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5 Reasons To Never Skip Leg Day

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9 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day Workouts. #1 Asymmetry sucks. We’ve all seen those internet memes over the years; the ones with guys that have huge upper bodies and legs of a bird. This #2 Core strength. #3 Reduced risk of injury. #4 Women hate it (or men) #5 Increased mobility. 9 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day 1. You’ll be a better athlete.

The power generated from your lower half is essential for nearly every sport. Think of 2. You’ll reduce your risk of injury. Lower-body strength could also be the difference between getting injured and 3. You’ll burn.

9 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day. Read full article. 0. April 1, 2015, 8:00 PM UTC Because friends don’t let friends skip leg day.

RELATED: The 25 Craziest Workout Excuses Trainers Have Ever. 9 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day Posted by admin, on 1. March 2015. 2. 1. You’ll be a better athlete. 2. You’ll reduce your risk of injury. 3. You’ll burn more calories.

4. You’ll improve your balance. Here’s what you need to know about getting a leg up on your next lower-body workout. – How often to hit it: Your workouts should be. 11 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day 1. You Will Look Unbalanced I don’t like to focus on aesthetics too much because it just isn’t important when it comes 2. Your Sports Performance Will Decline In pretty much all sports, your power and strength come from a thing called 3. You Won’t Go As.

13 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day Worst Cases of People Who Skip Leg Day. Tips to Ensure You Complete Leg Day. This may sound like a stupid idea, but if you commit to doing the bare minimum. For Essential Exercises for Leg Day. Not only is the barbell squat the king of the lower body.

Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day. If you’re not convinced about leg day just yet, take a look at the following reasons for why you should head to the gym and work on your legs ASAP: 1. You Become a Better Athlete. Strengthening your legs boosts your ability to run faster.

Exercises such as squats and lunges strengthen and develop your hips and. 3) Leg Day For Increased Strength. Stronger squats and stronger deadlifts mean stronger legs and core – and increasing strength for upper-body lifts inevitably leads to an increase in the upper body muscle. For example, training to achieve an increase in leg strength will provide you with a more powerful leg drive whilst bench pressing. Don’t skip leg day – does that sound familiar to you?

Maybe you think your leg workout is not so important or your legs already look “strong enough”. Or maybe you just don’t like training your legs. Before you make the wrong decision – we have five reasons why you shouldn’t forget to train your lower body.

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day Again Not only will your legs look scrawny, but your strength and performance will suffer. 0.

List of related literature:

I coerced him into adding one leg day a week and he remarked that “the leg day is just as hard as all the upper— body days combined.”

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
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Because, for some puzzling reason, athletes rarely do exercises which isolate the legs for training.

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What’s more, you can’t program three heavy lifts like deadlifts, squats, and barbell walking lunges with high volume and effort on the same day unless you train your lower body only once per week, for the same reason—you’ll beat yourself up and risk injury during the following day’s workout.

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t can be tempting to skip exercises that work your quadriceps.

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Without movement or resistance my muscles would burn like I had just done an intense “leg day” in the gym.

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For example, calf strength is significantly correlated with walking speed and mobility, power in the hip abductors and adductors can prevent lateral instability in gait, and muscular endurance in the biceps and triceps is important for many of the manual tasks performed each day (see table 12.4).

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
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Here are ten great reasons to work out.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
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Day off: Actively focus on recovery today: (1) stay off legs all you can, [2] watch nutrition closely healthy carbs, lean protein, good fats: 13) stretch.

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These are all perfectly valid reasons to get fit—looking great, feeling great, having high energy levels, being more resistant to sickness and disease, living longer, and so forth—but it’s important that you isolate and articulate your reasons.

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  • The last point comes to my mind often. I am so grateful for my health and I know that it is easy to take it for granted. There are those out there who’s dream in life is to just be able to walk. Something so simple yet under appreciated. So I make my legs strong and powerful so that I might lift others up around me who are not as fortunate. thanks for the video

  • UFC fighter Jon Jones has skinny legs. He trains them all the time, but they’re still skinny.
    I can put size on every part of my body quickly, but nothing on my legs.
    I know what everyone is thinking, you don’t train hard enough, you don’t eat enough. I train harder on legs day than any other day. I’ve no idea why my legs don’t get bigger.

