Arnold Press – An Entire Guide With Form Tips


Jay Cutler’s Training Tips: Dumbbell Shoulder Press Technique

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Arnold Press Tips for Big Shoulders

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How to do the Arnold Press

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Build Bigger Shoulders With Perfect Training Technique (The Overhead Press)

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Arnold Press Shoulder Exercise Proper Form Tutorial

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How To Build Capped Shoulders: Optimal Training Explained (Side Delts)

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Don’t Over-Rotate. Eb says: The Arnold press is a great move for hitting the shoulder all-around, but, as its generally done, it does place your shoulder at slight injury risk. You’re rotating. The Arnold Press works your whole shoulder muscle, with emphasis on the front deltoid coming from the twist at the lowest point.

Building big shoulders helps with the aesthetic look of your upper body and sets the tone for the tapered effect of both your arms and your torso. Instructions. Grab a set of dumbbells and bring them to shoulder height with arms bent and palms facing the body. Gripping the dumbbells as tightly as possible, press them overhead, rotating the dumbbells until the palms are facing forward at the top of the press.

Here is the Shoulder exercise made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger! The Arnold Press is a variation of the Dumbbell Shoulder press that targets different are. Seated Arnold Press Instructions. Set up an adjustable angle bench to 90 degrees and select the desired weight from the rack.

Pick up the dumbbells from the floor using a neutral grip (palms facing in). Position the end of the dumbbells on your knees and sit down on the bench. Standing Arnold Press Instructions Set up for the exercise by grabbing a pair of dumbbells and standing straight up with your feet around shoulder width apart. Raise the dumbbells to shoulder height on each side, and twist so that your palms are facing your body.

The dumbbells should now be positioned in front of your shoulders. The Arnold press will build boulder shoulders if you’re willing to take the risk to put them into your routine. Once you’ve mastered the form, try switching things up with a variety of.

Fix Your Form Pocket Book: FAR too many people perform the Arnold press incorrectly. In this video, we go over a few common mis. The bench press, squat, deadlift, overhead press, bent-over row, and power clean are examples of solid multijoint exercises that require several muscle groups to work in coordination. These exercises should form the foundation of your training plan.

How to Do a Standing Arnold Press Do two to three sets of 10 to 12 reps; work up to eight to 10 reps per set with a heavier weight. Target Muscles: anterior, lateral and posterior deltoids.

List of related literature:

(2) Using primarily the muscles of the back, lift the bar upward until it touches the upper abdominals, then lower it again, under control, back to the starting position; then immediately start your next rep.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

Briefly, the spotter should stand behind the bench press and use an alternated grip (i.e., one hand using a supinated grip and the other hand using a pronated grip) when lifting the bar out of the racked position on the bench and when helping rerack the barbell.

“Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology” by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
from Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology
by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
Human Kinetics, 2012

To perform the method Arnold dramatically demonstrated in the film Pumping Iron, bend at the waist and support your body weight with one hand on the knee and grab a dumbbell with the other hand (a).

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

I’ve found that the more the elbows move back the better it is for building your center back, which is often neglected.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
from Arnold
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
Simon & Schuster, 1977

Good form is essential and should be the emphasis from the start rather than the number of repetitions.

“Chronic Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction E-Book: Practical Physical Medicine” by Leon Chaitow, Ruth Jones, Sasha Chaitow
from Chronic Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction E-Book: Practical Physical Medicine
by Leon Chaitow, Ruth Jones, Sasha Chaitow
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Even if he doesn’t have a spotter, he uses different machines and will load up a weight he can handle with both arms or legs, push through the first part of the movement, then finish the movement using only one arm or leg as he slowly lowers back to the starting position.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

While you do the form, keep the knees softly bent and the shoulders and elbows relaxed.

