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Back pain from the deadlift Part 1: Don’t skip this back and pelvic tilt assessment!

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The Cause of Lower Back Pain After Deadlifts

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Herniating a Disc During Deadlifts

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How Lifting Causes Back Pain & SciaticaSecret to Lifting Correct.

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How to Avoid Injuries While Lifting: Watch the muscles in 3D

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Back Pain + Lifting (Herniated & Bulging Disc Recovery)

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Some options to include in your leg workout could be: Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats (Bulgarian Split Squats) Pistol Squats Lunges (Forward, Reverse, Lateral) Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlifts Ski Squats Step Ups Leg Extensions Sissy Squats Swiss Ball Leg Curls Single Leg Hip Thrusts. After you decide it’s safe to go forward, use the following steps as your guide. Proper Lifting Technique: 3 Simple Steps.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I just bent over to pick something off the floor”? To protect your back and avoid injury, you need to follow these 3 steps each and every time you pick something up. 1.

Acute back injuries can be the immediate result of improper lifting techniques and/or lifting loads that are too heavy for the back to support. While the acute injury may seem to be caused by a single well-defined incident, the real cause is often a combined interaction of the observed stressor coupled with years of weakening of the. There are a few movements that you need to approach with extreme caution when recovering from a back injury: Putting any weight overhead requires an extremely stable and active midline.

This means having a solid hollow position. Dusty Hyland teaches this position very well. In 2016, back injuries accounted for 38.5% of all musculoskeletal disorder cases resulting in days away from work. Back injuries affect many workers, especially in jobs that involve lifting, repetitive motion, vibration or awkward postures.

If you’ve ever suffered a back injury. Squats are usually what most people think of when they try to lift with their legs. Instead of bending the forward at the back, the lifter sinks their hips back and down to lower the upper body to a height conducive to lifting the object. While doing this, the back remains straight which lowers the strain and pressure being placed on the region. Lifting: Don’t lift objects that are too heavy for you.

If you attempt to lift something, keep your back straight up and down, head up, and lift with your knees. Keep the object close to you, don’t. Backaches and back injuries are one more common lifting injury at workplace which requires attention. Most of the acute back pain is caused because of the damage caused to the muscle or ligaments in the back. There are a lot of people who suffer from lower back pain from lifting weights at.

Practicing good posture is another way to help prevent back pain. First, analyze your posture by standing with your heels against a wall. Your calves, buttocks, shoulders, and the back of your head.

With your back straight, begin the lift by extending your legs as you push down on your heels. When the bar reaches your shins just below your knees, continue the lift by thrusting your hips forward to bring your body to an upright position.

List of related literature:

To avoid injury to the lower back, use your legs instead of your back when lifting heavy objects and avoid carrying heavy objects above the level of the elbows.

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
from Fitness cycling
by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
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To help protect your back, follow these precautions Figure 2-5: ●● Always keep your back in a straight, upright position and lift without twisting.

“Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Nancy L. Caroline
from Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets
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You can flip to the back of the book, implement the low back pain mobility prescription on page 468, and then get to work on mobilizing using the techniques in part 3.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
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INTRODUCTION Some of the well intended guidelines provided to workers to reduce the risk of low back injury often recommend to: “bend the knees and keep the back straight”; never jerk a load lift slowly and smoothly”; “adjust your chair to keep the back upright and the hips, knees, and elbows at 90 degrees”.

“International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors” by Raymond Bonnett, Waldemar Karwowski
from International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors
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Using proper lifting techniques, getting help with heavy items, and wearing a back brace help avoid serious back injuries.

“Wastewater Collection System Maintenance” by Michael J. Parcher
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To help prevent back injury, avoid heavy lifting whenever possible.

“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide” by Janet Walley, Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, April Bolding
from Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide
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To prevent straining the back muscles when lifting a heavy patient, one should flex the knees, straighten the back, and bend from the hips.

“Merrill's Atlas of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures: 3-Volume Set” by Bruce W. Long, Jeannean Hall Rollins, Barbara J. Smith
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This is a very useful book for those who have had rotator cuff injuries or other shoulder problems.

“Frozen Shoulder Workbook: Trigger Point Therapy for Overcoming Pain & Regaining Range of Motion” by Clair Davies
from Frozen Shoulder Workbook: Trigger Point Therapy for Overcoming Pain & Regaining Range of Motion
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Use Best Practices to Prevent Back Injury when Moving Objects • Avoid lifting objects of more than 10 pounds without assistance or aid until the surgeon approves.

“Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume” by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN
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Some institutions provide instruction in lifting, transfer, posture, body mechanics, and other back-saving strategies to help prevent injury.

“Nursing in Today's World: Trends, Issues & Management” by Janice Rider Ellis, Celia Love Hartley
from Nursing in Today’s World: Trends, Issues & Management
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  • I felt soreness for a couple days after going up in weight for the deadlift. I have never felt this soreness before. Is this caused by bad form or just a first time in heavier weight?

  • I think this is directed toward conventional deadlifts. If you are doing sumo dl proper, you should have very little back problems.

  • Your videos are packed full of excellent advice. This one particularly hit the sweet spot for me. I am 72 and have always been in pretty good health but never really did any serious exercise-training. I started working out with weights mostly just dumbells and a bench and was astounded at the rapid changes in my overall shape and musculature BUT four months ago I got some pretty severe back pain and it then became involved with the sciatic nerve you really don’t want to have that. Standing up walking to the bathroom etc a real chore. MRI showed a herniated disk. Physical therapy for about six weeks without much change. THEN a got a book Treat Your Own Back by Dr. Robion McKenzie (deceased). It was the magic elixir for me. It takes about 30 minutes to read it. Has just a few exercises and in 48 hours my problem was gone. it has not come back and I am now exercising with weights again and feel really good. What happened to me is exactly as described in the Athlean-X video. I am convinced that I set myself up driving my motor home for two months for probably 40 hours a week in a really cushy seat that demands horrible posture. That set the stage for the rotating lifting injust as described in the video. I will continue with the daily exercise as described in the book (about three for four minutes a day) and will definitely follow the exercises and stretching recommended in this video. I have no connection to the book, don’t care if you try it or not I will just say that it was exactly what I needed. I am trying to catch up on all of the fabulous Athlean-X videos it is hard to find such quality and passion on any subject the is explained so well. Thanks for all you are doing.