  • “…and now I’m squatting a heavy weight again, for me.” He said, with 135 lbs. on the bar off camera, while doing the opposite of the Valsalva Maneuver. The only truth in this training, is all the practice for his future acting career, cuz this was 7 minutes of content that was improvised fiction.

  • If guys wore booty shorts like Arnold used to wear, and your legs were more exposed, guys might work on them more. Girls wear them and have great legs.

  • Its all based on your goals. Don’t judge someone based on their looks. But at the end of the day as long as your are healthy then thats all that matters.

  • You can get away with only doing some squats, leg presses and heavy calf raises. Sprinkle some leg extensions to get that quad tone and maybe string cheese curls.
    All the split squats, lunges and lactic acid bullshit is something you do on your mountain bike and trail running where no one can see you. Alternatively, running away from police and security guards is also a good way to get the endurance training.

  • My program
    Monday chest and shoulders
    Tuesday back
    Wednesday break
    Thursday arms
    Friday chest and triceps
    Saturday back and biceps
    Sunday legs
    Too bad my gym is closed on sundays.

  • I really do look at guys’ legs to see if they’ve been skipping leg day. I don’t want to be with a guy whose legs look like mine or less muscular than mine. It’s creepy spooning with someone whose legs feel as small or as developed as my own. Be more muscular than me. I like it when a guy has clearly put in time and hard work on his legs just like he has his upper body. Skipping legs is like hitting every muscle but your biceps, or cleaning up but leaving your hair unwashed and uncut/untrimmed, getting that new outfit out but wearing it with the shoes you always wear to mow the lawn. Don’t half-a$$ your fitness. Work everything.

  • True sqaut and deadlifts top buck for your legs I had a skinny arse and legs then when I started doing them gotten to good point with them I have impressive cut looked legs that are huge even my calves are huge only one bit I hate on my body is abbs ��

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  • When it comes to legs. I don’t care if I have huge/big legs, but I aim to make my legs explosive so I can jump high and look shredded

  • 99% of guys have a story of a tobogganing accident when they were 6 that makes them unable to squat…playing other sports is fine tho lol

  • There is only so much time needed to work the upper body.Why would you not want to get pumped and make some gains even with legs?You scrawny calves guy.

  • I train legs but not all out like the rest of my body because I only ever wear trackies no one ever sees my legs but I train them because I like the gym environment and it’s an extra 2 days a week to go and I like when people compliment my squat strength lol

  • Muscle Migration theory from Christian Thib suggests that the human body can only support so much muscle mass on its frame.  So if you can hold onto a lean 80 kgs lets say close to your genetic limit,  it will be distributed accordingly to how you train.  If your a lower body dominate lifter in powerlifting, most of the mass will reflect this.  If you are a gym bro, that finite mass you can hold on to or build to will be upper body focused.   So in short,  you may have a limit on total mucscle mass, you decide where to focus its development.   Choose your goal.  i think a smart approach is to have a big strong upper body and strong but medium sized legs.  this will work well for most.  That’s how i train.  for example, deadlifts aren’t going to give you huge legs.  squats build legs but in my experience,  my legs get mostly strong from squats, not big.  that’s just me though.  You can always tweak the volume to the lower end of the scale to keep down hypertrophy but focus on neurological strength.  not that this is needed as most people have small legs lol.  just throwing this out there. great video by the way

  • I hate tree trunk legs too. I don’t actually mind the physiques with the arms close in size to the legs, AS LONG AS the legs have some sort of definition. Look at Chestbruh, brother of Zyzz. He has slim legs that are still ripped, just not massive. His arms are massive, and in comparison kind of look as wide as his legs.

  • Hello everyone. I am from the future and with advanced science we have through rigirous research and hard work discovered the best reason to skip leg day:


  • Its Crazy how there Be Men who Skip Leg Day so Bad to the Point where It Looks like there Skinny Legs can’t Hold there Body ������

  • There’s a double standard because power-lifters typically don’t care about aesthetics, and bodybuilders do(hence their being bodybuilders).

