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Crushing the “Bro Split” Myth. Since the dawn of time there have been two warring parties. The first party is the Bro-scientist (Bro).

The Brouses anecdotal evidence presented as fact by unqualified (yet confident). Is the Bro Split a Myth? Guys, we’ve all been there – rushing out to pick up the latest copy of Flex, Muscle and Fitness and Muscular Development. One of your favorite bodybuilders or fitness models is on the cover, and they look incredible! Then there’s the outlandish feature titl.

Crushing the “Bro Split” Myth Bro splits don’t work, right? Wrong. Bodypart splits don’t necessarily mean reduced frequency. Read now July 12, 2014 Jonathan Byrd Improve Your Bench Press Power The bench press should involve more than lying on your back and pushing the bar.

Crushing the “Bro Split” Myth by Russell Taylor, published on for Marc Lobliner Frequently Asked Questions about The Lean Muscle Diet by Alan Aragon (Lean Muscle Diet Spreadsheet designed by Russell Taylor). In this video I discuss with another Certified Personal Trainer (@t_thomas26) the pros and cons of training Full Body vs Bro Splits (Separating each body part by the day). Which do you think is. Crushing the Myth. August ’20 Aug 14, 2020 Koreatown’s Outdoor Dining Is Starting to Resemble Seoul’s Iconic Tented Street. Modified 5/3/1 into a bro split: Bench 5/3/1, Dumbell Bench, Machine Chest Press, Cable Flyes, Palms Down Wrist Curls.

Deadlift 5/3/1, DB Rows, Lat Pulldown, Seated Row, Curls, Palms Up wrist Curl. OHP 5/3/1, Seated DB Press, Dips, Lat Raises, Face Pulls. Cleans 5x3, Front Squats 3x5 (not 5/3/1 format), Back Squats 3x5, Calves, Abs.

11. Bro Split. A bro split is what most men first do when developing an interest in fitness: they train each body part on a different day. Monday – Chest Tuesday – Back Wednesday – Shoulders Thursday – Legs Friday – Abs, Arms, and Calves.

This is just an example of a typical ‘bro split’ but they can be fashioned in any manner. The only reason people tell you, and other sources, that you should work out once a week, do the bro split (destroy one body part once a week) and get a lot of rest, is because they don’t know. There is nothing wrong with not knowing, since research is constantly improving. There is also another reason they.

Alright, listen up bro, I’m here to crush some hopes and dreams. Luckily for you, this article is going to drop the hammer on some of the biggest myths in the fitness industry in order to help you save time, reduce anxiety, and simplify the muscle building process. 1. Fasted Cardio.

List of related literature:

In a gravity-free environment, one Bro isn’t always expected to Bro out another Bro by letting said Bro go first.

“Bro on the Go” by Matt Kuhn, Barney Stinson
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Recent experiments by Rick Shine and Robert Mason reveal that larger males mate more because they are better able to coerce females, not because they have an advantage in male–male rivalry.

“Herpetology: An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles” by Laurie J. Vitt, Janalee P. Caldwell
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In another experiment, however, Thornhill and Gangestad found that female preference for symmetrical men is actually stronger during ovulation than during the infertile phase of the menstrual cycle.

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It’s not really true, since the main upper­back muscles —the lats and traps—don’t engage differently with different arm widths.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
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We have seen that where fraternal polyandry prevails it is generally the elder brother who marries first and the younger brothers get a share in his wife.

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Some evolutionary theorists believed that the males were perhaps brothers, sharing the majority of each other’s genes.

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If you still aren’t convinced that genetics play a role in determining who will be the very best climbers, consider the three pairs of brothers men

“Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance” by Eric Horst
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In another study of topi, however, males defending clustered territories near the center of the lek got the most matings (BroJørgensen and Durant 2003).

“Mammalogy: Adaptation, Diversity, Ecology” by George A. Feldhamer, Lee C. Drickamer, Stephen H. Vessey, Joseph F. Merritt, Carey Krajewski
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Kimura and Carson (1993) reported that men have a higher ridge count than women and that there is also a sex difference in dermatoglyphic asymmetry: Women are more likely than men to have more ridges on the left hand than on the right hand.

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  • hi mountaindog thx again for the video. I have a question: what are some good nutritional (fast to make) snacks to eat while at work for example that i can keep in my cooler box.

  • What about modified bro splits..

    You work

    Biceps and triceps

    But for each day you include 12 compound movements thereby making a “bro” split also a multi part split.

    For example shoulder day, include a circus press or sandbag shouldering which works the chest, arms, back and core (even even legs)

  • I’ve always trained everything once a week, and my weakest 2 body parts twice a week. I think people overdue volume, and frequency on PPL splits.Thinking longevity, I think the lower frequency would be healthier on the joints in the long term.

  • GH levels increase because you are fasting due to the need for more energy. That is because it increases the utilization of adipose tissue as energy. Yah, it increase protein synthesis too, but since you are not eating the net balance of nitrogen is as negative as it can be, leading to the breakdown of protein for energy (gluconeogenesis). When not fasting, elevated GH would lead to increased protein synthesis.

  • If you are a beginner, that is some one that has not worked out before, any increase in exercise that is not over training will produce muscle growth. Simple because something is better than nothing. As I exercised I researched the most effective programs to build muscle and strength. Like Mr. Shaw stated most research pointed to more frequent per muscle group. Yet the research mainly stated twice a week per muscle group was optimal with progressive overload. I took this research and am doing twice a week for chest, back, and legs with the first day of each muscle group being the one to increase volume or progressively overload on. The second day I use as “light” day. That is I do not try to increase volume or progressively overload yet simple duplicate the earlier week’s workout for that muscle group. So far this approach has giving me results in strength and size. Yet I am always looking to the future when my body hits that wall and a change is needed. Thank you Mr. Shaw for the knowledge.

  • This was so good to hear. All of the constant worrying about programing, am I doing this right am I doing that right should I add this should i do this program or that what if I waste a ton of time on a program thats no good ahhhhhhhhh can really get
    stressful as a beginer. It can hoestly take a lot of enjoyment out of lifting and working out and be really discouraging. It was honestly super reliving to hear this advice.

  • what do you recommend for wanting to increase my number on the bench? I want to get my overall compounds up and bench is the biggest lagging movement for me.

