Best Shoulder Workout – 5 Considerations To Know


How to Fix Shoulder Pain & Impingement (FOREVER)

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5 Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises (THAT WILL BLOW UP THOSE DELTS!!)

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Ideally, you should have at least one day of rest between your chest and shoulder workouts. Bonus Shoulder Workout. Looking to change up your shoulder routine?

Check out this bonus shoulder workout. Military Press 4 sets of 10 reps; Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise 3 sets of 12 reps; Cable Rear Delt Fly 3 sets of 15 reps; Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4 sets of 8. One common problem area is the shoulders. Considered a weak joint, properly developing definition in the shoulder is best done by emphasizing form over heft. There are a lot of advanced exercises in the workout vault, but beginners can get away with doing a few of these basic weighted movements to get those healthy-looking shoulders.

As a unit, the chest, shoulders, and back form the core of your upper body strength. Once you’ve read this article you can move on to the top 5 best chest exercises and the top 5 best back exercises. Secondly, no one developed great shoulders by focusing on dumbbell side raises or shoulder pressing on machines. The compound exercises that.

“Even something like a deadlift, which you don’t typically think of as an upper body exercise, requires strong shoulders,” says Mike T. Nelson, Ph.D., an exercise. Now is the time for a few things which you must do. Focus on these best shoulder workout to reach your ambition. • Grow Bigger. To grow those shaped, bulked shoulders you need to focus on growing bigger. After gaining weight, the best shoulder workout will help in shaping up your shoulder in proportion to your whole body. • Eat Good.

Take the one you’re about to read, counting down the 10 best weight-training exercises to develop your shoulders. Even if you disagree with the final outcome or grumble over the order, in the end, you’re left with something very valuable: 10 proven ways to build bigger, denser, wider delts. Feel free to swap or add exercises or split the workout in half if you’re training shoulders more than once a week. Overhead press: 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps Lateral Raises: 4 total sets (2 sets 6-10 reps, 2 sets 12-15 reps). Whether it’s choice and sequence of exercises, how many sets to complete of each move, how heavy to go and reps completed, length of rest periods, or advanced training techniques and finishing moves, each lifter has his or her own workout DNA.

Among the 9.5 million users of BodySpace, there are probably 9.5 million different shoulder workouts. We spoke with Noah Bryant, C.S.C.S., co-author of The Size and Strength Blueprint for the 10 best exercises to thicken and widen your shoulders. “To successfully grow a pair of behemoth. The 10 Best Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises If you can’t make it to the gym and all you have is a set of dumbbells to work with then don’t worry, we have a set of exercises that are perfect for you too.

List of related literature:

One important safety tip for Straight-Arm Hangs: Maintain tension in your shoulders by consciously contracting the muscles surrounding the joint—this will help protect the shoulder from injury.

“Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance” by Eric Horst
from Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance
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For most people cranking the body around with the shoulder changes the posture from a spinal twist to something that combines hip prying and triceps brachii massage with three movements of the spine— forward flexion, lateral flexion, and twisting.

“Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners” by David Coulter
from Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners
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• The military press is the best all-around shoulder exercise you can perform.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
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7 trapezius Holds and rotates your shoulders.

“PE to 16” by Sally Fountain, Linda Goodwin
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Shoulder rotations: With your arms fully outstretched to the side, rotate your arms forward 12 times, pivoting at the shoulder.

“Your Hands Can Heal You: Pranic Healing Energy Remedies to Boost Vitality and Speed Recovery from Common Health Problems” by Master Stephen Co, Eric B. Robins, John Merryman
from Your Hands Can Heal You: Pranic Healing Energy Remedies to Boost Vitality and Speed Recovery from Common Health Problems
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Shoulder rotation: Move your shoulders forward and do arm rotations; rotate your arms front and back, six times each way.

