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Strength + Aesthetics Workout Program!

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My Workout Program

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FULL BODY WORKOUT ROUTINE | Strength + Aesthetics!

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Minimalist Workout Routine | Full body Workout ( All Sets & Reps)

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How to Build An Aesthetic Physique!

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Buff Dudes 5x5 Workout Routine Day 1

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The Original 5 X 5 Training Program

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This aesthetics workout features 3 different muscle building options. Tired of 5x5 training programs and want something a little more well-rounded? This aesthetics workout features 3 different muscle building options. Aesthetic Workout The Complete Anti-5x5 Bodybuilding Program To be aesthetic.

That is the goal. But what does it mean?Aesthetic Workout The Complete.

Anti-5x5 Bodybuilding Program. To be aesthetic. That is the goal.

But what does it mean? To look amazing? To have a beautifully balanced muscular physique that places emphasis on quality lines over freaky muscle mass?

Yes and yes. Related: Build an Ideal Physique Using This X-Frame Aesthetic Workout. Aesthetic Workout The Complete Anti-5x5 Bodybuilding Program Tired of 5x5 training programs and want something a little more well-rounded? This aesthetics workout features 3 different muscle building options. Aesthetic Workout The Complete Anti 5x5 Bodybuilding Use This Workout To Sculpt Aesthetic Shoulders That Have Ultimate Aesthetics The Jeff Seid Workout Generation Iron The Best Back Workout For An Aesthetic Physique Muscle.

Aesthetic Workout The Complete Anti 5x5 Bodybuilding Ivysaur 3 week intermediate aesthetic workout routine 2020 aesthetic muscle 5 day body part split workout routine the best science based full body workout for growth 11 stus performance meets aesthetics bodybuilding functional fitness. Share. Tweet.

Email. Prev Article. Next Article. 113 Best Aesthetics Bodybuilding Images Sexy Men Hot Guys Hot Men. Aesthetic Workout The Complete Anti 5x5 Bodybuilding Program. The 10 Most Aesthetic Physiques From Bodybuildings Golden Era.

The Old School 70s Bodybuilding Routine Bold And Determined. What Is The Difference Between Aesthetic Bodybuilding And Normal. Learn about your favorite pro bodybuilder. Aesthetics bodybuilders. With their bulging muscles and impossible physiques one might think that a bodybuilder is the epitome of health.

Laura binetti is an awesome bodybuilder but she is also an amazing womanshe has won countless. Aesthetic Workout The Complete Anti-5x5 Bodybuilding Program.pdf. Enviado por. j. Train Like a Fighter Val Riazanov. Enviado por.

Alex Tofani. 7 Fat Burning Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning Workouts. Enviado por. Gaston Saint-Hubert.

Pulling Mechanism 2. Enviado por. comicreader. Bodybuilding Anabolic and Nutritional Supplements. Bodybuilding program pdf.

Bodybuilding Workout Routine FAQs. What is a bodybuilding program? A bodybuilding program is a workout routine that emphasizes muscle growth (i.e. muscular hypertrophy) in the athlete.In contrast, a powerlifting program is designed with the goal of increasing an athlete’s one rep max in the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Aesthetic Workout The Complete Anti-5x5 Bodybuilding Program Tired of 5x5 training programs and want something a little more well-rounded? This aesthetics workout features 3 different muscle building options.

List of related literature:

To achieve this look, training transitioned from three weekly full-body workouts to five to six days a week training a single body part daily with high training volumes.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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Properly executed, this routine molds strength, size, and definition into perfect symmetry, creating a classic bodybuilding physique.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2008

It’s necessary to point out that in addition to doing exercises for only one or two body parts at a time, bodybuilders also spend many hours a week implementing nutrition and supplement strategies to achieve their desired levels of muscle size and definition, without which it can be hard to achieve the same appearance.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

The bottom line here is that this book addresses various goals for just about every body type, age, and gender; a woman can make an equally impressive physique transformation even if her goal is not traditional bodybuilding per se.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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So, when it comes to creating physique goals, it’s imperative that you focus on the process (training) rather than the results (aesthetics).

