but i want you to know you are highly appreciated and loved. And you matter a lot to the gym bros community. ������������

  • Those programs are strength based,not many people want to squat bench and deadlift(i do) The volume is also very low on all every muscle,it only has enough volume-intensity for the big three.Pretty good-basic for a free program tho.

  • The individualism is nice, however I feel completely overwhelmed by the information. Maybe you’re just too fast for my brain, but I found it quite hard to follow

  • How do you warm up for all these workouts?
    When I lift I have to kinda focus on specific muscles and then I have to warm up and increase the weight up since I don’t wanna get injured. Will take a long time?

  • When someone asks me “How to get a six pack?”, I always recommend website NextLevelDiet because you get personalized DIET plan, TRAINING plan, FITNESS tips, and HEALTHY recipes. It’s everything you need to get six pack in one month!

  • For T bar row do you feel it’s better to initiate with scapular retractions versus the elbows, making it a biceps initiation exercise vs back

  • This is nuts to squat, bench, and deadlift on the same day. The big lifts should anchor your routines and be done first because they tax your body. They shouldn’t be done back to back on the same day. These routines aren’t realistic and are just going to discourage people.

  • Very nice and well explained video, this is an interesting split you using and very similar to mine aswell, good job keep it up 😉

  • I weigh 115 for a 5’8, 19yr old. I’ll return to this video in a year and be proud to say that I’ve gain weight. Your videos are always have the right explanations and assistance, that make me feel comfortable to pursue my goals!

  • Way too much volume for most naturals. Holy shit. 20 sets per week per muscle group is the maximum recoverable volume for most people for quads. Maybe a bit more for back and chest, but certainly wouldn’t want to be at the max for all muscle groups at once. Those are volumes you would work up to. No wonder Omar doesn’t look like he lifts most of the time. Prob never recovers.

  • I’ll die if do one of the routines, too much volume, and too many squats and deadlift in a week. And Idk how I feel about squat and deadlift 2x in a consecutive day.

  • Can you give me your opinion on greek god program vs full body workout (with mixed in 3×5 on stronglifts-bench, squats, etc.), because I can’t decide which one to go for. I do have some experience in the gym (on and off for a year)

  • 1 overhead press shrugs curls. 2 pull ups abs and accessory shoulder. 3 bench press, abs rows.. my bro program for looking big I guess rather than strength

  • I’ve been using the minute plank test for years training clients before letting them squat but this is the first time I’ve ever heard it said aloud! Great video

  • 5:22 1st day
    Bench Press 4x 6-8
    Lat Pulldown 3x 8-10
    OH Press 3x 8-12
    Goblet Squats3x 8-10
    Dumbell RDL 3x 10-12

    6:23 2nd day
    Squat 3x 6-8
    Hip Thrust 3x 8-10
    Seated Shoulder Press 3x 10-12
    T-Bar Row 3x 10-12
    Dumbell Reverse Lunges 3x 10-12

    7:31 3rd Day
    Deadlift 3x 6-8
    Incline Bench 4x 8-10
    Incline Dumbbell Row 3x 8-10
    Front Squat 3x 8-10
    Dumbbell Split Squat 3x 10-12

  • I always was taught if you train hard and heavy, 3 days a week is great because it gives your muscles a chance to repair and grow.

  • I did Monday for the 5 day split, not sure I will be able to front squat 3×5 tomorrow, only did 225 for squats on Monday. is it better for me to do a 4 day split?

  • What would you recommend if I’ve been adding weight linearly for 6 weeks and can’t keep it anymore? I’m lifting more or less 1.5 BW. I’m positive I’m still a novice.

  • 2 years back a was totally skinny…i did a full body workout….the program was from buff dudes…..2 months in and guy the gains i made was marvellous….but remember to be in caloric surpluss

  • is 3 sets really enough? I do between 6-9 sets per exercise. first set is light to get get form right /last set is drop doing as many reps as possible.

  • Excellent full body for 3 training days. However, I am not going to the gym, how can I adapt some exercises of this routine with what I have at home (dumbbells and bench press in 3 angles)?

  • is it okay to incorporate bodybuilding exercises and hypertrophy while on a powerlifting program? I want to get really strong on compounds, however, I also want to still improve my physique and do hypertrophy.

  • My Strength + Aesthetics workout program is now available for download!

  • What is your opinion on Power and Olympic lifting classes given in college? I get the promise grant and I want to get more into lifting. I thought it might be a good idea for a broke college student/mother to see and learn more. I can’t find much on the classes online, mine would be at sac city.

  • Alan! Where do you get the loose pants? All I can find around are joggers. Not that I hate joggers, I just don’t want to wear them all the time, sometimes I like some looseness.

