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July 18, 2018 Andy Yingling Collaborator. Deadlifts for Tall Lifters A Complete Set-Up Guide. The deadlift. Sometimes looked at as the king of all exercises, as it is one of the lifts that utilizes your entire body to complete the lift, upper and lower body. Not only is it king, but it’s also a true testament of strength, pick it up and put it down.

One exception is when training for a powerlifting competition. The deadlift is the last event at a powerlifting meet, meaning that a lifter has already done three maximum squat and bench-press attempts before mounting the platform for a first deadlift attempt. You’re going to be tired. In a powerlifter’s case, training the deadlift last makes. And there’s no one variation of the deadlift that everyone has to do.

Leverages, ability level, injury history, and preference will determine what’s best for you. But for the conventional deadlift, these “golden rules” work for most people: First, make sure your armpits are right above the bar. Many people set up.

Download the 4 Week Tall Lifts Program here: on My #1 tip for deadlift for tall guys. Watch the whole video to see what it is. Anyway, if you want a simple solution to back troubles on the deadlift, good mornings are for you. They’re great for strengthening your spinal erectors, hamstrings, and back-extension strength. Best of all, they don’t require any special equipment, they’re easy to set up, dead simple to learn, and they’re a breeze to recover from.

Deadlifts come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of training goals. This guide is going to break down the movement in-depth, teach you how to optimize your deadlift technique, and teach you how to start maximizing your deadlift training. The following exercises, set-up cues, and assistance work will apply to not just tall lifters, but those with long limbs as well. I’m in no means an “expert,” but I feel that I can share my knowledge base and help out many lifters out there that are looking for assistance.

Once a lifter reaches a point in their training, doing high volume (a lot of reps and sets) deadlifts with moderate loads (50-60% rm) can place high amounts of neural and muscular stress on the body. Better Grip = Bigger Deadlift. Most lifters deadlift with an alternated grip, which means one palm is facing forward and one palm is facing back.

How to Deadlift – A Step-by-Step Guide. Step 2: Stand up tall. Step 3: Hip hinge driving your hips backward while keeping your torso straight.

Step 4: As your hips go back, reach for the bar. 4. Increase How Often You Deadlift. There are many opinions floating around at how often you should train a particular movement or muscle group in order to build mass..

However, if you have followed any powerlifting or Olympic lifting program written by someone with good credentials in the industry, you will notice a common theme. They all have you doing.

List of related literature:

You want to set up for all four exercises inside a squat rack before you begin.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

Spotters can assist the lifter with removing and returning the bar to the rack.

“AAOS Atlas of Orthoses and Assistive Devices E-Book” by John D. Hsu, John Michael, John Fisk
from AAOS Atlas of Orthoses and Assistive Devices E-Book
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To put together your squat stand, set the height of the barbell to roughly your knee height on the front of the rack.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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In addition to adding leverage and weight to the mob, using a box or bench gives you added mobility, giving you access to areas of your hamstrings that are inaccessible when mobilizing from the floor.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2015

I finish off with partial deadlifts in the rack for the low back and overall back thickness.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

Step 6: Lift the bar off of the rack using an alternated grip upon the command of the subject.

“Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology” by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
from Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology
by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
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VARIATION #6 I VARIATION #7 BUILD YOUR BICEPSITOOI _ _ As you perform the braced squat, Iso Exploswe Body Braced Squat W,”wwkywmmsbydomg ‘.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
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Most people prefer starting from the rack because it makes it easier to load the bar and doesn’t force you to waste energy pulling it off the floor at the beginning of each set.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
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Toe clearances and specific grab bar locations are important as well.

“The Codes Guidebook for Interiors” by Sharon K. Harmon, Katherine E. Kennon
from The Codes Guidebook for Interiors
by Sharon K. Harmon, Katherine E. Kennon
Wiley, 2006

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  • Duno why YouTube recommend me this… I’m 5’4 and on top of that I pull sumo, + my femurs are hella short. What the actual fuck YouTube?

  • Hey CriticalBench, to sum it all up, if you’re tall like me (6’3) you should point your toes out wider when squatting so you can get your glutes down all the way?

  • I have really short arms and legs but a really long torso (think T-rex). If I get in your recommended lift position, my arms don’t reach the bar. I could put the bar on something to give it more height but then my range of motion would be very small. Am I better off finding an alternative to deadlift?

  • I have short arms and femurs with a long torso. I cannot seem to DL (conventional or sumo) without experiencing lower back muscular pain. My deadlift is only up to 320 lbs after years of lifting. I’m beyond frustrated. Any useful advice is welcomed.

  • Love this explanation!
    I’m learning to deadlift and asked a friend to watch me while deadlifting. She told me that I should lower my butt which was very difficult for me since I’m 180cm and built like shape B. She is about 168cm and built like shape C…

  • I’m 188 cm with long legs, stuck at 200 kg deadlift (while also squatting 200) because i can’t find a good position to start, I’ll try this

  • Man I’m 6’4 and deadlifts snd squats seem so smooth for short dudes…they don’t have to come all the way down from the sky basically. Short dudes are lucky….but I’m glad im over 6 foot lol so I’m good

  • I’m 6′ 5” type B and already suck at bench because of my long goblin arms. Thought at least it would make me a good deadlifter but then Alan says 05:03 fml

  • great video watch the Ants tutorial and he is 5 foot 3 he says the exact same thing I think he pulls like 700 or so and he weighs nothing lol Im 6 foot 2 and I realize also the bar does not need to be that close to you and indeed it is a push thru the floor with your legs not a “pull”
    rocco nyc

  • Hey Zack I think there’s an extra letter in your title. It should say “Tips for All Lifters Part 1: The Base”.:-D The important point about catch position that you so clearly illustrate really does apply to all lifters not just tall ones.
    Just discovered your channel recently, already recommended it to a lifter-friend. Excellent content; love the wonderfully concise and straight-forward presentation. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • My grip is my limiting factor as well! When I’m doing mixed grip and go to set my lats, my sup. Hand wants to rotate back around where I am quickly holding on with my first two fingers and thumb. For some reason I can’t seem to keep that hand rotated back

  • Hey man havent deadlifted for years and decided to try after just getting back into lifting a month ago, I warmed up with 60kg for a set of 8 using the method i was using years ago and tried this technique i ended up only doing 85kg for a few sets of 5 but it felt lighter than the 60kg warmup with the unaware RDL technique i was using. Im 196cm btw thanks for your tips mate

  • Im also 6’1 as Kolecki but much thinner…recently narrowed my grip trying to copy his grip and i feel much more powerful on the jerk, contrary to the usual widening of the grip, which shortens the distance the bar has to travel. Unfortunately, started doing the sport after 35, so i don’t have the same hip flexibility as he used to show…if you notice,he always kept his feet pointing forward on the catch and had a very pronounced turning of his back foot on the jerk, very wide split and rear leg bent a little more than what is suggested in russian manuals.

