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If you mumbled “yes,” you may have an ectomorph body type. Physical Characteristics of an Ectomorph. Many models who are plastered on the covers and pages of fashion magazines tend to be an ectomorph. Not only are they tall, but they have a thin build with long limbs, small joints, and thin bones. Can a Ectomorph Gain Muscle and Get Big?

Living things practice anabolism and catabolism through the whole time they are living and the balance between anabolism and catabolism is called metabolism. An example of catabolism is the breakdown of glucose into carbon dioxide and water, and an example of anabolism is the condensation of glucose molecules, which. An Ectomorph’s View: Get Big The Right Way! Ricky Cutch They say to consume between 20-22x your body weight for an ectomorph, but that is simply an estimation.

Start off slow, bumping up your calories slowly every 2 weeks, and let the mirror be your judge. But do not add or cut more than 500 calories at a time, instead do it very gradually. Can Ectomorphs Get Big?

Some people assume that because ectomorphs have such a lean, sculpted physique that it’s difficult for them to gain bulky muscle. But with rigorous training and nutrition, weight and muscle gain is well within your reach. Here’s the deal: ectomorphs cannot get big naturally because our bones are incredibly slim and often in the company of extra-short muscle bellies at places crucial to the acquisition of a fuller look.

Another trait that sometimes accompanies “ectomorphism” is low testosterone. The big boys. This body type is quick to go through a growth spurt and are generally filled with higher stores of growth hormone – which can be why they accumulate more fat than the average person. Endomorphs are sometimes said to be on the “fat” side of fitness, yet if you’re into powerlifting this is a perfect body type.

Each body type builds muscle, burns fat and gains muscle tone at different rates. Below, we will discuss these three body types, and how nutrition and exercise affect each one. How to Identify Your Body Type. William H. Sheldon, Ph.D., MD, introduced these 3 body types to the world in 1940.

The way to get bigger arms would be to lose fat and build muscle, if we use the ectomorph as an example most of the time ectomorphs can be initially classified as skinny fat if they do not do anything about their physique. Besides that lets look at. There’s nothing you can do to make them grow any bigger except maybe gain a bunch of weight and that’s not healthy (nor is it easy if you’re really an ectomorph). If you can’t live with what you.

Since writing 11 Training Tips for the Skinny Fat Ectomorph, I’ve been bombarded with questions that go something like this: “Hey man, what you said in that article describes me perfectly.What routine should I go on?” Big news: escaping the skinny-fat fate is more than performing a sequence of exercises, it’s living a certain lifestyle.

List of related literature:

The ectomorph has great difficulty gaining weight and getting stronger.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
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Of course, the top pro bodybuilders nowadays are so massive and well developed that it’s sometimes hard to separate them into different body-type categories.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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The ectomorph has a tough time gaining weight and building strength.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
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Maddan and his colleagues found that offenders with a mesomorph body type were significantly more likely than either ectomorphs or endomorphs to be incarcerated for a violent offense.

“Delinquency in Society” by Robert M. Regoli, John D. Hewitt, Matt DeLisi
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Heredity also governs body type and shape—whether the athlete is an endomorph, ectomorph, or mesomorph.

“Game Changer: The Art of Sports Science” by Fergus Connolly, Phil White, Jim Harbaugh
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An ectomorph has a very thin body build with little muscle mass.

“Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiology” by Janice Kaye Loudon, Robert C. Manske, Michael P. Reiman
from Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiology
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If you look at pro bodybuilders in their early stages, they are still typically leaner and bigger than a normal individual.

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
from The Ultimate Diet 2.0
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Developing huge muscles is difficult for people with certain body types, and it usually comes only with a high­calorie diet mixed with intensive, consistent training.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
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Muscle fiber hypertrophy is believed to occur through remodeling of the muscle fiber protein and an increase in the size and number of myofibrils.18 In addition, muscle hyperplasia has been speculated to be a possible adaptive strategy in resistance training.

“Current Therapy in Pain E-Book” by Howard S. Smith
from Current Therapy in Pain E-Book
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One must not have any specific body type (mesomorph, a muscular, athletic body; ectomorph, a slender, angular body; or endomorph, a heavy, rounded body) to excel.

“The Swim Coaching Bible Volume II” by Dick Hannula, Nort Thornton
from The Swim Coaching Bible Volume II
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  • Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are a class of therapeutic compounds that have similar properties to anabolic agents, but with reduced androgenic properties. This property allows SARMs the advantage of androgen-receptor specificity, tissue selectivity, and the lack of steroid-related side effects.