  • Iam on a 3 day spilt right now push, pull and base and I feel that I am making quick gainz but I only do 5 days when I should really be doing six so every week I alternate hitting one group only once but should be hitting everything twice a week but because of family and stuff I can only make it 5 days one day I hope I can make enough to have my own home gym and then I will be able to hit 6 days like I should be doing.

  • 4:45 ur knees shoot forward but there is no hip bend, where is the glute activation? You would be able to push press the log better if you used more leg and glute drive.

  • I saw another video of how 12 week plans are a waste. So what’s the deal? Nor would I take any advice from an average joe like yourself

  • You’re probably never going to read this but my buddy and I have run this program twice, after doing power lifting for years. After running the program once, we both had 50lbs increase on DL, 20 + on bench, and 10 and 30 increase on squat. Now after the second time I went up 16lbs on DL, 15 on bench, and haven’t maxed on squat yet. This program is amazing and I can’t believe it was free lol. Thanks man!!

  • Am I the only one confused on why the percentages drop so much after week 6? Like if you look at weeks 4-5 the main lifts have (theoretical based on rpe calculator) of 76%, 79%, 81%, 81%, then (after the heavy single) weeks 7-9 only go up to 75%. Just wondering why because I would have assumed you’d want to start with lower percentages and build as the program continues.

  • I’m going to try this, how long do these workouts take? Currently I’m doing upper, lower, pull, push, legs, they take anywhere from 70 to 120 min. Will be nice to be done in 60 at 4 days.

  • Man,thats too much on a paper,not in reality. Deadlifts all over,squats 5×3,3×5 or whatever. If you manage to to follow all neccesary parts of rest,food and (for all of you,that foolows this one obviously) bunch of supplements maybe. And,that would be if you dont do anything besides that,especially something that demands your energy and additional effort. Too much of that “neccesary basic” exercises and not structured toward individual possibilities and needs. Not to mention that those are “just exercises” (sort of speak)where are all the potentialy needed isolations,correctional exercises,weak links,mobility,possible flexibility (with all those basics,it should be avoided),etc…

  • Hey Alan, love the content and the beard. especially the beard, no homo. so, im a little confused as to how you are squatting and dl the next day because both the squat and DL hip hinge monement patterns. so won’t it effect your gainzzz?


  • Starting my second run of this today, first round results:

    Squat 330 -> 385 (maybe not comp depth but within 1 inch so I counted it)
    Bench 215 -> 230 (I will undershot RPE last cycle due to benching without safeties)
    Deadlift 420 sumo -> 420 conventional (I’ll take it, I want to do strongman so sumo is a not go)
    OHP 135 -> 135 (going to add a full press slot somewhere this cycle, I like OHP a lot)

  • Yo, just wanted throw a quick thank you on here. I’ve been hitting the gym (what I thought was) hard for the past year or so and felt like I was plateauing a lot quicker than I should’ve been. I foolishly wasn’t doing any programming and getting everything else right. At this point 225 x 3 was about all I could do for squats and my bench was horribly low. I’m on week three of the 3 days a week plan (I’ve modified it slightly to fit me but I’ve kept all the compound rep ranges the exact same and otherwise have followed the correct RPE each week) and my numbers are skyrocketing faster than I thought possible. Today is my medium day and hit an EASY 265 x 5 on squats and 150 x 8 on bench. Previously I couldn’t even hit a plate for reps on bench. My deadlift has gone up a bit too but since I’m working out from home I’m using a standard bar and not an Olympic one so it’s waaaay more difficult and I had 5 x 3 260. Anyways I never thought my numbers could go up this quickly and my CNS has adapted so well to the heavier weights and higher volume. I plan on running one more cycle of this after my deload next week. Thanks again man!!

  • Ever since you posted this, I decided to give it a shot for the last week. I have to say this is a very well put together program(the 4 day). One comment that I have so far though is that since you’re doing so many compound movements in a day, it is relatively hard to progressively overload on all of these lifts, especially OHP because by the time you get to it in your workouts, you’re already gassed from the 5 before. But overall great lifting program.

  • To build muscle you should not care about max reps… it’s about volume to build muscle, low wieght, high reps and full control and full range of motion.

  • I dont know man these routines WOULD work if youre unemployed with somewhat supportive parents (9 hours sleep, consistent sound nutrition)

  • how much time does it take for you to complete a routine? I’m talking about hours and minutes because I don’t have much time at home

  • Did you hear about *Next Level Diet*? These guys deserve a medal. Their customized training and diet plan helped me change my life. I can’t thank them enough

  • The video is great and motivating but in reality it could be brutal even for pro-lifter. Its not easy to squats, lunges, t-bar row and OHP in one season.

