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A Squat Workout You Might Not Survive — Tiger Fitness It’s time to up the intensity of leg day. This complete quad and hamstring attack might just have you crawling out of the gym. It’s time to up the intensity of leg day. Not sure if mobility is the issue?

Some tell-tale signs are leaning your torso forward, rounding your spine and/or lifting your toes off the ground while squatting. These breaks in form not only put you at risk for injury, but they also force your muscles to compensate in ways that make the exercise less effective. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

How to correct your squat form yourself Problem 1*: Your knees collapse in. Or it may be that a past injury or structural flaw in your physiology inhibits you from comfortably performing the squat. Herniated or bulging discs, pelvic pain or tightness, or past knee or ankle injuries have relegated you to be benched from squats.

From Harper’s BAZAAR. The squat is the holy grail of leg and glute-building exercises, and forms the basis for so many others – but it’s also easy to get wrong. “A lot of people struggle with squatting because they lack range of motion and/or strength in these joints,” says Dr Ailish McLaughlin, who has a PhD is exercise physiology and is a personal trainer at The Foundry. Squats have been called the king of lifts.Once you drape a loaded bar across your back and drop your ass to the grass, most major muscle groups, including your hamstrings, quads, core muscles, and upper back, are put to work..

Any workout program that doesn’t include the squat is, frankly speaking, not worth your time or money. But would you follow a program that focuses solely on squats?Adding squats to your workouts can help boost your exercise performance, decrease your risk of injury, and keep you moving more easily throughout the.

Step back into the squat rack/squat cage so that the bar will clear the racking pins, and set your feet shoulder-width apart. Adjust your position, if necessary, so that you’re stable and balanced. Bend your knees as you move your hips back and down, as if you were sitting in a chair placed behind you.

Shutterstock. Schedule exercise as you would a business meeting. Put it on your calendar, and “schedule it for first thing in the morning before the businesses of the day interferes,” suggests Autumn Calabrese, Beachbody Super Trainer and author of the new book, Lose Weight Like Crazy Even if You Have a Crazy Life! When you can’t squeeze in a 30-minute workout, build mini. While weighted squats are great for developing strength, it’s important that you have proper form in a bodyweight squat first.

The mechanics of a squat are more complex than they may.

List of related literature:

Everyone who can Deep Squat will be able to get down this way, but not everyone who can Deep Squat has enough mobility to get up this way.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

What to do instead: A squat offers all the benefits but a fraction of the dangers.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

If you squat poorly (with your toes way out to the sides, your knees moving all over the place, and your back rounded), not only will your performance be piss-poor but you will set yourself up for some serious life-changing injuries.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
from Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight
by BJ Gaddour
Rodale Books, 2014

I’ve trained thousands of people, and every one of them has been able to squat to some degree.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Thus, if the coach favored the peak-contraction principle, she would most probably recommend the deep squats (since the highest requirements are for force production in the deepest knee-bent posture where the potential for force generation is minimal).

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
from Science and Practice of Strength Training
by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
Human Kinetics, 2020

But I kept trying and soon was able to do Heavy Squats immediately after Leg Extensions, and my thighs responded tremendously to this new shock.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

An athlete who struggles with the squat doesn’t need to worry, though.

“Athletic Body in Balance” by Gray Cook
from Athletic Body in Balance
by Gray Cook
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2003

This is a much safer exercise than the squat, because the weight is lifted off the ground, rather than off a high rack.

“Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard” by Keith Livingstone
from Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard
by Keith Livingstone
Meyer & Meyer Sport, 2010

It’s the most challenging of the squat iterations.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2015

This exercise is actually more difficult than the regular version of squats.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

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  • Mam nice your video i ask you something i had accident my knee fracture now 2 month fnish now i do some execise not imporment in my knee.. Tell me madam

  • Hi Dr Jo, I experience a creaking sound at my knee area especially when I get up to walk after sitting for sometime.
    Is this a cause of concern?
    Any exercise that can be done to minimise this?

