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The Top Three Muscle Groups to Build to Look More Attractive

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These muscle groups and areas require both greater volume and select exercises in order to see improved results. For each of these muscles, I have included two exercises that will promote growth. 10 Bodybuilding Exercises For a More Aesthetic Physique. Related: Build an Aesthetic Physique by Attacking These 5 Muscle Groups This all isn’t to say that you need to build a physique that’s all show and no go. Everyone should strive to achieve the right balance.

That is if you aren’t chasing a singular goal such as powerlifting or. Slim Waist + Solid Muscle Development = Great Looking Aesthetic Physique. The good news is that in order to reach a physique similar to the ones in the picture above, you don’t have to spend years and years of training. The only difference that more training experience brings to the table, will be the overall size of your body. Aesthetic workouts tend to include more exercises to cover not only the major, but minor muscle groups as well.

This helps to keep limbs and muscle bellies in desirable proportion. Here’s what you’ll find in most aesthetic bodybuilding routines: Exercises and workouts organized according to muscle groups (split). They will train all the muscles of your body in an effective and functional manner and are the best way to start your journey of becoming an aesthetic demi-god.

At the beginning, you should work on learning these 7 godly exercises and perfecting the technique. Expert Coaching by Thomas, a leading fitness professional (Value $147) Daily Accountability from Thomas and other participants (Value $97) Daily Lessons with instructions on what to do (Value $147) Accountability Group and Daily Check-Ins from Thomas and other participants on Facebook platform (Value $137) Live Coaching via Facebook group (Value $247). So what is the perfect aesthetics workout plan? Here are 5 exercises that you need to be doing every single week for the perfect body.

5 Exercises that need to be in your Aesthetic Workout Plan 1. Stomach Vacuums (Done by All physique competitors) There is a reason this is number 1. Serratus anterior: A group of muscles connected to the rib cage, which help stabilize the shoulder. Psoas major: These muscles connect the lower part of the spine to the ilium and the femur and aids in flexing the hips. #5 The Legs and Buttocks Muscles. Hamstrings.

The hamstrings are the huge muscle group in the upper back part your thighs. Ladies feel that having well-developed glutes completes the physique and is an important part of how their legs look so they train that area as intense as they do any other major group. Guys don’t focus too much about the glutes in terms of looks but to be a great squatter or. Major lagging muscle groups in competitive bodybuilding is a huge no-no.

It’s awesome to have a “specialty” muscle group, like incredible shoulders, but not at the expense of something else like your back or arms. Give proper attention to each part of your body, even smaller muscle groups.

List of related literature:

these three muscle groups is essential to an impressive physique.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
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� Begin with one set each of upper and lower body exercises to allow focus on major muscle groups.

“Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, Margaret A. Brady, Nancy Barber Starr, Catherine G. Blosser, Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks
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These individuals look normal, and some, especially those who abuse anabolic steroids or excessively work out, may be very muscular.

“Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance” by Thomas F. Cash
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You knowit when you see it: broad shoulders with bulging biceps and triceps extending below; abig, flatchest on top ofa clear V­taper that endswith a narrow waist and defined core; and developed, striated legsthat endin calves like biceps.

“Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded” by Michael Matthews
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They can sculpt their bodies by concentrating on the development of specific muscle groups in order to give them the kind of physique they want.

“Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work” by Art Brownstein
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Those competitors should follow one of the physique management peaking strategies.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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The second task is sheer necessity, since no one exercise is enough to fully develop even the simplest muscle.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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Don’t forget often neglected body parts like forearms, traps, rear delts, etc.

“The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner” by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
from The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner
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It’s necessary to point out that in addition to doing exercises for only one or two body parts at a time, bodybuilders also spend many hours a week implementing nutrition and supplement strategies to achieve their desired levels of muscle size and definition, without which it can be hard to achieve the same appearance.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
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Finally, Art doesn’t work every muscle group every day.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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  • 4:40 you know I don’t agree with Jay or anyone about the effectiveness of the incline. I know he knows more and all that other good stuff but if incline doesn’t isolate the upper chest better than a flat bench, then what’s the purpose of doing incline then? Because the purpose is, is that you want to Target and stimulate muscle in the upper region of your pectoral muscle. Yes, the chest is one whole part that consists of an upper part called the top. So what are their purposes by doing an incline bench then? If you say targeting different muscle then you agree that the incline targets a different muscle, and that different muscle or new region is the top of the pectoral muscle. So I’m confused? Please don’t comment with ignorance or name calling you won’t get a reply, be a man and reply like one

  • They are not supposed to capitalize on it, they are supposed to emphasize it.
    It is not the biggest sign of physical attraction, it is the biggest sign of physical attractiveness ot the biggest stimulant for physical attraction.

