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7 Exercises for Men to Build a Big Strong Neck

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3 Exercises to Build Bigger Traps — John Meadows |

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How to Get Bigger Traps (GUARANTEED!!)

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8 Exercises to Build Bigger Traps. 1.) Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk. This exercise is easy — grab two heavy dumbbells and walk with them. Similar to trying to bring in the groceries in 2.) Barbell Farmer’s Walk. 3.) Heavy Barbell Shrugs With Isometric Contraction.

4.) Hex Bar Deadlift. 5.) Heavy. The Best Traps Exercises To Build Bigger Trap Muscles. 1. Shrugs. Now then, it wouldn’t be a list of the best trap exercises if we didn’t mention shrugs.

When you think of training your traps 2. Barbell Deadlift. 3. Rack pulls. 4. Upright rows. 5. Face pulls.

These 8 exercises will help to build back mass, specifically targeting lats, traps, and the posterior chain, when implemented in a measured workout routine. 16 Traps Exercises for a Bigger, Better Back Barbell Shrug. The barbell shrug is the king of all trap-building exercises, according to Tyler English, author of the Dumbbell Shrug. Compared to the barbell shrug, the dumbbell shrug places less stress on your shoulder joints.

That’s Incline. There are other exercises you can do to build your traps, but the basic barbell and dumbbell shrugs are actually great movements—and with the deadlift—your neck will get thick and strong in no time. For training frequency, I actually do deadlifts with my back workout and no direct trap work and then on my shoulder workout, I do traps. 5 Exercises for BIGGER TRAPS 1. Trap Bar Shrugs. Trap bar shrugs are a great way to overload the traps with external load, use a grip placement that 2. Barbell Shrugs.

The barbell shrug is a trap training staple, however is often done incorrectly. For starters, perform 3. Dumbbell Shrugs. The. Do these exercises and your traps will grow whether you want them to or not!

This is the best way to grow your traps, not shrugs or any other isolated trap work. The actual Olympic lifts themselves are great, but if you want to be even more specific, clean pulls. Monster traps command respect from those around you. They can transform an ordinary physique into an exceptional one. They’re associated with power because most of the movements that grow our traps are big, powerful exercises.

Look at history’s great deadlifters or Olympic lifters, what do they have in common? Massive, powerful traps. Learn how to build a mighty wreath of muscle around your neck with this complete guide to building bigger traps! Nobody wants ski-sloped shoulders.

Learn how to build a mighty wreath of muscle around your neck with this complete guide to building bigger traps! Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any. To build those big-boy traps, here are some of my favorite exercises. Add two of these five movements to your normal shoulder routine.

Towering Traps Training Exercise 1: The Shrug. You can perform this using a straight Olympic bar, dumbbells, the diamond/hex/trap.

List of related literature:

These work the traps directly, and you can build up to a tremendous amount of weight in this exercise.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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Set out as many traps as you are physically capable of.

“The U.S. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook: Learn the Survival Techniques and Strategies of America's Elite Warriors” by Don Mann, Ralph Pezzullo
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Not surprisingly such traps work well in tandem.

“Annotated Keys to the Genera of Nearctic Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera)” by Gary A. P. Gibson, John Theodore Huber, James B. Woolley, James Braden Woolley, National Research Council Canada
from Annotated Keys to the Genera of Nearctic Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera)
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Fifty of these traps can be carried byone persona considerable distance without discomfort.

“The Wildlife Techniques Manual: Volume 1: Research. Volume 2: Management 2-vol. set” by Nova J. Silvy
from The Wildlife Techniques Manual: Volume 1: Research. Volume 2: Management 2-vol. set
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The amazing thing about this exercise is that so long as the traps stay carefully concealed in the shadows, they are powerful.

“All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan” by Elizabeth Warren, Amelia Warren Tyagi
from All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan
by Elizabeth Warren, Amelia Warren Tyagi
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In the pages of this book, you will find the eight traps that tend to challenge dieters most.

“The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good” by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
from The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good
by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
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To achieve such results, though, the traps must be used intensively and the trapping must be used intelligently (Belmain et al., 2003).

“Rodent Pests and Their Control, 2nd Edition” by Alan P Buckle, Robert H Smith
from Rodent Pests and Their Control, 2nd Edition
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What kind of traps?

“Anger Management For Dummies” by W. Doyle Gentry
from Anger Management For Dummies
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For details on these traps, consult Service (1993).

