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5 Hamstring Exercises for Advanced Gains #1 Hack squat machine Romanian deadlift. I know? a machine. But at least it’s not a lying leg curl machine.

You may #2 Single-leg Romanian deadlift. The Romanian deadlift remains one of the most effective hamstring builders by far. #3 Ball leg curl. Hamstrings continue to be at-risk for speed athletes.

And while the Nordic hamstring exercise receives much attention, there are other valuable exercises that can help solve the hamstring injury problem. Coach Carl Valle offers seven strength training movements that are complements and alternatives to. My Favorite Hamstring Exercises 1 – Dumbbell Back Extension. The dumbbell back extension is the King of hamstring exercises, activating more mean and 2 – Bodyweight Single-Leg Prisoner Back Extension.

By placing your hands behind the head in the “prisoner” position, the 3 – Barbell. The 13 Best Hamstrings Exercises of All Time 1. Glute Bridge. How to do it: Lie down with your back, palms, and feet flat on the floor, knees bent.

Press both feet 2. Single-leg Glute Bridge. How to do it: Lie down with your back, palms, and feet flat on the floor, knees bent. Bring 3. Bench.

Download My App For 7 Days of FREE Workouts: Today’s hamstring workout will run you through 5 of the best hamstring exercises that you. Beginner Hamstring Workout 1. Back Extension S ets: 2–3 Reps: 15–20 2. Machine Leg Curls Sets: 2–3 Reps: 12–15 3. Swiss Ball Leg Curl. There’s nothing wrong with so-called static stretching, but as with a warm rubber band, your hamstrings are far more responsive to static stretching after a workout. A better way to make sure your hams stay healthy is to work these 10 bodyweight hamstring exercises into your regular workout regimen (or even your regular office routine). The Top 5 Exercises For Increasing Hamstrings Mass Hammer your hamstrings with these 5 exercises: stiff leg deadlifts, leg curls, wide stance box squats, plate drags and barbell deadlifts.

As mentioned in a previous article regarding the quads, the legs provide the. Not only is this not the best exercise you can be doing for your hamstrings it’s actually setting you up for a hamstring INJURY! SEE WHAT TO DO INSTEAD OF CURLS If you’re an athlete, or just someone who’s dealt with a hamstring pull in the past, you’ve got to watch this. If they’ve been neglected, the hamstrings will have to be worked more often until they catch up to the powerful quads.

12 Step Program. Each of the 12 exercises described below will hit the hams and glutes hard in a big way. Choose one to three of them and add them after your main leg exercise of the day (i.e. deadlifts or squats).

List of related literature:

These exercises include the hurdler’s stretch; the single-leg or double-leg inverted hurdler’s stretch; deep knee bends, lunges, or squats (with or without weights); the standing straight-leg toe touch; the arch or bridge; the standing torso twist (with or without weights); inversion; and the shoulderstand or plow.

“Science of Flexibility” by Michael J. Alter
from Science of Flexibility
by Michael J. Alter
Human Kinetics, 2004

Early strengthening exercises should include multiangle isometric thigh-strengthening exercises (between 60 and 90 degrees of knee flexion), quadriceps sets with the knee in full extension, three direction straight leg raises (ie, hip flexion, abduction, and extension), weight shifts, and mini squats.

“Insall & Scott Surgery of the Knee E-Book” by W. Norman Scott
from Insall & Scott Surgery of the Knee E-Book
by W. Norman Scott
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

The key exercises utilised in this area include straight leg deadlift, hamstring bridging and good mornings to work the hamstring primarily across the hip, and a variety of hamstring curl exercises (lying hamstring curls, swiss ball/suspension trainer curls) to stress the hamstring across the distal aspects.

“Routledge Handbook of Strength and Conditioning: Sport-specific Programming for High Performance” by Anthony Turner
from Routledge Handbook of Strength and Conditioning: Sport-specific Programming for High Performance
by Anthony Turner
Taylor & Francis, 2018

Followed by grade III and IV joint mobilization (distraction, anteroposterior glide, and medial/lateral tilt), followed by supervised stretching (hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves) 20-30 seconds, 4 reps on both legs.

“Physical Rehabilitation E-Book: Evidence-Based Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention” by Michelle H. Cameron, Linda Monroe
from Physical Rehabilitation E-Book: Evidence-Based Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention
by Michelle H. Cameron, Linda Monroe
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2007

The hamstrings — the biceps femoris, semimembranosus, and semitendinosus — run down the back of the thigh (refer to Figure 6-9b) and allow you to flex your lower leg and extend your hip.

“Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies” by Erin Odya, Maggie A. Norris
from Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies
by Erin Odya, Maggie A. Norris
Wiley, 2017

The exercises described below evaluate whether MET applied to the suboccipital region, MET applied to the shortened hamstrings or isotonic stretching of the quadriceps offer appropriate ways of modifying tone in these muscles (Pollard & Ward 1997).

“Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques, Volume 2 E-Book: The Lower Body” by Leon Chaitow, Judith DeLany
from Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques, Volume 2 E-Book: The Lower Body
by Leon Chaitow, Judith DeLany
Elsevier Health Sciences UK, 2011

Single straight leg raise-supine, alternate knee bent, raise leg straight up and down, stretching the hamstring in the back of the leg, hold at maximal stretch for 5 seconds, lower with control, switch legs left and right, 10 repetitions each.

“Obstetric and Gynecologic Care in Physical Therapy” by Rebecca Gourley Stephenson, Linda J. O'Connor
from Obstetric and Gynecologic Care in Physical Therapy
by Rebecca Gourley Stephenson, Linda J. O’Connor
Slack, Incorporated, 2000

Further, because both the patella and patellar tendon have become weakened with the patellar tendon graft, caution is warranted with activities that rely on significant quadriceps use (e.g., full squats and lunges, stair stepper using deep step movements).

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

Minimizing the risk of injuries involving the two-joint muscles (in this case, muscles that cross both the hip and knee, including the groin, hamstrings, and quadriceps) requires careful emphasis on not only the concentric (shortening) phase of the training program but also the eccentric (lengthening) phase.

“Strength Band Training” by Phillip Page, Todd S. Ellenbecker
from Strength Band Training
by Phillip Page, Todd S. Ellenbecker
Human Kinetics, 2019

• Using hold/relax techniques to the hamstrings when performing active-assisted ROM (This technique assists in decreasing muscle guarding and increases knee flexion through reciprocal inhibition of the quadriceps muscle.

“Acute Care Handbook for Physical Therapists E-Book” by Jaime C. Paz, Michele P. West
from Acute Care Handbook for Physical Therapists E-Book
by Jaime C. Paz, Michele P. West
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

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  • Excellent infoI purchased the ‘hamstring roller’ as a result of this video, never knew it existed. Going to also grab the ‘land mine’ attachment. ������

  • great video guys! quick question; i’m a martial artist in my mid 40s, about 5″ from a full split. will it be safe and healthy on the hip joints if I get to a full split? or should I just try to maintain current flexibility? just trying to see what’s best for long term training and health for the joints. thanks again for your input.

  • Great stuff. You’re quite flexible, Brad. I would add that for more advanced stretching, look into ballistic stretching & loaded stretching as well. Helped me a lot to achieve my splits.

    Static stretching is a very slow process and imho not super effective if you want to become really flexible.

  • Beastmode!!
    Great explanations & demonstrations @ all stations. Hammys are w/o a doubt my problem areas. By October I expect their going to be muuuuch better.

  • Never thought I’d be here getting advice for Muay Thai class tomorrow. Anything on having tight hips would be great! I can stretch my glutes out fine. It’s the hip muscles that are on the sides that I can’t get stretched. There’s almost always pain on where the top of my femur can be felt going into the hip joint. What makes me think it is posture, bad form, etc. Is that it’s on both sides pretty evenly.

  • have a question please help me.. i have done ACL reconstruction so they took my hamstring for ACL but it didn’t recovered. So how can i recover it or would it recover or not???? Please help me plz

  • I’ve take all of his advise jumped out of my comport zone, and now im on target of my dream body and inspire other people to be fit Aswel, i’ve even just created a youtube channel to follow my progress, my first vlog is already uploaded i would love some support/feedback so please hit SUBSCRIBE and check it out. peace

  • I’m not too fond of machines. Most people overload those machines and destroy their lower back (check out Athlean-X’s video on this). Plus, the machine isn’t natural, meaning that you can’t move naturally. The bands allow you to move naturally. Same with any HGR or hip hinge/ DL.

  • This looks good, but I was unable to listen due to distraction of background noise and you yelling with echo. Poor presentation, unlike many of your others.

  • Not gonna lie I need to replace my gym routine with at home stuff now due to Covid-19. However, this exercise right here is actually a real killer my goodness. I replaced the man assisting with a heavy-ass bed. Now I also have to keep balance, actually an amazing supplementation for hamstring curls on a mashine. Thanks guys!

