Deadlift Strength – 5 Plateau-Busting Exercises for any Big Pull


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Deadlift Strength 5 Plateau-Busting Exercises for a Big Pull. The deadlift is the king of pull exercises involving the hip hinge. This brutal compound exercise trains muscles from head-to-toe. Bodybuilders train the deadlift to build muscular spinae erectors, beastly trapezius muscles, and build overall back thickness through isometric contraction. In the same interview, Dancer casually mentioned he pulled his then all-time best deadlift of 695lb without having deadlifted heavy for eight months.

In light of this, here are five accessory work exercises you can do (especially if your deadlift hasn’t improved in a while) to help improve your deadlift without even deadlifting with a barbell. 1. Deadlifting for high(er) reps doesn’t make sense. When we get in the 5-10 rep range, I find that form becomes suspect at best.

My deadlift programs tend to stay in the 1-5 rep range, even for beginners. Working in a 1-5 rep range allows people to hone in on technique. Focusing on these exercises in combination with the deadlift cue mentioned earlier will make a big difference in improving your lift. MISTAKE 3: Not Maintaining A Straight Bar Path. In order to perform an efficient deadlift, the barbell path needs to be as short as possible from start to finish.

Pull the toes of your right foot toward your shin, and simultaneously pull them down toward the ground (so both down and up). As such the below two exercises are ideal: Weighted pull-ups (top of the deadlift strength) Rack-pulls (removing the bottom portion of the lift) Any combination of paused, quad dominant squats, deficits and rack pulls will improve your deadlifting capabilities no end. Top 5 Deadlift Assistance Exercises 1. Front Squat.

Plateaus in weight-training suck. Plateaus in fat-loss suck, too. Plateaus in our strength and performance?

You got it — they suck! No longer do we need to fall victim to the plateau; throughout this article, I’m going to give you 5 GUARANTEED ways to analyze. Stand on a raised mat or a 45-pound bumper plate with a bar resting against your shins. Drop your hips, with your back straight, and pull the bar as you would for a deadlift. Once it’s at your knees, pull the bar, leading with your elbows, and row it to your stomach.

Sets x Reps:3-5 sets of 10 reps each. The four categories of exercises listed above all develop strength. The Olympic-style lifts teach an athlete how to apply that strength rapidly, which is an important skill for athletes.

But you also need to give special consideration to the programming and accessory exercises, which will help prevent injury but also improve your performance in the squat and deadlift.

List of related literature:

To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

Barbell Lunge Combo 4 x 6 each leg (front/reverse) Minimal rest C) Barbell Front Squat 4 x 8

“Men's Health Natural Bodybuilding Bible: A Complete 24-Week Program For Sculpting Muscles That Show” by Tyler English, Editors of Men's Health Magazi
from Men’s Health Natural Bodybuilding Bible: A Complete 24-Week Program For Sculpting Muscles That Show
by Tyler English, Editors of Men’s Health Magazi
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2013

If you’re just learning how to back squat, I recommend sticking with either the low-bar or the high-bar variation.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2015

(2) Using primarily the muscles of the back, lift the bar upward until it touches the upper abdominals, then lower it again, under control, back to the starting position; then immediately start your next rep.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

De-emphasize upward pull until upper trapezius dominance is eliminated.

“Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation: A Team Approach E-Book” by Charles E Giangarra, Robert C. Manske
from Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation: A Team Approach E-Book
by Charles E Giangarra, Robert C. Manske
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

Each of those exercises falls into one of the five aforementioned basic human movement patterns, which are: the squat (bending at your knees and hips), hip hinge (bending at your hips), push (pushing something away from you), pull (pulling something toward you), and plank (keeping your torso stiff).

“Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit” by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
from Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit
by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
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Once they can do that without struggle, I start to experiment with the more complex squat variations, such as the barbell front squat and back squats.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Once you become comfortable with the pulls, you can begin to play with the actual power-clean and power-snatch exercises.