“Qigong and the Tai Chi Axis: Nourishing Practices for Body, Mind, and Spirit” by Mimi Kuo-Deemer
from Qigong and the Tai Chi Axis: Nourishing Practices for Body, Mind, and Spirit
by Mimi Kuo-Deemer
Dover Publications, 2019

The same is true for moving with poor technique: if your reps are always sloppy, pretty soon you will always move with crummy form.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

At the end of the last few repetitions, you should feel like you can’t do another rep with proper form.

“Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way” by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
from Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way
by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
VeloPress, 2016

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  • He’s using too much incline on the bench, letting the anterior deltoids and upper chest do the majority of the work. Why he’s doing that is because I think he’s lacking range of motion over head. He’s basically showing you how to develop frozen shoulders.

  • He’s right here. Past a certain point during this press, the humerus does not raise any further so any additional movement would just be done by the triceps. That would be a waste of energy if you are focusing on shoulders. Same applies to all pressing movements, I see too many people just trying to lift weight rather than take the muscle group thru its full range of motion and only its full range of motion.

  • Good video I really especially like the way you portrayed the convoluted and ridiculousness of making that movement trying to be more creative.

  • I just started trying to do this exercise and had no idea what the proper form was. This was a simple explanation on how to do it right. Thanx for your efforts and information Jeff.

  • Hey Jeff,
    I noticed I’ve started incorporating this exercise in to my routine. And have injured/cricked my upper thoracic and lower cervical area. I’ve always tried to keep ego lifting outlet of my workouts and don’t push myself beyond my boundaries too often. It may be a technique fault. What do you think I was doing wrong?

  • I think the problem with DB latera raise is to get a full contraction you should go past shoulder height but then you lose tension. My delts starting from the bottom were rounded but got flatter at the top, but I fixed this by doing DB hammer presses doing only the 2nd half of the range of motion to get a full contraction and round out the side delts

  • Why does everyone play rap music in their videos? That depresses me!!!!! Put on some Slayer!!!!!! Now that’ll get people pumped!!!!

  • Not talking about anyone but…..

    If all the people on supplements in the world take up this challenge and stop taking supps and work out off food alone and then hit the gym and post the numbers you hit!! Then a lot of people will see supplements are performance enhancers(aka legal steroids)

  • here’s yer blue print…. Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Variation #1

    Each major body part is trained 2 times per week. This Arnold Schwarzenegger workout variation was featured in the book The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Dobbins.

    Day 1 Chest and Back

    Day 2 Shoulders and Arms

    Day 3 Legs and Lower Back

    Day 4 Chest and Back

    Day 5 Shoulders and Arms

    Day 6 Legs and Lower Back

    Day 7 Rest

    Notes: Attempt to reach failure around 10 reps for your first set of each exercise.

    Days 1 & 4 Chest and Back


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Bench Press 3-4 10

    Incline Bench Press 3-4 10

    Dumbbell Pullovers 3-4 10


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Chin Up 3-4 10

    Bent Over Row 3-4 10

    Deadlift 3-4 10


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Crunches 5 25

    Days 2 & 5 Shoulders and Arms


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Barbell Clean and Press 3-4 10

    Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3-4 10

    Upright Row 3-4 10

    Military Press 3-4 10


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Standing Barbell Curl 3-4 10

    Seated Dumbbell Curl 3-4 10

    Close Grip Bench Press 3-4 10

    Standing Barbell Tricep Extension 3-4 10


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Wrist Curls 3-4 10

    Reverse Wrist Curls 3-4 10


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Reverse Crunch 5 25

    Days 3 & 6 Legs and Lower Back


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Squat 3-4 10

    Lunge 3-4 10

    Leg Curl 3-4 10

    Lower Back

    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Stiff Leg Deadlift 3-4 10

    Good Mornings 3-4 10


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Standing Calf Raise 3-4 10


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Crunches 5 25

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Variation #2

    Each major bodypart is trained 3 times per week. This Arnold Schwarzenegger workout variation is a typical example of his higher frequency workouts.