  • 10:01 10:16 “Your head and tour heart will destroy any program.” This is so true. I have hurt myself so much by constantly changing entire program(s) without patience and allowing time to see progress. This was another great video.

  • Not all programs fit all. you need to find what works for you.I have been train training for 30 years. Started with Bro-splits but now do full body using 5 main lifts. I don’t stick to 3 times a week I train when my body is ready which all depends on last training session taking into account volume and intensity. BFHD keep up the content love your info.

  • Its easy, depends if u are doing 1h of back in 1 day is the same than doing 2 times 30mins or 3 times 20mins, its exactly the same with the others muscles.
    If u like 1 heavy training per muscle do It, if u like 2 moderate training do It, if u like 3 light training do It.
    Just train how u like and have fun.

  • I follow a tweeked version of Dorian Yates’ blood and guts training cycle which is a low frequency insanely high intensity type of training and I KNOW it works for me and probably will for others I’m only 16, but if U workout a certain muscle group very frequently u won’t have a high intensity and it just doesn’t feel as good

  • My body, mainly my hips gets so beat up by squats that I’ve found it hard to find a balance to do it twice in a week. Deadlifts are also rough but I can modulate a volume day and a heavy single/double day that is more doable. Bench, back, arms are all good to go 2-3 times a week. When I was young my legs were never sore for more than 24hours and now a heavy squat day will have me sore for 4 days.

  • Excellent vid. Get in there and do the work, people get to tied down with minor stuff. Like PCF ratios, the ‘anabolic window’, supplements etc. Just work hard and enjoy the experience

  • Before youtubers become GOAT, ppl still grew to 250 lbs freaky grainy muscles. Don’t complicating things. Put your cell phone down and works. That’s the 65 years proven study

  • Smartest move I ever made is cut from 5 training days to 3, now getting great results, feel better mentally and recovery is much better. Went from a 525 deadlift to a 600 deadlift, 425 squat to a 500 squat and 275 to 300 on bench. Everyone is so shocked that I only lift 3 days a week lol

  • Loved it!!! Great stuff!!! Really fired me up. Thanks man!!! A lot of doubt can pile up in the mind over time. Am I doing the best program, should I do bench more often, should I do more sets, should I this, should I that…? One big FUCK YOUR PROGRAM is all I really needed. And I am not joking! I came back from training today feeling like shit. It is just moving really slow. And I am basically training every day. Real novice, started working out 9 months ago. This speech is what I really needed to clear my head. I just need to continue pushing, try not to injure myself in process and strength will come. Thanks again.

  • Absolutely correct!
    As you get stronger you have to do less volume and less frequently than when your lifting lifter weights!
    If your benching 405, it is a hell of a lot more stressful than benching 185! And takes much more time to recover from. Pretty simple.
    But then the ego gets in the way and………

  • Not enough time to just lift 2 or 4 times a week. 2 hours a day 6 days a week. Flat bench alone takes 2 hours on volume day and then flat bench on heavy day takes 2 hours, just my back workout takes almost 2 hours a pop. I slip legs in 2-3 times a week. Arms and shoulders take a day. Just not enough time for an old guy.

  • I love this kind of shit. I’ve been on both sides. I’ve been on the obsessing on my program side and just saying fucking it and just try harde/want it more. and after 4 years of consistent training I think the physiological aspect, the “want it more” is so much stronger. I’ve made a lot of progress watching your videos so thank you

  • Would it be ok if I do chest n back on mondays n thirsday push ups bench press decline press incline press dead lifts barbell rows db rows chinups/n thursdays /shoulders n arms on tuesday/n fridays shoulder press latrail raise Bent flys upright rows eztricep extentions 1arm Tricepextentions close grip press ez bar curls db curls spider curls hammer curls reverse curls rist curls / n friday squats front squats split squats leg extentions leg curls /caft raise toe raise seat caft raise legs wensday n saterday sun day off would I get growth from this and burn fat I’m trying to shape the muscels my shoulders are n arms are getting decent

  • There’s multiple training protocols… high frequency low-intensity vs high volume low intensity vs high intensity less frequency… those are the main training protocols… but it’s not a one-size-fits-all.. high-volume training varies from person to person…high intensity training varies from person to person… exercise selection varies from person… bad form varies from person to person!

  • You ever seen the arms and back and chest and abs on a guy who digs trenches for 8 hours a day…steel…consistancy repetition and time….dunno about bro splits I’ve never understood that term…but I do hundreds if curls or presses or deadlifts or what ever…just about heave and repeat till I see stars then rest a minute and repeat for an hour…its the best results I’ve had…iv tried programs….never seen the point of diamond pushups after 12…8…6…benches till eyeballs hurt…why pushups? Is it a bro split?now I’m just repeating on the theory that trench diggers have muscles like race horses….so reps for death metal…and beer at night

  • Jeff has putting the science back in strength…Steve should be putting the logic back in lifting….
    The point is “twitch fibres” some muscles are more hardy than others

  • Fuck science… eat beef, pork and eggs, drink caffeine, and lift heavy with good reps; if you’re sore, you’re not ready to train again.

  • Push pull legs really work for me. If I feel like something is lagging, I’ll do a bro workout day on that part, have an extra off day, then back to push pull legs.

  • Wow absolutely SOLID!! No bs in this video; the nail has been hit directly on the head… I agree, in particular, about the difference between the biceps & triceps; the biceps are smaller and therefore should be hit fresh (imo), and I’ve found that the triceps are much more high endurance they can take a lot more prestimulation, therefore can realistically be worked out effectively directly after a chest or shoulder workout (without being overly fatigued just my experience).

  • Being tight and promoting hypertrophy are two different things. You’re not going to naturally build massive shoulders by counting on isometric contractions during the squat.

  • Sup dude! Been subbed for a couple months and I’m probably not the only one that wants to get to know you better. Do more vlogs and just talk to us like the intro of this video! You’re going far man. We wan’t to get to fully know you like the other youtube fitness personalities. Much love!

  • I find that for me I need to mitigate the soreness with a higher frequency rather than “bro split” style. Bro Split DOMS would be unbelievable with enough volume to stimulate hypertrophy.

  • Using the split principle… and utilizing bodybuilding exercises is training for symmetry….vs powerlifting exercises takes on a different protocol… cycling or periodization!

