Build Hulking Big Traps Using Intense Training



Video taken from the channel: Rob Lipsett


Intense 8 Minute At Home Shoulder & Trap Workout

Video taken from the channel: Anabolic Aliens


Intense Tabata Dumbbell Trap Workout (HIIT)

Video taken from the channel: Anabolic Aliens


Intense 5 Minute Kettlebell Trap Workout

Video taken from the channel: Anabolic Aliens


High Intensity Routine For Building MONSTER Traps

Video taken from the channel: Chandler Marchman


Bodyweight Traps Workout (GET BIG TRAPS!)

Video taken from the channel: ATHLEAN-X™


Intense 5 Minute Resistance Band Trap Workout

Video taken from the channel: Anabolic Aliens

You can have big delts, but if you neglect traps, you’ll lack complete shoulder development and won’t exude the look of power. To build huge traps, you’ll want to train with movements like barbell shoulder shrugs to add slabs of muscle and exercises like dumbbell upright rows to isolate the traps. traps,bodybuilding,hit,high intensity training,delts,shoulders,strength,static holds,workout routine.

Dr. HIT’s High Intensity Bodybuilding A comprehensive volume of nine books on High Intensity(HIT) Training! Build Hulking Big Traps Using High Intensity Training. Not only are deadlifts the most effective way to build huge traps in the shortest time, but they also work a ton of other major muscle groups in the process as well.

This includes your spinal erectors, lower back, quads, hamstrings, glutes as well as many other smaller supporting muscles. In this video, Coach MANdler shares a high intensity routine for building MONSTER traps. Often times lifters rely far too much on simple shrugs to build bigger traps, but with a functional. Build Big Trap Muscles for More Powerful Shoulders When training the shoulders, it’s common to focus on the deltoids and ignore the traps. The following routine is based on the HIT (high.

Next time you are in the gym, try the overhead press. Notice how your trap muscles contract HARD to stabilize the bar when it locks out over your head. Strive for a single rep with a weight equal to your body weight and you will build fearsome traps quickly. 2 Day Trapezius Building Workout. This is a specialization-style approach.

It has a large number of weekly sets for traps because of this. You may have to reduce your back and shoulder volume just slightly while running this program. I recommend running it for about an 8-12 week period of time.

After completing the program, transition back into a more conventional trap building style of program for. Power training is a great way to develop big, hulking traps, as well as stimulating some serious growth in the deltoids. By focusing on explosive moves, and a lot of sets in low repetition ranges, you place some serious overload on the muscles. Because high pulls are an explosive movement with heavy weight, the intensity level blows shrugs away. That intensity recruits more motor units and fast twitch muscle fibers, which help you pack on the mass.

2. Snatch-grip Deadlift. Holding hundreds of pounds in your hands is going to help build your yoke. That’s a big reason why shrugs work. The use of low-intensity cardio, done either pre or post weight training, allows one to burn more calories while not hampering recovery.

Low-intensity cardio is not as strenuous on the body as high-intensity cardio or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It would be very hard for someone to complete a HIIT session pre weight training as it.

List of related literature:

Set out as many traps as you are physically capable of.

“The U.S. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook: Learn the Survival Techniques and Strategies of America's Elite Warriors” by Don Mann, Ralph Pezzullo
from The U.S. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook: Learn the Survival Techniques and Strategies of America’s Elite Warriors
by Don Mann, Ralph Pezzullo
Skyhorse, 2012

Traps are another handy way of improving Defense.

“Fallout 4 Strategy Guide” by
from Fallout 4 Strategy Guide
Gamer Guides, 2015

In the Basic Training Program, I included Heavy Upright Rows as part of your power training so that your traps will build mass and strength right from the start.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

What sets the various packages apart is their ability to do something constructive with the traps.

“Essential SNMP: Help for System and Network Administrators” by Douglas Mauro, Kevin Schmidt
from Essential SNMP: Help for System and Network Administrators
by Douglas Mauro, Kevin Schmidt
O’Reilly Media, 2005

With that said, we need to look at the differing types of traps because many of the same releases or triggering systems can be employed with many different setups to accomplish the end goal.

