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5 Reasons To Avoid Crossfit

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The Problem With CROSSFIT

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4 Minute Fat Burning Battle Rope Finisher Workout! #CrockFit

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CrossFit Tabata

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Remember, exercise and the pursuit of a good body and fitness are a life-long process. CrossFit might be great for a rapid improvement in conditioning, but in the long run it’s better to move forward like a turtle (slow and steady) than to beat the snot out of your body. Punishing exercise is not safe and sustainable for most. Because CrossFit has a limited number of key exercises, if someone is a devotee and only goes to their CrossFit box for their fitness regimen.

Therefore, in addition to increasing the risk of repetitive stress injuries, the opposite can happen. Your body can adapt to those same movements and progress can actually slow over time. CrossFit has done an incredibly good job at popularizing tough training using barbells. CrossFit is fine “Exercise” but it’s not “Training”.

The undoubtedly impressive CrossFit Games athletes don’t use CrossFit programming. There are good and bad CrossFit coaches, but the certification farm CrossFit has become often produces more bad than good. CrossFit is a popular intense workout that is liked and disliked by many. Basically, it is a strength and conditioning program that can help improve the muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance and flexibility. The program includes the combination of different workouts such as aerobics exercise, Olympic weight lifting, and gymnastics.

The Good Crossfit is part of a training trend called functional training. That means that you are choosing to train your body for function rather than form. The quest is for fitness and adaptability, not for bulging biceps or rock-hard abs. • CrossFit is fine “Exercise” but it’s not “Training.” The undoubtedly impressive CrossFit Games athletes don’t use CrossFit programming. • There are good and bad CrossFit coaches, but the certification farm CrossFit has become often produces more bad than good. CrossFit, which rose to popularity in the aughts, has been a much discussed and controversial workout.

Popular because of the quick results participants see; controversial because of the serious injuries it can cause. We did a little bit of research to learn if CrossFit is good or bad for your health. Here is what we foun. Fad Fitness: CrossFit.

January 8, 2013. By. Peter Koch. Six weeks of full-body caveman fitness.

Week 1: The Breaking In 4 good reasons (and one bad one) that I chose CrossFit. Week 2: Inside CrossFit’s Black Box A behind-the-scenes look at the mysterious, all-business black box gym. It bears mentioning: When done correctly, CrossFit is not inherently bad or ineffective. Like other training methodologies, CrossFit is a form of high-intensity exercise, an efficient model of exercise that has helped many people. The theory behind crossfit is good.

Combining all sorts of different approaches to fitness to become well-rounded. The practical application of crossfit as a whole is bad.

List of related literature:

CrossFit is undeniably one of the biggest trends in fitness, and it has profoundly influenced the way people train.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

My love/hate relationship with CrossFit was beginning.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
VeloPress, 2012

In this sense, it became clear that for many members CrossFit was more than a workout routine but indeed a core part of their daily lives and ultimately their identities.

“Deviant Leisure: Criminological Perspectives on Leisure and Harm” by Thomas Raymen, Oliver Smith
from Deviant Leisure: Criminological Perspectives on Leisure and Harm
by Thomas Raymen, Oliver Smith
Springer International Publishing, 2019

Such marketing encourages consumers to choose modes of exercise utterly without regard for any possible affinity for the activities themselves.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
VeloPress, 2012

So for starters, what exactly is CrossFit Endurance?

“Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong” by T.J. Murphy, Brian MacKenzie, Dean Karnazes
from Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong
by T.J. Murphy, Brian MacKenzie, Dean Karnazes
VeloPress, 2014

This is simply not the case for many triathletes and endurance athletes, who combine high-repetition snatches or heavy clean-and-jerks with sprinting, tire flips, and rowing— especially for those new to such a program, who simply jump in and replicate what their peers are doing during the workout.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

This form of branded programming is less about pre-choreographed workouts and more about using functional movements as well as working out in a group atmosphere to accomplish strength and conditioning training goals.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

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  • So what do you have to say about body weight, like increase the most weight possible to do for example a front squat or a back squat or Push press.. Do you think its not going to help my preforming?

  • En el crossfit hoy en dia es donde mas observo tipos pinchados con esteroides, me quedo mil veces con mis pesas y mancuernas de forma natural.. gano salud y estetica.

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    Se ha realizado un cronometro regresivo donde te indica la series que realiza y el tiempo de repeticiones que falta, Esto se hace con la intención de que lo utilices en casa con tu familia haciendo EDUCACIÓN FÍSICA o entrenamientos funcional con implementos o sin implementos para combatir el sedentarismo y la obesidad


  • Oh Gott this guy is a machine!!! I will look it again and again before going to fitness studio and pray… my huge respect and again respect, who are you????