  • I have a memory reading an interview in a swedish magazine called King were he was asked how much he benched and he said that he only benched 150 kg max because he was too tall and had long arms.

  • I know knowledge is important. But right now I want to know the workouts in series to have the legs like that video-game-like man. I don’t need university-like lectures.

  • Some people dont want to do more than 300 because they want to maintain a balanced body perhaps for sprinting etc If you deadlift and bench and squat to the extreme weights then you will end up looking like a massive toad and you will compromise your speed and flexibility.

  • such a great muscles that she has.. I love it! one day i´ll have it too i started three months ago and im still working on it…. one day. Some day just Focus. besides the information is great so thanks a lot bodybuildings

  • Only 300 lbs? At his peak he was 6’5 / 262 lbs and shredded with a robust frame broad shoulders and chest so that limit doesn’t sound right. Dolph must have had some serious joint problem/injury I imagine, maybe a previous shoulder dislocation that never healed well?

  • Just no lol big lats doesnt make you sexy you need naturally enhanced muscle groups-

  • He wasn’t training to be a body builder his training was for martial arts. Several championships during early 80s. Or maybe this is weak.

  • I have always known from the few times that I attempted the front squat that it should be the most beneficial leg workout but I still find it difficult to hold the bar close to my neck and I can’t go higher weights when I do it. This tutorial had helped me to understand that the front squat position is not comfortable for everyone. So I will go ahead and push for more front squat

  • This video is the perfect example of education vs know how knowledge. He sure taught me a lot about anatomy, just to show you four basic leg workouts. It is interesting to see how the body works, but I want videos of secret lifts that isolate certain muscles.

  • The only reason i clicked this video even though i love this channel is woman in this video. Man she is so hot,feminine and strong as steel. Hope she is single and does she has channel on you tube or a page on social media???? She is my dream girl.

  • He’s a very tall guy. About 6’5 in his prime so not surprising. Plus what practical use other than impressing a bunch of meat heads does benching and squatting over 300lbs have anyway. In short, who gives a fuck. Benching and squatting over 300lbs makes him stronger than 99.9% of people anyway. Plus he still looks fucking great now and he’s ancient.

  • Get off his nuts. I didnt google da name but youtubed da name dolph only because of always sunny in filly. Busting heads & full penetration

  • Not about the girls. I really feel we are getting it wrong here. It’s about boys that turn into men. That’s what training and muscle is about.

  • I follow Coach Jeff’s teachings to the letter. Gave up heavy lifting just for strength and switched to functional athletics last year.

    My wife does her own kind of training (usually a half hour on an elliptical and the inner/outer thigh machines). She couldn’t have cared less about my gains and had no interest in training with me…until the day an older person stepped into the street in the path of a car. I stepped out, grabbed the person and got us both back on the sidewalk safely.

    She said she had no idea I could move that fast. Now she pays a lot more attention to her level of strength and athletic fitness. She actually listens to me and even lets me coach her!

    A life was saved and now I have an awesome training partner. Thanks Jeff!

  • Overhand Pulldowns Overhand Rows Underhand rows & deadlift or hyperextension are the most important basic and must do back exercises…the rest are just timepass

  • Wait a minute, did I hear this right? Cutler said that he exercise each body part once a week? I might do chest on Monday and Friday. Or chest on Tuesday and Saturday. But I rarely go over 7 days without doing the same body part. He did say 5 to 7 days. So, wouldn’t that be the same? Chest on Monday and Friday?
    Anyway, this is the first time that I have heard this from a modern Professional Bodybuilder. I never thought that I would hear this from a Mr. Olympia. I read that once a week per body part is mainly for maintenance, not muscle growth.
    Most folks that are suppose to be in the know say that you should work each muscle part at least two times a week if you want to grow. I use to work each muscle 3 times a week when I was younger. Those days are gone. LOL

  • Someone should rename these muscle groups to body past & present elite athletes & Iron Men Iron Man Marathon
    There’s plenty of names to go around.