“Men's Health Power Training: Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles Through Performance-Based Conditioning” by Robert Dos Remedios, Michael Boyle, Editors of Men's Health Magazi
from Men’s Health Power Training: Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles Through Performance-Based Conditioning
by Robert Dos Remedios, Michael Boyle, Editors of Men’s Health Magazi
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VARIATION #4 VARIATION #5 Single-Leg Barbell Good Morning Zercher Good Morning Position the barbell across your upper back and hold it with an Position the barbell in the crooks of your arms, and hold it overhand grip.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

Holding the weight on the back of your shoulders, with your feet either flat on the floor or with the heels elevated by one-inch blocks, keep your upper body straight and lower yourself into a full squat.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
from Arnold
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
Simon & Schuster, 1977

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  • The best advice Dorian gave in one of his books, I forgot which one, was to pull with your elbows not your hands..Dorian said, think of elbowing somebody when training back..The best advice ever.

  • Glute harm raises are almost a miracle. 1 month after adding them to my workout, my squat went up 15 pounds.

    I normally start with bw and then grab a 15kg plate, do a bunch of sets, and then do another extra 1 or 2 sets with a 20kg plate. At that point I´m tired but warmed up, so I can really “explode” on the concentric.

    Would love to use a bar and add weight instead of being limited to “hugging a plate”, but since the machine has got 2 big ass handles, I can´t go full ROM without hitting the bar on the handles and probably getting my ass kicked out of the gym.

  • Off topic a little, if you could help me out here Scott, or anyone else who’s shredded af I could use some advice here.

    I’m 16, about 5’11, 12 stone? I believe that’s underweight? However I’m trying to eat more, and better. My question is.

    I don’t use a gym, I do home workouts and have been for about 3 months now. I do a variation of crunches, and push-ups daily. So, is it possible to achieve a shredded six pack with doing JUST home workouts? No equipment whatsoever, is that possible? And if so what would be recommended workouts to do? (Don’t question weight, I’ll try to fix that)

  • You guys are really complaining too much. It’s not a big deal. Scott is just letting us know about a product HES using that’s bettering his lifts. 40 isn’t that much at ALL for Gains. You drop more for that on pills and shakes her dont even work. We KNOW these work

  • Sweet tips, off-the-floor has always been my DL sticking point. Going to try these out (esp. the Nordic Hamstring Curl, my gym has one of those angled GHR things, which I use, but the NHC will give me a different resistance curve from what I’m used to). Thanks Brian!

  • nice thanks for the information. I only can bench 115lb right now and micro loading sounds like a solution to go up in weight for me because when i try 120lb i just can not do it. And i do have a question about incline bench press, how come it is much harder to do then the flat bench. And i also think i will try them with incline to maximize my input. Thank you again, i love your videos.

  • Hello! What do you recommend for curing shoulder tendonitis? I performed exercises to strengthen the shoulder. But it ignites again

  • 1 minute rest vs. 3 minute rest. Metabolic stress vs. mechanical stress. Resting more between sets increases mechanical stress (able to lift more resting more) which is more beneficial to muscle growth than metabolic stress (consistent muscle fatigue).

  • Just tried to beat my DL PR with 462 pounds, could not get it off the floor.
    Weighting 170 pounds, I still think it’s not a bad number

  • I’ve started doing good morning squats on purpose. My knees are trashed and I haven’t been able to do squats since December. I was sticking on my deadlifts, so I started doing good mornings. I realized I could get some Quad activation if I leaned way back and bent my knees as I did the good morning, while keeping my shins perfectly vertical. While this is nowhere near as good as a real squat, I like being able to walk without pain, and the last time I did real squats, I couldn’t do that.

  • Anabolic aliens im skinny well not that skinny i only look skinny but when i flex i have a pretty good decent size mucle and im trying to bulk up to get to the point where i dont have to flex my arms in order for them to look big and heres my problem im trying to eat at least 200 more calories than in takes to maintain my weight and i just cant do it i cant eat much food i have to eat at least 2,270 calories and i only get at least 2,000 can i still see results from eating just 2,000?

  • how come he has gone from so big to so so small? weird eh…. keep that back still….. jesus dorian cant you see this fella cant handle the weight properly its killing him

  • I’m running your linear program at the moment, I wanted to ask you when it’s the time to test new PRs.
    Obviously when I have the right mind set but what about when my body is ready. I ‘m on week 3 now, shall I wait till I finish the 3 months and then test?