  • AT 3:17 start to look to the girl on sofa. And how fast her change positions so you will see that’s a cheating tabata. You can see also that many cuts made with one camera. Do a Taabata video with no cutting angles….

  • Me relaja la amo es increíble me ayuda con mi ira en mi día me lo alegra saber que no debes de decir no se puede animo si se puede todo se puede

  • I am 10 years in gyms already and ive done almost everything including Crossfit and all i have to say is that crossfit SUCKS and is one of the most overated craps i ever did, for my taste that is.


  • Yea i rlly think this is one of the most toughest fatburning workout, i tried for a while and i got my results im glad that i bought one rope like that on amazon here if someone is interesed

  • I love reading the comments from the keyboard warriors about “proper form” when they couldn’t even correctly lift 1/4th or the weight these athletes could. Love reading the comments from the couch potatoes lol

  • Doing this for the first time. Just now finished 2 rounds and feeling it. Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep doing this as part of my routine ��

  • My and my dad do crossfit and i love it. We go to a small place with a max of 12 people per session that way coaches can correct us on form.

  • I’ve been told that even to start fat burning process in your body you’ll need about 90 minutes of consistent workout. In running circles that is de facto. Don’t know the truth though:(

  • I just joined a gym with these, and got trainer instruction on how to use them. I never got so winded so fast, but it’s getting better now.

  • “What if we took really hard shit like gymnastics and weightlifting, took really heavy lifts like squat bench and deadlifts, then added running and cycling, and told people okay do all this for time, day 1?”

  • Hi Alex, is 9m 38mm battle ropes works for the fat burning workout? your videos are so helpful and motivator to anyone who hust wants to kickstart.

  • If crossfit is bad then olympic lifting should be bad too cause the box i go to, the basics are the first steps. Proper Pull ups are also done in crossfit, we just call them strict pull ups. Sorry we don’t have one handed pull ups but there’s kippy and butterfly. These are just some rules related to crossfit just like they kick the ball in soccer and throw the ball in football. people aren’t doing crossfit so they can be ripped, jacked up so they can show off at the beaches but mostly to have fun while working out and meet like minded people, hang out and have a good time. not everyone is good in all clean, jerk, snatches, squat, pull ups, burpees etc so you see different kind of crossfitters. like someone said down, “Crossfit is for anyone but not everyone is for crossfit”. Be open, try it.

  • Definitely good points. I’ve been doing CrossFit for the first time the past four months 4x week, and I notice these problems. People in the gym trying to make the fastest time sometimes cutting corners; everyone does at some point. Coming from years of gymnastics and multiple other sports, I have come to like CrossFit and definitely will stick to it (even though it’s mostly lifting and cardio: there’s not much gymnastics). It’s the best option I have found for adults that want more out of a gym membership. I just take longer to finish a workout, so I know I actually worked out! The rest of the hoopla, I can take it or leave it, but it’s nice getting to know people that you workout with.

  • I ended up here and glad that I did. I have a point to make about CF but first, let me start off by saying that I wish I had seen this video way sooner. I actually “muted” you because of other channels that made you out to be a complete moron and cocky douchebag but after seeing other people’s videos about you (some of which include you), I could somewhat see through their hate and could tell that they weren’t giving the full story.

    Why this is tied to my point on CF is because I took the leap to make fitness a profession and became certified through NASM earlier this year. You were one of the main people that I followed in my quest to further my knowledge as a fitness until I was deterred away by other channels. I will say that because of your channel, I was able to spot a lot of the stuff that I saw them doing wrong. I’m already hardcore about proper form and let the other coaches know about some of the things that I saw. Their response was, “that’s normal because CF isn’t about form. It’s about the work”. I was pretty skeptical of that statement but whatever. Then I started hearing about people having injuries for a while and working through them. I ended up sustaining an injury myself and have dealt with limiting my workouts for over a month now. This was what made me disassociate myself with it altogether.

    CF is good for some people but I, personally, try to stay away from it.

  • Funny that I get the video recommended moments after I’ve signed up for a trail training in a crossfit box. Now I completely agree with you but apparently not all crossfit boxes are like that (fortunately). A colleague of mine has been training there for years now and the part that got me is that the trainers there are all physiotherapists. They don’t do the time shit and don’t just push for as many reps as possible. They enforce proper posture and a another big thing for me is that people are training together, not against each other. Well, let’s see..

    On a side note: I mainly want to get “back” into shape, didn’t do much apart from rehab after I’ve broke both my legs about a year ago and soon I’m allowed to go bouldering again. Still, I think when I start with crossfit I try to stick with it along bouldering.