  • I notice in alot of these videos ankle limitations arent addressed.

    Some people have limitations in ankle rom due to injury and cant be increased.

  • Hi I done deadlifts a few days ago and my lower back still hurts really bad. I can’t bend over or anything. I went to the doctor they said it’ll heal in time but I don’t want to wait a long time. Is there any way my pain could go in a quick way so I can go back in the gym pleaseeee help

  • Wow! I’m searching this bc 6 weeks ago I felt a wave of pain wash over me while deadlifting and I hit the floor. I was bed ridden for a few days and was literally leaning to the left. I am still in pretty bad pain and have numbness and intermittent Fire and tingling in the left quad. I know I need to get to the doctor bc I guess I have a herniated disc. I thought I was one of a kind with the “shift” but hearing you say it makes me feel a little better. I was pulling 360 traditional when it happened which is about 80% of my max and I felt good that day, until I didn’t anymore. I am going to the doctor ASAP and am hopefully gonna get started on PT. I have slight scoliosis and not the best natural posture so I know that imbalance has something to do with it. Time to go back to the beginning and start this shit again. Great video and best wishes on your healing.

  • Two studies have actually proven that 67% of people who suffer no pain have bulging discs. Completely normal abnormality. We shrink as we age.:)

  • Sir please help me. I understood nothing from video(because of your accent) so please help for my problem. I have been feeling pain in my back since 1 month after I left gym for my exams! I don’t know why I feel it and also when I bend down I feel it. Please reply and help me!
    Edit: will it get healed naturally(automatically)?

  • hey Bob and Brad I have minor l4 l5 disc protrusion with no sciatica pain. however, the pain is in my low back where the discs are. is swimming a good exercise to do since its low impact. I’ve been looking to do some sort of exercise aside from the physical therapy I’ve been doing to stay in shape since running and lifting aren’t good for me at the moment. any tips on safe exercises to stay in shape. just being a couch and bed potato really sucks. thanks let me know please

  • Aron can u create on how to execute exercises with back pain and especially bulging disc means discuss how one can workout with those pain

  • Off topic but I am trying to do a comparison to gauge where I am at.

    How long have you been powerlifting and training in general?

    Can you remember what sort of numbers you was pulling around 2 years in?

    Currently running a Candito programme and running into week 3, I don’t think I’ll hit failure until next week and that will only be on bench then perhaps squats week 5. I am deadlift dominant and just wondered if you could suggest another programme to use after Candito?

  • Everyone who ever experienced lower back pain now wishes they learned how to avoid it. This video shows how. And why it is such a common problem. Our evolution didn’t produce a body without problems, just a body that could live long enough to reproduce.

  • But herniatd discs don’t go back in? Bulging or slip, yes. But all the surgeons are saying that herniated discs won’t. Anyone care to share their stories?

  • Hi this is very knowledgeable information that is given by squat club. Left me wanting more exercises to follow by video.
    Thank you ������

  • I used to do calesthenics 3 years ago…on my 4th month i was almost able to do any move but then i got a lower back injury and stopped woeking out until a month ago. I switched to weigh lifting and feel my lower back is much better thats just me

  • Simply Amazing! �� Having watched over a thousand + videos regarding herniated disc and recovery, never did I learn that even if your disc recovers, your facet joints might take the brunt of your most movments and can develop their own problems.

    Would the stressed ligaments/facets then become very tender to touch in comparison to rest healthy ones?

    Can this problem appear on a MRI?

  • Hi I have a question:

    The first time I had disc pain was about 8 years ago, back then the doctors didn’t do any tests and told me that it was most likely a torn muscle.
    I rested for about 2 months and started gradually lifting weights and doing sports again.
    It happened another time about 3 years ago and the doctors would have told me the same had I not insisted on a CT scan which showed a (minor) herniation between l4 and l5. But then again I was only ordered to rest and had some underwhelming ”physiotherapy”.
    Now I am having disc problems again so my Question is:
    How important is the process of Rehab that you have mentioned? And how do you exactly go about Rehab? I am sorry to say that my doctors are not really interested in properly treating that problem (maybe because they encounter it way too often) and just tell me to ditch Jogging and weightlifting altogether…

  • I think I got mine cause I never really did much core exercises and sitting a lot, bending a lot, too much weight I couldn’t handle, it was coming, i think my camels back broke on the flat bench with all these issues. Recovering now.

  • In November I hurt my back and had sciatica pain. My chiropractor has been working with me and the pain is nearly all gone. Except now I have mild drop foot. I can move it up about half way. After mri they say I have a herniated disc touching the nerve and they’re recommending surgery. Is it possible with therapy to regain the movement in my foot and reduce the herniated disc?

  • Thanks a lot for your videos! I find them very educative. I have a herniated L4-L5 disc (disc extrusion) and recoverenig for over 5 months. Now I’m doing stability exercises and deadlifts, and feeling much better. I would appriciate some advices about doing lifting with herniated disc.

  • Iv literally back popped my back all I can say is do not stop worst thing you can do is stop deadlifting just drop your working sets down to 60 percent 50 percent range and build it up untill your ready for a pr but the back will always heal through movement

  • I had the same, in bed for 3 days, after that it dissapeard. Did low weights for 1 month and never had problems again since.. (2 years ago) weird.

  • Love you videos. Doc. you didn’t mention how to teach yourself stability. While I know the answer to that as I’ve followed you long enough, it would be good for others. And yes it’s linked in the description but not everyone reads it:D

  • I’ve had some lower back pain for some time now, I’m 20 and this began after doing a Deadlift weighing 225 for ten reps and it might have been due to form, and sometimes I can’t even bend over. Any idea? It’s more lower pain and it’s been like 2 months

  • Good stuff but where were you guys 40 years ago when I was lifting heavy furniture for a living? I’m paying the price now. By the way, your piriformis video saved me from not being able to walk.

  • # squat club, i need seperate breathing bracing video please provide.I have fear of getting injured during heavy squats and deadlifts

  • Can wearing a back brace for short periods be a good idea? My physio doesn’t like the idea of braces/supports but I’m just thinking if it restricts flexion, then it can give it more time to heal?

