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Along with muscle building and fat burning, strength training also improves upon a person’s posture and helps to strengthen your bones. As a result of this, the likelihood of an injury among athletes as well as the severity of the injury itself is greatly reduced. In the case of an injury, however, the healing process can also be faster as well. Another added benefit that is associated with.

Now, the benefits of strength training are almost too many to list, so I shall keep to the main ones. Improvements In strength, Power and Speed of muscular contractions. Improvements in relaxation qualities of antagonist’s muscle. Improvements in force absorbing qualities. Increase in proprioceptive awareness. Taking an athlete through a progression of skill will yield a better-rounded, better-coordinated athlete. Imagine if along the way to getting strong, the athlete progressed through push ups, dips, handstand walking, handstand push ups, l-sits, tuck planches, planches, and planche push ups. Speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, power and explosiveness are all aspects of athleticism that can be significantly improved by increases. Historically, strength coaches and athletic trainers have often butted heads, with the former accused of being too aggressive and unscientific and the later accused of being too conservative.

However, if the ultimate goal for all parties involved is to help the athlet. It hammers home, more than any other competition, that strength is a spectrum, not a number or a certain image. The key for endurance running athletes to become stronger is through strength training.

The key for strength athletes to develop better endurance is through endurance training. This is the way I trained myself for years, so I fit. Pro athletes are creatures of routine, and for good reason. It takes years to figure out exactly what offseason, in-season, pre-game and post-game routine produces the best results.

Successful athletes are like scientists; they add, subtract and test new methods one by one to see if they increase performance. There’s a very real reason for this – higher rep sets tend to create more changes on a cellular level, such as size increases. While for some those changes are necessary to make the body more robust (such as the typical Charles Atlas getting sand kicked in your face ads of the 70s), for others what you really need is a better neural connection to your muscles. The former is a common excuse an athlete might use to avoid training during the season, while the latter’s a common reason a coach may provide for why their team doesn’t do in-season training. Successful athletes tend to do things just a little differently than most of us.

Here are five key habits that successful athletes have. IRONMAN IRONMAN 70.3 Nutrition Strength View all Triathlon Road MTB Nutrition Strength View all Cycling Marathon Half Marathon Nutrition Strength View all Running Race Day Nutrition Daily Nutrition.

List of related literature:

Strength and conditioning professionals should use this information to enhance the adaptations of each athlete at risk by incorporating exercises into the program to achieve higher adaptations (e.g., improved core strength, improved upper back strength, improved body composition, and so on) (10).

“NSCA's Guide to Program Design” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
from NSCA’s Guide to Program Design
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

Increased power, strength, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, stamina, coordination, agility, [and] balance… are each important to the world’s best athletes and to our grandparents.”

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
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In addition, the practice of developing muscular strength and power early in life to enhance athleticism, improve

“Essentials of Youth Fitness” by Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, Jon L. Oliver, American College of Sports Medicine
from Essentials of Youth Fitness
by Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, et. al.
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Particularly important to the strength and power athlete are

“NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
from NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
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Athletes with these qualities have already taken a big step toward achieving their goals before the serious physical training even begins.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
by Joe Friel
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Strength and power for young athletes.

“Sports Science Handbook: I-Z” by Simon P. R. Jenkins
from Sports Science Handbook: I-Z
by Simon P. R. Jenkins
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In addition to developing feelings of physical strength and confidence, sports offer the opportunity to strive for excellence, the chance to accomplish a goal through effort and training, and the psychological challenge of testing oneself in competition.

“Women and Sport: Interdisciplinary Perspectives” by D. M. Costa, D. Margaret Costa, Sharon Ruth Guthrie
from Women and Sport: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
by D. M. Costa, D. Margaret Costa, Sharon Ruth Guthrie
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The chapter discusses the nine basic sports performance factors: power, strength, speed, agility, coordination, quickness, flexibility, local muscular endurance, and cardiovascular aerobic capacity.

“High-performance Sports Conditioning” by Bill Foran
from High-performance Sports Conditioning
by Bill Foran
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I needed to train like hell, diet like hell, eat well, and win more major titles the following fall.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
from Total Recall
by Arnold Schwarzenegger
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I worked hard in conditioning because I wanted to develop myself as an athlete.

“Walk-On Warrior: Drive, Discipline, and the Will to Win” by John Willkom
from Walk-On Warrior: Drive, Discipline, and the Will to Win
by John Willkom
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018

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  • Sprints have an effect similiar to that of a 1RM squat. Hormonal and metabolic changes that effect protein synthesis, recovery, etc. Dont count out sprints man..