    Day 1 Chest, Back and Legs

    Day 2 Shoulders and Arms

    Day 3 Chest, Back and Legs

    Day 4 Shoulders and Arms

    Day 5 Chest, Back and Legs

    Day 6 Shoulders and Arms

    Day 7 Rest

    Days 1, 3 & 5 Chest, Back and Legs


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Bench Press 5 6-10

    Dumbbell Flye 5 6-10

    Incline Bench Press 6 6-10

    Cable Crossovers 6 10-12

    Dips 5 Failure

    Dumbbell Pullover 5 10-12


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Wide Grip Pull Up 6 Failure

    T Bar Row 5 6-10

    Seated Pulley Row 6 6-10

    One Arm Dumbbell Row 5 6-10

    Stiff Leg Deadlift 6 15


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Squat 6 8-12

    Leg Press 6 8-12

    Leg Extension 6 12-15

    Leg Curl 6 10-15

    Barbell Lunge 5 15


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Standing Calf Raise 10 10

    Seated Calf Raise 8 15

    One Leg Dumbbell Calf Raise 6 12


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Wrist Curl 4 10

    Reverse Barbell Curl 4 8

    Wrist Roller Machine 4 Failure


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Non-Stop Abs Training 30 Minutes By Instinct

    Days 2, 4 & 6 Shoulders and Arms


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Barbell Curl 6 6-10

    Seated Dumbbell Curl 6 6-10

    Dumbbell Concentration Curl 6 6-10


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Close Grip Bench Press 6 6-10

    Tricep Pushdown 6 6-10

    Barbell French Press 6 6-10

    One Arm Dumbbell Tricep Extension 6 6-10


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Seated Barbell Press 6 6-10

    Lateral Raise 6 6-10

    Rear Delt Lateral Raise 5 6-10

    Cable Lateral Raise 5 10-12


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Standing Calf Raise 10 10

    Seated Calf Raise 8 15

    One Leg Dumbbell Calf Raise 6 12


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Wrist Curl 4 10

    Reverse Barbell Curl 4 8

    Wrist Roller Machine 4 Failure


    Exercise Sets Rep Goal

    Non-Stop Abs Training 30 Minutes By Instinct…

  • Internal rotation gang checking in ��
    Elbows slightly bent, pull the elbows up (not the hands), avoid engaging the traps. Simple. My side delts really just don’t engage properly otherwise, after spend years doing it the ‘proper’ and ‘safe’ way.
    As you gain more experience lifting weights it becomes instinctive whether you’re causing more harm than good to your shoulders.

  • I was on my way in the middle watching this video until you said
    ” Arnold is all natural”.. Until then I realized that I’m watching bunch of idiots

  • you cant be putting up info like this if you have no idea what you are talking about. internal rotation is known as a massive cause for inflammation in shoulders, now some 18 year old is going to do this movement, and in 4-5 years likely have a rotator cuff injury, it is your fault take some responsibility and learn human biomecnics.

  • Jeff, idea. Need to you get you, jerry brainum, Stan Efferding, Brett Contreras, Jeff Cavelier, in one video discussing everything from Powerlifting, Body Building and diet. Smartest people on yt in one video.

  • So muscle and strength you have one vid saying don’t go all the way down to nearly touch you’re shoulders, and in this vid you have Jay saying go all the way down, so wich one is it because the other vid says if you go all the way down you injure you’re shoulder, a bit contradicting don’t you think?!

  • I have poor posture and when I perform this movement it helps. I like how you mentioned the involvement of the back. I’m going to use this lift more often now.

  • I get a pinching pain in my middle back when doing the OHP, even though I do focus on squeezing my glutes during the exercise. How do you feel about the Hammer Strength Iso-lateral seated shoulder press. I find that i can lift more weight on that.