    *Jim -Thrope

    *Usian Bolt

    *Michael Phelps

    *David Goiggins

    *Ben Greenfield

    *Nick Diaz
    Iron Man Medalist

    *Nate Diaz
    Made the swim across the notorious Alcatraz Penn. In the
    San Fransisco [Pacific] ocean

    ..Hell Yea

  • Michael Jordan:
    “If something moves me forward, it is only my weakness that I hate and turn into my strength.”Charity collecting on the equipment-WebMoney WMID 879329632430 Z721659873225




  • Doing only hip extension movement for hamstring will not hit the Bicep femoris long head unlike all the other hamstring muscles such as the semimembronosis bicep femorsis short head etc the long head of the bicep femoris doesn’t cross the hip joint but only the knee which means it only assists in knee flexion

  • The reason people want Dolph Lundgren’s body is because he’s a 6’5 blonde hair, blue eyed razor jaw 10/10 face superman. He’s genetically gifted massively, that’s why he looks so damned athletic.

  • Jay, you’re a great Mr.Olympia, on stage, but far from a leader in this industry. Your tutorials are lacking in substance and details. Explain the intricacies of each lift and movement, explain the fact that angles are vital and build muscle differently for each person. Lasttly, we don’t want to listen to you speaking about yourself in the 3rd person, LOL, come on man. If people only want to be weird as F and just watch you move weight then I guess this is for them. I’d rather watch John Meadows or Seth Feroce because their videos are filled with details that turn on the light switch for everyone who watches.
    I challenge you to change your approach and your narcissistic attitude.

  • What’s funny is James is a beast. You almost have to remind yourself while watching the vid. It’s easy to see him next to Jay and think James isn’t that big. I guess that’s the case for 99.9% of men when they are working out with Jay.

  • if you look closely the instructor has a good physique. his chest is developed and so are his bis and tris. of course he’ll look smaller wearing baggy shirt and standing next to the absolute unit if a body builder, so does 99% of the population.

  • Truth. The Greeks and Romans knew it. The Renaissance painters knew it. Even Frank Zane operated by this same principal when developing his body.

  • Craig is taking more and more space with his arms as the video progresses blown out exaggerated stance which looks silly. Hint: look how golden times guys like Arnold, Frank, Yates how they carried their arms and these guys were huge

  • Id like a less size, & more strength on 10x gravity planet….vegeta.

    Explosive Toe touch hands in pull up, & Olympic Snatch/clean/press.

  • Im learning to appreciate leg day more because i want a over great looking physique dont care about opinions i know its very essential u do legs especially if your in competition i wanna compete one day so i really need to bring out my calfs and overall size in my quadriceps and hamstrings not to mention strengthen my glutes muscles for heavier weights ��������������

  • If you want to attract women, then shoulders, back, and abs are the best.

    If you want to intimidate men, then arms, traps, and back are the best

  • As awesom as it gets yet again…. Giving detailed info n basic tips to start with… IDK what kind of people unlike this video…maybe they can come up with better videos… Critics n haters.. good for nothing.

  • 8:43 i was in the mirror a couple days ago wonder why my legs are strong, quads are nice size and defined, quad biceps are a nice size and defined but my legs aren’t as thick as I thought they should look. This is exactLee what i been missing. I dont work my adductors. that’s about to change now tho

  • I’m in total shock to hear that Jay does not work out more then 3 days in a row. Or exercise one body part a day. Lee Haney workouts 2 hours 5 days in a row. Sometimes twice a day. I’m older so longtime ago I decided on my own to exercise one body part each day. Jay is AWESOME. Very rare to see him get excited

  • WHEN Stallone Hired Lundgren for Ricky, Dolph was tall and skinny.. Stallone had to build him up, and Juice him up.. And teach how to box…

  • thank you for using the correct terminology and not dumbing it down….. also the tibialis anterior would of been a much needed muscle to talk about since it gives you width of the lower leg when looking at a person from the front….other then that great video and series.

