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Start off light with these. You may be using forearm muscles that normally don’t see this much direct work. Try two or three dimes (10s) first, then timed holds. If you’re really feeling randy, use a pair of 25s. Rubber coated plates will work if that’s all you have.

They will likely enable you to lift more weight due to their texture. Strengthening and building your forearms isn’t just about aesthetics, although we agree that few things look better than well-developed lower arms in a T-shirt. But strengthening your forearms can also help improve your gripping power on a number of full-body exercises and big movements like heavy back exercises and deadlifts. 5 best forearms exercises: 1. Seated wrist curl. You can do the seated wrist curl with a barbell, cable, or dumbbells.

The upside of using dumbbells is that you can use them when you aren’t fully able to turn your forearm and you have difficulties using the barbell. Simply grab the dumbbells with hands shoulder width apart, lean your forearms on a bench or your. Use thick bars to build massive forearms Conventional barbells and dumbbells have one-inch handles, but you can use thicker bars and axles to make the forearms work harder.

Thicker bars provide a greater stimulus for your forearms to grow bigger and stronger. Exercises To Build Massive Forearms. Use these five exercise categories for building your forearms and grip strength: Heavy compound movements that emphasize support-grip strength. This includes overhand grip deadlifts, snatch-grip deadlifts, Reeves deadlifts, weighted pull-ups, heavy rows, single-arm dead hang holds, heavy shrugs, and farmers walks. Palms-down wrist curls are awesome to finish off your forearms.

Take a pair of dumbbells and kneel down to the side of a flat bench. Let your forearms lie across the bench with your hands hanging off the side. Hold the dumbbells with an overhand grip (palms facing down) towards the floor.

As a bonus, if you have big forearms (with the muscles I listed above) then you could get could get away with wearing a bigger t-shirt because nobody is going to say that your t-shit is too small for your arms if you have 16+ inch forearms because subconsciously when they look at them it will look like you are carrying a lot more muscle mass. You see, building huge forearms and grip strength requires a more specific approach. It’s not always just about lifting heavy weights. In fact, you can build up your forearm strength and make them grow larger without relying on any kind of. Doing exercises like rows, pulldowns, shrugs, and deadlifts without straps will build your grip strength and forearm size tremendously.

Like the old adage says— use it or lose it! Rely on your grip and it will serve you well. 2.

Unless you enjoy having skinny arms and a weak grip strength, focus on building thicker, fuller forearms to improve both your appearance and strength capacity. First of all, you should take advantage of the existing ways your forearms get already worked by saving the curl variations for your arm day and deadlift on lower body and back days.

List of related literature:

They’re strong, but they refuse to pop up when I flex my arms, the way I remember my father’s biceps doing each time I begged him to “make a muscle.”

“Woman: An Intimate Geography” by Natalie Angier
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Because muscles and big arms are so closely associated, it is not difficult to get yourself mentally into arm training.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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They need to have strong triceps, latissimus dorsi, and shoulder depressors to transfer independently.

“Neurologic Interventions for Physical TherapyE-Book” by Suzanne Tink Martin, Mary Kessler
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Eventually, using these muscles enabled them to regain their full strength and original size.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
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And arm curls, with dumbbells.

“Street Survival: Tactic for Armed Encounters” by Charles Remsberg, Dennis Anderson
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For example, using a weight-lifting machine regularly can increase the size and strength of the biceps muscle in the upper arm.

“Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
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Some bodybuilders have genetically gifted forearms without even directly training the muscle group.

“Serious Strength Training” by Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, Lorenzo Cornacchia
from Serious Strength Training
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Don’t forget often neglected body parts like forearms, traps, rear delts, etc.

“The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner” by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
from The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner
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working on their arms because arm muscles respond well to weight training and make an impressive show when you stareat yourself in the mirror.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
from The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging
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Huge biceps and triceps are lacking if the forearms supporting these massive guns are thin and underdeveloped.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • If you’ve ever had to take more than 1 trip to carry your groceries, then I’m sorry to say but you’re in desperate need this video. Hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know what topic you’d like me to cover next!