“The Bushcraft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild” by Dave Canterbury
from The Bushcraft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild
by Dave Canterbury
Adams Media, 2016

Mass trapping has been attempted, but most traps are not sufficiently attractive to be effective at reasonable cost.

“Handbook of Vegetable Pests” by John L. Capinera
from Handbook of Vegetable Pests
by John L. Capinera
Academic Press, 2001

To achieve such results, though, the traps must be used intensively and the trapping must be used intelligently (Belmain et al., 2003).

“Rodent Pests and Their Control, 2nd Edition” by Alan P Buckle, Robert H Smith
from Rodent Pests and Their Control, 2nd Edition
by Alan P Buckle, Robert H Smith
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Conibear traps are lightweight and easy to use.

“The Wildlife Techniques Manual: Volume 1: Research. Volume 2: Management 2-vol. set” by Nova J. Silvy
from The Wildlife Techniques Manual: Volume 1: Research. Volume 2: Management 2-vol. set
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Traps are usually found in higher-level competitions — but practice them early, just in case one crops up sooner than you expect.

“Dog Tricks and Agility For Dummies” by Sarah Hodgson
from Dog Tricks and Agility For Dummies
by Sarah Hodgson
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Conibear traps and various other types have been tried, but are not widely used.

“The Natural History of Weasels and Stoats: Ecology, Behavior, and Management” by Carolyn M. King, Roger A. Powell, Consie Powell
from The Natural History of Weasels and Stoats: Ecology, Behavior, and Management
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Can I use these 5min work outs 4 set for my everyday workout? As long as I rest each muscle group 24 hours? If yes? Will I get results? Also do you have a trx workout like these? Sorry I just �� all these Questions on you.
    Thank you for your time!

  • 50 dislikes? Why? Im 6’4 300lbs and these work out burned my traps and pumped them up like crazy..and this is with $35 bands I got from amazon..haters gonna hate

  • I’ve been trying some of your workouts on quarantine since I only have bands and 2 dumbells. Like them alot. As far as this one goes I would add some lower-mid trap work that doesn’t need weights. Like bodyweight laying T and Y raises. Just holding with arms out to sides only can even be challenging. This workout you did focused mainly on upper traps that tie in to the neck.

  • Hit those traps hard with just a resistance band! Absolute killer everyone, hope you like it!
    Be on that mailing list for all the new stuff coming!

  • Impressive! I have never thought of using bands to do traps training! Seriously, it is rather restricted training at home during the lockdown. You can find home training for biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, legs and even back… but it an exercise regime for Traps (and somemore with tye handy resistance band) is hard to come by. I can’t help but to be thankful. I would prob not do a 5 min version but will chose to spread out the exercises into two sessions. The idea is to do 3 sets of 2 to 3 of the exercises in one session and then the remaining in another. Whatever is the case, I am very thankful for this video. Thanks so so much for sharing!

  • I tried out your trap routine for the first time and first time actually working my traps ever. Shit that burned. When the video was over i went and looked in the mirror and because of that pump i seen my trap muscles for the first time. Then like an idiot a minute later i did that trap routine again for more burn and did both with the 40 pound band. Feels good. Then i followed immediately after with shoulders then biceps. Time to sleep and go to work lol. Good shit.

  • So I got a good tip for building a bigger traps. Fact is, from a long hot bath. By grabbing the tub rests to depress your trap mucles in pushing them down like the dip bar. Or using a shoulder shrug with sandbag or weights. I got my traps because I used to lift and I got a broad shoulders by doing assisted dips.

  • Rob, am I right when I say you don’t really focus on any low rep sets? On your PPL series I can see that you keep your compounds around 8 reps every workout and never go lower. Would you say that the whole 3-5 rep thing is not really as great as people seem to make it?

  • Great content Rob. This is the kind of videos you should be doing more frequently, not only on traps but on full body. Keep it up man. Cheers from SoCal.