  • I got some good answers for this video but one doubt that is I eat a lot and I’m also gaining muscles but I cant get rid of belly fat. Im gaining muscles and belly fat simultaneously. what should I do?

  • i am 17 im 5,8 and 112 pounds ive worked out for 2 years now and not seeing any results like im getting cut but im not gaining i am going to try this

  • You know what sucks? As an aspiring fighter, trying to pack on weight and size for the sake of bodybuilding is extremely difficult. I have passion for both fighting and bodybuilding, but the amount of high intensity training involved with MMA burns everything I eat.

  • on basis of jeet shelal and Sikhspack channel review regarding ultimate nutrition I’m bit concerned with my ultimate nutrition prostar whey protein. I trust your knowledge and I still am a beginner and been following you for a long time. So, it would be very kind of you to clear my doubt regarding the quality of ultimate nutrition and if it’s not good, then do suggest a good whey protein in market. Also, what should I do with my whey as i just bought it as it’s cheaper and availability is easy, also saw you using that too. Please kindly help me ��.

  • I was disguising my identity as an endomorph behind Chicken-Fried Steaks.

    I am actually a Mesomorph and my v-back is now semi-sculpted! Damn do I miss Chicken-Fried Steaks though!

  • Great video man. Can U help me with advices?
    Im 185 cm height and 78kg in weight. Approximetly how many calories should I take 4000 or 5000? And I should work everyday or 3-4times a week?

  • HowtoBeast! Your protein contains genetically modified dextrin and gmo xanthem gum. The peanut butter is loaded with glyphosate (highly toxic) and the quaker oats (banned in south korea) are loaded with glyphosate. Glyphosate aka concentrated ROUNDUP WEED KILLER! Just want to let you know that those “clean” foods are not at all clean! Please research, verify and get organic. On a positive note, your videos are awesome and I’m learning a lot from you!

  • I just barely figured this out today my buddy told me about me being ectomorph that’s why I haven’t been able to move up in weight and getting injured more

  • Yep thats me except i have grate genetics for legs arms and neck no chicken legs Just ripped out my fkn mind if i eat any more then what i eat i feel like im going to have some heart atack action

  • Twins: roast me to the moon and back
    Me: shit they right. How they know this?? Where did they get these RECEIPTS??!?!? I deserve this. TEACH ME TWINGS!! PUT ME IN MY PLACE!!!
    ps. Twins + kings = twings

  • How about training to failure? I train to failure on all my safe compound and isolated work outs, every set, every day, every week. I normally stick to the same weight every month but i just aim to try get deeper into failure on those weights. Is this a good way? Thanks for the videos!

  • So, you are tellin me that i should do only 2 chest workouts on the beat day ever? And 2 triceps only?
    Fuck off with this science shit..

  • this is horrible advice. everyone should do cardio…for your literal cardiovascular health. I know an ectomorph who just dropped dead of a heart attack even though he was lean his whole life. Phenotype does not tell the whole story….

  • I’m continuing the comment I just posted. I want to completely burn my upper body fat with a good ectomorph diet and the right weight training/cardio

  • Hey bro, I have subscribed and like your content. Can you please suggest a routine for for skinny beginners. I am a complete beginner and never worked out in my life.

  • I also proud to be an ectomorph… & i dont think there are any disadvantages…… aur tum na video ko kheechte bahut ho point to point bola kro…….

  • My parents are both ectomorphs, they let themselves go a little and can still easily shed weight unfairly fast. However I’m nothing like them I’m just a fat mesomorph even though I’m pushing 340 I still have a 44 waist, my stomach over hangs a few inches but my waist doesn’t match what I see in other people with similar weight and height. I feel like Hermes most days and just fantasize about where I’ll be at the end of my weight loss journey all the pain has to be worth the change right?

  • Ecto @ 82kgs, Meso @ 92 kgs and Endo @ 102 kgs… my weights throughout my late 30 to 40s…. 182 cm tall.
    My part Polynesian/Irish/Scots genes maybe.

  • Most legitimate, no bullshit no sell out and established succesful guy i’ve come across on YouTube so far. You talk about literally every issue I have in my life and I genuinely feel like you’ll help my future. Cheers mate

  • Honestly man can you answer a question for me, i want a lean athletic body like Triple G the boxer. Like I want a functional body and not too bulky, whats your advice for that besides the diet im talking about the actual exercising part

  • I’ve been lifting since late 2013, and was at 126lbs. Now i weigh at fking 176lbs. Eating 5000+ calories and training consistently gets you to the goal. Patience and Perseverance should be the best friends. Keep pushing ecto ppl all over the world!