  • So many variables. How about the over 40 lifter that might require more recovery? How many years has he been training? How is he training? Fuck studies but good topic still.. good job bhud

  • A Arms ( add Close Bench and Chin Ups ) + Abs

    B Full Legs + Deadlifts

    C Shoulders and Abs

    D -Back / Rear Delt /forearms

    E Chest and Quads

    Off day


    6 12 reps / 3 4 sets / 3 5 exercices for each muscle

    That is the best routine off all If You train for mass

  • Have you talked about this before Steve

  • I do full body 3x a week and yoga two to three times a week. I have three kids all under 7 years old and I work 50 hours a week so full body works for me, but I definitely get the point of your video. Train hard as fuck regardless of your program

  • Man I don’t even wait to watch the video. It gets a thumbs up right as I click on it. Everything you put on YouTube is always ��. Please do more videos like this. Your the man Raymond. Get them gains. ����

  • Why is everyone always chasing “optimality?” You will reach your genetic potential whether you choose low frequency or high frequency.

  • Thank you Steve for mentioning Greg Nuckols. My favorite article/study by Greg is one he did on overall muscle growth results. The title alone describes perfectly what he found: “Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy: The Bros Were Probably Right”. Just goes to show you… don’t look down on the meat-necks, am I right?!

  • I think Arnold said it right “you have to have a goal.” Determine what you need to do in order to reach that goal. Personally I don’t lift as much because I don’t want to be as big as Arnold. but if that’s your goal then you’re going to need to lift more

  • Don’t really like the last statement about how “anybody” will not be as big as dorian yates or ronnie coleman if not taking products, then mention to say that they hey “I’m not saying they took products” is super contradicting.

  • QUESTION!!!!! what’s up bro, great channel. Glad I found you. It’s the million dollar question, when someone says “I Bench 275”, or “I Bench 315”,

    What constitutes that statement!!??? Is it a one rep max? Is it for 10??? Like when some one asks me, “what do u Bench?” I always stall. I can rep 225 for 5 sets of 12, but can only do clean singles of 315 with no spot. So, what would be a TRUE answer, “what do you Bench?” Thank you in advance.

  • I pyramid this way example. Bench, warm ups barx20, 95×20, 135×20, 185×10, 225×6, first set 274×8, 295×6, 315×4, 275×4, 225×12. Then move on to incline etc. 10-12 sets not including warm ups. Next exercises usually 1 warm up is needed. Then onto shoulders, same way 10 sets. Triceps same way 10-12 sets. With warm ups usually 40 sets. Thats why I try to do am and pm workouts.

  • I disagree with the information. There is a big difference between a muscle being trained and a muscle being recruited for assistance. The idea that the bench press “works” the calves is just wrong. When you do a squat, the idea that your chest is being “worked” is just wrong. They might be recruited to assist or stabilize, but they are merely assisting muscles that will not be worked to any meaningful degree. It is only the targeted muscles that take the brunt within the range of motion that got “worked”

  • short answer: YEEEEEES they work. does full body also work? YEEEEEEES! which one is optimal: the one that you enjoy more. and that’s that.

  • It works if progressive overload is taking place in some way shape or form, with that said there is better options though.. But as long as you love the way you train you are probably gonna stick with it.

  • Tankster’s come a long way from the commercial gym days when u guys first started. Nice work coach. BUT most importantly, it’s good to see the both of u guys finally get passed all the bs and grow from it. Your vids weren’t the same without this guy. You’ve been more enthusiastic and happier in your vids this year…����

  • i never made gains until i went with “bro splits”. i did even have a day for shoulders but ended up not gaining because of overtraining them with 4 exercises and for me that was too much. so now i pair it with chest. contrary to popular belief, i did arms the next day so chest,arms,legs,delts,back,rest,rest. it was mon-fri. yes i did triceps the day after chest and still made good gains. it all depends on recovery. i was in and out of the gym in less than 30-45 minutes tops per workout and i ate every hour staggering shake,meal,shake,meal, etc

  • As always, a great video. Ok, as a girl that struggles with getting that hamstring tie (I’m a figure girl), what is your best recommendation with regards exercise and rep range? I train legs twice per week, trying to do quad dominant one day and hammie dominant on the other session. I’m not afraid of working hard and putting the effort in! I own a gym, love training and also helping others achieve their goals.

  • Thx, John
    I often wondered why the term “bro split” came to be. I guess because a lot of folks need a map to follow. A structure. To me, being more in tune with one’s self and what the muscles are feeling, will better dictate the “split” if there needs to be a split or how to split the muscle groups. I definitely agree with your advise on pyramids. You are right in that the first part of any workout is where the slower pyramid should occur. Later on, we are warm and don’t need the climb in weight. I guess the point is to tear the muscle down. All these different angles don’t require the same ramp up as the first exercise has worked the whole muscle to some degree. I also liked what you said in another video picking the two weakest muscle groups and making them the focus of the routine. Too many folks walk in a gym with whatever their illusions are and try to build everything, all at once. They put, or try to put equal intensity on everything which draws from the account. Instead, I think if they looked realistically in the mirror and we’re brutally honest, they’d see what they need to work on. Might change their whole mindset.

  • it is sooooo carhartic to hear this guy talk… im addicted to listening to him… the intelligence and the humor in other shows wow… and i love when he says, “here, lets try a thought-experiment…”. I use thought experiments soo much in argumentation, but i dont refer to it as that; but, it is thee perfect way to set up just such a scenario… where we use a hypothetical situation, in an effort to understand how we might react in a given situation. much love

  • Hi John. I’m a huge fan. If you’re pyramiding up, how “hard” do you go on the penultimate sets? If you’re doing like 15,12,10,8,6, would you go to almost failure on the earlier sets, or just the last set? I guess if you go hard on the earlier sets you accumulate more muscle damage but sacrifice the load you can use on your “heavy” set.

  • I want to train a little more often but I noticed I took a few days off and boom my lower bicep arthritus feels better. I hate to say it but I noticed that if I take at least one to two days off certain workouts it sure helps with this issue.

  • Couldn’t disagree more. Secondary muscles are NOT getting worked any where they NEED to get trained to cause hypertrophy. I can do chest one day and have my triceps MORE than ready to be broken down the next day.

  • Great advice Big J. I think it depends a lot on your personal preference. I train everything twice a week and throw in some arm exercises on back/chest day when I’m on my last few exercises. I need that volume and intensity. The most important thing in my opinion is to train smart, and get stronger!