  • Great workout!
    I would like to get a six pack by doing the tabata dumbbell ab workout.
    Will it get me a six pack and can i do it everyday? I would do it 3 times a day

  • if I want to bring my shoulders up could I do three sets of 10 side raises on pull days as well? I do a LPP split twice a week, shoulders obviously on push day. thanks!

  • Wow! Good work.I bought a new Exercise Bands.Its working nice and %50 off right now.If u want to start get it one! I leave a link here.


  • Awesome! Could you guys do a routine using the 12 inch mini loop bands? I just got some and have been playing around with them, but there really aren’t many good routines on YouTube using them. I always look forward to your videos! Keep up the great work!

  • Deep down we all know that Jeff’s muscle is enough visible than the anatomy animation to show the muscle contraction..
    Blood is thicker than water

    Jeffs muscle is better than animation

  • Anabolic alien, so with a five day workout, right eating habits, cardio twice a week, right amount of protein intake amino acidS truthfully how long before you can actually notice definition? Without looking into a mirror, and actually someone looking and saying dam I can see the muscles! I heard it takes at least two years is that true?

  • I train incredibly often and what I think is so special about your routines is that they are effective but very doable. Some routines people share have complicated or convoluted movements. These are very simple and effective, thanks as always Mike

  • So I’m starting working out and so far what I’m doing is:

    One Day: 3X10 sets of normal bicep curls
    3X10 sets of hammer curls
    9X10 sets of bar lifts(the one where you lift a bar)
    Your five minute forearm exercise

    Next Day: 3X10 sets of behind the back tricep lifts using a bar (is this dangerous)
    Your five minute forearm exercise
    I need other exercises that would my tricep pls

    I alternate between those two days
    I don’t go to a gym
    I don’t know if my posture and form is perfect in all these exercises. Can this hurt me? Also can you pls give me the advice you have

  • Thankz for your awsmm vidos today i follow your hit obliques workout love from india can you tell which ans muscle train day by day thankz

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  • Over the years I’ve seen a lot of shit youtube fitness videos, and time and again the only guy I see out there with real knowledge applied effectively are y’all at Athlean-X. I should have subbed years ago, but better late than never!

  • @JeffCavalier PLEASE, PLEASE help me, brother? I started working out almost 6 mnths ago. I train intensely, I stay consistent, I TRY to eat good calories and enough..AND Im just slow gaining man. I feel like I take 1 step forward, will SEE change..and 2 steps back..I work 45 hrs. Ten hr. Days and one half day..Im exhausted, my workouts suffer, and I SHRINK!!
    Ive tried to start using compound exercises because I WAS going 5-6 days a week..tons of isolation exercises with dumbbells. And I simply had to cut it down. I was EXHAUSTED and losing all motivation. SO I attempted to downsize, without losing quality. I THINK I simply dont know how to formulate a workout plan for myself. I lack the knowledge to obtain the visible change I want. Ive gained a TON of strength…I Can lift more..but damn man. SIX MONTHS and Im not that normal?! Cant be. I need someone with the knowledge to help me formulate a plan for me. If I see it..I can accomplish it. But being left to my own devices I just suck..haha Does Athlean-X offer any workout programs? Can I pay someone to create a plan FOR me? If I have it in front of me, mapped out, I can and will do it…but Im VERY hesitant to pay a ton of money for some dvd by someone I dont know. Also, Im limited. I have a bench, free weights, resistance bands, pull-up bar…but no cable machines. I work from home. ANY advice from anyone knowledgeable would be more appreciated than I can express. Thanks!!! God bless!!

  • Hi,,,,,, Your vid’s have changed my life as my discs in back limit movement and miss fitness in a big way,,,,,I can manage the 5 minute elastic workouts and these lighter dumbell workouts look great,,,,, I used Scott the truck drivers channel to shift 24lbs with no working out and now using your channel for getting in shape,,,,I’d say going through all fitness channels yours is up at the top by far as it is so time efficient and exercise order ideal,,,,you really know your stuff,,,,,well done on another great vid,,,have a fab day,,,,

  • have done this workout twice now! first time, 3lb band, 1 set, killed me. Today, 2nd time, 2 sets, 1 with 3lb 1 with 5lb, feeling it but not killed. next week hoping for 3 full sets with all 5lb. Thanks for the great workouts, been adding them to the end of my routines really fries the muscles!