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

The goal isn’t to look goodfor afewyears while ruining yourbodyin the process but to establish a sustainable lifestylethat gives you the physique you want while improving yourhealth and longevity.

“Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded” by Michael Matthews
from Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded
by Michael Matthews
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My real start to bodybuilding came from the Bill Phillips Body­For­LIFE program.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
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Today, bodybuilding is about nothing less than the establishment of a new aesthetic of embodiment.

“Encyclopedia of American Folklife” by Simon J Bronner
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All participants in natural bodybuilding competitions develop their bodies exclusively through intelligent nutrition and intense training.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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This bodybuilding workout could be considered a once-per-week series of assistance exercises.

“Complete Book of Throws” by L. Jay Silvester, Jay Silvester
from Complete Book of Throws
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  • Hey guys. Just wondering if letting the weight drop with the pendlay rows is for a reason? I thought the explosive part would have been on the upstroke. Not being a wiseass…genuinely would like to know

  • Any one tested out the Custokebon Secrets (google it)? I have heard numerous amazing things about this popular weight loss method.

  • Ice baths help with inflamation and DOMS but hinder muscle growth a bit. definitely better if you’re training for strength rather than hypertrophy

  • Nice dude. I found a bodysolid power rack, 300lbs of plates, a barbell, ez bar, and bench on Craigslist about a year ago. Guy said make an offer so I said 300.00 and he said sold. I think I got a hell of a deal. I think I’m way more motivated to work out at home.

  • Since switching from hypertrophy to 5×5 I literally get so hungry. My appetite has dramatically increased. I’m also seeing some serious strength gains too.

  • can i add one 5×5 compound moment in bro split like one day chest 5×5(bench press) next day brabel rowing and deadlift then one exercise of biseps and triseps 5×5 and then next day shoulder press then squarts 5×5…i thinj this is good…after 5×5 exercise we can include remaining exercise as hypotropy

  • Double ‘LIKE’ on this segment, Lawrence! For past couple of months ive been doing a 5×5 work out (Strong Lift) without knowing exactly what I was doing. Now I can look deeper and berter structure my plan. Many, many thanks.

  • I’m on round two of strong lifts 5×5 with about 2 years ago being the first round. One thing about it is that you will at some point fail to progress as the weight just gets too heavy. I’m 47 so this time around I modified the program where I am only squatting every other workout instead of ever workout as I need the extra Recovery time. On the workout where I do not squat, which is the bench and OHP workout, I will throw in some additional shoulder and arm hypertrophy training. Also on the OHP I only go up on weight now every other time and the days I do not add weight I will add some reps and do a 5×6 and usually go to technical failure on the last set. Last go around I tweaked a muscle on the OHP which sidelines the move for a month or more so being a little more conservative. I usually add an arm day in there once a week on an off day when I feel like getting a little more work in. Then go for walks. No running as I need the recovery time.

  • Thanks for sharing your routine mate, I’ll be back at gym soon and was looking for 3 day full body routine. Definitely I’ll give it a try!

  • So simple, yet so effective. That’s how would I describe diet plan from NextLevelDiet. Now I belive that simplicity is the key to brilliance.

  • Do you do this in round like do workout A the entire thing For example 3 times total please help cuz it seems the volume is too low and I’m a beginner and it’s hard to wrap my head I lift as much as I can but still really don’t feel the affect or I’m I just retarded

  • I have been training for a year and made some gains, about 6 pounds. Will this program be good for my level. Also I would only be doing this 3x a week not every other day.