  • Question? Can i do this routine while trying to lose weight? And can i do cardio before or after these workouts and on non training days?

  • Used to train like this then stopped making gains..made more gains goin high volume on everything including compounds strength went up to

  • Several big name trainers now talking about 5 day a week full body training with very low volume..I love to workout every day, this sounds interesting, any thoughts on this….

  • I followed your advices and TRULY IT WORKS ��
    Instead of having long time in the gym by doing what you say was enough
    Really thank you

  • sorry, but to say this guy over complicates things is an understatement. Plus i the thumbnail is right, just adding 5lb programs don’t work, assuming your body is automatically going to be 5lb’s stronger is not reality

  • you really really don’t need to do bunch of isolating exercises unless if you are competing or sth. to get a really decent body stick to the compound moves, old school is the best for a reason, and it works. do whole body, eat clean, you will get results.

  • rhetorical question do not work if you are trying to teach something. Explain it in a clear and concise manner. Do not confuse with rhetorical comments. And the music was distracting.

  • I seen u before and after pic..thats why….i subed..but why other people dont looke good off fully body..he must do something different

  • Cindy landolts videos are the best.this is just more bullshit putting shit on pyramids.just keep it simple stop making it out to be rocket science. Cindy landolts keeps it simple no bullshit and she just uses her natural tone of voice for talking,no robot voice crap

  • @musclemonsters Okay so this 3 day routine is good. It works for me with building mass.


    what if the top half and bottom half were split between 5 days.

    Upper body on monday, wednesday and friday

    Lower body on Tuesday and Thursday?

  • hi i need help, i’m new to the gym and i’ve read that it’s better to work the same body part 2x a week, is this full body workout still a good decision?

  • Exceeeeelent whole body split workout. I’ve been doing from last 1 mth and seems to be beneficial a lot…a lot. Thank you so much
    God bless you ��

  • Great way to share the knowledge. I think this video is prompting other fitness coaches to share their workout plans. Keep it going

  • If a “late beginner” that has already trained for 8 months and is in his teens were to go about doing this program without calculating RPE but instead going to failure with each set would it be doable?

  • This can’t be serious. Nobody needs that much volume. Not enough intensity. Even the 3 day plan is too much for anyone who has a life outside the gym. Imagine having a manual labor job and doing cardio/gpp on top of all this…

  • TBH…my whole body will be aching very sore legs n back etc after squatting and deadlifting 3×5 lol. How TF will I be able to sqauf n DL again in 2 days?

  • in the Week, do you take, for exemple tueday and thrusday off (zero workout)? or do you recommend some sort of cardio or ab workout?

  • That has to be one of the most adorable little girls I’ve ever seen lol. God bless her. I hope I dont have a daghter cause if she ends up being anywhere near that adorable I would spoil her rotten.

  • This all sounds like good advice, however without working out I am in around the same shape as you, have you tried this routine on someone with better genetics?

  • Im not a fan of the 3 day full body. I prefer 4 days a week shorter workouts. This allows my body to recover in between sessions.

  • So I started doing the 4-day split and I feel like I’m fucking dying. Squatting 4 times a week and deadlifting this often is just zapping my nervous system. Idk if i just need to build up to it but it feels like I am doing so many compound movements in one workout.

  • Hey dude. Thanks for an AWESOME vid. I haven’t seen all that much of your videos just yet as I am rather new to your channel, but I really dig the stuff I’ve seen so far. I subbed to you about a two weeks ago. You have a new fan. My kindest regards.

  • Great video! Glad this was in my feed. I’m gonna add some good variation to my 3 day full body workout like this, and get back on track.

  • You trying to tell me bench press 3 times a week??!?!?! That sounds crazy. How do you lift enough weight and do it 3 times a week?

  • First, i’ma sound kinda dumb but it’s cool haha…
    What does this plan help with??? lifting heavier on those key lifts?? i’ve never seen a plan like that lol

  • Totally agree with everything said in this vid man. Been running this full body and seeing amazing results:

    Workout A
    Squat 2×5, 1×5+
    Incline or Flat Bench 2×5, 1×5+
    Pendlay Row 2×5, 1×5+
    Barbell Curl or Incline DB curl 3×8
    Lateral Raises Rest Pause

    Workout B
    Squat 2×5, 1×5+
    Overhead Press 2×5, 1×5+
    Weighted Chin Ups Reverse Pyramid 4, 6, 8
    Close Grip bench 3×8
    Leg Curls 3×12

    People have tried to make fitness so complex when it’s really so simple. Programs like SS and SL would be fine for the average gym goers desires if they had slightly more upper body work which can be done with your own tweaking

  • I did a 3 day split with 31-60 sets per session for 4 weeks �� Very taxing which is why I got curious for different three day setups ��

  • I don’t even get that crazy with it. Just try to get to the gym 3 days a week that aren’t all in a row. Those 3 days I try to hit basically everything. A workout and a b workout.