“Football For Dummies®” by Howie Long, John Czarnecki
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Rotator Cuff Squeezes—Keep bent elbows close to the body at waist height; medially and laterally rotate arms to the side from the shoulders.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
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5) Shoulders: lateral raises.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
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the rotator cuff and deltoid musculature during common shoulder external rotation exercises.

“Grieve's Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy E-Book” by Gwendolen Jull, Ann Moore, Deborah Falla, Jeremy Lewis, Chris McCarthy, Michele Sterling
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(2) Keeping your elbow stationary and close to your head, lower the dumbbell down in an arc behind your head (not behind the shoulder) as far as you can.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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  • My trimmer tried to kill me once, so I show it my 15-lbs wood splitting maul. Haven’t had a problem since. Also, I cut my own hair now.

  • Just tried this…fantastic workout, nice and light weights but feelin the burn. Even my dodgy shoulder held up….thanks Ryan ����

  • yeah it will give you a crazy pump but my question is by doing this much of reps, is it possible that the muscle which is already there getting burned and small

  • Who disliked this????? Amazing demonstration Jeff. As someone who did nothing but sit on their ass through adolescence, videos like this are very needed. These muscles are very underdeveloped, and every day you teach me ways to grow them safely

  • Loving the dumbbell videos Ryan. Would love to see you take on how to use just dumbbells and a flat/incline/decline bench for overall growth because that’s the only equipment I have. Well, that and walls. I like your wall stuff. Cheers.

  • I have been unlocking most of my muscles with many of these moves in just a couple weeks. I have a routine based on Ryan´s
    exercises and a routine based on classic exercises, also followed his protein advice, works wonders.

  • I’m a bit concerned with the side raises @ 2:27 but only with hand position. When you finish with your pinky higher than your thumb, you are doing a “pitcher pour” and on a front delt raise, it WILL over time, impinge the bicep tendon. You MAY get away with it on the side raise, but then again, you may not. So I would ALWAYS finish with your thumbs higher than your pinkies just to be on the safe side

  • I appreciated you tips I have been doing I felt it, the change.. I would more appreciation good supplement recommendation yaa without supplement you can’t have great body give us tips pls pls..I would be delighted if you openly tell us supplement

  • On this 5 completed.excellent pump and burn.i am going to be a super human as well.thanks to the superhuman. Troy shred

  • judging by the face you make when you finally dump in a set i am going to shit my guts out failure as intended no wonder ive been blowing up in ways i never thought possible. papa didn’t raise no bitch.

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    May the Lord bless you

  • Hello i have pain in my shoulder if i play fortnite for more then 1 hour my keyboard is at 90 degrees do you know what i can do to play without getting pain? And can it ever go away?

  • Just subbed because you are concise. I’m sick of all these fitness videos on YouTube being 12-14mins long when they only need to be 4-5mins. Finally! Thank you.

  • Hey Richard, I am very happy to see again exercises from you in the classic sense of GYM workouts ��
    Otherwise the video is great again, music and editing are perfect!
    BTW You looks good ����

  • Leave your ego at home on shoulder day! I’m using some seriously light dumbbells here and getting destroyed. Love it, in a weird sick way.

  • Welp. I got pumped and smoked with 10-15 lb dumbbells. Gonna hit some mid and lower traps and call er’ a shoulder day. Thank you, good Sir.

  • Hey Ryan, i would love to see you do a series on resistance bands exercises for those of us who are too scared to go to a gym now and don’t have dumbbells. Love your content man.

  • Your short vids are perfect to grab some info in the gym. I have pulled up your vids in the middle of a workout and not lost time or the pump. Thank you!

  • Could you do mid/lower trap focused cable exercises video please? Also, your methodology with focusing on the importance of the contraction and doing whatever it takes to achieve it, is never given enough credit. Thank you for finally making it known as the crux for unlocking gains; it’s changed my entire bodybuilding lifestyle only for the better. I fucking love working out now!

  • thanks girl, I learn more techniques in lifting by watching female bodybuilders like you than i do with most men who do the lame repetitive common overused useless techniques.