  • Great stuff BigJ. I am now a believer in the big 3 being the most important and effective lifts there are. Period. Everything else is just an accessory movement. Like Marc says though nothing works unless you do. Love the Pariscopes sorry I don’t catch you when you are live to much. My phone is always where I am not it seems.

  • What’s up everybody? Hope you guys enjoy these clips! My take on the bro split, be sure to not count any program out but try all programs and use what best suits your physique!

  • I don’t have a set split routine, I just go by how my body feels that day, if I’m sore on a body part I’ll hit a body part that’s not sore, that’s just me

  • My theory on that…

    Do 6-10 total sets per session… And a session every 48-72 hours.

    First set amrap.

    Following sets 1 or two reps in reserve.

    Rest adequately between sets. 5 minutes is plenty.

    Don’t go over 10 sets, don’t do below 5 sets.

    On off days you can do GTG training but be very careful about staying away from fatigue on each sets. I would do push up variation and pull ups. That way you benefit from ultra high frequency training while ACTUALLY SPEEDING UP RECOVERY BY KEEPING MUSCLE PROTEIN SYNTHESIS ELEVATED.

    And keep doing it for 5 years straight.

    I say train hard twice a week, in between do easy GTG stuff. This will also allow you to guess how recovered you are for another hard session.

    And that’s it.

  • Hi Coach, Please make a full day of eating video, bullking edition, without restaurants or icon meals, only you, kitchen and macros 😉

  • Guys everything works. Do everything. Find what works for you. Stick to it. Do what works for you.

    “Learn the way. Forget the way. Find your own way.”
    The Forbidden Kingdom.

  • I take his point about having more opportunity to hit the same muscle again earlier, but losing gains within a week? What is he talking about there? If the muscle recovers within 1-3 days, he’s saying you’re going to then lose progress in the following 5 days before you hit the muscle again on the 6th day? I’ve always heard you keep gains for weeks, before they start to go away if you don’t keep hitting the muscle group.

    I mean, isn’t The Juggernaut Method just a well planned powerlifting version of a bro split? With the way most people structure it, you’re hitting each main lift and muscle group once a week.

  • Shoulders multiple times a week in addition to chest and back. Lol. Injury assured regardless of the rotator cuff exercises you perform. Shut up

  • When you say 20 sets is high volume that doesn’t count the warm up sets I assume? Something like 7 movements with 3 working sets each movement?

  • Frequency isn’t that important for hypertrophy, it’s more important for strength. What’s most important for hypertrophy is volume and progressive overload. You can still grow very well as a natural even on a Bro split if you program it correctly. IE doing Deadlifts on back day, doing Closegrip Bench & Chins on arm day etc this way you are hitting everything 2-3 times a week anyway while accumulating large amounts of volume as well.

  • I found that my system ’93’ works wonders using a ‘push/pull’ high frequency for 9 months and then switching to a ‘bro split’ high volume for 3 months. Great results!

  • Sorry it’s bullshit. You don’t lose muscle after a week or even 2 between work outs. It’s scientifically proven. That’s why your stronger after a layoff. You do lose cardio ability in a shorter time frame.

  • You give high quality information but I think the bro split catches way too much flack. If results are top priority, I think everyone will find frequency is the greatest myth of them all.

    Guys who do bro splits and guys who do 2-3x/week/bodypart never have drastic or even noticeable differences in their results.

    Long term volume and intensity are the only factors that matter consistently.

  • How come all these so called doctors, fitness influencers, all advocate this. When professional bodybuilders do once a week? Who looks better?

    Larger muscles need more work and recovery. His program isn’t new. They did this in the 1960’s. Then everyone went to once a week with HIT with Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer. Once a week high intensity works. Period. So does higher frequency. Both have been researched extensively.

    Everyone is different. What works for you might not work for someone else. Some muscles have high twitch muscle fibers and some have slow twitch muscle fibers. And a mixture of the two. This will determine how frequently you train that muscle and how. You know your own body better than anyone.

    I for one train some muscles only once per week. Some twice. Chest and Tris twice. Back, legs, shoulders once.

    This works best for me. Might not work for you.

  • This seems like it might benefit to look into greasing the groove principle.. That same volume as one day but split over the week
    IE. 2.sets of squats in the morning and evening everyday

  • Bro split makes you strong push pull legs makes you get bigger faster but you wont gain any strenght gains you train chest and yourr tired when you have to start training shoulders strenght gains are shit on ppl

  • I miss the pre-internet era: No calculated spreadsheets, no “evidence” based gurus who don’t even look like they lift, no optimum this or optimal that, no periodization, no foam rollers or ‘mobility’ work, no timing rest periods to the microsecond, no form police……..I miss training back in those day

  • hey man. I’m looking to purchase your super saiyan 6 PPL this Friday. I wanted to know if it’s percentage based? also, do you think you can lower the price man? if not, could you give us a promo code for a discount. I’m a struggling ass teen, thanks anyway.

  • wrong and i say that by experience…most ppl that train heavy wth volume and are serious around their nutrition and training use brosplit…natural or enchached…muscles work together so although you train chest u also train tris and shoulders when u train back u also hit ur biceps and then u hit them again on arm day…additionally shoulders are totally neglected in ppl programs…shoulders need their own day…

  • Bro splits don’t really train a muscle per day though. They might have a dedicated shoulder day, but they’ll also be hit on chest day through bench press and on back day with any pull. Same goes with legs; squats on leg day, but deadlifts on back day. There’s muscle overlap to a bro split.

  • I think I’ll give this a try, but just a thought: My personal experience is that I have a very high instance of DOMS post workout that lasts basically the whole week and yes, I mean even without ‘really smashing’ anything with comically high intensity workouts. Legs or chest in particular get really grouchy even if I come in and have a wimpy ‘at least I showed up’ workout (hey, it happens), so that’s why I personally go with the ‘bro split,’ not because it’s convention (though that was a factor too).

    I hope the soreness will be significantly less intense with half-the-volume-per-workout after getting used to it, but from past experience I’ll bet it’s more like a 25% reduction, so I will probably end up back on bro splits after a while after all, I’m not trying to be the next Mr. O, just trying to be less likely to die of a heart attack at 40…

  • If overall weekly volume is the same wouldn’t training a muscle once a week be better for recovery on joints and tendons which don’t recover as quickly?

