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Exercise 3: The Total Triceps Extension. Here is where you can use cables to add muscle mass to the back of the arms. Triceps extensions can be done from many different positions using a rope, bent-bar, or straight-bar attachment, but the most important key to results is full range of movement and muscle control. These 8 exercises will help to build back mass, specifically targeting lats, traps, and the posterior chain, when implemented in a measured workout routine. 9 Muscle-building Battle Rope Exercises.

Before we begin Any movement comes with risk, yet there is a significant amount of safety that the battle ropes bring with them: The rope movements coach themselves to a degree (if the rope wave looks ugly, chances are you are not doing the movement well. Winner: Ab wheel rollout. Biceps. When asked about the best biceps exercise, my answer hasn’t changed in ten years: the rope climb. You only need to visit Muscle Beach in Santa Monica – a place where there are enough ropes to excite a family of gymnasts – and observe the biceps development of guys who climb them on a consistent basis.

Triceps Extension* Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms extended overhead, 1 dumbbell** in each hand. Keeping elbows close to ears, bend arms, lowering weights toward shoulder blades. Building arm muscles is important for doing the activities of daily living as well as for preventing loss of muscle mass. Here are some basic exercises for building biceps and triceps strength. Build muscle mass exercise tip: All muscle mass exercises should be performed heavy (80% of 1RM) with 3-5 reps of 8 sets.

No more than 4 separate mass gain exercises should be completed in a single build muscle mass workout session. Jump Rope: 8 sets of 1 min, maximum effort. Skip the slow slog on the treadmill and use your favorite toy from elementary PE: the jump rope.

8 sets of 1 minute jumps at maximum effort will have your heart pounding. Light skipping reminiscent of your third grade days won’t cut it, kid. You have to twirl the rope at full speed. Check out the 8 best back exercises to build strength, muscle mass, and power. you can train the body to stimulate more muscle fibers and create new ones that keep up with your progressing.

4 Upper Body Strength Battle Rope Exercises -In and out Waves, 30 sec work/30 sec rest, 3-5 Sets -Overhead Presses, 30 sec work/30 sec rest, 3-5 Sets -Static Rope Curls, 30 sec work/30 sec res.

List of related literature:

One study of 66year-old men found that a 12-week program of resistance training resulted in significant increases in the cross-sectional area of both fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers (Frontera, Meredith, O’Reilly, Knuttgen, & Evans, 1988).

“Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care” by Kristen L. Mauk
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She can then work up to 12–15 reps for 2–3 sets, 3–4 sessions per week, for all major muscle groups, concentrating on trunk extensors and the lower extremity muscles to help with body stability and dynamic balance.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
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The goal of these exercises is to increase muscle strength and gain control of the limb.

“Surgery of the Hip E-Book” by Daniel J. Berry, Jay Lieberman
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It is recommended that healthy adults perform two to four sets of multi-joint exercises (at least one exercise for each major muscle group), using 40 to 80% 1-RM loads, 8–12 repetitions, two to three days per week.

“Applied Exercise and Sport Physiology, With Labs” by Terry J. Housh, Dona J. Housh, Herbert A. deVries
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The resistance-training effort should be easy to moderate, using free weights and dumbbells or a variety of weight resistance machines, and should include 8 to 10 repetitions performed one to three times with slow concentric and eccentric muscle contractions.

“Clinical Exercise Physiology” by Jonathan K. Ehrman, Paul M. Gordon, Paul S. Visich, Steven Keteyian
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A good idea is to work a single joint muscle first (for example, the quadriceps) by doing 8–12 reps and then doing a multi-joint (compound) exercise to re-fatigue the muscle targeted by doing 4– 5 good repetitions.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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The proper use of these exercises with a low-weight (never greater than 5 lb) and high-repetition format is recommended to enhance local muscle endurance of the rotator cuff muscle and parascapular muscles.

“Physical Therapy of the Shoulder E-Book” by Robert A. Donatelli
from Physical Therapy of the Shoulder E-Book
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Although phosphagens may be the primary limiting factor during resistance exercise with few repetitions or few sets, muscle glycogen may become the limiting factor for resistance training with many total sets and larger total amounts of work (94).

