CPO Functional Chest Workout Inspired By Athletes, Engineered For Gains


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CPO Functional Chest Workout | Inspired By Athletes, Engineered For Gains For years I have been a one-dimensional bodybuilder. Sure, this was good enough to obtain my pro card, and I still performed functional training on the side, but they were exclusive of one-another. I would go to the gym, warm up just a little bit, walk for a few minutes. Close.

This video is unavailable. SUBSCRIBE to our channel: http://bit.ly/subTigerFitness Keep it healthy at home with our Cooking w/Kara Playlist! http://bit.ly/cookwkara Marc Lobliner expla. CPO Functional Chest Workout | Inspired By Athletes, Engineered For Gains Move beyond one-dimensional bodybuilding with the Core Pump Overload functional chest training protocol from Marc Lobliner. Read now August 7, 2016 Alex Roberts Calf Workouts That Work: Build Beastly Calves.

2016/08/19 前日のチェック動画 52本+4 筋肉&怪力が大好きなので、主にそんな動画を紹介するゲイ向けサイト。. 2016/08/19 前日のチェック動画 52本+4 Bodybuilding, Physique, Muscle videos on youtube.

List of related literature:

Using heavy-resistance exercise protocols, Hakkinen and Pakarinen found similar results, showing that 20 sets of 1 repetition maximum (RM) lifts produced no change in testosterone, cortisol, or growth hormone, whereas 10 sets of 10RM lifts produced significant increases in all three hormones (130).

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These workouts could be for new products or make major modifications to existing ones.

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Later, American exercise scientists modified Matveyev’s work with special application to training strength and power athletes (10, 20, 22).

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This modular method of training means making small changes in workouts during fourto eight-week periods.

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In addition, the effect of program design, genetic predisposition, fitness level, training experience, and adaptational potential all seem to affect the endocrine mechanism for maintaining or improving muscle size and strength (Kraemer 1992a; Hakkinen et al. 1989).

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Thus, loadings of 5RM to 7RM and 10RM to 12RM have been used with adequate set numbers to create both the recruitment demands to activate a significant amount of muscle tissue, in addition to stimulating the optimal anabolic environment for optimizing hypertrophy.

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How does it benefit sprint and power athletes?

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Conventional fitness programs based on muscle isolation reflect a shockingly profound dismissal of the original way humans are designed to physically perform; those programs ignore the Natural Movement potential in us.

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Maintain/increase muscle function The early exercise programme should include active exercises for all intact muscle groups, including the shoulder girdle.

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At first glance, the “fitness for purpose” standard would seem to apply simply to the works but not expressly to the design.

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  • Everyday I see OTAvideos and appreciate your sweat. Would you do me a favor?Can you show us how to build a muscle for basketball(basketball player workout) with dumbbells please?

  • Im confused, Jeff cavaliere and many other youtuber said more volume will kill your gains. I’ve been doing the same amount of sets like seth do for like 3 years of inconsistent training due to school, but now I’ve been training consistently for like a month now. Do I still continue having 40 sets/muscle/week(not biceps and triceps), or should I just lower the volume like they just said or what research says? thank you in advance.

  • I think I am lost here why are you doing full upper body workout but you said you are doing chest only it’s more like a full upper body workout

  • so i workout at home. and for chest i do pushups ofc. sometimes even put a plate in the backpack and backpack on my back so i do weighted pushups.
    i HATE pushups cos they take away so much energy but they are covering my chest with muscle quite well.
    sometimes the one you hate the most is pretty much the best for you c:

  • when should i see gains in the flight system? i didn’t check my vert yet because i just passed the first two weeks and am going into week 3 but I’m curious to know when i should see some results to know that I’m doing things right

  • With scientific explaination like this with the beautiful body..your channel will be boom as soon as possible..1million subscriber easy..we need people like you seth

  • Seems like a terrible idea to have a bench right by the soccer field. What if you are focused on pressing heavy weight and a ball smacks off the fence? Seems dangerous to me

  • You will never get Greg’s chest.
    That’s thr worst exercise!
    The best one is being on gear and buying all coach Greg’s books and so forth.