  • Honestly Greg, i love your Reverse Pyramid it helps me a lot for my prep for the next competition but ur other video it makes me feel bad coz i dont know if ur just ramdomly saying some theory or i dont know. Just saying bro no offense but i salute, i respect every guy who part at the fitness industry:) any thanks for the vid bro it helps a lot for my prep.

  • Just curious but why spot at the elbows when doing dumbbells? It’s so much better to spot the wrist during contraction because at least you know the weight of the dumbbell won’t fall on someone’s head during the movement. I’ve personally seen this almost happen many times because you push the elbows in but the weight is above not center or below.

  • yalls bench is so messed up�� looks like y’all are doing shoulder press. lower the bar to your lower chest to get a chest action. maybe that’s why you can’t lift like ronnie did

  • even the model isn’t that impressive. Kind of discouraging that the guy is clearly natural and has devoted his life to building muscle, yet is kind of small and soft looking. The lats look pretty big i guess but thats about it

  • Basically, do pulls through multiple planes. Vertical pull e.g. pull up, horizontal pull e.g. flat dumbbell or barbell row and a 45 degrees angled pull e.g. incline dumbbell row. Maybe another vertical pull like shrugs. Do deadlifts and hit biceps.

  • He has the body punch of a god though, he put Stallone in the hospital from the body punch. Probably was liver shot though, deadly things.

  • She’s using 15 lb dumbells for the rear deltoids? That’s what I use when doing the surfing paddling motion on a bench for one set of 20. They really condition my shoulders for paddling when surfing ( the wave kind). I weight 200 lbs. Point is, that little fox is strong.

  • I’ve seen vids of women who were asked, a man that is muscular or not muscular, and women would say “it’s about the personality.” But be honest women, if both non-muscular and muscular man had your preferred personality, you can’t say you wouldn’t go for the muscular man. Come on now…..!

  • Major problem: the shoulder anatomy is not a ball & socket joint. Movement principles might be ok, but the language is in correct.

  • 2:52 he said: “…but if you can imagine…”

    bro… if you took a male bodybuilder…
    I wouldn’t need to imagine where the posterior deltoid is… I’d fucking see it…
    but I guess having hot girl on will generate more clicks than actually showing people what you are talking about…

  • It is pretty obvious (( WORKING AROUND 300 POUNDS )) back in my prime when someone asked me what i worked out with. I would say 330 pnds bench, and so on. Always they would ask wow thats good, thats your max. NO I was asked what do i work out with not what my max was. I repped 330 pnds 10 to 8 reps. He would have clearly stated his max if it was his max. But I was a bodybuilder not a weight lifter and I had zero interest in what my max was. Mostly because it would through off my workout.

  • Dolph Lundgren was not a bodybuilder neither had the body for that. He started working out because he was so thin, and his focus was not to be the biggest muscleman. Also, he kept doing martial arts, and going with really heavy weights and pumping for big muscles is not what most martial artists do. Actually, many MMA guys are in this range of weights when they train.

    1. Face pulls
    2. Face pulls
    3. Face pulls
    4. Face pulls
    5. Face pulls

  • The feel when my ex always complained about seeing some of my abs and wished I grew a daddy belly. At least I have the most beautiful eyes according to some. And nice hands.

  • Who gives a fuck that he could only bench 300lbs? Get real! The guy was also a European Kickboxing champion too. So he was no mug!

  • He was doing way more cardio than he was weights during his Rocky iv days, along with hours sparing. He was completely shredded and was going for the boxer look instead of putting on excessive mass which would lead to a high bench press.

  • tbh, this dude has zero wideness. I think he just looks feminim af lol. the upper back-taille ratio is nothing compared to me and some of my friends. shoulders is everything, and vacuums help alot.

  • Start boxing or mma and you will be mad you wasted a few decades lifting weights 5 or 6 days a week. Useless. You only need core compound lifts, rotator cuff excersizes, and boxing. Much better to be functional than walking around with big muscles, just to lift more weight. You’re lifting weights, to lift more weights. Lol. It seems dumb when you get older. Be a warrior and athlete, not a stand still lifter. This is coming from a lifting legend. I’m now in my 40s, and wish I quit lifting weights for size 2 decades ago. People ask if I lift weights all the time. I say, “No, just heavy bag punching and boxing. A few light weights here and there for my joints. But lifting 315 on incline or repping 225 behind the head military, absolutely not. It’s useless.”

