Building Your Personal Muscle Mass Building Workout


FULL BODY WORKOUT | At Home, No Equipment | Build Strength, Build Muscle, Burn Fat

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At-Home Upper Body Strength Workout | FYR 2.0: Hannah Eden’s Muscle-Building Fat-Loss Plan

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20 Minute Bodybuilding Back Workout to Build Muscle at Home Muscle Building Back Exercises Routine

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How to Build Your Own Workout Routine A Complete Guide | Tiger Fitness

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How to Make a Muscle Building Workout Program For Free

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Constructing a Muscle Building Workout Step 1 Choosing Cornerstone Exercises Step 2Secondary “Musts” Step 3 Optionals Step 4 Special Considerations. A common way to structure this type of workout plan is to do a “pull” routine (focusing on your back and biceps) on Monday, legs on Tuesday, a “push” workout (hitting your chest and triceps) on Wednesday, rest on Thursday, butt on Friday, shoulders and abs on Saturday, and another rest day on Sunday, she says. Based on studies, strength training for all muscles of your body, at least three times a week, with at least 48 hours of recovery between each workout to rest your muscles. One set per session can be helpful. However, even two or three sets are even better, and each exercise between 6 to 12 reps to maximize your muscle building.

For the most muscle-building power, do 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps of each exercise, and rest 1-2 minutes between sets. Because you get so much rest, you should be using a challenging weight that pushes your limits in that rep range. If you want to decrease the rest to keep your heart rate more elevated, rest 30-60 seconds between sets. Split workouts are generally considered ideal for building muscle.

You can perform several exercises that target a single muscle group to cause fatigue and obtain the coveted muscle pump. Howeve. One of the best workouts to gain muscle. To build muscles you need to get up and give up the backrest and do this exercise standing.

When you do this exercise for the first time do it with lighter weights. Do 3 sets with 10 reps. Theorized as the key factor to maximize muscle building. For example, working with 3*8 on the Handstand Pushup with Moderate intensity + Moderate rest 3B) Strength Training (Mechanical Tension) This range is closer to the 1 repetition max or about less than or equal to 5 reps. TO RECAP, HERE’S HOW TO EAT TO BUILD MUSCLE: Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and add 250 calories over your number.

Consume 1-1.5g per pound (2.2-3.3g per kg) of bodyweight in protein every day. Consume the rest of your calories from foods composed of carbs and fats. Building Muscle With Bodyweight Workouts. Now, if your main goal happens to be muscle building, don’t think that you can’t incorporate bodyweight workouts into your program to help you reach this goal. “You can still build muscle with bodyweight exercises, assuming of course, you’re not an amateur bodybuilder,” assures Craig. This 15-Minute Arm Workout Is Designed to Build Muscle, Fast.

Welcome to your get-jacked-quick plan. 8 New Rules of Muscle Building. Pure gains.

By Jeff Csatari 28/07/2020.

List of related literature:

There are different ways to go about building the body that you want.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

Here are some genuine muscle-building tips to help you get awesome and ripped.

“Forbidden Knowledge: 101 Things No One Should Know How to Do” by Owen Brooks
from Forbidden Knowledge: 101 Things No One Should Know How to Do
by Owen Brooks
Adams Media, 2019

Strength Training: You can do this by using free weights at home; for instance, by lifting buckets of water or by using select machines at the gym.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

You build a basic structure, learn how to train correctly, acquire a knowledge of diet and nutrition, and then just give the body time to grow.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

However, there is no single best way to periodize a program, and many methods are successful at building muscle.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

This book offers detailed instructions for dozens of exercises and plenty of ideas for designing your own workouts.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
Wiley, 2011

Many variations of this plan are possible to meet the different needs of each bodybuilder and strength trainer.

“Serious Strength Training” by Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, Lorenzo Cornacchia
from Serious Strength Training
by Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, Lorenzo Cornacchia
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Creating a training program first starts with your own unique visions, goals, and ideas of what you expect to accomplish as a bodybuilder.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
by Robert Cheeke
Book Publishing Company, 2011

Squats or deadlifts for the legs, bench, incline and shoulder press for pecs and delts, chins and bent over rows for back, close grip bench for triceps, barbell curl for biceps.