  • If you are wondering on how you would program in training blocks with increasing volume check out Video;

  • I’ve been working out at home with resistance bands. And though I like them and get a really good sweat I’m not quite seeing the progress I was hoping for. Its hard with the gyms closed down. I want to find a way to get the 5×5 as my foundation. I think it would be good to get back to a tried and true method that works

  • Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping from weight loss plan to others as well, I think that I must have tried every single fat reduction method that was available, but in the end not one of them made it easier for me to shed and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Custokebon Secrets simply because my cooworker who told me incredible things about it and so far to date I’ve successfully dropped 16 lbs within 4 weeks!

  • I do
    20 curling reps
    20 bench presses
    20 bent over row
    20 dead lifts
    20 squads
    20 overhead presses
    With 30 60 seconds rest in between reps weekend off gym I feel extremely burnt after I’m done heart rate over the roof but is it enough to build muscle and lose weight over time?

  • I’m gonna say the routines of yesteryear are more better suited to the typical trainee of today Laurence my workouts consist of 5 exercise with a total of 21 sets including warm ups the only difference I do is I alternate the squat and the deadlift MINT

  • I do these 5 × 5’s almost every workout. I find them helpful. But i NEVER overdo it.�� Amazing knowledge on the history of this!��

  • My NEW Strength + Aesthetics workout program is now available for download!

  • I’ve noticed when people like Kai Greene or Seth feroce do bent over rows they jerk the weight, Ronnie Coleman to! It’s like their form is kinda jacked for bodybuilders st that level!! Why is this

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your everyday nutritional intake. While they may generate fast weight loss, these kinds of diets are never a long-term answer for your waistline. It is best to search Custokebon Secrets on google search engine since it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • What is the best way to lost lots of weight? I read a lot of great opinions on the net about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost a ton of fat. Has anybody tried this popular weight loss methods?

  • After doing Stronglifts a while I just did my 1st session of the Phase 3 of Reg Parks programme. WOW! Currently in ice bath now searching to see if any other nutcases have done this. Even with only 1 min rests it took close to 2 and half hours. I also switched Skull crushers to Dips as prefer compounds.

    I am now going to do an hybrid version where do the phase 3 workout only 1x a week with 2 days recovery. And the other 2 days a regular Strong Lift A + B. I get the feeling this will hit everything in a week and I don’t think my lifts will suffer as I do small weekly increments opposed to daily.

    Cheers for the content. Got me through this ice bath.

  • My Strength + Aesthetics Workout Download ->

  • My knees used to hurt every time I squatted even without any additional weight, but I kept squatting every day until I felt like I was about to get an injury, whenever I felt that, I stopped. The soreness was less and less frequent and now I don’t even feel my legs, I’m using a wheelchair right now. Just kidding, now my knees work properly, I don’t know what the problem was but it’s gone for good and using some heavy weights! Maybe I was doing something wrong but I got the muscle memory to do the squats properly?

  • Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (search on google)? I’ve heard many awesome things about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • Not hatin bro, and not judging, also just askin cool, and not boasting but isn’t it required to do warm up sets on the other exercise and not just on deadlift?

  • So you only do two warm up sets prior to the first exercise? (In this case, the incline bench). Do you warmup for the rest at all?

  • What do you think about spliting full body workouts into vertical and horizontal movements every other day like mondays squats ohp pull ups and wednesday deads bench and rows? But doing bit more volume per workout.

  • Great video man! Leroy Colbert recommends 6 sets per body part for a full body workout. Do you think that’s too much? I know he said that one can still specialize on certain body parts more (extra sets/exercise) in a FB workout while still hitting the rest of the body.

  • Hey Eric I pruchased your ebook and was thinking about switching the 3×5 straight sets to RPT similar to Kinobody’s GGP. I’m wondering which is better if my goal is to build strength and an aesthetic physique. Anyways just wanted to know your opinion and keep up the great work!

