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Is The Smith Machine Good Or Bad For Building Muscle?

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So Can You Build Muscle With a Smith Machine? Should you use a Smith machine to replace a barbell squat? No.

Should you do all of your exercises on there? No. Incorporating the use of a Smith machine in your routine great — just know its role and how to get the most out of it. In that sense, the smith machine can certainly be used as a tool for building muscle and strength. However, if you are going to include smith machine movements in your workout plan, I would recommend using them sparingly.

There are 2 main reasons for this Problem #1: Fixed Plane Of Movement. The first problem with the smith machine is the fact that the bar is stuck on a fixed plane of movement. If you’re a well trained man looking to add muscle size, using the Smith machine for various movements can create the direct volume you need to see new growth.

You’re Limited In Terms of Exercises/Muscle Groups. If all you’ve got is a smith machine and you want to hit a big arm workout you’re probably not going to get very far Pressing, rowing and squatting movements can also be performed fairly well in the smith machine – but targeting muscle groups such as the biceps being extremely difficult and limited. 2. Using the Smith Machine will make you more prone to injury since you are not working and strengthening your muscles responsible for stabilization. The Smith Machine will build muscle imbalances which will make you more likely to get injured when you’re doing any sort of physical activity. 3. It is a teacher of poor form for any exercise.

The following two moves focus on the front and middle deltoids, but you can hit the rear delts with wide-grip bent-over rows and the trapezius via shrugs. How to Do It on a Smith Machine. Try to use a Smith machine with perpendicular guide rods. Use a bench seat that tilts down a few degrees. If you’re currently using the Smith Machine for anything other than short, partial-range training, calf raises or as an apparatus, quit it.

Your joints will thank you for it. If you’re considering buying a Smith Machine for your home gym, don’t. Again, your joints will thank you for it. Ballistic training is often lost with a standard barbell, but not with the Smith machine. Research shows that ballistic-type exercises can increase power and strength, which translates into more meaty muscle in the long run.

Fortunately, you can incorporate barbell ballistic moves safely and effectively with the Smith machine. Whether benching using free weights or the Smith machine, you can experiment with rep range and momentum. One thing about benching that I love is that using different weights and rep ranges can change the dynamic of the workout.

If you follow a 5×5 program and perform your bench pressing this way, you can build some real strength. No it wont. The Smith is fine just be sure you’re laying the right way as they have a push angle to the usually.

For regular back squats with feet below you the Smith can be a problem however for a multitude of exercises they’re actually really good.

List of related literature:

The vast majority of people don’t Smith machine squat this way, but you can indeed make your Smith squat feel very similar to your barbell squat.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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The Smith machine increases the safety of exercises such as bench presses, overhead lifts, and squats because you don’t have to worry about the bar wobbling or slipping from your grip.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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Comparison of muscle force production using the Smith machine and free weights for bench press and squat exercises.

“NSCA's Guide to Tests and Assessments” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Todd A. Miller
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But your muscles were designed by evolution to overcome the pull of gravity rather than to work against machine resistance, so the biggest gains you will make in building size and strength will come from pumping iron— using a barbell and dumbbells—rather than by exercising on machines.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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This can be done on a Smith machine, usually used in-season, or using free weights.

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
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Machines are usually designed to do only one thing, such as knee extensions, so they cannot be used for other muscle groups, other joints, or any other motion.

“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
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“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
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In fact, the Smith machine squat failed to significantly increase cross-sectional area in the vastus medialis and

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
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Perhaps a Smith machine can be adapted so that a deadlift can be done and weights dropped on the springs, or perhaps large rubber-edged weight plates can be used.

“Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard” by Keith Livingstone
from Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard
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Some people would disagree with that statement, pointing to studies that have shown that machines and free weights are equally effective for gaining muscle and strength.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
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  • Stabilizers are an absolute necessity for making progress, whether it’s strength, muscle mass, or both. You’re simply activating more muscles. Activating more in your body simply means your body gets more out of it. I stopped benching on the smith machine. Best decision of my life.

  • @joefx69 Recently i have been bench pressing more weight. nothing too heavy but i am increasing 5lbs a week. lately i have been getting a sharp pain on my lower tricep above my elbow when i push the bar up while bench pressing and my arm is extended in the push position. or also while doing dips. it hurts and i stop working out. it heals in about 3 days. is this something because of more weight or common injury?

  • Wow, once again these guys are right on. I can feel the weird pressure in my shoulder doing smith machine. I bought one on Craigslist and used it for a while. Eventually quit using it. Sold it again and got a power rack. Hate the Smith machine. Shoulder snap.

  • Hi and thanks for the movie. Youtube is perfect for this type of thing.My nephew had been bullied. He said he was going to get bigger. I laughed… Then out of nowhere he gained 40 pounds of pure lean muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building Bible (Google it). He does not get bullied any more.

    I registered earlier this week. See what goes on. And the guys emails are fascinating!!!

  • There is nothing natural about a bench press in the first place. My chiropractor says the stabilizer argument is ridiculous as these small muscles wear out very early in the exercise and there are much better ways to strengthen them than the bench press.

  • Hi there, have you considered “MuscLeader” (just search Google)? On their website you can watch a nice free video featuring the right way to develop visible muscle very fast whilst eliminating fat as well. Ryan and many other guys experienced good success applying this approach. It may work for you too.

  • Great video on Smith Machine workouts. Our resident personal trainer has looked at a lot of Smith Machines and rates the Marcy SM-4008 the most affordable smith machine for home use. Let s know what you think. Thanks!

  • Great advice Sean! I use the smith for squats coz I have mobility issues & also bench press coz I don’t have a spotter. But yeah it should only be used as part of your workouts as you said.