  • Win my arms. Get you’re size. I’m good. You. Make me want to get bigger. Much respect. To you. I’m 51 years old I got 18 inch now. I started with 17. Inch. That was from just seeing you.on youtube. You are a real brother.

  • What is your opinion on Charles Glass’s incline dumbbell press technique (high incline on the bench)? As you stated you shouldn’t have the incline too high.

  • WHATS GOOD! Very grateful to be back in the gym and honestly having fun with these first couple sessions before I’m back on a structured training regiment. In other news if you‘re following the news, or honestly if you’re awake to our reality, you’ve seen the injustice in American society. I just encourage everyone to stand up because if we fail to do so we grant racism permission to continue. “JUSTICE WILL NOT BE SERVED UNTIL THOSE WHO ARE UNAFFECTED ARE JUST AS OUTRAGED AS THOSE WHO ARE” Ben Franklin

  • If bodybuilding shows were about chest, lats and delts Mark would win all the time, unfortunately there’s these 4 things called arms and legs lol

  • If your chest doesn’t grow after that you’re an *hole. GREAT. Today I’m gonna have to double the chest workout and concentrate on the bottom three quarter more than before.
    beautiful motivation.

  • All scientific trainers/bodybuilders have looked very ordinary in my experience because they need something to compensate for their lack of physique because they can’t handle the hard work.

  • I’m one of your new guy’s (old school) likening your workout ETHICS morre and more myself like you (it needs to hurt) in my opinion if you FELL-ON-PAIN THERE’S “NO GAIN” that maybe that’s why I have hard time keeping workout partner (only one kept up with me was tough-HOTgirlfriend)

  • Jake man get in crossfit programming videos…also start VLOGGING❤….LOVE YOUR CONTENT got to learn a LOTTTT about programming workouts that involve all aspects of fitness strength, speed, explosiveness, steady and HIIT cardio mobility, everything THANK YOU SOO MUCH! One day would definitely like to meet you guys in fitness culture LOVE FROM INDIA❤

  • Lists like this are such monumental horse shit. Each person has a different set of body mechanics and they respond differently to the unique angle of each “Egzercise” (as you would say). I seen MANY people develop a great chest doing dips and incline presses and they didn’t respond worth a rat’s ass to flat bench presses and cable flys. Experiment using proper form and you’ll find out what works best for YOU.

  • Hey seth am 68 years old just started Weights two years ago love it don’t want to look like guys my age one thing i Learned In the Marine Corps Is to stay Lean and fit keep the good work you keep me motivate

  • Millennial workout. Are you serious, Bench press? “It’s a very more conscious” lol wtf does that mean. Not one athlete worth a damn trains bench press Chris. Garbage.

  • Well is it just me or? Ppl come at me saying i do way to less exercises. They do like 12 or more in 1 hour im like wooowww.. ehen i do chest i pick 2 or 3 exercises shoulder 2 or 3 and tricep 2 or 3, sets of 4 rep range 8-12 they say im doing not enough in 1,5 hours

  • Queridos amigo nunca tomen esas basuras de proteina el polvo un dia colacsara su cuerpo.. como uno de mis mejores amigos!!! Lo aconseje tanto tanto que nunca me.escucho hasta que paso un tiempo un la o de como de un ano y me conto su experiencia con ese polvo de proteinas al hospital fue aparar casi casi se ba ala tumba!! No te dejes llevar por loque te digan ivestiga cuales son las consecuencias de consumir esa porqueria de proteinas.. es mejor consumir protinas naturales y un regimen alimenticio y efuerzo alcanzaras loque deseas!! Se siempre cuidadoso vale mas tu salud que cualquier otra cosa

  • Make a stop when benchpressing. showing this poor cheating style takes out all your credebility. You are training your chest and not your ego. I can say it over and over again and I still find videos of so called personal trainers, athletes where they show bad execution of the benchpress…Train with proper technique. If you cannot do so or you are not willing, then don’t teach.