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The PERFECT Biceps Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

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10 Biceps Workouts Tips Short Head This head is best trained with your arms in front of your body — preacher curls, high cable curls Long Head This head is best trained with the arms behind the plane of the body — incline dumbbell curls, hammer curls Brachialis This muscle is best worked with. Pair the following 10 biceps exercises with our top 10 triceps moves, grab a set of dumbbells and say goodbye to flabby arms! 1 BICEP CURLS Adding bicep curls to your workout routine helps to sculpt the upper body, shapes and tones the shoulders and the biceps, and also improves arm strength. 2 HAMMER CURLS. The biceps is key not only for increased arm size, but for grip and pulling strength and overall health of the connective tissues that support the.

And performing the biceps exercise in a kneeling position will diminish the chance that you use body English to heave the weight up to the top position. How to do i. Biceps Workout at Home Without Equipment – Make your Biceps attractive and powerful with Biceps Workout at Home Without Equipment. Having a muscular Biceps is a sign of Strength and Fitness. Sporting a pair of guns is one of the easiest ways to make a big impression – especially among men.If you in the field of fitness modeling and other types of modeling then your size of the biceps.

Bicep workouts are essential for almost every move in the weight room.And if you’re like most lifters, you know there’s nothing better than a solid dumbbell workout—especially one you can do in half an hour or less.. Sure, advocates of functional movement training tend to stress that bicep workouts could be better spent on compound moves that hit more areas at once. The first biceps exercise to perform is barbell biceps curls, which will also allow you to overload those biceps with a heavy weight.

Most trainees are slightly stronger when lifting a barbell versus a set of dumbbells, so this is a great one for maximum strength development. The biceps exercises without weights can be easily performed at home using your bodyweight. 6 exercises that can help build biceps without weights include isometric biceps curl, hammer curl using a towel, chin-up exercise, diamond push-ups, inverted body weight row, and half moon rotation exercise. Take your workouts to the next level and help your arms grow FASTER and BIGGER with Pre Workout by Sculpt Nation, use code 20-workout for 20% off http://vs.

If you also have broad biceps goals than today, we have analyzed and researched the top 10 biceps exercises which will help you achieving your goals. Why biceps workout is necessary? Most have the people in the fitness point have their own goals, either they want to make a shredded body or a bulky, biceps workout are very effective workout for.

List of related literature:

When doing these, I hold on to something with one hand to steady myself, lean a little to the side to give myself a free range of motion, and concentrate totally on each biceps in turn—something

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biceps, forearms (2-4) This one’s as simple as it is effective.

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I like seven specific upper body exercises because they get most of the different arm muscles.

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• Biceps and triceps: Tense your biceps by bending your arms upwards and at the same time tensing the muscles — keep your hands relaxed, don’t make a fist.

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That is, these articles would teach you “inconvenient truths” like you can’t get muscle definition as fast as you’d like, you can’t target just belly fat for elimination, and you’ll need more than 1250-word tips to build the body of your dreams.

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These exercises should be staples of every strength enthusiast’s routine.

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In these exercises I will begin with training the body to readily obey the commands of the Mind.

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4) Precede and follow the passive range‐of‐motion exer­cises with massage of the quadriceps/biceps muscles for 5 minutes.

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  • I am doing a strict workout as recommended and do not drink or eat much sugary foods but after 12 weeks no change in my body at all!!! How can this be? So frustrating!!!!

  • Im glad I wasnt the douchbag in the background texting my BF while Jeff was making an excellent video…. How humiliating smh DUDE GET OFF UR FUCKING PHONE WHILE TRAINING!!!!!!

  • The fact you cited your information makes me trust you more standard essay shit that people forget all the time apreciate ya brother

  • This body is my dream body because I can’t get girls cause I’m fat I use to be skinny as a stick now I have my dream body got a good looking girlfriend rich as fuck just joking am very fat

  • short imformative with good presentation ( the muscle (with names ) activation representation for particular exercise ). hard to find all these imformation in 6:12 min. thanks.