  • I like your straight to the point videos. Some guys talk for 15 mins just to demonstrate an exercise.
    You guys know who I’m talking about.
    Leave their names in the responses……

  • Guys can anyone help me? When i am doing side laterals raise my elbow are feeling uncomfortable, with a lot of pressure. Especially when I am going heavier. My arms aren’t locked out, they r bend just fine.

  • Thanks! Your videos are very informative and to the point! I’ve started to incorporate your tips into my workouts & believe my workouts have improved considerably!

    Next stop looking forward to trying Pre Jym and Pro Jym!

  • Is it okay to keep arms straight out and wrists forward? I thought it was healthier to slightly rotate your grip forward…someone knowledgeable please help!

  • Everyone foes these wrong when you hit the comment section.. Ended up here from an instclip of Kai Greene doing it in 2 sections..

  • Would anyone like to speculate on why it takes a while to build strength in this exercise where so many muscle groups are involved.

  • Nice vid but can anyone tell me why this exercise is recommended for warm-up or burn-out and simply not integrated into a low rep high weight strength routine?

  • jay I know you been Olympia and seem that may know a lot but I disagree with you on DB press technique because I think and It works for me when you actually touching DB at the tot of the movement. I feel much better shoulder stretch and fuller range of motion. The way you do it, it looks like you are the one who is cheating and cutting on range of motions. Going all the way to the top is very important. I know you said if you do that you hitting your triceps maybe I agree on that but its not big of a help anyway, And I don’t see anything wrong if you hitting your triceps when you press. Its a natural body mechanism. Because when you do fuller range of motion obviously your body will automatically touches another body part to assist with that movement. Nothing wrong with that. When you bench press you hitting not only chest but bi and tri as well so nothing wrong with that. The fuller/longer/higher you go your body will hit another body part!

  • Great training video, Jeff. I’m very interested in gaining optimal volume of size and strength in my shoulders. Speaking of which, how many pages are in that shoulder training guide of yours?

  • Who else here agrees Arnold is the greatest of all time? Smash that like button if you agree! ��

    Give this workout a try if you dare. Full Workout ⬇️
    1) Seated Barbell Military Press: 12, 10, 10, 8 reps
    2) Side Lateral Raise: 12, 12, 10, 8 reps
    3) Arnold Press: 12, 12, 10, 8 reps
    4) Upright Cable Rows: 12, 12, 10, 8 reps
    5) Face Pulls: 12, 10, 10, 8 reps

  • who can argue would Jay Cutler? standing would be better and involving triceps would be more beneficial. the body was not to be used by isolation and carry over to functionality would be better with fewer iso moves.

  • Thank you for keeping it short. I can’t stand 10 minutes explanations with the exercise shown in th 8th minute. Great Job!!! PS. Huge arms!

  • Focusing on pulling my shoulder blades together has completely solved my occasional shoulder clicking. Great insight, thanks man.

  • i understand that you lift because you’re short, but you’ve made yourself so wide that you look even shorter. quite the conundrum you’re in. the bigger you get, the shorter you look.

  • Typically you don’t want to actually lock anything. You want to leave a little tension on the music. But you want to aim for locking it, as you’ll do a full range, and never actually lock it.

  • Jeff Cavalier said not to internally rotate at top. Personally once I stopped doing that I stopped getting pain in my left shoulder.

  • Are those fake out plates or are they 3 45’s on each side? Let me jump in a video with you and I’ll show you how to rep out three real Wheels on them seated presses.

  • Please stop show articles and statistics or report to support your comments as it shows a very low confidence in yourself and it’s annoying!!!!! People follow you coz you inspire coz not you are right!!!!! Bye

  • Mad how many people on here no more than 1 of the greatest bodybuilders of all time… get off ur key board n get on stage u sausages

  • 100% unrelated, Jeff love your content! At my new gym they have no room for sleds, it got me so excited for training knowing I could push a 300kg sled around.. Le sigh. Now back to delts!