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Likewise, if more than 8 repetitions can be performed, the resistance is too light and weight should be added.

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At least one exercise for each major muscle group should be performed per training session.

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  • Here is where I get confused ��
    You don’t even look like you lift at all…What happened? What kind of brainless idiot would pay for your advice is beyond me ��

  • This video is horrible advice. The only way to the body of your dreams is to get under a barbell. People just don’t like hard work and like to play around in the gym.

  • Okay everyone this is easy press the button swimming swimming exercises every muscle in the body you don’t need free weights you don’t need dumbbells you don’t need a mat you just need water three cheers from Canada

  • All your teachings of the rotator cuff are on point. The most common mistake is not working the external rotation of the shoulder.

  • Anyone here has the type of my body?… I can work out once and not even seriously but even after a month my body will still be bigger. If you see me you may think I take the gym too seriously with heavy weights.

  • I’m a little nervous, will jump rope make my legs bulky? I’m trying to trim my tummy and legs. I’m toned but I need a bit more tighter. I eat fairly well but I do enjoy some carbs. I’m 106lb but still need to be trim.

  • Hey Zendude I just got my normal basic jumping rope I can start to jump rope like 5 to 7 times before messing up. and you know why I mess up? because I jump too high. I can’t control. it I tried to jump low like you said 1 inch or 2 inch off but I can’t seem to do it please help me

  • Hey were you guys at VidSummit? I remember someone asking Gary Vee about jump rope training. Would have been great to meet you, I’ve been following your channel for a while! ����

  • So I have the popping and pain in my rear delt. I know it my rotator cuff muscle, one of them anyways. So do I need to spend a couple of weeks strengthening them and doing no shoulders or both???

  • You CAN build muscle jumping rope HIIT style. Jump as fast as you can for 30 seconds then break for 30 seconds. Start at 8 to 10 sets and work your way up to an hour (30 min of fast rope jumping) no more than 3Xs a week with at least a day of rest in between you will see your body change.

  • From my experience, jump rope inparticular the heavier 1lb and 2lb ropes will give you greater forearm strength, defo works your shoulders and biceps, that with a mix of bodyweight exercise is the way to go

  • I`m a 64 year old rock climber & P.T. keeps me climbing. I follow many of Jeff`s rotator cuff exercises religiously,(& I`m
    an atheist ),helps tremendously.

  • Aha I know this video is old, but what do I do with my hypermobile shoulders? My elbows and knees also naturally bend further than normal but those haven’t been an issue. I dont experience shoulder pain but often have them hyper extending and popping out of the joint during exercise etc.

  • Guys how to lose belly fat with regular bounce…guys try to make a video about that with HIIT..It will helpful.. I’m 17 and my weight was 72 and after HIIT ROPES AND RUNNING.. I’m now at 67..but I’m not going down?? Why

  • I’m 24, 155 lbs, around 5’9. I recently started doing some body weight workouts at home and waiting on my jump rope as well. Should I start my work out on a empty stomach or should I have a breakfast first. My plan is to do jump ropes as soon as I wake up and then do some pushups and other workouts.

  • Vince, The word is Ek-Centric, not E-Centric! There are two Cs in the word for a reason. ‘E-centric’, the way you’re saying it means ‘without a center’. Ek-Centric means away from the center. This is why the word also means ‘crazy’, b/c these ppl are not in the center, or norm. Please please please don’t sound like all the other meatheads on here! You’re too good for that. People may consider you Ec-Centric for saying it that way, but I’m sure you can defend yourself if they make fun of you. 😉

  • Got into weights, lost a lot of fat. But ended up having lots pain everywhere. And had to stop for the last year. Now my activity lower and fat goin up. How can I start without destroying my body again? I tried a trainer and they seemed to compound my problems. Now I’m stuck in a contract and postponing appointments. Luckily gyms have been shut down the past few months.

  • Ok iam 14 and a little fat i wanna lose weight with jump ropes and at the same time build muscle in the gym will that make me lean

  • Agree with strengthening the rotator cuff but any trainer that recommends shoulder depression and retraction together during exercises is giving dangerous advice. As when you do this the clavicle is pulled back and down crushing the brachial plexus, subclavian artery and vain compressing nerves between the clavicle and first rib which can obviously cause issues ie weakness nerve pain. The shoulder joint and should be allowed to naturally follow the humorous not forced into a fixed position.