  • You can also rock up and do about 6 light squats and say “yep I can feel it. Sometimes you just don’t need to go any further”. Then either go home or hit arms again.

  • 1:32 those are like the only onces on this list that around that bad. Like there pretty portioned with his upper body.
    The only problem is there not shredded enough compared to his upper body.

  • Hi, i am a beginner, recently started gym for weight gain. I am currently focusing on leg workout and when I’ve got what i want i will move on to abs and shoulder workout. So.. should i go to gym everyday and also… plz let me know if i shd start working out for whole body or one part at a time.

  • I got pretty big legs I am a novice but the day I hit my desired squat numbers I will cut down just a little bit on my leg training

  • If guys want to have little legs a well that’s up to them but don’t be coming to the gym trying to act all big when you have nothing down there LOL and deadlifts don’t do Shit for your legs. I’m glad I do all the muscle groups I got big LEGS

  • Big upper body and chicken legs are better looking than big legs and chicken arms and chest. Just like combing your hair before a video looks better than some crazy chicken head shit sticking out the back sides of your head.

  • I took me a year to realize how my upper body was not proportional to my little baby calves even tho I have Good Quads my by genetic

  • I’m doing push/pull/legs at the moment, following the concurrent method. I’m back after a year long lay off. 6 weeks in, and almost back to my best already. It’s incredible how fast the body can get back to its old ways. Anyway, I’ve always had naturally thick thighs and calves. I’m 5’6 and of similar ‘natural’ build to Alex(just not as big ofcourse). I’m thinking of swapping every other ‘leg day’ for an ‘arm day’ as my arms aren’t as impressive as my legs. I’ll still train hard and heavy when I do legs, but do you think the decrease in frequency could cause problems recovery wise?

  • The biggest reason one shouldn’t skip leg day…..PROPORTION.

    It simply looks weird to have a huge upper body, and have your normal skinny legs on the bottom.

  • When i squat more then 220 pounds (100kg) i don’t really feel it in my legs, more my lower back. I have very bad ankle mobility. I am stretching my ankle, calves for 5 years now and still bend forward way too much. I put plates under my heels and that brings me more straight but heavy weight is very hard for me without lower back issues. My bench is way more then my squat(350 pounds.) Any advice? Thanks.

  • Well, it does become a problem when you end up breaking your shit up due to such an upper/lower imbalance. Imagine skipping legs for years and suddenly getting into deadlifts…most likely will not end well at all!

  • Most people dont have tree trunk legs and will look stupid with big upper bodies and skinny legs, the most important thing is it will affect performance.

  • I love this video. Most fitness YouTubers go crazy about how you absolutely MUST train legs. Most of my body fat is in my legs, and I also do tons of running, so I would just look ridiculous and very small in the upper body if I trained them.

  • I hate leg day not because of the exercises, pain, etc, but because I run out of breath after certain exercises and start sweating so hard. Never happens with the rest of the body.

  • When I began I used to hate upper body and love lower body days. I would always skip bench or arms and I would always end up doing a leg workout. I was weird lmao

  • I just found your video and it was absolutely helpful, you are blatant and I like that.
    I had very, very small legs due to genetics and also because the gym i used to go to, everyone just did upper body. I hated my legs but never had the balls to train them because I wasn’t used to and it is fucking hard.
    I started squatting 3 times a week and boy!! I started seeing gains and I got hooked.
    My girlfriend also enjoys a more aesthetic look where the whole body looks proportioned. As you said. Whatever makes you genuinely happy ��

  • Not going to lie. I needed that slap in the face. I’ve never hated myself more than when I’ve tried to do leg day. I’m always embarrassed and resentful of my squat weight and my lack of stability and balance from split squats…. back to school for me I guess

  • While most guys think it’s all about the chest, biceps, 6 pack, here I am worshipping my boyfriends beautifully muscular legs lol. For women it’s usually the opposite, all lower body, no upper body. But screw that, I was given nice square shoulders for a reason. Might as well shape em nice!

  • I mean I just started Stronglifting this is my 3rd workout and first week. Somethings satisfying about putting the bar behind me and squatting. Idk maybe just me.