  • People always talk about who’s the G.O.A.T. but theirs no such thing unlesss no one will ever do that particular thing ever again.

  • Face pull! Not fore head pull and the grip was awful. Just edit the face pull out of this video. Going to get someone’s shoulders all messed up.

  • Hoping someone can answer this one…. if you’re doing a push / pull / leg regime, do you add this in your push or pull day? Thanks

  • Thanks Jeff. I’ve added this in to my workout post lockdown here in the UK and struggle with the form, I definitely overload the bar and need to drop it right down!

  • Why are abbreviating the exercise, gosh. Is it hard to stay overhead press/military press. It takes the same amount of time. Where this obsession to abbreviate terms comes in USA?

  • Been meaning to ask for a few videos now but whats with the transitions is it various takes or the software you are using. It makes watching it harder. Just curios.

  • Lovin this series of uploads as always, a plethora of information and lessons in form..��������
    But I suggest you always wear the cap backwards, and shout “YEAH SPRING BREAK” while filming the Bad form part in future.��

  • What about doing mixed reps by pushing the barbell for one rep in front from chest and the other rep from back behind head? Should those be two diffrent exercises or should you not even do it?

  • After heavy body training this protein shake very good. I analyzed approximate 2 day. Definitely i recommend->

  • i had been doing OHP with an improper grip and thank god i still managed to notice gains on upper pecks and shoulders, but after watching this helpful vid and applying proper form my triceps are sore astf.

  • Pretty good explanation, but the fact that he doesn’t show heavy lifts doesn’t help demonstrate if he can even do the lift properly himself….and before you hate I can OHP 275lbs at 160lb BW

  • your form is fantastic man,out of thousand videos in youtube,people are first flaring their elbows,and then pressing,dangerous to joints.yours is perfect,in a swift continous motion the weight goes up and down.thank you man

  • I was wondering I saw some where that u should position your arms almost like your doing a arnold press. Also should you square your shoulders when you do a shoulder press

  • Jeff, what’s your opinion on handstand press, using parallel bars. They’re something I’ve always done when working out at home, full ROM so that my head passes below the bars. I’ve found they build a good set of shoulders but very hard work.

  • I am really confused i see this that says to set the arms almost out to the side of the shoulder. Then i see other videos that say your arms kneed to be about at a 30 degree bend

  • LOL! I love when ANYBODY tries to make weightlifting complicated. Heres how to do dumbell presses…..Up down, up down, up down. Rest repeat, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the video preview shows you during the frantic movement with a high load. so I thought: this guy is going to provide us the wrong hints. I was deadly wrong:-)

  • Larry scott was the first to put his name to this way of shoulder pressing, scott died back in 2014 so he’s not about to argue the toss and now its the arnold not scott press

  • This can’t add strength? I get it as a prehab thing for rotation, but adding strength with this without juicing? I don’t buy it. Arnold did a lot of stuff, but Arnold was on a lot of juice as well.

  • How do you fix the issue if it feels like your bicep is being pinched by your forearm? For whatever reason, in my left arm the forearm is pressing against my bicep that it kind of hurts to press.

  • Excellent, clear and concise as always.

    Peeps saying to not “lock-out”, well look at his shoulders and arms.
    And the solid form.
    He’s doing well!

    Long term in older age joints tend to get weaker anyway, locking-out may promote this.
    Without solid data to back that up, kindly shut up..

    With certain exercises yes, locking-out is not helpful for maximal muscle fucking….

  • Had to switch up the order a bit so the hip thrust will be next tuesday now. Hope you guys enjoy! I have been getting some requests to cover exercises I’ve already covered so make sure you check out the full Technique Tuesday playlist here to see if you’ve missed any others. Have a great one guys!

  • This Chanel is so amazing because he really helps u understand what ur doing and why rather then just telling you what u should do. Thank you so much!

  • Great video, before I was finding my shoulder joints clicking in the last 25% of the rep, but now that I don’t flare my elbows so much there is no joint clicking and the movement is smooth.