  • Hey allan. Am 13 getting 14 on the 8th of october. just wanna ask u is it healthyu for me to deadlift i do get testical pain, and stomach ache. today i deadlifted 95 kg( i am from eu) and i injured my back. nothing seriouse. and i weigh 96kg. so is it healthy for me or nah?

  • Should I do squats after 2 knee surgeries ( tore LCA twice)? Been avoiding squats and doing leg press. Anyone with similar experience?

  • At 6′-7″ I appreciate this information. I’ve always felt awkward doing squats the way I do because I noticed I maintain tension the entire time as most don’t.

  • Finally. I’m 6’3″ and wanted to get a tutorial on sumo deadlifts but everyone on youtube who gives the sumo tutorial are fucking 5 feet tall. After following the videos I look in a mirror and my form looks nothing like the guys teaching the deadlift and every ounce of power is gone whenever I do the lift based on what they tell me.

  • Hey bro, I recently created a fitness channel. Could u please tell me what camera u use? Or maybe you could tell me some cheap options. Appreciate bro����

  • 6’4” with long legs and a short torso

    I found this out after experiencing way too much lower back pain from following conventional advice of placing the bar over the middle of the foot. If you’re too close you simply cannot get into proper form.

    Placing the bar farther away helped with this.


  • When I do deadlift, I lose my natural arch in my lower back (not to the level that it get flexed, but it gets flat), is it okay? can someone point me to a video or article about it (if it is okay or not?)

  • 6’2” long femur untermensch reporting in. Haven’t started oly yet, but your videos have been a well-spring of quality content that I’ve been using. Also, good procrastination material when I need to study. Thankfully, I live and study in the Netherlands where tall lifters are abound; I’m looking forward to learning from them. Can’t wait for the rest of the series. Congrats on a million channel views. Keep it up, fam. One day, us spindly-folk will rule the world.

  • I have the same exact issues: I’m around 6’0″ (181 cm) with long legs and a short torso. What helped me was taking what I call a “hybrid stance” it’s not quite sumo but it’s not conventional either. My feet are slightly wider than shoulder width, pointed out a bit, and my arms are inside of my knees. This allows me to have the inside of my shins (a few inches above my ankle) make contact with the bar. I cannot make contact with the bar if I’m in a conventional stance following conventional wisdom unless I’m bent way over with my head near me knees.

  • im 5’6″ but i feel like i have a short torso like person b, could that even be correct or i have to deadlift like person c only?

  • I just like using a shrug/trap bar. You stand inside it and don’t have to worry about the barbell scraping your knees and shins….

    Addendum…I just went to the gym and did deadlifts this way with spread legs and toes out. It helped alot. I also didn’t lower all the way to the ground but just below my knees. I know….not a full deadlift but I still could feel the back strengthening effect and…thanks Eliot, this helped. I’m 6’3 btw….

  • For me, pronated grip all the way. I hate mixed grip. Won’t do them. I have, however learned to tolerate sumo deadlifts. Never did a sumo style deadlift til last week. I’m 58 years old.

  • Im not into powerlifting comps nor plan to make one in the near future
    Just a general gym goer

    Can i just stick to rack pulls a little off the floor? My biomechanics are fucked and conventional feels really unnatural but a rack pull feels really good and strong

  • hey zack,
    was wondering if you have any tips on really increasing flexibility/mobility because i’m a tall 6’5 guy like you and my flexibility is awful. Are you naturally flexible or do you stretch loads? thanks

  • Rad video, I’m 6’3, former football (soccer) player for 14 years so I really struggle with dorsiflexion and I can only squat to parralel before but wink occurs, so I’ll be watching closely to up my lifting game, cheers from the UK

  • Deadlift is the only excercise tall people have an advantage. We have a greater moment arm on our hip hinge, but im only 6`4, maybe taller people than me struggle, people like Brian Shaw and Hafthor…..

  • I’m 6’3 and I trained for Weightlifting for the past 6 months, so besides not being an explosive individual myself, the height does not help. You showed some accurate concepts in this video and I’m excited for the rest of the series. Keep it up Zack!

  • You speak the truth!!! I always felt more comfortable with the bar further away, watching my lifts the bar would move move forward as I went to pull because my set up was wrong. Instagram: jahneels I can see the bar moving forward on most of my lifts

  • so Alan Does this mean that a person with longer legs will use more posterior chain and thus its normal to get more sore hams,glutes and back?

  • Going off around 8:35 with the plates hitting unevenly on dead-lifts…. my largest problem tends to be with my overhead press (especially heavy). I have moved to pin presses for my heavy days to prevent bouncing too much and throwing my shoulders around. (shoulder pain was the cue for me doing this). Pin presses have helped me very much in this regard, but I am wondering if there are any cues or other tips you could give.

  • Any more coming? I’m not especially tall but have pretty long femurs compared to the rest of my body other than adjusting my snatch technique and squatting extra so far it’s not been a huge issue but seeing on how to improve more is always great!

  • wish I clicked on this because I actually needed the advice but being the shorty I am, now I feel worse about myself roles back into the midget box

  • Once again great piece. I’m a 6′ weightlifter and I still have trouble pulling the bar to my hip before I pull the bar up and drop under.

  • Hi,I just started lifting weights (went to the gym two times),I am 16yo 1.8m tall and I weigh 90kg,i can bench press 3 times 150pounds,OHP 100pounds,deadlift 162,5pounds and squat only 100pounds.
    The problem is that the gym I go to doesn’t have a power rack,so whenever I want to do a squat I have to deadlift,clean it and then put it above the back,or above the clavicles,and I can squat only 100pounds for five repetitions,I can’t load more because I lack the strength when I have to bring the barbell from behind the head to above the clavicles.
    Also,is it normal to feel a bit of wrist pain during the bench press and squat?
    My goal would be a 250pounds bench press,squat and a 375 deadlift,can I reach them in a month or two?