  • I‘m doing CrossFit for more than a year and this is the first time I’ve seen a kibbing push up. Furthermore we are doing far more strict pull ups than kibbing pull ups. In each session the major part is about skill and strength development. In fact, all I’ve heard in this video about CrossFit is entirely new to me.

  • Great video..just started doing these and had no clue on how to start. How many times a week do you recommend I do these? Also, can I do these on days I lift or do you suggest I do them on cardio days only? Thanks

  • A good crossfit gym will have a begining fundamentals class that teaches forms, and after that they still scale down if they ain’t ready.. ive been doing crossfit 2 months and I still haven’t done a few different lifts. My gym also has the equipment I need and for beginners (less than a year) will not be lifting Olympic weights… and I just love crossfit! I feel amazing and I’ve gotten �� I’m a lil salty of the negative with it.

  • Crossfit= functional fitness
    Crossfit is not making you look like a young God.
    And crossfit is not only pull-ups.
    CrossFit and calisthenics, you can’t compare those two.

  • When you talk about injuries it depends on the coach, I’m doing crossfit since 3 years I got a double hernia and crossfit helped me and i didn’t get a simple injuri since 3 years and my cardio is on point and my physics too

  • To make this video devoid of bias. Make it a competition. Can you do a video where you compete with a crossfitter under their rules? Then you do a video of them competing with you under your rules? Your problem is your dictating what the point of training should be. You want to do the most complicated exercises as a calisthenics guys, but in CrossFit… it is about reps for functional movements. Remember, when it is a sport, the goal can be very much subjective. And from what I heard with CrossFit… They do train with progression but only do kipping to compete. It’s like wrestlers and ju jitsu… In collegiate they don’t teach all the same moves as in ju jitsu bc you cant lock hands when your on top in collegiate wrestling…and the ultimate goal is to pin, not tap out your opponent. I don’t think what is right for ju jitsu is right for collegiate wrestling or vice versa… Moreso, I don’t think one is better than an other. As an aside, progression is usually in all sports. And in CrossFit, it seems to me… the training fits the goals of competition.
    -from a non-crossfitter

  • This stuff really saddens me.
    Over half the country are fat fucks and even many fit folk are destroying themselves.

    How small of a percentage of our people are actually trying to be strong, healthy, and aim for longevity?

    I hate seeing people who could make great gains and live long, fulfilling lives, but instead plague themselves with spinal injuries.

  • If you exercise in a gym, you are in a risk of drug. if you workout in a crossfit gym, your joints will suffer from pain.

    To sum up, work out in a park. You can avoid danger from drugs and fast movements.

  • Crossfit is great for cardio development and gaining great functional strength. I would incorporate progression workouts on other sessions to get the best of both worlds and keep workouts fun because it’s never the same. I still love classic lifting days. Awesome video, very informative

  • This video is not about crossfit… all you are saying is have good form. You can get hurt just as easily in a regular gym. A good crossfit gym will teach good form and modify movements for individual people and scale it to your needs. It may be expensive but as a 3+ year crossfiter I can personally say it is the best investment that I have EVER made. Finally, for all the people who say crossfit sucks, they either have never done it or are too cowardly to try it.

  • Nobody in crossfit is allowed start doing kipping pull ups. You have to be able to do 10+ strict before you progress to kipping. So it’s actually the opposite of what he is saying.

  • Crossfit is actually an exercise in masochistic self-flagellation. I know that is a big word for many of you but i can assure you it is in the dictionary. They don’t call crossfit “Retard Torture” for no reason. I actually love crossfit, but that’s because I enjoy the torture aspect, and am myself a retard. But! I will say that it’s much better than going to the gym and getting your pump on bro, as it forces you to do movements you wouldn’t otherwise do. It actually is functional fitness, and if you control the weights and use proper form it’s one of the best fitness programs out there. Not everybody is going to look like this dude when working out…but that’s real life. Case in point: Rich Fronig or however you spell his name is the best crossfitter of all time, and the “mofuggha” doesn’t even do crossfit…literally the guy does like…other shit. He’s a pro though, and I think any pro (like the dude in this video) is going to look at crossfit and be like “dafuq?”. However, I think crossfit workouts are a great tool…not the end all by any means, but they can be used strategically to build fitness quickly. This is especially true for someone who needs to build up their cardio and base level of strength who has been out of the game for awhile. Combining crossfit with yoga, stretching, and whatever the hell this guy does is a great routine. Crossfit is an easy target for those who are already in shape. I used to dawg crossfitters all the time for their gay outfits and ridiculous hardcore antics…then I got fat and out of shape and actually joined a crossfit gym and I got fitter than I’d been since I was ripped and doing steroids at 19…in like 6 weeks. I ate right, supplemented correctly, and did yoga and plyometrics in addition to crossfit (also did lots of cardio playing basketball) but the crossfit provided me with a laboratory to test my fitness…much like this guy’s gym. Sorry for the big words.