  • I’ve been jumping rope for about a week now and I have pains in my shin on my right leg only. I’m not jumping really high or anything, am I doing something wrong?

  • A lot of false information in this video. Saying an ab wheel does your lower back is like saying bicep curls do your triceps, definitely not. Also, rope climbs don’t touch your lower back, not even a bit.

  • Bright Side you should avoid doing workout videos, politely you give poor exercise advice…then it makes me wonder about your other topics.

  • Hey JRD, Been jumping rope for about a week, and really enjoying it, but the calorie counting is new to me and I am still learning how to use my fitness pal, but is there a way that I can burn body fat and build muslce at the same time, like build muscle but in a calorie deficit? Or is that impossible?

  • I am 8 weeks postop from open bankart reconstruction Getting my shoulders “right” is something i want badly. I never want another shoulder dislocation. One UGLY injury!

  • Glad to see some honesty on YouTube. I couldn’t build muscle when I tried bodybuilding in my teens (& in to my 20s) so don’t expect jumping rope to do it. But building muscle isn’t why I started, it was simply to start doing some cardio work a few times per week (now I’m in my 50s:-( ).
    It is pretty addictive though & I’m doing it 5/6 times per week and throwing in some push ups & pull ups to maintain/tone what muscle I do have. The fact that I have lost a few pounds (with no dietry changes) & have the beginnings of a six pack (first time ever) is a bonus!!!

  • Hey Jeff, what is your best tip for ppl with hypermobility of the sholder? I often get inflamed muscles when working out, causing me pain and preventing med from lifting my arm at al.

  • lol liftin light weights will just pump your muscle tissue with blood.. not stimulate growth..

    Everyone wants to be a damn bodybuilder but ain’t no one wanna lift no heavy ass WEIGHT Ronnie Coleman

  • Thank you for making this video.
    I’ve had pain in my shoulder blade area for a long time. I’ve had cortisone shots to help, but have recently found out that it mist be weak rotator cuff muscles.

  • Another amazing video I’ve just bought the living large book. Due to my shifts in work I don’t manage to get to the gym. I find myself having 1 rest day then 2 rest days after working out sometimes. Will this affect me in the long run with building muscle?

  • Jumped rope for a two week challenge and put on five pounds diet stayed the same and even ate less. Actually lost some centimeters in my waist maybe even an inch not sure but clothes looking better. I know I lost some love handles.

  • What do you guys thing about using adidas running shoes with boost for jump roping? Specifically, ive been looking at the adistar boost esm and i want to use them for running and jumping rope

  • Hii sir i have cervical pb and my posterior shoulder is paining wen i do chest bench press over head shoulder and my 1 hand also muscle loss for triceps

  • Can you do a leg workout video? I realize jumping is a leg workout but I mean a full on focus on shredding those legs gaining muscle workout video.
    Good video Zen Dudes.

  • Thanks for the clear explanation and additional information, I find this very helpful. TIP for the non-native-English people, tiny bit slower speaking will help to follow easier:-)

  • How long do calf cramps stay? Should I just take the pain and continue jump roping or wait it out? I think my form was not on point and I didn’t do warm up so thats totally my fault. Brandon’s physique is my goal lol. Don’t get me wrong, Dan looks great too. <3

  • My cardio days are the weekends. It’s a HIIT. I do 3min Freestyle jump rope and 30sec either burpees or mountain climbers. It’s a 20min HIIT. I want to be about to build lean muscle and lose fat a lot. My BMI is 22.8%. I’m 6’0” 168lbs and I’m aiming for 190-20bs. I’m eating over my maintence which I’m consuming 2,900 daily. I’m vegetarian. Is this fine? I might start to do my HIIT daily after he end of my workout. Or should I just jump rope for like 30min? Thank you

  • I work out every night 8:00 to 8:40, I’m 17 years old but my heights is 166 cm and my weight is 50 kg what is important exercise i use,,,? To build my abs and biceps and triceps also,,,, and to jump higher,,,,

  • Great exercises but nonsense about hitting every muscle. Doesn’t even hit all the major muscles. Worth adding these to ur regular routine or include them in a new routine if u can.