  • ectomorph party zindabaad. we r the best types as WE CAN EAT WHATEVER WE WANT WHENEVER WE WANT IN ANY QUANTITY STILL WE WONT GAIN FAT

  • Well im something in middle of ecto and meso i got big chest and got six pack but my arms are small and its’s hard ti gain weights

  • Bhai mai ek ectomorph hu kya karu weight gain k lie pls batao bhai pls pls kabhi kabhi aisa lagta h mera weight kabhi gain nai ho sakta sir pls aap hi help kar paoge sir pls sir

  • Hey bro been loving your vids. Watched your skinny fat videos, think I fall in there. Trying to find out work out program I can use, you so you are a 177lb that’s what I am but don’t have the body size as you do, I’m fat in my gut and my neck, arms are skinny legs a little skinny, I have a sunken in chest. I tried different work out routines none are working for me and I can’t really do yours cuz I’m limited on what I can use. I work on a offshore supply boat some I’m gone 28 days out of the month. If you can help me bro let me know, I’ll tell you what weights I have to work with in this boat.

  • I’m a ectomorph I was always skinny 6’2 with 29 inch waist and 14 inch arms. I look up for supplements like creatine and serious mass taken 3 servings a day. I jumped from 175-240lbs. But the thing is I can’t gain weight by eating alone. My arm is 16 inches and waist is 37 now.

  • As an ectomorrph you suggest to eat all this stuff and then will die from cancer is that right? WTF are you telling perople to do, eat unhealthy to gain muscles? Are you serious with that things you throw here?

  • I dirty bulked back in 2015, I went from 108-148 within a Year and a Half. YOU GET FAT AS FUCK dirty bulking, so don’t Push your limits and you can destroy your metabolism.

    I’m currently sitting at 127 and I’m lean and muscular.

  • i hate being an ectomorph we are always the one’s who get bullied everywhere school, gym, and even our workplace and we never get the girl no matter what we do so im just gonna give up fuck my life.

  • “I just kept it light today with the back squats. Only 3 sets of 15 with 225.” Your legs are strong as crap if that’s light lol. Good to see you’re progressively recovering Beast!

  • पाचनतंत्र मजबूत बनविण्यासाठी आणि रोगमुक्त राहण्यासाठी.��
    ( समअग्नी )

    1. रोज सकाळी उठल्यावर 2 ग्लास पाणी प्यावे.

    कारण तोंडात असलेली लाळ शरीरात जाऊन पाचनतंत्र मजबूत बनते.

    2. जेवणानंतर अर्धा तास पाणी पिऊ नये.

    कारण पाणी आणि भोजन एकत्र आल्यामुळे अन्नपचन होत नाही. आणि पाचनतंत्र खराब होऊन विविध रोग उत्पन्न होतात.

    3. जेवण चावून चावून खावे

    कारण भोजन चावून खाल्याने तोंडात असलेली लाळ अन्नात मिक्स होऊन त्याचा रस शरीरात जातो.आणि संपूर्ण अन्न पचन होते. पाचनतंत्र मजबूत होते.

    4. अवशक्यतेपेक्षा जास्त भोजन नये.

    कारण अतिरिक्त अन्न शरीर पचवत नाही आणि ते अन्न शरीरात साठून राहते.

    3. जेवताना सकारात्मक विचार ठेवावे

    कारण आपल्या शरीरात असलेली ऊर्जा जेवणात उतरते.

    4. सकाळी उठल्यावर भरपूर भोजन करावे आणि सुर्यास्ता आगेदर भरपूर भोजन करावे.

    कारण या काळात जठर अग्नी फार तीव्र असतो.

    5. पाणी पिताना हळूहळू प्यावे

    कारण तोंडात असलेली लाळ पाण्यामार्गे शरीरात जाते.आणि आम्लता कमी होते.

    6. जीवनात कधीही थंड पाणी पिऊ नये.

    कारण थंड पाणी पिल्यामुळे शरीरातील सगळी ऊर्जा निघून जाते. आणि जठरअग्नी शांत होते.

    7. रोज एक चमच तूप प्यावे.

    तूप घेतल्यामुळे जठरअग्नी वाढून. पाचनतंत्र मजबूत होते.

    8. शाकाहारी भोजनावर जास्त भर दयावा. जेवणामध्ये विविध डाळींचा समावेश करावा.