  • 6ft 2inches tall. 35 years old. 83 kgs
    Almost 7 months regular training
    Max pull up 10( good form)
    Max push ups25
    Max squats63
    I can only do seated tricep dips yet20 max
    Zero muscle ups
    Can’t even do pseudo Planche leans or tuck front lever
    L Sit 10 second hold max( bad form)

  • 16, Male, 185 cm (6’1″), 93Kg (205lbs)
    Found a pull up bar when I was out on a run, don’t commonly do pull up, dip kind of exercises
    3 pull
    3 dip
    28 good form tricep pushups
    No muscle up, or other skills
    Also I’ve got a popping left elbow from a break years ago

  • @overtimeathletes question when running a basketball program for weight training. Is it better to have days dedicated for just upper and lower body or put them together in one day

  • Age 23
    Height 187 cm
    Pull ups 10
    Dips 19
    Push ups 30
    Muscle ups: 0:(
    L-sit: yes
    Handstand: best time on parallettes 43 seconds, 19 secs on the floor.

  • This poll just tells me people don’t know what a planche is… 4% of girls on here say they can planche but 0% say they can back lever lmaooo

  • the max push up if so full of shit,I mean, 30+? As if push ups done properly are an easy exercise. IMO full ROM push ups with a regular tempo are as difficult as real pull ups, therefore the max push ups on the survey should be roughly the same as the max pull ups.
    My personal max pull ups (and I mean real full ROM pull ups) are around 22-23 which is pretty good (Im short and lightweight), and when i’m training push ups I do sets of 10. Yes, only 10 push ups! And I shit myself at the end of every set!
    Stop lying to yourselves people, it will only hold you back…

  • Age: 18
    Weight + height: 73kg and I think 179cm
    Skills: elbow planche, two second handstand, pistol squats
    Handstand pushups: 7
    Pushup max: 60-70
    Pullup max: 23; 6(with 20kg)
    Living in Ireland(although not Irish). I have been doing 100 pushups a day since march 2019 so that is what got me into calisthenics and honestly pushups and pullups are easy as long as you keep doing it. This said I am horrible with calisthenics skills which I only got into in September. I can’t even L-sit I think because my hip flexors are too stiff. I have done one muscle up in the past but recently I have been trying and just can’t explode up. It’s also because I am trying to use good form so if I was to put one elbow up at a time I would be able to get it. I also started weighted calisthenics at the gym this year. I use a 20kg dumbell and do 5×5 sets. I stopped testing my max for bodyweight exercises some time ago because it’s not worth the risk or fatigue but I can probably get to 7-8 good reps with a 20kg dumbell.
    Just as an Edit: I use proper form for all exercises and full range of motion except for dips which I rarely do anyway( I should start). Also this is as much for anyone to compare themselves to as it is for me just to log my stats and description.

  • I make the same mistake on cable pullthroughs and KB Swings, but you’re squatting down, treat it like a RDL, and push your hips back, stretch out your hammies. And you just reminded me to get back to doing cable pullthroughs.

  • Age 31 165cm 64.8kg. 2-3 second front lever. 3 muscle ups, 18 pulls up, 15 dips but haven’t tried max. 2-3 one arm pushups. Training for about a year.

  • I think it’s cuz like people that train planche, and are good at it, generally focus on it more than other skills, therefore they lack in other aspects like pull ups, dips and stuff like that.

  • I’m at 45kg max dips, 30 max pull ups and 30 dips, 14 max pull ups but i can’t manage to do front or straddle, I’ve never worked abs or lumbars, so don’t be like me and don’t forget to build a solid core

  • 12 years old,

    Push ups=46
    Pull ups=10
    Muscle ups=can’t train I have a indoor pull up bar

    Skills=OAC (sort of) handstand and L-Sit

  • Age: 19
    Height: 183 cm
    Weight: 77
    Pull up max (body weight): 15
    Pull up max +22.5 kg: 6
    Dips: didn’t dip for 1.5 years
    Muscle ups: never did it
    Bench: 95 for 1
    Squat: 120 for 1
    Deadlift: 160 for 1
    Pp: 19 cm

  • 2:34 I was a starting 300lb college rugby player and gym rat, then I lost 40 lbs total (with loss and gain swings) of combined muscle and fat mass in order to join the Navy. I am now a 260lb guy trying to regain what was lost in bootcamp. Lol. I 100% understand the feeling.