  • Just wanted to ask, as far as I know only the short head of the biceps brachii takes part as a synergist in the shoulder flexion. At least that is what I was taught… Does the long head take an equal part in shoulder flexion as well?

  • Anyone else get like a weird twitch on the inside of part of the arm where the elbow is whenever hammer curling or doing curls on incline bench

  • I was very humbled to realize how much I had to reduce the weight of my dumbbells in order to correct the mistakes I’ve been making. Thanks for this great video!

  • Thank you very much for another very informative video:).

    I have a question: how do I choose a proper weight of dumbells for my exercise?

  • In my push pull leg Routine i have hammer curls, overhand curls and curls on the bicep machine with 3 Sets each on pull day? Ist that too much?

  • Man you are an amazing teacher! Citing the papers that support what you say is a very nice touch. Thanks for sharing all these lessons for free

  • Honestly the research is kinda bullshit. If the exercise doesnt work for you, doesnt matter what the research says. The exercise should work with your own biomechanics.

  • Hi there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will work for me? I notice many people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • I’d love to get one month training with this guy.
    What about a tour? Tour some small venues. Get a gym set up on a stage and do seminars. Maybe get some volunteers warmed up and on stage.
    I’d pay for that

  • I only believe in *Next Level Diet*. They provide you with personalized meal plan, training plan, fitness tips, healthy recipes. Thats everything you need to transform your body and get six pack:D

  • Supinated Pull-ups: 8 8 8
    Incline Curls: 8 8 8
    Concentration Curls: 8 8 8
    Pronated Barbell Curls: 8 8 8

    Compound Movement: biceps
    Isolating: Inner long head
    Isolating: short head ism
    Isolating: elbow flexion

  • How many times a week should this be done? I’m assuming twice in lieu of a normal bicep programme? Or is this to supplement the normal routine?

  • I am not sure which is right but my biceps grew better with relatively lighter weight (around 55% to 65% of 1 RM 12 to 15 rep range). One thing to mention, I train my biceps with very high frequency (3 days a week).
    So, for me the idea that biceps respond to heavier weight might be faulty.

  • You can put Jeff Cavaliere in any environment and give him any equipment, because Jeff Cavaliere trains with all things.

  • Jeff your awesome since this plandemic I have been able to start my own home workouts. And now as my gym is reopening I canceled my membership because you have shown me how to do good workouts from home!! Yeah!

  • Beeeee honest, who else didn’t know that the bicep had two heads��?!? I know Jeff could knock you out with his biceps ����them are thhhhhhhhick ��

  • Thank u brother i started gym from 2019 feb and in 1 year nothing came different in me after watching your videos my body is now solid.All muscles got clear. Thank u very very much

  • Jeff I hope you are reading this comment but I started working out on my arms biceps and triceps for 4 weeks straight everyday but I’m not seeing much progression as I was expecting

  • What size band is Jeff using in this video please? Also is there a resistance rating? I have never bought or even used a band before so any advice gratefully received thanks.

  • Man does this guy ever just not talk, he goes on and on and on and on.. we get it you want to monetize on the videos but man don’t talk so much

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  • I’ve not been doing any arm isolation work, since I do total body every other day, figuring the arms are getting enough with the chest back work. At least at this time it seems to be working. I suppose it could not hurt to throw in some of these options now and then

  • I like it how the biceps are so small and yet they’re so hard to train simply because, there’s only one way of training it, maybe not hard, more like boring I guess

  • Excellent video!

    For the last combo (curl trifecta), is there any benefits to start each curl with a neutral grip?


  • I notice that I only get stronger but my muscles are hardly growing fast metabolism? My height is 6”2 and I’m 170 pounds any pointers?

  • Is it really “bro” science if I have 19 inch arms without reading a single study? It’s important not to throw away your own discoveries and methods of training after watching/reading random studies online. I can assure you that most people that have tracked their own gains over many years in the gym have a hell of a lot more useful data geared towards their own bodies responses when compared to these generic studies. It seems like these studies are creating a lot of needless self doubt for a lot of successful athletes.