  • Nice video, I am also a ectomorph. Perhaps you might want to work on your english pronunciation, I find it a bit difficult to understand you. Peace

  • i was 52 kg… i am 70 kg….it took time and understanding is less exercise is better go to gym 4 days a week and eat food with in every two hours is good too bulk up and start eating peanut butter…and pick up heaver weight but less reps 8 to 9….yah true very hard to gain weight

  • I feel like your explanation is a bit off track bro. I think you are somehow not fully correct. I’m an ectomorph too but somethings you say don’t match me, I have some qualities which what you say is found on the mesophorph. Unless you say the words “i have good genetics” then i might accept that but you didn’t, you think only mesophorph have good genetics, but whatever,
    Whatever you’re saying isn’t completely on point.

  • Can someone answer this… If there is 3,500 calories in 1 pound of weight and someone was to eat 3,500 calories EVERYDAY for 7days. That’s over 24,000 calories. Now let’s say your body burns off atleast 15,000 of that off from working out 6 days out of 7. That’s still ALOT of calories leftover. That leaves you 8,000 calories at the end of the week and each 3,500 of that is considered 1 pound of weight. And they say, you have to eat 3,500 to gain 1 pound in 1 week! Lmaoo That’s more than 1 freaking pound in a week!! That’s over 3 pounds just about in 1 week. Can someone explain what’s wrong here??

  • Good stuff! One thing you might want to specify in addition to your REPS x WEIGHT x SETS formula is LENGTH OF REST PERIODS between sets.. That would be the other variable besides total time under tension would be total time of completion… Just a suggestion to further help others. Sometimes keeping the same weight but shortening or lengthening rest periods can work wonders & break through plateaus… Keep up the great work!

  • you rock bro. Ive been trying to gain weight for 8 years. Ive been consistently 135 no matter what I do. but Im starting to look more fit!

  • This explains why since high school I’ve been trying to get like The Rock but I just getting injured or I lose muscle quickly…I don’t have a big appetite andI mainly eat just to cus I have to haha

  • Ectomorph here. I didn’t eat anywhere near 5-6k calories a day, and I gained about 25 pounds in my first month. My typical diet was around 3-3.5k calories with a weight gaining sup. Worked just fine for me.

  • I’m ectomorph I think but I’ve never worked out and I have a six pack and I can bounce my chest I’m 6,2 idk what I am tbh I’m called skinny a lot till they see me shirtless

  • Really? Did someone ever say the big boned thing unironically? I always knew I was fat and only said that because it guaranteed some light-hearted laughs.

  • musclemonsters hey. I’m a skinny guy. 127lbs and 5,7. I have been working out without doing cardio with some gains. I have been told that I should be doing cardio by personal trainers. I think I burn muscle mass while I run on the treadmill. Please advice me on how I can build the most amount of muscle the fastest possible way please. Have a good day

  • NOOOOO!!! Do not just eat a bunch of garbage! I tried this philosophy and got a huge belly. One of the benefits of being ectomorph is that you can have a nice flat belly with abs. It took me YEARS of hard work and discipline to lose the belly fat.

    PLEASE don’t make the same mistake i did! Eat more, yes, but healthy foods and never allow the belly to get to a size you don’t like the look of.

  • What’s my type
    Easy to lose weight (lost 10 kg in 3 months)
    Not so easy to gain muscles
    Have a lot of fat
    My shoulder is wide, I have V shaped body

  • 0:37 thats a good goal…. Man Im an ectomorph I was like him when I was 15 now Im twice as him that can demotivate people they might say fuck it I will never get big and stop training or start junk food to “gain some weight”

  • Shit is hard for us but man, when you stick to it and keep serious, your results are amazing, can eat wathever the fuck you wanna eat and still look more ripped than any other guy who’s been on a strict diet for a fucking year.

  • @HowToBeast
    What is your occupation/type of work you do?
    I found this video very informative
    But more interestingly the concentric & eccentric contractions. This is so overlooked by all lifters. So What do you do?