  • just eat 500 calories over your maintenance metabolic rate eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight you weight and spread it out every 4 hours because your body can only absorb 30 to 40 grams at a time don’t take longer than 2 minutes in between sets and lift weight that’s so heavy you can only do it 10 times and constantly check you self to see if you can do it more than 10 like 15 reps and then go up like 5 or 10 pounds or so also get 8 hours of sleep… done… get housed.

  • So would you say its best to avoid deadlifts/stiff leg deadlifts/squats in the gym all together? (even when done with correct form)

  • Thank you for these videos. They have helped me stay in the gym longer than I’ve done in the past. Id like to ask if there is a video that shares what workouts to avoid if we are having shoulder pain in between the collar bone and both sides of the neck when arm is elevated? Much appreciated.

  • great content! there seems to be a lot of disinformation about the deadlift.
    some say that a bit of back rounding is okay, as long as the spine remains locked. others claim that the back musnt show any rounding. hope you can address this on the next deadlift video!

  • Too late.
    Three herniated discs. Went through four months of nearly unbearable pain before I gave up on finding a surgeon that would take my insurance and took control over my own recovery. I’m two months into it and never imagined that I would make it to this point without prescriptions or surgery.
    I need to exercise, but the only exercises I can find are the ones I use to repair my discs. I can’t find anything on what exercises, cardio, or weight lifting I can do for fitness’ sake that also keeps my disc recovery in mind.
    Any ideas or videos for that?

  • Injuries just suck. I just don’t Deadlift anymore (I only doTrap Bar DL and that’s like once a month ) Squat and Bench Press only for me these days. Get better Man your one of the hardest working guys on YouTube. I’m praying for you.

  • Citation desperately needed, for every single statement made in this video. Please look into Barbell Medicine, and their information on back pain and lifting for cited, evidenced based recomendations.

    Your back is not a like paper clip and is not damaged by loaded flexion, nor is your nervous system like a hose pipe. Flexion in the deadlift, or any other movement is not an injury mechanic. Powerlifters and strongmen regularly lift exceptionally heavy weights with an intentionally rounded spine and as is cited in this video they have a very low rate of injury.

    The claims made in this video are the lifting equivalent of being a flat earther.

  • Nobody wants the truth. Swimming is without doubt best exercise for anyone with a bad back. Also great cardio. ���� I train alternate 2 days light weights 1 day swimming.

  • But the abs are also concerned by the anterior shear force,it reduces the weight on ligaments when contracted,and the abs are really well recruted when the spine is flexed,so it reduces the tension on the ligaments,the problem is not rounding but having muscles in the mid-section too weak to withstand the anterior shear force for the abs for example.

  • Did 180kgs deadlift after a disc herniation and unbearable pain for 3 years. Now starting with squats slowly. Goal is to hit 140kgs but will be super patient with sex form

  • Herniated a disc just two weeks ago. Didn’t even know I did until I brought some flexion to my lower back (I’ve got a kypholordotic spine so I usually don’t) and bam… weakness down the leg etc… sucks as I was just getting back into lifting good.

  • Hey Jeff, thanks for the video. Recently I got back spasm in my lower back. Doctor suggested me a few exercises but that didn’t help. I started gym a few months after and again I got the same problem. Could you share your thoughts to help me get rid of this problem?

  • I think mine happened when I was benching. My ass and hips never left the bench, I had an arch, but something just happened and now my left side hurts a lot when I try to stretch it. Leaning forward is difficult, so bent over rows and stiff leg deadlifts are a pain now. Sometimes even when just sitting in my car there’s pain from my left side to my lower back and sometimes my left cheek gets numb and feels like icy hot. Hopefully these tips and exercises work!

  • This vedio is ur bgain. Asked u few different times now. In past for my last injury’s. But just a man wishful thinking? That’s been on comp from sever back injury. Lower rite. Every human over 38. Or younger has them but d ones that’s ripped them apart from a Job that’s more days harder then taken each work out to fealer.sorry wastein ur time and mine for a response but u do have lots of good info. GOD BLESS. Merry Xmas.

  • Hey Jeff, love your videos very informative and unique. My problem is in my mid thoracic and mostly affected on my right side. It gets so tight and sore and eventually spreads and I cannot even breathe right. I am generally very active but this has caused me to give up on the gym for fear of it getting worse which it does when I exercise. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

  • In my work we need to do a lot of fairly heavy lifting and I am often very worried about my fellow workers and the way they lift. I love your YouTube on lifting and I was wondering if you considered a DVD so I could help my mates here in England?

  • What about people with back problems trying to use deadlifts to strengthen there back, myself I’ve broken my pelvis in a car crash 10 years ago and my backs never been the same since, doing deadlifts just sets my back off but on the flip side I can train upper back to my hearts content e.g I can crack out 31 wide grip chin ups no bother

  • Hi Aaron, thank you so much for the content, i love it! What are your thoughts to make jefferson curl with a slow motion and high reps with a herniated or bulging disc. I made this at my physiotherapy with the idea to strenghtening the filaments(smal muscles to stabelice the spine). I dont know if my pain is now gone from making my back stronger with one of those exercieses or the time healed it by itself.
    Would like to hear your response. ( Sorry if my english is crep, i am from germany:D )

  • Great introduction to micro-movement/instability. I have lumbar disc issues and find both back squat and heavy deadlifts problematic, even though I can stabilise well. I work around the problem with variations: goblet/front/box squats; Romanian deadlifts etc. thoughts?

  • You just tweaked your back… stop saying you “herniated a disc.” You’re not a medical professional and you can’t self diagnose a disc injury without a medical examination.

  • Damn wish i saw this before i got my lumbar discectomy dec 2017. I want to regain my competitive prowess in track. Im only 24 with a back that sometimes makes me feel in my 80s. Would the athlean xero be a good starting point since i only have been doing pain maintenance exercises from my PT in my basement or should i go the athlean x1 programming and try to get some dumbells?

  • How long should I wait to lift again after experiencing a herniated disc (from slipping up one rep of squatting with bad form)

    I do not want to prolong the injury or hurt myself more

  • If I pull the barbell with a good form,with straight back on the positive part, but on the negative part i drop the weight with a hunchback,it’s a problem?This technique cause the pain?

  • So I did my first deadlift 2 days ago. I think I had a pretty good form, but I still feel some pain in my lower back. During the deadlift I was totally fine.