“Biology of Disease Vectors” by William H. Marquardt
from Biology of Disease Vectors
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What are traps?

PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., 2017

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  • I’ve been trying to build my traps the conventional way for a while and have seen very minor growth, while the rest of my body has seen obvious muscle gain. I’m definitely gonna have to incorporate this into my routine now

  • It would be cool if you can add more videos on how you get so shredded, I know you use isometrics for that… But pls add some more videos. Thanks!

  • Bodybuilders don’t give 2 shits about range of motion. Have you ever seen Shawn Rhoden do leg days? �� it looks like a joke until you actually see his huge quads

  • If u got a powerful expensive car and a normal car. Both has to travel in the path and has to follow the same rule. Stay fit and stay strong but don’t over do it. Show off is just for eyes. Build a good body but don’t waste your money and time just too look attractive. Anyway usefull information about traps

  • Finally someone who doesn’t believe in minimalist training. Everyone says you only need deadlifts lol. The way he controls them heavy shrugs is mad. Heavy shrugs, farmers walks, deadlifts are all key…

  • Once a supplement seller told me he used to train in a gym and he could bench press 120 kilos (some 250 lbs) and everybody benching above that was on steroids lol��

  • With what we know about internal rotation causing shoulder impingement shouldn’t we stay away from the upright row altogether? Even with the wider grip it’s still internally rotating your shoulders, and especially keeping the elbows above your hands at the top like you emphasized. Aren’t there better ways to build the traps where we don’t have to include the upright rows at all, or do you think that they are so beneficial that it’s worth the risk?

  • Have been trying all sorts of excesses and just dont feel like it is working, then came across this! Did them yesterday and could feel the traps working and can barely lift my shoulders todayThey hurt. It works!!

  • Did you know that shrugs only grow the upper trap. There are three Sections of the trap muscle upper is the neck area what people usually excersice upper back but behind you and mid back. They all need to be trained

  • Randomly found this video. Straight to point and explained well. No fancy BS like what some other people do. I like the way he explained about keeping correct form

  • Hey Scott, love your videos and how professionally you talk about the ‘scientific’ side of bodybuilding. I sometimes have pain in my right shoulder and I didn’t really notice it until I took a break from lifting and then got back into it then it flared up and really killed my momentum. I went to a shoulder expert and he ‘diagnosed’ me with Shoulder Impingement without giving any explanation or advice on how to treat it other than telling me not to press. I feel it more in pulling motions so I guess he was sorta full of it and took my money. I was wondering if you could do a short video on shoulder impingement or other shoulder related injuries? I know you have a shoulder injury video series but I like the new sit down and talk about things videos you’ve been doing and really want your input on the subject. Keep doing you and as always, more good stuff coming soon!

  • You’remy man! I always use either 35 or 45 pound plates and have not seen others that use plates. I personally started with plates to improve finger and grip strength for climbing.

  • Wtf Scott ur definition of shoulder impingement just used the word mpingement in the definition without explaining what impingement actually is lol

  • He honestly not helping beginners. He’s just showing how strong he is. It’s all good but this doesn’t help the normal person. He looks great though. PAUSE

  • power shrugs, snatch grip rack pulls, snatch grip high pulls, rack pulls above the knee there’s lots of good shit you can do for traps you can base a whole routine just from trap training lol

  • A lot of misinformation! Please don’t post such videos unless you are an expert. Someone can end up seriously injuring themselves. Nothing against you, you have a great channel, but just don’t get into things that you are not fully aware of. Cheers.

  • Work out body parts 2x a week �� or u won’t grow? I thought u grew when ur recovering…so no rest days im confused i wish there was 10 days on weekdays

  • Lol Scott you’re probably going to get waaaay more “minutes watched” on this video because of people going back to watch that dude in the background on the bench press xD

  • Hey Scott, how can I target my LOWER traps? I have back & core issues (caused by instability further down the kinetic chain) that inhibit proper scapual retraction among other things. Anyway I can pull them back, but they go up, and almost like rotate the arm & shoulders inward while flaring the latslike that type movement. It feels like theres nowhere for them to go down, like my own body & musculature is in the way.
    I’ve tried prone T’s & Y’s but I just feel it im my upper traps & neck which is tight enough as is (I don’t even train upper traps)
    Any suggestions?

  • Jeff I like people who change and accept changes people in the gym do a lot of repetitive and redundant excercise day after day years after years.
    Change bring fun in workouts and in turn helps us enjoy the
    Thanks I will try them tomorrow in the gym.