  • Hey man, first of all great videos. Second. l need some tips. lm 16yrs old and recently lve been squatting a lot. and developed knee pain. Any help?

  • At 2’35”, the guy does what I see every ‘big guy’ do in the gym, he always gets up again after a pull. Normally you cannot compensate with your body weight, you have to isolate the muscle exercise. But why is this the most discussed ecercise? I often hear there’s a gain and often I hear you have to keep the body quiet, like Dorian Yates says (you don’t have contraction), but if you always get back again and lean backwards you DO have the contraction. Somebody help please?

  • Block/Rack pulls worked wonders for me, don’t have them back home in my town now that I’m home for summer holidays, what do? 1, Go to more expensive gym, 2, Bring planks to LA Fitness equivalent gym?

  • What a fabulous workout, hitting all angels of the lats and hitting the upper back with strong movements Ima use this for the next 6 weeks

  • I train in the exact same way Dorian does. He helped perfect that style of training and I wouldn’t be anywhere without it. Obviously I don’t look like he does know why would I ever want to be that big. But this man knows his stuff and the only pro bodybuilder I truly respect. He was the last of an era that valued training over the latest drug stack.

  • Just found your channel through Jujimufu. Awesome content. I started incorporating some of the strongman movements (keg carry, farmers walks, etc…) into ACL reconstruction recovery since I can’t squat and deadlift heavy. Good shit.

  • We don’t mind if you share goals from time to time brother! It helps you hit it and us see it being accomplishable for those who needs to see. Anyway, thanks for the tips and am looking to accomplished 405 for reps. Who’s seen the advantage of deficits and rack pulls?

  • Lee pretty much nailed all my suggestions:


    variations like deficit deadlift, sumo, etc for a week or two and then switch back to regular deadlifts.

    identify the weak link in the chain, the bottleneck, and work on improving that. For example if your back is what is weak, focus on back extensions. If it is your legs, focus on squats and leg presses. Etc


    rest with no workouts for a few days or even a week to give your CNS a break

  • I like how back in his prime he incorporated a lot of Mentzers principles to packing on beef. The compounds are the ones that matter most.

  • Lee, you should have also said that if he is losing reps (2 or 3), his body is telling him to stop. The body is getting weaker because that guy is putting too much on his body.

    He is not “stuck.” He may be putting too much on his body.

    That is, if he is losing that many reps.

    When this happens to me, I stop for a week, and hen go back into it again. I don’t progress when I go back again, but I no longer lose reps either.

    Like you said in your video.

    This is how I figured out that I can only workout on my forearms once a week. If I do it twice, I lose strength. It’s weird, but for my body, and because I do heavy workouts, including deadlifts, that’s all my forearms need.

    It’s something to think about, I guess.

  • The single leg deadlifts are a killer never thought about doing a landmine variant. I have also done the single arm deadlifts with a heavy Dumbbell which really forces the core to be stable. I got a few dirty comments from my gym partners when I introduced them to deficit sumos last year for obvious reasons ��

  • Scott I’m having a problem in my arms. my right arm the dominate one is stronger than the left. I can curl 25lbs dumbbells 10 times with the right but only around 8 with the left.. any tips on balancing it out?

  • Sticking small weights on is nothing new, but you would be better to do the 230lbs bench at 6 or 8 reps after the 10 reps on 225 anyway. The next session do an extra rep on the 230lbs which you will do easily if you skip the 225 until after a few weeks you will be on 10 reps for that weight.
    If you have been training a long time best way to smash a plateau is train more and train smart, most people don’t train enough myself included.

    Due to a health issue I had to back off cycling and running for the past two months, I’ve gone from weight training on average 3 times per week (4 5 hours) to 4 times per week (6 7 hours) and I’m smashing personal bests all the time even after 20 years of lifting. You could argue the cutting down on cardio has helped but in the past it hasn’t made any difference to my weights doing a lot of cardio, in fact when I finished my Marathon training I got a strength boost last year.

    You could just stick extra clips on the bar if you weigh them first, there are loads at my gym as people hardly use them at all.