  • Reason i dislike Mike’s video is he gives 0 guidance as to how the avg Joe with a 9 to 5 as how to program this with adequate volume. Assume you wanted 10 sets per bodypart per week. That is difficult on a full body A/B type routine.

  • Its true that you should train a body part atleast 2 times in a week, but you dont loose gains in a week lol. It takes up to 3 weeks without exercise to loose muscle mass.

  • Good video man. Frequency generally decreases and volume increases as time goes on for a bodybuilder. Splits have nothing to do with ‘drugs’, it depends on experience. The whole protein synthesis topic, which people act as if it’s all that matters for naturals, is ONE component of muscle growth. People need to ask themselves why most of the big guys in gyms are on splits and not full body training after years of lifting. It is a natural progression.

  • The way bro-splits sneak around a lot of this is with the use of compound movements. You may only train each muscle group “once a week” but a compound movement like the bench press is working triceps, chest, shoulders and lats. Which day of the bro-split does that fall in, exactly? See as well people doing deadlifts on “back day,” while also doing squats on “leg day.”

  • I remember reading in muscle and fitness many years back that it is only the first two hours of sleep in which muscle is repaired, such those being the most important parts of the non REM sleep cycle. Ive not looked it up since the internet but would imagine it checks out

  • This is great advice. Unfortunately the PED crowd in the 80’s and 90’s propagated the train muscl once a week… yeah if you’re on steroids that’s fine… natural needs less daily volume, more frequency. Even if you don’t have time to do your whole body more frequently you can do some or most of it… then cycle to hit the other parts more frequently.

  • This is probably the worst YouTube video I’ve ever watched. If you can’t figure out how to make the persons voice louder than the background noise at echo then you shouldn’t be putting shit on YouTube.

  • This was some really good info.  IMO, fasting and IMF is good for losing weight but not so much for getting bigger…  Do you feel certain muscle groups recover faster than others not only between workouts but between sets?  For instance, quads and hams.  I feel quads can recover in two days but hams take three days.  If I squat every two days, eventually my hams give out because they aren’t fully recovering.  And if I squat with less than a minutes rest my hams get tight.  Again, I think hams take longer to recover both between workouts and during workouts.  This might mean you can train quads three times a week but hams only twice.  I think there is a similar relationship with chest and shoulders, as well as upper and lower back.

  • Ok bu what if i cant recover that fast
    I am training with a push pull legs rest push pull split and i just cnt recover even if i dont train to failure.

  • Thing is I feel like the science on muscle growth is still more open than people think when you look at the variables in the studies.

    I think volume and intensity are the keys to good growth. I feel like however you achieve that is close to irrelevant.

    I’ve done high frequency and low frequency. Now I do more of a bro split but still try to hit muscles 2x/week. I can assure you nothing changes when you go 1x/week vs 3X/week for a muscle as long as intensity and volume are accounted for.

    Just my 2 cents. I think frequency, though not irrelevant, is the most overblown idea. That said this guy is still smart as hell.

  • Mike, your videos have transformed my training, and I’m seeing significantly faster results! Keep up the excellent work ������������

  • Love the vid. Great content as always. Great fuel for thought.
    It made me look at my programming as I do what’s considered a bro split. But then I looked at my breakdown and saw that generally I am hitting things twice a week because of exercise selection.
    M: chest (which also engages front delts especially on incline and triceps)
    Tu: back (I love using rack pulls which also engages glute/hamstring/traps, get bicep engagement on rows)
    W: leg push (squats, leg press, lunges, split squats etc)
    Th: shoulders (press, shrugs, face pulls etc)
    F: arms (includes close grip bench, pull ups, dips)
    Sat: leg pull (deadlifts, glute bridges, glute/ham machine etc)
    Sun: rest

  • Good content. But I’ll never realize why this is still a topic though. This Information has been out there for more than 20 years.. Im danish and it seems like even the rookies who have just started lifting knows this. But go to American fitness forums and the brosplit pops up everywhere. Guess we owe that to and the likes

  • Its very true that each person responds dif to each split! What seems to work for me is bro splits for about 10-12 weeks then I’ll switch it up to a superset type of training for example maybe chest/back, bi’s-tri’s, shoulders-forearms -calves,then legs the 4th day and take a day off and repeat. I’ll do this for maybe 6 to 8 weeks and really up the intensity but lighten the volume if that makes sense then I’ll go back to a bro split again once I feel that has whupped my behind! Bc idc who you are doing true supersets is very taxing and I run out of energy and strength about 45 min in no matter what I’m eating or how much sleep and pre workout I took!

  • How often do you take pep-test? Also, I tried the sour batch pep-test and it tasted pretty funky, not even in a sour way just kinda overly chalky and difficult to get down. Could it have been a bad/old batch? Is it worth another shot? Haven’t tried the sour batch aminos yet but do they taste the same as the PWO? I’ve been loving the dorks and pineapple express flavors.

  • I’ve been doing this for 11 years. But still get to learn things every month/ year. That’s what I love about working outThe Process!

  • Exactly doing high frequency training as an advanced lifter does not promote any gains (in my opinion) because you cant push yourself in a workout and doing it 3x a week. I dont like the idea of light,moderate,hard training days. When i want to hit the gym i want it hard. Half assed training sucks. Bro splits is okay depending in how to structure it. The problem today is more frequency the better.

  • as a powerlifter just the concept of a “leg day” is retarded to me. I have never hit legs without another exercise that hits my upper body lol

  • Funny thing is that research is showing large muscle groups recover quicker than many smaller ones. Calves recover quick but so do quads. Triceps take a lot of time. Have a look at @chrisabeardsley.

  • Looks good on paper. In practice only a very experienced person can accomplish this with any results. Most will get seriously hurt from lack of recovery or make zero gains at all. Look around most people can’t even train correctly 4 times a week and you expect them to get this method? Lmao also your joints and tendons need time to recover. And anyone training shoulders more then once a week is a complete moron. Have fun in the hospital getting small after surgery. Please stop with this idiotic notion of some study. It’s retarded

  • so whats your split? how am i supposed to train backs legs chest 3-4 times a week and arms, shoulders forearms every other day??????

  • Pressing on a shoulder day hits pecks and triceps, close grip bench on the arm day hits pecks an shoulders… Even chin-ups on a back day hit pecks a little and triceps perhaps significantly. The bro-split guys who do only the silliest smallest isolation movements probably don’t grow due to the facts presented in the video. But… when you do the big exercises you can’t really isolate, you’ll get stimulus everywhere even you are doing a “bro-split” and that’s why they work even they are not supposed to “according to the science”.