  • I’ve just recently started working out at the gym. I’ve always done a lot of sport and hard physical work but have learned that my hamstrings are SO MUCH weaker than my glutes, quads and calfs, so I’ve been prone to pull my hamstrings. This looks like just the routine I need to get them to the same level as the surrounding muscle groups. Thank you

  • Poor form..Restricted blood flow on one exercise and that was enough to stay away from this guys videos plus…He has the smallest legs i have seen on the net

  • I have a problem when it comes to stretching with my legs these past few months until now

    I feel pain in my hamstring while doing the flexibility exercises I used to do, every week.
    I was worried that I could not even stretch it when it was not healed. What should I do? i don’t want to quit my martial arts training

  • more proof that martial arts and physical therapy compliment each other. Brazilian jiujitsu has actually been very “therapeutic” in stabilizing a shoulder joint that used to pop out often. on the other hand, when people are grappling they are always squeezing your neck and using your head like a lever and i get left with sore and crunchy neck.

  • Thnx sir. Because I feel so pain ����in my knee back hamstring area nowadays and I’m not able to dance and I’ll definitely tried. Thnx again

  • Leg press is pushing with quads and some glute but not hamstring. It’s been proven that leg press and squat do practically nothing for hamstring. Why because it’s pushing you need to be pulling for hamstrings. My hams are jacked because i focus on 2 things hamstring leg curl both seated and laying down then romanian deadlift or i guess stiff legged deadlift or whatever you call it. You may get a little stretch i guess from pressing or squat but they aint going to make your hamstrings grow.

  • Thanks for the advice on the piriformis syndrome, The stretching exercise you showed really helps and is easy to practice. This really is a God send, thanks.

  • BodyBuilding, could you please provide more info. about those bands, really doesn’t look healthy at all cutting the normal blood circulation

  • I’ve torn my hamstring 3 years ago and doing these excersise since then the hamstring I tore isn’t even gettin stronger but the other hamstrings are, help??

  • Today is leg day. I’m 6 2 and genetically chicken legged
    My upper body grows perfectly but my legs lack and build so slow. Anyone else with the same problem.?

  • Hey Abel! At last u talk about the breakdown of this workout plz share how we break that workout? This is because this workout is going to such real fatigue on body!

  • I have watch this over and over again and I had my hamstring torn, why… Because I’m to lazy to fix my hamstring, I’m putting an end to this I will update with yous.

  • Hey! I like all your workout variations especially this one. I was just wondering if maybe you could do or thought about a quadriceps variation video!?!

  • hello guys
    I m 23 year old and I am having pain in my left knee.
    I have done MRI Test and doctor said to take injection in left knee…Can u guide me what exactly the problem is in my knee..and can it be cure by itself by doing exercises.



    .Marker is placed at maximum site of pain.

    .There is grade I II signal seen in the posterior horn of medial meniscus.

    .There is grade II signal seen in the body and posterior horn of lateral meniscus.

    . Rest of the menisci exhibit normal morphology, smooth outline & persevered signal intensity.

    .The cruciate & collateral ligament are uniform are uniform in the outline & do not display any focal signal abnormality.

    . There is chondral softening along the lateral patellar facet suggestive of grade I chondromalacia patella.

    Rest of the articular cartilage is preserved in thickness & does not reveal any focal area of altered signal intensity.

    There is small altered marrow signal intensity seen in the anterior aspect of the medial tibial condyle appears non-specific and benign etiology.

    Articular margin & rest of the subarticular marrow are normal.

    Periarticular soft tissue structures are normal.

    Patella is otherwise normal. Patellar tendon is normal in the thickness & signal intensity.

    Minimal knee joint effusion is seen.

    finally over…;)

    plss help me and do reply..

  • Wow, those were some great exercises and suggestions!

    I’m going to try the bulgarian split squat one when I workout next.

    Quick question: What are your suggestions for maintaining balance when doing the actual Bulgarian Split squat? Lately, I been struggling with balance on this exercise. Thanks!

  • I love these guys. But his philosophy on “usefulness” of kicks is wrong. His idea was passed down to him from wherever he baught the belt…you buy belts in hapkito, Kempo, TKD, ect. (You test and pay for test and the belt…no disrespect as this goes to motive and philosophy). So school has motive to pass people…not train people. And it’s very easy to not work enough to develope quality kicks, AND THEN train longer to be able to implement them. So for some schools and students it’s easier to rationalize away the high kicks. However towards effectiveness of high kick in combat one can easily witness effectiveness in MMA.

  • Great video!! I’ve noticed my hamstrings being tight from lifting weights and working out, so I’ll definitely implement some of these. Keep the videos coming, guys!!

  • The setup he has at his home is just amazing..i could spend my whole day in such he described the basics in a very simple way…thumbs up…!!