  • You’re doing it wrong. The point of the Arnold is to work the front felt as well. You’re not doing that. You should be bringing the weights in front til they touch and your elbows shouldn’t be resting on your chest. You should research it before you post videos that confuse people

  • Tried going from 15 lbs to 17.5 lbs and injured my rotator cuff. Even months later, every time I do lateral raises my shoulder gets sore. I’ll try the upright row instead.

  • sometimes i do upright rows with a 45 pound plate, i grip it with both my hands touching and as i’m coming down from the top of the row, once i reach the bottom i notice what almost feels like a shock in my right trap. i can hear a noise almost like a click as well. but it only happens at the bottom of the row when my traps are stretched. anything to worry about?

  • Dude I knew Jeff was a newfie the way he said “bar” I was like this is an East Coast Canadian without even looking into where he’s from lol

  • Is there any reason to worry about the smaller range of motion when using dumbbells, if you are not going for strength, but hypertrophy? Maybe it’s just me, but i don’t feel like my deltoids are doing any work when i go past a certain point on the eccentric. It feels like peak contraction is higher then where the dumbbells will limit you.

    Unrelated: Why does youtube’s spellchecker suck so much fucking dick? “deltoids” is a common word for fuck sake. What kind of hacks program that shit.

  • Thanks! I have hit a plateau with this, and still aren’t feeling great about my form, so I will look into this and experiment with it today.

  • What I’ve been doing with the overhead press is alternate the front and the back of the head to get a more roundup activation of all the shoulder. 1 rep in front of the head, one rep behind the head, to activate not only front deltoids but also mid, and even maybe rear deltoids. I don’t know if this is correct but I’m gonna keep doing for the sake of experimentation.

  • Jeff you are my inspiration!! I started working out 3 weeks ago, I have seen nothing but gains. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL. Please keep making this great content that I truly love. You are the best!!!

  • this isnt the right way to do it, its not a rotating of the wrist exercise its a shoulder exercise you should be bringing your arms from in front of you out to the side while going up like a normal shoulder press. Watch any other video on youtube on how to do it, they will show you the right way. also as mentions you dont lock out.. smh you should get your facts straight before you have all these people doing it wrong. 

  • This is the most Scientific SIDE LATERAL RAISE I ever watched. With the plethora of knowledge gathered in this video, I can even go and take a Physiology and Anatomy class about Delt Health in addition to going to gym. Long Hail Jeff Ji!!!

  • i never trust videos where these so proclaimed pro trainers have legs like that.. seriously, stop it marketing, its not funny anymore…

  • PSA: These videos are much more tolerable with the audio muted.

    Yo, dude, lay off the meth-spiked coffee. Breathe…breathe…say AUMMMMM.

  • Just so you know, you’re locking your arms out and taking the tension off the deltoids.. Read Arnolds encyclopedia and he’ll explain not to do that in detail. Maybe then you can teach his own move correctly.

  • This guy is NOT doing the Arnold Press correctly. But hey, I guess a lot of guys have watched this video because most people I see at the gym do it the same way.

  • Darn! This is just 65 pounds and he’s having a slight issue with it. Shows that he’s no longer juicing it up and he doesn’t have to since he’s no longer competing professionally. Good for him. He needs to concentrate on his business and overall health!

  • I have an impingement in my right shoulder, and the Arnold Press let’s me bypass that problem. This means I am doing them in place of a standard dumb bell or barbell overhead press. Not sure if that will inhibit muscle gains, but not sure what else I can do.

  • the bench back must be in 90 degree. otherwise your ass will slightly moves fordward so the upper chest is too much included in pressing. with this the execution will be 60/40 shoulder chest.

    so watch for the 90 degrees or do it while standing.

  • It’s tuesday!! Timestamps below as usual. Enjoy!