  • It doesn’t matter what you do,and volume builds big muscles,not a program that only half asses a muscle group,have fun,kill your muscles

  • so when you say 20 sets for example legs is that 3working sets of several exercises that target different muscle groups like hams, quads, glutes, calves ect?

  • Ive been lifting for the last 12 years and im still coming back to your videos, saving up for one of your program! Cant wait to try it out, thanks John!

  • John I’m real happy I found your channel, you really lay down extremely experienced truth of lifting,to top it off,your humble attitude is extremely humbling to listen too, great video

  • I’ve noticed a big flaw in Mike’s reasoning. Training tricep 4 x a week will have a fatigueing effect on training your chest and shoulders. The same with biceps if you want to optimally train your back.

  • Awesome info, you have great way of explaining and breaking down into understandable terms a lot of things that are overlooked or ignored because of complexity. If I only knew when I was younger what I’m learning from you now.

  • High-volume training versus high intensity, is two different training principles… using high intensity reduce frequency… using high volume increase frequency!

  • Pyramid sets is weight lifting, it’s about adding weight and moving the bar… like the bench press and the back squat… people get stuck into that, month after month year after year… bodybuilding is about Contracting and fatigue the muscle… and there’s many techniques for doing that… there’s many compound set variations!

  • You got a thumbs down,, channel is GROWING!! Well presented info as always. I love the split,,bro split I use now. Time has proven this is good for me. Props on your gainz

  • Hi John! Love these videos. Here’s my question: what is your best advice for not comparing yourself to others and staying focused on your own journey? In this age of social media it’s difficult sometimes to stay in your own lane and not feel discouraged when scrolling. Overall, I would love to hear your advice for pushing forward despite doubt!

  • Hi John, been watching and following alot lately! I guess you’d say I’m currently following a ” bro split” 1 body part a day, training 5 days a week. Would like to move to full body? Do you have a full body routine I could follow? Over 50 here but have been weight training for 7+years. Thanks

  • Great vid Steve, i dig your no bulls$+t approach and respect your views….Aarrright…can i touch on a vid that i watched from Jeff Nippard recently and ask what your thoughts would be about this type of training.? The dude certainly looks the part and seems to do a fair chunk of research with meta-analysis and has released a vid concerning 5 day per week full body workouts. He says that by splitting up your normal splits exercises over a full 5 days could be a great way to train given that muscles repair in around 24hrs in trained individuals IF you only do one exercise per muscle group on any given day so lets say 3 sets of a 7-10 rep range consisting of Low Bar Squat, Bench, Military press, Pull Up, Barbell Calf raise, Ez curl and finally Dips for day one then maybe Front Squat, Incline bench, dumbell shoulder press, bent over rows, single leg calf raises, seated dumbell curl then tricep push down for day 2 then so on and so forth switching out exercises through to Friday with a progression of upping the weight and dropping the reps to 7 when you hit 10reps with a particular weight. Credible or cat-s*+t.?

  • So true. When I started training I was 132 lbs wet and I didn’t have the work capacity to do full body workouts as outlined by the guys I was reading (Brooks Kubik, Rippetoe, Andy Baker, Casey Butts) so I always gravitated towards splits. When I did 4 week programs of 5×5 full body workouts OCCASIONALLY it was to break a plateau or because I was getting bored.

  • Do what your doing until it doesnt work, then change it. Lots of variables, lots of different people. I guess if you know your body. Fyi, I’m on one of your muscle and strength programs. Lots of volume, sore for days after when I first started…..
    Good info, good program.

  • Out of curiosity why the bro split again? Ive considered going back for the first time in 7yrs just for a couple months to give my body a break from higher frequencies and to see what happens.

  • This is similar to what Mark rippetoe says in his Practical Programming book. This is why the Texas method and variations of it are so effective.

  • If I wanted to do a training block to focus on my weaknesses, how should I go about adding in maintainence work for my strengths? How much volume would you consider to be maintenance work? Example: weakness hams/glutes, strength quads. Or weakness back, strength chest.

  • this nervous system stuff is bs. the only thing that really taxes a nervous systems are intense marathons, tryathlon and stuff like that, but not heavy lifting! Even deadlifting 500kg doens’t tax the nervous system nearly enough to have a significant effect

  • I’m 5’11” 184 lbs I was 216 at the end of February my macro 1450+going low carbohydrate trying to see some abdominals. I have plateaued got anything for to get passed it

  • Hi John I was wondering in your next Q and A if you could talk about how to properly warm up for your “heavy sets”. I always feel like I pre exhaust myself or don’t warm up properly. Mainly talking about squats, deadlifts and bench. Thank you!

  • As someone who has got most of my best results from high intensity training mixed with some linear periodization, I don’t really buy in. When it comes to reaching full potential of muscle growth, let’s say full muscle growth is in Chicago and we start driving in New York. He wants to drive faster and I choose to drive the speed limit. What happens? We both eventually arrive in Chicago. The average person doesn’t know how to apply his complex methodology because they are not living, eating, and breathing bodybuilding/weightlifting all day. I will say that at least he does makes a logical arguments for his ideas. So I shut up and listen.

  • Hey John, have you ever considered doing a video dedicated entirely to PEDs and your knowledge on them? Definitely a touchy subject but I feel that a lot of people could benefit from it greatly, especially younger guys who have no good source of knowledge on that kind of stuff but are adamant on taking them…thanks

  • Question for the next Q&A:

    I personally skip breakfast, not because I’m a huge intermittent fasting fanboy, but because it’s convenient. And it helps a lot with hunger management. If I don’t eat, I don’t get hungry. Regarding the convenience, let me explain: I work out in the morning, go to work, after work I go to college because I’m trying to get my masters degree. As you can see, my days are pretty full: Leaving the house at 0630 and coming back around 2200. So, not thinking about when and where to eat does save me a lot of stress. Now my question is, do you think it’s detrimental to fast for say 3-4 hours after my workout? Taking into account that I do meet my required protein (and other macro-nutrient) intake for the day and have 3 4 balanced meals anywhere between 1200 and 2300?

