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These 5 alternative quad moves will prove anything but boring. Move beyond squats and the leg press and evolve your training with these advanced quad building exercises. 5 Quad Exercises for Advanced Gains #1 Rear-Foot-Elevated Bulgarian Split Squat (banded) you’ve most-likely heard of this exercise before. The quads serve as the pimary movers in the squat (in addition to the glutes) so training them light, moderately heavy, heavy in the back squat is great way to build upon their size and. For supersized quads that fill out a pair of jeans (or look damn good in a short swimsuit), you need targeted exercises that’ll give you muscle definition and, of course, strong legs.

The road. I highly recommend stiff-legged deadlifts and leg circles for training your hamstrings. Top Quad Strengthening Exercises – The 30-minute Quadriceps Strength Routine You Need. Here are some of my favorite quad exercises.

Quadricep training is also very taxing when executed correctly, and 2-4 sets of 2 compound exercises will easily be enough to achieve maximum size and strength gains. As with any form of bodybuilding training, always make sure to place your focus on progressive overload by consistently adding weight to the bar over time. For a full-on quads workout (that, let’s be real, sets your whole lower-body on fire), mix and match a few of these quad exercises and get ready to burn. Time: 20 minutes. How: Stand with feet just outside the shoulders, and hands behind your head.

Squat, keeping your knees behind your toes. After holding this position for two seconds, jump up. Pull the toes to your shins in midair to prepare for landing.

Land in the starting squat position, hold 3 seconds, and repeat. Even beginner lifters usually have a pretty good idea how to pump up the “show muscles” like the biceps and the pecs. Attaining six-pack abs is fairly straightforward, as long as your body fat percentage is low enough. But ask a beginner what quad exercises can build big, powerful quad muscles, and you’re usually going to get two answers: “squats” or blank stares. Weeks 5 and 6: 5 sets 2. 1.5-REP BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT With 1.5-rep training, you do twice as many reps in the bottom position of the exercise, where you are weakest.

Leg extensions are a basic quad exercise, but doing them for 100 reps with hardly any rest will leave your lungs burning and your quads wondering what hit them. While you’re going through the reps, you’re going to hurt. Power through and keep the rest to an honest 10 seconds—not a slow 10-count that takes 30 seconds—and you’ll be impressed.

List of related literature:

Followed by grade III and IV joint mobilization (distraction, anteroposterior glide, and medial/lateral tilt), followed by supervised stretching (hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves) 20-30 seconds, 4 reps on both legs.

“Physical Rehabilitation E-Book: Evidence-Based Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention” by Michelle H. Cameron, Linda Monroe
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Weight bearing as tolerated is permitted, and isometric quadriceps exercises along with straight-leg raises are begun within 1 week of injury.16,18,39 When consolidation is evident on follow-up radiographs, active range-of-motion exercises are encouraged.

“Insall & Scott Surgery of the Knee E-Book” by W. Norman Scott
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These exercises are primarily used during the first 8 postoperative weeks in which emphasis is placed on controlling pain and swelling, regaining full ROM, achieving early quadriceps control and proximal stabilization, and resuming a normal gait pattern.

“Noyes' Knee Disorders: Surgery, Rehabilitation, Clinical Outcomes E-Book” by Frank R. Noyes
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Standing hamstring curls may be added around week 6, as well as limited-arc quadriceps exercises (90° to 30°) and multiple-plane hip exercises into abduction, extension, and flexion.

“Orthopedic Interventions for the Physical Therapist Assistant” by Maureen Raffensperg
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Minimizing the risk of injuries involving the two-joint muscles (in this case, muscles that cross both the hip and knee, including the groin, hamstrings, and quadriceps) requires careful emphasis on not only the concentric (shortening) phase of the training program but also the eccentric (lengthening) phase.

“Strength Band Training” by Phillip Page, Todd S. Ellenbecker
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These exercises included standing hip abduction, isotonic seated hip abduction and adduction, and seated leg curl.