  • Wow, man! That was absolutely awesome!!!! There is so much sense in your approach!!! Shiiiiiiiiiiiat, let’s build some crazy traps! Thank you so much, man.

  • Iv been doing this movement but it tends to work my lower lpart of my traps, I just add it to my back workout, however I do another version of that proper wide grip almost knee bent and back bent like a bent over row, that works for me fine, it’s probably because I’m taller. I mean us tall guys almost have a complete different workout technique than short limbed guys. 1 love man✌��

  • Jeff Cavalier from Athlean-X says to always keep your wrists above your elbows to prevent internal rotation and injury. Scott says differently. Who should I listen to?

  • Thanks Scott for the tip. But I see on the top of the movement you don’t have the full grip on the bar. Isn’t that bad for the wrist? I will try it though. Cheers!!!


  • 2 times a week? I already have my workout days set, and Sunday is my rest day but I still do a full body light workout for about 25 minutes… so if it’s twice a week, does that mean once in during the day and the other at night? Traps get hit during my “back” day as well…

  • Good stuff man i believe what your saying about these excercises. Iam sore after doing them tho i feel it would have been even better had you demonstrated or broke it down in slow motion to make sure we are getting consistency and getting the best results

  • Dude.. I’m not used to you looking like this, still look good, just not like you do now.. Like u can’t fit through a door��, great tips as always tho keep it up ��

  • Love the way you explain how to do the routines and also you handle the weights with ease.That is key.Never fight with the weights and most guys do

  • Hey guys, English is not my first language so I didn’t really get how many reps I need to do for the first exercise, someone can help me out:D?

  • I do think that rack pulls above the knee help with the deadlift…the point when you are above the knee in the deadlift, the tack pull training comes into play…hence, you are strong at that point of the lift.

  • Namaste

    As per ayurveda, some sensitive points called Marmas exist in the neck region.

    Daily exercise unlocks/activates these leading to several health benefits.

    One must be gentle in rotating the neck and should avoid hard sharp movements.


  • I get lost in admiring Jeff’s musculature physique every time he has not shirt on, and thus, I forgotten what the video is all about.


  • I train all 3 parts of my traps I did start training upper traps first but realized there are 2 other parts so I work my way from the bottom up.

  • Thanks for all of the helpful info fam. I have a problem, every time I do shoulder shrugs I get a muscle knot by my right scapula and on the right side of my neck. The neck 1 is more painful and has a sharp sensation if I try to massage it out. They both last from a few days to over a week so I’ve discontinued shrugs for damn near a year now. Any suggestions?

  • is it that important to warm up the shoulders to prevent the shoulder inpingment because i think my grip is to wide on the benchpress (pinky on the small rings)

  • the only way to grow your traps is to do quarter-inch range-of-motion rack pulls with straps. if you want more info on how to get ‘yoked’ buy my program for £50.
    also using tren helps. but that’s not how I built my traps, no… it was the rack pulls.

  • This was a great video. I have one bad comment, I’m sorry I’m saying this… you need lessons on how to speak without stressing your neck. Your neck looked like it was going to explode! Voice lessons would help you with your breathing on that… otherwise great video.

  • I’m currently focusing on shoulders and bodybuilding the arms, and everything upper body as I build up muscle fibers. This video is actually great advice, especially for getting your heavy weight workout done confidently. The 500 pound lift is the real deal and this method of exercising is doable, remember to muscle up the 100 pound dumbbell and walk around, It’s true that once you establish your stance with these levels of extreme heavy weights you will become stronger at that weight level and eventually be capable of other exercises utilizing the 100 pound range and higher. My method is to establish the highest weight my body can handle and then using that power lift once through my bodybuilding session. It’s after I’ve done that extreme heavy lifting that the weights 60 pounds and lighter actually lifted easily. Start out light to your maximum weight and then lift light weight again, remembering that It’s nutrition and sleep that builds muscle and the up down weight method that burns into higher strength levels.

  • Awesome video man! I’ve been watching your channel ever since I starting lifting in high school. You’re the only YouTube fitness coach who I listen to. People always have something negative to say but keep up the awesome posts! I’ve been adding the new advice to my workouts! I just started stretching out my shoulders using a resistance band behind the head and my shoulders feel stronger and looser! Thanks for the tip.