  • But dude one thing you forget to mentioned is that ectomorph body type looks more hotter than other guys Hrithik has also ectomorph body type ��✌��

  • Great vid, thanks. Serious question: I am naturally an ectomorph and always had about 8% body fat, I never put on extra fat until my metabolism slowed down from the age of 27. I didn’t like this obviously and got back to my 140 lbs though was about 16% body fat. Instead of reducing this, I started natural bodybuilding in Jan this year. I have since put on 42 lbs which I believe is in the ratio of 2:1 muscle to fat. I do not like having the fat around my midsection but the muscle gains have been great. I can still see some abs when tensing but have the classic tyre and some extra fat I believe on my back and the tops of my thighs. From everything I’ve seen that amount of gain in that span of time is unusual but I’m doing a lot of workouts, eating a lot of good food and supplements along with maintaining good sleep. No steroids or anything, just the natural steroidal effects of certain natural foods like celery, oats, pomegranate juice, etc. I’m learning and doing everything I can to maximise gains naturally. There is still room for Improvement though. However, I am trying to work out how to shed the majority of the fat I’ve now gained and continue building muscle mass. Target is 220 lbs with a low but sustainable amount of body fat so I am jacked but pretty ripped yet healthy and energetic to then go about martial arts and other activities I plan to incorporate. Any advice from anyone experienced is hugely appreciated. Happy to share too the exact things I’ve been doing workout wise or diet wise so far. Thank you!

  • If you are an ectomorph and you say you haven’t gain weight or muscle you are not eating and lifting right! Eating is crucial but eating the right foods it’s important as well. I went from 128 to 155 at the moment.

  • Just recently came across your videos man and it has helped me even with the littlest things. Keep it up, you’re videos help more than you know!

  • So is it possible to change your body type? I started being very skinny ectomorph, gained around 12kg in a short time, (no visible fat) old pants are now small for me and etc. Also, my friend was fat for his whole life, now he’s skinny fat, wtf his body type is lol,

  • When i was a kid, i was so jealous of kids my age who were already ripped with abs without a day of working out. My fat endomorphe ass had no muscles to show. They ended up being better at sports than i was too, i had experience and beat them in sports, but they eventually caught up and beat me at our late 30s, them naturally born mesomorphes have surpassed me by a mile. Im so cursed to be born an endomorphe

  • I downloaded your routine and Does this actually work I’m 16 and weigh 135 lbs and am DEFINITELY an ectomorph and have tried so many work outs and to no avail. I just don’t want to waste my time hoping to get results and not end up

  • Ha! 5000 calories? I have a hard time eating 1500 and probably only 1200 on a good day. but this explains a bit better why my body only seems to be getting more defined and harder and not larger. Thanks for the brake down PT channel

  • I cant tell if im ecto or meso. I gain and lose weight fast. My chest and shoulders look wide. I gain in chest pretty easily. But my legs and arms are long. My biceps aren’t full and round.

  • brah… this is exactly what i needed to hear… i am an eckomorph… and its been so hard to get to or stay @ 160lbs i my weight used to flux between 145-150 now its flux from 154-159 this make so much sense ive been looking for ways to slow my metabolism down but everyone says thats a bad idea… I’m gonna be looking for more advice from yall yo figure out the proper way to go about this…

  • sir should a ectomorph beginner need to perform full body workout(the compound exercises) everyday/3 time a week OR they should do a split routine like
    Mon chest & triceps (compound exercises)
    The biceps & back (compound exercises)
    plz help

  • Yup, former ectomorph here. To get big Gotta train effectively n efficiently, eat more than you think and even more than that and it takes years to build substantial
    mass. However, can walk around leanwith little to no time

  • Man this video is nostalgic. I remember being a skinny teen watching this and feeling sad that I’m not supposed to do tricep pushdowns xD I’m 23 now and I’m not an ectomorph anymore, I can fairly say I look more on the mesomorph side

  • the people you see with those bog muscles and wide body is just there body type. You’ll never get that body but all you can do as an ectomorph is just build as much muscle. you’re body type will never change well it will kinda cause you’ll gain muscle.

  • I LOST 40kg!!! Now I’m feeling healthy. I only followed tips from website called NextLevelDiet. They provided me with 30 meal plan, training plan, fitness tips and healthy recipes. Visit their site and make your own body transfromation!!!

  • Its not just eat eat. But also try eating the best quality foods. Lots of greens and protein. Eating fat is ok, but is better to stay away from the bad ones, and try eating good fats instead.

  • Can anyone help me, I am an Ectomorph but I have belly fat, love handles, and back fat.
    I am confused as should i do Sprinting / Cardio in mornings and hit the gym in the afternoon? or just one?

  • Why does the endomporph always have to be fat? I mean you can show us some examples of curvy endo’s cause they’re apparent even with the transformation.

  • you don’t know shit.. If u just eat junkfood all the time, u will NOT build muscle. The nutrition in junkfood is not good to build any lean mass. Mass gainers are also bullshit since all the carbs in there are mainly sugars. Please man, if you don’t know anything about it, don’t sell advice.