  • Thank you so much whenever i have shoulder pain or rhomboid pain i always check this channel for stretches and exercises. Thanks for sharing the knowledge for Free.

  • My grandma is having a knee pain and want to help her but she can’t do some movement on ur exercise but I want to help her can u show me some simple move where she can do please ��

  • Hello, I have a pain behind my knee when I kneel down, the pain radiates out from my knee to the top of my leg to the back of my ankle. Would this exercise work for me?

  • i love your explanations of each exercise. I’ve been trying many of the exercises as i have major stiff knee after two meniscus surgeries. i can’t even come close to straightening the knee (at least 11-12 degrees off) so i’ m trying everything i can because after 6 mos of formal PT last year where i used an ‘extensionator’, it’s back to where i started. Anyway, THANKS AGAIN! i subscribed to your channel! Question re: the knee cap mobilization up/down, and left/ right… i forgot about that one from yrs ago… and have been doing it twice a day all week; still very little movement. How many times a day can i do it and for a super stiff knee is there hope that will help? assume i need that to get better to help w/ straightening leg and strengthening quad which has atrophied.

  • I am suffering recently from knee joint relating issues for last 3 days. I will try it and if get good result, I will subscribe and write, as well as, will also write if it not helpful for me dear.

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Knee Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-knee-pain-worksheet
    Purchase a For-Knees knee sleeve here: https://amzn.to/2HeGrR0 (affiliate link)
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  • Hey Dr Jo I have a pain on kneecap for 2 days now Will this help? And can I continue my dance routine or should I stop it for few days My pain’s not that severe My pain just takes place when my leg is stretched at same way as 1:57

  • I realized from this video that I’ve been stretching wrong my entire life. I would always tense up the leg, even with a strap. Letting my leg hang relaxed and using the band to get into the IT band and especially the hamstrings is just night and day. Thank you for making these

  • so, i tried this 4-5 years ago and back then i was in better shape and i reached 700. now, in quarantine i started working out more so i’ll try this every week until i reach 1000. since i know it’s motivational i’ll update this comment every week.
    week 1: i reached 200+ i don’t know exactly how many. i stopped every 10 seconds i guess and i struggled a lot.
    week 2: i almost reached 300 with breaks. the struggle was less.

  • I am 80 years old and I exercised and bike a little too vigorously yesterday and started having knee pain on the inside of my knee when I was walking. I tried the first exercise in this video, the knee pain disappeared. I am now pain-free. This could put a lot of doctors out of work. Thank you Jo.

  • I never thought for a second in life that I would search for this video at the age of 20���� #I can’t imagine my life at old age ��

  • Good day! The back of my knees hurts.. everytime i bent it while sitting. I mean i like indian sit position. That’s the only time it will hurt. I don’t know what’s the cause of this.. can you please tell me.

  • Hi Dr Jo. I am Yusri from Malaysia. I have been experiencing sharp pain above my knee cap (both legs) whenever I want to stand up and to sit down on the chair. It started with one leg, now both legs are painful there. Should I start with the exercise or take a lot of rest for a while. I also feel the pain in those areas whenever I walk up and down the stairs. I also discovered that if I rest a lot for one day, the pain would be much less the next day. Currently I also rub cold pads around my knee caps 2-3 times a day. I also elevate my knees whevener I lie down. Probably you can advise me. Thank you so much.

  • Doctor jo, I do have a recurring front and rear left knee pain, giving me quite hard time. However much I exercise, I am not getting rid of it.

  • Dr Joe,Thank you for posting this knee pain stretching videos.I over worked my knee 5 days ago and it was swollen.I have been doing your stretching exercises,what a difference,getting my mobility back and pain is almost gone.If it wasn’t for you I would be still sitting on the couch icing it. Thank you so much.

  • Absolute best set of exercises! Did it 2x in alternate days and I already feel my legs stronger and my knees feel better. Thank you so much, Dr Jo!