  • As a 160 height teenage girl i’m suprised that guys who trains it has a problem whith growing, mine grew just because of handling two insane horses

  • Just followed this workout routine and now my arms hurt like hell but feel so good to know that I finally found this routine. Really pushes it!��

  • Hi Jeff you mentioned muscular imbalance, can you make a video on how to fix this? My left arm is definitely weaker then my right arm which also my dominant side, eveytime I excercise I can feel my right side more pumped and more sore because it dominates… I’ve been working on my left side the last 2 months to fix this…

  • Me encanta este canal pero no entiendo inglés y no puedo poner subtitulo al español. Hay alguien que me ayude?? No está este canal traducido gente??

  • I am going to type this in hopes I help at least one person. Honestly, not much of this form stuff really matters (as long as you’re not increasing chance of injury). If you perform resistance training and attempt progressive overload over time, your muscles will grow.

    HOWEVER, it’s ALL ABOUT THE FOOD YOU EAT AND THE AMOUNT OF THAT FOOD. One pound = roughly 3500 calories. You have to EAT. Most people wanting to gain size just simply don’t eat enough. Not even close.

    Multiply your current weight by 17-19. Then, add about 500 daily calories to that. Healthy calories. Oats, Grains, eggs, protein isolate, veggies, chicken, fish, etc. Eat something at least every 2-3 hours. Honestly, if you’re weight training and wanting to gain size, you should HATE how much you have to eat. You’re looking at probably at least 4,000 daily calories (depending on ecto, meso, endo body types etc).

    I recommend a MACRO breakdown of CARBS 50%, PROTEIN 25%, HEALTHY FATS 25%.

    Lift heavy weights with decent form, and EAT QUALITY FOOD. I absolutely guarantee you’ll put on size. You don’t want to gain more than 1-2 lbs per week. Your body can only allocate so many calories for sustained muscle growth. If you’re gaining more than 2lbs a week max, cut calories back a little. You’ll gain too much fat (especially if carbs/glucose/glycogen) aren’t being burned.

    Lift weights, eat lots and lots of calories, and get big. It’s honestly that simple. The sad truth is, MOST people just don’t understand what it takes to gain size when it comes to diet.

  • I’ve always questioned if underhand pulls and neutral grip pull ups should be part of my bicep day workout or on my back day workout? Just like Jeremy pointed out it looks like the underhand pull-ups activate more of the biceps than the back but at what percentage of activation?

  • Is Custokebon Secrets useful to lost crazy amounts of weight? We have read numerous good stuff about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • Can we please have a visual conclusion of the exercises, along with the written summary in the end? It’s quite hard to scroll back and forth in the video while working out, and the exercise is already gone while we do 2 reps and want to recheck it. In the future, could you explain them only while doing a full round of them?

  • His videos are funny as long as no one actually listens to his advice on a realistic note he doesn’t have a super muscular body and doesn’t seem to be very great but he is funny

  • Jeff getting married: “Do you take this man, Jeff Cavalier, ATHLEAN-X dot com to be your lawful wedded husband.”
    But seriously though, I’m about to hit 50 and I use Jeff’s advice in every workout. I bought one of his workout plans about 13 years ago and I am fitter and stronger now (including sports: we play cricket here in England) than I was at 30! My favourite is his Spartan-X workout (don’t know if you remember that Jeff?) with variations added by me. Keep going Jeff and keep us all as young as you!

  • Personally, I don’t like gyms. They are so crowded and I can’t do my workout there. I decided to take bodyweight training plan from NextLevelDiet. Training plan is great and I can do it from home. They also give you diet plan which supports your fitness goals.

  • Just look at zach efron, hes always been very fit but he was in his 20s during highschool musical, and he is only really bulking up now. Age is a big factor in how big you’re gonna be able to get even after adulthood.

  • I’m 14 almost 15 should I be doing workout 1hour 3days a week I can do 20ibs and weight 124 I’m not fat My body fat is 30% should I be doing workout?

  • PTA here, love watching workout tips by people who understand and use terms like active innsuficiency or reciprocal inhibition �� keep up the good work.