  • for some reason i was convinced the back was two seperate groups, lower and upper so i trained back twice as much as other muscles and am probably one of the few people here that my back is the largest on me.

  • Female weighing in here… 1) Don’t work out for women. Do it for yourself. 2) I don’t know a single woman that doesn’t like a well-developed back. 3) For the women that I know, knowing that taking good care of your body is important to you is much more important than how defined your abs are.

  • Guys, you can get 30% off your total order on MyProtein by making a new account and using STEFAN-RL1 as a referral code. You can thank me later:)

  • I would not make fun of this actor his is really fucking strong he put sylvester stallone in the hospital for 5 days from one quick sparring while filming Rocky 4.

  • I don’t care about weights. Like dolph I want to look good and feel great. We’re all getting older and I want to know I pushed myself to the max to reach my potential while I’m still in my 20s. At the end of the day I want to feel great athletically because I love basketball too. Great video subscribed.

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  • Another thing, too. Lundgren, while tall and lanky, doesn’t have a particularly heavy frame. He was able to build an amazing physique. But given his fairly light bone structure combined with his long limbs, he would never have been a power lifter.

  • 14:20 I dont agree with that maybe thats why jay could never beat Ronnie Coleman…if a body part is lagging you have to train it Ronnie trained every body part twice a week and it showed…yes we know Ronnie got injured pretty bad but he paid the price to be the G.O.A.T

  • He’s didn’t look how I expect..He’s intelligent,smart in talk and humble.. Most of ’em they look stupid a bit.But Jay don’t,is an example. ✌����

  • You may be able to lift a good amount whether it is 300 lbs or whatever is your max. How many pushups can you do. I have seen shredded guys with a muscle physique cant do as many pushups as I can? I have no physique I am just me. I was in the army scored above 300 on the physical training test consistently. It depends on looking good versus actually being strong? Its muscle memory I can bench 215lbs but if your were to see me I am a skinny lean guy. Dolph was just making his body looked shredded for a Hollywood look. Like you say it depends on your fitness goals. I run 10 miles every other day and do 100 push ups every morning I am happy with how I look and feel. Good channel and thanks for the upload.

  • Did it say he could only do one rep at 300lbs on squat or bench? The line you quoted stated that that is what he worked with, but it didn’t tell us how he worked with it. If you do Widowmakers with 300lbs you have a pretty impressive squat. If it’s your one rep max, that’s not great. But we don’t know. As for benching 300, that’s strong. Oh, sure, it’s not elite strongman or power lifter strong, but Dolph wasn’t an elite strongman or power lifter. And again, it doesn’t say what he was doing with it. If he did sets of 10 with 300 lbs, that’s damned impressive. If it was a one rep max, that’s still a solid and respectable amount. 300lbs on a bench is no joke.

  • Who cares if he “only” pressed 300 Lbs? He looked more badd ass and impressive with it for sure then anybody else who pressed 400+ Lbs haha!

  • Others have already mentioned this, but working out with 300 on squats and bench press isn’t the same thing as having a 300 pound 1 rep max. A lot of guys who can bench over 300 only workout with like 225.

  • Yes I have a question, it’s been a while since I started to feel unbalanced in my back muscle and I could figure out how to fix it so what should I do in this case?

  • Wilt Chamberlain could bench press damn near 500 lbs. Breaking news, banging 1000s of bitches raw dog makes you strong as a fuck!!

  • That’s all, Heck I was only 152 pounds and 46 yrs. old when I last benched 300 Lbs. Would take me close to 2 months to work up to that again though.

  • Put PHD in muscle building on my resume, referenced this videos, actually got a job three days later. So i was waiting for my client at the gym in my blue short shorts white singlet and yellow headband, i’m 5’6 65 kilos, worked out for maybe a year of my life. I shit you not this 7 ft massive samoan guy comes in through the door (turning his body sideways to fit), looks like phil heath out of a time chamber, his shirt looks like it’s about to tear open and his tracksuit pants look like they have watermelons in them. Judging by my clients face potrait photo i got sent, this was him (could only see his face and he looked like a normal bloke). I left the gym and sent him a text saying i fell sick. He mustve thought i was the guy in the video, I was about the size of his left leg.