  • I am 15 years old and have been dealing with a mental breakdown for a couple of months.
    I will start a new habit of being a little better than yesterday.
    I will share my results day to day here below.
    Hopefully this will inspire someone and if so please leave a like.

    Day 1: I feel quite good bcs I actually started. My goal is really to be consistent for 21 days.

  • I know this is an older video so I have no idea if u will get this comment. Anyway, do u still do the pull throughs and how do u like them? Do u think if u put a broomstick in the band and then across your hip crease it would help? I just got a few bands and I am trying new stuff with them. U are a big help to me so thank you and keep it up please.

  • I had no idea how much this video would resonate with me years later. I used to pregame this before a football game to get in the zone during high school. Now after a falling out with my parents and overcoming homelessness and depression several years later, it hits different.

  • Height 178-180cm, age:17 bodyweight: 70kg+, bf%: 13-14
    I started planche when i was 16 and now I’m 17 and on good days i can do straddle ( relatively good form in terms of arm lock out and hollow body position) for around 8 seconds (pb). I want to learn how to full but struggle to hold for more than 2 seconds, is dynamic exercises like planche lean pushups important? I just need tips please.

  • I can do 22 pull ups in one set only because I’ve been doing them quite a lot, and weighted for the most part for 5-10 reps, and I’m fairly strong with good leverages for pulling. As for push ups I could do around 45 push ups in one set before I got tendinitis in my elbow from you guessed it, doing push ups:/. Wish it would finally go away so I can go back to training anything else besides back, abs, and legs, lol.

  • Great video! Very informative!! I’m an athletic trainer and thinking of expanding my credentials to include CSCS. Lots of similarities.

  • Pull-throughs aren’t bad, but I would highly recommend barbell hip thrusts(back on the bench). Barbell hip thrusts made a considerable difference in my strength in the squat and deadlift, but most importantly they helped alleviate pain in my lower back. Keep up the great videos and hopefully the training cycle goes well.

  • You ever encountered Hip Flexor Tendonitis? And if so any advices for it except stretching properly? That sucks so hard. Trained more than 1 year without stretching. Now im smarter:D

  • height: 173 cm
    weight: 66 kg
    pushups: 53
    dips: 43
    pullups: 20
    MU: 5 (no kip)
    Skills: solid straddle planche, shitty full planche, back lever. Dragonflies for reps. Currently working on front lever

  • Some of the best content on Youtube. I am a Sports Performance Coach and I Love the tips and advice you give especially your speed program. Great content.

  • I Don’t know if you Guys ever heard About the dutch survival sport? Thats What i do. Thats why i Can’t do the excersices but i can do 12 pull ups 16 dips 0 muscle ups en 42 push ups

  • When I say this, I am referring to the, what I believed, to be a famous two step. From the future. With rope. And squat shoes….

    Just when I thought you could do everything, you go and do something like this…


  • I’m a man 20years old 183 cm,76kg,I can do 20 pull ups,30 dips,60 push ups,8 muscle ups 15 sec front lever,3 sec straddle planche,no handstand(because I had a shoulder surgery),1 one arm pull up

  • I messed up lately i lost myself i am going to find myself again and be best version of myself i am 15 i have many phobias but i am going to beat. now i am starting new life i will have strong menatal health

  • I love this, thank you for posting the video. Continuing education is what separates us coaches from the personal trainers as well. The passionate will continue to pursue knowledge and profession of their craft.

  • I weigh a 100kg and am a little under “average” according to this. I csn do the more pushups, and the same amoubt of dips, but can only do 8 pullsups. But seeing that the average weight for this study was 70 something made me happy. I will keep pushing for new goals in 2020! Happy new year everybody! ��

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    Mill View court used mainly as holding for potential threats. Both are named after the hypnotic affect of watching a mill turn.

    “Mind” is a government owned organisation that is used to restrict the movements of potential threats that cannot be “legally” detained.

    Miranda house is another facility. All are covers used to train or control anyone who logically refuses to pledge loyalty.

    The mental health system is not the only large scale covert operation but is the most involved domestically.

  • It would be cool with Alan would coach Jeff Cavalier and teach him the basics of squatting and deadlifting. With his current muscularity, he could gain strength rapidly. Great video as always.

  • this video is fire <3 i would like to be a coach, (running, basketball or fitness coach) and ill for sure will take that with me when i'm learning for it. thanks man!