  • I prefer to massage the labia until, through a mixture of inexplicable pleasure and concern for its true sexual identity, the Barbell lifts off the floor on its own accord.

    Try it next time you’re in the gym and watch the crowds gather.

  • Hey Scott, I have a question regarding protein intake. I followed one of your videos regarding how much protein I should eat depending on my weight and I just ran out of my whey protein last night and wont have another one by next week. Will a decrease in protein cause me to gain less muscle? I am 125 lbs looking to bulk. Thank you, you are awesome

  • I use the lat pull down seat to do the Nordic hamstring curls. Begin with a body bar for stability then transition to the bosu ball if you’re weak.

  • I tried my first heavier deadlift yesterday and I could only do 180lbs. It felt like my legs were giving out. That’s a pathetic weight considering I’m 5’11. I should have enough leverage to lift more weight but I somehow can’t recruit all the muscle fibers in my legs/glutes.

  • Hey Brian, wonder if you know Jocko Willink? You two seem to have similar backgrounds Perhaps could do a collab or smtg! You guys are inspiration!

  • My deadlift is weak off the ground and I realized it was because I bounce my weights too much when doing reps so now I always pause at the bottom, definitely going to try to find something in my gym to do a home glute ham raise off of also now

  • What was that acronym?  Maybe you needed to say it a few more times:-)Really though, good stuff there that I’m going to be incorporating into my routines.Deadlift more, or go home!

  • Hey Lee, I recently hurt my back but I still want to workout but my lower back just hurts way to much, what type of lat and back workouts can I do to prevent further injury?

  • Hi Scott, if you want to build up a well rounded chest do you have to do incline and decline as well as flat bench press? I’m asking because I always thought your chest was one big muscle either side so flat bench worked the whole thing but my chest is definitely more defined in the lower portion. Is that purely because I don’t do incline?

  • I love my GHD but suddenly got some pain in the back of my knee…no pop or snap or anything but doing GHR’s seems to be the only thing that aggravates it. Bummed.

  • Weight selection video would be awesome. I always suck and over shoot and end up doing more like 5 singles instead of a set of 5 at the last set.

  • Does anyone have a suggestion for me. When I go to deadlift any weight with the right set up and stance I feel it immediately in my lower back. Not pain yet I’m not going back heavy until I figure this out. I’ve tried different set ups and they’ve failed too. I have a straight bar path and I’m confused as to why this feeling is happening.

  • Question. Most of the time I train barefoot in my homegym. I want to buy Olympic weightlifting shoes for my squats (and deadlifts?) just for a stable squat and maybe it will help a little getting more depth etc. most of the time I train a bit like Brian alsruhe does, so lots of super sets and giant sets. I almost always program my squats in a superset or giant set with some jumping movements. Can you boxjump/sprint/kick/burpee etc in these kind of shoes?

  • Great video guys! Loads of your cheeky personality and banter, that’s what makes it fun to watch and it makes following your technique simple. ����

  • Yo Mike! Thanks for the video! I’m doing the Texas Method 3 days a week Heavy, light, intensity. You think deadlifting on intensity day and then the next heavy day is too much?

  • For Nordic curls, I just put 400+ pounds on a bar, put a small plate in front and behind the weights and use that to anchor my heels…

  • Hey,

    Doctor just told me I got a hernia from working out and to take time off, then come back really slowly in about a month. Have you dealt with this? How long did you take off

  • Yet another amazing video! I’m getting close to PR week(s) on Dark Horse, and I’m really looking forward to deadlift day! I’m very confident I’ll be blowing my current PR out of the water.

  • If someone is pulling with what is typically considered ‘good form’ aka a flat back then the deadlift should be hardest off of the floor.

    Confused that you’re suggesting the opposite and that it is a form error. A bracing error sure, but other than that it’s almost definitely going to be just an issue of either hip extensors or back not being strong enough.

  • Hey! Silent mike! Just wanted to ask you a question, I’m currently doing your 6 week bench program and I feel myself getting stronger with each coming week, although the workout is challenging and i do get tired while doing it, I never feel any muscle fatigue the following day, I feel as if I can do your 6 week program in 4-5 weeks because I feel as if my recovery is almost instant, is there anything I can add to the program that would benefit me or just stick to it? Thanks for your time.