  • Im glad i found this its hard to f8nd exercises that can work with my past injury i dont do bench press and limit pushups because i broke my wrist a few years back and my rivht wrist experiences discomfort and excessive soreness in my wrist not the muscles of my forearm but the wrist itself

  • I bought the “Iron Arms” forearm exercise device years ago. Contributed to my horrible case of tennis elbow. Maybe why you can’t find them on store shelves.

  • Im a girl and have fucking big forearms, I want to get rid of them lol
    I still have a pic with my ex and it looks like im flexing my forearms (if this is even possible) and It honestly looks like im crushing my ex’s hand while smiling ��

  • Buy a wooden stick with the same width as a barbell. Drill a hole in the middle. Put a cord through it 1 meter long and make sure to tighten it up. Buy something that you can attach to the rope where you can add weightplates on. This will train you whole forearm

  • Strengthen your MIND + BODY with our premier book on building size and strength in the weight room. With dozens of workouts and rep ranges to get you looking SWOLE! {RIGHT HERE}

  • Its true forearms make your arms look big same with legs i dont even work my upperlegs anymore because of an injury and big calves make your legs look big also. These muscles are alot overlooked. But this dude can work his neck also thats also something that makes u look aesthetic

  • 1:38 Prone wrist curls

    4:28 DB farmer carriers

    5:17 wrist roll ladder

    7:04 radial ulnar deviation

    9:14 supination/pronation

    11:11 clip grip combo

    12:45 dead arm hang

  • 1:21 when the hand is in pronation just like you mentioned, it also activated the bracilias, a muscle neighboring the biceps. Therefore you will also activate the arm muscles and not just forarm

  • What do you think about barbell wrist rolls like the ones in this video I am really curious. Btw, nice content here on this channel, definitely liked and suscribed.

  • His remark about carying something heavy like grocery bags after those wrist curls is not a joke. It makes sense. The forearms are already prepumped but your grip strength has not been affected. Holding something heavy in your hands like dumbbells with the farmers walk will just add to that pump. Great idea.

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  • I need to train my forearm. Thanks for this! I’m a beginner and I have trouble deadlifting just 30 kg for 15 rep due to forearm strength while my hamstring feel like fresh.

  • 2:56 Hey Jeff could you please let me know where I can find the the parts to make one of these? Or could you describe exactly how you put together the rope and the weight to make one? Thanks!

  • Yo Simon your tracks for every video is ��! Also thanks for the post �� your channel is the only one I follow for real info!

    P.S you should list your tracks in the description!

  • Farmer’s walks. Hm. Now the government is getting rid of farmers. I’m sure we’ll need these exercises while sitting in our FEMA prison cells.

  • Man, you have short legs (respectively) ( its not a bad thing btw) and you wear those boy socks, makin you look shorter. Just an advice. Enough science on anatomy, maybe its time for some fashion talk..

  • Does Mobotallor Secrets really help to exceed your natural height? I’ve read numerous good stuff about this increase height system.

  • What is the best way to increase my height fast naturally? I read lots of superb reviews on the net about how Mobotallor Secrets can assist you achieve the height that you desire. Has anybody tried using this increase height system?

  • I use a wrist roller that I bought on Amazon. The brand is TDS from New York Barbell. I place it on one of the pins on my squat rack. Great gains.

  • My grip squeeze strength is ok (good enough to do heavy deadlifts) but I think my pinch strength might be godly. I’ve done cable finger curls with 290lb+ done 2 finger pull downs with 200lb+ and have squeezed two thick 45’s and pulled them up for reps. I’m not even an arm wrestlers, those were just accessory movements as well �� might make vids soon if I can get a decent camera. Also I’m only 18

  • My forearms look like chicken legs I think it’s just by bone structure isn’t too big so no matter what I do I’ll always have chicken forearms ��

  • 1. THE REVERSE GRIP CURL [ 1:15] Brachioradialis EZ bar or a preloaded barbell.

    2. THE WRIST ROLLER [ 2:37] Front & back of forearms A wrist roller.

    3. THE TOWEL BARBELL HOLD/TOWEL PULLUP [ 3:36] Grip strengh Barbell.
    Note: Farmers walks are a good replace incase of no barbell.

    4. THE PLATE PINCH [ 4:54] Digit flexors of the anterior forearms Weighted plates.


    1. HANDGRIPPER [ 5:58] Crushing strength A hand gripper.
    2. DUMBELL WRIST CURLS / WRIST EXTENSIONS [ 6:12] Anterior forearm Dumbell.