  • the test release on training legs is a myth my good man, its been debunked scientificly in alot of newer studies. dont spread more urban legends pls

  • One things that’s always really bugged me is non lifters making fun of guys who have a swole upper body but ting legs. Like this guy atleast works out and, where as you sit on your ass all day and laugh at him and try knock him. It’s just pathetic.

  • Funny how some in their attempt at covering up their tiny legs wear long socks and all sorts of camouflage while others blatantly walk around with them lady legs

  • Yep…..im skipping legs im focusing on rackpulls and shrugs this year. Im really trying to be yoked. Along with that there a time and place to train legs. I also am lower body dominant already: p, so bringing up the upper body

  • how generous of to make a point to all grown men in the world who dont give a shit what you think, that you´re ok with their training decisions. we´ve all been waiting eagerly for this day to come

  • I hit legs 3 times a week and always had tiny legs and calves.
    My chest and back were always naturaly big (because I trained swimming as a kid), but legs-always small and skinny-even when I was a fat kid.
    Even so, I can squat, leg press and deadlift much more than people with big legs-and people always pointed at me saying I have skinny legs and that I skip leg day.
    So I tottaly agree with yout video.

  • well i also wanna do longer planches and skipping leg day is beneficial for me because it reduces the amount of weight to do a planche.

  • So wait, it’s 2017 and dudes still skipping legs? I’m sorry but I have to question the manhood of a guy who skips legs. I hit em twice a week minimum. I’m about to start hitting them 3 days a week so my squat can go up.

  • Hey man. How about working for explosive lean legs? Like jumping and pistol squats? Like if your legs are already big af. No barbell squats and deads.

  • Leg day was everyday for me for about 6 months bro. I only hit them now on or after cheat day to burn them calories. Good vid, keep ’em pumping.

  • You can’t claim Mode except on Leg Day! I do Squats at 10 sets of 10 with 1 min rest between sets. I’d gotten up to 130lbs then slacked so I’m pulling off 115lbs now. Then its of to Deadlifting, Leg Press, Leg Extensions then some calf work. I’m just now addibg the Hip Thrust but tell me: How do you change the weights on the thrust without assistance? If someone racks for me, i can get up there but if they don’t stick around or not at the gym, i miss out.

    Thank you.

  • I’m fat and I hate leg day. Leg day is the reason why I always stopped working out. To be honst, if I can become like one of these guys in the video, I’m more than happy. I didn’t know you can become fit without doing leg day untill I watched this video, because everyone told me I should bever skip working on my legs. My goal is not to become a body builder, but I just wanna be fit. I guess I’ll start working out again without leg days.

  • The way my leg muscles are, my calf muscles go all the way down to my ankles, and my legs are just massive naturally, like my leg to body ratio makes no sense my upper body has always been skinny (up until now I’ve been working out my upper body)

  • Legs are the most exhausting part of the body to work out. And its usually the part of the body that most people will not see or notice. I think the type of people who refuse to do legs are people who only work out to please others. So they rather focus on what others will notice more which is the shoulders, arms, and chest. Very basic bro lifters. I judge them for being shallow but I also understand it’s their body their choice.

  • A lot of them were wearing long shorts. So quads weren’t visible only calves.
    Now the thing with calves is,
    1. Genetically a lot of people have smaller calves. Especially with our reducing need for walking and physical work, calves are generally pretty shrunk on any normal guy/girl
    2. Calves are a muscle which you cannot train once in your leg day and expect them to grow. They need 3 intense sets every alternate day to atleast 3 days a week for them to start growing.
    So basically a lot of guys here who were wearint long shorts may be training legs and may have good thighs but because we could only see calves, they all looked skinny

  • no way im missing leg day, I effin hate it BUT I feel like I’m missing testosterone boosting potential by not doing legs…no leg day,no big muscles

  • pro tip, if you hate leg days then just have a legs session at the end of workout. It will burn extra calories and cover up most of workout required for leg days!

  • Big legs is so unpractical, your pants gets to tight, looks pretty weird and its pretty hard to build an upperbody that will make your lower body look scrawny, if u dont have like toothpicks

  • Truth is that many people who go to the “typical” gym like ‘Planet Fitness’ and such will stick with upper body exercises. What they fail to realize is that strength comes from a solid foundation (legs). You don’t have to only do free standing squats to develop size in your legs; plenty of other machines there to help you achieve your goals!