  • I cycled almost everyday for 6 months and my knees started to hurt I just cycled through it, in hindsight that was definitely not a positive thing to do, quite stupid actually. They eventually cracked under the pressure (not literally). I couldn’t bend them for 2 months and into the 3rd month now they are still tight and are sore when I climb stairs or even walk sometimes. I am 18, so very young to have this sort of pain and I don’t think I will ever be able to cycle again. It is my favourite hobby and now I cannot even cycle 20 meters.

  • Dr.jo Greetings of the day.i am keenly following your videos. They are educative and inspiring.
    I am 45 years old and having pain in both the knees. I am not obase and overweight person.but I am not able to sit on the floor and not able to stand on my own(even in the chair). what can I do mam.suggest me please.

  • Thank you Doctor Jo
    Some of your exercises worked for my knee pain. Thank you for explaining the muscle system too. I now have a better understanding about it ��

  • this was greatnesses, there was a time where I wouldn’t even try this. But… I did it. Congratulations to everyone who did this. We are taking control of our lives one workout at a time.

  • Love ALL your exercises Jo���� I am 66 & have lots of arthritis, joint pain, lower back pain, etc. I love to walk on my treadmill every day for at least 30 min but sometimes my pain is too much to even do that�� Your exercises have really helped me out�� thanks so much

  • Thanks a lot. Ive only been doing this for 3-4 days but I’m already relieved of this terrible knee pain for months. Thank you! I’ll keep doing this for another week before I start with strengthening exercises.

  • Hi Doctor Jo! I been getting mild knee pain from doing basic exercising (1 hour, 3x a week) and daily walking. How often do you recommend doing those knee stretches and exercises? Thanks!

  • I’m only 12 but I play basketball for a travel league and I have been feeling pain in my knee for a while you think you can tell me what it would be?

  • Exactly what I needed, thanks a lot for this excellent workout!!! After completing my first 10 mins day, I was wondering if I can try another set more? is this right for the legs?

  • Hi, i have back and knee pain because I am obese, please tell me exercise that can help loosing weight without any pain in knee and back.

  • I don’t know-how I ended up clicking on this video in 2020 and actually finishing the 1000 squats:D Thanks Cassey for pushing us thru out the workout:) I’m so happy for finishing the workout along with you, I feel so proud of myself. I am not sure if i will be able to finish today’s workout from the Blogilates April month’s calendar workout, hope it’s not leg day:D #quarantineworkout

  • I suffer a lot of pain in my knee joint from last 1 month.. please give me suggestions how I cure this..my whole muscles stretched from knee joint it’s very painful..I need ur some tips

  • I’ve been squatting for about 3 months so I think I can do this. However, my ass is doing 25 then another 25. I can do 30 before I feel the burn but I’m not fully ready for a continued 50 in a row.

  • Omg. Im in second day of this workout, i realize that its hard but i do my best i still could do only 500 squat in these 2 days but i want to do 1000 squat like you jaunah, help me please☺️☺️
    Also i want to tell you that i love you so much because you are make me strong and continue during my workout, very very thank you
    hope good luck to me,
    jwan in kurdistan������

  • Hi joanna I am kushala I literally love ur workouts I just became a big fan of you.Can I reduce my thighs with this pls tell me.
    Love from India ��������������

  • I love You and this workout Joanna! You are amazing!!! I am 68 years old and I completed this challenge and will do this workout 4 days a week with upper the other days. It was hard but you had humor and was real when you struggled with us. Thank you!

  • @Joanna first I want to say that your workouts are so easy to follow for beginners and yet are so effective���� also i want to ask what other videos of yours would you recommend to train 4-5 times a week and the aim is to hit all muscles, like to tone the whole body without loosing weight? Like today I did the 1000 challenge, and when you say a 30 day lunge challenge for instance is that meant to be added to any normal routine or not? Thanks ���� ��

  • I don’t know why it’s so tough for me. More reps kill me..
    And i hate lunges…Burns so much more…��
    Tried my best to complete 500.

  • EXCELLENT! Thank you, Trevor. I have seen a few similar videos like this, but I never really got much out of them. Your cues and details make all the difference. Thanks again,

  • Completed this today! It’s been on my bucket list and finally I had the guts to attempt it today:-D
    Loved the countdown! The success which u feel from a completed workout can never be taken away by anybody..