  • So sometimes when I do up right row when I pull towards me my right wrist be hurting? Am I doing it right or is it just too heavy?

  • You need to work your neck muscles brother,if you do you’ll look twice as big as you are now,trust me hit those neck muscles brother you’ll be amazed at the change in your appearance

  • I walked into the Bathroom at Cumberland Farms and saw this guy shooting steroids in his ass cheeks, i said damn homey and he ran out like the Tasmanian devil almost took the door down

  • I watched this video exactly for the sake of imbalane in upper traps, to find exercises that can even them out. The left one is huge and right one is tiny. Among other things, the result has been uneven shoulder height and S-curve in the backbone.

  • Nothing works my traps like about the knee rack pull. I did them for the first time in a couple months and my traps are devastated. It’s wild, I can’t remember ever feeling trap soreness down my mid back. I love FacePulls, and I do shrugs here snd there but man those rack pulls are incredible.

  • Awesome vid.. Funny too at the end. I don’t have barbells, so I’ll have to try to improvise with m dumbells..

    Thanks for the great instruction.

  • I’m so fucking tired of this guy. I will be unsubscribing from this channel as I can’t take the attitude from Scott anymore. It seems he is triggered by something in every single video and I, for one, am done hearing all of his bitching. There is no reason you cant dispell lifting myths without being a pretentious, whiny douche in every video. You always seem to be pissed off about something and it has gotten to the point that it is too unsettling to listen to. The worst part is, YOURE NOT EVEN THAT BIG, SCOTT. You have a low body fat percentage but that’s about it, nothing crazy. Most of what you say is true but it’s all common knowledge. If there are beginners out there that would like to know about lifting and proper form, this channel may be helpful. By that same token, if you like hearing non-stop bitching about stupid bullshit that doesn’t matter, this is the channel for you. I really don’t know why people put up with this. There are much better fitness channels out there.

  • Hmmm for some reason I had gotten the apparently wrong idea that Simeon Panda was arrogant. He seems VERY down to earth and friendly. I like how he doesn’t try to show how much he knows and overcomplicate simple movements. You just got yourself a new subscriber.

  • Every time I see a guy with such a beautiful body, I’m motivated to get to the gym and work on my own body. Then I get there and realise, I can’t be arsed. Rinse. Repeat.

  • Im 13 -_is there any other exersices that dont include dumbells or wieght since it will effect my spine which will reduce the time it takes for me to grow taller.

  • Whats happening simeon, you mentioned about going to a bar because the dumbbells were too light, but does it give you any difference to the shape of your traps from dumbbells to a bar? Thanks��

  • Guys let me be clear and I probably should have put this in my video. This is ONE exercise in my traps training. I start off with HEAVY barbell shrugs using my cheat and recover method. I go for 405+ for 8 10 cheat reps and then drop it to 225lbs for the recover of 8 10 reps. After shrugs I go to UPRIGHT ROWS. Both exercises are great to have in your arsenal and I focused on this movement, rather than the heavy shrugs, because there have been lots of videos on heavy shrugs lately and it is my job to help give you guys MORE ideas of exercises to do. Utilize the tips in this video and try them and you will be pleasantly surprised with the gains

  • For those who don’t know, the name is fucking trapezius. Remember the trapezium shape? Yea how can certain ppl only think about the upper portion ��

  • So Your Saying I Could Do Face Pulls With a Band? If I Dont Have The Cables Jeff? Thats One Thing I Havnt Incorporated Only Because I Work Out At Home. Any Suggestions? Thanks Jeff Your A Beast ��

  • I did some trap exercises and my traps are sore! But my neck is sore too! It doesn’t hurt, but the muscles from my traps to my neck (the parts of the neck pointing at the shoulders) are sore, is this normal or did I do the exercises wrong?! Haha

  • do you breathe when you talk?..your Neck veins always bulging out…Or is it just naturally like that haha?? Anyhow great tips, and awesome video.

  • Thanks for the upright row tip.. I have a busted left shoulder and stop doing that exercise.. tried your tip just up to your chest and feels great.. of course with proper weight.. thanks!

  • Meh. You can do this same movement with face pulls WITHOUT forcing your shoulders into internal rotation. Just set the pulley on the lower end and hit your traps, rhomboids, posterior delts, and rotator cuff all at the same time.