  • Crossfit is hard.Same as life.Embrace the pain physical and mental.The human body is a tank.emplent every aspect of wieght training in your life and see what you become.Rule #1 don’t quit in anything you do.#2 work hard and stay humble.

  • you shouldn’t criticise or discredit crossfit when your sport is calisthenics. It’s totally different. And quite frankly it’s very rude especially when you act like an expert on the subject matter of crossfit. This video just shows you’re insecurity on crossfit. Have all your clients switched to crossfit boxes hence you’re making look crossfit bad? I feel Bad for you if that’s the case. Do You really need to taint crossfit just to make yourself look good? Nothing is wrong with crossfit. You’re interpretation and lack of knowledge about crossfit is the problem.
    Crossfit is different from calisthenics. Don’t compare them. It’s like comparing how a dog swims in the ocean compared to a dolphin.

    JUST try to promote your calisthenics thing by focusing on the benefits and advantages of it.

  • Quality video right here man. You’ve inspired me to workout focusing on perfect technique and pushing myself to the limits using your progressive guides. I am definitely improving really quick.

  • I tried to do as many pushup as I can in let’s say 1 minute and actually did quite a lot. But when I put more focus in the pushup, like taking 30 secs to do 1 pushup, I just became stronger and stronger. Quality is better than quantity when it comes to workouts

  • Once I tried CrossFit and the coach only show us the movement once we needed to do as much reps as possible in a short amount of time and… I almost broke my knee

  • There is nothing bad with the idea to be efficient, CrossFit is competition and to have the best results one should be as precise while working out as possible. So during exercise one should not sacrifice quality over quantity, but when competing you should be as effective as possible. Also in competition, there are judges and they won’t accept anything done questionably.

  • First thing that bothers me in this video: WTF is he doing with kepping push Ups?that shit doesnt exist

    Second: CF is a kind of workout completly different from what you are doing, Im CrossFit we dont do only those things, in CrossFit we have like 5/6 sports in there, like gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting etc… And there are competitions in CF so of course you would want to BE Faster than the other guys, you wouldnt go to a 100m Run and say that their form is bad because they are doing it fast and not with form. But that doenst mean that CrossFit does not train strict Pull Ups, HSPU, all of that things that you do. In CrossFit you ALWAYS, but always star with the basics and then progress to a more efficient way, and it involves way more skill that what you think, doing a butterfly Pull up is way harder that doing a normal Pull up, not on therms of strenght but In skill, that shit is hard as fuck.
    And you saying that guys from CrossFit cant do 3 strict Pull Ups in a row, man most of those guys can do ar least 20 unbroken, and Many of them came from gymnastics and stuff like that, and we can do a lot of things in calisthenics, like hand stands, like hs walk, probably not as good as you, because you train ONLY for that, but if i would ask you to do 10 thrusters and 10 cleans you probably couldnt. If you Judge a fish from his abiliity to climb trees, he Will always BE a loser

    And third: i see a lot of guys that say that CrossFit brings you injuries, Thats ONLY because or you didnt listened to the coaches and try to do things with bad form or way more weight that you can handle, or the coaches were shitty. Im my case, i do CrossFit for like 5 years now and i never had an injurie coming from CrossFit

  • Estás mal, en el Crossfit en las competencias existen jueces que si haces mal un ejercicio no te lo cuentan y tienes que volverlo a hacer. Las push-ups que hiciste como hacen en CrossFit así no son como las hacemos. Infórmate antes de opinar por favor.

  • I have no problem with cross fitters doing their thing at a cross fit gym, but when they come to normal gym and start doing their annoying cross fit shit in the weight room it drives me nuts.

  • I just bought one of these. Tried it for 10seconds and i was finished. Can’t wait to get to this level. Great video!! Keep it up guys.

  • I’m pretty sure this 3 mn video gives as much (useful) information as a long video on crossfit, that’s why I like it ��cool intro btw

  • This was hilarious. Fortunately, the injury rate of Crossfit is lower than the injury rate of bodybuilding and other weight training activities

  • Hi Chris
    I have been training in the Martial Arts all my life
    I prefer Technique over Quantity and I know when I see A Good Teacher
    Who cares about my Health and Fitness for the Future

  • So if you do crossfit you will have good endurance but no strength so yeah and every body that says that Chris only did this video to promote calisthenics is false he says he gave all the respect for each athletes

  • I want to see someone competing in crossfit sports with perfect form,not giving any f for judges comments scores etc,just want to see how crossfit world react to that.