  • Today I did it for the second time…crushed it and I am so happy I didn’t think I could get through it and for 2 times and able to do more times of this video…all the way through the whole time without pause except for couple of seconds before the #4 squats…so proud… but does anyone know if I could use my hands on the Last move to get myself up or won’t it work my legs much?.. cuz I used it..and I need to know if anyone could help me

  • joanna, i just want you to know that you helped me create the hotter version of me xD ahaahh..a more confident and stronger one…thank you! God bless:D

  • At some point I started to do them slower because my legs couldn’t keep up with the speed. Maybe not 1000, but 900 I did for sure and I sweated all through. Completely soaked. Thank you! ❤

  • Ohhh I did this…1000 squats n lunges finished….can feel the burn….can’t even walk now for the household chores������supperrrb challenge

  • I completed the 1000 squats and lunges challenge! My legs are burning during and after the exercises! Thanks to joanna soh! ����������������

  • Hi dear..thank u so much..I can’t believe I have done this 1000 squats with you..I wouldn’t have done alone all by myself..with you it was great….thank you..

  • The way u did all exercise,inspired me alot…thank you for ur morivational video…and it looks like ur very soft spoken and humble person

  • Im so proud of myself. I made the 1000 squats and lunges in 1 hr. Honestly the last 50 counts are the hardest. My legs are shaking in pain. And its worth it. Joana soh is so fast in completing the challenge. And im trying to come along with her. And if i cant, i stop the video and work on to complete the workout. Im burning. This is my 3rd time to try this challenge and the third is my success. Hehe.

  • From yesterday I started doing this challenge but I did only upto 500 and today I completed upto 800. Tomorrow willing to complete whole challenge. ��

  • Heeeyyy Joanna �� I’ve been doing this for three almost 4 weeks now and boy is it challenging������������ but you’re so encouraging through out the workout��…I must say my lower body is very toned I feel like a workout model hah��…thanks alot you’ve changed my life in a good way. hugs����������

  • You are killing me on 1st set! Yeah! On the 2nd set I’m not sure if I can still do it ��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️ I stop not only for 1minute… I need 10minutes… ������ Sorry… thats what PAUSE can do… ������

  • Hi, love the content! Help a new upcoming family channel out by liking& Subscribing!

  • I did 600 squats!!! I noticed a comment i made on this video from four years ago that I could only do 108. I’ve made some real progress!

  • I just finished doing the whole workout without stopping and let’s just say I’m drenched in sweat. But in the end, it was worth it��
    For me when I workout, I get to a point where I just let my body take control and let my mind go numb to everything around me. It really helps me de-stress and get in the zone. I wish anyone else trying to do this workout the best of luck!!!!��

  • That moment when you look at the clock and realize you’ve been doing squats for 40 minutes…and the clocks staring back at you like:-)

  • Idk know how many times I’ve done this video since Cassey released it its one of my faves, I been with her since at least 2010 I remember stumbling upon her and something about her made me go through all her videos. Today is May 2, 2020 and here I am doing this video yet again, I agree with her 1000% all new popsters should have to do this video at least once in their lifetime lol

  • Thank u! Madam! AskDoctor Jo.
    I am Rev.B.Mark. for all of ur exercises more helping for my leftside leg problem.May God bless u madam.TQ

  • Feels wonderful thanks! Currently working through Healthy Hips 1 here and loving it. Though I have chronic pinched hip from 20 years skateboarding this exercise feels quite easy with the block at narrow width, but when I flipped it wider I feel stiffness and immobility at the top of and slightly on the outside of my hip. Kinda hard to tell but it’s like iliacus/tfl/top of rectus femoris area. Seeing as wider is meant to be easier I kinda find it the opposite. Would this be indicative to you of what might be going on in my hip and what I should focus on?