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
from The Ultimate Diet 2.0
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2003

Statements like “I want my arms to be bigger,” “I want more size,” “I want to be more sculpted,” or “I want to change my body shape” suggest that the client wants to follow a program that will result in muscular hypertrophy or increased tone.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Great abs bro, stay hard. I like your videos pretty much man. In my channel I preach how to do intermittent fasting and help people lose weight but your channel is the best bro, thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks for posting this. I actually thought you were about to do a backflip when you moved to jump. I should listen more carefully lol.

  • I actually never had energy enough for carrying a daily life even without exercise and hated every activity that made me move, even as a child (then i discovered I had anemic problems but that doesnt count as an excuse). I dont have any kind os muscular mass in my body (i cant even open up a bottle) and we cant even get into stamina and balance, its as bad. I hate work out with all my soul and even though im not overweight the reasons I’ve listed before are more than enough for me to start exercicing and stop being this lazy af sloth without any kind of willpower nor motivation about basically anything

  • What’s Up Mike!!.
    As Always Awesome Content.
    Gotta Say When I Need Motivation
    And A Quick Muscle Pump
    I Always Go Back
    To Your Ol’ 5 Min Workouts
    They’re Still Challenging
    And Effective��

  • Hi barbarian body can u make a video about how to develop a proprtionate body like your chest to waist ratio for eg. Along with developing vtapering and like Xframe
    PS:yours and Chris Evan body are the two best that i have seen when it comes to proportions

  • What’s your opinion on ems with training and recovery?.. and.. do you actually have a news letter? I’m signed up.. never got a newsletter

  • fantastic training. Could you do some workout rutine using dumbbells resistance bands pull ups bar also some push ups sit ups. Typical home workout rutine. its So difficult for me to create a good plan.

  • Another one of my favorite to pair with a long workout. Just did a 40 minute arm bicep workout and I’m SO DONE for the day! Now for some stretches then dinner for the family! Thanks for these awesome videos.

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  • This looks like a great workout-I look forward to giving it a try. A small request for the future, can you please wear lighter color leggings when you film in this space in the future? Your dark ones kind of blend into the ground and its difficult to see some of the details of the movement, especially on a small screen like a phone.

  • Definitely only went once this time but I had already done bench press earlier, shoulder press, squats, dead lift and eccentric straight bar curls so I was a little burnt out. Loved the second camera showing the movements. I love your workouts sir �� and helps keep me going when you’re there right along doing it to.

  • Do you still customise workouts for people? I went on the website but I found just clothes collection.. thank you in advance for your reply

  • Hey ANabolic Aliens…. Thanks for all those videos.. 5 min intense seriously working more than i imagine!.. doing the biceps n triceps things and started seeing the increase in size and pumping of muscle…..

  • dJust tons of info in one video. It’s presented cleaarly but I’ll still watch more times to be sure I gt it right. If you can go through all the trouble to give us advice, leat we can do is go by the instructions.

  • I was very skinny and after changing my diet I finally started seeing results. I didn’t know anything about training and diet, but my friend told me for the website called NextLevelDiet and I just followed their diet and training plan. They have amazing tips 😉 check it out

  • Thanks for the informative videos Marc. Just subscribed to the newsletter. Now… about the contest to win the $50 gift certificate…

  • do u mind me asking what tyoe of microphone u guys are using I’m tying to get one compatible to do online for instagram and youtube. Thanks so much!

  • I planned out the workout and in order to hit all the muscle groups twice a week on a four day split my sessions are going to be at least two hours. Is this normal? What would an example split look like? Other than that great video i look forward to starting!

  • I really love Hannah’s body!! Soooo lean n toned!! Also she is sooooo funny n notty as well ������ guys got bully from her sometimes ������ hahaaa…

  • I was taking fat loss pills and almost seriously harmed my health. Now I realise that diet is not pills and teas, but structured plan full of nutritionally rich foods. Visit NextLevelDiet and get a real diet, stop taking fuc*ing pills.

  • Yo mike I’m a skinny guy who just got the motivation out of nowhere to start working out just under a week ago and coming across your channel is such a big blessing. Your intense workouts have improved my mood and made me eat more and I feel determined to improve my health and push myself towards greatness. You the real MVP!