  • I’m a female, what arm exercise can I do without loosing my boobs? I’ve been lifting and my boobs are getting very small ���� I will never get implants, I’m not against it, I just prefer natural. Suggestions please. T.I.A

  • I cant remember if this was said in the video, but exercises that show your outer bicep like cross chest curls will work the outer bicep; ones that reveal more of the inner biceps works the inner bicep. Most helpful lifting advice I’ve ever had.

  • Sorry to say that I’m gonna have to do this, but I’m going to spam this question until I get answered. So
    Jeff what body type are you?
    A ectomorph
    B mesomorph

  • I lowered my weight and everything yet i still cant get rid of the moving of the elbows and i don’t shrug but i feel the burn in my traps

  • Thanks for all your videos. They are always informative and entertaining. Your videos have helped getting back on my fitness journey. I am recovering from diverticulitis and having colostomy for part of last year. In January I was cleared for all physical activities and got back into the gym. Trying to keep all the weight off from last year. Thanks for the motivation and I look forward to where I can take this new life style.

  • I have been trying this workout and yes this works.Painful in a good way.By the way,my goals is not to get the Tennis ball biceps like Jeff.I know all white dudes want the tennis ball biceps after watching the MV of Enrique with his Gf Anna Kournikova.My goals is to get Durian biceps �� Asian.AAA.Asian And Arrogant.��

  • It’s okay if you want muscles,but people got to find confidence in there self as they are now,it took me a while to embrace myself instead of trying to become an image that everyone else think is better

  • This video has been better than any book, and trainer has ever showed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have always considered my biceps to be the most stubborn, out of all my muscles. But after this tutorial I’m going for the gold.

  • ATHLEAN-X All your exercise tips are helping me out. I lost 15lbs in 3 months and can see myself coming back in shape. Thanks you, Sir!

  • Can you please give me a dumbell only full upper body i dont have access to a gym.. i also have a flat bench thanks bro

  • i do everything wrong but i still look fine and see results im happy with. I just never over do it. ” Dont over do it, just do it over “

  • speaking of partial reps, i really like doing 21’s for biceps. follow that with 21’s on pushdowns, gives you a great pump in your arms.

  • Sir I am from India and I didn’t understand your language if you dubing your video in Hindi so easy for me and I can get benefits for your video thanks

  • When you just stand there with the dumbell down your side at full extension, the dumbell is facing with each end at front and rear. But you turn it while you are bringing it up
    so that when you reach the top of the curl it is facing across the body…..why? I have been doing the curls without turning my wrist. Therefore at the top of the curl the handle part of the dumbell is in my hand like I am holding a hammer.

  • No mamen con los subtítulos tapan todo quitenlas y además todos los vídeos que el ASE están así quien ISO esa mamada quitenlas ala verga

  • i tried to learn from your videos but your videos not helpful u r missing points.u never explain in easy way u just confuse us not useful videos

  • In Pull Day after working out my back muscles, I start Biceps to find them exhausted from Back exercises. Should I start with Biceps next time?

  • After few months of not hitting the gym, I tried this routine, and started curling for 45 seconds with lighter weights. Now my biceps and tendons are super sore for a fee days now, but I feel like it’s better than just my regular routine of “10 reps and rest for 30 seconds”. Thanks Jeff.

  • Something that NEVER becomes clear from these videos is how many times I need to do these exercises… Should I do these four exercises twice a week? Or pick one and per bicep day?

  • Good at calmly explaining stuff, like the extra bit of authenticity at the end of the video when it’s time to turn off the camera. Keep on keep on and thanks.

  • I’m confused, in your other video (titles how to build WIDER biceps) you state that the long head bicep is used more at the end of the movement (hence you pair it with the single arm cable pull (where u lean forward) but in this video you state that it is the same throughout which one is correct? In neither exercise do you twist, it is a simple curl movement, you show diagrams showing in red the less resistant part of the initial curl….

  • Hi Jeff! I am a big of yours, from India. This workout this straight out amazing!!! Could you make a similar workout for the Triceps, preferably using dumbells. Thanks a lot! Keep up the great work!!!