  • You are the most motivated and motivational trainer I have ever discovered. When I follow your videos I literally feel like you’re in front of me screaming at me to keep going and I just love it. I aspire to be like you one day. Keep making and posting real time workouts like these because they have really helped me level up my fitness game.❤️thank you

  • Gonna do this now after 1000 abs! I don’t know if I’m capable of this��

    Ok so I did only 900 and skipped the last move.. I Feel amazing today��❤

  • Hi I am 53 year old and I did this 1st time..I might did 700 to 800..not possible to catch your speed and energy..but overall it’s too good and u motivated us very good..thanks

  • Well, My 2020 Resolution was to lose weight around the stomach, but it seems working the legs do also help around the lower abs.

    After reading some comments below, I might not make it….
    I did 500 fire hydrant leg challenge this morning and they still feel a bit sore.

    I’ll be replacing the Rolling squats with one of the other varieties.

    breathes DEEPLY

    wish me luck

    EDIT: I stopped at 300 for the day, I’ll come back to finish another half later.
    My legs… starting to feel like…. my legs! can’t feel them…

    What I’ma do about my LEGS, Blogilates!!??

  • 2019? Even though my boobs sweat a lot after doing 400 which I am at right now, my booty is looking plump so 600 more and I’ll update you when I get there ❕�� edit: it looks so gooooood I’m sweating thooooo❕

  • My PE teacher giving us these videos thinking we can do these… Me who can barely hold a 1 minute squat hearing this ripped man saying his legs burn

  • Great exercise for my knees. I’m relatively limber, so have been doing some yoga asanas for balance and flexibility, just have to compensate for the Rt. knee and some cannot do at all. But your PT stretches are perfect for my chronically painful post surgery Rt. knee. So glad I found you. THanks

  • I did the challenge! I paused every 100 squats but I’m so happy that I did it! Now I will not workout all week. �� My but and legs… omg! I’m like Tin Man.

  • I remember doing this for the first time in 8th grade and it was before a school trip, that was 4 years ago and that was my first time actually working out I only had gym class before that

  • You should Stretching AT THE END, not in the beggining…Io have to warm up before. Not stretch! Anyway your videos are always very good and funny

  • How often would you recommend doing this video? Is twice a week too much?? I love it but don’t want over do it either haha Thank you!!:)

  • The hip clunk is gone right after I did this. Are target muscles TVA, psoas, pectineus, adductor brevis, and TFL? �� I don’t feel much anterior glute medius, though, but it works.

  • I wish I could give you a thumb up every time I finished this challenge. I really appreciate that you also do this exercise with us. Much love from Thailand.

  • I do all the steps today but the last one I couldn’t so I did sumo squats and I’m dead right now
    I have results from the first try
    For more I will update
    Greatings from Greece

  • Me: Are we finally done��
    Him: Alright now we doing jump squats
    Me: Oh that doesn’t sound tooo bad
    Also me: Only does 16 when he’s doing 29��

  • I love this! I’m a thirteen year old gymnasts who loves working out and this was perfect now that we are on a break, thank you!!!!

  • guys i have done this for a whole month now and DAMN this is the best leg exercise u can find on youtube,this guy Dan is a hidden gem.

    it works so u guys should do it too,Good luck!

  • if you youtube “home leg workouts” the first 5 are rubbish. i scrolled down to this one and its just fire! Man this guy got a great body for his age. no homo

  • Hi hope you can help, I’ve just started getting knee pain and it feels like a tight band across my knee cap,I walk a lot and have possibly over done it. Is there any exercise I can do to try to release this. Appreciate any help. Have just started today your stretch from this video

  • If we do it regularly it become some not easy but if we take one day leave for this workout and try to do it then it becomes very hard for our muscle to continue

  • Hi jo..just now i completed pur challenge…OMG…first time in my life completed 1000 squats…so i can do this… thanks for you…

  • This need 100x more views. Best and hardest leg workout I ever tried. Simple but omg!!! Can I do it every day or do I need rest days? Please advise.

  • LOVE THIS. Somehow you can hurt me so bad, but I don’t even mind. I usually start yelling what species of shark I plan to feed the MC to after about five minutes. Thanks a ton!