  • Did a killer shoulder workout a few days ago and now my left shoulder hurts when i internally rotate it over my body (past the neck line)

  • Just started today. I’m older but am a five to six days a week veteran and this whooped my behind. I can imagine what a month from now will be like!!����

  • only Positive comments here i love it,, thanks for the humor Ryan and Motivation here on the out door Gym on the Farm some where in North Ontario Canada… Arch Enemy, The World Is Yours.

  • My rear delts seem to be super weird because they are smaller yet they seem to be able to handle more weight and reps than my other delts. I have no clue why, but I doubt that is normal.

  • Hello! I have pain, when my arm across the chest and my shoulder is internally rotated, from 5 months and when i stop train chest i have less pain, when i train chest again i have pain, do i have the same problem in your opinion?
    I forgot to say that I also have some rattling in my shoulder

  • Really loving your videos honey badger, doing different variations is giving me a much needed shot in the arm for my workouts, keep em coming. ��

  • Even though you look like a flailing fish on a weight bench with most of these exercises I do admit that they work. You’ve helped alot.. keep it up sir

  • I always get really bad shoulder pain and impingement on whichever shoulder I sleep on. The only time when I don’t have shoulder pain is when I sleep on my back for a few weeks and then I snore all the time. Going to get some bands off amazon and try this and see if it helps!

  • Amazing tips and excersises, Now when are you going to tell us about your steroid cycle? i mean come on everybody knows what’s up these days, The old half natty trick doesn’t work anymore.

  • I love going crazy with my 15-25 pound dumbbells doing every variation of every exercise I can think up til I feel the right one that murders the muscle I’m going for. You gave me a few ideas to try. Thanks man!

  • I couldn’t grow delts for anything! Then I started seeing one guy at the gym after he was done working whatever body part for the day, went over to the cable and did side raises (10lb) ALOT of them and leave. So I started doing the same 15-20 reps, 3-5 sets and I can promise you 100% it works. I’m actually 5 days in on trying this routine since gyms are closed.

  • After I found a video you did on Feeder workouts I’ve been doing 100 reps every morning for about 6 months. Definitely seeing the growth and separation. Started with the 10s, now using 15s and about to go to the 20s. Good stuff man and it works!

  • Thank you so much Hanna�� I’m gonna do this all excercises on the gym tommorow�� I can feel THAT burning already�� Have a nice day!��

  • Hey guys, I just wanted to say that you videos have helped me a lot, thank you very much. Can I also just ask a question about this video? whenovong on to the next exercise do I keep doing the previous one as well? Thanks again.

  • After baby comes and you are treated and ready to come back to us…can you teach me how to flare my lats?? I’m having trouble finding good contact and engaging them the way I need to on certain exercises.
    Would also love to see another top 5 for hamstrings and glute tie-in. Xoxo best wishes from Alaska

  • Hi… I’ve been diagnosed with shoulder arthritis. For some weird reason I sleep with my arm up above my head when laying down. With my head resting on the pillow and my arm underneath the pillow stretching out (hope you can understand what I mean ha). Could sleeping with my arm in the position contribute to the arthritis and/or pain. Thanks in advice ����

  • Instagram I’m Mareb4xmas but can’t view your insta. Can u check it out? @richardducon cool vid informational and you do the vids a lot better. Enjoying them! Stay blessed.

  • Dude where u at? Miss the videos brother. Gonna place a kickass order soon. Getting gut supplement and bew super human mix. Hope all is well broheim.

  • Okay not to be a jerk but any woman watching this there were a few things wrong. Switching from sitting down to standing up should actually be reversed because by standing while pressing you are using your core muscles which means you’re working twice as hard while standing and should probably stay standing. Also if anyone notice the fit chick helping the other chick do back flys with pinkies up was an internal rotation of the shoulders which is a no no. Her thumbs should have been pointed up to the ceiling and not down to the floor to be in an external rotation which is better for your shoulders and strengthens your scapula muscles. The upright dumbbell row was actually performed well other than the fact she would turn it in an internal rotation which again is not healthy for your shoulders and just starting in the fixed position is best. Lateral raises were done nicely other than the fact of her sitting to start than standing. The reverse flys by keeping your arms straight does some work but not a lot and would be better if the elbows were bent and would then get your shoulders extended more to create more tension on the rear delts and also not having your pinkies point to the ceiling and pointing the back of the hand to the ceiling would be better. Reps and the effort was all great just the forms were off a bit.