  • This video is really helpful…if you are trying to work ur biceps without just grabing a bar and rep out some curls on ur feet which is 10 times harder than all these silly machines

  • For growth arm, first do pull up, chinup then ez bar curl and hammercurl similary bench press dips with weight and rope push down.

  • What is the best way to lost tons of fat? I read lots of superb opinions on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can help you lost a ton of fat. Has any one tested out this popular weight loss methods?

  • Yeh i train arms 2-3 times a week, ive noticed my width of my arm has grown noticeably and i think my bicep has aswell, frequency is key for growth aswell as intensity.

  • Guys. lost a ton of weight does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I’m going to give you some tips now. Look for a popular fat burn method called Custokebon Secrets (google it). Thanks to it I’ve lost tons of fat. I should not even be speaking about it cause I do not really want a bunch of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I’m just simply in a excellent mood today so I will share the wealth lol.

  • I read plenty of good reviews on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can help you lost a lot of fat. Has any one tried using this popular weight loss secrets?

  • Thanks Friend on the Internet we can find many movies showing us how to train arms and which exercises are good but You are telling us WHY those exercises are good and HOW they work. Many thanks and greeteings from Poland.

  • The drag curl incorporated a shrug to each rep as if to build momentum to complete the curl.

    Was that technique done to add a few more reps to the end of a set, and not to be a set on its own?

  • I’m 17 and every other video or subscription cost so much and I’ve But three other subscriptions and none of them were as detailed yet simple, organized yet fun, or even worked as well if at all. You have changed not only my physique and self confidence but my Intelligence and understanding of my body type and muscle system TO THE TEE. I have learned so much that I don’t even know where to start when telling my friends about your Channel, you have tips tricks and professional advice about every question that I have ever loved or wanted to know, I used to think that all you need is to max out every rep on every set, you’ve taught me patience and PERFECT technique for the best gains that I’ve ever seen as well as my friends and family ESPECIALLY my gf THANK YOU X1000 ��

  • Tremendous bicep workout Jeff thank you very much sir. Quick question (if you see it): what do you think about doing push pull workouts in the same session like back-chest and biceps-triceps? I often feel, for example, that my pullup power is stronger after having just done a set of push ups.

  • Man, I never really comment on videos but this man has EARNED his respect and his subscriber counts cause of the good that he’s done. I refuse to believe there will ever be a better fitness youtuber than Jeff himself. I hope and pray that someday I’ll get to train with you personally ��

    Keep up the excellent work!

  • Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (search on google)? We’ve heard numerous amazing things about this popular weight loss method.

  • I find barbell curl is more effective to me….I got a lot of gains when I start doing barbell curl Exercise. Every person is different, try different and stick to the one that works for you the best.

  • Jeff: this workout is structured with additional exercises all the way down until you get towards the end where I have a special surprise
    me: oh fuck

  • In other words, totally ripped those arm muscles during workout days and rest well enough to regenerate? I’m having trouble putting size on myself without having to gain weight and keep at a low body fat levels. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • i just literally like all of his videos first and then continues watching….!
    the comment section is full goddamn funky cool niggas!…once you started reading a comment you just can’t stop yourself from going ahead and read one more!:-D

  • Subbed looking to get swole, and stop being lazy. Commitment is key and I want it bad this year. Thanks for all the information ����

  • I guess some people think it looks good. Overdone and strangely revolting, as with anything that goes from enthusiastic interest into obsession…..

  • But for the trifecta part bicep workout, And he says do 24 total reps althogether between the three exercises, wouldnt that be 8 reps and exercises= 24 total reps?

  • I always felt people are too focused on weight with biceps. Slow concentrate curls until you feel a burning sensation will make them grow.

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  • When you’re left arm is small and don’t have Dumbbells, so you have to use you’re right hand as a Dumbbell
    (I Touch Myself. ���� |

  • Omg, this was so hard but so effective, it wasn’t easy for me and I did fail on a couple of them but I pushed through and my biceps have never been so pumped ever, thank you Jeff I will defiantly be doing this workout more!