    All the talk about volume lately… Most of you will never over train. You should be able to feel when you need a day off. When you make it too complicated and miss a day it fucks up your entire routine. Keep it simple. Do heavy, compound lifts, and make sure you’re eating and resting enough to allow for your goals.

    Again, this isn’t advice for professionals at all. It’s for the everyday individual who wants to gain some size and stay in shape. The overall goal you need to keep in mind is to just keep going overall and stay consistent. Don’t watch a bunch of videos on YouTube, to to the gym hard as fuck everyday, and then stop going after 2-3 months. The guy who goes every other day or two, eats based on a somewhat healthy diet, but sticks with it for 2-3 years is going to have the better results. So many people want instant gratification that they’re literally forgetting how to achieve basic goals. Working at something over time generally gets better results than when you put in a massive effort for shorter amounts of time.

  • Been doing a similar routine myself for a few months.
    Feel better all round.
    Watch mountain dog on his shoulder routine and see his take on side lateral raises…try it

  • Everyone of the 3 days of working out has to train all muscle groups. Two excersises of four sets, or three excercises of three sets. Every day, or every two days, the two excercises of each muscle group can be different, the last set has to fail. Reps and weight depend on the fitness level. Never skip legs, never skip any muscle, every day has two different compound excercises.
    So find countless push-pull excercises and incorporate them to you own program, adjust as weeks pass, monitor your progressive overload.
    Don’t train with sore muscles, if you feel like that skip the day train the next nobody is hunting you. If you can find time doing some cardio the days you rest is really useful, about 30 minutes with the intensity of your liking. Unfortunately full body takes some time in the gym and considering you have to rest between sets for about 3 minutes it’s rather logn session. Combine this with an ultra low sugar and no junk food diet and the resaults will be very very rewarding, strenght, stamina, mass.
    Happy liftings:)

  • Here is my 2019 Full body routine if any of you guys are interested! Thanks so much for checking out my content! Hope it can bring you value in some way. If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP

  • 2nd day doing 5 day split… Ohhh fuck.. My legs feel like the muscle is coming off the bone. Ive never had to slide down stairs… BUT thank you so much for the skeleton for training and all the content you provide.

  • I do a 5 days on 2 off cycle. Total body but split to not over train. 3×8 most exercises, 24 sets each day. For me I cannot give everything to Squat, Deadlift and Bench in the same workout, I don’t have enough energy to maintain intensity. So I split Squat with Deadlift (Legs + Back) or heavy lower body focus in workoutA then Bench with heavy upper body focus in workoutB. Each workout out I start with heavy compound movements then finish with more isolation movements.

    Using this method I can maintain intensity and feel that I have enough recovery time along with enough frequency.

    Legs (quads calvs hams)


  • Thank you so much,, it’s really going to help,, i just started to workout and my schedule as a doctor is crazy,, so i barely get time to go to gym,, this 3 day split routine will surely minimize the time and maximize the effect,, dude u are a true inspiration

  • Brawn is an excellent book for great gains as a natural lifter, abbreviated fullbody workouts with emphasis on getting stronger on the big compounds.

  • Anyone actually built muscle with full body workouts? I feel like the people who are giving the advice are already built using split workouts then switched to full body

  • hey i have been doing a full body work outs 2-3 days a week but my lower chest and lower abs are lacking muscle can i work on specific lacking muscle groups on days in between?

  • Would you recommend the superhero programme or Greek god programme for an intermediate lifter? And since you’re following the Greek god programme, are you following Greg’s leak bulk protocol of 100 cal surplus on rest days and 500 cal surplus on training days. That’s a lot of questions but would appreciate if you can help me out. Thanks bro

  • i would recomend u a better proteines mate try my protein website
    cheap and quality,or any better preworkout,one u using it is verry bad

  • Bro good stuff you’re putting out!, one question? You like the “general idea “ of the ggp for a cut or better stick to the warrior program? Thanks!

  • Pretty low volume. I’m thinking about switching to somthing similar. Not that I cant handle high volume it’s just you feel like shit all the time. Especially back. My back gets very tired and fatigued

  • Eric i think you r looking at things with the wrong perspective, at least that’s what I felt from the video, you r associating all the bullshit in the industry with huge aspects of training wich is high frequency and enough volume with the right intensitie wich can’t be done in just 3 times per week I think.