  • This routine is legit. I’ve had back problems (L4-L5 herniation) since my early 20s as a result of power lifting followed by time in an infantry unit (DDD). Got to the point where I’d tweak something once every couple weeks, be in agony for days, then slowly recover. Since I started this I really haven’t had much pain. Completed a relatively strenuous training class two weeks ago that involved running, crawling, jumping with a lot of gear and never really felt it in the spine. Life changing information here.

  • I find 99% of back injuries on deadlifts and rows occur when the spine appears perfectly neutral. I honestly think these are just risky exercises and the risk increases with the load. I believe in the deadlift as a fundamental movement pattern and to teach people how to tighten up the body for heavy movements but in terms of progressing it significantly I have all but abandoned it as a trainer. Just my two cents. There is not enough reward in either muscle gain or functionality for me to obsess over getting people to do it progressively but I’ll often teach it foundationally.

  • I thought the spine was the core, but anyway, I did a twisting motion while being like in the dead lift while at work, and it ruined me. I tried a leg press machine after that, and it really made it hurt. I have been using an inversion board for years, but the nerve pain in my hip/leg keeps coming back, and sometimes even in the other leg. Makes it hard to exercise, but got to keep trying.

  • Thank you so much Doc! I have been following the McGill method for a while now due to a back injury in April 2020. I have been creating the stiffness required for lifting again. Seems to be a very slow process for me. I tried lifting very light again this week but experienced a tight low back and nerve pain in my legs the following day. The explanation on the injury cascade is spot on. I have been struggling with not lifting and got impatient. Now I have the knowledge as to why I had the pain… insufficient stiffness around the injured joint. I will continue with the rehab process and return to lifting when my body is ready. Thanks again.

  • this just happened to me SMH…. I returned to the gym after 3 months (quarantine COVID), did legs for the first time in 3 months, everything went perfectly, but I was really really sore obviously… so instead of resting and recovering, I went 5 days later to do deadlifts, obviously my legs gave out, and all the weight of the barbell shifter to my lower back, and BOOM, i hurt my lower back… now I’m out for a week. lol.. be careful when returning to the gym after quarantine

  • Hi! I had a ruptured disc. I am 42. I was very unfit (no muscles) and I was doing crunches (very bad for lower back). My physiotherapist (a former elite athlete) helped me to go from being skinny and unable to bend to being more sort of muscular and flexible. it took time. I do squat and deadlift (romanian deadlifts) but only with 15 -20 kg. The I also do planks, push ups and (with lots of care) Russian twists. I don’t feel like loading more. Do you think that lifting light weights is the right way to go for the future? I don’t trust lifting more.

  • This is misleading. It’s not bad to move like that if the weight is relatively light. If you can deadlift 140kg then a 20kg plate is very little and most likely is entirely fine for you to lift with a very rounded back. Secondly you can train your muscles to be strong in a rounded position. It is possible to safely lift very heavy deadlifts with a rounded back, many thousands of powerlifters do it with no issues: so long as you’re not near the limit of your spinal flexion you’re probably fine. If you want an even more extreme example, look up the Jefferson Curl exercise, gymnasts work up to doing that with over 60kg at the very limit of their spinal flexion, and it is very good for your back (assuming you work up to it gradually).

  • omg bro the fucking song that was playing when it happened to you ahaha, that is a ridiculous coincidence. snaps back ‘I dont wanna be aliiiiiiiiveee’ ahaha Gees.

  • been fighting pain due to bulging disc on my lower back, specifically on the left leg since December 2019. But been working out and rehabing since January and the process is slow and painful. I’ve seen some relief and some improvements, but there are days where the pain flares up, maybe even weeks, but continuing to grind it. Overall goal for 2020 is to be functionally healthy and have mobility/flexibility. Not focusing on gaining muscle or losing weight necessarily but just getting back to being healthy again.

  • great show guys but I have a important question. when I get to school to 400 pound with good form on rack pulls the right side of my lower back starts to hurt. not really sure what it could be since my back is completely straight

  • L5 through S1 at the gym training 2 surgeries later no Joke still not better..smh be careful everyone esp if u already have back issues such as degenerative disc disease…nice video with I knew this then mines popped out right on the nerve in an area they could not get good enough…

  • Just a thought. Your deadlift may not have necessarily been the issue here. You could have already had an underlying slight bulging disk or susceptibility due to a previous injury or developed over time. Your deadlift is simply what aggravated this and turned it into a herniation.

  • also the glutes can limit the range of motion of the pelvis and cause rounding of the back. stretching glutes helps in avoiding back injury

  • Would love to hear your top few core bracing exercises. Aka drills to teach people how to brace their core or even a few favorite exercise to improve upon spine stiffness. Thanks for all you do! Love your information!!!

  • Should I immediately stop doing exercises like deadlift and squats if I feel such kind of pain in one side of my lower back, butt and leg?

  • Dr. Aaron I have been lifting for decades and crossfitting for almost 7 years and this message speaks directly to me! I have delt with the bulge/pinched nerve and also have the facets joint problem! I have never heard this spoken so accurate and clear and you have given me hope! Thank you for the video and hope to see more soon or even better if you could work with me on rehab �������� #SquatUclub

  • Heres what you should do:
    #1. Stop it getting worse. Make your core muscles super strong.
    Really focus on good posture.
    Never sit unless you absolutely must.
    Do not lift anything.
    #2. Use your mind best you can to ignore the pain. Easier said than done hey?
    #3. Use external ways to reduce pain.
    Ice Packs.
    Pills as a last resort.

    Hope this helps.

  • Just got to your video today after snapping my lower back yesterday with Romanian deadlifts, I felt really bad, Cause I was lifting with perfect form with no heavy weight, but that was just after some sumo deads I’ve done before it. Now I am kind of lost on what to do to start and quickens recovery. This is not the first time as about a year ago I had the same problem. Could you please give me some tips on what to do in the gym, cause I don’t wanna miss it, also what exercises or stretches and when to do it, please, help your friend here cause I’m a little desperate. lol
    Thanks, brother!