  • If I dont have those bands is there a exercise I can do to strengthen my rotator cuff? Maybe a dumbell exercise or just using natural body mechanics?

  • I now have about 90% of my range of motion back from frozen shoulder. Your videos have helped!!!

    The recent 2 months have been, more pushing through a bit of discomfort in each range, each session gaining a bit more range. Now, there is really very little discomfort. It is like my tissues are elastic or plastic when I begin the tissues are stiff and then loosen up. One range now lets my arm flop normally to the table from the start, so that is “cured”. I see another range getting floppy towards the end.

    My final exercises are 2 times a day for 45 minutes. I ice after. I do general stretching and some strengthening with hand weights first. Then I am on my back moving my arm in different directions until the hand hits the table it takes many weeks to get the hand all the way to the table! At times I add a 2 lb. hand weight to get just a bit more loosening up and stretch. I do external rotation (elbow at the waist, hand falls outwards), then external rotation with abduction (the native american “how” position, first hand falls backwards for stretches and then forward). Then the internal rotations first moving my arm in front inward from the waist, and the last is moving my hand up my back which can now brush the blade if I push with my other hand.

    The newest exercise I’ve added is the butterfly: lying on my back, hands behind my head, letting my elbows fall outward letting the weight of my arms be enough to “push” them into a stretch. I rock my arms up and out 10 times, set of 3. One set I leave my elbows out and that pulls just a bit more. I think there is an adhesion in the front at my arm pit and this maneuver seems to increase the stretch outward. My left arm is normal and my right frozen arm is very close to matching it now.

  • I know this is random guys but
    im using cashapp
    My username is $zilenab
    I would like to go to the bap concert on 10/20/18 if you can help me with 5$ thank you �� I have raised 60 $ so far! I am behind by 30$

    Love the videos by the way Hanna ����I know I don’t comment much but anyways you are goals ����I always comment on your if videos lol ��

  • Hey. I’ve just found your channel and binge-watched nearly everything. Great content and very helpful. I know you have already done a video on vegan Keto but I was hoping you could do another to clear up some of the confusion with that diet when bodybuilding? For example, how to avoid hitting your carb limit miles before you intake of fat and protein is adequate. How to gain muscle when your protein limit on keto is below what you need when you use an online calculator or lb of muscle to gram of protein. I have looked online and found it all very confusing and contradictory. Please help.:-)

  • our shoulder workout is almost the same i only add in a few more movements and do a lot of supersets and dropsets while training shoulders:)

  • Hanna! I just want to say thank you. I have lost 22.4 lbs this summer and came upon your videos looking for new workouts and I love them! They are so informative and you get straight to the point.

  • You’re great! And respect you ���� just get your anatomical terms correct. It’s not called shoulder deltoid when referring to the side part of the shoulder. Correct terminology is lateral deltoid. The whole muscle of the shoulder is called deltoids, divided into 3anterior, medial, and posterior deltoids

  • I had a frozen shoulder it lasted over 2 years and then finally one day I twisted my neck hard and it crunched then I had excruciating facial and jaw pain all night long then it unfroze! I still can’t move it as I once did but static stretching helped to raise it inch by inch

  • I love you, Jeff. Man, I swear I do.
    I was with this pain since february. No improvement even stopping my activity with the exercise. A sonography did not show any injury, and I started to think I was turning crazy.
    Well, I started this Jeff stuff last month and I’m really amazed with my progress. I’m not healed completely, but definitely I feel better.
    So, people… it works.
    Thank you, Jeff.