  • Focusing on making progress with my snatch grip deadlift has carried over to my conventional deadlift and broke through my plateau and then some. Will it work forever? Probably not.

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  • Hello.
    My name is Happy and i am from India.
    My right trap muscle is weaker than left and left shoulder muscle is weaker than right.
    Please help me regarding this.

  • I’m a home gym guy and I’ve been doing this all along, although I use 1kg and 1.75kg and 2.5kg weights. You can always figure out a way to increase the weight by only 1kg or by less than 1kg if you’re okay at maths and have enough of these small weights.:)

  • I’m not saying I’d know better than DY, but I question the need for warm-up sets on the exercises 2…5, after you’ve already went to exhaustion on the pull-over. Your lats are pretty well warmed up. Of course you need to have a feel for the motion of e.g. pull downs before you go heavy weight, so why not do the warm-ups rounds first on every 5 exercise, then go for the work set rounds? i.e. after lifting heavy pull-overs, go straight into heavy pull-downs.

  • Hey Scott! I NEED HELP LOL. Love your videos. Always checking my form with your vids. I need help with regular Hammer Strength. It hurts my shoulders starting from so far back. Should I just not use it altogether or is there a way I can improve this? I need the Hammer Strength because I don’t have a spotter for regular bench.

  • Hey Scott I’d love to hear your thoughts on steroids, if you could make a video of that it’d be great! I see quite a few people at the gym that get on them and they’re not even in competitions, just doing it for looking bigger and stronger. I’d love to hear your thoughts on people that use em just to look bigger compared to people that use them for competitions and no I’m not on that stuff lol although they have crossed my mind a few times but eh… I’ll pass

  • This is EXACTLY the video i needed! i can currently romanian deadlift deadlift 210kgx3. but im almost struggling to get 200kg off the floor. my PR is 230 but im off the wagon due to rehab etc. So after todays squats, i did 60kg good mornings to try it. and even at that weight, 8 reps beat the shit out of my core and posterior chain. so your video def reinforced the notion that i REALLY have to work on it. definatly a weak point. Great tip using the SSB bar set to deadlift height. Much appreciated!

  • Brian, your videos are an inspiration and I am a mere 20 pounds from my original Bench Press goal. One i set when i started my quest to get back into shape and lose weight. Thanks for the Infotainment, and I am damn sure going to work GMWTPSTDLH’s into my squat days!!!

  • I think just simply doing more total volume for the lift would be a much better idea. If you plateau just do more work, groundbreaking stuff!!!!!

  • Why would you refer to this as “tricking your body”.
    This concept is just progressive overload with a smaller interval of weight increase. There is no “trick” its the same thing we’ve been doing all along.

  • Been a fan since 93′. No nonsense BS with a working man’s attitude…his temple gym from back in the day speaks for itself. ‘Yates Dominates’…enough said

  • Scott, One of these days, if you’re not careful, you’ll be doing a “dead lift”, you will stand up straight and then look down to find the weights are still on the ground and your arms are 4 feet long.

  • I’m interested to know if Chris continued with Yates HIT style of training or if he returned to a more traditional volume approach.

  • Hell yeah! I just started doing GHR I love them I’ll add good mornings into the mix as well because if I fail a deadlift it’s always within the first 3 inches

  • i dont have a problem with adding weights to my lifts i just increased my squats for 50lbs for just one week.the real problem is just that i cant gain a single fucking pound in months

  • Very off topic question. But been a fan for a long time and know in the beginning most of your t-nation logs had you doing full body workout 4x a week. What was the impetus towards moving towards 1 main lift a day seen in most of your free programs?

  • Hey Mike my left shoulder hurts when I squat mainly the front rear delt. Do you recommend any stretches or methods to get rid of the pain?