  • I used used to be 5’10 & I fell off lifting for a while. then I grew to 6’0 & deadlifting felt so weird, thank you so much man this really helped!

  • Alan, I’m going to disagree with your narrow stance. I pull over 600 lbs with a wider stance. I believe the wider stance enables my glutes more which recruits more muscles. If I set up narrower, there’s no way in hell my glutes would fire properly.

  • But your physique is way better looking, I take your physique over 99% of people never liked overly devolved thighs. I know you don’t care just saying����

    Also it seems like u need to use more hips and lower back if you’re taller with long legs compared to short torso do you think this is true even in weightlifting not just powerlifting in the squat for example?

  • I think Kolecki had short arms compared to his legs. Its the long limbs that create issues in order to set the bar into the power position without bending arms. In the clean, the longer arms mean a pronounced bend and that slack means a slight loss of power.

  • I have a bad habit of jumping too wide when catching snatches and this 1.) leads to knee pain and 2.) makes me unstable in the bottom and basically all my snatches are powersnatches. How can I force my brain to jump narrower? I already start with a narrow stance with toes pointed outwards because of my long shins. I’m 6ft tall. I think my body proportions are very similar to Klokov and Alexandr Zaichkov, who I try to emulate.

  • How would you suggest I build a base for Olympic lifts? I am 6 foot 210 and have been training powerlifting and general strength on the starting strength template for about a year-and-a-half and I’m interested in getting a better clean and snatch thanks for any information have a good day

  • Best Guide. I had the same Problem. Starting Strength is probably the worst on teaching how to Deadlift and Squat. Once i started to use more Legs everything got better.

  • You’d think there would be a lot of tall lifters as taller people tend to have a higher muscle building potential. They would take a longer time to reach it, but taller people have naturally larger muscle bellies and as a result should have a higher muscle building potential.

    Just thoughts, correct me a if I’m wrong.

  • I don’t know if you’ll reply but, I was wondering if you can recommend a good hex bar that works for wide muscular tall guys. Everything out there is made for small people.

  • You are the only person that has been able to articulate this. I’m 5’11 but I have an extremely short torso and 37” inseam. I’ve hurt my knees in the past and stopped weight lifting due to it.

  • Great video, I was definitely one of those people ending catching with too narrow a stance. I worked on my hip mobility and moved it out, and almost immediately hit two new snatch pbs. not only that, it also sorted a lot of calf pain that I had been having for months. Still working on getting the new positions dialled but it definitely feels good

  • hi Alan i’m you big fans, so appreciate you teaching powerlifting program, but i got a question about when i do the deadlift, my head also turn a little bit form right. how can i fix this? can i send a video to you? thank u so much.

  • I have been trying to learn and progress my deadlift but I’m a lanky bastard so it has never really felt natural, and my form falls apart quickly. I will try the frog stance, thanks for the tip Alan.

  • Yeah, I’m c type, and I feel I pull better when my hips are lower than they are “supposed be” in the set up. I’ve struggled to match the ideal set up and it feels harder than when I go lower with my hips.

  • Thanks for this series! I’ve always been told that I don’t “look” like a weightlifter because of my slim 6’2″ frame, and that I should choose something else. Gains keep coming and my passion for the sport keeps growing though!

  • Bless! Thank you so much, can’t wait for the following vids on this.
    Stats: 5’11” with a 6’4″ wing span at 220 pounds. Not necessarily super tall, but definitely on the spider monkey side lol.

  • I’m not “tall” but I’m all limbs and no torso. This is awesome. I might have to do a 2nd sesh today just to try a wider pulling stance.

  • Your videos are VERY valuable. I shudder to think how many people have been injured trying to deadlift from a position not commensurate with their body type.

  • Dude I don’t think you know what you’re talking about any more it sounds like you’re pulling it right out of your ass. I’m 6’7 and I deadlift 415 at 17 years old and I’ve been doing conventional forever and I have no problem with it. Just stop

  • I’m stumped man…. I’m 5’9 have short arms short legs and more torso than anything. All I feel I can really do properly is rack pulls below the knee because nothing feels right. Possibly a flexibility issue? I feel like I have the potential to be good with deadlifting because I can rack pull almost 700lbs. Which I know there is a difference. I can do a 405lb deadlift pretty easily I just feel like my body doesn’t like the way I do it and it hurts…. lol mainly hamstrings

  • This is the best video I’ve seen on this subject so far. Thank you very much for the technical details and the tips for us taller folk.

  • Can you make a video, for tips on bicep recovery and best approach on how to get back into deadlifts with more safety precautions? Plz.

  • The problem find with using my legs is my football knee grinds so hard if I even slightly apply pressure to that knee joint. Usually I can keep my knees out of the equation but once in a while I dip a bit too low and bend th knee to much and it fucking kills the rep and set and I gotta stretch it out and shake it off.

  • The technique you’re using to demonstrate is incorrect.
    Your hips shoot up way too early and your knees should stay more forward during the movement (they should nearly not move back until the bar has passed the knees)

  • Wish i knew this when i started working out. Im 6,5 and hated deadlifts. Doing them rn and can already tell that this wide method is 100x better. Thank you

  • I’m 6’8 myself and I am so glad I have found ways to work on my strength and mobility! It can be challenging for tall guys to fill out the frame but trust me guys, it’s all worth it! Compound exercises will be your best friend! Stay strong!

  • Dude I fucking love you. I’m really struggling with my form during my deadlift. I look at the mirror and I can’t seem to not arch my lower back without dropping my hips really low to knee height or below. I’m 6’4 and was utilizing the conventional stance, this video really helps a lot and I’ll be trying this out next time I go to the gym

  • First channel that deals with tall guy’s issues. I’m 193 cm and your videos relate to me. Great videos. Everyone forgets tall men and gives advice for shorter ones. I totally agree with your advice. Thank you!

  • Good stuff man! I’ve been dead lifting wrong for years! 6 1” here and have always had back problems after dL, this position is so much better!!