  • https://youtu.be/E2tiC9_JzOE

    Searching akun channel you tubeku ya “Yoyo Mahbub “

    Semoga senang suka & terhibur.butuh 200 subscribers lagi (200 orang) utk mencapai 1000 subscriber & 4000 jam tayang biar dpt gaji penghasilan dari you tube.terima kasih koncox.maturnuwun sekali.hehehex:d:p����������������������������������������������������������������

  • Not trying to be condescending, but I’m seeing a lot ppl acting like a 25 yr old 165 lb man doing more than 10 pull ups is an amazing feat of strength. Hit the gym guys.

  • hmm more women can planche than men…..I haven’t seen a single women doing full planche (PS: I can’t do it either, but just wondering what’s going on here) Although I have seen a handful of women doing front lever, OAC, back lever, so not 0%. Maybe it’s close to 0% I guess in the overall population. Since it is a sample.

  • I’m 16 years old, 137 pounds, height is 5’10

    Push up to failure in 20’s
    pull ups are 10 to 12
    can L sit
    Enjoy the elbow lever

    Practicing the balance for free handstands
    Can one arm dead hang for more than 10 seconds (training for 1 chin up)

  • maybe someone can do the same statistics survey for weighted calisthenics
    for how much ppl can do… not percentage
    maybe add weighted one arm pull up

    weird… i can do 3 oapu + 5kg with my right arm, do 3 oapu with my left arm.
    but i cannot do a full front lever for 3 seconds.

  • 174 cm
    56 kg
    14 year old
    18 pull ups
    never checked dips but probably around 17-24
    push ups45
    mucle ups 8 (i practice them alot)
    l-sit yes
    front leverVERY close(practice them alot too)
    back leverno

  • Most people probably went: “I’ve only done 8 once, but I gave up early, could’ve probably done 10. Oh wait but they aren’t that hard so maybe 12. Oh look I’m above average!”

  • To be fair this is probably the averages of people who have been to the gym for at least 6 months. The real averages would probably be 20 push ups, 6 dips and 2 pull ups, that’s being generous, lots of fitness experts say that pull ups are one of the hardest exercises to learn and master, 11 for average is unrealistic, 60% of people are overweight:/

  • Im 17
    180 cm
    71 kg
    Pull up 13
    Dip 32
    Muscle up 6
    Push up just beyond 100
    Each with proper form, full range of motion, maybe the push ups are only done till 90 degrees in my ankle, but i cant concentrate, since when i’m doing max, i’m doing them soo fast

  • If you are watching this in 2020, stay strong �� and just know that you are a Legend❗����

    Life is a game, play it❗
    Life is a challenge, meet it❗

  • i just want to say thanks for all the awesome free programs! added 90lbs on my total in 4 months! good work, keep doing what your doing

  • Very interesting video. As you already mentioned there is a big difference what women and men can achieve in callisthenic and how fast and what is average for them. What I miss in this video is 1. clear statement when you took both genders in calculations and when only one 2. when you are talking about average I understand you are talking about men. What would be average for woman? It is very hard for me to find myself in the picture you presented as a woman.

  • Age: 17
    Pull ups: 12
    Push ups: 44
    Muscle up: 1 ( chicken wings lmao )
    Dips: no way more than 20 but idk
    Skills: L-sit, V-sit on bar only:c

  • Unrelated but which pair of knee sleeves do you think have the best quality? My slingshot stuff is tearing apart after 3 months use.

  • How differently do you feel the pull through-s? As opposed to hip thrusts. My glutes were feeling all kinds of activation with hip thrusts, took me about a week to recover my first go around lulz

  • Band Pullthroughs… Less squat more hinge. And use a tricep rope so you dont look like your feeling your junk.
    Superset these with seated band abductions with a tripled mini band or hip circle. And boom your glutes will be on fire. And you’ll also be hitting dem glutes from different angles.

  • haha. I thought I saw 1yr ago. I guess u got so much good stuff it’s hard to tell. Anyway, I think if you/we use a broomstick or whatever as a handle/pivot point it could help. And maybe so it doesn’t look like I’m grabbin my nuts. I haven’t tried yet tho. Thx again.

  • Age: 17
    Height: 183cm
    Weight: 69kg
    Pullups max: 29
    Dips Max: 40
    Pushups: 57
    Skills: Straddle frontlever, straddle planche, backlever, OAP

  • Good luck with it Brandon.I tried the free program but it was to much for my lower back.Really fatigued it…Almost made it through 3 weeks..