    For ectomorphs: Eat alot but eat healthy!

  • hi david, if i only use my bodyweight for workout can it works because I’m 15 years old with my weight is 31kg and my height is 152cm.

  • There is another very big advantage of being an ectomorph. Our metabolism slows down naturally as we age. Therefore, at the age of 50 an ectomorphic guy who has been working out for long will look much better and even younger than the other two types.

  • Bro am really not Mocking or trolling but If you check the Autopsy report of Rich Piana Who died his autopsy showed clear ct side effect of sarms i.e enlarged kidneys and problem in urinary bladder. They are steroids. Please don’t miseducate people By promoting them. They are less side effective but still do have adverse effects and do have long term effects

  • I am Endo and mesomorph,fasting and keto half a day several days a week really works
    I do not wish to be ectomorph, so that is not true. Many ectomorphs are usually very thin, I don’t want to be one at all.

  • No offence but how did he mess up eccentric twice and why does he lift 4 sets of 8 for hypertrophy and 5 sets of three for strength. Should be 5 sets for each or more or maybe less if it’s strength and hypertrophy should be 12 reps or more if you can do one more and five sets of five are called that for a reason

  • I’ve only watched 4 minutes into the video, but what you’re saying is incorrect. Most of the stuff is okay, but you literally said that ectomorths shouldn’t run, ectomorph is literally the main body type for running. Also endomorphs can pack on as much mucsle as fat. People shouldn’t classify themselves in different body types, you can become anything you want if you put your mind to it, unless if you’re an extreme Endo or exomorph. Something about these videos really bugs me, it’s probably because how uneducated people stereotype body types.

  • I’ve always been told that i have broad shoulders and a small waist by many people but the problem is that i don’t have the discipline required to reach my potential

  • Great vid David. Question…… What about about RPT? You chat about getting bigger using 3×10/5×5 but what’s you opinion on RPT such as 12,10, 8? Will RPT help me get bigger or should I do equal reps in sets?

  • Bro I was just trying to experiment and find sources online for ectomorph training and diet, your content is at the very top bro!! Keep it up

  • I’m an ectomorph I weigh 135 pounds at 5,10 and have been eating 3000 cals and sometimes 4000 cals for the past few weeks while being relatively sedentary and look exactly the same as before lockdown

  • I’m an ectomorph I went to my family doctor 2 months ago and I’m 6’3 and around 130 pounds and my doctor said I had less than 1% body fat. Since being out of the Army I’ve dropped about 30 pounds the most I’ve weighed was about 163 and I’ve lost so much and I hate it. I want my weight back.

  • David, i’ve been watching your videos for some weeks now. When you said that we just cannot expect to achieve numerous objectives at once without focusing on goals and prioritizing, I had a sudden epiphanie about how i was conducting many affairs in life. Keep up the great work

  • I LOST 40kg!!! Now I’m feeling healthy. I only followed tips from website called NextLevelDiet. They provided me with 30 meal plan, training plan, fitness tips and healthy recipes. Visit their site and make your own body transfromation!!!

  • I don’t know if I’m a mesoporph or endomorph because my shoulders are pretty wide in confront of my friends ones my metabolism is normal not too fast not too slow but it s hard to let me see my abs

  • I’m an ectomorph and a hod carrier, i carry bricks and mortar all day! Im strong as fuck but i can’t gain weight! I spend about £10-£15 on dinner and about £6 on breakfast plus shakes! My body is definitely my own worst enemy haha

  • I think im mesomorph.. Broad shoulder, triangle shape body.. My only problem is chest fat, love handles and my belly.. I started 1 month before covid 19 i build some muscle easily and without any supplement.

  • i dont do cardio, but i do eat in CD and workout. im losing inches of belly and losing weight but i see increases in my muscles albeit slowly. in the game for 4 and a half months now so its only normal that i dont see alot of gains. i ll be back in january when i ve trained and dieted for a year. talk to you then.

    have no idea what my bodytype is, probly mixture of different shits but w.e just keep working and increasing reps/sets and improve form. just keep workin.

  • For all you ectomorphs, did you all know that Bruce Lee was a ectomorph?
    He was so skinny but he build so much muscle but not as much as other
    body types because your genetics are not meant to grow as big as other
    body types unless you take steroids but it’s not worth it.

    Bruce Lee would eat every 2 hours to keep up with his muscle mass.

    He was so fast and so strong and he could take down any steroid user.