  • Hi EricFit, thanks for your share. But i have a question, I should do all the exercises all workout day? For example:
    Incline Bench
    3 sets x 8 Reps
    Bent Over Barbell Row 3 sets x 9 Reps
    Press 3 sets x 8 Reps
    Pull Ups
    3 Sets x 8 Reps
    3 sets x 6 Reps
    Incline Curls 3×10-12
    Lateral Raises
    Tricep Extension
    Wednesday, Friday: Repeat.
    Is this too many exercises on a workout day?
    Hope you reply soon

  • Is this all for looks? What has kept you motivated all these years other than sex? Now that I’m in a relationship and no longer a single sex addict, I’m not motivated to be a bodybuilder anymore

  • Hey was wondering how many days you do full body? 3 or 4? I’ve tried doing full body one time but kinda backed off since i felt it was a lot of volume for one session. I would think it’d be harder to progress the more exercises you do right? Sometimes i get burnt from the first couple compound lifts. Just wondering from your experience!

  • Well, seems like you buff dudes ain’t “cool and with it” no more cuz I can’t find you on the snappie 😉

    Love these old workout videos!

  • Seating Calfraise: Soleus
    Standing Calfraise: Gastroc + Soleus

    But the Soleus doesn’t grow much anyway (mostly type 2 fibers) So I’d say, standing is the way to go.

    Also, the gastroc with its two heads is a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

  • hey guys, not sure if you still read new comments/questions from old videos, but i’ll give it a shot.

    what if on the last set with the heaviest weight you couldn’t complete five reps (let’s say can only do 3 reps), do you
    1) take a step back then go in and do another 2 (or 3) to complete the set, or
    2) lighten the load and do a repeat of 5 full reps, or
    3) assume the set is completed?

    what’s Buff Dudes’ choice on the matter?

  • Dealing with some SI joint inflammation and pain right now. I can still do the workouts. I’m just extra careful right now and these mobility exercises are gold. Love what you guys do! Oh and I’m starting the 5×5 this coming weekend. ������☀️

  • But…. how long does this take? Isn’t like 30 min. max? Including 1.5 min. of rest between the sets.

    Good advice bro, I’ll try this shit. I also want to burn calories I think I’ll do jump rope.

  • Why do I feel like I don’t get a good workout when I do 5×5 I’m using as heavy weights as I can but I don’t get a good pump or anything and then the next day I’m really not sore at all

  • My Strength + Aesthetics workout program is now available for download!

  • Hey Eric great videos!!! Do you do Ab Exercises? I’ve heard that getting strong on the compounds is enough, but I would like your opinion.

  • What do you think about using the lat pulldown instead pull ups, since i can’t that much pull ups to hit a decent volume due to being little overweight

  • If I am able to squat 245 pounds for one of my sets, what weight should I start to use on the 5×5 program? Squatting 245 for 5 reps almost makes me pass out. (It’s very hard for me so I don’t think i’d be able to do it for 5 sets)

  • Started the 5×5 1 month ago. At first it was 40lbs for most of everything. Following a app. Definently was no challenge. So I upped everything to where it was nearly impossible to push the last set. I’m 39, 5.11, and 270lbs. 50lbs gained being a fat ass. 215 -220 was my average size on my frame. I have the dad bod going on, arms legs still have some muscle lol, but that dam beer belly. Lol. I’ve always been a strong person, so I like to challenge myself when doing the 5×5. But not blowing my back out. All this started from having a second child, now 4 months old. Our first daughter is 12, and would love to give our son a bunch of healthy years of ourselves. This is a start, and is motivating my wife also. We both are eating healthy for past year.
    I’m starting to integrate another set in there on the dead lift days. Like bicep curls etc. YouTube is a great tool for some techniques. Great video also ��

  • I used to cycle through the stronglifts 5 x 5 for strength training. I used to make a few adjustments and a little more with accessories.

  • Hey Eric I really like watching all your videos, I hope you’re doing good and start making new videos soon. Would you say this old school progression method is better than a straight linear progression for a beginner? I’m trying to figure out the best way to progress in the gym.

  • Hey Eric, what would you recommend as a substitute for bent over rows. I find that they really aggrevate my neck no matter what i do.