    Sorry for bad english xd

  • This video is totally misleading. You defined crossfit based on doing as many kipping pull ups in a certain time frame? That’s not the only thing CROSSFIT is about. What about the running, swimming, weightlifting, hand stand walks, biking, box jump, etc. crossfit WODs include many aspects of fitness combined together. To build both your strength and endurance. Take the murph workout for instance. I dare you to do a mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats and another mile run. All that under an hour time cap wearing a 20 pound vest. Now that’s high intensity. Proper form and technique is a must in any sport. Not doing so causes injuries. Proper form is required in crossfit competitions. The judge will shout the hell of you “no rep” if you do it half assed. In crossfit you do workouts based on your own fitness level. Some do kipping pull ups cause they can’t do Strict pull ups Yet. Eventually they will be able to do muscles ups too.

  • When you said, that people come to you and can do kipping pull ups and not a normal pull up, that depends on what CF gym you go into, in the CrossFit gym I go to the trainers always train the begginers to do normal pull ups first and after that when you can do at least 10 normal pull ups in a row then they teach you kipping pull ups

  • I agree with the video. However, there are people who do cross fit and it appears to be good for them. I agree strongly that it is not the safest thing to do olympic style lifts without years of training and practice. I mean, olympic lifting is not even too similar to powerlifting. Olympic lifts are amazingly involved, and heavy attempts are not for beginners, even a well conditioned beginner.

  • Thank you for the exercise it’s really help me to reduce weight and at the same time increase my fitness
    10 kg more to get my ideal body weight

  • The goal in training is to gain strength, become more efficient and improve your overall fittnes, therefore (in training) many crossfit athletes do strict pull ups, push ups and all of that. However the goal in competition is to win, that is why these athletes have developed new techniques to do each exercise in the fastest way posible. Because in competition what you really want is to win. I think you have completely missed the point of crossfit. These athletes are still able to do numerous strict pull ups, muscle ups and many of the other things you do.

  • Now this is just some bullshit… First 2 points were that crossfit trainers are not paying attention and not teaching you the right technique which honestly isn’t true. Maybe in some shitty gyms but not all! 3rd crossfit doesn’t give you depression! It actually makes your life better and gives you positive energy… And now the prices are also different in every gym. Here pretty much every single gym costs 50€/month for an unlimited subscription. And talking about the techniques, everyone in any gym can do them wrong and can get injured if they haven’t got it down and perform lifts with heavy bars! These arguments you mentioned is something that can happen in every single sport out there. Have you ever even tried crossfit though? And to all these people just hating on it in the comments, you obviously have no idea what crossfit really is and all your oppinios of it comes from this guy hating on crossfit without ever even trying it….

  • If they’re putting women opening weight at 215 then just let them juice, because we all know that crossfit athletes don’t juice at all.

  • See if they used real steel 45s they wouldn’t be getting back up. Drop 225 pound of steel on your head and see if your getting up and laughing

  • Good video but the title is misleading because most of the clips are clearly not at CrossFit.

    Im not here to defend CrossFit (I’ve never been to one and most of the people I know who love it are douchebags) but just sayin’. A few of them in fact are obviously in people’s residences.

  • gym tip, almost never any reason to put weights behind you; it gives you little muscle gain or advantage so stop doing it and put your ego up your butt.

  • “Form……does not exist….in this dojo….does it?”
    “NO SENSAI!!”
    “Safety……does not exist… this dojo…..does it?”
    “NO SENSAI!!”

  • Do you now way piple do crossfit bicaseee itssss ezzzzzyyyyy its not hard no no no douing 100 pullups ow wow how did you do dath well with shit form insted of Getting 60 lb around yore weth Like a fackinggg mannnn!!!! And do strikt pull ups

  • Crossfit: when you’re not strong enough to compete in powerlifting, fast enough for track, and lack the endurance to compete in road races.

  • Well anyone who trains crossfit knows that you do learn proper form on some stuff he said you didn’t and with 7 months of CrossFit experience I can say say form is not the problem also CrossFit is not not callisthenics, callisthenics is a part of CrossFit but if you learn it all you can’t master 1

  • You know how your parents would give you milk or hot chocolate while they drank coffee because you wanted to be like them? Well CrossFit is like that because it’s not real athletes trying to be like real athletes.