  • I can’t deadlift without a belt anymore, last tie i hurt back doing deadlifts i could walk for 2 weeks, terrible agonising spasms…. I now only use hex bar which is perfect

  • I have been lifting for 5 years and correct form and only recently I’ve started having back pains from deadlifting all I can say Is [email protected] Deadlifts! Don’t do them if you get back pains it’s not worth it!

  • bulging disc sucks im alot older then u been working out for more the 40 plus year,take it from me it only get worse if u keep lifting heavy.

  • Please make a video on hip pain when squatting in people who sit a lot (potentially femural anterior glide/femoroacetabular impingement)….:(

  • All excellent information on WHY you can still lift with a bulging disc, but, to echo some others here as well, I’m still left wondering exactly HOW to lift. Maybe I missed something.

  • 1:30 anyone did these before and had pain, deadlifts? I think i over neutralise my spine, thinking my neutral wasnt neutral so i exaggerate it. And now im on my 3rd week recovering from that injury

  • i have a bulging disk. gave up dead lifting after i aggravated it 4 times and its not worth missing time. ive lost over a year of training combined to that.
    to each their own tho

  • historical disc injuries are bullshit. I bust one playing a hack game of five-a-side and missed dan grade what a payoff
    tweaked it the other week doing barbell rows
    think it’s going to have to be romanians from now on
    deadlifts are awesome, wheelchairs aren’t

  • I was a heavy weight lifter for a solid 5 years when I started at the age of 14 until I turned 19. At 19 I discovered that I had an L5/S1 herniated disc and the neurologist told me to never ever go to the gym again. As a teenager this was beyond devastating to me. I cried and cried thinking that I lost my future because of this. I wasted my 20’s not working out (although swimming and playing soccer and basketball lightly was the exception). Then 7 years later I discovered that I had another L4/L5 herniated disc, which further brought me down despite not weight training at all. Frustrated at how I’ve physically become, I decided to make matters in my own hands. Now I’m 33 and I’ve been back to the gym for a couple of months and so far I’ve never felt this good before in such a long time. I am doing full body workouts in order to get my body in sync and rhythm with the workouts and hopefully work and get a stronger core to start gradually lifting heavy. I’m not planning to lift extremely heavy, I just want to be physically fit and look great without visceral fat. I’m telling you please stay active and do not let any doctor put you down. YOU are the only one responsible for your own fate AND NOT ANYONE ELSE. It’s easier said than done I know, I wasted my 20’s and 15 years of believing I can’t workout in the gym no more but it’s better late than never.

  • I was expecting bad form or a terrible oversight on execution, but everything looked just fine, which makes super curious about the causes that lead to this. Do you think this was more likely because of your previous injury or were you doing too much volume on high intensity 9-10RPE?

  • Tried to lift a small wood hut,to,put a 2×4 under,to get it level,pull something on my lower back,it’s been 3days still having hard time to squat,and…..I hope this will help,sometime in the future lol,peace everyone have a great day

  • I have a neutral spine when I deadlift but I still have to deal with injuries. However I train very heavy, I only weigh 115 lbs but I rep out 305 lbs on deadlift. But I am a competitive powerlifter and I don’t want to stop because its going to ruin my progress so I don’t know what to do:(

  • 0:36: “in a fully flexed spine, the erector spinae muscles are almost at a complete rest”??? maybe when you curl your legs up in the bed, not when against gravity!

  • Great stuff! more lifters need to watch you guys, I’ve always had trouble with “butt to the floor” when squatting since I feel like it’ll destroy my back, my intuition was correct. What’s your opinion on deadlifts?

  • Been having back pain over 2 years.. the cold weather doesn’t make it better.. But many time I went to doctor they say it’s my weight.. I Kno it’s not my weight. It’s a different pain that I have which lets me Kno it’s not from weight.. I’ve had over 5 spinal taps and the last spinal tap I had I felt a sharp tingling feeling in my back, thigh, & leg.. since then iv been having back pain.. now I HV back, hip & knee pain.. Im guessing it’s a nerve.. but test have been done one Dr say I HV a bulging disc, the other Dr says I fine.. I’m so confused it’s ridiculous. I am now in physical therapy, & I showed therapist where the pain was. He pressed n my back really hard saying i” I HV mean muscles) I really don’t Kno what to do.. I just Kno in n pain.. but I will say after therapist massaged my back the pressure from my knee went away. But Kno the pain is back.. plz help me

  • Really thankful you did this video for which I have been waiting. Proves how badly I was lifting things for years. Not very elegant new way but essential I see.:)

  • Sir i have pain in lumbar region but i did deadlift only once till then that pain isnt radiating to leg i dont know what to do please help

  • I hoped this would also work for SIJ disfunction but somehow the SIJ still shifts enough to create pain especially if hitting end of range as just below parallel.

  • the problem with squats and deadlifts is that they are a great way to obtain this injury.

    yes yes, i know all the gymrats will be like “LMAO U EVEN LIFT” and proceed to tell us about how these 2 lifts are perfectly safe when done with correct form.

    but that’s the problem. for the average person who works a day job, who will occasionally get tired, or stressed, or ill, or will simply be unfocused on the day you WILL end up performing these exercises with less-than-ideal form. and that’s fast-track to injury.

    the pros e.g. strongmen who can spend all their day focusing on training and eating can pull this stuff off long-term. that’s their job. for the rest of us, you can skip heavy squats and deadlifts but still stay perfectly fit and strong with other activities.

    or go ahead and do them. you might be fine. just know that you ARE running the risk of an unnecessary and life-changing injury.

  • Damn hope you get better man. I haven’t seen your vids in a bit and thought YouTube cut your channel out from my feed. I am having to take time off a bit for my newborn as well and was looking forward to your progress. Looks like we both are going to have some downtime. Get well soon and can’t wait for the comeback.

  • What is a safe bicep exercise to do with a herniated lumbar disk? Google has not been very helpful. I was thinking a modified seated version possibly, but again, I’m just not sure.

  • My man, I just snapped some shit up doing low-bar squats. Coming out of the hole, I heard some cracks and a sudden jolt of pain. I was able to rack the weight immediately. But, bending or hinging forward felt like fuckin hell. I was incapacitated for 24 hours. Sneezing and coughin caused pain. Sitting was out of the question.
    Ironically, I snapped my shit doing warm-up weight. I also did a PL meet 2 days prior to me snapping my shit. So, I really guess injury happens when you’re too close to the sun. I didn’t see it coming since training was going well for me too (PRed on both squats and deads during the meet).
    It’s frustrating but watching your videos helped me have a positive mindset.
    Currently, I’m 12 days post-injury. Doing the McGill’s Big 3. Doing some loaded carries and other stuff for core engagement. I also started benching this week.