  • I always use the smith machine for my bench pressing, but also I do incline and flat dumbbell press. The Dumbbells do more for your stabilizer muscles in my opinion and experience

  • It’s not like Smith Machine bench is the only chest exercise people are doing. Incorporate some heavy dumbbell fly’s and dumbbell bench press to compensate for stabilization. Incline Smith Machine bench happens to be one of my most effective chest movements in terms of isolation and activation. Just make sure your form is perfect with your lats and shoulder blades retracted to prevent any unnecessary deltoid activation.

  • Thanks for the video!
    The only “gym” near me (planet fitness) at the moment does not have Olympic bars they have only smith machines. I’ve been trying to figure out how to use them to their full potential.

  • If I still have some problems with one of my knees, isn’t the smith machine still ok for squats and lunges in order to have better stability until the quads get back in shape and can support the patela?

  • the smith machine is made with a safety bar, that way you don’t get crushed by the bar if your muscles give out, like you see happen to other lifters who use free weights. you don’t need a spotter when using the swift machine.

  • All facts! Well said from the Goat himself!
    Question though! Is it okay or dangereous to do lay down on back doing leg press on a smith machine?

  • Had smith machine and olympic bench, stayed with olympic bench, sold smith machine and have never looked back. Like the old school weight lifting.

  • u know what man…i got no training partner but gonna switch to lower weight and free weights man cuz my shoulders have been gettin worst and worst. thanks man. u guys do good work

  • @tropsnaj Yeah man, that wont be your tricep, just a supporting muscle near it being stressed. Avoid Smith machines, they just work on the very un scientific method of “More must be better.” They’re as much of a fad as those rubber vibrating fat removers from the fifties.

  • Pushups aren’t nessacary at all and are actually harder than weights ��don’t be stupid. Your core is under alot of stress during a pushup and it’s something you don’t have to worry about using a bench press.
    So, nah, first part of your advice is wrong.

  • if the dude is overweight he probably can’t do push ups.. better off starting off with a empty barbell than train up to 20 push ups

  • If you don’t care about being athletic or being functional into old age, and it sounds like you don’t, keep on benching on the smith and working heavy leg press. And I know you are king of the leg press.

  • I’ve found for myself that I can get more reps on a regular flat bench. I fatigue in half the reps on a smith and it just feels more difficult and unnatural movement to press the same amount of weight. Free weight bench press has been my favorite workout. I also feel the same about Smith machine squats.

  • guys,i have a slipdisc problem and my core is weak which makes it really hard to do pushups.i prefer freeweight benchpress a d my gains through that has been great but my current gym only has smith machines.dumbell presses are also pretty hard for me.can I ask u guys n gals for some tips pls?breaks my heart each time i work hard on chest day only to feel 5% gains

  • That happen to be once I had a nagging sore for a week, It switched from my left arm to my right.. not a good experience.. I felt paralyzed almost.

  • Would you recommend NOT using the clamps if you don’t have a spotter so you can dump the weights if you get stuck? People give me shit about not using clamps sometimes but I only do this because I often don’t have a spotter. I’ve only had to dump the weights like this once.

  • I always find machines always hurt me and they always take time to setup properly but cable machines are the opposite and dumbbells are feeling better then a barbell except squats and deadlifts I see a lot of bodybuilders useing machines on camera say this is a great machine but I wonder if there paid by the machine manufacturers just like supplement companies you never know personally the smith takes up a lot of valuable space in a gym

  • Elliot is fucken brilliant he’s so spot on about returning to basics. World chess champion Mikhail Tal was known to read begginers chess books thought his career.

  • Over age 50 started using the smith machine about 3 months ago for safety and form. Recently went back to regular squats, my form is now better as well as well as increase in strength. I will continue with smith machine for heavier weight.

  • I was planning on getting a smith machine home gym for its safety and the convenience of saving space. but what if I were to add calisthenics like pull ups and push-ups would that give me the basic movements to flip tires and be less injury prone.

  • I disagree with the pushup rule. I think you should start on a chest press machine if there is one available. The reason being that you can only do so many pushups at your current strength, with a chest press machine, you can start at a lighter weight and progress as you get stronger.

  • Smith machine has its place in lifting. Wouldn’t and don’t use it exclusively, but I do use it in certain lifting cycles to break past plateaus and blast triceps. No reason to hate on it. Given the average bench for a male in the US is about 185 pounds, my guess is that statistically, most people commenting about it could barely bench their body weight and have no business giving advice about it.

  • Great video. A lot of good tips I saw that I was using it the wrong way can’t wait to try the right way now kind of new hopefully I find more videos how to use machines the right way and how to work the muscles that I’m working on

  • Thank you man, your tips are great! If I knew all these little details before, instead of training the stupid way without thinking, my shoulders would feel much better today.

  • I found that inclines on a smith machine are great. No shoulder problems, I can go deep, and perhaps most importantly, I can rerack the weights easily, which is important after a max effort set!
    Lift hard, lift safe everyone!

  • I have learned so much from your channel, and I was thinking exactly the same thing about the difference between the barbell and the smith machine.

  • You have valid points but lack a great deal of knowledge. They are a great piece. Unfortunately the poor man can’t afford an angle smith. But there is still many safe uses you can get out of a smith. The pain you are finding is because you aren’t using your stabilizer muscles and I can guarantee you don’t warm up properly. Don’t you think that if these machines were dangerous that big names like HOLT wouldn’t design one. Your using the wallmart crap imported from china, go big or go home!

  • sure is right. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. And I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. worth watch here now

  • I’m in the office and I just went and did 20 pushups. Think I’m ready for that there squatting. Wonder if my boss will let us install a squatting rack in the break room.

  • yeah, it’s not so much you’re afraid the bar will drop and hurt you… it’s this. I mean, what do you do after that happens, do you run out and never come back lol

  • A question that I’ve had for a couple of days now, but can’t find a lot of information about is whether a “free movement” smith machine is okay. It has an additional horizontal plane. Essentially, it has a bit of support, but it still forces me to use my stabilizing muscles for balance. Falling back or forward is still a possibility with this machine. Other than aiding with “not as much tension” (don’t know the proper word) and not having to make sure I am holding the bar at 180 degrees… I don’t see how it’s really taking that much away from my muscle development.