  • Me: searching anthlean x bicep workout to look for the 10 min bicep workout
    Me: clicks this video
    Me: crying profusely and wondering why I’m failing sets after 6 reps

  • I’m going to give this workout a try tomorrowmy biceps are decent sized but they seem to have hit their limit and I’m hoping to find some exercising workouts that will make them grow again

  • It’s still astonish me just how a number of people have no clue about Custokebon Secrets (do a google search) even though a lot of people lost lots of weight using it. Thanks to my pal who told me about it. I’ve lost lots of fat.

  • The brief studies displayed and chart are a great way to backup your suggestions. Plus, demonstrating the exercises yourself adds great credibility. The proof is clearly seen in your progress.

  • Don’t ever stop making videos! P.S to gather a greater audience throw in a joke or two, it would feel a little less schoolish. I appreciate your videos greatly!!

  • I would take these videos alot more seriously if he used an average joe doing these. Him doing it just makes us more depressed the fact we will never look like him

  • Been at it again for 2 years. Never missed a workout and my diet is excellent. I have tried every bicep exercise and they will not grow. I had better results when I was younger and did not work my biceps at all. I have lost a lot of fat and my biceps are smaller because of it. It’s a shit ton of work for little to no results.

  • Jeremy, great breakdown.
    However the chart you showed demonstrated Cable curls as the 2nd best exercise for Bi’s.
    So im a bit puzzled as to why you didnt include cable work?
    I am guessing the reason cable is no.2 is because the load also has to be supported on the way down from the rep?

    I have had some good success attaching a wide curved bar to a cable (from ground level) and doing curls with varying wide grips.

  • Excelente vídeo. Quanto maior a utilização de métodos que auxiliam pessoas que não dominam o inglês a entender o assunto, seria melhor.

  • The craziest thing is that there was a guy at my old gym doing his biceps every day while sitting on a heavy dumbbell like you did at the start.

  • my bicep short head never appeared and yet my long head is what i see most when flecting. When relaxing both are completely gone….bicep visible

  • No more beautiful clothes than bronze muscles and skin freshness. Charity collecting on the equipment -WebMoney WMID 879329632430 Z721659873225

  • I’m starting to notice the psychological trend for advertising videos of any sort on the internet. Put some ass and tits in the thumbnail or the sample video and it will probably double your chances that someone will click, especially men. I wonder if they are actually teaching this in some sort of advertising class. I suppose it’s been said sex sells for many many years and this is just another example of how it does work.

  • Hey nice. Quick question. Just curious what you think about big arms. This relates to weight and reps really. Dorian Yates was saying if you want to not get bigger but develop power you would use low reps very heavy something like 1 to 3 rm. So your basically saying try 6 to 8 rm with progressive overload using the exercises with most activation and then some key isolation exercises to grow bigger.

  • Funny that english is the only language this type of comedy would work in, its hella dumb i sound retarded making these type on jokes in my native language

  • Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear lots of people lost a lot of weight with Custokebon Secrets (do a google search).

  • researches, as you speak off in your video, are ok but they do not work the same way for everyone. Like the one video where you are jumping like a baboon with heavyweights trying to injure yourself and others, sth like that is not for general people but may work for you. So I will give you a suggestion, show workouts that makes sense to you and explain why this is done in this way.

  • NEW “FAST ACTION” Q&A Leave your most burning question about this video or any other training, PT or nutrition question within the first 2 hours of this video’s release (AS A SEPARATE COMMENT!!) and I will pick 8 to get a detailed reply from me right here in the comments. Answers will be posted within the first 24-48 hours of you leaving the question. Good luck!

  • I did ez bar reverse grip and something snapped on my ulnar styloid process. No pain, but when I grip that ez bar ifelt pain. After an hour I can’t supinate my hand because of pain ����

  • All you need to know is muscle origin/insertion, have an understanding of gravity/line of pull and understand that increased time under high levels of tension will maximize growth stimulus. 5 minutes of basic Wikipedia research can give you all the info you need for maximizing muscle motor unit recruitment

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