  • why would you have a mirror directly behind you when lifting like that? surely its literally just more beneficial and not as dangerous to have one off to the side?

  • I laugh every time a gym mirror breaks because why tf would you ever put a mirror in a gym? To distract from your form and create bad habits?

  • To be honest I think it’s odd nobody is trying to stop them, some of these are actually at the gym and anybody with some knowledge about fitness can see they’re doing something that can cause injury. Why is nobody telling these people they will hurt themselves?

  • At 5:14 why do these guys insist on him trying to lift that? You can clearly see it’s way too heavy for him even before he drops it on himself. There really is no benefit at all from trying that heavy of a weight

  • A lot of the CrossFit coaches aren’t even certified. They don’t know what they’re doing. Plus the founder Greg glassman or whatever his dumb name is said that scientific research is “made up.”

  • Basically cross fit is EGO lifting all the time and its dog eat dog nobody gives a flying crap if you get hurt just get in the disabled line.. Its where the uneducated get a lesson on how stupid hurts

  • crossfit is a health fad. just see how many people in the military run out and do it, p90x, crossfit, etc. greatest thing ever when youve never had a proper workout session, just causes more injuries, but similar gains

  • Bad coaching and douchebag athletes are the only things wrong with CrossFit. Anything else deemed ‘wrong’ is a spoken insecurity.

  • I do 1 on 1 training at a powerlifting gym where I’ve known the owner for 10 years. It can get expensive but exercises like squats and dead lifts are dangerous if done wrong and you need individual attention to make sure the range of motion is there first before you even try

  • He pointed out only 10% of cross-fit exercises. Spent 11:55 repeating himself to tell you how much pull-ups and pushups suck in cross-fit but didn’t point out the rest 90% of cross-fit. Which takes endurance, strength and perfect form. If you watch cross-fit you know this guy is just trying to make content and is not really sure what he is talking about, he has never done corss-fit.

  • I’ve never gotten injured in the past 4 years that I’ve done crossfit no one really in the gym I’ve gone to has that I’ve seen the coaches really help and what helped me the most is i started slowly before starting to add more weight i mastered the movements with just the bar. It is a lot tho as in the video it is NOT easy but taking it slow will always help and also what i like the most is that its always different its not a repetitive routine

  • Okay form is not an argument.. you can literally get injured in a regular gym doing deadlifts or any exercise for that matter. So you’re saying CrossFit is only for ppl that have perfected their form and master the movements?

  • Those Kipping pullups everytime. Dude in the gym shit talked me for only doing 20 pull ups. I said let me see you do better. He started doing Kippings. I stopped him and said nah jerkweed let me see you do a real pull. He could barely do 5. The crazy shit to me is the snatch marathons where people snatch and then start running with the bar.

  • crossfit is validation for former highschool & college athletes who graduated into a life of utter mediocrity as adults. they usually have shitty entry level jobs in careers like real estate and insurance sales.

  • You didn’t mention the fact that it’s quickly becoming a cult. If your friends join, don’t expect to see them anymore, at all. Also they will do everything they can to recruit you whenever you do see them.

  • I started doing CrossFit in the Marines back 2007. It was new back then. After about 6 months of doing it I was able to drop an entire minute on my 3 mile run time. Was already running sub 18 min 3 miles. However, as time went on doing CrossFit, I accumulated a number of injuries. Being completely exhausted and then banging out 10 reps of 275300lb deadlfits, or 135lb thrusters is dangerous. My lower back and shoulder are permanently fucked from doing CrossFit.
    It’s hard to keep a proper form when your on your 5th round of 3 to 5 different exercises for time, with zero rest. I think you need to separate power lifting and high intensity interval training. Onnit has a great approach to this with their workouts. I quit doing CrossFit back in 2016 and I have focused on exactly what the guy is talking about in the video. I can tell you my overall strength and recovery from previous injuries has improved significantly. Just my 2 cents

  • I have never done crossfit, just now looking for videos: Im puzzled, if you have done this sport, how come you did not mentioned anything positive about??? It takes away credibility.

  • Let Haters hate.
    POWERLIFTING, Bodybuilding, Crossfit,
    All involve lifting weights with Intensity, I’m happy whatever Fitness works for you. Spend more time Training than hating & you just might make some more gains for your chosen discipline.

  • I’ve been doing 150 pushups a day and it’s been a week and now I want to switch it up and while doing the pushups Imma do this for 3 months and I’m going to see the results

  • This is the time I wont laugh at these competitors. Any other gym fail yes, but when these guys fail, it’s like come on let’s get it

  • There’s a reason this video and your explanation is flawed: Arnold Schwarzenegger once said the price doesn’t matter if the gain is worth it to you. That said, I don’t do CrossFit, but I’m looking into it for story research.