    Either way, I do other free weight squat variations with less weight. For example, I just started back in my workout and am focusing on building back my muscle memory before focusing on big muscle gain. I do about 35lbs of a variety of free weight squats and lunges, but then do a few sets of different squats using the free movement smith machine at 85lbs. I am trying to find a balance between working on free weight strength and posture, while still being able to build muscles in my booty and back with heavy weight…

    My plan is to do this hybrid until I finally work my way up to 45lbs (then I can just use the bar) on the rack and work my way up to body weight from there almost cutting out the smith all together (except on lazy days). Do you think I am shorting myself by using this process? In the past, I had gotten to my body weight in squatting on the smith machine only to be completely embarrassed when I couldn’t even do a proper squat on the rack using only the bar!! That’s why I decided to make sure that never happens again. I felt like I wasted months of working out by just using the smith… horrible!

  • I do a flat bench bench press with 182 lb with chains on it and then I go and use a Smith machine 190 max out when you use both argument is invalid

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  • Great technique. Sick of the whole you gotta touch your chest crap. As soon as your elbows go past your body on the descend your shoulders are at risk.

  • I wish my brain �� had the capacity to recall all the information you share on your channel, if it did, I would be a freaking Monster ����

  • Fucking horse shit! Name me some of these so called stabilizers involved in barbell benching. Also tell me how stabilising weight develops muscle. It’s tension and overload that develops muscle and thus strength.

  • Because, the smith machine isn’t like lifting anything in the real world. I’m just a newbie teen but I only started the real free bench and I was doing fucking 90lbs because of the problem I had balancing it last monday… one week later and I’m doing 135-150lbs for 5 reps. You’ll quickly learn to properly bench press and once you can, you’ll know how to ACTUALLY lift the weight instead of push a machine which puts you at quite a big risk of injury.

  • This great for people who travel I see Smith Machines a lot in hotels. Would you put elastic bands on a Smith machine for your bench?

  • If you seriously want to build muscle, you should search Google for “Max Muscle Extend”. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  • am I the only one who finds his face annoying? like he’s controlling it to look macho and shit. no hate there, still great videos and his contents are great. its just his face and the way he talks lol

  • I use smith machine for many exercises, I donit like free weights for bench, kills my shoulders. I do close grip presses and military on the smith in addition to flat bench, zwronissues

  • Most people say the the barbell on the smith only counts as 15 pounds instead of 45. Most people also say they can do about a 25-30 pounds more on the smith so it’s not really that you can’t stabilize the weights, your just doing about 25-30 pounds less on the smith. When your dealing with really heavy weights on a barbell bench, I don’t think stabilizer muscles come in to play that much, the bar goes straight down and you’re gonna have to push that shit straight up

  • I do both. If I’m training at 4am on little sleep before work, I use Smith machine so I don’t kill myself. Otherwise and ideally, flat bench. I think it’s ok to mix it up and always be sure to warm up your shoulders no matter what you’re using

  • Free weights are much better than anything. End of discussion. The only reason people risk anything with barbell exercises is because of their ego, no barbell will fall on you unless you carefully choose a weight YOU can handle.

  • Nice film. Love You tube due to this kind of information.

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  • Smith machine makes me feel powerful lol I can lift shit I can’t on a regular bench I feel like my arms Are made of string without the sm so I’m gonna leave it alone

  • As someone who only utilizes a low stocked community gym with dumbbells and a smith machine, it’s great to know how to properly operate the minimal equipment. This addressed issues I had because of a lack of knowledge. Following this advice, I could immediately feel a difference with better chest activation. Thank you for another quality video

  • This sounds dumb af TRUST me smith is way harder to do with free weights, smith keeps you locked in if u look at REAL bodybuilders like dexter Jackson he will tell u way safer on ur body

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  • I’ve always use the Smith machine, better stability, regular bench will have you benching unevenly, especially when you go heavy.

  • You will get a customized nutrition plan based on your age, height, weight, body type, workout routines and schedule with I’ve never seen a program that takes all of these into account!!! Follow MAXIDALE.COM for best results. The flight set goalss the reaction. The lush distance accommodates the transport. Why does the filthy rest improvise the wax?

  • Unfortunitatly the gym I go to only has Smith Machines. They do have variety of barbells, but no rack suitable for benching. So I guess I can make do with dumbbells?

  • deadlifts can be done, just takes a lil getting used to.. still not ideal, form will always be slighty off but if u use your brain u can avoid unnecessary injury. Got lemons?? Make lemonade bitch!

  • i think that we can switch to Smith machine to try to make progress and then go back on the regular bench. But hey it’s just advice! those fucking stabiliser do not need to work all the fucking time Jesus! give them a breack guys

  • if the bar gets too heavy on the bench press and you fail to lift it back up, and if there is nobody around, depending on how heavy it is you can slowly land it on your chest and roll it off to your legs then pick it up of your legs and drop it on the floor. I got pinned the other day at the gym and nobody seemed to to want to help, I also didn’t want to scream for help so i just rolled it off. Also if you want to avoid this problem just bench press in a squat rack with safety pins.