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Modify the intermediate seated hip external rotator and extensor stretch to include the soleus, popliteus, flexor digitorum longus, flexor hallucis longus, tibialis posterior, gastrocnemius, and plantaris muscles of the lower leg as a combo stretch.

“Stretching Anatomy” by Arnold G. Nelson, Jouko Kokkonen
from Stretching Anatomy
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McConnell (1996) suggests that isometric quads exercise should be taught early, placing emphasis on VMO activity.

“Exercise Therapy in the Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders” by Fiona Wilson, John Gormley, Juliette Hussey
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The exercises described below evaluate whether MET applied to the suboccipital region, MET applied to the shortened hamstrings or isotonic stretching of the quadriceps offer appropriate ways of modifying tone in these muscles (Pollard & Ward 1997).

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This programme consisted of a continuum of exercises from single­joint hip external and abduction training in non­weight­bearing conditions to complex static and dynamic multi­joint exercise in weight­bearing conditions, with simultaneous accentuated activation of the hip external rotators and abductors.

“Strength and Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications” by Marco Cardinale, Robert Newton, Kazunori Nosaka
from Strength and Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications
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  • hi…i m in 4th month post op…i can not bend my leg back to the hip…plus my leg is not straight yet…,,,,there is bend of almost 1 inch..and i lymph while walking…please doctor tell me some exercise for these problems..thanku…

  • Shrimp squats are easier than pistol squats, im saying that as someone who can do both. And how can a list on the hardest calisthenic leg exercises not have dragon pistol squats on it…

    Thanks a ton anabolic aliens, I appreciate you guys for helping me and everyone else with these exercises

  • i didn’t know calisthenics leg exercises can be this entertaining to watch, didn’t know even some of them existed! will definitely add them into my routine, thanks bro!

  • I suffered a knee injury back in January and my lower quad is atrophied. Do you have any helpful suggestions as to how I can wake my quad without having to purchase an ems unit? Thank You!:)

  • Love this guy so much no homo but like he gives amazing 5 minute exercises and he’s so enthusiastic about it all e.g at 2:40 SPEEED SQUATS WOO

  • I was playing basketball and someone’s knee slammed into my leg. I asked to sit but I had to stay in the game. At first when the pain got lessened I though it was over but now I can barely walk or move my leg without pain

  • can i just say that you’re fucking AWESOME. you’re so encouraging and you push us to do our best while reminding us that taking rests and hurting is not a sign of weakness. THANK YOU you’re the best guy on this channel

  • Only fitness youtuber who gives human advice to take rest and pauses in between otherwise rest all programmed to say “cmon guys dont stop.. No pain No gain.

  • I did reverse lunges and now i can’t even do squats…when i go in a squat position the area above my knee hurts so much…what should i do??It’s not knee pain.

  • i there! i ruptured my acl 4 months ago and did NO surgery! I am a crossfitter and my knee is extremely stable since the rupture. I am using these excercises to furrher improve my current level.

  • I have a problem in my both thighs.i am feel too much heavy in my thigh quadreceps muscles.pease suggest me exercise to get rid of these

  • Hey Listen! (Zelda tone)

    For starters dont do 1min rep go for 30sec and 2sets during the first week exercises should be done for 3 days straight and 1 day rest and repeat annnnd sleep early to prevent straining your quads cause resting is very important to recover

  • Doc i have a problem i play soccer on a daily basis when i shoot with more power or shooting practice i feel the pain on my shooting leg mid thigh what do u think is happening to me and how can i prevent it plz help me doc.

  • why do white people start gettin skin cancer, looking all wrinkled as fuck when they live in cali, arizona etc.? Maybe white people should stick to climates they meant for, i.e. UK, Ireland, Germany?

  • You’re video is awesome i was thinking pistol squat was the best thing ever well nope continue like this! It could be really good if you did a video in the same way of that one but for chest are back exercice i’m not strong enought for plank and don’t know where the next level before it

  • done this workout about 20 times and still can’t get through without taking breaks……. have never done more than one set ahahahahahahahaha

  • I feel like it’s just better to stick with normal pistol squats, glute and ham bridges, and then you can do some one leg and add some weight when necessary. And then add weight to the pistol squats when necessary. You could straight up buy some bag of concrete or find a rock if you are cheap.