  • Time Stamps

    30 Secs Sprawlee 2:50

    30 Secs Bicep Curls 3:20

    Rest 60 secs after 2 continues sets

    30 Secs Plank Shoulder Tap 5:50

    30 Secs Wide OHP 6:20

    Rest 60 secs after 2 continues sets

    30 Secs Tricep Pushups 8:50

    30 Secs Bentover Reverse-Fly 9:20

    Rest 60 secs after 2 continues sets

    30 Secs Front Raise 11:50

    30 Secs Lateral Raise 12:20

    Rest 60 secs after 2 continues sets

  • You should add some nerdy content since its in your name. Feel like the only thing that may appear “nerdy” is your glasses. I like the glasses but just saying.

  • Incredible video. Thank you for today and yesterday’s video and of course all your others too but yesterday and today specifically you have successfully simplified two processes that I definitely struggle with and I’m sure many others do. You’re changing lives Mike!

  • Wow Mike you are killing it with uploads this week! I just wanted to say I was not confident to go to the gym before. I started with your home workouts and made a lot of progress that I actually built myself up some confidence. I joined a gym and bought your Gains Invasion program and I’m a damn beast now!! People I haven’t seen in years say I look like a different person and I am so happy. Thank you for all you do my friend. Alien for life!

  • Thank you so much! Love this video and you’re so sweet. ��
    I just feel like I really need to tell you something. You are absolutely loved beyond any human capacity. Yahusha(Jesus Christ) loves YOU and wants to know you. I care about your eternity and He wants you to repent. A lot of people have been deceived by the devil to think that sin is no longer serious and that all we need is to believe in Yahuah(God) but even the demons believe in Yahusha but yet they’re not saved… It is written that a friend of the world is an enemy of Yahuah. ” Let Yahuah be true and every man a liar”, most preachers are not preaching the truth that sin leads to eternal torment in a very real place called hell. There are too many people deceived into thinking that once you’ve said a prayer, you’re saved even if you continue living the same sinful life. Yahuah hates sin and it’s never stopped being serious. Sin leads to hell and I’d never want you to be deceived thinking that your good works of being a ‘good person’ will save you. We need Yahusha, without Him, our good works are as Filthy rags according to the Bible.
    Yahusha is knocking on the door of your heart and is waiting on you to open to Him and believe that He is the only begotten Son of Yahuah. Our Heavenly Father is not willing that any should perish but all come to repentance. Yahusha is the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by Him. May Yahuah bless you and may you seek Him and truly repent and sin no more to become true children of Yahuah. Have a beautiful day ☺️

  • WAYYY Too many rest.REALLY? REally? LEt us stop the WHOLE workout to talk about wedgies. Jilllian Michaels would never do that shit.
    It would challenging but not like she is making it out to be (unless you are just out of shape)! OOPS

  • I love Hannah, but it would nice if she doesn’t have to swear as my kids can’t watch with me, asking me: “Mamma why is she swearing?” But all the credit to her, she’s a beast and works for everything she has.

  • I did a few of these movements at the gym today, and two of the personal trainers interrupted me to ask what they were. They’re going to incorporate them into their programs now!! You go girl!!

  • thank you for the video though simple, it has helped me refine my plan a bit. Because I understood the basic idea of split days and all that but wasn’t sure how to plan it out right nor how many exercises are even the correct amount.

  • The Brown decision was one of the most significant and controversial in American history. Because public education touched so many Americans, it had a much greater impact than cases involving only professional and graduate schools. Moreover, by overturning the principle of “separate but equal,” the Court lent its support to the views of many civil rights advocates that all forms of segregation are wrong.

  • I just ordered some Ruckus Marc, first time MTS user. It better be as good as you say or I’m heading to your town and I’ll pour it all over your car! jk, I live in plainfield, so not far at all, excited to try the product man!

  • Thank you for an awesome video I came across how to set up a scheduled routine I am a mom of three little kids are there are 15 and 17 months apart between three of them I have 303 I had three C-sections and I’m trying to get back in shape are used to be in shape and needs to train but now I am totally out of shape and I hadn’t done anything for 10 years my body fat is about 34% body fat which is a lot for my height I was wondering if you would be able to do a new video or something like what you did here but maybe with someone who had a C-section thank you

  • I want to create a powerbuilding workout but don’t know how. I know on push day I should do bench and overhead press but do I add in dips and incline presses and if I do how many reps? On pull day I intend to do squats, bent over rows and deadlift but what about calf raises, T-bar rows, chin ups? How many reps and sets? What about the other exercises like: bicep curls on pull day or tricep extensions and flyes on push day? Leg extensions and curls?