  • Hmmmm when I told people how much I was working with, that was always what I did for multiple sets, not nearly my max. If that’s the case for Lundren, then that is still impressive that he is working w/ 300 lbs and not maxing at 300 pounds. Doing squats with high reps and a weight like 300 lbs, is a whole different animal than lower rep squats in my opinion and experience. There’s a reason why the old Perry Rader Squats(20 reps) and milk program worked so well to put on muscular body weight. I get the point of your video tho. My friend always trained more volume and he made so much gains in his first 4 yrs. that you would swear he was taking steroids, but the only thing he took was protein and creatine monohydrate. He was deathly afraid of taking even prohormones.

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  • Weighted pull ups are the best exercise for the upper back… SMH.. fuck this guy is an idiot. A fucking row will work your upperback more.. deadlift… rack pull… shrug.. upper back not lats

  • 300lbs is certainly not weak, it is quite impressive, especially for a natty. I think people’s perception of what is strong is skewed because of all the exaggerated claims and fake natties on the net. I’ve been to quite a few gyms over the years and the vast majority of guys don’t bench anywhere near that weight. I do see a few repping 100kg but even then thats a minority. I have been to some ‘hardcore’ gyms as well and you will see a handful of guys repping 3 plates, but even then thats just a small group overall.

  • I’m currently training as a PT and these videos are absolute GOLD. So great for bringing together so many concepts and the teaching cues for these exercises are brilliant. This guy has SO much knowledge and breaks it down in such an easy way to understand because of it’s practical relevance. I’m going completely back to basics now with my training, super low weights and will be trying to get these techniques sorted love this channel have totally subbed!

  • Lift weights but il tell u the secret which nobody will tell u to get the v taper do yoga honestly i know it sounds girly but having a long neck and spine and wide shoulders will give u that sleek look downward dog into push up position is the best

  • Finally they talk about the truth in Yelling! You actually reserve more power by controlling your breathing and NOT yelling out. Only yell when your looking for attention! Love it!

  • Great vid, but although women (of course) like a man with a nice body, they aren’t nearly as obsessed with the male physique as gay men.

  • lol how you look really doesn’t relative much to how heavy you can bench squat and deadlift
    you can look good but can’t lift heavy, or can lift heavy but still looks like a fat guy who never hit a gym once.
    I’m 65kg right now and can only bench 80kg for one rap max but I’m looking way much better than most people who lift as long as me in the aspect of bodybuilding. I keep my body fat at 10% in long tern.

  • Very good instruction on how the anatomy works in the shoulder. I have been looking for this type of detail. I slipped and fell on the ice twice to winters ago. I now have two complete tears one in my supra and another at the infraspinatus muscle or rotator cuff, and a partial tear in my right bicep. I have been trying to find a way to exercise my shoulder and bicep without causing pain or injury to what I have left. Any suggestions?

  • First of all, learn how to do simple military press…. and that’s not like in this video. You never go behind your head simply because of how the shoulder connects. This motion risks terrible injury. Or I don’t know, maybe Hollywood guys don’t get injured

  • A lot of shit on wikipedia is wrong so who knows what his max really was. Even if it was 300lbs… that’s pretty damn good for someone that’s 6’5″. Someone who wasn’t even a competitive bodybuilder.


  • What a suprise. Yet another trainer that does not know how to properly preform a front squat. SIT BACK is not a que for the frontsquat. You sit DOWN on a front squat so your shins are at a creater angle than you back. You can see why this wouldn`t work with weights on the bar, Since that handsome chunck of men preforming them is already rounding his lower back with the empty bar.