  • Hey Brandon, I’m a competitive powerlifter from Ireland and I’m also a very tall lifter at 6″3″ almost 6″4″ and I find my lower back gets more taxed out then most people, any suggestions?

  • Mateusz M if you are reading this, please know that I will forever be grateful to you and this video in particular. I have watched all of them.

    2015: I came across this video. 3 people have died in my family one after another
    2017: I graduated with max score at art academy, also I have been an immigrant since 2006

    2020: I don’t have social media at all except for YouTube. It was an on and off process but now I am 8 month zero social media

    I also work out a lot more than in the past, I feel FREE, I freed myself from being bullied online, I started my own YouTube channel and started uploading video editing results maybe in February or March 2020. Without social media I have found PEACE INSIDE. Peace of mind.

    18 August 2020: I am still here and I am only now realising how much this channel changed my life for the better.



  • Hi Brandon! Last year you released an ebook, if I remember correctly. I want to get back in the gym and I’m considering following your ebook, is it still available for download somewhere?

    Thanks, Michael

  • Life is all up to you and the weak give up on themselves, don’t be that person. I was 23, I lost everyone I had and got laid off, with bunch of debt on my name. Didn’t have education, so couldn’t find a decent job. Lost all hope, started drinking and doing drugs because I was weak, then one day out of nowhere I woke up and decided to change things. My last hope was military, went in there. 2 months in had to wait go to boot camp so I was working at this diner, sleeping in my car. Went to boot camp, then got a decent job in the military, learnt A BUNCH while was there. Once I got out, I applied for an apprenticeship in steam fitting, and now 7 years later I’m living my best life, making over 100k a year. I adopted a beautiful kid and I’m on my way to have one of my own with my wife. The point is that I DONT WANT YOU to give up, nor the ppl who love you or even a lost loved ones would never want you to give up. Keep pushing, there’s always hope and there’s always a way! God bless you and wish you all the luck.

  • I can do 27 pull ups, 45 dips, a straddle planche, front lever, and a40 second handstand, i was also surprised to see that the people who can do planches aren’t as strong as expected.

  • I see dudes all the time do the stuff in the beginning, but they’ll do where everyone can see them doing it, not in the area that is clearly designed for it.

  • I’m currently studying Sports Science and clearly this is the direction I want to take for my life, the one I put my faith on and I belive in. Thank you for everything Chris. You are an inspiration, a guidepost

  • Pull throughsI do more of a stiff leg deadlift style, bend over, shift the weight to the heels overloading the hammies and then thrust up and squeeze that ass like Chewndog tryna penetrate

  • Alan here is a series ideas you should do the mountain man breakfast series (doesn’t have to be breakfast) but have strong men competitors or weight lifting any kind and talk bout some good ol weight lifting

  • Not sure if you’ll would read this due to it is an old video, but anyways was also having shoulder pain when doing bench work. After some research i found some stuff saying to work the rotator cuff more often.

  • Age: 16 male done gymnastics for some time and started calisthenics 6 months ago
    height: 175cm
    weight: 61kg
    pull ups max: 14
    dips max: 25
    push ups max: 39
    muscle up max: 1
    skills: L sit

  • Idk about everyone else, but I found out about AthleanX because I was having some killer elbow pain and looked up some videos on it. His therapy videos anecdotally have helped me a great deal, his exercise selection has at the very least expanded my toolbox in some areas, but he’s just one person. I drew inspiration from Alan Thrall, Omar Isuf, Brian Alsruhe, Clarence Kennedy, etc. There is a lot of great advice out there and also a lot of outdated advice and just plain bad advice. What’s important is to find what works best for you to achieve the results you desire, regardless of where you draw inspiration from.

    Have a great day.

  • Hey bro! I’m a High Performance Coach from Brazil (or walking for this goal)! Enjoying your content. I totally agree with your points.


    I know that the Coronavirus is a real thing. And I DO NOT MAKE FUN OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED FROM IT. MAY THEY REST IN PEACE.

    The death toll by Coronavirus is dwarfed by the death toll from obesity alone. Let’s put regulations on the candy bar companies before we go thinking we are smart.

    Here is an issue to think about: Max effort lifts are nothing to PLAY AROUND WITH with as far as safety. USAPL is requiring powerlifters to wear masks on the platform. I am a powerlifter. I just put on a blue surgeon’s mask and tried to get my air like I normally do. Man…. I don’t think it’s worth it. Can’t get my air properly. I think it’s time i drew the line and just lifted in my home gym. Time to just be an old school lifter and lift for the fun of it and the personal satisfaction like I used to do. My lifts are legit enough for me at this point. I don’t really need to be validated by the USAPL for the sake of my safety.