    Do not get discouraged, just eat every 2 hours and accept that you can only have a Bruce Lee body type but you can still be stronger than other body types even if you won’t ever get that body look.

    If Bruce Lee did it, then you could all do it.

  • Ectomorph over here.. my calorie intake a day is low so I gatto pick up on that.. 2020 Jan 10th. Thanks for these tips I have my bccsa an my creatine

  • I was a skinny kid and started training when I was 15 and BW under 60 kg. Had force feed myself and use to get up in the middle of the night to have midnight meal. Trained everyday and gain 2kg in a year, if that. Then at 16 I started to train 3 times a week 45m per workout and I grew 10-12 kg a year.. Still eaten like crazy. If you not taking special vitamins you need time to recover and doing 4-5 sets per exercise is to much. I do 2 working sets tops. It takes time but if you work on your technic your you have no problems going to absolute failure in two sets.

  • I think I’m an over weight mesomorph…..I kinda went into an eating frenzy with sugar when I quit smoking….and gained 30lns and am trying to get it off ��. Guess I’ll have to follow the endomorph til I’m back down to my original weight.

  • I need your help I do football, wrestling, lacrosse I weight 112.0 pounds and I’m 13 years old I really want to gain weight but I can’t please help

  • Aweaome bro! Awesome!
    1 question though! Can i eat cheddar cheese chicken grilled sandwich for bulking? I heard lower fat cheddar cheese is good for body building

  • It is frustrating how most information online is usually directed to the mesomorph group and can be misleading for the other 2 groups.

  • Dude honestly I don’t find your videos all that informative cuz most of this stuff I already know. HOWEVER I still just subscribed because you’re funny as hell.
    I better talk to you in the next video OR I’M GONNA BE MAD BRO

  • Btw mesomorphs have broader shoulders than whats shown on there and are stockier endomorphs are pear shaped with smaller shoulders hut have thick hips there both stocky just in differnt ways

  • Dammit I’m a skinny guy and I play basketball 3 to 4 times a week for 3+ hrs every time. I really want to gain weight really bad but i can never seem to��

  • Mai class 10th tk haddi tha fir jyada khana shuru kr diya aor mota hi gya ab ajkl calory surplus me jata hu to mota hita hu calory deficit me jata hu ti patla akhir mai karu to karu kya��

  • I got some good answers for this video but one doubt that is I eat a lot and I’m also gaining muscles but I cant get rid of belly fat. Im gaining muscles and belly fat simultaneously. what should I do?

  • Every body type can train their metabolism to be very high it’s all about more calories out than in. It takes about 4 weeks for the body to adapt to calories youre consuming. So if someone has very high activity while they eating 4000 calories they body can adapt to the point to keep the weight off if the activity levels are over the amount of calories you’re putting in your body.

  • Dude, I remember you were at like 13K when I subscribed. I remember when you popped 20K and now you’re at 34K!
    I know you’ll hit 50K by the end of the year, and I bet you’ll crack 100K at some point next year too.
    You better not stop making videos at 50K bro!

  • It’s so hard for ectomorph to put on mass!
    Like u see David laid is training for long time now and diet & supplemnt everything but still he dosent look as big as if someone else will does the same will look way bigger!
    So it’s very long game for ectomorphs like
    Theyre gonna look decent body after 8-10 years of contistent hardwork!
    It’s not like 30 workout & rest for 2 day!
    No even we ectomorph have to work even harder than normal guys and also had to do crazy amount of high calorie diet, which takes time to preapre & cook & eat!
    This guys never been a hardgainer so there’s no way what theyre talking about!bs��

  • These advices are legit if they weren’t then it wouldn’t have worked out for them, but it did very well if you have seen their physique. So it’s all about sticking with that all & consistency just being patient it takes a while of course

  • I’m an ectomorph and I have been working out for 7 months, I stay in the gym for 1h 30m-2h… I still am growing

    I eat 4-5 meals a day

  • Damn, this might be the advice I’ve needed for years. I work out like crazy 5-6 days a week for 1-1.5 hours and I barley see any gains. I do this for months and then just quit because I can’t take it anymore. Then I take a month or 2 off and go back and start all over again. My gains have only ever been in millimeters

  • but really without helping an ectomorph and having proof of such training expertise. stfu. your ancestors were bred like livestock. thats why your built the way you are and commit 1/2 of the violent crime in the u.s., too much testosterone.