  • Had a job once where there was a ton of strenuous hand gripping movements. Like swinging a sledgehammer, gripping and pulling/holding wire fencing for lengths of time(like grabbing wire fencing and pulling it very tight using fingers, in order to attach it to another section of fence. These were long lengths of fencing that you had to pull hard on to get them tight). I worked there a year in total, but I quickly noticed my forearms and hand muscles beefing up. Like my hands and fingers got beefy as hell. Shortly after stopping that job everything shrank down to normal size.

  • Brilliant! Keep it up! Consistent is the key��I have just subscribed to your channel please subscribe to mine let’s grow together.

  • wrist roll from a bar across the power rack. attach jump stretch band with weight to bar and go. takes your shoulders out of it altogether.

  • Forearms, calves and neck…. most forgotten trio. Funny how peoples keeps thinking that you can build them by just isometrics holds… for some degree, yeah.

  • Not a chance in the world can you add muscle size to forearms if you are not gifted in that area, its purely genetic, strength yes but they will not grow. you will b there for ten years straight and get nowhere

  • Thanks for the advice. I would always make the mistake of extending my arm out all the way when I using the forearm wrist roller curl machine. Thanks. I’ll keep my elbows and forearms closer to me next time!

  • Start Climbing, start doing practical things, and not just Illustrations in the gym…
    Use your muscles in Real Life, don’t just be a chunky boi for the views on the Beach.

  • Start Climbing, start doing practical things, and not just Illustrations in the gym…
    Use your muscles in Real Life, don’t just be a chunky boi for the views on the Beach.

  • My question is do I actually need to be on a table to train my armwrestling effectively as I’m just starting out in the sport?

    Am I better building specific strength and muscle then hitting the table?

  • Wrist curling weights never felt comfortable/natural to me.
    And the wrist roller being the worst (carpal like feelings from it).

    I like the lever bar work better.
    Load a bar on one side, and grip it hard to keep it horizontal.
    And do little up and down movements.
    Also the supination and pronation with the lever bar.
    Those will give you a strong grip.

  • Awesome video man! Really love the content, just a correction, @ 4:30, you have demonstrated wrist flexion as extension and vice versa. You must consider anatomical position when determining flexion/extension:)

  • the best way to do the wrist roller is hanging a jump stretch band on the sleeve of a racked olympic bar. Hang a weight at the bottom of the band and roll it up. no fatigue on the delts and its far more effective due to the thick handle.

  • What are these massive forearms good for? I know some skinny arm lumberjacks and other hard working labor type job people that can out work any massive forearms

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  • I felt pain in my elbow and it locked up on me everytime I worked and now that you mention of not letting the bar slide to the distal fingers becauses it causes pain on the elbow it made sense to me because of my poor forearm technique.

  • It’s weird cuz i did a lot of forearm exercises and went hard in the gym in high school and barely gained muscle but now that im older it’s easier for me to gain weight/muscle with less intensity.

  • The best instructional video I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for being so generous and sharing your valuable knowledge with everyone else. All the best!

  • A couple of nice ideas… As a Arm Wrestler forearm, wrist and hands are ultra important… If you indulge me, you may want to research “Zotman Curls” the legendary bodybuilder and trainer Vince Gironda swore by these… Also look up Pronation Arm Wresting and you’ll see some killer forearm workouts

  • I didn’t mind basic training. It taught me that something that seems impossible at start can be achieved. Beginners start with 25 reps keep on pushing!

  • best forearm exercise was in school days, when trying copy last paragraph from friend’s homework and teacher has already started collecting homework.

  • Just amazing how the most important muscle we can’t make bigger.. the ole man upstairs knew we wud Neva stop, if we cud. Hell, I’d b 41 inches at 90 yrs old!!!

  • Hey, I want to thank you for posting this video so everyone can learn from it, I had an injury to my right hand, I broke 2 tendons and now I have an ugly atrophy at hand… but I’ll try the exercises and see where I end up! I wish you all the best and keep posting quality stuff!!✌️

  • what if you got wear in your wrist? Im in the army an all we do for PT every other day is push ups and trying some of these exercises hurts my wrist.