  • All the made up excercises all you need are the basics. People dont got traps cause they cant pull their own weight amh and the search is flat no gravity

  • I did the power push exercise and the sitting trap push exercise (shown at the beginning of the video) a couple of days ago and my traps are cramped as hell.

  • You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus the anointed is Lord!

  • My right shoulder hurts with too many pushups. I went to doctor they said it’s fine, just instability. I notice my right trap is significantly smaller that my left. Could this be the cause of the shoulder pain? Can weak traps cause shoulder pain?

  • Suggest to me some right side abs are see clearly but left side can’t see only one side is better. I want to keep in same size

  • I watched the video once a long time ago and thought is is useless but then quarantine came and know it seems relevant��thanks Jeff

  • Hi again, I have some unrelated questions again. Alright, so I am a 16 year old boy and every night I do a fifteen minute workout with ten pound dumbbells your intense forearm, triceps, and bicep workouts. Questions:
    Is this too much weight if I can still do 1525 reps a min?
    Will I not receive gains without change in diet?
    About how long will gains take?
    Do I absolutely have to do more reps in order to receive gains? because I just upgraded weights a month ago, and I try to do more reps but I don’t specifically count.
    Do I have to apply pressure to my muscles for more gains?
    Do I workout too often for gains?
    Thank you so much. I honestly am so self conscious when it comes to receiving gains. Btw I subbed

  • I’m confused by the usage of the word ‘eccentric’ in this video.

    Like at 0:57, I don’t see how in the world the upper traps would be firing. Sure they look like they’re being flexed but they’re simply being compressed by gravity. No? Yes?

    Please help:[

  • Bro is this workout is good to make muscles?
    Mon/wed/fri-abs morning, forearms-evening, biceps-night
    Tue/thu/sat-legs morning, shoulder-evening, chest-night
    Sunday is rest
    Pleas reply me and tell me what I have to correct

  • My main trap exercise is dumbells shrugs, that works the entire trap? Or just the top part? I’m 14 and mainly doing home body weight workouts

  • Thanks for this video clip I didn’t know you could use the resistance bands to work out your trap muscles until I Google’d it now ��

  • Could you sometime give us your thoughts on bracing techniques and how they help in the various lifts? Very interested to hear your thoughts on that.

  • Hey! I had asked que earlier but as the video was quite old u did not answer it….so i hope u will answer it now…
    Que is i have very thin and weak biceps so i’m never able to complete ur biceps exercises even after taking multiple breaks….
    Any suggestions on what I should do?
    P.S I live in a small town where the gym doesn’t have any pulling instruments

  • those things that are seen when you bend forward are not traps, you do not have much traps, you lift but still look normal -> which is right

  • What’s a weight of this kb?? Are you serious? You cant build with kettlebell such a trap, this is annoying tht you inventing these kettlebell exercises during the video, just be honest its impossible. You r making those fake exercises for views, cheeky…

  • This was the first video I saw by you. Been watching your videos every home work out since.
    Thanks a lot and keep making this great motivational videos

  • How many times do you recommend repeating this workout? Like if this is one set how many should I be doing and with what rest in between?

  • Thanks a lot mike sir.
    I am doing your workouts like chest workout,shoulder workout,Forearms workout and upper body this was very help ful to me.
    can u pls make a video on SHOULDER STRETCHING workout without any equipmemt at home pls pls pls pls..

  • sorry Mike this question is out of context and i don’t mean to offend you, but please tell me are you bald because of using creatine or it’s hereditary. because i see most of the bodybuilders, athletes having thin hair or bald. would you blame creatine as reason for that, cause in that case I’ll never consider using creatine. i follow you and i totally believe in your plans so this suggestion will also be followed. you’re best Mike… love you.. please answer my question…

  • I have heard that drinking water while standing will hurt out stomach. I searched on Google and everywhere it is stated that we shouldn’t drink water while standing.