  • Man, I’ve been doing RPT for a while but the past month this has been what I’ve been trying and I love it. Just made a few changes, can you tell me what you think? Didn’t want to squat 3x per week.

    Workout A
    Pendlay Row
    Curl of some type
    Lateral Raises

    Workout B
    Bent over row
    Incline bench
    Glute-ham raise
    Neck work

    Going to use the same progression scheme as you (love the concept) but slightly lower reps with 4-6 except for bent over rows where I think 5-8 is more appropriate. Thoughts on this?

  • Honestly, you give the best and simplest advice out here. What I like the most is that you don’t overcomplicate things like many other youtubers. I’ve been doing full body workouts for 4 months and then had to back off due to an injury. I injured my medial triceps tendon on the overhead press… was doing 100 lbs for 5-6 reps, 3 sets all @ 163 lbs of bodyweight and it all happened because I was progressing too quickly haha and I was pressing 3x per week (adeed almost almost 40 lbs in 4 months and my tendons couldn’t keep up). All that I have to say is that full body workouts work like magic and just keep up with the amazing content. Hope you read this since it’s an older video haha

  • Nice vid and work man! Keep up all the good work! I just hit that sub button and watched man, if you could take a look at my channel and at all sub me back if you enjoy to help both our channels grow that would be huge thanks man

  • It’s fascinating how recent sicentific literature shows us what is the right thing to do every year. Now we know that static stretches do harm than good and you should stick to dynamic stretches before exercise if you want to do stretches.

  • Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear most people lost a lot of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • Hey man just bought the program, was wondering how to progress on the incline bench? Since it’s three times a week I can’t add weight to every workout. Also can’t work up to any reps cause it’s only five reps. Just a little confused. Also is it fine to swap out tricep push downs for another Tricep exercise? Thanks again

  • My Strength + Aesthetics workout program is now available for download!

  • I think you should talk about the excellent form your are using. There are so many benefits.
    Easier in joints, better activation of muscles, safety, etc.
    Your form reminds me of Jeff Alberts of 3DMJ. I see you are barbell rowing like he does.
    Any thoughts on training for guys with smaller bone structure.
    I think bone size really impacts have much training someone can tolerate.
    I have 6.5in wrists and when I started taking 2 days off between workouts i got really strong.
    Also staying away from failure on compounds helps as well as not doing same exercise back to back.
    For example bench press then 2 days later dips. Seems to help joints and recovery, less repetitive stress.

  • Awesome routine man. I run a full body A/B 3x a week alternating. Same progression scheme but I use 3×5-7. Been making good progress my lifts are a little below yours.
    What’s the song at 3:56 btw?

  • Glad to see that I’m not the only one who snuggles up with a dumbbell when I sleep lol 😉 Great explanation brother and even better conclusion, “keep working out while having fun”.

  • Thanks for the content brother. I’ve been looking for a simpler workout that I don’t feel completely drained afterwards. I have a tendency to work at too high intensity so this rep scheme is just what I needed. After this workout I felt complete different than I normally do afterwards… not completely wiped out and irritable. Cheers!

  • Can anyone tell me if i can apply this 5/5 program on a hypertrophy program routine? Like for example just change the 8-12 reps to 5 reps but keep the exercise and the number of exercise the same?

  • Hey eric can i ask about the weights you select. So should i select a weight i can do 8 reps for all 3 sets? Then add a rep if i can achieve this for the next session?

  • Hey mate, important question do you have any recommendations for replacing deadlift? I really do hate how much risk it brings, recently my lower back has been killing me after these. Or should I just drop the weights and practice unless I can do it absolutely perfectly?

  • Love the 5×5. Not only am I increasing in strength, but everyone says my frame is getting wider.

    What I currently do with 5×5

    Barbell curls
    Barbell skull crusher
    Barbell overhead presses
    Barbell loaded squats
    Barbell deadlifts
    Barbell rows
    Pendlay rows

    After those, calesthenics.