    I am not scared of the Corona virus. I have taken microbiology, and I know my basics. So that being said, here is something to think about:

    Lifters should be allowed to not wear a mask on the platform. The side spotters need to wear masks and gloves. And the lifters need to be surrounded on 3 sides by a giant plexiglass cage so that they don’t have to suffocate themselves. These are max effort lifts. You need to have enough room for the lifters and spotters for accidents. The cage needs to be the proper dimensions to allow safety and to allow lifters to breath. Wipe the cage down with medical disinfectant after each lift. Want to be responsible? Allow the lifters to breathe. Allow the spotters to have enough room to function for all emergencies that happen in a meet. Clear enough space. Air is important, guys. Am i right or what?

    Vomiting on the platform. It happens. And if someone is carrying the Corona virus and they spew all over, that could be a big mess and a CDC nightmare. Actually, the first time someone vomits at a meet, they will have to shut the whole thing down. They need to put up a plexiglass box for the lifters. And a plexiglass shield for the front judge. Also, the front judge should wear a surgical plastic shield, mask, and safety goggles.

    People out rioting, screaming and yelling, spitting and carrying on, Fauchee or however you spell that bitch’s name, the President, the cops who killed George Floyd, NO ONE IN POWER is wearing a mask, no one at the top is following the rules that they are making up. Hypocrisy. Pure hypocrisy. And they want me to suffocate myself willingly while I lift? No… this world has gone full stupid. Full on atrociously dumb. I can’t relate to this shit man.

    Death toll by Coronavirus is not even 1%. We need to rethink how we are going about these meets.

  • Keep those knees straighter on the air humps more like an rdl/hip hinge. I woulda just done some Bret contreras frog pumps or high volume BW SL bridges. Periodize that yard work properly fam you could tax your cns

  • Fun fact: Jordan Feigenbaum discredited Cal Dietz’ and Ben Peterson’s triphasic training like 10 years ago, probably by Rippetoe’s order. Now every college football program does it or does a similar variation and even professional rugby teams like Argentina national team does it too, introduced by his former coach Kier Wilhem-Flatt. Ben Peterson is in the 49ers’ staff since last year (in just one year he coached a super bowl runner up). So the thing we learn here is that no one knows the true for everything. Even BBM knows little about ATHLETE training too, or doesn’t knows best. Everyone who sells programs must sell you his/her programs first before telling you the truth, even if the program is accurate enough. BBM’s good thing is that they tend to update their templates based on feedback, but their knowledge is very hermetic in general. Because they are still part of the fitness industry, you like it or not.

  • Brandon, fyi, there is a reason why we all shit on ur form in the comments with unsolicited advice. Because you are in a personal gym, you miss out on a lot of the finer aspects of being in a commercial gym. One of these aspects I know you missed is being stopped by people smaller and weaker than yourself so they can tell you what they read on a t-nation article while they drove over to the gym.

    Your welcome, by the way your squats are shit, you need to brace more

  • I’m 15, 5’10 and 62KG with body fat percentage 11% and I can do 47 push ups, 14 pull ups and barely 5 dips and I’ve never tried a muscle up. All those figures are the most I’ve ever done

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  • I’m starting a program soon too with Megsquats! I’ve been doing everything by myself the one year I’ve been in powerlifting and I seem to hit a plateau. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress, brother!

  • I balance calisthenics with powerlifting to get the best of both worlds i often find that most bodyweight athletes that don’t train weighted tend to be pretty weak outside of calisthenics and i’d hate to be that guy in a circumstance where a different level of strength is required and i can’t do anything about it.

  • Chris you need to put a program together to help out those of us who want to become coaches or get better at coaching. Honestly that would be a training I would pay to go to just to learn from you.

  • Im not the best at football but in 3 year i will be better and i will be A profesional player and im 15 years old today is 2020 i will come back in 2023 because i believe in myself

  • I just got graduated and I am struggling to get into the working life. I have applied to 30+ jobs and been in 5 interviews during last 2 months but have not gotten lucky. Today when I found a place I could apply I was like “What is the point? I will not get chosen anyways.”. Then I remembered this video and now I will write that application. I will show those who did not choose me that they chose wrong.

  • Was that your fking knee cracking at @ 3:58? If so that is sick lol I can’t train with clicking in my joints unless I don’t notice it.