  • I’m going to contradict just about all you have said about using the Smith Machine for bench press.  If you set up facing towards the back, instead of the front of the Smith Machine.. the trajectory is a slight decline.. certain not straight up and down..  I have been a candidate for shoulder surgery for many years.. however; working on the Smith has enabled me to keep training.. that and the decline bench.  Using the decline every other week, or more.. will keep your stabilizing muscles strong and ready to react.. Using a stepper platform in the Smith, you can adjust the height of the bench.. This is especially good for anyone who has herniated discs.. and or has had spinal fusions.. Since you can set up at a lower height than a conventional’ll be able to utilize more leg drive, if you want.. Working with the Smith and decline.. will enable you to hit the flat bench more often.. for much higher weight.. if you have shoulder challenges.. The Smith Machine kicks ass.. and most people I know cannot do as much weight on it, as they can on a flat bench.. because they incorporate a lot more of their body to do the weight on the regular flat bench.. My personal bests on both.. are elite scale.. and so is my flat bench whenever I am pressed to get on it to shut a mouth yapping about how the flat bench is such a superior test of strength.. Pain shuts us down.. if you can do an exercise; like flat bench Smith, without pain.. you’ll continue to improve.. Done correctly.. the Smith will not give you any injuries.. it is when you are overloading on the flat bench squirming around..that the weight finds a weakness.. and injury follows..  The fucking flat bench is stupid.. ego driven BS.. I continue to get stronger while a stubborn partner of mine can only watch now the weight I’m doing..  Using the Smith as part of your plan.. will enable you to have new gains.. and LESS pains..  That’s my 15 minute contribution.. Thank you for the cool videos, keep them coming.. 

  • Yeah. Trust me, if you are hiking the alps and you boast to ur buddies that you can carry all their bags and then you overestimate your strength, lift the weight, couldnt stabilize and then you will twist and break.

    Stabilizers will prevent injury throughout life.

  • If you only lift to impress others at the gym sure go ahead, but if you want to be strong so that you can play sports or if you get into fights etc, having a strong chest and that only is going to fuck you up,

  • Truth. Once I started back working out, the 10 dollar a month membership was what I could afford at Planet fitness. Started benching on the smith machine, feeling the consequences. Had to lay off the shoulder for about 3 weeks.

  • God these two are complete morons! Last video I’ll ever watch. It’s the opposite actually (at least for me), Smith machine took the strain off my shoulders and all the power is coming from the triceps.

  • i personally do not agree with any of their bullshit
    i’ve had zero injuries with smith, i regurlarly switch from smith to regular and never noticed any difference in weight or reps

    if you bozo’s got a problem that you can’t move your arms on a smith machine then just move and adjust your fucking bench you idiots!!

  • Fuck das why my shoulders hurt fuking shitty gym im at only got smith machine…… Imma start doing dumbell bench instead…. Thanks for the info

  • @ntjnssntjnss1 hey man can i just ask you without u giving me a ton of abuse, why is u gettin all madshit crazy just cos these guys gave what they always stress as ‘advice’? If u dnt agree with them thats fine noone’s saying you have to.. as much respect as i have for these dudes because they’ve helped me out a lot even i dnt agree with everything they say but i dnt write them a paragraph of disapproval lol

  • I don’t use barbells at all anymore, switched to strictly dumbells, and I only use cable machines like Precor for my finishing excercises, I’ve noticed much better gains and much less strain on my shoulders.

  • Places like planet fitness have smith machines because technically they’re not gyms, theyre fitness clubs. Its in the fine print. A place like gold’s gym will have a free bench cause its an actual gym.

  • I used the smith a lot for chest in the past but i now only use it for behind neck shoulder press and shrugs coz no matter how safe i pressed my rotator would get injured wen going heavy…

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  • I have had a weight to heavy and couldn’t get it up and just asked a guy beside me if I could get some help. Nothing embarrasing about it. What was kind of embarrasing was when I helped a kid out of the same problem and he proceeded to increase the weight and get stuck a second time in a row. I did not help him he second time. Some other guy had to.

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  • This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about you have less chance of getting injured on a Smith machine while doing bench press than you do on the old fashioned barbell


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  • i think that they are good for you because you have fucked muscles….i would not recommend the smith machine at all…if you have fucked up technique any exercise can get you hurt….but with smith machine since its an unnatural movement the chances are greater.

  • I think anyone who says that the smith machine is bad for your shoulders or is unnatural has acutually never even tried it. Like CT says its all theory you dont know. Smith machine is great. I bet you guys dont even know what a stablizer muscle is or where its at.

  • Holy shit you guys are smart. Ive been using a smith machine for about 3 weeks now and ive had the worst pain in my left shoulder. i didnt know why but i guess the rumors about smitch machines atre true. damn

  • It is true smith machines make your body follow a motion that is just not natural, free weights are the best, don’t have a partner? lift a weight you are comfortable with and learn your limits.

  • Thanks a ton for the movie. Fall in love with You tube for this type of material…

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  • damn i had the same kind of pain in my shoulder, esp when i relaxed it, i had noticed that when you are pressing you can push against the sliders to help you up with the weight

  • many people say smith machines cause shoulder issues, barbells started to give me shoulder issues and switching to the smith machine solved it, and i feel i can focus on the muscle more since i don’t have to concentrate on balancing the bar. fuck stabiliser muscles i just want to look good.

  • Elated I stubled onto this vid. Love Youtube because of this type of material…

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  • We have been telling people exactly what the twins are saying here for over 10 years in the gym we operate. But almost no one really appreciates it, until they acquire an injury. Thanks for explaining this so well Twins|!

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  • Willing to bet you can’t translate that same weight to a free barbell bench press. People underestimate how much it takes to stabilize that bar. I do all my presses on a smith machine so I like them. I don’t train with a spotter so thats why. Just saying thats not a +40 lb increase. Having the safety pins does help me attempt to press much more weight though.

  • dont listen to them smith machines dont fuck you up smith machines are designed for perfect form straight up and down as long as you position your self correct on the machine you will be ok if it hurts you are positioned wrong but i never use machines free weights are the best to build muscle

  • It’s very true. Bench press is the worst on smith machine. Because I can bench 315 all day on a regular bench all day. 1 time 2 times on smith machine 5 times! I can get 6 plates! And when i switch back to a regular bench I could barley hit 315 1 time

  • No shit man. Of course he is gonna be bigger then these guys. They are natural. Lee Priest has been juicing and probably takes growth hormones also. No offence to Lee I think he is a cool guy. But come on man you’re comparing apples to oranges here.