  • Hello everyone, I need help. I have been training for 5 weeks now. The problem is while I’m working out I’m not feeling any burn or any kind of pain in my muscles (I am putting everything I have in every set and every exercice). Second, I’m not getting sore after training which is making me wonder if I am actually doing any progress, I am trying to eat healthy and I do some jogging (day after day) to improve cardio and endurance. while I’m lifting weights I’m doing my maximum possible to lift as much as I can (I go to failure each set). I am pretty sure I’m keeping my form good when doing the exercice but still no burn in my muscles (This doesn’t happen to me when I’m working on my legs or triceps)
    If it adds anything I’m 17 years old, I weigh about 68 kilos.
    also sorry for bad grammar.

  • Commenting to remind myself why this is in my watch later
    Toward the end of the vid there’s an adjustment I should do to rope facepulls

  • I saw incredibly more contraction of your traps when you used less weight and a slower tempo. I feel like your technique is nothing but a ego lift with heavy weight and a habit you have been doing for years.

  • Traps exercise back day or chest day?
    In Push Pull Legs Routine, traps exercise are very difficult
    I don’t want kill my shoulders and back gains

  • I have seen a trans guy (he was a woman) that has better body than most men, even better than this one. in other words, amazing body is possible for men or women as long as they use steroids, but, there’s a price to pay such as heart problem, liver problem, kidney damaged, even brain cancer. So if a person wants to have a good body and healthy, be natural. But if they want an alpha male body but damaged health, be on steroids..

  • Absolutely, do NOT directly train your neck. That is, unless you want to end up like me, with three ruined cervical discs, and nerve damage. Also, those extreme heavy bouncing rack pulls, will put even more compression on your cervical and Lumbar spine. All the moves he’s recommending are extremely dangerous, and will catch up with you once you are older.

  • This guy looks “weathered”. Ground-down by the fists of iron in dungeon-like weight rooms, surviving through brute force of will. ��������

  • @AthleanX, comment will most likely get lost, but I have had hip replacement very early on both sides, and my femoral joint was quite bad from the get-go. Also, the angle between my leg and torso can’t (or shouldn’t) get lower than 90 degrees.

    That means I shouldn’t be holding heavy weights directly on my legs, let alone carry them around, and that deadlifts and squats do not exist for me. What other compound movements (except bench press, triceps dips) exist (since you mentioned that traps are for the most part inherently trained during larger comp moves)?

    Thank you.

  • Mountain dog hey happy new year man question do the bands actually work for growth/size/height for the traps?? And how long should you see results

  • Good stuff man. Just following you for a year and I have some great results. And I follow because you teach proper form. Good stuff man

  • This is absurdly invalid, why not just change the title into something else? People will be goign to the gym doing delt front raises in hopes of an 18 inch neck. It dont target your neck muscles at all actually. The neck curl and neck extension is mostly all a man needs.

  • Baaaarbell. lol. Good vid. tried this technique though and it still irritates my rotators. Might be my general shoulder flexibility though, than the exercise itself.

  • I dont really think its right that a lot of the cover photos are a before and after of someones muscles, yet in the before photo theyre not flexing their muscle(s) but in the after photo they are… That aint right. Very misleading☝��

  • So, the black guy on the bench behind Scott. At 1:07, he only does 2 reps of 70kg/155lbs, then at 2:28 he does only 4 reps of 60kg/132lbs, then at 3:34 he only does another 4 reps of 60kg/132lbs. Lazy as fuck, but glad he re-racked the weights and wiped down the bench.

  • Hey scott, My bicep is around 15 inches or only 2 or 4 milimeters under, I use a 12lb dumbell, but I don’t feel like I’ve made any improvements. Should I go up on weight of dumbells?

  • Hey Scott! Can you do a video on how to get a bigger bicep peak? Mine lacks and the short head seams to be the only head thats growing. Thanks!

  • Damn, i can’t do this cause my wrist cant bend back anymore after i broke it from snowboarding. I tried it but it feels uneven cause my good hand can bring it up higher than my bad

  • I’ve been doing rolling shrugs (as depicted here without weight) for about a year while slowly increasing the weight. Although I saw some strength gains, I hurt upper back quite badly about two months ago and still haven’t fully recovered.
    I wish I saw this video before I started rolling shrugs. Great video by the way Simeon Panda!

  • Thank you for answering my question! I tend to control the weight on regular shrugs, recently incorporated those pauses at the top from your previous videos but the banded shrugs are something i never thought off! Great suggestion!