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  • Lately i have been working out this way…i do my sets like this in reps, 20 reps warm up, 15 reps warm up. (i only warm up on the first exercise) then 12 reps normal weight, 10 reps a bit heavier, 8 reps getting heavy, 6 reps heavy, on legs and back i will go up to 4 reps super heavy only certain exercises for legs though like hack squat or leg press.
    chest i go up to a last set of just 2 reps super heavy, some days if i feel up to it, after my last set of super heavy at only 2 reps i do 2 back to back supersets going a bit lighter on the second one and just burn right out. I did that today for shoulder presses, and then front and side shoulder raises. i only work out 1 body part per day pretty much old school style 5 days a week, Arms, Shoulders, Legs, Back, Chest. Throw in some core stuff here and there and a wee bit of cardio and forearms once a week which i can do at home on an off day or whenever really. I have a dynaflex powerball, you ever use one of those? it’s pretty intense.

  • always look forward 2 ur stuff bro… either & or more vids cool, ur just real, much props. Hey uce I give my email 2 alpha 2 get a saiyan army shirt almost 4weeks ago tell them fools 2 make some soon…

  • I dnt mind fasters or fasting and it has it benefits but I agree with him on the 500% HGH propaganda everyone else is trying to feed people. Again the mountain dog is the only guy putting out real new info!!

  • Awesome stuff John, shedding some light into diet fads, insight into how to pyramid sets logically. I have always heard that natural lifters do better with higher frequency, but the best growth I ever had was on bro-splits using methods to go beyond failure on at least the last set of every exercise. Functioning was difficult sometimes due to soreness but I got big fast. Was doing some crazy workouts in ’06 where I would do Jay Cutlers 72 set leg day that was published in M&F, etc [not saying that is smart, but I did it and legs got huge] My class A’s went from fitting one year to needing about 8 more inches across the chest and shoulders the next and my issued socks wouldn’t fit over my calves. Been doing more frequent training since and never had as good of results, could be other things I did better then too and if I did those things higher freq would work better, but I just have never been able to see good progress working body parts multiple times a week, more than the carry over from movements working the same joints but with different primary movers. Keep up the good info John.

  • I’ve been hitting each muscle 2 to 3x a week naturally for like 2 years now and have got better results doing that than any specific split.

  • I do an upper lower split, I take off days when I have to, and prioritize heavy compunds. I feel this is optimal considering my recovery is pretty good and I rarely get sore, as a natural. Would you reccomend switching to a Push Pull Legs at some point? Thx.

  • John, I love those Q&A series! Question: how much carbs can a (natural) not enhanced athlete handle on a daily basis (workout days?) I’ve been eating over 500grams of carbs per day, more like 550, been 170lbs and training for 5.5 years now. I am a so called ”hard gainer” since I can handle those amounts of carbs for my frame?

  • Hi would you recommend a full push pull legs 5 days a week for weight loss/ fat loss with a calorie deficit also (IF) once or twice a week thanks.

  • “The Myth of Bro-Splits for Muscle Size” its no myth that “Bro-splits” work. if i want advice on hypertrophy im going to listen to people that have the results not someone who read a book or study.

  • I could never do a bro split because exactly like you said id hit chest Monday and shoulders Wednesday and my overheard press would be affected everytime. I’ve been doing full body with ok results but i need more volume on my legs so ive changing to upper lower.

  • Everyone is different my chest biceps and triceps grow for fun where as shoulders back and forearms need to be smashed to see any progression, all of my leg muscles grow quite well yet my old training partner was the complete opposite

  • Really awesome content. Thank you so much.

    It would be great if you purchased a podcasting microphone, because the background noise is pretty significant.

  • Awesome video, John. I agree on you 100% with taking time to properly warm up. I’ll be 34 in a couple weeks, and let me tell you, I certainly can’t attack the weights early on in a session like I did when I was in my early 20’s. I’d be asking for an injury lol.

  • Great video as usual! I have watched your videos containing your thoughts on post workout nutrition, but from the standpoint of GH what are your opinions on waiting for a period of time to eat post workout? I viewed certain studies suggesting eating before a period of two hours post workout inhibits your body’s natural GH levels. I feel this would have a minuscule effect, but would love to hear your opinion.

  • great information again, but i have to say for the intermittent fasting my GH elevates very well in the morning because my first meal is at 1pm and my second is at 5pm and last meal at 9pm i do a 16:8 and yes you are right you human growth hormone does elevate more while your at rest when i get 7 to 9hrs of sleep theres a hugh difference but i also see it and feel when im doing the 16:8 fasting.. once again your information is awesome.. thank you

  • can u do more information on drugs? I really need some good advice on this subject and more specifically, what else to take with it and that stuff

  • I like to do lower body days with upper body isolation. Then upper body days with lower body isolation. Works well because you’re not taxed from the previous movements and can put more into them.

  • What’s up Big J Keep up the Hard Work Brother I have a Question what do you do For Abs Big J? Please make a Video and please give me a Shout out in the Video Thanks Big J Your Friend Ryan Sapp from Fayette, Alabama…..

  • After the disaster that was the last jedi. Mark hamil turned to the gym for solace where he ascended into the god of gains. Now he imparts the ancient knowledge of the bros on aspiring youths on the tube.

  • Sir please make a video on how to make your raw whey protein taste good. Like what do we add in it, without affecting it’s efficiency. ����

  • Do you combine Ghost pump with their preworkout? Or you take either or? I just ordered both of them and I need to know how to use the pump.

  • I wonder if those plastic weights are easier to press and setup. The 150s at metroflex Murrieta have these little stubs at the end that make it hard to place on my leg, but the big roundness of those plastic ones I would imagine would be easier

  • Do u workout arms on sunday and then on monday chest and tris again? doesnt your tris get fatigue from your session on sunday? keep up the good content

  • and I dont do the upper lower split exactly, BUT…. I do enough volume on each body part to make SURE that I grow, no doubt about it. I’ve never been a fan of push/pull. When I do legs, I ONLY do legs, I can tell you that much! I used to throw shoulders in with them, but that was before I realllllly got into squats. Legs take so much out of you when you work them HARD, there is just NO WAY…. haha I could do anything beyond them when working them out.

  • keep the commentary style videos coming. sometimes when you are in the moment you might not get your point across or explain something thoroughly but doing commentary allows you to reflect on the moment so everything gets covered.