  • It’s more so the quads they should be embarrassed about because they aren’t hard to grow whatsoever. As for calves that’s another story lmao

  • I must really have big ass legs like bodybuilders in my gym keep saying. My calves are flipping huge with vascularity. then my damn upper body started to catch up saying “Bro this guy never misses leg days we need to fix this shit” “fucker did squats for 90 days straight he is fucking insane” ����

  • One a half hour commute to work and back plus working on weekends waitering five plus hours. Lead me to having to give up leg days as my knee health becomes much worse and my legs are so fatigued. But they’re gradually dissolving:(

  • I have dudes in the gym like this, some of them is more muscular than me in the upper body and in the lower body I have bigger legs than them

  • If you see a big ass dude with chicken legs just swipe his leg real quick and he will fall and most likely break them due to the upper body weight.

  • Have you guys ever worked out your legs so hard that your legs literally gave out? I have… But at least it’s worth it because I know my legs are strong and massive unlike these dudes legs lmao.

  • Some of these are horrible photoshops!
    I mean you can’t have that small legs when weighing that much duo to giant upper body. your calves and thighs will grow even if you don’t do leg day because they have to carry an extra of 40 pounds of muscle when you go up stairs etc

  • I hate leg day because after almost 5 months of full-throttle working out, my upper body still isn’t caught up with my naturally HUGE legs and so I can’t maneuver the massive weight I’d need for a squat to be worthwhile. I don’t have a rack either. Only pecs.:P

  • Is it me, or is leg day the easiest day? It’s fun, because you look at the weight you can lift and think “damn I’m strong as shit”

  • This is so true man.. I have NEVER been a fan of doing legs.. I tried to get into it many times, but I always tried to put way too much weight on and either tweaked my back or just did too much too soon and lost motivation fast.. I’ve been athletic all my life and at 33 years old, I’m starting from scratch.. I’m not even doing free bar squats.. I use the smith machine (pussy, I know) and put 35s on each side and do 4 sets of 10-12 (each set to failure WITH GOOD FORM).. every single set tho, I go ass to grass, keep my back curved and drive up through my heels.. when I was in my 20s, I cared too much about what other people thought about what weight I was using.. I don’t give a shit any more.. I’m going to PERFECT squats at super low weight and only move up when I am able to, without killing myself

  • I like leg day…. I can quarter rep a car and my legs are just slightly thin and underdeveloped…. I´m a beast…….QUARTERREPS!!!!!

  • My dad didn’t let me get a license because I drank in high school. A single geared bmx bike gave me big legs. Under age drinking ftw

  • Thank again Jeff I’m all about safety and challenging to keep moving forward in our goals. Like you say putting the science in our workout. You’ve been a big help to people like me. P.s Jesse too he’s a funny person, ha. Thanks again

  • Do some more videos on legs please. Apreciated all the reasons in the video..

    Legs are the ones that help you as you age. Not your arms, chest and shit like that. I feel legs are most Important organs of human physiology when it comes to mobility.

    All is fine but why the word mother fucking?!
    Keep it away.

  • Just so we’re clear, I think most SERIOUS lifters do in fact train legs. I also find the chicken leg appearance to be repulsive. In my eyes, balance is essential and a physique will never be complete without some nice wheels.That said, I honestly don’t care if some gym bros skip leg day. If they are GENUINELY happy with their leg size, IMO that is logically justified.
    Again, I am strongly in favor of leg training. The difference between me and others, however, is that I don’t have moral bias. I can look at this problem from an objective standpoint and conclude that aesthetics are 100% subjective + lifters are entitled to do whatever the fuck they want to do. This is further justified if you actually have great legs and do not wish to grow them further. The undeniable fact is that only those who compete in athletic sports or bodybuilding MUST pay serious attention to legs, not average gym bros.
    Finally, the fact that most people skip calf training demonstrates CLEAR hypocrisy and double standards. From this perspective, it doesn’t matter what one decides to focus on. Just do you, and forget about all this internet bullshit. I promise you that most people don’t care about this stuff in the real world.