  • Thank you…..I love resistant band workouts and this is amazing for my thighs….definitely the problem area on my body thank you so very much������

  • Amazon only has your book in Kindle form. Do you have paper copies available?

    Martial Arts Manual: For Stretching, Strengthening, Prevention, and Treatment of Common Injuries

  • Hamstring works only while doing leg curl. Function: knee flexion. Stiff legged deadlift works only glutes. Hamstring only assists gluteus maximus in doing hip extension. Primary function of hamstring is only and only knee flexion. My friend misleading is very simple as you too are misled. Kindly get your facts right. Still appreciate your effort. Love your physique.

  • Hello,

    My name is Faith Martin, and I am eighteen years old living in Southern California. 

    I have been dealing with chronic body pain for almost a year now. I fell on a treadmill last early August and dislocated my pelvis/hip alignment and all of that. I thought I broke my hand at the same time however, so I continued to work out weightlifting like I had been doing before I fell on treadmill. Pain began to show up in lower left glue ham tie in/ischial tuberosity area, which I now know after seeing MANY doctors and a good PT that it is most likely hamstring tendonitis. The left leg butt/glute still flares up a little time and again but not horrible. I can usually deal with it with ice. As with any tendonitis, good PT and progressively challenging the muscle is essential. I have been doing that for about 3 months to address the left ischial tuberosity tendonitis and it has improved A LOT. Continuing issues however that I have been unable to resolve, and my current PT cannot seem to resolve, is chronic pain/muscle tightness/spasm in the right leg, which is quite odd considering I never directly injured that leg. Theories include incorrect gait walking due to pelvic/hip misalignment, hip flexor tightness, TFL tightness, IT band, the list goes on and on. I have tried every single type of therapy under the sun. Chiropractor, PT, acupuncture, electroshock therapy, massage therapy, percussion, etc. and my right leg continues to be tight like it is sore and I have worked my right quad to death. I also have chronic flare ups of neck pain/tightness, which is so bad some days that I have to stay in bed. No idea what causes it and it is nearly unbearable. Muscle relaxer pills/advil don’t help long term in the way that I need them too. I still feel pain even when I take them. I realize this is a lot of info and quite overwhelming but I just wanted to catch you up on my story and have you be able to get an idea about whether you can help me or not.

    Thank you for taking the time to read all this. Please respond, anything is appreciated. Do you think this could be a nerve tension problem (in terms of right leg)? Also, Within the past 5 weeks it has seemed to calm down and go away ish but I just went to the gym and tried to do old exercises but with like such low weight. how can I tell if my hamstring is just sore from a workout or if it is a tendonitis flare up? Thank you. I am all out of money to pay other PTs and all the other doctors… I am desperate.


    Faith Martin

    Jeremiah 29:11

  • I am not feeling the seated hamstring pull w resistance band in my hamstring only in my hip flexor.�� copying the exercise exactly as shown.?

  • Hi both of you docs, I have a question. What do you think about power walking with Spondylolisthesis? What are the things tha I need to look after or watch out during a power walking session? Thanks a lot, Catgirl ��

  • Wow! BJ yr hams are killer bro! Nice set of wheels…Respect! Will be adding some new moves to my leg routine! Thanks soo much����������

  • I know it’s late. But I came to this video, because the hamstring/glute machine in the gym is always occupied with folks texting. Yes, I ask. But it interferes with my workout, because they then pretend to workout, but not really. Thanks!

  • Hi. I really like your vids. And your exercises have helped me a lot strengthening my body. Do you have an app? I would like to do exercises daily and it will be really convenient if I can directly access to those moves without going on youtube. Thanks a lot.

  • Good day! I’m 17 years old and I really badly want curvy hamstrings. How long will it take to get curvy hamstrings if you were to do hamstring workouts 3 times a week? Do the curviness of hamstrings have to do with genetics? Or can anyone have curvy hamstrings? Thank you!!

  • Hi! i pulled my hamstring which is still not fully healed. Right now i am trying to massage n stretch. My question is…..can i still do strengthening exercises? Or just wait till i am fully recovered? Thank you for your advice��

  • Nice video, I liked it. The only thing that does not fit for me is the Dumbbell Hamstrung Curl. I think doing it with a rubber band and in a different angle/position would be more beneficial. It would be hard to do a full range of motion for this muscle and not drop the dumbbell. The rest seems fun to do:)

  • What’s so wonderful is always finding a few “Hey, I can do this one!” or a few “I’ll have to try that one.”.
    You don’t preach, and you don’t yell. Thank you.