  • No one is forced2do crossfit,i do it because a normal lifting routine bores the fuk out of me&running absolutely destroys my soul.Its an extreme form of mild s&m&keeps me fit as fuk.Do it dont do it,makes no difference to me.Personally i fukin love it.

  • As I train powerlifting with some WODs, very good observations and take on CrossFit. Here are my suggestions to make it better:

    1. Less emphasis on timed workouts and high reps and instead concentrate more on technique (especially on Oly lifts). Unless one is doing competitions regularly, I don’t see a reason to go 120% on a Fran.
    2. Teach strict pullups FIRST before any kipping or butterfly pullups. A person should do 10-20 strict pullups before thinking to try kipping.
    3. Separate folks by fitness levels. Not everyone can do the same workouts/movements (personalization versus doing as a group). Workouts groups could be based on fitness levels to keep the community feel in CrossFit.
    4. More emphasis on regular progression on compound lifts like squats, deadlifts rather than doing a max session every few weeks or months. This was one reason why I shifted into powerlifting more.

    As for buying equipment like shoes or the speed rope, any hobby will have some equipment costs. I will say being a CrossFit affiliate and gyms paying affiliate fees could be done away with to lower membership costs.

  • I could trump most of what they moron is saying. And Ive been corssfitting for two years. And in multiple gyms I have never seen an accident that has hurt someone. Sure ive missed the box here or there but shit you can do that in the real world.

  • Exelente esté Tabata!!! Reemplace muchas ya que entreno en casa! Las anillas por flexiones la soga por jumping Jack,la caminata solo por vertical genial tener una rueda de camión! En casa! Me cabe justito en el comedor ���� gracias! ����������������

  • An old idiom from ballet is that practice doesnt make perfect, it makes PERMANENT. It’s better to do it right than to do it a lot.

  • Perfect form! Makes perfect sense!:)
    That being said, I have to say the person with the (in my opinion) highest amount of energy I ever personally met was a woman doing crossfit training. We were helping a friend to move to another place, and she has so much power and endurance that everyone else, including me, was highly impressed. I was (only) doing Parkour at that time. I later learned she is actually not only practicing it but is a trainer. Wow, she was strong!!
    I think Calisthenics gives extremely strong muscles and great body shape, also enormous will power required to engage those muscles at maximum strength. Crossfit may not shape your body as well, but the endurance you get is incredible. Cool thing would be to combine the strengths of both!

  • Knee braces are 10.00 each at cvs
    You dont HAVE to get special shoes. Academy has something solimilar for 55.00
    Wrist wraps?.same thing..CVS..

  • kipping pull ups look absolutely ridiculous ��‍♂️ Full Range of Motion is so damn important. Thank you for another kickass video Chris ��

  • Great video, personally I want to improve in all areas of fitness gradually and enjoy life, u would be dreading going into crossfit because it looks to extreme and ur bodywill constantly be fooked.

  • I noticed that too. My teacher wanted us to do 40 sit ups in 1 min. And all it did for me was that I was getting dizzy. I’m not a fan of these short interval trainings. Better slow and proper form

  • Well it highly depends on trainer who shows how to do crossfit. I actually started traning at the beggining of the year and tbh it’s not like we are doing everything based on speed. When I wasn’t able to pull up I was said to be doing negatives from box but my negative had to take 5s to engage muscles. When we are traning with weights we also are said to do it correctly. It is usually dinamic but not always.

  • Regarding to crossfit, I have been doing to crossfit for nearly 3 years now, I have had 4 knee dislocations and none of it has been caused by crossfit. I had my 4 knee dislocations from tennis and netball before I started crossfit. My surgeon and physio recommended crossfit. I don’t where all of this is coming from where doctors are avoiding crossfit. I haven’t had a single injury this whole time. I do go to a good gym and I feel terrible that there are apparently box’s that do not promote good form. Furthermore, all sports will have members with bad form. Look at Olympic weightlifting, power lifting and body building. I know they r hard sports but I have gone to an olympics weightlifting academy, and I was the only CrossFitter there. And boy. Can I tell u. The other people who were bodybuilders, power lifters and Olympic weightlifter had the worst form. The teacher said I had an amazing form, and the best he had seen for a while for my age especially with ” pro ” weightlifters almost twice my age.

    Please stop hating on something I am sure alot of you have never done or even experienced. Alot of u are believing these unrealistic comments that r just there to put down our community. Can we not just love our sport.