  • 14

    Push up:78
    Pull up:21
    Chin up:29
    Dips:never tried to hit max but the most i did was 3 sets of 20
    Can l sit, never tried to do any kind of lever, can’t handstand:(((, can planche
    Edit:can do 2 muscle ups

  • Hey Alan, thanks for the awesomeness— unless I missed it, it doesn’t look like you’ve discussed strength imbalances on this channel directly. Would be awesome to hear your thoughts and methods for addressing them.

  • Hey Chris, I have recently decided that I want to become a speed/agility coach. I want to open up a place and start my own business. I have grown up watching your videos as well as other athletic coaches. I feel as though I have learned enough over the years to teach aspiring athletes how to become more elite. I have always loved learning about developing athleticism, and I now want to use my passion and knowledge to develop young athletes. I am thinking about changing my major from biology (which I hate) to business. Do you think that is the right move? Or should I study something like Kinesiology? Also, how should I go about starting this business? I guess what I am ultimately asking is how did you start? Thanks!

  • I am surprised I compare pretty well, I don’t do Cali, but do Crossfit
    M, 35, 82kg, 176cm
    53 push ups in a minute (not tried a max)
    20 pull ups
    18 dips
    3 muscle ups
    Not tried cali skills

  • A fair challenge would be for everyone who is being tested (tall and short) to have the same weight. For example 100kg. So if you weigh 95kg you need to carry a 5kg weight, and if you are 65kg then you need to carry 35kg.
    It is unfair to compare a guy weighting 50kgs that can do 50 pushups/pullups vs a 100kg guy who has to carry an extra 50kg.

  • I had a dream since I was little. To succeed in my life. I never stopped dreaming. I believe in myself and I will succeed because I can and I want to. I will return here in 2 years as a port guard and bodybuilder������⚓������

  • I can’t understand that the average pull up max of the people who could do muscle ups, was 12,23 reps.
    I am able to do 16 pull ups with good form, but I can’t even get one muscle up…

  • Why is there something so immensely satisfying about watching Alan do random things? Like whether it’s lifting, talking, or just running around…

  • ALAN!!!! How you think Archon equipment stands up against Rep equipment? https://fitarchon.com/product/archon-power-cage-w-lat-pull-and-cable-crossover-attachment/

  • I’m studying to be a pt and everything you are doing is awesome. It’s all cutting edge stuff for athletes and it’s making a lot more sense after some study. Your stuff combined with cal dietz and Patrick mckeowns breathing techniques gets huge results.

  • Great video Chris, very insightful. I’ve applied a lot of your exercises to my workout regimen and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, the workouts aren’t stale that way either. Keep the videos coming.

  • people seem to not understand that those number, true or not, are from people that visit this subreddit… your average person doesn’t do that. Those numbers are, true or not, the average for people that are actively doing calisthenics

  • Areas I can work on are physiology and experience. I’m already a self employed PT with 8 athletes I see every week as well as regular fat loss, muscle building clients. But I’m looking to get into more teams. If anyone wants to help see me grow, follow me at OliMercerPT on IG and I’ll follow you back and like yo shit

  • OTA, big thanks to you about your soccer program, and maybe you can do a program for the in-season training too. I think I speak for all football (soccer) players, that we would love to see more soccer related workouts, for example imbalances, or just see you work with some soccer athletes. Much love from Denmark, and thank you for this great channel, wish you the best.

    BTC & ETC over and ovo again.
    Swift as Wolves 2020.
    Let’s make sure no church ever gets shut down again.

  • I found this video very interesting! I’m a boulder(climbing) my pull ups are at 15, pushups 20 with my dips being massively low at 8. I haven’t trained any of the advanced skills. I shall endeavour to improve on these basic numbers. Thanks.

  • This is getting me hyped to skate a gap I have been scared of for over a year I am going to get it tomorrow no matter what happens

  • Eai Pagou? Seu despertador financeiro agora é gratis!! Nunca mais esqueça a data de vencimento de suas contas, use o Eai Pagou? ele ira notificar lembrando a data de pagamento. Eai Pagou? Gratis!

  • I was here in 2015…
    I am here in 2020…
    I was seemingly in the deepest abyss then… I am looking towards the horizon now…
    It was a struggle then… It is an endeavour now…
    I was afraid then… I am determined now…
    For, no matter how long the tunnel, there’s always light at the end…
    To all the fighters out here, just believe in yourself and keep going.