  • great video.unfortunately,my thigh is larger than a medium.do you recommend a different brand of brace that might be a little bigger?

  • I went through it until 6. where my legs became jello, took 2 min. pause and restart and then on 7. the legs were done lol. But i kinda proud. Will try again tomorrow. Thanks for this exercise.

  • These are just what the doctor ordered,if I do alternate days abs,then legs,or coukd I do them both each day.ps love the brickwork behind you

  • I’m not sure if the question has already been asked but here it is; I did the three positions test at the start of the video, I’m really good I get to the ideal point at each time. I have a wide enough stands; I practice often the movement shown with the resistance band and the position and I make sure to properly activate the stabilization muscle, the last test Jeff mention I can do the 3 moves without problem but even without weight at the bottom of the squat I feel a pinch in the front of the hips; what am I missing??

  • So I failed all the exercises. What can I do. Do I need physio? Do I need to tell my doctor? ���� I have underlying health conditions so I may be overreacting. All I’m saying is I’m prone to joint pains so dunno if it’s part of me or I can actually change it

  • Getting a lot of tightness in my hips now that I’m playing footy again with the extra running etc needed. Hopefully this is my issue and I can work on external rotation strength stuff

  • External rotation feels good, no pain/tightness.
    Can get to almost chest-line on flexion, with slight pain/tightness.
    Internal rotation, can’t even get past 10%, and feels super tight.
    Athletic build, very active lifestyle — BJJ, wrestling, striking, and powerlifting.

    Any tips?

  • Is there an Athlean X video for loosening the hips in the other direction anterior? I don’t see one. Thanks to viewers for your help!

  • I quit going to my PT and just started following Jeff’s advice… Jeff’s advice got me healthier so much faster than my actual PT.

  • Started doing sprint workouts in addition to my hiit and my hip flexor region is so tight. Tried that final stretch (on stomach with knee bent up tried to lift), and holy shit! Could barely do it. Thank you Jeff for pointing out my weaknesses with scalpel-like precision. Your information is amazing. Keep it up

  • I can’t even imagine how much time this video is going to save me. Only bother trying to start unlocking the hip after you’ve built up the muscle. This video taught me what thousands of dollars of physio wouldn’t teach me

  • 13:15 I have the exact problem, I don’t know if it’s from driving long hours or sleeping on my side all the time, probably happened over time, I can’t wait to fix this problem. My hip pops, I feel pain when I try to lift my leg a certain way sometimes, and my squats are suffering,

  • Thank you for this in depth piece on hips (along w all your other videos). I had a 3 level lumbar fusion 4 yrs ago & my hips/hip flexors have never been the same! They are a constant battle. I’m going to add this to my regime..thx again!

  • NOTIFICATION SQUAD GIVEAWAY Alright guys, I’m giving away a complete 30 Day Workout program to 100 lucky clickers within the first hour this video is published! Remember whiners who can’t read, it’s NOT THE FIRST 100, but 100 randomly selected WITHIN the first HOUR the video is published. Don’t b*tch if you’re not one of them:) Just try next time. Click to see if you’ve won. Good luck! 

    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • In the test performed around the 12 minute mark, when Jessie has his foot flat on the floor, I assume this foot position is intended to mimic as closely as possible the position of the foot when doing a squat, as was highlighted in the exercise designed to open up the capsule (foot on box, band around front hip). If we’re trying to test the ability of the adductors, is there any contextual validity to the idea that more recruitment of the adductors will be achieved by keeping the foot externally rotated so that the inside of the foot is on the floor? Obviously it’s not very functional, as it is generally less common to use the foot in this way, but would it have any benefits for the purpose of the test itself? Kindest thanks in advance for your answer and even more for the brilliant content you share with us!

  • DUDE, you might have (once again) saved my fucking life. I have been searching for quite a while for a fix to my problem now (right hip is so tight it hurts when i squat even with just the bar). During this video my smile grew bigger and bigger because I finally felt that someone is getting to the root of my problem! I know now what my problem is (probably), and how to fix it. Thank you so much for giving out this information for free, never forget how much this means to so much of us!