  • Ok do you know women with a big bust size who have recommendations for good sports bras for good support when jumping rope? I’m worried about pulling my back a little. Thanks! Love the vids!

  • when i started using the 1lbs heavy rope, my shoulders and arms got tired rly fast, now my arms and shoulders don’t get tired for a while using the 1 lbs rope, doesn’t this mean i have gained muscle mass using the jump rope?

  • The dietary advice here is comically unhealthy.. please be careful viewers..Building external physique, and internal health can be toooootally different things. Meat, eggs, WHEY pRotein powder???.. oi. But as for the exercises,. Right on!:)

  • Great information. I have started jump rope a few weeks ago due to your channel and love it. I’ve always done bodyweight training. But now is the time to get the lean physique like yours. Can you confirm… on the bodyweight/lifting days, you don’t do jump rope… but only on alternate days? I love jump rope and would like to do it most days. What would your recommendation be?

  • Love your stuff guys. I have a question. My problem doing your workouts is watching the clock. If I jump for 30 seconds and then 20 seconds of push-ups and a rest for 20-30 sec’s, I spend too much time looking at the clock which causes me to miss a skip, go too long or too short. Any suggestions would be great. Maybe this is a video idea for you?

  • I do the 6 second negative on damn near every exercise I do now and I had to start from scratch weight weight wise with less than half the weight it’s no joke

  • Answered my questions. Thanks for the video and all the others as always excellent guidance and advice. They are very motivational which is why I’ve been finding myself working out almost daily now naturally (with no excuses) ��

  • Zen dudes!!!! Been a follower for at least 2 years, just got off losing 30 pounds in 2 months (no worries feeling great throughout the whole time) and I just have that type of body to lose weight fast and put it on fast. Been following a low carb high fat approach with intermittent fasting. I’m a first year PhD student in biochemistry and I’m gonna be researching this type of nutrition once I get a lab and going to do research on jump rope as well, probably one of my favorite things to do. BUT the reason for the post is I want to hear you guys talk about Nick Woodard (like 12 time world champion jump roper) and maybe start to do some how-to videos on his tricks, they are fu****ing INSANE. Here’s a slo mo of him https://youtu.be/zU2JUIiM_Mw

    Anyways, gonna buy the ZD rope kit with heavy rope and take this fat loss and muscle gain to the next level. Y’all are some seriously awesome dudes, mane one day we can meet in person. Peace out ZDN!

  • Hey Jeff. At 2:19 you say there are three rotator cuff muscles. There are actually four. They are the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis

  • Newly found channel and impressed….taking a lot away from ATHLEAN X, will sign up for a full program once the gyms open. In the meantime I am busy doing my daily ‘phys’ with scaffolding bars, power bands, tyres, kettle bells and body weight routines here in sunny UK (yep it really is sunny)

  • You think like a radiologist about the spacing of joints. Your understanding of 4-dimensional space in anatomy is profound.
    -A radiologist

  • but these 3 exercises don’t hit every muscle in the body. It misses the rotor cuff, lateral deltoid and lots more. These exercises are’t the best at building muscle either because the exercises are not taking a lot of the muscles through it’s full range of motion.

  • I used to have an incredible amount of respect for this guy. However, too many of his videos, these days, are clickbait crap. I’ve unsubscribed, and am now attempting to stop seeing the videos.

  • Jeff, you’re the best. I’ve been doing shoulder exercises for months, but kept getting worse. Your explanation about inadvertently strengthening the deltoid, and making it worse if you do it too far away from your body, made all the difference. THANK YOU!!!

  • Good stuff. I tore my left RC last Feb. and did rehab though August. Wasn’t quite strong enough and re-tore it in March of this year. It takes so long to rehab this area people, so keep up all of your upper body strength training. You only want to go through this once, believe you me.

  • Oh, and to answer that other question that everyone has on their mind:

    Yes, jumping rope can indeed bring peace to the universe.


  • At 78 years of age I love your exercises. In doing home body weight program A and B the video of which is just over 16 mins. is there a disadvantage with doing them back to back instead of repeating A or B 2-3 times during the same session?