  • Man alive the comments here… Dude posts a video that was obviously not done last second and happens to post it on the same day another dude posts a video of the same body part. Crazy folks think someone is copying the other and make stupid insulting comments.

    Both Scott and Omar (with AlphaDestiny) have great informative content. We should be thankful there are multiple great sources of info out here for us and learn from all of them! Not everything is a damn competition folks. Be mature and learn from the teachers who are obviously skilled. If you have questions about something ask them in a respectful manner.

  • “People are going to tell you ‘lighter and slower works better’I’ve got the traps, so I think I’ve got the answer there”
    Fucking ������

  • First off an exercise does do anything if you are holding the weight on the muscle you are trying to work, that only reduces the weight and effects of the work out.

  • NOTIFICATION SQUAD GIVEAWAY Alright guys, I’m giving away a complete 30 Day Workout program to 100 lucky clickers within the first hour this video is published! Remember, this is NOT THE FIRST 100, but those randomly selected within the first hour the video is published. Click the link to see if you’ve won. No strings attached!

    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • Dude I just fuckin can’t it’s so fucking annoying I can’t feel any fuckin burn when I do raises I just wanna fuckin punch something like why can’t I I try so hard

  • .. a genuine Thank You, Damien! Relentlessly, the Trapezius Dorsa is, to me, one of the most Pertinent/Powerful muscle in the human body. It supports the upper back/neck/the Brain. I will implement your advice (like, tomorrow) CLIFF

  • Stop trying to reinvent the wheel dumbasses. Step to the bar strap in and get to shrugging heavy heavy shrugging.that is the way the only way the hard way stop trying to make up dumbass exercise has an extra s**. I’m 46 and I have incredible traps and I’ve never done any of this s***I’m 5 foot 10 and 1/2 252 lb shrugs have always worked for me. F***** pussies.

  • This exercise, whenever I do, I feel pain in my right shoulder only. Not with other exercise just this one. Don’t know why ��

  • 100% agree with everything and I will incorporate all this stuff but in my case I’ve had amazing trap growth with lighter weight. Volume is effective too. Just try different things.

  • I bee seeing dude with these jacked bodies but their necks looking sorry. Its so cringy. I think man what if you get punch in the head or get in a head lock.

  • +Scotthermanfitness nice vid. I will definitely be using this advice tomorrow morning. I also need to know the name of that trap step at the end of your videos. This included.

  • Q: Tell me something other than shrugs to build my traps?
    A: Shrugs with a band attached to equipment or shrugs while standing on a band.

    Umm, dude, those are still shrugs

  • I never understood why so many men dont train their neck and sees it as weird. I think a strong neck gives very mascular look and its also best option for balding men to train their necks and not trying save their hair.

  • tks Scott awesome vid I always tell anybody to have great form it’s not worth it if u don’t have great form tks again I’ll try it

  • You shouldn’t turn circles like that to warm up the neck; you can ask any physiotherapist. Always move in ONE direction to warm up, then the next direction. For instance: 1st back to front, 2nd sideways etc.

    Otherwise: great workouts!

  • Why do you say, in this video, “do your face pulls”! And, have another video titled, “stop doing face pulls”? Are you modifying, with the “pull with your hands back, not elbows”?

    Thanks, I’m a quadriplegic (1982) walking, king fu master. They are trying to help me straighten my neck and spine, and keep me unlocked, then straighten out my gobs of muscles here and there, mixed with zero muscles elsewhere all over. They were thought to be dead. Maybe not…

    Your videos are leading me from 247365 pain monster, no drugs, to some semblance of a normal human!

    You know, a couple of years ago, I did not have any traps there are little bands now no shoulders still, there were no collar bones you could dig at, no Adam’s apple! They have appeared, as if from nowhere, after 30+ years! The sword or spear pain through my shoulder blade is gone, piercing my shoulder, from the side now, some.

    You video on pinched nerves under the collar bone is spot on. I have super power electricity down my arms, out my hands and fingers for 37 years. That might be next. So far no surgery, they refused me twice! It’sa living hell. I need to present that to my doctors and physical therapists. I showed them one your other videos. My PT said, no face pulls, when I get to start weights. She wants me to do them the way you do in the video, to exact; so I don’t end up so twisted again motorcycle accident ’82.

    None of this had to be this way, but there was no insurance for most of the last 37 years (32).