  • I’ve had bad rotator cuffs so I started using the smith machine on my chest days and I have to say its less pain full on shoulders.When I go on the regular flat bench my shoulders were hurting.I’m getting stronger agin since I’ve been using the smith machine.

  • why do people miss the point every time? he isn’t telling you that smith machines are bad for you. he’s telling you that if you are experiencing this kind of pain and you are using this machine, there is a possibility that the two are linked. in his case he found that this solved his problem. and if you want his advice that was it. people gotta accuse the guy of being a liar and question his knowledge. look at the dude’s fucking physique. you’re gonna tell me he doesn’t know what he’s doing?

  • Hello, have you heard about “MuscLeader” (have a look on Google)? There you can watch a great free video demonstrating the right way to grow noteworthy muscle fast whilst dropping body fat as well. Kev and hundreds of guys with the same goal had good results utilizing this system. I hope it helps you also.

  • I have a question John I can get underneath the 70 lb dumbbells okay I’m 70 years old but I tried to get under the hundred pound dumbbells and I had trouble my biggest thing I think the gym I workout at the benches are bolted to the floor so you have to grab them carry them and then put them on your lap and then lay down with them and start benching them that’s a lot of work you can’t bring the bench to the dumbbells for the less travel what do you recommend

  • Hi there, have you heard of “MuscLeader” (search on Google)? On their website you will find a great free video demonstrating how you can build noteworthy lean muscle easily while eliminating unwanted fat as well. James and plenty other guys enjoyed good success because of this system. Hopefully it will work for you as well.

  • Smith machine is awesome if used correctly and people who say the high press is only for shoulders don’t understand the relationship between the anterior delts and the clavicular pec.
    There is no true isolation!!

  • I get joint pains on my shoulder days and I’m not sure if it is from the Smith Machines. I start the day off after doing a short shoulder warm up by hitting the Smith machines for my militaries and super-set them with front dumbbell raises. The joint pain doesn’t start until I do my one arm dumbbell militaries super-setted with dumbbell side raises. Could it just be too much stress on the joint? Or could it be more serious like tendinitis?

  • And I would advise anyone who was unsure about a really heavy weight to do it on the smith machine rather than a regular bench. Its much safer, and I’ve found my bench go up a whole lot by doing a combination of regular bench and smith machine.

  • The Smith machine is good becauae it prevents injury. Once injured you lose gains and in many cases you don’t fully recover. I use the Smith machine for all body parts in addition to free weights but when it comes to heavy poundage using compound movements the Smith machine reigns supreme especially if you are training by yourself and if you are older.

  • I use the smith machine after i do dumbbell press, to burn off anything left in the chest. the smith machine does a good job targeting the chest. If you have weak stabilizers you should be dumbbell pressing anyways not barbell pressing.

  • I don’t agree with the push ups thing. I could do ZERO push ups when I started weight training, now I can do some push ups because of the weight training.

  • If you desire to get ripped, you may want to make a search on Google for “Oak Muscle Method”. You are certainly get the appearance you deserve.

  • Elliot should have known he wasn’t able to integrate his bicep properly with the movement and should have warned him or done something to prevent that guy from tearing his bicep. A bicep tear in bodybuilding will FUCK you for a long time. That’s not cool he obviously doesn’t train for functional strength he trains for sarcoplasmoc high volume hypertrophy not farmboy strength training…

  • Man the problem with the is I have disability and I can’t walk by myself that’s why I’m using the Smith machine cause I can’t stay stable so what should I do please I need the answer bro. Thanks

  • My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with Morsch Muscle Madness, but then they saw the results. Go and google Morsch Muscle Madness to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  • Total BS the Smith machine is benficial beyond your beliefs there lits of things that you can only through the Smith machine give me break kid don’t know the heck of you’re talking about the Smith machine is good

  • Cont 1

    I read you article on Smith Machines. Thanks for the laughs. Aside from you parroting what you obvious read elsewhere and just copying it you are technically incorrect on several points. The one point you got right is free weight are indeed dangerous. Spotters are useless. As if anyone needed proof of that simply look at any of the many blopper videos where some bozo is trying to bench too heavy a weight and he’s got 2 beefy spotters, and the weight this falls on him. Duh!

  • Damn been doing new routine bench press on the smith machine for 2 weeks, when i switched to reg bench press i had to drop 10 pounds to do same reps =( wish i had seen this video earlier

  • Yeah your right. Just something about doing squats in a smith machine doesnt look right. People normally use smith machines to get a better range of motion but in fact there looking to snap their shit up.

  • I used a smith machine for the first time today. I allways do flat bench. I like it because I can max out without a spot also I dont have to worry about that last rep I cant get falling on my throat.

  • I think uve fucked ur shoulders from doing to much dips, compound movements, and ur body isn’t use to the movement, I change from bar, to dumbbell, to cable, and always change my program just slightly, and I’ve never had problems with shoulders, only time ever was when I first started was way to far out flys, but don’t tell people to not do smiths, everyones body reacts different, u guys give out great advice, missed your line listen or do whatever the fuck u want to do

  • John, i had a discussion with my gyms owner today over the positioning of his smith machine. Thanks to the info you provided me i was able to show him it was turned around the wrong way. You are a master teacher. Lots of love bro, Adrian!

  • Free weights Smith machines. I know a dude who could shoulder press 185 on the Smith, but when he’d do real military presses, he struggled hard with 135…while I’d be smashing that shit out…and I’ve never messed with the Smith. That ish is wack. And for the Jay Cutler comment. Dude isad juiced up and could gain crazy muscle with any Jimmy Struthers workout regimen. Use Smith only if your form sucks ass so bad that you need something to help stabilize your weak ass. Haha “Stay Free”.

  • I cant really do pushups but I’ve benched for about a year now. My max has gone from 125 to 170 so idk what you mean about having to do a pushup. Some of that work comes from your abs anyways

  • would this still be a good idea to do after you finish squats with a barbell? I’m assuming it would as it sounds good but just wanted to make sure

  • When I first joined planet fitness and started using nthe Smith I thought I was going to blow out my shoulders if I put any significant weight on it. ( It’s the only option they have).