  • i don’t think tricking is the right word, the body is smarter than we are, but i agree this looks like it should help progressive overload just barely pushing ur max up a little more tiny bit by tiny bit until it’ll eventually be a significant difference

  • Hmmm. Some of this I can appreciate, but it is really a side steppin’ straw man argument at heart. The question posed was how to increase my deadlift, not how to switch to some silly sumo variant and then assume other variant for weeks on end. Your answer side steps the deadlift plateau, and doesn’t get us back to real man deadlift for several weeks… each multiplied by the variants tried. After the good portion of the year spent not deadlifting real deadlifts my deadlift will improve? Not sold. I did like the ‘quickie solution’ that takes two weeks tho.

  • I have a question for Masters bb-ers here (people over 35) here… Dorian’s plans keep confusing me with the “1 warm up set and 1 working set” pattern. Is that really enough? Does this work for him / his clients because they are already so strong and massive that a single set with that much weight does the job? I am asking this because, take deadlifts, I don’t think I would DARE just warm up and then do a heavy working set of deadlifts without pyramiding to my actual working weight (which isn’t impressive, but it’s mine, and I find it… problematic, to do that weight without a bit of extensive warm up and some lighter working sets at this age)

  • Thanks for the tips! Literally everyone I’ve asked has the same excercises, and you came in with some sensible advice! I love the charisma too! ��

  • Dorian isn’t that old and lost ALL his gains. Was he natural?? I don’t know. Frank Zane kept his gains well into his 60s along with many others. Stay natty,my dudes.

  • Mike, what do you think about low back as a limiting factor. After each training i feel some pain there. May be you think i am doing it wrong. I don’t know. I already for long time look your and all your friends videos. They provide very valuable information and i am thinking that i do it right. Did you come across some causes of slow recovery of back pain? What can you advice?

  • I just bought some at a hardware store. You can buy 4.5 inch washers, with 2 inch holes. Width of about.2″. Two of them weigh approximately 1.25lbs. You need 6 of them, costs $10. Cheers!

  • Hey Brian, I always talk about you to my girlfriend since I really enjoy all the videos. It has gotten to the point where if I dont eat well she says something like: “Brian Alsruhe would be dissappointed.” or “I bet that Brian Alsruhe would eat a little more dont you think?”

  • The preview image makes it look like a lifting info video but then its just you talking for 10mins. Please keep the video content interesting:)

  • they cost an arm and a leg, so not sure how i could increase my lifts being a quadriplegic. 😉 nah, in all seriousness, it is a nice method, but they are expensive to snag up.

  • Glad to be here. This is crazy. Just watched the grip gauntlet you had with Jujimufu and came over to sub your channel. I heard in that video your birthday was May 26th thats actually the same birthday as my best friend. Incredibly, I had to take a screenshot because when I subbed your channel you had 102,999 subs! I was exactly your 103,000th subscriber. IRONICALLY HONORED.

  • highya p ahhhhs i just wait for words with r’s in it lol, my gym doesnt have 2.5 plates thinking about asking them to get some, hard to do progressive overload with out them

  • Man I wish I could do a traditional deadlift, I can trap bar deadlift 435 but I can’t even pull 225 on conventional without rounding my back, I can never get tight on the bottom I pull my shoulders back, sit back but still no tightness or explosion off the floor. I think it may be a flexibility issue tho because I can’t touch my toes due to my tight hamstrings, could that be the whole issue?

  • I don’t understand why you have to up the weight to ridiculous amounts like that… 600lb deadlift can’t be good for the spine o.O
    Upping the reps is also part of progressive overload…
    Unless it’s strictly 1RM stuff, then ok…

  • Absolutely love your channel guys even if I am dead after every video haha you guys have really motivated me and finally got me back in the gym after like 6 years as well as the home workouts. Appreciate all your hard work everyone so thank you!!

  • Awesome advice thx. 20lb deadlift pr running the Darkhorse today! And it was snatch grip. Assuming it will translate to close to 50 in the conventional. Keep bringing it man!

  • I put extra clips on the barbell for the extra weight when I’m trying to beat a PR! Makes people angry when ive got a barbell with 3 clips on each side haha

  • 40 dollars? Wow lol i’m just go to make my own on a lathe. I’ll machine some out of low carbon steel. Take light cuts until it weighs.5 lbs lol