  • Hey Hanna would love to know your getting warmed up exercises and your cool down/stretching exercises. I am obsessed with your vibes! xo

  • FYI Your front press sitting down target’s the triceps…standing front raises arms extended targets the shoulders..
    Lat raises should be down like your pushing the weight away not rocking your body
    And that is not a row
    Get a trainer

  • Could you make a video about your favorite sport supplements. Your opinion about BCAA, Glutamine, Creatine and other. What’s work better for you and what not. Thank you!

  • I have a question: I hurt my shoulder badly about 2 weeks ago doing military press. It’s BETTER as I sit here now, but there is still discomfort that varies in intensity day-to-day. (Usually correlates to what I did the day before.)
    Now, I’ve been doing arms, or back, or legs, or core DAILY since the injury, and I’m wondering….is this stupid of me? Can bi/tri/back exercises prevent my shoulder from healing all the way?
    What do you recommend for someone who injures their shoulder? Stay away from upper body completely? Stay away from gym completely? The pain isn’t like SUPER intense, but, when I move my shoulder a certain way, it can be very discomforting.
    This injury is seriously depressing me. I have lost ALL my gains (which were actually quite substantial) since the Gyms reopened.

  • I get this really bad shoulder pain only on one side and it is on the bump of the shoulder..

    The worst exercise for me seems to be the dip, slight pains doing bench, Arnold press hurts…

    I rested for nearly three weeks and still get this pain although it would recover a little quicker… I just want this pain to be gone

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    Just wishing you a lovely day this day Hanna hope your feeling all the beautiful blessings you provide. Have a good night.��

  • Nice content Mr Richard, you inspired me to launch my YouTube channel. Hopefully I am gonna use it to create awareness of the danger of obesity and the implications of unhealthy lifestyle. HEALTH IS WEALTH.

  • If you would have used less steroids and would have concentrated on your studies you would have been a lawyer by now!
    Watch the following link if you guys don’t believe me:

  • After having my labrum repaired over 10 yers ago I got out of fitness. Now being 41, I am back at it. This time around I actually listen to my body and these exercises are a staple in my workouts three times a week.

  • I’m going to start doing these either way because I need the rotator cuff strength for aerial but is it a different cause if your shoulder pops doing arm circles? Specifically, when you pass the 180-degree (straight up) point without an issue, but then it pops when you’re circling back down? It has improved somewhat as my shoulder strength and my mobility (mostly via plank variations in bodyweight conditioning and flexibility training) but it still happens most of the time and it’s annoying.

  • If anyone can give advice on how to train shoulders, it’s this guy.
    Btw thanks for the great meal-inspirations. Lost 5kg’s of mostly fat in the past 2 weeks ��������

  • New series dropping Monday. Tap the bell so you don’t miss it and if you missed the bicep version of this video go here next

  • Thanks for the great tips Ulisses. I always wondered about how many sets would be appropriate for a warm-up; so thank you for sharing!

  • Ryan, some of the exercises have too much of a prone grip (int. rotation) component for my liking. Wouldn’t that adversely affect the long term shoulder health?

  • You always have such informative and intriguing videos! You definitely inspire me to push myself in the gym and to try new things! <3

  • Omfg just train ure full body every day, see crossfiters,and compare them with the rest of body buiders, powerlifters, see their muscle density.

  • I tried the first exercise with 10 kg in set 1 per hand and for set 2,3,4 (10 reps) 12 kg per hand. Then I did the second one with 4 kg in set 1 per hand and 5 kg in set 2,3,4 (10 reps) per hand. When I got home and flexed my left lateral head I finally had that mind muscle connection. The right lat. head was never a problem, but I never could connect with the left lateral head. But after these two exercises, it finally did. There was a shoulder pump and the workout was hard as shit… and I loved it. No more endless lat. raises for me, this one will stick in my routine.
    Thanks Ryan!