  • He had the most aesthetic physique (in clothes) of all the 80-90s movie action guys. I think Dolph lifted for aesthetics, whereas some of the other guys lifted more for strength. He also looked bigger and stronger than he probably was. That’s just genetic lottery. He had that long lean but with good amount of muscle bulk look that people find aesthetically pleasing. The truth is none of the the big pro bodybuilders look good in clothes. They may have very muscular bodies but in clothes they kind of look fat because they are so huge. Society has defined that a guy who is 6ft or under is not meant to be 300 pounds
    be it an obese guy or even a just 10% body fat bodybuilder. Dolph could have easily benched more than 300 pounds had he wanted but he was more a high rep guy deliberately avoiding a bodybuilder look.

  • I’m 5’10,5″ and have 178-179 pounds at 11-12% of bf… my goal is to get to 183-187 pounds at 9% of bf… I’m training a little bit longer than 2 years and am going to the gym for almost 1,5 year now… When I started I had around 154-156 pounds and was at 18-20% bf… Fun fact was a few weeeks ago when a guy that works at the gym asked me do I use any gear… I mean there is a lot of guys who train as long as me or even longer than me and they don’t look as big as I am… But all of that is due to the hard work I gave to this sport… I think I’m really dedicated to it but that doesn’t mean I don’t eat cheat meals… I have a cheat meal 1-2 times a week… But most of the time I eat like this 1st meal 100g of oats and 1 cup of protein with milk, 2nd meal 2-3 whole eggs and 2-3 egg whites with 100g of chicken or turkey ham between those 2 meals I used to drink green tea… My preworkout meal is 200-300g of chicken breasts and some salad, vegetable mix, rice or potato, after a workout I drink my protein shake and post workout meal is 200g of tuna or hake also with some salad, vegetable mix or rice… My last meal of the day is 100-150g of red meat or chicken breasts with 150g of cottage cheese and sometimes when I feel hungy I eat 50g of peanut and before bed I drink casein

  • I’m just gonna throw this out there. As a martial.artist myself I can attest that as long as you’re strong you don’t give a shit about how much you bench or squat or whatever. Stregnth training is only to build the explosions power you need and at a point it starts to cause more hindrance than help.

    300 is nothing to scoff at for a dude who trained full contact karate and hit hard enough to for real almost kill sly Stallone.

    Seriously punched him so hard in the chest Stallone had to be medically evacuated later that night and his injury was something you’d see in a car crash victim.

    So to say he “only” benched 300 as if that’s weak is kind of dickish

  • When it comes to bodybuilding I believe one of the greatest secrets that helps one grow is study yourself, analyze you and keep a record of what you experience. Nobody knows you like you know you. I’m 53 And I can’t build like I used to in my Navy days. But I’m still at it and the pump never lies.

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  • I mean I’ve asked this question to most of my female friends and I don’t recall any of them saying the butt was the most desirable. Most answered abs or arms

  • I love a muscular body on a man, not for an aesthetic perspective only, but for the discipline it gets to achieve it, for the dedication, the knowledge you need to developp, the self-care, the male bonding, the social gatherings, the right emulation you need to become a man. All of this is VERY attractive. This is why I need my daily Jeff video! As a woman, and as a woman on a fitness journey, I have a lot of pleasure to watch Jeff, he is a very beautiful man inside and out who helps me a lot.

    I go 5 days a week to the gym during lunch time and I’m pretty much the only girl that hits the weights. The guys around are always ready to help, I like being around them and they appreciate my presence. Keep all the good work!!!

  • wiki is not a reliable source for information even look at a rocky 4 training montage and you will see him powerlift more than 300 pounds

  • Jeff: (…) to attract the opposite sex. (Shit…)
    Also Jeff: oooor i know that there are guys who watch this channel who want to attract other men! Thats totally fine!!

  • first of all bench pressing 300 lbs is nothing to be ashamed of. its actually a very good weight to bench press. anyone who says otherwise is just lying and trying to boast himself. secondly, dolph is a very tall guy with long limbs. if you notice, the majority of the buffed guys that lift a lot of weight are manlets. it plays a big part because the longer your limbs are, the harder it is for you to lift weight because your limbs have to travel a greater distance in order to finish a rep. on the other side, guys with shorter limbs, have a shorter range to to accomplish, thus making it easier for them to perform a rep. also, the longer the limbs are, the easier you get injured from weights because of more danger to the joints. and by the way, terrible terrible logic of weight = good athletic looks. i find it to be the opposite. in my gym at least, the ones who lift a lot of weight usually look like a walking refrigerator, while the ones who look like shredded beach models, are usually the ones who bench press 220 lbs at max. even 176 lbs. its about being lean and athletic, not bulky and fridge like. hell, i even saw guys who train only with their own body weight having much better looking physique than the gym rats who bench press over 220 lbs.