  • When I look at people doing snatch, sometimes I see them starting with the bar a bit further forward than midfoot, and they pull it back slightly so it ends up an inch or two further back when they’re holding it overhead. So I guess they’re really pushing into the floor with their forefeet. Here’s an example:

  • Thanks a bunch for this! I’ve been needing to hear this for a while.

    6’3” here with a long torso and not the strongest lower back (pulled it a couple times). I’ve been stalling on my deadlift for a while. Rounding in my lower back was minimal on the way up but was there nonetheless and I never managed not to completely round my back on the way down.

    Just tried this with the same weight I was lifting for my conventional deadlifts. For the first time, my deadlift felt the way I was told it should feel: nice push through the heels at the start, solid core and lower back, nice strong upper back in standing position, and nice straight back all the way back down… which makes it way easier to just hit the ground and lift right back up.

    I kept my palms down after reading the bicep tear comments. It’s fine for now. Will switch to a mixed grip when the weight gets heavier.

  • I am 191 cm. I have exact same problem(my shoulder gets round when going down with bard ) I think this shit happens because I cant stand 90 degree that means I have no hip mobility. that shit affects also my squat too.

  • The other issue is proportional small or proportional big. You can be 7 foot and proportional and still have to get way further down to the (relatively) low barbell vs a 5 foot proportional person.

  • Super thank you man. Saved. So much stuff people teach you does not apply to people 6 feet plus. Especially that relationship to the ground and rest at the top of squats. I had surgery and I’m not getting stronger with traditional squats. I’m resting half the time no wonder. Definitely modifying my routine.

  • Interesting video, I’m not tall, but I like watching these kinds of tips.

    With this tip, because you are starting your feet a little more behind then usual, is the center of mass moving a bit forward onto your toes? Is this concerning or did you feel just as balanced as before? I ask because it’s mostly recommended to keep the center of mass of the barbell-lifter system over mid-foot.

  • This video helped me a ton as i’ve got the long torso type and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get my form right. Question for consideration… since I’m basically doing a squat, would squat shoes with the slightly raised heel help?

  • Pete Rubish tip for mix grip is to have the supernated hand an inch or two further out from centre compared to pronated to prevent helicoptering the barbell. Tried this and really helped. For me anyways.

  • Alan, I’d like thank you for the work that went into this video. At 46, I’m relatively new to barbell training, even though I’ve been working out since my late teens. I’m 5’7″ and 230 lbs, with relativety low body fat and a 29-inch inseam. So, hardcore Type C.

    I’ve been having MAJOR trouble figuring the deadlift mechanics out, but what you shared about keeping the bar over the middle of the feet and the scapulae over the bar made ALL the difference in the world. Earlier tonight I was able to do the lift smoothly and for the first time I felt like I was working WITH my body instead of fighting against it.

    You’re a good man, Charlie Brown! Massive tackle hugs from Hattiesburg, MS!

    Rodney McNeely

  • Interesting tips, ill try it out. Im 182cm with short arms so my starting position looks like the 200cm example you drew. I started sumo deadlifting to get a better starting position. Would you recommend sumo deadlifting for someone with my body type?

  • 6’7 here I’m told I’ll fuck up my lower back with squats by many people, I haven’t so far but will it make me a cripple when I’m older?? No-ones answered me.

  • I started deadlifting recently and I have long legs so my leverages is like the 3rd one on the top. It’s such an awkward lift because I have no experience doing it. Going to try these tips cause my lower back feels off and is a little painful.

    Thanks for the upload.

  • thank you for the video im only 6’2 but i have really long limbs my torso length is only 18″ from iliac crest to shoulders. i have an extremely inconsistent dead lift. i feel like i cant apply my full strength when pulling. hopefully this helps.

  • This dude doesn’t look healthy at all. I wonder how long his body can take this massive roid injections. Im 6.7 myself as well and natural, and while I don’t look nearly as big (especially arms), I think I look way better. Longevity is khey

  • Hey brother, I recently came across your channel but have been enjoying catching up on your vids, just wanted to shout out that I appreciate the content/advice you dish out. Keep it up Thrall

  • This is excellent took me forever to figure out in my gut that what Kelly Starrett says isn’t gospel and even longer to understand my leverages. Wish I had found your videos before the shoulder, neck, knee, and ankle nagging injuries started.

  • You should t have vertical Shins in a deadlift. I dont know Who told you That, but you have My permission to hit them with a hammer.

    The first diagram on the left is actually a really good representation of how a conventional pull looks like. Shoulders Are IN FRONT OF THE BAR, not directly above it or behind it.

    EVERYONE cat get into the perfect starting position for a deadlift. EVERYONE. It might look slightly different person to person, but EVERYONE can do it.

  • 6’4 225lbs here with a max deadlift of 665lbs conventional. Never had a problem with my knees. ‘Lock and load’ the hamstrings and they shouldn’t be in the way.

  • Just watched this video for the first time! So helpful, as I am shaped as person B. If you are shaped like person B, do your hips and shoulders still rise in unison?

  • People, people, the reason he does partial reps on squat is because he’s training for hypertrophy so time under tensions is king.

  • It always confused the heck out of me when people say deadlifts arent a leg exercise when at least for me, it feels pretty much the same as a squat with depth being really the only difference. I guess the takeaway is always: make sure the bar path is unimpeded and you’re on secure footing.

  • Warm up to the most you can deadlift double overhand and hold for 5-10seconds, then do all your working sets with mixed grip weather they are heavier or not. Intensity builds grip better than volume

  • Thanks. I know this is an old video, but I’m the long legs guy. I be always struggled with the bottom portion of the dead lift. I’ve always leaned back and scraped my shins to get the weight off the floor…this has helped me a lot.

  • I’m body type C (short legs, long torso) and it’s impossible for me to deadlift with high hips. I always round my back in this position and it feels very unnatural and uncomfortable. On the other side, deadlifting with low hips feels much more natural and comfortable for me, but I don’t want to use only my legs and nothing else in the lift and I don’t want to turn the deadlift into a squat. Any tips?

  • 192cm ovdje, prekjucer sam otkrio tvoj kanal i danas primijenio ovo, recimo da je prosli put deadlift bio 100kg x5 RPE 8, danas je bilo 110kg x5 RPE 5, hvala!:)

  • Thank you. I am 176 cm tall so i am not too tall. The thing is i have really long legs and when i set up my back is nearly horizontal and it feels like shit, not uncomfortable straight up shit. I will try to use your tip next time i am deadlifting. Thank you very much.