    More power to you man!

  • My spine dont hurt but my lats are just killing me.
    I have been deadlifting evry 2 days per week when i do my back trainig day,always going for intensity over volume.
    But my last deadlifts left me whit a n insane lats pain for about 5 days.
    Today i tought id do some deadlifts,even tho i felt i was not fully recovered.
    And now i feal like im dying cause of the pain in my lats
    What is this?

  • The right side of my lower back feels like it keeps cramping real bad and wakes me up at night.. and it also feels like fluid is building up in the bottom of my stomach. I haven’t gone to a doctor yet, because I have no insurance. I’m just hoping it goes away.

  • If you have to slam the barbell on the ground for the eccentric part of the deadlift, you probably shouldn’t be doing that weight for reps.

  • Very good explanation but I was left wanting something more, it seems like it was a great set up for a bit of practical advice

  • That’s why I always just do one maximum intensity set of deadlifts, after a few warm ups. After that I’m done. And even then I can still hurt myself I have to be careful. And I like high reps for deadlifts. I can go lower reps too but i’d have to slowly adjust to them

  • I bulged a disc. Not sure which one, but I got that pain in the leg from it pushing on the sciatic nerve. Basically quit the gym. I was that upset. I’m going back through. Decided I’m not making any progress doing nothing, so even if I have to start off with just an empty bar, I’m going to work my way back up. Thinking I’ll start with above the knee rack pulls, gradually lower the bar progressing up to 495lbs at each level, and work my way back to the floor for 405lbs over a year. Going to take it very slow but I’m coming back.

  • That’s why I never do deadlifts. They are too dangerous and you don’t need them to have a great back gains. All you need are cable rows and pull ups, much safer exercises and same gains.

  • 5ft11 tall mother of a nearly 1 year old and my back feels like it’s so weak and going to snap:( the mid to lower back pain has me in tears sometimes! I hope this can help I just want to be a good mother and keep with with my son:( I’m only 24 too. Sucks so much

  • I snapped my sh*t 2 months ago, mine isn’t as severe as yours, and I have no loss in strength as with my sciatic pain down my left leg. Only problem is that I can’t bench without it hurting, and walking seems annoying 90% of the time. Will it completely heal without surgery like yours, or will I need one?

  • Not necessarily related, but I have a question related to the old posts u posted with Dr. McGill. So is it okay to deadlift with rounded lumbar spine (while not moving the spine throughout the movement)?

  • I stopped deadlifting after a surgery-related herniation. I want to go back to it, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. I’m extremely carefully and patiently strengthening my low back. I can do cable rows and back extensions with a straight back (don’t go all the way and curl my spine). Basically, no exercises that heavily loads or flexes my lower back…. yet, maybe in the future.

  • Can you exercise with a degenerative disc? Or should I forget the whole Idea of lifting? I was a bodybuilder then I’ve broken my foot a g tear the muscle too. This cause a lot of imbalance which lead to loss of strength. Then after two month of my foot injury I fell twice cause my ankle is not stable. I fell on my back I didn’t felt a sever pain and I complete doing my exercises. After a few months my back starts to hurt. I went to the doctor and after seeing my xray results I did an xray for the whole body cause I was experiencing a chronic neck pain he said that I got a spasm causing my neck and dorsal spine to straightened and a degenerative disc in the lumber area a slight degeneration. Should I stop bodybuilding and hiit workout?or there’s something that I can do to fix it and go on with my trainig with modifications so I don’t worsen the problem and degenerate the discs even more? I’ve been suffering for 7 months now and I’m really depressed I don’t know what to do? Any idea on stem cells for the ddd is it worth it or it’s just a scam? Please I don’t want to gave up weight lifting its life for me.

  • Having a weak core even if you try to do it right you can still get hurt so I would workout my core leg sit ups then abs then squads

  • I just killed my lower back once again being a total dumbass trying to lift a trashcan with water in it that was full of trash.. I was using the proper form and my legs but I guess the distance was too far because I was standing in the bed of the truck and the can was too bottom heavy.. I have injured my back so many times and once I even pulled my back sneezing.. I guess a meth head jumping on my back while I was trying to arrest him for attempting to injure his wife didn’t bode well for a healthy back several years later.. After watching this video I see exactly what I did wrong and what I need to do to fix the issues.. My legs are too weak and my form was obviously wrong.. Weak and tight hamstrings and lack of exercise is a recipe for disaster.. Learn from my stupidity.. If it’s too heavy, don’t try and be the Incredible Hulk.. I’ve been stuck in bed taking pain meds along with using ice and heat because it takes about three or four days to recover to where I can walk upright again..

  • Power-lifting was my fave hobby/Lifestyle but since i do labor work i decided to give up Power-lifting, the older i got the more i realized if you not planning to constantly compete then its pointless and nobody but you care about your numbers, so Focusing on some strength and mostly mass/BB is much better imo… if you have no plans to compete

  • Stretching is different. Notice that when you’re stretching you send a clear signal to the brain of “stretching”= relaxation) You want to release the stress caused by the right posture. You want to be comfortable when you’re stretching, but stressed out (muscularly speaking) when lifting. Although you can use light weight to stretch and reach a broader range…

  • That feeling when you just opened yourself up to WHOLE other level of PAIN! this kinda pain takes any beast down no matter what.:'(

  • How long did it take y’all to fully recover from y’all herniated disk? bc it’s been like 5 months and I’m still not fully recovered

  • How would I know if my disc is herniated? I have a peculiar pinch where my right ass starts close the spine. I have no problem doing squats or deadlifts but I feel the pinch while sleeping or sometimes walking. I think it could KILL MY GAINS

  • I was too afraid too stick out my glutes due to silly thoughts not because less effort but now that I watch this video I understand now

  • Great explanation, I just seriously reaggravated an L5 issue yesterday and back to ice, anti-inflammatories and chiropractor for me. It would be great to see how to rehab this issue. Also, I dig the flags hanging, but the field (the starts) should be on the left side as you look at it.