    I’ve found my sweet spots. I usually set up the bench the same as you said. I then do about 20 reps with just the bar to make sure I’m comfortable.

  • Smith machines are like the wonderbra because they are misleading for especially the user by inflating their ego with misplaced confidence. Don’t have a friend in the gym? Make some or at least ask someone to spot you when they can. Don’t have a spotter? Control your damn ego and lift weights you can actually lift.

  • This makes so much sense!
    I lift at home and bench 245 for 12 on my smith machine at home
    At the gym i can barely get 210 for 12 im sellin my mo fuckin smith machine
    Dumbbells all day!

  • actually it is very likely a numb will drop the weight on their chest. I seen it a ton of times. I seen some teens the last time i was at the gym and that what happened to them. Numbs stabilizer muscles are usually quite weak is why. 

  • Perfect machine if you have bad rotator cuff. Only “ego” cares about how much weight a person bench presses or use of a smith machine.

  • Thanks so much i really needed that info u save me from a waste of time i feel so bad that I been using the smith machine on bench but i guess fortunately I was using dumbbells for chest workout to @hodgetwins

  • @tropsnaj…to the point where you hit the minimum of your rep range and continue to repeat the process with that weight. Will give more time to adapt all the smaller muscles groups and wont stress the tendons any where near as bad. And remember, good form is also vital.

  • @tropsnaj Some people say always increase weight. I wouldnt recommend this personally, as supporting muscles cant always keep up with the major groups. When I trained like that once, I snapped my pectoral tendon, and couldnt bench for 6 months. This is what I do now and havent had issues with. In your scenario, I would bench the current weight and not change it until you can do the maximum of your target rep range. Then repeat in your next bench workout. Only after that increase your weight…..

  • @joefx69 it’s funny because I was on a smith machine doing bench press when i felt a tear on my lower tricep when I was fully extended.

  • Those wobbly movements are the other muscles engaging to support the movement. As Smith machines take this away, injuries will occur as these stabilising movements wont happen, and as a result, you’ll be unbalanced. AVOID PEEPS

  • thats why! exact same thing happend to me. after about 3 weeks of using smith machine i developed some sort of clicking sound on both shoulders.

  • @ntjnssntjnss1 it doesnt matter about form the smith machine is still an unnatural movement even if some do allow u to go forward n back. personally i think its much safer and effective to use machines espec the unilateral ones.. but hey dude if smith machines givin u no problems go ahead and keep using it but i would be AMAZED if u got to like age 40 and didnt have a lot of shoulder pain from it

  • I always used dumbbells for my chest and never felt anything. Tried the smith and the next day my chest was on fire. So IMO the smith machine does work.

  • craiglist advertise used weight plates and cheap barbells. My gym closes to me only had a smith limiting my deadlifts and love free barbell much better

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  • I’ve been using a smith for a few months because there’s no normal barbell in the gym, I’ve never had an injury, but it still sucks

  • Good day Sir l love your how to smith machine videos do you have or can you do a how to video on squats with a smith machine if they can be done safely thankyou keep up your great informative site John in Winnipeg ����

  • You don’t have a damn clue what you blubbering about. If you have shoulder pain you ignorant gym rats aren’t using the machine correctly. Duh! Some machines do allow you to lift in a arch. But guess what dummy, that is the WRONG way. The correct body position is so the bar is lined up with your nipples or a inch above or below. Spacing of your hands should be so forearms are vertical at lowerst point of lift. Shoulder pain is VERY common in weight training and duh, the main cause is bench press

  • So I should totally not bother with benching if I have trouble doing pushups? I now realize why the entire bodybuilding community laughs at you.

  • Until and unless you can do at least 30 flawless one arm one leg push ups with each of your arm,flawless means no extreme bending of the waist,not even to the side,if you lift a leg,you can do it without ever bending you waist,so,unless you can do 30 of those,there is really no reason to go to a gym and do bench press,its not like you should not,its just that you do not need to.Meeting this above requirement with both hands means you can bench press 130% of your BW 30 times,thats some serious shit,by that time you will be pretty buff in your front delts and triceps.I did not stop at that,I wore a 55 lbs back pack and did those,worked upto 30+ reps again,which made it repping 150% of my BW 30 times,not to mention a double BW bench max.

      Bench Press is as awesome an exercise as it gets,I will bench all day without ever getting bored,I bench a lot now,460+,but I made it to 405 lbs bench max just through calisthenics,and I still do those push ups for high rep endurance training,a strong and big backpack and 7-8 bricks.So,first atleast become able to do 30+ one arm one leg pushups,then think about bench pressing,you can get seriously buff with your BW.

  • If you really want to get a six pack, i suggest you take a look on Google for “SSM Muscle Method”. You are sure to end up getting the muscles you merit.

  • I was thinking of buying one for my house. I notice you can get straight up and down ones and slightly angled smith machine like this one. Wich is better or is just personal preference

  • Think I just discovered why my shoulders keep getting hurt. Mostly use the smith machine, and looks like I’ve been doing it wrong. Thanks!

  • Man u got me pumped! I just stated Goin to the gym in January, and was starting to get a groove until everything closed. I can’t wait till the gym opens man. I’m Goin so hard. Can’t take things for granted.

  • I saw this and the Shoulder workout with you and James. Great info and watching the videos during workouts when needed for (re-explainatiin of the techniques and science). A question: Is the angle of the arm/elbow along with the hight of the bar (Smith machine) to the nose/mouth the difference between getting more anterior deltoid activation than the upper peck (shelf)? John I’m having to start all over again due to an injury (feeling in left shoulder), walking past a full length mirror, and stepping on a scale.