    Anatomy and muscle actions: 0:17
    Why is the OHP good? (What is not so good) 0:41
    How heavy to go? 1:51
    Set up the press: 2:02
    Executing the press: 2:35
    Dumbbell Presses 4:47
    Common Errors 5:22

  • Hi Jeff I bought you FBW program, and now I am at 1week Day 4 and I’m trying to understand this video and I think that the thumb should be at the top instead of the small finger. We shouldnt rotate the hand inside but outside to avoid the injury in the future.

    Please see this two polish videos. The guy @saker recommend how to do it properly.


  • Hey Jeff, love this video has been super helpful with Stephanie’s new program. When you say flex glutes do you mean squeeze them in or push out? Thanks!

  • You guys kill me with that”king of nattyland” believe me it shows that you’re all natty! It’s a good video, just leave the “natural judgment” out of it.

  • quick question, how much angle should be there on the bench, as I make it 90 degree and curve my back a bit, which sometimes dont end up well.

  • I had this personal trainer trying to tell me to lock out.. I tried telling him that I was keeping tension on the muscle, but he said otherwise. Trying to tell me to lighten the weight even tho the form was spot on.

  • I set up the rack a lot higher, so that when I unrack the weight my elbows are already locked out. I feel like I can brace better that way and still get the same rom. Any thoughts?

  • Yall know the universe created the golden area for a reason.its very very rare to see some guys built like them guys from wayy back when. Just like anything else these days, music movies technology, clothing.was good 20+ years ago now theres no talent

  • Is it me or does every channel on youtube involving lifting and fitness inevitably have the ” home pros ” chime in and tell all these trainers what they are doing wrong?

  • Do you pick it up from the floor first or do you press from the rack? Benching without a rack robs you of a lot of strength picking it up from the floor but lots of people do overhead press by cleaning it first

  • do you think it would be a less effective workout if your elbows were in by your torso the entire way up and down or would that not make much of a difference?

  • Good video, but I disagree with not locking out. 1) It’s bad for the elbow joints to work in partials over a lenghty peroid of time. 2) The shoulders are under constant tension at the top… 3) Why not bring the triceps in? That will make a way better carry over to the bench press etc. It’s things like these that make people spent way much more time in the gym than needed

  • Are you guys crazy you guys look nothing like Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER,he took steroids in the 60’s,70’sand possibly in rhe 80’s. He has admitted to taking them watch some of his interviews on the subject of steroids.

  • @Jeff Nippard What about rotating the dumbels to the inside (back of your hand pointing to the frontside of you) and by moving up rotating to the outside (back of your hand pointing to the backside)…as long as keeping the weight straight under the forearm (got to concentrate for the right coordination, important) this works quite well. And take turns with left and right (not both arms at the same time).
    Advantage: Full range of motion + angle do quite well + no shoulder contact
    Disadvantge: Getting heavy weights in this position

  • it looks like youre lifting with your hands as opposed to shoulder. there is a big difference. and you dont need to go all the way up to maximize tension.

  • I like the adjustment recommended for clicking in the shoulders. Would you have an adjustment for clicking hips when doing straight leg lifts?

  • I’ve seen also in other videos that you should take a big breath on the lockout at the top before your next rep, instead of taking it when the bar is on your neck bones. Have you heard about this?

  • Lateral raises are definitely a staple for shoulder growth. I especially love doing them inclined…..have achieved great shoulder strength and growth from that.

  • Just one of many things I have learned form Jay over the years. That and basmati rice and orange roughy are awesome
    I like to do mine with steamed asparagus too. And of course eziekiel bread and steel cut oats for my carbs but I have to say I don’t like in and out Burger at all.

  • In my opinion big guys like this appear too bulky and almost chubby in appearance. I wonder how healthy your heart can be with this amount of body to support?

  • Question and please anyone feel free to answer: whenever I OHP, my left wrist pops unless I have it wrapped up. It’s only my left and it’s only when I use a barbell for shoulder press. Dumbbell presses are fine. Can anyone tell me why that it and what I can do to fix it?