  • I’m a lot older than mountaindog. In my day, “pyramiding” was used to start with low weight, do a few sets to your max weight and then go back down using the same loads as on the way up in sort of a drop set fashion but with more rest between. That’s how we did “pyramid” sets. Thanks for the great videos!

  • Hi John 1st of all, i really enjoy your vedios and also, Im planning to purchase one of your program, im an ectomorph who have great results with low rep, low volume, and high frequency workouts…. My question is, what will be the best programme from your arsenal for the first purchase.?

  • As always, great stuff Matt! I think if you want to increase video frequency, you could start taping more variations with different exercises (blocks on bench, etc)

  • Recovery is the most important thing. And recovery depends most on diet, age and sleep. Need to adjust your workout frequency and volume to your recovery.

  • I wished I had known someone as wise as you when I started out. The younger generation has it so easy nowadays as everything you need can be found in YouTube, lol.

  • At your age,how much testosterone are you taking taking 500mg a week for 2 years and I’m still not as big as u..u must have some good Supplier

  • If you hit a plateau on bench press and you’re focused on bodybuilding would you recommend trying to progress on another movements or stick with it?

  • Sometimes when I push really hard and lift heavy my upper thigh starts to cramp up until I stop. This is affecting my workout a lot, any help?

  • if consistency is key,hoa come Ive made more gains in my delts by not training them at all since months than when I trained them weekly before?And no,my form on bench and others isnt as bad as to involve my delts too much,although my rotator cuff injury makes me feel it a lot during bench.

  • Theres no such thing as the perfect split:) it all comes down to volume vs frequency..3 cycles, body parts 1 once week with high volume, body parts 2 twice a week less volume, body parts 3 three times a week low volume, all stimulate the body in a different way:)

  • Bullshit. I hate the way the term Bro Split has been applied to this approach. It works. I reached my best shape ever using a three way split, working each muscle group once a week with three workouts. I lost fat, gained muscle at that time too. In my mid 40s! Don’t give me this crap that “only my way works because I looked at studies that confirm what I want to believe.”

  • i do chest/back arms legs for the last 4 weeks… lost 10 lbs… trying to get abs and make some muscle gains. I am thinking of increasing my volume now since i have been lifting 4 weeks now after being off well over a year.. i am wondering what you would suggest? should i add a second chest day and arm day in there for a total of 5 workouts? how can i hit them all twice. I am slowly bringing my shoulders into training, nothing over head yet… i have injury so i have to be careful

  • My split works very well for me. Mondays chest and triceps, Tuesdays back and biceps, Wednesdays legs and shoulders (abs scattered between those 3 days with no particular order), Thursday rest, and start again. That way I’m hitting every muscle group twice a week with 4 days of rest between them. All my workouts are quite intense (follow a lot of tips from Dorian Yates’ training methods), but I’m taking advantage of the fact I’m still young (25), can’t do this forever because it would just be detrimental to my body and gains.
    Also recently followed Mike’s advise and started hitting smaller muscles more often (only muscles where I’m lacking size for proportion), so a bit of side delts and rear delts on Mondays.

  • Im not a bodybuilder but I’ve recently started to care more about the aesthetics of my body, best channel on youtube by far for this type of information.

  • Hey Matt, i been watching your vids for a while now and i have noticed that your muscle maturity, muscle density, and size overall is really good. do you think you have any weak points when it comes to your physique? I think you can focus on making your lats a top priority and get WIDER! Great content, keep grinding!

  • Awesome videos, John! How about discussing calves training (I have watched a couple of your leg day videos, but the calves were not trained then…)

  • Wow, I’m so glad I clicked on your video, didn’t know you before. Got a couple questions for you! I was recently given a starting routine like the brosplit you mentioned (although mine was chest/bi’s, back/tri’s) and it really felt like I could be doing more since some muscle groups felt ready several days ahead of schedule. Upper/lower does make sense, although I was thinking more along the lines of fullbody workouts since I would always be using my legs even with some upper body compound movements. For example, deadlifts really make my legs work, but at 5:10 you say deadlifts are upper body… I honestly feel like leg soreness limits me more on deadlifts than arms, does this happen to you? I’m not sure what would happen if I trained legs 3x a week, that is probably too much, I have good leg genetics (just still weak from not working them) and they might explode. Could I do some general accessory/assistance movements on one of those days instead (doing something different 1 day every couple weeks)? Also, is your approach that splits are better than full body/compound, can you elaborate on that?

  • Hey Matt could you do a video on your thoughts about the bulgarian method? Ive been thinking a lot about squatting and benching everyday but wanted your opinion on it. Thanks!

  • Monday back, biceps (abs?)
    Tuesday chest, shoulders, triceps (abs?)
    Wednesday glutes, legs (abs?)
    Thursday back, biceps (abs?)
    Friday chest, shoulders, triceps (abs?)

    Train abs if you feel like it, at the end of each workout.

  • pretty awesome bro. I made a comment on your last vid about full body vs splits and now you made a video! shows that you care about the subs.

  • Hey John I enjoy watching your videos lots of great information ��could you do a video about “injury”. My left shoulder / rotator cuff has been bothering me for about 6 months now i believe it’s from not warming up and doing all my push movements. Should I take a break from it? what should I do?

  • Does John have a higher frequency split program? Most I have seen were bro split type programs…
    I currently do my own Upper Lower Daily Undulating Periodization split.

  • Can someone explain what “intensity” is to me? I tried to do my own research but kept finding different definitions from whatever sources I found.

  • Age is also a determining factor. I am 62 and have been training since the 1970s. When I was in my 20s I could easily train the same muscles every 3 days. When I got into my 40s I went to the Bro Split and saw the best gains in size and strength of my entire life. When I got into my mid 50s, becaues of joint pain, I went to a push-pull-legs once a week and my joints feel great and I am still one of the stronger people in the gym. I have been natural the whole time and I should point out that all the guys I knew who did steroids back in the 70s and 80s are all either dead or can’t workout anymore because they destroyed their bodies.

  • I agree with you. I had to change my routine all together in order to allow for greater recovery. Upper lower splits are really great in my opinion. The only problem I have had is that is makes it harder to focus on weak points. What do you think?

  • Let me start by saying that the intro is really great man. Your transformation is unreal! You’re really taking the channel to the next level. The explanation on the “bro split” was great too man very detailed and had my attention throughout the whole video. You’re really experienced in this industry man. Really happy to be one of ur subscribers