  • I’ve a bulged disc and I’m totally fine with doing squats and any single leg training but I Must not deadlift since lifting anything that heavy off the ground can aggregate that pre-existing injury. Last month I screwed it up once again while doing sprinter lunges!! So, I decided to stick with squats and Bulgarian split squats.

  • I totally trust you
    Some say Deadlift is an injurious exercise
    I’ve heard it from Doctors
    Can you please make a video on it for such thinking

  • Bro, i snapped my back yesterday doing deadlifts. Can you help me out on advice on rehabilitation and my body shifted alot. I can hardly walk. I would appreciate your help and thanks. My email is [email protected]

  • I was deadlifting with kettlebells and this week i took a barbell and deadlifted and it felt so great but the next day i had low back pain and i was like omg i love deadlift and what am i doing wrong…. so thank you for this video:)

  • Wow, I looked at your newer videos and you have come a long way. Thanks for great content and for continually stepping up your game!

  • Hey, I got a bad disc on l5-s1 due to some lower spine rectification and I don’t have pain during squats or deadlifts. The pain comes on the next day after a deadlift session, no irradiation to legs… I feel like it’s related to posterior chain muscles tightness, the pain usually goes away after warmup. Any ideas?
    Love the channel and the external rotation torque set up for the squat has really improved my form here. Ty!

  • Ahhhh-haaaaa… I keep getting a bulge in one of my lower lumbar discs, which takes me out of training for weeks due to the pain. Now not don’t squat or deadlift anything over 95 lbs.. Too spooked. Will try your rehab suggestions though, thanks!

  • I did the same shit last sunday i new instantly because i injurde it 10 years ago and had surgery but this time not as bad 2 3 mm bulges and 1 4 mm bulges

  • I feel like my spine is neutral and by looking at it, it is, but somehow I still feel like I’m lifting too much with my lumbars and the result is that my lower back hurts.. any suggestions?? ��

  • “Don’t blow this!”
    Too late. Happened September the 5th this year. I’m currently doing physiotherapy, and is otherwise in the process of talking to medical professionals in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the details regarding my specific injury, in the hopes that there will be tailored solutions for me and that I will one day be free of the complications from my sciatica. Your videos have actually helped me somewhat in this endeavour, so thank you for uploading these informative videos of yours!

  • Did anyone else get numb big toes from basic training? I wonder if it was from the ruck marches causing these herniated discs causing pressure on the nerves

  • Thanks for the information. Can you please cover how to start weight lifting after cervical(more specifically c6-c7) disc herniation/bulging esp when the injury is fixed without surgery?

  • Deadlifts are dangerous and unhealthy for the body long term. Rack Pulls is a much more effective exercise. Safer too. Many people deadlift all the time and get absolutely no results.

  • Why I don’t go heavy anymore. I’m not training for anything major and don’t need to pad my personal stats, so, it’s honestly pointless.

  • Now when, the people from the place I work at, start saying I’m gonna get a back injury if I keep deadlifting, again.
    I’m gonna show them this video to shut them up.

  • Deadlift is overrated imo its too much ego and everyone cares about deadlifting 700lbs like who give a fuck. It wont give me any pussy all I do is bicep curls and I get all kinds of pussy mate.

  • Barbell Medicine will change the way you view snap city. Watch their pain and injury podcasts for tips. Although their approach is the exact opposite of Stew since the mechanical model for pain is not supported by current evidence based practice, but what do you have to lose? Find deadlift variations with weights and ROM that you can tolerate and advance from there. God speed.

  • 4:02 This is why my squat is progressing well but my DL is tanking I strained my lower back a few months ago and just can´t seem to output the force I used to achieve before. I´ll have to fix my form, thanks, this was very helpful

  • So deadlifting is safe for the lower back because it produces fewer injuries among elite lifters than American football?? We can agree that the deadlift, performed with proper form, is a good and safe exercise for all. However, you miss the point that it can aggravate a previously compromised lumbar spine, and there are people who simply should not deadlift.

  • it’s normal to feel soreness that’s the muscle
    if you feel heavy pain constantly and a bump tho, there goes a disk, watch athlean x’s video on repairing those.

  • damn dude hookgrip for reps:O how did that injury even happen were you not bracing? and do you do any mobility work prior to lifting?

  • I just discovered I have a dehydrated disc L5, its not still a hernia but its pumping out a little, wich one of your videos should I watch, dr. Told me I should never lift heavy weights again and its reccomending only swimming but I really want to continue lifting but avoiding my problem to get worser, thank you very much if you can answer back

  • Thank you for the videos on lower back injury, I’m in the process of recovering from a l5/s1 bulging disc, content from squat university and dr stuart mcgill is helping me significantly make evidence-based decisions on how i should approach the rehab process. Im currently studying to be an exercise physiologist, the psychological pain coming from my inability to train hard and the irony and embarrassment of being injured as an exercise professional is the toughest part of my rehab by far. Your content and Dr McGill’s is really making the process easier, it’s giving me hope that I can come back stronger and pain-free. Thank you very much Aaron.

  • My back kills me on the regular. It’s to the point where I’m giving up squats and lunges which sucks bc this means chicken legs indefinitely.

  • Working at a desk my entire life got me a bulging disk. Now I have to avoid bending and have get up more frequently so for me it was something as simple as that to get me a problem. Now I’m doing gym but I’m really careful with my lifting.

  • I tried deadlifts for the first time and my back is in terrible pain. It completely ruined my workout routine. No more working out until I heal. I struggle picking up my child, tying my shoes, reaching down washing my feet. This just plain sucks. I for one don’t think it’s worth the risk. I’ll do my many other leg workouts for leg day from now on. This is day three and the pain seems to have worsen, night are the worse.

    I usually don’t let soreness immobilize me, but man, this is intense.

  • Have 3 mainor bulgh discs lower back
    Doing squat only body.and with pilatis ball to the wall
    Also singel leg.and mini band exercise
    Plank.and its ok
    No pain.i realy want to do with barballl.but im surfing for 33years.when ther is no waves im train

  • How Can I tall the difference between pain caused by a herniated disc and back tension caused by something else like an old ankle or knee injury?

  • Did the same thing, I had to stick to light weight and high reps with dead’s. 15-20 reps, but on the bright side 15-20 range gave me more muscle definition than low reps.