  • Jeff is normally on point but that is not an accurate way to test external rotator vs. internal rotator strength (the test starting at about 13:00). He placed Jesse in a position where his leg was already in an extreme externally-rotated position. Everyone is going to have a much easier time lifting the foot than the knee in that position. You have to do a test starting from a neutral position for accurate results.

  • This video is so informative! I’ve had a problem with my right hip for a couple of years now and I have not been able to figure out why or stretch it effectively. I was diagnosed with lumbar scoliosis a couple of years ago and now I’m almost certain that the instability caused by that is the reason my right hip is so funky.

    I guess the next part of my journey is to figure out how to minimise the risk caused by my scoliosis and try to reduce the rate at which is exacerbates. Unfortunately it is a problem that only gets worse, so it seems this is a journey I will be taking to the end of the road.

  • So if you can’t do that thing Jesse had to do at around min 13, lying on the back and lifting the knee up (insanely difficult even to lift it a few cm off the floor) it means you shouldn’t do stretched typically recommended by trainers to fix anterior pelvic tilt?

  • Oh my gosh. I’ve been having hip issues and couldn’t figure out what the problem is for the longest. When I laid on the floor and tried to lift my knee, it went NO WHERE! Thanks for sharing this, very eye opening.

  • I have a problem that’s a bit in this direction but not quite. I have very tight feeling muscles in the left leg, causing difficulties in external rotation.

    For example when trying to sit in a simple version of lotus pose, there’s difficulties in getting the left knee against the floor. Some muscle in the inner thigh feels tight and in the outer thigh the connection to hip socket feels limited (when rotating hip around, there’s a popping sound when I believe some longish connective part probably climbs over something in the hip) and faces a block almost. Unless you move it a little so it gets around that block, but then it feels uncomfortable.

    I think the same chain also causes some tightness or pain in the back of the hip/lower back, perhaps glutes. And the foot is turned a bit outwards for this. Trying to stretch the left leg sitting like that causes some pain in the ankle and outer side of the knee (probably because the leg doesn’t want to stretch and puts stress on the joints? But also just the muscles or something being tight around the knee all the way to foot, pulling that foot).

    It’s probably a big chain of weak and tight muscles, but I was wondering if this is more common and if there are simple ways to develop this structure. Perhaps caused by sitting with legs up and crossed for weak core, abs and glutes.

  • @Athlean-X, please make a video on FAI (Pincer and CAM type). I have Pincer Impingement and have been suggested range of motion physiotherapy for now by my orthopedic, and if it doesn’t work then surgery. I am not 100% sure if I am getting the proper treatment by the physio therapist. They don’t seem to know my issue and just making me do range of motion stretches for the hips.
    After researching, I came across FAI Fix Program by some youtubers. But not sure if that is true or surgery is the only way to truly fix it. Some research papers suggest that FAI doesn’t lead to Ostero Arthritis. I am not even sure who is telling truth. Will physio therapy work or not. Please reveal whatever knowledge you have on this issue

  • Hello… There is a practical called the 10 Key Moves you need to loosen your hip flexors and unlock the hidden power in your body. if you want know about it and see the video for the practical Email me: [email protected] gmail.com

  • Thank you for this video. I used to be a marathon runner but a few ankle injuries from forced boots and UTs runs put me out and I packed on the pounds. This year, I’ve decided to focus much more on regaining my fitness level to my Marine Corps days but my hip has been troubling me and making running, biking or even the elliptical painful. After trying the band for just a minute it released a bit, and the side bridge melted almost all the tension away. I’ll be doing these as part of my regular daily regime. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Amazing Jeff always figures it out! I know ill be better in no time…but i go to work on my inner thigh muscle i overworked my quads

  • i must say I’ve watched a few videos there alright but this!!! this video right here truly helpful especially this season randomly nagging hip flex on side and dong some of the test displayed weaknesses as well. Thank you

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