  • Just tried the workout…. will start this tomorrow for a month….. i previously did your bicep/tricep workout for 2 weeks before bed �� and ohhh boy, I can see a huge difference. Looking forward to my sexy shoulders in 30 days

  • Can you do back? I really have a hard time training my lower back with the exercises I see in most videos. I’m always worried I will hurt myself

  • Questions for Ryan or anyone else: Music while working out or no music (preference). If yes music, what’s your go-to? (I’ve been PAPA ROACH for some time and am looking for recommendations)

  • To push or pull the frozen arm up the back, suggest doing this in the shower with a very soapy, slippery back. A shower cap protects the hair.

  • Lol!! I started the push ups every day on April 15th!! Been doing +100 pushups every day!!! Lol I’ll be doing full body workouts every day after all of your videos!! Hahah let’s get big!!! See you in a year!

  • Getting older I realized that shoulder strength decreased rapidly. This is probably one of the best and my new favorite short routine. Not to be under estimated this really hits delts hard and good. Love love love it. Thanks for your positive shares. Love every video.
    All the best. Jaco from Edenvale, Johannesburg, Sunny South Africa.

  • Hi there. Is the nuclei overload training done in addition to the normal shoulder training every week or basically one does the training presented in the video for 30 straight days? thanks

  • Here comes the “that’s not how Jeff Cavalier does them” annoying as shit comments! No offense to Jeff but exercise is not one size fits all. So many take the advice from one person as God’s law. You have to be a critical thinker and research for yourself.

  • Since quarantine i have been working out at home for 6-7 days a week and have made some insane gains already, i have made faster gains at home than gym

  • JESSE!JESSE! JESSE!JESSE! ��No offense meant Jeff, you’re great! ���� I just find it easier to watch a model than you attempting to explain, mimic and demonstrate all at once lol����‍♀️ ������keep up the great work, guys! you’re really teaching and curing me like so many others straight out of PT! God Bless u both!����☺️

  • I agree…light weight shoulder workout everyday for 30 days will give you massive shoulders…the shoulders feel as if they are going to explode..

  • Perfect explanation, just the camera man needs to up his game a bit!

    At the point with the upward movement of the arm, the hands were out of picture so that made it slightly trickier to follow.

  • I think as a natural lifter training for example in a push/pull or push/pull/legs split it doesn’t make much sense to train the front delts isolated. These are already trained during all push exercises like flat bench, incline, decline bench presses. In addition, a very pronounced front delt also ensures that some people get problems e.g. during chest exercises to feel their chest properly because their front delt is too dominant and helps to lift the weight.

  • Yeah we know that your next to the stapple center,but that condo is not yours,damn if I had a studio like that with all those lamps and lighting I would look even better wtf,you have all that and still looking small and bad

  • Thank you for your videos!! How long should I still be dealing with disc pain and atrophy? I see a chiropractor weekly and I’ve had injections for pain.

  • I have a rotator cuff tear. So painful! Are you saying do each one of these daily until you work up to the next one?
    I’m hurting so bad.
    I stopped taking Aleve because I think it was causing my hair to thin.

  • Sir, My mom is having a serious shoulder pain and she cannot rotate her left hand and take it behind her left shoulder. What should be the appropriate band movement for her if she does this band exercise?

  • I feel weird seeing a Channel like this without ads, not full of nonsense that nobody cares about, 20 mins long, and at the end of the video you leave with nothing
    This dude is great and you should keep up the great work you’re amazing!!

  • Taking less time breaks or almost no breaks is so beneficial. I do 100 reps of press side raise with no rest and it BURNS THE HELL OF UR SHOULDER

  • Too bad you didn’t have a 2nd person to help you set up that belt Brad ( 5:00) lmao love you guys! Most of these helped my RA shoulder flare but it’s guna do what it wants. Thanks for the laughs!

  • Just found you a few days ago, awesome videos!! This one is extremely valuable for me because my left shoulder bothers me a lot when lifting and sometimes when I do yard work. I will be implementing these exercises immediately. Thanks!!