  • I just paid 250 bucks to a crossfit challenge, I haven’t started yet. I went to the meal prep class and honestly, that was the part I’ll probably only take away from it. Im not gonna do the training and I’ll just continue my gym membership after these comments.

  • Excellent workout, thank you for sharing! It would also be nice to have some explanation on the do’s and don’ts of important things like posture, or back and leg positioning for us beginners.

  • crossfit aka a Doctor’s boat and summer home source of funds. Also, I don’t need to have coffee or exchange hair tips with whomever I’m working out with.

  • Judging by the narrators commentary and the specifics about how hard CrossFit is and how wanting to quit sounds like a personal experience. His negativity sounds as if he sucked at it and is justifying why he quit and why he doesn’t enjoy it. But why does he have a need to talk people out of trying it. In general it does sound like he is hating on CrossFit contrary to his claims made in the video.

  • I did CrossFit for a few years. There are some major problems with CrossFit. The main issue is that the workouts don’t allow athletes to properly brace and breathe during workouts that contain Olympic lifts. This caused me some serious back pain for over a year and I had to stop doing CrossFit. Funny part is, when I started focusing on core stability and breathing and bracing, no more pain. So, all you CrossFitters out there, be careful and make sure you are bracing correctly. Your coach isn’t always correct. Also, if you plan on doing CrossFit, then be sure you develop your core muscles as much as possible on your off days. CrossFit doesn’t do nearly enough core work to keep up with the demanding barbell work that is performed during WOD’s.

  • I’ve been in Crossfit for two years and we have great coaches who keep an eye on us while we’re working out and we’ve never had any of these catastrophic injuries shown in this video. Check your ego at the door and plug in some common sense when you work out. Have realistic goals and stop comparing yourself people much younger and more developed than you. Just do your thing and work toward your goals.

  • Is this a joke? Absolutely pathetic…. you know there are people out there who care about form and aren’t deterred by something just because it’s hard? Sure CrossFit isn’t for anyone who is oblivious to their form and not up for a challenge, but this video was an absolute joke because you are pointing at everyone in general and saying that they are incapable of doing hard things and doing them correctly.

  • As a CF-L1 trainer, I definitely am here to admit that CrossFit has its issues. However, saying that we “throw form out of the window” is nonsense. Trainers and coaches are actually taught to preach mechanics, consistency, then intensity. When you have the mechanics down with consistency, that’s when you even begin thinking about efficiency. Do all coaches and athletes follow that? No. But you can’t call out everyone in that aspect. And about the pull-ups, you definitely need to be able to perform strict pull ups before moving to butterfly or kipping. And no those pull-ups aren’t “stupid”, they’re different. It’s more of a gymnastics movement

  • I didnt understand the hate towards Crossfit until I saw this video. It’s exactly like buying non-branded clothes or products: they still do the job, but the quality is terrible

  • 215lbs for women, yeah bro, goodluck having women that trained all around to lift that heavy. Maybe if they train specifically for that lit then yeah sure, but not at a crossfit game where u get eliminate for being worse at running……

  • Bro seriously, PLEASE make some effort to not have such a lifeless, monotonous voice. Practice it, you can get better. I watched a couple minutes of the video and wouldn’t even dream of watching any of your other content if your voice is this dead. Aside from that, I think you are hypercritical, condescending, and disrespectful, but honestly all of that could be hilarious and entertaining if you had the voice and charisma to make it so.

    Just a comment from a first-time and last-time viewer of your channel. ����

  • Every athlete is far better than anyone who is commenting negatively. Also you are aware that the fittest woman on earth is also a common wealth games gold medal winner

  • I mean, couldn’t the same to be said about most things? And “it’s hard” is not a reason to do it… learning Physics or Latin is hard. It may not be for you is a legit reason, but step aerobics is not for me, should that be in my top 5 why people shouldn’t do it?
    People pushing themselves beyond their capability causes injury in anything… powerlifters can get hurt pushing themselves, same as a running back trying to get an extra yard, or basketball player overreaching to slam dunk… and the same goes for crossfit… work within your scope and you would prevent those injuries.

  • crossfit would actually be hella entertaining… if those people (athletes and everyone involved) would know what they are doing…

  • Hey thank you for the video. The only problem is when I’m in the garden doing it I can’t watch I can only listen with head phones. Could you please do a version with you talking over at the timer intervals please

  • What you said regarding headgear @ 1:26, it’s really sad, that you’re making fun of her because of her religion. If you’re unaware, request you to research some and then upload. That’s sad.

  • I don’t like crossfit but I love my fellow Icelandic ladies who are competing and doing great! There’s only 340.000 of us in the world and we have guys like Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson and Anníe Mist etc. I guess viking genes are a thing.