  • For the RADIAL / ULNAR DEVIATION, do we do one set of the radial then farmer’s carry, then repeat, then do one set of ulnar, then farmers carry, then repeat OR do we do a super set of radial then ulnar then farmer carry? Same question for: 4. SUPINATION / PRONATION 2 x 12-15RM **

  • I got bigger forearms than my bicpes..lucky not bigger that my triceps… that until i broke my finger and i couldn’t do any exercise for longer that 5 weeks..

    Pretty hard to get my forearms back when i cant handle the exercises because the pain it’s not letting me have full range… Today 6 weeks with no exercise, but confident i ll be back soon and muscle memory will do his job!

  • Mr Victor but when should I take steroids? Before or after? Couse man…without them you would have just forearms and you know it.

  • I feel like the forearms, just like the calves, are muscles that need to be trained every day, or at least with high frequency. They’re naturally very resistant and require a lot more work to develop.

    Most gym people have huge biceps/triceps and thighs but very small forearms and calves, probably because of this.

  • I’m juste starting in the sport and there is something I am not sure about… do you do these exercices once per session, or you do them multiple times with little pauses inbetween them? Great video by the way! Keep up the good work ��

  • I have tiny wrist with huge hands
    I think that the size of wrist bones playing huge role.
    My coach say no
    I ask him why Levan and Dennis are the strongest and he replies there are many champions with smaller wrists than Dennis and Levan that can win them.
    Can you please make an explanatory video and explain how important is the wrist size

  • Which forearms muscles are worked when performing neutral, narrow grip pull ups, and what are the ones that are the most involved? I need to strengthen my forearms for this exercise and I wish to emphasize my work on the ones that matters most.

  • squat down low and grab a barbell and rest your forearms on your knees.. let you hands and wrists hang over your kneecaps….this will take care of both at same time instead of one at a time dumbells

  • Great video! Janis Amolins is such a cool guy!
    How often do you guys train arms? You have a lot of videos with exercise, but maybe i missed the video with training days an program overall?

  • Your wrist flexion and extension diagrams at 4:28 are swapped. Flexion is towards the volar (palm) surface and extension is towards the dorsal (back) surface of the hand.

  • I love how most of these are basic bodybuilding exercises that you just need to get strongner at

    Nothing complicated, just consistent hard work

  • Great video. Don’t see too much on forearm devolopment yet it’s so important to overall strength. Grip strength is tied to overall strength.

  • 5years from now,there will be more elite armwrestlers coming from underrated country and all thanks to your videos!!! some country doesnt have exposure and knowledge So we need this kind if videos!!

  • Да ну на, ниодной тренировки с блоком, эти упражнения косвенно влияют на борьбу и никакого отношения к арму не имеют. Подъем молотком в пике нагрузки будет при 90градусном угле остальные углы расслаблены, на блоке же всегда ваш угол на бицепсе имеет нагрузку 100%. Отведение даже на ремнях не тренируют, нагрузки на связки вообще ни в одном упражнении нет. Качают только объемы мышц которые как сам он в начале сказал никакой роли в бою не играют.

  • Broke my neck almost four years ago when I was 16 and played football. My wrists got so much smaller I could now fit 3 fingers into my clasp watch (overtime). Both my arms have gotten so much weaker but on right arm I had nerve damage so don’t have full motion and my fingers and my grip strength on that hand is horrible enough for groceries but if I had to hang for my life I’d die. Gonna get a gym membership and do every one of these for each muscle and I’m gonna get my arms back

  • Victor You are so charasmatic brother love your videos when I retired form the prison system even the inmates all worshiped you man. you have really gone out to impress the masses and you are just a good soul. God bless. I grew up around washington hts. brother you are the real deal. You can tell you are dominican brother you are funny at times when you tell it like it is in your work out instructions. All the best to you hermano!

  • Hello voice of armwarstling
    Again cool video ��������

    I workout 3 times a week at the gym, can you reccomend me 6 exercises, 2 in each day I workout
    That I can do at the gym???
    ( I workout on my hand also at home but I want to do 6 exercises that I can use the gym coz I dont have everything thing at home ).