  • who the fuck can eat 10000 calories that would be to much for anybody especially an ectomorph as them type of people get full very quick its not going to happen

  • Yaa this is so accurate,I was going to gym back for 3 months I didn’t get any results as at all but later I realised and trained according to my body type and focused on diet that helped me and I gained 22pounds in 7months (127-149),But in between I again stopped gaining weight so I changed my training routine and started training each different parts muscle parts every week.Try training twice each muscle group.And compound lifts are best,Just by deadlift will help you gain 3-5pounds of weight each month.

  • Stameotypes may be true. Im open to the idea. However, like you for example… was over weight.. lost it.. and look more ecto or meso.

  • Great video man. Thanks. I need your advice. I m 1.85m ( height) and 78kg ( weight). Age 24 years old.
    So can people like me workout everyday?
    I mean if I will workout 5-6 day a week and eat 4000 calories a day with 200g of protein and 400g of carbs its ok? How fast i can gain 10kg of weight?

  • here’s the key: eat your your required calories a day. now when youre scheduled to work out, eat more than your body require (to save money. don’t eat too much protein, it’s a waste of money) then eat your pre-workout meal then weight train. then drink your post-workout protein shake (this is when you add bunch of protein in it) after 30 mins. isolation or full body workout is fine. the key is once you feel tired that’s your signal to end your workout for the day. as your body adapts your set and reps will increase overtime. don’t lift heavy (waste of energy). just lift weights heavy enough (not light but not too heavy) and do quality workout (like you feel the crunch while you lift) don’t do mercy lifting. lift as if youre pissed off in life or broken hearted or something. STAY CONSISTENT!

  • if you guys talking about how you’re hardgainers when you’re 135-145 pounds, you’re not a hardgainer at all bro lol. be happy you’re not me who is 19, 5’5 and weigh 94-96 fucking pounds!!!

  • Loved this video man keep up with the great content for ectomorphs! I workout at home with just pair of doumbles i want to bulk up please make a video for that! ��

  • I think it’s clear that my own body is my worst enemy lol. But anyway, I’ve been whole body exercises 3 days a week. Bench press, overhead press, squat and dealift all the same day. How should I change up my routine? Should I do arms one day and legs the other? HELPPPPP

  • 5 FT 11. 135 lbs at 18. I got the BODY FRAME of someone that is 160 lbs. So when I have jacket on I look larger than I actually am. Its my limbs that are seriously slim, but still rock solid. I’m just wondering if I’m a pure ectomorph or just one of those guys that are stronger than they look?

  • Sounds logical. Imagine waking up in the morning and find myself very tired….I sleep very well at night…. While feeling tired I feel so hot as if I have done something big job like running and jogging, but in reality I did nothing…… You are right guys…. Thanks

  • how can i identify if im a mix of endomorph and mesomorph? my build is huge, i have wide shoulders and my hips is the same width right now. But im not shaped like a pear, i have an hourglass shape. i’m 5’7 and weight 84kg. I gain muscle FAST and FATS also and its hard to lose it. i have fats around my love handles but not too much on belly. I am naturally strong.

  • Really appreciate your videos its really helpful to those people that are ectomorph since we dont know what to do and where to start..your videos are awesome! More power on your channel!! Im gonna start all of your teachings!!

  • i eat 4 meals a day, 3200 calories. been doing that for 4 years. im currently maintaining 142lbs. (5’11) eating that much is really hard. every time i tried to eat 3600 or above i cant stick to it because its just too much food

  • bro imy upper body is huge but hig size is thin and super fast metabolism but i gain muscle pretty fast if im on good diet what type of budy do i have any guess? and no gear till now im 26 gains r now slower than before so thinking of running sarm but cant find any legitimate source i seee many bunks in india

  • It’s rlly confusing for me, sometimes During the day I have a nice lean body but then at night I look like kingpin with a wide shoulders however a lot of stomach fat… I do cardio sometimes aswell as training so I don’t know if I’m an endomorph or a mesomorph ��‍♂️ some1 help me

  • Can anybody explain to me how this workout is any different from other bodytype workouts? the 3 tips apply for all the bodytypes right?

  • I use to hate being an ectomorph. I was always rail thin when I was young but now that I got to my goal of 200lbs after years of training I love it. And I stay lean and muscular and I just get to eat what ever I want and lift heavy all the time which I love. Haven’t had to suffer through cardio for years!

  • Man I found the solution. Chocolate milk and French toast with extra eggs. That is tasty enough that eating enough isn’t a struggle, and loaded with easy protein

  • What’s funny is, for me, the thought of even adding on an extra 1000 calories is more hard than doing the workout itself. I dunno why. I’m always so fucking full.