  • Hey Alan, quick question. Do you have a stretch/cool down routine after squats/DL/bench days? If so could you possibly make a video on how to properly “stretch” and if you should even stretch after lifting. Thanks!

  • Wow. Pointing my toes out further fixed my conventional deadlift. I struggled for a long time with conventional DL because I couldn’t get my back flat or not tear up my shins. The greater toe angle helped tremendously and has allowed me to go back to conventional, I’ve been doing sumo for a few months. But all things being equal I prefer conventional. Thanks a lot Alan!

  • im only 6’1 but the deadlift is pure nightmare for me. i Have leg length of 35inches and my arms are 32inches i have 90degress flat back when i pull conventional.

  • How do you know if you have the correct starting position for your body type, or if your position actually needs improvement? Im a somewhat tall girl with long legs. My position looks pretty good most of the time but with heavier weight I feel maybe my back is too horizontal…confused

  • Thanks, your video is very useful.
    I have a question. How different is the way to deadlift according to psrson’s body type??
    I would like to know proper body type between doing stiff conventional deadlift and smo deadlift

  • I saw a video from the 2017 Worlds; it was a Brazillian lifter by the name of Gregorio Machado Marco Tulio. The dude was a beast of a lifter and super tall in the 94Kg division. Perhaps we tall liters could also learn some positioning from him as well.

  • Thanks bro im 6″8 maaaann I get all the eyes looking at me when I do squats.. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or what but as I learn from you I’m becoming more confident. �� #Fk_them_haters

  • Hey Alan, this is such a great video. I’m built like person “B”. I’m 6’3 and all legs! Until recently I thought my mobility was not good enough to deadlift, but then I tried setting up like your figure “B” video. Setting up with my hips high feels so natural AND I feel much stronger starting from this position. Thanks for the help!

  • 6.5 here. I have learned what you said from experience too. If you don’t feel your quads when you start to deadlift (aka leg drive) then you are doing a Romanian deadlift (you pull with your back). Many not tall people do this mistake too. I have actually read somewhere that deadlifts are squats but with weight in different position. Maybe it should be renamed to deadpush. Keep up with the good work.

  • Wouldn’t the palms up grip cause biceps tear? I mean not necessarily with lightweight, but when using heavy weight…could that be a problem?


  • This is something that has always made sense to me intuitively, but that I’ve been hesitant to implement out of fear that Mark Rippeto would come to my house and what my arse if I put my shins more than 1 inch away from the bar. I have ridiculously long femurs in comparison to my torso… Kids used to make fun of me for how Hi my hips are/short my torso looks back in my high school sports days. If I dead lift using the conventional wisdom, my back is quite literally parallel to the floor, and there ceases to be any difference between a deadlift and a stiff leg deadlift for me. I’m going to try slightly adjusting my approach to the bar and my cues off the ground at the beginning of my next cycle starting tomorrow.

  • Hey Zack, im 17, 6’3 about 155lbs, im definetly a strong build upper body, my bench hit 225 my freshman year, but my squat still struggles to get to 225, and my dead lift 225 aswell, any tips on that? recently started power cleans and want to start snatching, hang clean max right now is 155lbs and snatch havnt maxed, any tips for these lifts i mentioned besides bench?? Also wanted to add, im not trying to show off anything, clearly these numbers arnt the best but i wnted you to have a general understanding of where im at.

  • 6’7″ here, only just got interested in weightlifting, my mobility is pretty bad and I can at most just muscle snatch and sorta power clean, and I’ve always been really self conscious of how wide I like to go when practicing drills. You give me hope though that maybe one day I’ll be able to execute a decent snatch and a decent clean.

  • Good stuff man. At 6’4 I can relate to having a bit of form probs although I’m compensating by lifting lower weights. This was some good advice though. Cool thing I’m on my way to the gym and it’s actually back-day today, and I didn’t watch this video because of that. Syncronicity?

  • I have always found Alan’s content very good and he has some great advice but I have to object to his answer to the last question because as well all know all deadlifts start at 135:-)

  • I’m 6 feet, and my friend is 6’6. My hips are higher than his. For my hands to reach the barbell, my knees must go very far past my toes…the other 2 options are to round my back or stick my ass further back (causing me to fall backwards)…this video was helpful. So many idiots with ape-shape bodies do not understand the difficulties of a long legged deadlifter. Thanks Elliot!

  • This helps alot. I can keep a neutral back doing a deadlift this way. I’ve been working on my mobiltiy alot the last couple months. Should I shoot to eventually do a normal narrower than shoulder width stance eventually or if I stick with this will this give me everything I need for this movement? I’m 6’3″ 155 lbs and lanky.

  • 8:10 I have this same exact problem when deadlifting; one end of the bar touches the ground before the other, and the bar shifts a little with each rep. I’ve been told it’s because I have a tightness on one side (lats or traps or something, I don’t know exactly).

  • good video. just went back into dls…form was good till 150kgs…but 160 onwards it just died, got a lecture from my girl whose a PT. i tended to do regular stance, but being 178cms i may need to go back to using a raised box or stance change for any lifts above 150.

  • AMAZING video! i was RDL-ing like u before I discovered this legpress clue. Its so easy yet so effective. went from RDL 180kg to 200 in my first try with the new technique

  • Can you talk about squatting with long legs? I have really REALLY long femurs and it affects my ability to squat below parallel without being bent in half.

  • :45 Lol, other videos you said start 1 inch from your shins. That looks like 2-3 inches or more. No wonder I’ve plateaued at 215lbs for 8 months.

  • I know this is an older video, but can the athlete work toward a normal knees facing forward stance or is this permanent for taller athletes?

  • bro ive been waiting for this, lol im 6’3 @ 225 lbs with long ass femurs and have always felt discouraged when doing my oly lifts believing that ill never hit good numbers

  • im a tree right here but have no problem with deadlifting conventional so shut the fuck up and just do it.

    u just gotta gain some weights. Then you will be fine.

  • To be fair I always set up the more conventional way for the first rep and wonder why my body seems to naturally drift more towards (what I thought was ‘incorrect’) what you were doing by the 2nd or 3rd rep. I guess my body knows what is the more efficient way!