    Tanx ��

  • Sir i dont have access to any sort of gym and armwrestling table! But i am enthusiastic about sport! All i can get access to is buckets of water and schoolbags filled with books and towels! What can i do to pull harder! Please reply

  • How often should we train forearms? Everyday? 4 days a week? Talking about an intermediate weightlifter who’s been training for 5 years and doesn’t get LOT of soreness after an intense forearm session. TIA

  • You need good mics. content is good, sound quality is very poor. this has been several vids, you had good interviews from WAL 503, i stopped seeing the second interview cuz could not understand most of it

  • Is there a good complete routine that can be done at home, alone, and without equipment? I’m looking to strengthen my hand and forearm for arm wrestling, especially to keep the fingers from opening up as easily; however, I would like to work all the fundamentals (e.g., cup, rise, back pressure, side pressure, pronation, supination, and fingers/forearm). No money, at home, no equipment. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Janis straightening his arm at the end, was a welcome sight! I was starting to wonder, why so many high level arm wrestlers can’t straighten their arms. Sometimes I think they cause it on purpose.

  • Your training recommendations are awesome! You guys speak with confidence and experience. I’ve adapted most, if not all, of your exercises into my training routines!

  • Great video. Only thing I’m not sure about is Janis talking about muscle balance and forearm extensors. I mean it seems perfectly logical but I’m not sure if that is scientifically proven.

  • Thank you for mentioning the finger roll! I have always hated the finger roll and protested against it yet my workout buddies swear by it. They called me mad! ��

  • You deserve to be Mr. O you bring alot to the table judges must be blind. You are great ambassador to the sport. You came to my gym determine gym in poughkeepsie, ny man and I missed it.

  • Great forearm workout. I will incorporate these in my workouts for my forearm. Appreciate the vids on exercises and how to work your forearms.

  • This guy knows what he’s talking about… take that from an older guy of 60.

    To the young guys, always train with the future in mind.

    When you get older if you haven’t trained your forearms routinely you will reach a point where your gains in weight (biceps especially) will stop prematurely, not because your other muscles can’t handle it, but because your forearms are too weak to handle the heavier weights that your other muscles like your biceps are capable of. Weak forearms will also limit your ability to max out on pull ups due to weak grip strength.

    His other good tip which is hardly ever mentioned, is “do not roll your fingers”.

    I used to do this and it resulted in tendon injuries. Your fingers are connected to tendons. Your forearms must do the work not your fingers.

    Forearm exercises are hardly ever taught or practised in the gym, but they are the most important to train if you want gains in other exercises, especially as you get older because you want all muscles working in your favour to do daily tasks.

    Great video thanks.

  • I would highly recommend a Senshi Handgrip machine along with Dynamic Suitcases hold + Reverse curl and wrist curls performed behind your back. I do these along with farmers carry for a km circa. I’ve have around 17 inches lower arms. The fingers get so strong from Senshi machine. Completely underrated. I use to train my forearms 90 minutes at least doing the last 12 years of my 27 years weight regiment. I train them just each second day now. You get a feeling from a grip machine that goes into the fingers. No beast grip or wrist curl or reverse curl or crunch mechanism can support those muscles in my head. I feel lately like my fingers are like stone and I can hold another person with my long finger on my left hand while they pull with whole hand/hands and arm/arms and I don’t move. My hands have become so much stronger from this hand grip machine (Some say Bruce Lee put his name to) Senshi (its called) though, you can get some other versions, but they are rare with the standard plates. Its working real good. I use like 45 pounds each hand for 40-25 reps in many sets up to 75 pounds with 10/20 reps for a set each hand with weights loaded on the machine. Go sometimes for 2 hands also and doing em sideways as well. You can also work certain fingers with lower weight or use thumbs to make the retraction instead of just fingers and thumb. Anyhow, Trying not to go to technically here. I trained my whole life and I’m 41 years old 6+ feet/235 lbs. I’m strong. Have 3 dislocated bones on my hands and fingers. Ripped my right hand off 75 % once in an accident. Took me years to use it again after operation+:( So having strong hands despite my pain and whatnot is feeding this obsession. Think about getting a handgrip machine if you want to have fingers like strong claws. I noticed that all my forearm training for the last 12 years only targets my already strong wrists and forearms. But didn’t make my fingers that pumped. I received my machine last month so it’s fairly new and I can say with confidence it`s really surprised me when doing all sorts of grip training normally.