    But I have seen you drink water while standing.(At home tricep strength workout video) drinking water when you are exercising should be way more dangerous. But you are doing it and you are super healthy.

    What’s the reality???
    Is it dangerous???

  • Hi sir I am big fan of ur workout videos I want to know answer to one question sir pls reply me @@ the question is can a lean and 10 inch arm guy can do triscep exercise

  • Love the video Rob great content as usual and I’m gonna try these bad boy rack pulls no more team No Traps!!! Keeping it real ��

  • I injured one of my biceps whilst doing a 5 min bicep dumbbell workout can u make a bicep tightness recovery video please thankyou

  • Tonight I got locked out of my gym because of a new ID card and I knew I couldn’t just not go to the gym or do a workout so I googled at home shoulder and trap workouts and clicked on your video.
    I just finished doing this workout and boy let me tell you. I am feeling it more than some other workouts I’ve done. Thank you Anabolic Aliens!

  • Seem to have missed this when it came out. Did it now, twice. What a great trap workout! And I´m happy to notice more strength and defined lines in my upper body, now that I´ve worked out with you on a regular basis for some time now. Thanks guys!

  • Hit those shoulders and traps hard right from home! Remember, use an elevated surface of your convenience so you see in this video I’m using a chair, you can use a couch, bed, bench, etc. There is always a way. Now get after it and get them shoulder trap gains!!

  • Find myself doing a lot more running and not enough intense cardio like in your videos. Will running help me get a flatter stomach and how often should i train my abs?

  • Saw both Omar videos about traps. The Alex guy seemed like an idiot tbh. I get the stretching of the traps but that dude was rack pulling like 800 lbs it’s so unnecessary

  • Hey aliens! I loved your 5 minute dumbbell series and it showed some great results! Could u guys make another dumbbell series if possible?? (Especially chest)����

  • Hello!! I´ve got a question, what kind of resistance band do you recomend for this and your other band workouts, i´ve got one but it´s too hard to even do shoulder press. I think I bought the wrong type of band:/

  • is there any way you could shower more viedo on d form of all d movements. and what type band u useing d one I have blue long band from gold’s gym. not able to do all d movements to fell fool effects with d long band. also ur thoughts on last movement u did with d this workout. if one has bad shoulder. please excuse my spelling..thk u good stuff.

  • Hi anabloic I am 12 yrs old i weigh 97 pounds and i wanna get to 205 lbs what type of foods should i eat and what kimd of workouts would fit best

  • I love how Short and intense your videos are bro. Never knew I could get a burn like that in five minutes. I do this at the end of my various workouts I do throughout the week. Keep it up man! ������������

  • Guys…. Want big traps? Bane type traps? Protract the shouldees forward to get s stretch on the trap. No weights, bodyweight shrugs, do 3 sets of 100. You will grow, trust me.

  • When I do timed trap work, I like to go lighter to really focus on the squeeze. When I do it for sets and reps, I like to go overload heavy. What about you?? Should i do more advanced gym workouts too??

  • What kind of resistance bands are these? These seem pretty short (in a good way since they start getting tense quicker and with shorter distance). I currently have the Bodylastics ones and they’re pretty long and a little impractical for most shrugs exercises.

  • Team no calves and traps crew checking in haha. Love rack pulls, especially when you really retract the scapula at the top and squeeze the traps!

  • Caught this on Google+. Like the time span. The trap works work right in with the work schedule. Take a break from a computer and do the workout. Great stress reducer.

  • Thanks again bro i was worried that lifting weight on shoulders might stunt my growth but now ill do this can i go for 4 sets of this?

  • I copied these exercises because I think they can be used to teach certain movements in modified gymnastics and yoga, especially for people who’ve never had the benefit of working the uneven bars or doing pull-ups. I’m looking for different series for traps, rhomboids, lats. Thanks.