  • ahh thanks man, not knowing this i was considering to try Sumo because i feel i have the right set up but my back is almost parallel to the floor

  • HI Zack…I’m north of 6’6″ with a lanky build and have been oly lifting for several years. It’s very hard to find others walking the same mile in my shoes to compare notes with. Thanks for putting this series up!

  • I’m 196cm and deadlifts were always so uncomfortable. I tried what you said about getting away from the bar and holy shit it did wonders for me. The lift feels much easier and more comfortable. Thank you

  • I literally decided to rebuild my DL from one plate up after reading your cue (after realizing you are literally the only person on YouTube talking about a lot of your cues) and I’ve gotta say it makes all the difference. (As usual) I’ve had to humble myself a little in terms of weight since my quads are shit but the movement has never felt safer and I have no doubt I’ll surpass my previous pr in no time. The reality is most tall guys have crap quads and spend most of their time in the gym compensating for it ripping weight off the floor with the posterior chain and their arms. All it ever took was a pair of squat shoes, some ankle mobility drills, and the courage to fight the conventional wisdom and push those knees out over your toes. Can’t help but stop by to say thanks yet again! Lookin forward to your next tip!

  • You totally missed arm length and also you’ve drawn the knees angled forward over the barbell which is not correct. You are wasting force. The correct bar path is straight up(like you said), and the correct direction of force output is straight down. That is the most efficient.

  • I’m (doctor’s measurement) 6’2 in the boots I work out in. I’m (home measurement) about 6′ 1/8″ with bare feet. After two years of working out 9 months consistantly my max deadlift is over 400 lbs. First day in yhe gym, I got 225 for a double with awful form. I started at 150 lbs bodyweight. I’m about 170 now. Not entirely relevant to the video. Just celebrating progress.

  • hi, i tried deadlifts today for the 1st time after a 6 year break and it was a pain in the ass. Even with only 135 lbs it felt super uncomfortable. Im 1,99m, thats about 6 foot 6 inches..when i try to hold my back as straight as possible i violate my chinbones. What do you think about hexbar-deadlifting?

  • 193cm here, agree 100% with what was said here. Wish I watched this before finding this out through trial and error. Bro what’s your Instagram, would really appreciate if you could check my form.

  • Sometimes I feel like people find excuses through their proportions if they aren’t the same as Ivanov or Suleymanoglu. A good amount of people with “long limbs” aren’t actually suffering problems from anatomy as much as a lack of mobility, strength, and consistent movement patterns. There have been many great long limbed weightlifters. Talakhadze, Zlatev, Vardanian, Kolecki, Akkaev, Klokov, Markov…hell, based off that list there, your total is more likely to be determined by how many K’s, V’s, and Z’s you have in your name. This isn’t meant to ignore that an athlete with long limbs will have to move differently from one with short limbs. But just accept that and move forward lifting huge weights instead of blaming genetics constantly. All leverages have pros and cons.

  • good tip ill try, i dont understand how u can have people of different lengths lift off the floor at the same height, makes 0 sense. seems like a oldschool meat head thing, just lift it off the floor bro. i can kinda relate im only 5’11 but my legs are hella long and my wingspan is 5’9 and my squat has always been over my deadlift….

  • What if i can’t deadlift a 45 plate on both sides and the 35’s (if I can find one at my gym that’s why I usually use 25s and add 10s to it) are too low. I am not that flexible and can’t bend that low while keeping my back straight?

  • Why don’t you reveal the only effective trick to deadlift more that is listening to death metal? come on man, be onest, I know you know…

  • anybody else find it incredibly hard to squat parallel with long femurs? I’m 6 ft 3 and long legged. always had this problem even with stretching

  • Why have one hand flipped around from the other?? Do you switch them around. Like right hand fwd, lft backwards. Then rght hand backwards,left fwd? I’m referring to the deadlift. I’m 6’7″ as well. And only weigh 170lbs. I watched your other videos on tips for growing size and I’m gonna use all these tips and methods your showing us tall guys.
    I wanna grow but, never felt like the normal way of working out was getting me anywhere. And it always felt awkward trying what regular size people did

  • I’m not very tall about 6′ 1/2″ but the deadlift has been the most difficult big compound lift for me to dial in. In the bottom i am, like you say, basically parallel to the ground. These last couple dead lift sessions i discovered that i can lift more easily by moving back away from the bar, and now here i am listening to you say exactly that so there’s definitely truth to it!

  • lol guys …. lock out on ur squats. It will build up ur knees so that when u squat heavier it will not snap up xD.. u dont just train for muscles but for longevity. theres things called connective tissues,tendons ligaments that also need to be strengthed. dont listen to this roidhead.

  • I watched your first bench video. I had to restart my whole bench because in order for my chest to activate I had to switch grip hella wide. Thanks.

  • Solid video. Love Alan’s no-fluff approach. I’ve seen the concepts of this video elsewhere, but Alan just distilled it into a perfect presentation. Do we not have an award for this sort of thing??

  • Hey man thanks for affirming what I was feeling about the conventional setup, it sets me up way too close to the bar and doesn’t work for my leverages at all. If I can give you a tip back I would say your hips shoot up a bit fast on those lifts, maybe you should pull the slack out of the bar a bit more carefully, sometimes that quick yank at the bottom destroys your hip position

  • 6’3″ 200 lbs 40 years of age. Working out for tall people is different. Let’s learn from each other and shock and awe these little short torque guys. And women. Lol because, yeah.

  • With respect to proportions, what ratios are we talking about between the Tibia, Femur, upper torso and arm length for persons A, B and C?

  • When I work with clients who have a garage but not rack, I’ll put the empty bar or bar with 10-pound metal plates on it or what have you on paint cans. Very similar height to a 45# plate.

  • My hips shooting up too fast wasn’t because I was too low, it was because I wasn’t bracing properly and my hamstrings weren’t tight enough.

    Doing the “butt bounce” you see people do before they get into position helped me a lot, since it automatically creates tension, and after doing it for a while I was subconsciously able to get into the proper form without doing the bounce after a while.