  • Hey man your program is similar to Jeff’s full body program from Athlean x. What’s your opinion on his version? ( you can quickly see it in the description)

  • Thanks for making this video. I have recently started powerlifting more seriously and I heard the 5×5 was a good way to start build strength in the key lifts. Very well explained video

  • Great video and routine. I have a query though if I want to follow this do I do the same excercises in the same order 3 times a week?

  • I did strength training before it doesnt get you as jacked as higher rep stuff. You can do progressive overload using 8-12 rep range and you’re going to be way more jacked without doubt.

  • Do you need to do squats or can the leg push machine work Aswell my left knee is fooked leg press machine for some reason doesn’t affect it as much

  • These guys are brilliant, ive just discovered them, I want more buff dad as he is more my age although he’s 5yrs older, he doesn’t look it.

  • This is the same as the 5×5 stronglifts workout from Mehdi

    Read more×5/ Hes great thsi just rips off him.

  • Great video Lawrence, I have tried the 5 x 5 StrongLifts previously but found as a skinny fat 51 year old it did little to reduce my fat levels. How would you incorporate any other exercises to get a degree of fat loss.? How about a video aimed at us skinny fat guys who seem to be fighting a losing battle:)

  • Is it bad to do 5×5 bench, squat deadlift. With isolated exercises to following. Say like bench 5×5 then do triceps exercises for secondary muscles?

  • Lawrence, thanks very much for your very informative videos. I have not seen them all and am confused about the “Strong lifts” program and the Rich Park 5X5 program. Perhaps you could refer me another video you have produced or provide me a bit more background on the “Strong Lifts” and its relevance here. I appreciate your valuable time and advice.

  • You can find other intros like that in the frozen section of your local food mart right next to ther CORN DOGS.


    Dope video tho.

  • I think this is a better program to follow by doing the best strength building exercises first and alternating for better recuperation and recovery. How can you do deadlifts to the best of your ability if they are done latter in the program and follow squats.

    You say your program is for the development of an aesthetics body

    My program is for the development of power

    Workout A Workout B

    Big Six Template

    Squat Deadlift

    Bench Press Military Press

    Row Cleans

    Secondaries Secondaries

  • Thanks Eric! Nice video man love how your always so down to earth and no bullshit when it comes to this game, do you still follow Kinobody principles? I myself have been training for 6 years and have done so many different splits and programming protocols and have bought so much stuff into this fitness game and it’s good to see a fellow lifter who preaches same stuff! I have to agree with full body it’s honestly the best

  • Great way to get big and strong. Hard compound lifts surged my appetite and went from 12% BF to 20. Now need to do a long cut. Back to 8-12 reps 3 sets and more volume. Shorter rest and obviously less weight.
    Still do compound lifts but only 1-2 at the beginning of the workout followed by more isolation. Doing a push pull leg day cycle. Would love to get in 6 days but many times just alternate weights day with yoga day. I’ve tried 2 workouts/day but that never lasts. Honestly not interested in looking bear mode. Would rather get my 6 pack back.

  • Hey Eric. Wondering what to do on non programmed days of your ebook program. HIIT? Also I’m not sure how to find starting weights. Any suggestions?

  • Hey Eric, great videos my brother. I am gonna be purchasing the ebook soon.

    I just had two questions. First one is, I am beginning to develop tendonitis in my knees cause of basketball. I was wondering if you could recommend exercises that are alternatives to squats or lunges, or if there is a way to do these exercises that put minimal pressure on the knees. The other question I had was, I have +20% body fat, should I just implement a high protein low carb calorie cutting diet, with your workout?

    Thanks for your time.

  • There is so much information overload on routines, reps, sets, etc. Thank you for taking the time to share a simplified and effective routine based on your results.

  • Just scooped it up! Congrats man, I imagine this was a lot of hard work for you! glad to support and looking forward to diving in the ebook!