  • ive been following your routines for a bit over 6 months now and my body has never looked better!! thanks mike! also i swap the overhead shrugs here for an overhead press but i know it’s a compound movement and it doesn’t iso traps but i like doing it!

  • 2 questions sir�� (body weight only)
    1)In app enterprise, i want full body routine.. how can i fix…
    2)is full body routne include all the upperbody,lowerbody,uper lower middle abs, legs.? Plz explain in details☺

  • Wow! I love your videos so much. You are such a creative man, who comes up with interesting workout ideas and motivates me the most. Much respect, keep posting great videos!

  • big up alex, my favorite information based fitness channel for about a year now. gives great advice even if he does put out unnecessary shit to have vids every day

  • That second move is setting the shoulder up for serious damage over time, thumb should always be higher than pinky. This is not my opinion, this is physical therapists’ demand. “Pour the pitchers” is the worst thing for the shoulder forcing the arm to internally rotate when the anatomy of the socket is built to externally rotate. Also, you can contract the trap much harder done the correct way.

  • Jeff can you give any tip about the power push weight exercise so it can affect my traps every time instead of affecting me for some reason a portion of my seratus anterior? Like i am seriously trying to imitate the exercise but obviously i do something wrong so this exercise doesn’t seem to affect my traps also can you show us some back exercise that also targets seratus anterior?

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  • Hey Rob. Looking at purchasing the ebook and also interested in the LPP routine. before I buy them both I wanted to know if the LPP routine was in the ebook or if I needed to buy them separately. Cheers.

  • 2016: Jeff Cavaliere,, who is definitely not a wizard or a time traveler: here is how to build larger traps using only your bodyweight.

    2020: Me, when all the gyms have closed due to coronavirus: fhghksjfojeohfeiehfe

  • Build those traps and all ya need is a kettlebell! Utilize multiple sets as a full workout or 1 set as a finisher. I LOVE doing the intense trap workouts after other heavy trap work. Whatever works best for you! Get them gains!!

  • Hello Rob. Firstly Love the Channel (avid viewer). Question, where would you fit weak points, in this case in regards to muscle imbalances when training in to a PPL split?. or would you simply reduce the volume on a stronger side for example and give more time just to the weaker side?

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  • Have you considered getting the book published? I reckon it’d be a good seller in Ireland.. I’d rather read a hard copy than a soft one… just my opinion though ��

  • The name of the channel fits to the way this man is “training”. Low quality, fast, unhealthy. Short-term-thinking. Well done in still getting 500k+ subs.

  • Why do these YouTubers think that their books are worth $30? Honestly, that is on the lower end and it is still ridiculous compared to normal publisher margins. Chill Rob!

  • Thanks so much for the at home timed workouts! I really enjoy them seeing that it fits in my schedule nicely. I also have learned more about my body in the last 6 months, doing mainly bodyweight exercises, than I did in the 3 years prior. But seriously guys I really do appreciate your videos and hard work that goes into them. I truly enjoy and benefit them, thanks

  • Congratulations in writing a book and I’m super happy that you are enjoying the rack pulls! Expect even more gains to come, soon your traps will BLOW UP like you’ve never seen before. Keep focusing on adding weight over time and once you start pulling some serious numbers (in the 900-1000 range) your yoke will explode in size. Also thanks for the shoutout, it’s much appreciated brother.

  • Hi rob! Im a skinny irish kid, 14 years old… Just wondering were you skinny as a kid and that motivated you to workout? Or do you just have good genetics, Also any advice about eating before and after a workout… Thankyou!

  • BUY STRAPS. Bros they will change your life. I can hardly hold 315 with an overhand grip. I bought straps and I can sit there and hold 455 like a Goddamn king. With Traps its all about the stretch.

  • Mike you have made being quarantined a little less miserable. Aside from that, you have giving me new workouts to incorporate into my daily routine when the gyms open.

  • An exercise that increased my trap growth is barbell shrugs but the bar is behind you, really feel it more in the traps and find most effective for size enhancement to your traps

  • Awesome video rob. Would you recommend the same for back? I want a wider back so would pulldowns at the end of every season help this?