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  • You put together a good workout there’s a couple of negative points concerning the names and the exercises the power clean that you did is actually a hang clean as the power clean starts from the floor the next exercise was the Romanian deadlift the deepest you go is to your knees you were actually doing a stiff leg deadlift and the arm technique is called stage reps the video presentation was very good so keep up your training take care

  • hey, I’m trying to find out how to make a good workout plan for me? I’m 15 years old, 65 kg and just looking to get tone in all areas. I just signed up for a gym as well, any help or tips?

  • I read loads of great opinions on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can help you lost a lot of weight. Has anyone tried using this popular fat burn method?

  • Hello Sorry, do not know if you have Calisthenic exercise posture for the side shoulders, posterior or back shoulders muscle and upper, middle, lower trapezius, and rotator cuff, lower back?

  • i have a question, i’m trying to lose weight so every day i do each muscle workout and i do cardio. i just wanna ask is it right to do that when i want to lose weight?

  • She is a He. Look at the hip section. That’s a man’s body. REAL WOMEN! DON’T TRY TO COMPETE WITH A MAN DECEIVING WOMEN PRETENDING HE’S A WOMAN.

  • Is this a good workout plan? I do this weekly:
    Sun: 30min cardio, abs (15min), bis, tris, and chest=4 exercises, 3 sets, 8-15 reps
    Mon: 30min cardio, legs (7 exercises, 3 sets), calves (10min), back and shoulders, 4 exercises, 3 sets
    Tues: Rest
    Wed: Same as Sun without cardio
    Thurs: Same as Mon
    Fri: 15min abs and stretch
    Sat: Rest

  • Also, once you start working out you’ll wonder why one arm seems to better when you exercise both arms in a workout. For me, my left is less muscular because I do most of my day to day motions with my right hand. So open the door with your left hand, get something out of the fridge with your left hand, etc for a while except for tasks like pouring a drink where you might spill. My right arm still has more strength than the left, but this tip has helped me a bit. (Don’t worry though, nobody else is likely to notice. This was just a pet peeve of mine during my own journey.)

  • I appreciate the extra info on what to watch out for during each of the exercises. Helps to know im using and activating the right muscles

  • This workout was part of the Muscle Bldg program I ordered! I’m also trying to lose about 30 pounds so is there another workout I could tag on to this or one to do later in the day? Also which program is best for fat loss and lean muscle ( I’m pretty flabby)….maybe Torch 1.0?

  • Highly recommend this company for amazing products use my promo codebethany60 for 60% off your order thank you ��

  • I’ve been doing one set for the past 5months EVERY day without processed food or sugars. And holy fuck dude! People ask my everyday how much i’ve been hitting the gym but all it takes is a YouTube video and 10min everyday�� you the man. Thank you for changing my life��

  • You did it again you two!!!! Kicking my butt..well actually today was my back…and I’m loving every minute of it! Thank you for your energy, motivation and AWESOME WORKOUTS!!

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  • Stop wasting your time on calculating every single calorie. Visit Next Level Diet and check your calorie intake for FREE. You can choose any kinds of fruits, nuts, vegetables and meats and get personalized meal plan which contains only food you like.

  • Hi guys that was beautiful, I am sweating like crazy  my arm shoulders  and upper back are on fire thanks again for the motivation I was so close to quitting -but I held out.

  • When considering eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern fad diets. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your everyday nutritional intake. While they might induce rapid loss of weight, these diet plans are never a long-term solution for your waistline. It is best to look up Custokebon Secrets on google since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Made great gains on a 5 day “bro split”. It allows for a better focus upon that specific muscle of the day, and you can include some good isolation exercises to support the compounds.

  • Heey thanks sooooooooo much you were really detailed…��gosh i have been long for a way to plan my workout routine and most videos i watched they don’t get that much into specifics… Thanks again it has been very helpful

  • I love that you really are great with exercising have you ever used the medicine ball and or do you think this is a great way to get in shape I see you use tons of equipment? just wondering thanks?