  • “you’re going to distinguish yourself from other competitors as well as yourself” how do you distinguish yourself from yourself? fire your copy writer he’s on acid again.

  • He was a kick boxer and most people who would say shit to him he could K.O them look at Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris they might but most likely can’t bench 300

  • Take it from someone who dated a world class fitness competitor. Its like a hot bath. Once you’ve been in it for a while, its not really that hot anymore.:o

  • 5:28 “You always want to spot with the elbows, work with the body” what does he mean by that? Is he talking about spotting someone, or something else?

  • Funny Jay Cutler talked about Bob Paris. If I am correct he is the guy in a muscle and fitness magazine many years ago that the article started “when the shirt comes off” that inspired me to start lifting and getting an exercise science degree

  • Bench Press is not a functional exercise, push ups are much better for karate guys and other fighters as the mechanics match those of punching. Squats are functional, but the ability to kick above 6′ requires flexibility, endurance and speed. Brute strength is less important for fighters.

  • Jay is such a nice and humble guy, I once met him on one of his promotional events and I really liked him. Jay was so generous that he wanted me to be on his Will, I almost said yes, before my Mum yanked me away and said, “Don’t worry son we have more than that at HoMe”.

  • If I could bench 300 lbs, had an advanced degree in chemical engineering, was six footfive, was a professional model, and could make a million dollars as a film star in another country then I’d have a pretty good resume, to be honest.

  • Youre kinda stupid. The dude isnt powerlifter and probably doesnt train like one. Jon Jones can only BP 350 and he is one of the worlds top 205 pound MMA fighters. What a shit youtube channel…

  • I liked this video because it was quick and straight to the point. Instead of being clouded by a bunch of bullshit.

    Like if you agree

  • 2:17 “as soon as yoiu say chest…” This is where I want to get to where I don’t need to carry my phone around the gym looking at the weight app all the time. I instinctively want to know what exercise is next so I can focus more.
    Baby steps I spose.:-)

  • Regarding the Abs being a good way to discern someone stronger and more explosive, I find that to be pretty different to be honest. I work landscaping and I’ve hired lots of guys with nice Gym bodies who can’t lift shit and have no endurance at all lol.

  • he has long arms and wasnt doing cheat techniques to push more weight. Its so lame when people do all the back arching and placement crap. Who give a fuck how much weight you lift?

  • Some people are questioning the 300 pounds stat in the comments section. The following is from the Wikipedia page:

    “Lundgren has professed never to have been “super strong”, saying that, “I’m too tall and my arms are long. I think back then [Rocky IV] I was working with around 300 pounds on the bench and squat.”

    Height is, oddly enough, a significant disadvantage in weight lifting. A taller person with long arms and legs has to lift weights higher than a shorter person and has slightly poorer muscle leverage. On the other hand, a taller person can often pack on more muscle mass than a shorter person, so that’s a weight lifting advantage. Overall though, height is a disadvantage. That’s why on strongman competitions they put in some contests where height is an advantage, such as making contestants lift a weight to a specific height which might require more effort from a shorter athlete. Otherwise the sport would be utterly dominated by short guys.

  • I know lots of tips and tricks to get fat. Doesn’t mean I’m going to get fat myself. Just because a trainer isn’t ripped doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t know what they are talking about.

  • That is good video presentation but can be better with multilanguages subtitles.We all do not understand good english speak.. I am from czech republic. e.g.

  • So if you want to be attractive go to the gym and buy that fcking protein… It’s trash… If you can’t achieve the shape you want with Street workout… Than the gym will not help you… You will be just bigger but not stronger

  • Hows the actual video guys? He told me to stop doing what I was doing right then. So no video for me? I reckon its about the V shape

  • The reps look short but it’s as far as his chest can flex and go, the rest is arms, that makes sense, as long as the chest is working and you’re getting big who gives a fukkk