  • When I backsquat I try my best to not round out but it never works. I’m 15 years old and already having back problems. So I’m stretching like my feet is together and I have to Ben to stretch it, my low back gives me all this pain

  • I picked up my toddler and had to put her down immediately after feeling la tearing pain on my lower back. It’s day 2 and I only have pain on my tailbone. Can’t sit straight without pain and obviously can’t pick up my child anymore �� will it go away by itself?

  • Watched because of the title. Commented because the title is CLICKBAIT! You do not make people likely to buy your product by lying to them.

  • I loved how you used a valid research paper at the start, it gave me hopes for the video. UNFORTUNATELY research is lacking big time in the rest of the video. You dont NEED neutral spine for deadlifting, NOR IS IT INJURIOUS TO DEADLIFT WITH A FLEXED SPINE.

    As you said, powerlifting and strongman have low injury rates, if you’ve ever been or seen a PL o Strongman meet you’ll see more back flexion than neutral spines.

    Tell people that their back is like a clip that will break with multiple flexiones (even unloaded as shown in the video) is not only RIDICULOUS but causes a huge nocebo effect. Such as “oh I flexed my back during a deadlift and now it hurts, is probably broken, I’ll never deadlift again or take a month off training”


    You’re probably giving more stress to your body than it can adapt to. Same as if you go to the gym and to 10×10 on barbell curls (given that you’re not used to that). Most people are gonna take that pain the next day as a positive sing, or maybe just not negative. PLEASE STOP WITH THE NOCEBO EFFECT. Thanks.

    PS: with this said I’m not saying I teach new lifters to deadlift rounded, I don’t. But that’s a whole different discussion. Just don’t say things that aren’t true and risk other peoples views towards training and affect their lifestyle

  • Our spine is designed to lift objects and we have muscles for that,if we can rotate our spine via our obliques muscles then it is natural and familiar for the human body,we just need to determine what is too much and how to deal with it?

  • One question, since deadlift injury you cant lift things without discomfort? How are you rehabing? I had dead lift injury and i cant lift objets without intolerance, thank you so much,if you could help me

  • does sumo deadlift and still has to round his back mate you asked for that one sumo should be simple movement up and down not that it matters now should have stuck to conventional as sumo is not for everybody as it is quite technical and people yes can lift a lot more with it but there form also must be 100 percent. hope you recover soon and can get back to where you were

  • That was a great explanation of the problem. I am unfortunately in the this category, multiple disc injuries have now lead me to have facet joint problems.

    I was hoping to see some actual reccomendations for actual exercises once this occurs. I don’t feel like i can or should squat at all now and get conflicting advice from different physios. Would you be able to reccomend any exercises for someone in my position?

  • I need help ��, I got lower back pain from bad form on deadlift(too much back) and I’ve been having a continuous throbbing/aching pain on both left and right sides of my back and its killing me. Help

  • Amazing video, I love one rep max deadlifts but sometimes become afraid of messing up my lower back. Almost never experience pain but you can never be too cautious with your body. Thanks!

  • Its funny when someone tells me to do something that im already doing lol your latest video on the mcgills 3 was so good ive been doing it incorrectly for awhile

  • Thanks for your videos.

    I crafted a lengthy comment on barbell squats & deadlifts, torso rigidity, the valsalva maneuver, & conservative progressive overload to stave off creeping decrepitude, among other things…
    But my daughter distracted me and I accidentally deleted it.

  • Deadlifters and heavy squatters deserve to compress their discs. Lifting extremely heavy shit off the floor “of fucking course” puts that pressure on your spine. Fucking,….duh.

  • Herniated a disk in my neck (plus two bulged) at the age of 30. Re injured it twice over the next year, once just doing heavy curls. Im now 40 and still have some nerve dmg on my left tri and pec.

    Fucking sucks. Good luck to you, discs are a touchy injury. FYI I don’t do anything now that will greatly stress my traps. Thank god for leg press.

  • Great video Aaron, just wanted to run this by you. 2 days ago I worked up to a decent high bar back squat single @9.5RPE. I made this lift and have every confidence that I could hit it, however after a really good descent and reversal, I felt my a tightening sensation, like a rope being pulled taut in my right lower back region, right at my sticking point. I finished the lift. I’ve felt a similar thing last year, however not from a single rep, and did a really nice pull pull stretch while in the 90/90 position. This really helped me in the past and stopped the spasm from continuing. I checked the video of my squat and it seemed that in my desire to bring my hips under the bar to maximize my quad drive out of the hole, my pelvis tucked into posterior pelvic tilt. It’s a barely noticeable tuck but I reckon that some lower back stabilizer just went taut as a defense mechanism. So getting to the point, I’ve always braced and feel really good about my technique, 360 degree, creating a tonne of stiffness in the process but I’ve never really focused on keeping my low back in extension. Do you think one should actively provide an extension force in the low back to prevent the natural rounding that may happen as the hips are brought back under the bar in the ascent of the squat. How do you feel about active extension of the low back, generally as it applies to strength training? I’ve heard Mike Israetel commenting on extension ( in the squat) being inherently safer but then I’m worried that in my focus on slight/active extension, I’ll lose some ab/anterior tension. Have you come across this pelvis tucking under high loads as one brings their hips under the bar? Hope this finds you well.

  • Man, what a horrible feeling. I’ve never experienced pain like the first few weeks after herniating L5/S1. Felt like I was getting electrocuted every time I moved. Hope your all healed up

  • I hearniated my disc, too. It was with really low weight and I am not aware of mistakes. I looked to the ceiling, avoided a round back (looked at the mirror). I don’t to deadlifts any more after this. Sure, there is a perfect way doing deadlifts. But even the perfect way does not exclude the risk of a disc herniation. And a total wrong posture does not guarantee a herniation on the other hand. It is just bad luck to a certain point. The deadlift in the video looked fine, still it went wrong. And he does not look like this was his first deadlift.

  • We are glad to help professionals connect their knowledge to others through better spine modeling. Thank you for using our #3dmodels for #patienteducation

  • Sitting and the resulting loss of ab strength/lengthening of the abs causes the anterior rotation. Standing, walking and sit ups will solve this problem by engaging the muscle that pulls the front of the hips up (the abs)