  • Hello coaches! Once again, great video! But one question though: Do any of these exercises actually target your lat muscles? If so, which ones? Once again, thanks for another great video!

  • I’m going to film my first YT video tomorrow and I will be performing a workout routine I’ve made. This gave me more confidence to start, thank you ��

  • thank you for this workout! I was JUST thinking about working out when you uploaded this. I was kinda in a slump recently (don’t do programms that you know you won’t enjoy kids) and it was a great push out of it.
    I did 3 sets with medium-ish intensity and with warmup and cooldown it’s a full on 35-40min workout.
    I really enjoyed it, tnx again

  • Every other day:

    Squats 4 sets 13 reps
    Step ups 5 sets 10 reps
    Pushups 3 sets 8 reps
    Body weight rows 3 sets 6 reps
    Bicycle crunches 4 sets 11 reps

    Is this a good workout?

  • I love running and cardio, but for some reason hate strength training and never really know what I should be doing. Thanks for posting this to give me some ideas!

  • Hi. You mentioned strength training, build muscle or endurance. But how about weight loss? What would be a workout plan to include muscle and lose weight.
    Thank you.

  • THanks! I managed to do 3 rounds and that’s fine!! Most easy versions felt hard enough for me. I plan to workout more and finish the whole thing one day.

  • I made my body transformation. I was able to lost 15lbs for only one month and finally started feeling healthy. I took plan from NextLevelDiet and followed their tips. Thank you #*Next Level Diet*

  • I would love to see a generalized beginner video JUST like this but utilizing at home stuff for those of us during covid that cant go to the gym but have hand weights at home

  • THIS GIRL IS DIESEL! GOD BLESS IVE BEEN SLACKING, I used to be so militant, that’s motivation right there! Back to clean eating and supplements, what sucks is you never believed people telling me just wait till your 40…I was like I’ll be fine between my metabolism and genetics I didnt have to work for shit.,it came easy..��till 43 hit so did gravity.Thats it this chicks my new inspiration FOR PAIN I love the torture ������

  • wow I’ve been doing y’all’s workout for like 2-3 days already and I already see some results and my back be burning but I keep pushing myself to complete the workout everyday! ��������

  • This is amazing! I am now seriously looking into my workouts and getting healthy. Although, before I had no idea what to do, I’d just do cardio on the treadmill for 10-20mins and see if I can beat my time of consistent running/jogging than before. Then I’d do some of the exercises I had done in PE during high school and middle school (LOL). It helped with my weight loss, now I guess I have hit a plateau. So, I am setting myself a workout schedule. This is a good video to learn the basics.

  • Did you hear about NextLevelDiet? These guys deserve a medal. Their customized training and diet plan helped me change my life. I can’t thank them enough

  • Someone told me about site called NextLevelDiet. Let me tell you something: This sh*t is really next level!!! Fat cells are leaving my body like never before. Goodbye belly fat. Welcome six pack.

  • 1:00 close grip/ diamond push up 20Reps
    1:35 Clean Press 12 Reps AKA Cuban Press
    2:30 Bent Over Row 12 Reps
    3:15 Front Squat Hold 15 Reps
    4:30 Front Lunge 10 Reps each
    5:40 Romanian Deadlifts 15 Reps
    7:00 Skull Crushers 10 Reps AKA Triceps Extensions
    7:55 21’s Biceps Curl Low half, Top half, Full 7RepsEach

  • I have a little bit of muscle in me but also 40 pounds of fat that I’d like to burn. I’d love to build more muscle while losing the weight..

  • Your workout routines are amazing. I finished the first round somehow. But on the second round, I had to stop twice. I was doing with a pair of 10 kgs dumbells. But felt great after completing. Thanks a lot and keep posting such great stuffs!! ��

  • Yay for at-home workouts! I’m trying to decide where in my apartment I have enough space to do the plank walks… I already have sock marks on the walls of my entrance hallway due to my learn-to-handstand attempts, so, maybe there? Hahaha.

    Your workout filming space is actually pretty cool, it’s like an empty indoor/outdoor patio area?

  • Genetics play a huge part fellas, don’t be so hard on ya selves. Gain early tho cos age 30 plus it gets very hard clean, I know I started late and its been very demotivating. The body gains way more fat especially bulking.