  • 39 years old
    123kgs cutting
    136.6kgs usually bulked
    14% bodyfat atm, i usually bulk to about 20%
    Martial arts a few times a week
    Weights 4 times per week
    Weighted crossrope workouts daily
    Yoga and dynamic stretching routines
    300grams of protien approx perday
    The rest fat and carbs
    I carb cycle like Vince Gironda
    No steriods ever
    Been lifting all my life….25 years natural

    I’d love to see what i could do with a few courses of juice with ny frame and yeara n yeara n years of ligament n tendoin development….maybe oneday lol

  • I’m happy that you think about tall lifter! I’m 6.1 AND I have also poor ration.. you should really check ratio of trunk/femur regardless of the height and also the underestimate ratio femur/tibia… lot of girls have this issues…or tall guy like me as well!

  • Good video!! I would add that for Cleans, arm length can be a factor when finding the right starting stance. Longer arms allow your stance to be narrower while still being in an optimal pulling position. Shorter arm lifters sometimes have to stand a bit wider to get the torso in the right position.

  • So glad I ran across this video…I’m 6′-7″ also and always felt like squatting was so difficult doing the full extension. At least I know I’m not insane now.

  • Thanks for the video. 190cm here. It was really frustrating for me when I literally followed every step from any video and still my back was in a really bad position and the trainer in the gym was telling me that I needed to lower it more. But that is physically impossible for me.

  • Iam 6”7 and this really helped me out I have always trained with smaller people since I was this tall from like 14 lol they made me feel like I was doing it wrong

  • I had to watch for a coworker wanting advice, I’ll definitely recommend to him. Poor kids 6’8″, a whole foot taller than I could understand, wants to lift weights and Bulk up, but won’t squat or deadlift. The DL still has a back look but you could actually see the legs lifting. Thank you for helping our tall bastards lift safely.

  • 6’6 and I really appreciate this. You can make Tall Guy videos all day long. There’s not enough in my opinion.
    I struggle with chest. Long arms.
    My shoulders seem to take over no matter what and that’s really bad because I’ve torn both rotator cuffs.
    Make some more vids, especially with the angles.

  • pretty good channel!! im 5’11 ish and I think all these tips will help me regard to my dl is always putting stress on my lower back and i noticed I have a rounded back issue plus not enough leg drive

  • I think its unfair in competition. 8-1/2″ from floor to bar. they should increase the height for taller men, we can do alot more and show up those smaller guys who make the rules

  • Anyone else have disc problems? I’ve got a bulging L4-L5 that was developmental. I’m usually okay if I wear my belt, but it’s still difficult to deal with sometimes. Anyone have any experience/advice?

  • I’m just under 6’5 it drives me crazy when dudes that are 5 ft. tall tell me I’m deadlifting wrong because i don’t have butt on the ground haha definitely have to compensate. But everyone is different.

  • Just cause he takes roids don’t mean its not sound advice. Would you not take advice from Jay Cutler or Arnold Schwarzenegger? They took roids too.

  • Hey Alan. Thanks for all your videos. I am a beginner and takes instructions from your very useful videos. I notice on your way down while deadlifting you just let the barbell go on the floor. I normally descend very slowly keeping the same form as when I am lifting up. Is keeping the form so as to stretch the hamstrings on the way down important? Thanks.

  • Hey Arron u say about the ones brother about that. I’ve been at this for 12 years and my biggest squat I had was 500. But if I ever let my knees in front of my feet. My knees would ache badly. U don’t have that issue?

  • Thanks again for this video. I fall in the tall and short torso category and nearly parallel back when setting up. Have to remind myself this is the setup for my type and deal with it.

  • Tall guy checking in. 185cm and 88kg. Thanks for this! I have a bit of an unrelated question, suited to your expertise.. I am currently coming back from a shoulder injury and my mobility isn’t bad but I’d like to work on it. However, I know over stretching the shoulders can lead to joint instability and more injuries. How often do you think I should stretch them? I also think they could benefit from just being stronger!

  • It feels a lot harder when I do it like this than when I do normal stance. However, I’m assuming this is good since it’s probably working more correct muscles and therefore is somewhat more difficult. But if someone could tell me if my assumption is correct I’d appreciate it

  • I got this video in my recomendations and I’m so glad I found this chanel! As soon as I heard your accent I thought “ovaj je hrvat 100%”

  • That metal intro just won me as a subscriber! Thank you for the tips. I’m 6’1 and I found it difficult to deadlift without rounding y back, now I know what to check out for. Thanks again.

  • At 6′ 2″ this could be very beneficial for me. The way you have described it makes total sense. Will change my set up and let you know how I get on.

  • I don’t know how much of a problem is biceps on a mix grip, but tbh I have such a weak biceps in comparison with the rest of my body that I would never even bother trying to pull with my biceps

  • Great tips for tall guys. Your tips for Deadlift and bench press helped me a lot, so please keep making great videos like this:D.

  • This helped me so god damn much I’m 6’2 and have been trying to figure this out for so long, now I know my quads are just weak af ��

  • Subscribed for this. Very informative. I did not realize I get to put in less leg power with having a B-type of body long legs and short torso.

  • B so i just use back machine and many reps and sets, shou;d use power rack and support bars to set bar as high as the A type, since A is 25 or less % thr the light already

  • This is probably why my lower back tends to get sore after deadlifting. I am shorter than you, but I am still 1,85 meter tall, and in addition my arms aren’t that long for my height (I finish my deadlifts with the bar at my crotch).

    I should see if I could use more leg drive… I did and it was a resounding success; I pulled 185 kilos x 7 reps @ RPE 7… one of my easiest sets ever with that kind of weight. It’s been a long time since my 75% felt so light. Many thanks!

  • I’m a person B with relatively short arms, trained only conventional for 2 years and got to 160 kg, form always felt shitty, tried sumo once and instantly pulled 170 easily, let’s see how fast can i progress training sumo now.