  • Hi doc. I have patellafemoral pain for 1 and half year. Plz suggest something. What exercise should I do for ths. I’m from India. I can’t stand on my knees more than 20 minutes.

  • No way, after I did these stretches and I read the comments and everybody was saying that it helped them instantly. I decided to stand up and try to walk again and I actually was able to walk so much better without pain wow. ��

  • Bro when I first started this workout I was only able to do the first round and made it out barely alive. After doing this twice a week for a month I can bulldoze through all the rounds like it’s nothing. Your workouts are killer man ��

  • Hi Dr Jo thank you for all the wonderful videos. Always recommend your videos. Was wondering would these work for rectus femoris Tendinosis at AIIS?

  • Oh thank you so much!! I woke up last night with a very tight cramp in my upper thigh.
    YouTube and found you. You were my lifesaver last night. �� Thank you.

  • guys, working hard is cool but work smart. after an intense leg workout like that give yourself the rest day, dont work out through soreness. couldnt move for a week, went to hospital for 5 days, got muscle atrophy and now i can start all over again

  • I’m 60 and 14 weeks ago I had a total knee replacement.I had serious ACL damage also.I am back in the gym doing dumbell squats, leg press machine,glutes& hamstrings..yes it’s sore at times but getting stronger every day

  • I’ve one question, stretching means the actions that are done by the muscles?, cuz I made a hard exercise and I feel severe pain in hamstering and adductor muscles ��

  • Would these stretches help for quadriceps tendinitis?

    I hate that when I fire my quad muscles, my left has a full contraction while my right doesn’t contract as fully AND the top portion of my knee (where the bottom of the quad and the top of the knee meet) hurts like hell. My left quad is more developed than my right. Sucks.

    Any help, Doc Jo?

  • It happened to me one time and I have done such a good rehab and now im back at it with full speed how likely is it for me to get another acl tear?
    The Pain is the scariest thing when it happens

  • Este es el comentario en español que estabas buscando
    Sirvete de debatir sobre que te parecieron estos ejercicios
    Hipertrofia fuerza etc

  • Thanks Dr Jo, Great video, pain has almost gone after first stretch, will carry on for a few more days as you recommend.:)

  • Purchase a printable worksheet with the Quad Stretches in this video here:
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  • My goal is to do this whole workout with no rests
    8/14/20: I have now done this four times in the past five days and I am noticing myself getting better at this workout with less excess rest.

  • Hi Dr Jo, I had an over use injury in my thigh a month ago which has left me with a dull achey feeling in the thigh at times. It doesn’t seem to be tight at all when I stretch it. Should I try to strengthen it?

  • Yo Vanilla ice, i mean vshred, I thought higher up on the leg press plate engages more ham string? While lower down more quad? And do you happen to drive a mustang 5.0?

  • Dr jo. Pls help. Whenever i do quad stretch. I get pressure on my lef knee and no stretch on quad muscle. What modification shall i do

  • Hi there,
    Love your Video but unfortunately my Floor is Hard and my Knee hurts to even touch it! Instead I was wondering if You could do these Stretches on Your Bed instead? Also I can’t do that Standing Quad Stretch so what else can I do instead? So please respond back and let me know!
    Thank you

  • sir,,, I most humbly request,,, I have some problems sir just now I am sport person with injured the my knee I am going the hospital taken the MRI say report partail tear in PCL and ACL one dr say need to operation and another Dr say no need operation I am confused sir what I do sir…..

  • Hi..i hv got this quadriceps muscle problem because of this my one leg is getting thinner, will it help? And if yes then hoe often I should do this? Plz help me

  • So are the advanced moves more about a skill or real strength? And if it’s more about strength do you feel like the strength is helping you in sports or just e.g. sprinting jumping (strength)? And what about the adaptation of the tendons ligaments can they hold up to the forces if carefully progressed or will there be eventually wear and tear on them?