  • Hi Jeff, I found your videos and they are the best. I’m 59 and still working out 3 to4 days a week. I just had a shoulder injury. It seems like rotator but I have no issues raising my arm. The pain is inside my shoulder blade and there is a grinding when I move my arm back and forth. When I’m sitting driving its unbearable but when I walk it isn’t bad. My Chiropractor has left me wondering if he knows what he is doing as a quick massage and neck crack did nothing to help. He said I had a knotted superspanatious.(spelt wrong) I know its probably rotator as I am weak doing a push up with my left arm.Any idea what I can do to help this issue. Much appreciate your videos. My wife and I watch your videos all the time as we feel you are the best we have ever seen. Thank You!

  • You’re seriously the best. I’ve been to so many PT’s. Supposedly Kaiser’s “best” and they don’t even compare. 3/4’s of them aren’t even in shape

  • It actually can help with some muscle a little bit. I know a guy who wraps a couple 5lb ankle weights in the middle of his speed rope. It add’s quite a bit of torque which will engage the shoulders and arms.  This guy will jump with the weights on the rope, then remove them and practice double unders

  • Well I’ve been jumping rope for 30 minutes nearly every day for months with a heavy rope.. hardly any bodyweight exercises.. And I’ve definitely packed on more muscle and definition.. ��

  • Nice info!
    Can you people tell about total number of calorie burn in jump rope workout. I have absolutely no idea how much calorie I am burning.
    I hit peak of 290 300 rpm, (Average 250rpm)
    With total number of around 6000 jumps / session. ( App 45-50 min including rest )
    I need to lose 15 pounds.��
    My weight is 176 pounds..

  • I been doing your advice for rotator cuff exercises and face pulls and those rope pulls up high to work upper and lower traps when done together. And my CHEST work outs are WAY better and stronger. Much love for you Mr. Jeff. Please make a EAA/BCAA instead of just a BCAA and add blood flow and nitric oxide boosters to all your supplements too. Carb, EAA/BCAA, Pre work out, stim free pre work out, fat burner powders. All those powder supplements should have some pump/bloodflow/nitric oxide boosting ingredients to maximize the effectiveness of your products, and I guarantee your sales will go up tremendously. Most companies don’t understand how important those components are to supplement products. So many people don’t have a good enough diet and need extra pump inducing ingredients to better utilize nutrients from their supplements and food. Hope this was helpful. You are SUPER SMART and a couple companies who do what I say have incredible sales and 5star ratings. Including the newer company “Like A Pro” they put blood flow/pump/nitric oxide boosting ingredients in most of their supplements and because of that the other ingredients were more effective at traveling in the body and the nutrients from both the supplements and the food customers were eating were being delivered more efficiently and more quickly than ever before, thus improving function and reaction to supplements, and better/faster results in recovery and performance. Much love and respect. MarcusE the supplement OG.

  • I’ve suffered, on an off, for years with shoulder pain. I’ve followed Jeff’s program for rotator cuff strengthening and recovered after only a few weeks. I have continued with doing these exercise at the end of every weight session (oh yeah and face pulls 😉 and so far the pain has never come back. Thanks Jeff!!!

  • soo… im skinny with belly fat, i workout every day for this last 2 months, i see some muscle, how jump rope can help me lose the belly fat without losing the muscle that i built.(all im asking is, hoow many times a week should i jump rope, how many minutes, and after workout?) thanks for your time <3 peace

  • Actually it would be a retraction. Not a protraction. You’re moving posterior. If you were to put yourself in anatomical position you’re moving back, posterior it’sretraction.

  • These videos are so good I’m actually considering buying one of his programs.

    I mean it’s a pipe dream and I’ll never have that kind of money but still.

  • I’m not sure why my shoulders hurt when I externally rotate such as rotator cuff exercises or holding the bar during a squat. Any ideas?

  • I work in automotive industry, so my hands are frequently are above my head and more prone for those injuries. I started having discomfort feeling in shoulder movement. Just after few days off using this work out it’s getting better and feels better too. Thank you
    Maybe if there is a better technique or tips to reduce injuries associated with similar labor?

  • I’m sixty years old my rotator cuffs are damaged from offroad biking, karate, falling from scaffolds and many other things over the years, I need the best exercises to fix them, Will these you are showing be safe to do?