    I started moving my neck one night, by balling up my pillow, under my chin, and forcing my neck back. It made me cough 247. I was either going to fix this problem or fugging die trying! My doctor realized I could use physical therapy, once I had insurance, and bugged him too.

    My chest was crushed in. In is indented, such that my zyphod process was like a ski jump poking out. It is flatter now, but still causing back problems, I think?

    My lower back was broken, and healed forward, but doesn’t show on xray. MRIs show damage and arthritis, in neck and back 2 worse types. I am walking, but get numb, and pain. 247365, like I am being knife attacked, everywhere on my entire body, at random. In the last 5 years, many pains are less, some moved and are mostly less, others are new, and some respond negatively to yoga, but positively to Kung Fu (Tai Chi).

    In all this, I bet my neck has moved back about 5 or 6 inches. I think my shoulders can be in proper posture; but, I have no idea what that is. I can only guess, regarding how to hold my shoulders in place. They are free now to do so; but, there are no notches or markings to aid in this pursuit.

    My PT is trying to get me to build frame muscles; but, I lose hope! It is so i’mPossible, that I have to really pray, all day, for help in Messiah Yeshua’s name only. I have had numerous healings, and some success, as above too.

    I am cleared to return to Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, very easy yoga, and, soon, weights, not bodybuilding yet. My feet were crushed; so, they hurt so bad it’s insane; but, I never said anything people know now, but as example of success.

    I have no idea what to do about how to hang my arms, and hold my shoulders. My PTs say I am much better posture, but can’t keep me in correct grove, and say that may change, depending on how all the weird contorted structures move or not.

    Would prescriptions of certain steroids help?

    You do such a great job; I hope you might be able to communicate something.

    I can’t bear the sensation of pins being driven up my fingers, through my hands and up my arms, into my chest and shoulder, or like I am being scraped with wire a brush from inside out. It is so distracting, I remember nothing, yet everything. I can’t stop thinking, Please God help! I find that any distraction, with good neigong breathing helps, maybe ignore some pain, humor is a good drug, helping others does much to calm things for a time. Mostly, I have to continuously move and shift, or dance around on my feet. There is little time sitting calmly, even with a variety of over the counter pain meds, and Lyrica.

    Was 440 lbs, now 400.8 lbs and dropping….

    This may be outside of your purpose. Maybe you know someone… I have never written this before. I have told people things. Some people actually don’t believe it. Shocker! They are Narcistic, and other personality disorders, which lack empathy. Don’t believe them!

    God Bless, you in your work!


  • The guys a waste of time. He does not have a good body at all. He lives out of the medicane cupboard. Joker I think most of the comments are fed to the gullable by himself.

  • 4:00 Jeff Cavaliere would like to see you in his office…

    All kidding aside, you have great lines, aesthetically looking good. Keep up the hard work. Thanks for sharing.

  • “a lot of people give advice but they dont have traps” that fucking jeff from athlean X no traps no neck his trap and neck videos have an insane amount of views.

  • Nevermind what I do, but I can not develope a decent (just decent upper traps) rest of my body included down-middle traps looks good but neck/upper traps are my weakness. ((

  • Ever heard of Levator Scapulae? The shrug just straight up also targets this muscle, not only the traps. And it is scientificly proven that a shrug up und backwards is most effective.

  • scott, you have no traps so plz stop giving advice on trap training. check out alphadestiny’s channel on how to build traps as a natty

  • Cheers for that, mate. Putting the mind on the traps while doing shoulder presses helps me a touch, too. As you said, consistency is the key.

  • Watching this as a bodybuilder, this is way to funny!
    Upper arms while training lateral delts?
    And just a question but who inhales while getting the weight up? You’re right nobody. (You really shouldn’t)
    You should inhale while putting the weight down and exhale while getting it up

  • Keeping your albows high creates internal rotation in the shoulder joint, combining that with heavy weight and cheat reps, sounds like a shoulder impingement.

  • You can find exercises LITERALLY for ANY part of the body. The only body part which is missing on his channel are Kegel exercises. After he does a video about them his YTB channel is perfect

  • The first portion said it all and was unusually insightful and straight forward for these types of videos. Anytime someone has an outstanding muscle/group of an already outstanding physique it was never a complicated process unlike as is often advised in fitness videos, or just totally overcomplicate explanations of how to ‘grow big’ or ‘bring up’ muscles you struggle with.

  • military press and barbell rows or facepulls are the only needed
    with military press and barbell rowss you can lift way heavier loads than these dumbbell exercises