  • This a great starter video to get a person investigating the effects of their proportions. Just keep in mind there’s more measurements beyond these to consider. You might even find you’re destined for a rather unorthodox approach. This is about a.01% type situation. But if you’re watching this then you’re probably a proportional oddball of some sort. For example, in my silly case…. I have a long torso and slightly favorable wingspan. Suggests the upright squatish position yes? EXCEPT!… I also have disproportionately longer femurs which puts me too far behind the bar in said setup. Surprisingly with higher hips it puts me right in perfect range. My deadlift looks almost like a stiff legged deadlift. In fact, the bar sits over the balls of my feet and my knees don’t get flush with the fronts of my arms. And yet the bar moves fast, in a perfectly straight line, and my spine stays neutral. There is virtually no tension on my lower back (even at the end of 90% triples my back barely feels any stiffness). And I’m currently doing 550 lbs at 195 lbs bw. Point being….. praise be to Alan for setting you on the path to reconsidering your start. If you’re confident you’ve attained the necessary flexibility and are still suffering back issues…. measure the crap outta yourself, bust out a camera in side view, put some medium weight on the bar, and play around until something feels decent. You may need to drop a ton of weight from your current max (i went from a painful 400 down to pain free 315 that rose quickly upon my discovery), but it’ll be worth it in the end.
    Ps. I came to my freakish form with the help of a professional powerlifting coach who was as surprised as I to find this to be my ideal leverage. Our meat sacks are fuckin weird.

  • When deadlifting do you let your shoulders move forward (down) by the weight or is it only a hip movement? Which muscle group should I initiate first?

  • I’m 6’7 as well, 285lbs. Currently working on all compounds but specifically I’m working on my weakest link, my bench. Still trying to find my sweet spot for my form. Thanks for the great tips���� You’re a fuckin monster

  • Fantastic explanation! I’ve never heard it explained where I actually understood it. If we dont know which body type we are can we just assume we are neutral and use the technique that feels natural to us?

  • i am 193cm tall, i can deadlift with classic technique but my front legs are bleeding becouse bar is skretch them, when i try sumo deadlift it was ok, but i cannot lift so hard weight like with classic technique.

  • I have fairly short arms (( My wrist is maybe 1 inch below my waist line ) Standing with arms to my side)). I am brand new to lifting and your videos have inspired me to try to become as strong as I can instead of just losing some weight. I was very worried about dead lifting because my form looks so odd but it is because of my arm length ( perhaps because i am new at it too). Watching this video has relieved me a lot, I believe that I was just over thinking it. I appreciate all of the videos and thanks for the inspiration!

  • I’m a tall guy 6’3″ with really long legs and arms. I never really feel this exercise in my hamstrings. And when I think about doing this exercise. I tip until 45 degrees and more or less do the same motion as a squat. When I stand up, I just reverse this motion.

    Is there a better way to do the exercise?

  • Found this video a little too late. Fucked up my lower back for now. Will get back to it soon once I can. But for now, can I get a F in the comment please thanks…lmao

  • My problem is I’m morbidly obese trying to lose weight, so I’ve been lifting weights full body workout, but doing deadlifts I’m long waisted, and I think I’m not keeping my back Straight enough.

  • deadlift and squats totally wrong. in squat you have to go full otherwise it will effect on your knees badly if you will stop half way. and deadlift you dont have to lift your back first. it has to be together.

  • I’m 6’6″ with very long arms. Basically NBA player shape. I’ve always been advised to only go as far down as my elbows being even with my shoulders. Any further than at is very painful because it hyper extends. At first I avoided that advice, but then I hurt my shoulder letting the bat hit my chest. Maybe my grip wasn’t wide enough.

  • Very good video. You are saving a lot of spines. I discovered this video after adjusting it with the help of a trainer who had actually competed in powerlifting competitions, but this is exactly the same thing. Thank you. 6’1 here.

  • Thanks you for this tips 😉
    You have see the deadlift tutorial video of Brian Shaw (in supertraining channel)?
    He teach to tall guys to have a widder feet placement, every deadlift are differents like squat! ^^

  • 6’5″ here. I bulged my L5 lower spine disc three times doing squats too low and into flexion ( butt wink ). Having a longer body means more pressure on the pivot points. The fix for me is doing front squats so that my spine is closer to vertical and less chance of going into flexion. I do deadlifts with the bar about 5″ higher off the floor on platforms. You have to know and understand your safe range of motion. It’s not a one size fits all just because you’re tall.

  • I have a serious question… why do you drop the barbell on the way down? Is there a reason? I always thought it should be a tight controlled movement; and while I DO produce a little clang. at the bottom, you look like it’s going BANG! BANG! BANG! Am I doing it wrong?
    (Note, I’m a bodybuilder so my goal is time under tension, not weight lifted).

  • the picture with short legs and long torso doesn’t mean long arms, that’s my case and I end up looking like the long legged picture

  • This is what I ve looking for man…!!
    I ve been always confused what is really correct bar position for deadlift for tall man then you ve just gave me the super good answer for my question mate!!!

  • Great informative video!!! This the 1st time I saw video about Tall Lifters!!! THANKS MAN!!! KEEP UP SOME OF THE BEST VIDEOS I SEEN ON YOUTUBE SO FAR!!!

  • Great video! I am 1.96m and I just stopped deadlifting because I didn’t trust it with my back. I have heard of the leg push and using your body as a crane, but I have never heard anybody say to stand further away from the bar. Thanks, looking forward to more video’s!

  • hello, im 16yo, 6’5 and 185lb with 215lb bench 275lb squat ad 315 deadlift looking for advice on how to grow my arms and chest better. kinda hard to do since im so tall

  • I’m 6’2, but I also have short arms in comparison to my leg length, also have under active/tight glute and hams, so I need this just as much as someone whose 6’4

  • I’ve had some lingering SI nerve pain on my right side, which seems to be reactivated every time I deadlift. I assume it’s something with my form? I’m 6’1″ if that helps any.

  • This is so helpful! I kept getting stuck at my shins trying to get the bar past my knees. I explained to my trainer I thought it was an issue with my proportions, he laughed and said it’s a core strength issue…?

  • It only took me 2 deadlift training days to stop my thumbs from hurting《hookgrip》. My pain tolerance is little above average I’ve noticed tho

  • I dont understand why its harder for person b to deadlift, because you said that person b uses more posterior chain, it means more hamstring and glute activaion, and less quad activation.
    Person c uses less posterior chain, it means more quad activation and less hamstring and glute activation.
    Thats all because of the degree of the knees.
    So if its all correct, it means that person b uses more muscles than person c, so person b should lift more weight easily.

  • “The base”. So this is what you meant! I have to give this back squat setting a go. In the end, it’s just an accessory for the main lifts and it should try to mimic the positions to help ingrain them in our bodies.

  • Hey mate

    6’5 shy off 6’6. Your physiques something I’m aspiring towards and wanted to ask about your diet (Calorie intake), and arm accessory work

    These arms of mine are noodles. Keep up the great work