  • Just try running, and don’t say it burns the muscles, once a week it’s just fine, and has many benefits, like durability… So try running, after 2 years of running on my first leg day I could do leg press with 550lb.

  • I’ve been practicing work out for 11 months and I love doing legs day, I don’t understand why people hate this, it’s so cool to have a feeling of powerful legs and control your body

  • I’m already at 2×45 plates and 2×10. I dont care if the girl next to me goes higher. I see great results and improvements are weekly. Great content.

  • Such good advice. Totally me. I do upper body most days. Because I am embarrassed how my legs don’t grow. But it kills my knees to squat heavy. It’s exhausting to do light weight high reps. I need to start with light and moderate reps. Work on good form. Wrap my knees. Slowly build them up or quickly depending on how my body responds to the reset.

  • Leg day is my all time favourite day, squats are my favourite thing ever, when I started lifting I started with Olympic weightlifting so legs was trained to be my bread and butter so I guess makes sense why I love leg day now

  • Setting up barbell squats at home was the only way for me to eventually progress. Skipped leg day for the longest time. Refused to play catch up in public. ��

  • There was this former friend with whom I used to go to the gym about two years ago. I was training for pretty much for the first time in my life, and he wanted me to do barbell squats with a really heavy load on my second day. I trusted he knew what he was doing, and that he’d teach me proper form, but no. I got neck and back pain immediately.

  • I did this about 2 months ago. I thought my left knee was about and that I’d never squat legit weight.

    So I reset my squat entirely back down to 95lbs and made sure I could hold reps at the bottom + 10 reps before upping the weight.

    Here I am 2 months later and I’m up to 175 for 10 and I’m consistently raising the weight every week. Major improvements and it’s been super motivating.

    Thanks for the great videos, Jeff!

  • I relate 100%. I’m still a novice lifter, and my squat is probably my weakest exercises (only around 200 lbs 1 RM rn) but I’ve always just naturally had tree trunk legs (specifically quads). It’s not just fat either; when I finished my cut and was a VERY lean 167 lbs at 6’0, my legs were still big. Now, I won’t stop training them, but I definitely am not trying to get them to look bigger than they already are.

  • I love to train legs, I mean quads, hamstrings and glutes but I don’t give a fuck about calves
    It just pisses me off when they do 100 exercises for calves but not a single one for glutes
    Thats the good thing of the recreational lifters, you are like a statue you have to sculpture at your own

  • Jeff, i don’t like smith machines. I prefer the bar to be free. Sometimes it is the only option at the gym to do a barbell squat. Can you make a video talking about the pros and cons, and how take advantage of the smith machine?

  • I don’t really like bulky legs, I prefer just decent big legs. I don’t want chicken legs either. I train legs twice a week but I generally never go overboard or to failure

  • 5:53 “As a result, even my legs have now become one of my stronger points. At least they’re complementing the rest of my body.”

    XD love the correction he added at the end while showing off those legs. Those would be THE strongest point on most people’s bodies, but for Jeff, it’s just enough to complement it.

  • Yep, I really like leg day because it’s not that hard for me since I’ve been training my legs since I was 3 (literally)so I don’t feel that much pain while training my legs.

  • Guys…just try to gorge and stuff blood into the muscle. Weight don’t matter. Do high volume fails around 4-8 sets / 20-30 reps fail range, but stuff blood. I’ve seen greater cosmetics with hi-volume in the 100s. I had greater gains body weight squat =lunges.Make em shake and tremble spasm. You’ll love it. You are looking for a certain feeling. Only you will know what it is.

  • I used to hate leg days for years, but once re-started squatting from baby weights to double my body weight over a year of progression. Now I squat x5 week and I love it.

  • There are four things I consider a defining measurement of a persons character and over all worth has a human being.
    Do they lie?
    Do they steal?
    Do they have small legs?
    Do they murder?
    That’s my test. If you can’t pass this one you ain’t my bro.

  • I start every workout with squats. 3x a week. It gets my heart pumping.. and gets me in the mood to do the rest of the workout. If I started with ANY of my other exercises, I don’t think I could do the squats in the middle and definitely not at the end of my workout. Deadline is hard enough at the end.