  • Sorry jay I don’t agree! Coming down below parallel puts a lot stress on the rotator cuff muscles and that’s not full range of motion.

  • Internal rotation = Shoulder impingement. Simple solution is lean forward and dont much emphasize for isolation of mid delt. Safety is more important than aesthetics.

  • I can’t get 100 lbs dumbbells from my quads up to starting point position but I can press them for 20 reps. That’s weird I see some ppl they don’t have a problem with it all

  • Excellent presentation on how to do a half-rep, high-incline chest press with dumbbells.  If you really want to exercise your shoulders, the standing dumbbell press, and weighted pull-ups, are the only way to go.

  • @Javier Pérez Este ejercicio es muy bueno pero no por ahora solo tenlo en la lista, me gustaría que lo hicieras cuando ya hayas tocado los hombros un poco mas

  • Are you seriously trying to say that jay cutler isn’t the man because of roids? Jay is probably in the top 5 best body builders of all time. It’s great genetics. Take as many roids as you want and train your hardest and you won’t be half the body builder as jay cutler. Don’t be a Fuckin Hater Bitch!

  • Definitely going to incorporate this exercise into my shoulder routine HOWEVER, DONT agree with full extention because locking out the joints is bad when lifting external weight and i usually only extend 95% of the way unless im working on straight arm strength!

  • If you want to get big wide shoulders.. you only gotta do 2 excercises… overhead press 6 sets.. side latterals 6 sets! add 5lbs every week.

  • Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but look at his right bicep. It looks different from his left. Old injury? (I don’t know much about Cutler).

  • So if you have splits like back, chest+shoulders etc, but when you do back, the next day you’re soar in your back as well as you biceps, does that mean that you didn’t isolate the back enough and let the bicep involve too much?

  • I like how people literally probably looked up “what is” or “how to do” Arnold Press. And people just criticize. Learn this & then make your own vid and talk quiet like a mouse. Or whatever you want, just stop criticizing. Look like a fool when you complain and criticize. Worse part is everyone criticizing is probably not even fit enough to have lung capacity like this guy.

  • Great tips Jim! Also do you have a program that’s specifically for shoulders? My arms after extremely overgrowing them now a days. Thanks!

  • Thank u jay. I do the same form. But at times whenever. I. Go on 70 lbs. for shoulder dumbbell press. I feel bit of catch in my right rear delt. Next day which stays for atleast 2 to 3 days. I had. Did injured my shoulder few years back but it’s better. Now. Is there anyone who could help me

  • the best advice i’ve ever heard for mind-muscle connection for the middle delts is to visualize trying to reach your arm up underneath a fence…if that makes sense

  • 3 important tips for free that is not mentioned in this video:

    1Use your hips to get the dumbbells to the starting point if you struggle.
    2Lower that bench for 10-15 degrees to decrease the arc in your back and take the pressure off.
    3Lay your head to the back and don’t move it while you are lifting and beware that the dumbbells are not too ahead of your head. (It caused me pull a muscle on my neck since the neck takes the pressure if the dumbbells are too ahead).

  • I do standing dumbbell press to warm up front delts and as I’ve learned here, it’ll hit the sides more. Then do barbell press seated to focus more on shoulder strength and less on the core/back. Informative video, thanks

  • Technically it’s the lateral head, as lateral means further from the body an medial means closer to the center. A common mistake, but the deltoid a do not have a medial head. Anterior, lateral, and posterior

  • Finally got up to 70 lbs with these little bastards. I noticed when you bring your pinkies up and thumbs lower on the lift it works triceps more, at least I feel sore myself there.

  • Is it wrong if i hold dumbbells in another direction?I mean,i just change the direction of my wrist (i mean,normally your pinkie is facing to your sides,but my pinkie is facing forward)