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  • Glad i came across this. I always stayed away from smith machines just because i heard negative things and ive always been more of a believer in dumbells for stability and didnt want to remove that factor. Well being as though my heavy weeks are limited to 75lb dumbells at PF (over 35min drive to next nearest non pf gym vs 10min away) i need better options to overload when i go heavy. Thanks for the video. Once gyms open back up this will get added! ��

  • This is kinda true because at planet fitness I use to bench press on a smith machine and then I went on a regular bench press and that shit went all over the place! I couldn’t get 1 rep done

  • I appreciate the movie. Appreciate Youtube for this sort of information.My best friend had been bullied. He explained he was gonna get bigger. I didn’t believe him. Right up until within a few weeks he packed on 40 pounds of absolute muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible Google it. He does not get bullied anymore.:)

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  • Just started using the smith machine at a Planet Fitness gym again.Had a bad case of shoulder impingement from using that machine on an incline you shown.Thanks for the advise in using it correctly and the proper angle to use it with.I’ll try it this week and let you know!!������

  • Yo Elliott so I have membership to planet fitness only widely national gym that’s accessible for what I do for work as a trucker. Most of there equipment consists of machines I mainly use the free weights (Dumbbells) most locations basically none have barbells that cannot be loaded with plates all they have is smith machine what do you recommend to get those gains???

  • I’m a stage trainer for professionals. Smith machines are an excellent source for muscle development. Free weights elongates the fiber within the muscle. However, the machine balances your form for a lesser chance of damaging various muscle groups.
    Crossfit is great but will burn more muscles. Body building is great but lacks endurance.
    In other words, the crossfit guy will win the race but the body builder will out bench press you any day

  • In my humble opinion bench pressing is more for strength, there are far more superiour exercises for building pecs.again.just my opinion. I do love the Smith machine..i use it for overhead press, Squats too.

  • 1:18
    I got scolded at Planet Fitness by one of the Regional Managers for setting up my decline like that lol

    It only stopped me for that one day. It’s the only way I decline but it’s almost always dumbbells.

  • I always looked down on the smith machine when I was younger. Now I use it almost exclusively for chest. I’ve found that it doesn’t stress my shoulders as much so I can real isolate the chest. Seems easier to take shoulders out of the motion.

  • I’m recovering from an acromioclavicular decompression surgery and I wish I woulda watched this video before I got hurt your the man john I appreciate all of your content ��

  • I bet if you grow the afro a litt bit more, lean out a bit more, your good to goo to replace that Black Brad Pitt dude in CSI (RIP him)

  • you really don’t need a spotter when you use a regular bench press. they serve no purpose and they get in your way. and it also makes you look like a wimp when you need help.

  • Thanks John, I’ve been lifting for over 20 years but I’m still open to learn better tips for growth and to avoid injury especially now that I’m 52. Your advice is golden brother, thanks.

  • Every fitness person has their 2c it seems. I can probably agree the unnatural movement of the smith machine is not great for the shoulders i have heard this many times before. Dumbbells being better than barbell i think is an opinion. Kicking heavy dumbbells up is really quite terrible for your shoulders and i think your counteract any shoulder benefits it had. You can use a spotter i guess but not all of us have access to such. I prefer to use safety rails and proper bench press technique. My chest became very stagnant on dumbbells and improved massively in converting to bench.

  • Smith machine is easy to find the angle, the bar is never at eye level, if it drops to your sternum, that is usually the right angle, setting up the bench is the most important part, as central as possible and further back than you normally think. Always do a warm up set with lower weight just to fine tune the angles.

  • I always do seated overhead press on a smith machine. I had the best shoulder gains from smith machine overhead press. Smith machine is really great if you want to keep the maximum tension on the primary muscle.

  • John, for the incline press, where do you recommend we set the bar to land on our chest? I know for the decline you said a little under the nipple area.

  • Wtf is everyone talking about?? Smith Machine more dangerous than free weighted bench press? If you can’t do pushups don’t bother using a bench press? Wtf are you on? Some people weigh 200lbs and can’t do pushups so you’re telling them to not even bother trying? Jump on the bench press, stack up 50lbs to start and build your chest, shoulders and triceps! You’re going to get stronger over time but that’s not gonna happen overnight people…its common sense guys, this is what happens when too much “newbies” try to help their newbie friends. SMH

  • Yep, I’ve used it in the past. All training programs work as long as progressive overload is there. Depends which specific workout. If you’re doing rest pause stuff on the smith machine, or squatting very high intensity then yes you should have someone there to help.

  • It probably isn’t the Smith machines fault. Your friend is probably on the juice. Slot of athletes are on juice too. Kids stay away from the steroids, you get big fast but the muscles are weak.

  • Thanks for the video. I’m currently at planet fitness and felt like I had lost hope because of all the smith machines. Now I have been motivated once again! Thanks!

  • In the history of gyms, has anyone ever declined to give a spot?
    “Bro can you give me a spot?”
    That just doesn’t happen. Ask and ye shall receive (a spot).

  • I think it help beginners! Or people got one weak arm due to strokes or etc.. I use it bc my left arm is weaker than right due to stroke..

  • All that’s just advice. You can do whatever the FFFFFFFFuck… you wanna do!!! (as the twins would say it).. I actually think the Smith machine is good if you dont have a spotter. It’s safer in that regard. I use free weights to do chest and shoulder personally it’s less cheating.

  • in the second position of the incline bench press the bench was at about 10 degree i like to ask about the bar position.I think it is too high as it should be under the lower chest like the first position of the bar in the decline bench press????

  • Thank u. I was about buy a smith machine but you convinced me that i should not. At least at this point in time. I’ll go with a squat bar.
    Thanks again for ver good explaination.

  • I,do lots of chest,in sets,but loads,I’m not in to body building,or power lifting,I just do the weights,for strength training,my main work out is plenty of cardiovascular work,for heart and lung,efficiency,and to help my blood pressure,that is a must,to get out of breath,to build stamina.