  • Your side-raises technique is horrible. The ellbow should always be the highest point. Generelly you should work on your lifting technique. Back shoulders for example your trapezius is taking up the whole work. and you are working not enough with time under tension. All in all please dont make tutorials with such bad technique

  • Hi, I have a general question about shoulder rehab. How long should you carry on doing rotator cuff strengthening exercises after your shoulder is fine again? I’m afraid when I stop doing them my rotator cuff will weaken and I’ll have problems again. How do you keep tendons strong and avoid injury again once rehab is complete?

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  • If you would have used less steroids and would have concentrated on your studies you would have been a lawyer by now!
    Watch the following link if you guys don’t believe me:

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  • NEW “FAST ACTION” Q&A Leave your most burning question about this video or any other training, PT or nutrition question within the first 2 hours of this video’s release (AS A SEPARATE COMMENT!!) and I will pick 8 to get a detailed reply from me right here in the comments. Answers will be posted within the first 24-48 hours of you leaving the question. Good luck!

  • I am doing external rotation exercises. I had surgery for a complete tear of the right supraspinatus. over 10 years ago. My right side is weaker than my left.

  • Hey guys I know its late but I just wanted to talk about my recent foot pain on my right foot. Its on the side of the foot, whenever i walk it has a slight pain. I tried to search up a fix but it only shows about heel pain, Your the only one that can help me.

  • There needs to be serious consideration given to overtraining. Most of his recommendations are sound, focusing on concentric movement. Casey Viator and Arthur Jones and the Mike and Ray Mentzer experimented with and then perfected the principles of high-intensity training. Ryan’s suggestions are definitely worthy of consideration, and he should be giving recommendations concerning how many sets and even reps people should consider. Most folks are going to be smashed after following his prescribed movements. Ryan, if you’re reading this, give thought to relative experience, age, gender, frequency of training, length of time between sets and suggestions for recuperation as in days off. Good work. You are inspiring. This, from someone who has been training for over 40 years.

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  • Banded external rotation exercise:
    3:30 Isometric
    3:55 Concentric
    5:15 Eccentric
    6:00 Plyometric

    Sword raise exercise:
    6:55 Isometric
    7:10 Concentric
    7:38 Eccentric
    7:42 Heightened eccentric
    7:55 Ballistic

  • I got shoulder impingement/tendonitis when I used to pitch for baseball. Now, ten years later, whenever I work out (ex. Biceps curl) my trap hurts and is more developed. Now my right trap is larger than the left cause it is probably overcompensating for the old impingement. What should I do?

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  • If you would have used less steroids and would have concentrated on your studies you would have been a lawyer by now!
    Watch the following link if you guys don’t believe me:

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  • So I had a question I’m a trainer and I was going to do a show but things ended up going the other way so I was too low and body fat I dropped all the way down to around 4% body fat. I know that’s not healthy I just didn’t think I was going to drop that low, it’s fairly easy for me to drop body fat so I found out. I am afraid that I have been way too lean for way too long and I’m taking the progressive measures to gain weight so I can heal the correct way. But now I’m starting to get like stinging sensations in the back of my shoulder and my elbow. My question is should I continue to do rehabilitation work with the elbow and shoulder as I’m gaining weight or should I just rest and gain weight because I know doing exercises will heal it faster

  • I hurt my shoulder incline benching, idk what could be wrong but it’s on the top of my shoulder and I’m guessing it’s my rotator cuff because when I press down on that pointy bone on top of the shoulder I feel some pain

  • Can I do lat pulldown, shoulder press? Less weight or less reps/sets or rest, when to do this rotator cuff, before/after workout/offdays

  • Can I do lat pulldown, shoulder press? Less weight or less reps/sets or rest, when to do this rotator cuff, before/after workout/offdays

  • I’ve had a rotator cuff injury in the past and lately i’ve been worrying about my other shoulder. Will definitely give these a shot.