  • Guys, you should listen to Janis. Why? Got two arguments:
    1. his is professional physiotherapist.
    2. his is professional armwrestler.

    Jāni, veiksmi ARMa popularizēšanā. Un atved uz Latviju pasaules līmeņa sacensības, jo letiņi, šķiet, joprojām neapjauš, cik liels potenciāls ir viņu rokās.

  • 2:30 again bullshit the muscle that move fingers are in the forearms. I expected someone who make a video about building forearms to know that…

  • U missed one. The one where you’d put some type of resistance elastic around your 5 fingers where you’d have your hand partially closed as if ur holding a tennis ball, followed by spreading all of your fingers out. Rinse, repeat.

    That feels like it works particularly the wrist area very nicely, even moreso that’s your forearm..

  • You guys remember deep blue sea? This was the cook after he lost his beloved parrot ��, just jumped on mad Jamba Juice to get revenge on each-and-every shark ��

  • Wow Victor you are looking great. Haven’t seen you in a number of years anywhere. Magazine, tv programs nada lol Still in the Bronx. You are looking like Ronnie Coleman.

  • “There is nothing better than to look good”Who is not indifferent-Charity fee for equipment-WebMoney WMID 879329632430 Z721659873225



  • Take needle inject in body and that’s how he should tell you how he does it,these-guys are a joke thinking they have the right to tell us how to train, take your drugs and leave us alone

  • i got the problem where my forearms are already massive and i want to take attention away from them and focus on my upper arms, which r like twigs

  • Does Mobotallor Secrets really work? I notice many people keep on talking about Mobotallor Secrets. But Im not sure if it is good enough to grow taller fast naturally.

  • I am a 3D artist and I work in Anime collectibles, those videos are a great library when I need to fix the anatomy on my 3D models.

  • Hej Jeff!
    Have you heard about NSD power ball for wrist and forearm? What do you think about it? Does it works or did I just become a victim of marketing? If it works can you recommend proper ways of using it?

  • you have a normal forearm theres only huge viens, viens meen nothing but look ugly, i have good muscle developement and good muscle mass and no viens only cuts snd bulk

  • I’m one of your fun.. I enjoy watching this video and informative.. for beginners of bodybuilder thanks for sharing.. more video and tips!!! Bro.

  • I have a 15lb dumbbell its cast iron and it not circle on the ends it’s a hexagon shape can that work and when I do wrist curls palm facing up when I bring it up it tilts to the turns it’s self slant way instead of staying straight like yours you think u can explain this.

  • Simeon videos are always top-notch, informational and well done. Just like to say, I have carpal tunnel in my wrist and some exercises that requires the wrist to bend and not stay straight, may not be good for folks with carpal tunnel. Thoughts ��

  • Hey Brother Simeon, I have been really working hard with all of your routines and I am definitely seeing results. My question is since i have been walking at least 7 miles a day and riding my stationary bike after your workouts I have lost 22.1pds and I am getting cut and stomach is really coming well. but i notice now when i put on my shirts my biceps are not feeling in my sleeve like it use too and my biceps looks like they are shrinking. Can you share with me what i should do to keep my arm size and what gain supplement I should take to keep gain. also can you tell me a good male vitamin for stamina and just good all around. I take Allmax brand Isoflex, and amino core. should i take some kind of creatine. Please respond back to me ASAP. Your Brother @1 Crenshaw

  • Beautiful, but should focus on legs too…. I know he’s an armwrestler but it doesn’t mean you ain’t no legs. However nice guy, really a beautiful humble person

  • Thank you very much my bro Sim for this how to build forearms video perfect timing I needed this I’m trying to build my forearms but I kept doing the same boring exercises but you have really helped me with this video your forearms look awesome keep up the great work I always love your videos nuff love my bro ����������������

  • 5:22 I think I´ll look great doing this in the gym. Nobody will question it or say I look like a princess. They all know its Jeff Nipard´s advice ;P ha

  • great workout, going to try this out for my weight lost journey, I have gone from 211 to 204 adn still working out on it..check my channel out for support.

  • I would add the classic forearm training joke that made my forearms big, but unfortunately muscle hypertrophy doesn’t happen in 30 second sessions