  • 20 pull ups, 73 push ups, 8 muscle ups slight kip, and been working on the planche for 11 years but stuck at straddle! I’m also 6’1″. Been my dream to get full planche one day so hard ��

  • I can’t stress this enough that everytime I ask my friends how many pullups and pushups they can do they say they can do like about the same amount as me and I’ve been training on and of for a couple years and I can just tell that they aren’t as strong as me so when they go ahead to show me how many push or pullups they start doing like half reps literally it’s embarrassing hearing them say they can do over 20 pushups and then they start and I tell them to go all the way down and then they can’t even do a single one. Same with pullups they just go barely over the bar and never even close to the way down. They basically go up and down 10 cm with their chin over and under the bar. Ofc I just tell them nicely that they need to start doing full range of motion. Because I remember me thinking I could do many pushups when I didn’t do a proper form. Just wanted to get my anger out hahahahah.

  • I recently turned 23 and have made a few thousand dollars in the last year with a business I started which is quite a lot in the country I come from given that I’m also going to very hard college. In two years when I turn 25 I will have a million dollars in my bank account. I will come back and let you guys know how it went.

  • Hi. Have done calisthenics now for 1.5 years.
    For science take my stats as of now.

    Quite strict IF diet
    7 trainings a week

    Age: 32
    Height: 193cm
    Weight: 98kg
    Arms reach: 202cm
    Pullups: clean form, up to nipples: 13
    clean form, to chin: 16
    weighted, to chin, +60kg, 2 reps (on good days 3 reps)
    Pushups: 40+ (never cared to max out)
    Dips: on bars (BW don’t know), weighted +50 kg, 6 reps
    on rings, weighted +50 kg, 3 reps
    Muscle-up: 3 with crappy form

    can do crappy form straddle front lever
    can do pretty good back lever
    can do L-sit for 53 seconds

  • I’m 180cm/76kg and my max are 11 pull ups 21 dips 39 push ups and 0 muscle up. And I can only handstand. I’m far from being able to do the other skills.
    I can’t muscle up and it’s getting me mad…

  • Taken the week off as my shoulder just won’t heal. The pain is excoriating, praying it’s something that will go with time. Good on you for getting stuck in, it’s never easy to change but it’s vital. Looking forward to the next installmeng,

  • As a tall guy (1.95x90kg) i got the Fl one leg last year with 4 months of cali. I reached about 12 pull and 15-17 dips but i couldn’t muscle up or hand stand. I was so close to Fl and I could hold full BL for just an istant before my line goes away. Now i had to 2 stay 2 months in the bed and i just restarded training, 5 pull and 5 dips as maximal. It will be funny to see the medium recover time after an injury or a stop for sickness in a video

  • I was doing great, then I hit a giant wall and now I cant figure out how to make it over.
    I hope I find what I missed this last time.
    Theres hope in these videos, which I need now more than ever.

  • 4% female can planche but i’ve never seen a woman doing full planche in a good form… tbh i’ve not seen a woman doing perfect straddle, they are doing split planche which is easier than a good form advanced tuck…

  • Tomorrow, I’m starting a 12 week powerlifting focused program. This is all your fault ��
    Wish me luck
    Starting PRs are
    B245 D450 S300

  • Hey you, yea you.. The beautiful soul reading this right now, I just want to take a minute to remind you that you are a beautiful and unique soul destined for greatness and I truly wish you all the best in your life, you are worthy of all that you desire to become reality and you have the power within you now to make that happen, I may have never met you but I believe in you. Much love and peace to all… the sky is the limit… never surrender and never stop dreaming!!!

    For Empowering Content Check Out


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  • Thanks for posting, I’m currently in the process of working on my undergrad in Exercise Science and hoping to go onto PT school or else straight into sport performance coaching. What is your degree in, and how do you suggest gaining experience to get a foot in the door?

  • I’m currently in hospital bed watching this and this makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Folks please do not take working out or being active for granted. Be grateful for every workout, bike ride, walk, hike…just be thankful to move. ��

  • We fall because no matter what no one understands me or what I’ve been through. In return people want me to be normal when I don’t know what normal is.

  • Ever since I was litle I’ve wanted to be an astronaut and when I told my parents ands friends they laughed and said ‘aren’t you aiming a bit high I mean your just normal’ but I know it’s pretty impossible but I just can’t not try like that’s what I have been thinking about ever since I could think. So I’m not gonna say I’ll come back in ten years I’ll just say

    If I do become who I want to be ill be back.