  • Are you planning to do another video along these lines? Normally I just go to the gym and do my stuff no matter what but sometimes I just can’t dedicate 3 hours of my day to that and I still want to have a decent workout done. I mix this one with other random tips and I am not at the advance level of those yet (no handstand for me (yet) and jumping would make my 300 years old downstairs neighbour crawl up the stairs just to give me a lecture:D ), but it would be great to have an alternative from my favourite fitness person. Love your content so much <3

  • Thank you so much! I’m literally so new to working out at home and this helps a lot. When all this quarantine is over, I’ll invest in a trainer. Any tips on where to find a trainer and how to pick the best one? Thanks so much

  • Hi Marisa please do a vlog of your go to smoothies. You have inspired me so much, I am learning a lot from you. I have been struggling to become healthy and lose weight and watching your videos really helps to guide me to become fit and lose weight via the healthy way. I’m tired of all these fad diets I’ve follow, so time to do it the right way. Keep up the good work, your videos really helps us a lot and especially inspires us to look after our bodies and eat clean. God bless you

  • Hi Hannah! I am a 53 year old mother of 2 adult children and a grandmother of 8. No one believes I am 53 yrs of age. I am always told I look like I am 40 yrs old. I have even been told I look to be in my late 30’s which I do not think so at all. LOL! I found your workout videos a few days ago and I LOVE THEM!! I JUST LOVE YOU!!
    You motivates me BIG TIME!!! I hate the informercials constantly interrupting. I have decided to take before and after pics to track my progress. I would love to send you pics of my results. I will weigh myself and take pics every 2 weeks for 2 months. I will workout with this workout, the workout for lower body and cardio. I see a Core & upper Body workout by you.

    I will do that one as well. I will work out twice a day hardcore for 4 days and the 5th day I will do a light workout and rest for 2 days each week. One of my main focus is to get a 6 pack which I feel will be a HUGE surprise if I can achieve it because of my lower part of my abdomen has a little bit of loose skin due to I once lost weight extremely rapidly. I don’t want to have a tummy tuck so I will work hard with your workouts. I don’t have a BIG tummy at all but I want it TIGHT AND RIGHT!! I have gained 20 lbs between August of 2019 and now due to a broken ankle and then hip pain that cause my hip to get stiff and inflammation.

    So with my recent hip issue for 2 months I gained 10lbs of the 20 lbs I gained all together because I was not able to exercise. I just started working out again about 5 days ago. How can I contact you to send you my results? I have to get ready for a RED CARPET EVENT for the release of a Movie called “FINDING BOAZ THE MOVIE., I was blessed to have a role as a supporting actress.

  • I hear many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular weight loss diet plan?

  • You both are so amazing! I learned of your channel via Millionaire Hoy and have been following your channel and on FB for over a year now. I just started to follow you in IG. �� I will start adding your workouts to my weekly workout schedule! Claudia, you are so fit and inspirational! Thank you both also for making the cooking vids on FB! I am not a good cook but think I can try to make those dishes. Many congratulations on the new gym too! Thank you SO MUCH again and have a Wonderful Day! ��

  • Hey, as a 13 year old, can I build some good by only doing your 5 minute workouts? Right now I have 2 pretty heavy dumbbells and I workout at home. I’m on the second right now and I’ve already built some muscle and I’m doing two workouts for every muscle I’m working.

  • does this work if you have diastasis recti after pregnancy? I want to do them but I know I shouldn’t be doing planks, I did them for 1 year and my separation got worse to the point where is hurting

  • I am fourteen years old, and I worry that I may be using too much weight for the sumo-squats. My mom say’s if I go to heavy I could have a permanent back injury and have a problem in my guts where they bulge out and I’ll have to get surgery. Is a 40 pound dumbell too heavy for sumo-squats at fourteen?

  • awesome content, love energy you give out, i found an article for those who are not already fit and in shape, check this out:

  • Hey man this is dope! Gonna give it a shot. Trying to look good on stage in 2020.

    Question: is there anywhere i can throw a plank or some kind of core specific exercise during this circuit?

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  • 1. Plank walk Wall Plank walkHandstand walk
    2. LungeBulgarian split squatPistol squat
    3. Side plank twist*4+ up and down plank*2
    4. 180 degree jump squat
    5. Side or forward lungeLunge matrix

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