  • 1.Smith machine squats: By isolating the movement to a few key leg muscles, you end up placing greater stress on your knees. The machine also prevents you from getting maximum benefit from the squatting movement.  When you squat using just body weight or free weights, on the other hand, your entire lower body gets a great workout, as you have to use both your core and legs to stabilize.

  • That’s not the machine. That’s because he does the same exercises for that muscle. Lifting free weights without a partner really makes your dominate side stronger only.

  • Mix it up!!! Use variation! Surprise your body!Machines are great when you just need to isolate muscles but you have to use barbells, dumbells, body weight.. The lot! Mix it!Try different routines! There are two kinds of people one kind that just want to look cosmetically good! The other type want to look good no doubt, but they also want to be fit, athletic and durable!

  • @oggkveo you are correct. Most of my friends had this problem even with hard work no muscles were coming. Between I must say I credit all of the 30 pounds of ripped mass I have put on since 1 video series it changed my life. lucky i could find this video >>

  • I needed to hear this! I have been killing myself trying to use the smith machine. It is so uncomfortable even with the squat cushion. This is great information and it makes sense. Thank you again!

  • You make an excellent point, Elliot! It should be obvious, but I can now see how integrating movements outside of machine lifts should be incorporated into your exercise routine.

  • The only reason I use the Smith Machine is due to the loss of 3 toes of the left foot. My balance is off and without the control, I would lurch forward and faceplant.

  • 100% agree..I hate the smith machine.. Everytime I step on one, it makes me fear am going to curve or break my bones someday.. It feels totally unnatural as if am not control of the weights.. I hate Planet fitness.. gotta find another gym nearby

  • I’m trying to do the smith machine right now because I was stuck on the regular bench. I couldn’t get above 225. I will change it up though as I don’t wanna put pressure on my shoulder.

  • im in the exact same situation.  can you show some examples of this, and some other exercises that can be used as alternatives.  i did some lunges on the smith machine today and that seemed pretty effective.

  • I don’t get it. He has access to a barbell for bench press I assume? Power clean some heavy weight up and front squat that shit. That’s what I do. I don’t have a power rack, only a barbell and incline bench. I have to power clean the bar for every set of squat, step up (plus the press to get it on/off my back), incline bench, and overhead press. I’m getting epic gains.

  • lol kinesthetic awareness and muscular balance. balance is forced upon by a smith machine, and for the former, it seems rather subjective. as long as you’re seeing results, and your form is good it shouldn’t matter.

  • I increased my bench by 40 pounds on the smith machine from the flat bench so I think I’m gonna stay with the smith machine plus if you can’t push it up and you don’t have a spotter you can rack it on the lowest level

  • I only have a smith machine and what I picked up from this vid is to just go through the motions of a functional excercise (like using a broomstick) before and after I use the smith machine, but I don’t see how that would help as the broomstick or empty bar wouldn’t apply any added force

  • Yo Elliott I had a stage befor where I was doing 30kg on free weights with bench press for me that was a good improvement to when I started kinda lost touch a bit since kids have come ect now I’ll be getting back into things really wanna start again as befor I was going to the gym atleast 4 days min. Sometimes 5 was just cardio Tho or very light weights on my 5th day.

    Some advice for getting back into it I don’t wanna cause myself an Injury what do you reckon I should start at and what sort of program please thanks Harry!!!!! ��������


  • Smith machines are actually a great way to learn how to squat in my opinion. Use super light weights and position your feet such that the middle of the foot is lined up with the bar. Then you can just go down and trust your form, for the most part, will be good as you are forced to keep the bar at the midfoot. Memorize the movement, then move to real barbell weights and the squat rack.

  • I play baseball (pitcher) and I’ve never thrown so fast as when I did functional strength training. We worked a lot of hips and obliques using complex weighted movements and a lot of bodyweight exercises with plates attached.

  • Thanks for the great info you just saved me $1,500 I was going to buy one due to the fact that I work out alone but I will now just build a squat rack around my bench press so I can put up a horizontal bar parallel with my body in case the weights come down on me. Again thanks for the information as this was going to be my only piece of equipment I was going to use for my weights.

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  • Sounds like the dude goes to PF. Plenty of stupid smith machines there. And unwieldy dumbbells. But not a barbell in sight. Well, except for those that are fixed and only go up to 60lbs. I think Elliott did a video about PF. Gonna go find it.

  • The neck press is a very good excercise for the upper chess which means the elbows will be out alot but you have to go light so you dont hurt yourself. I’ve been doing neck presses for a long time & it definitely builds the upper chess but also the whole chest.

  • I don’t know this guy but it makes sense.I did machine or leverage machine benches when i first started back and on the next cycle for chest i did free weight benches.Very humbling and sore in places that i hadn’t been.I was like nervous or something i was trembling.I like both machines and free weight and i think there is a place for both.

  • I have big dumb muscles and I have hurt myself doing the simplest lifts. Not sure if this is the cause of my accidents every time, but I do appreciate this video for allowing me to see something that I haven’t thought about before.

  • for heavy compounds like squats. deadlifts. it is best to not use smith. it recruits.too much stabilizing muscle for the lift. for other compound exercise I will usually do free weights and then.move to machines. the free weights help build more functional muscle yes due to more recruitment. the machine helps eliminate the other recruitment muscles and focus primarily on the target muscle. most time in free weights the stabilizer muscle gives.up before the target muscle does. if you can’t stabilize no more you can’t perform the workout. this is why I believe incorporation of free weights and machine is essential.

  • This is actually kind of the situation in in. I have dumb bells, a Smith machine and a curling bar essentially. so ill try integrating this advice.

  • What are you guys talking about? Smith machines are great and I have never had any joint problems or joint pains. I think it is the best way to bench and make gains. Regular bench has fucked up my rotator cuffs and this is the best method for benching for me. I think thats just your opinion and people should give it a try

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  • people who refuse to use machines dont train properly. people who only use machines dont train properly. mix it properly to shock your muscles with isolation and free weights and u got the magic combo IMO