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Sign #8 Adding Volume, Gaining Fat It’s a vicious cycle that you can fall into. The onset of overtraining typically sends the trainee to lift more, thinking that increased volume will induce more fat loss. But it doesn’t work that way.

Hormones play a big role here. There are 8 signs of overtraining and there are things you can do about it as well. Temporary moments of overreaching is something you can take advantage of and use on purpose. But, there is a way you can overtrain and not in a good way. You will not progress if you over train yourself.

You have to. 12 Signs You’re Overtraining #1: Loss of Performance The most obvious sign of overtraining is diminished exercise performance despite increases in training volume or intensity. Worse performance in strength, endurance, agility, and speed are all tell-tale signs of overtraining.

Here, the seven signs of overtraining you need to know. The symptoms of overtraining. You’ve hit a plateau or you’re getting weaker—If it feels like you’ve been putting in a ton of wor. 8 Signs You Are Overtraining.

1. You repeatedly fail to complete your normal workout. I’m not talking about normal failure. Some people train to failure as a rule, and that 2. You’re losing leanness despite increased exercise. 3. You’re lifting/sprinting/HIITing hard every single day. 4. You’re.

Aches and pains here and there happen to most lifters from time to time, but if your joints are constantly sore and won’t let up, this can be a tell-tale sign of overtraining. #8 Decreased sex. When you’re overtraining, your body’s systems go into overload. Hormones like cortisol and serotonin get out of sync which affects everything you do. Physical and emotional changes in behavior are an indication you probably need to take a step back from your training schedule.

8. You’re putting fitness before everything else in your life. Overtraining: Spot the Signs. Discover the mysterious syndrome that could hit your training hard and how to defeat it. By Alice Palmer. 29/03/2010 Loss of energy.

Unusually stiff muscles. Signs of Being Overtaxed Here are a few symptoms to look for that might indicate one of the three key systems – nervous, immune, or hormonal – is being stressed too much: Lack of morning erection or marked decrease in sex drive and performance Sudden increase in subcutaneous water retention. If overtrained for long enough, an individual can completely crash, become chronically ill and fatigued, and be forced into complete rest for up to 3 months!

Let’s look at three variables: 1) how overtraining occurs; 2) common signs of overtraining; 3) what to do if you’re overtrained. 1. How Overtraining Occur.

List of related literature:

Many of these signs and symptoms will be discussed in more detail later in this chapter, but the central concept in the overtraining paradigm is that performance is impaired.

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
from Science and Practice of Strength Training
by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
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The cause of overtraining is always too little rest and recovery accompanied by too much volume or too much intensity (or both).

“Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life” by Joe Friel
from Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life
by Joe Friel
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Causes of overtraining include boredom, overwork relative to rest, immune suppression because of exhaustion and stress, hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, rapid weight loss, and inadequate hydration.

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
from Fitness cycling
by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
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These different types of overtraining have been reported to have different signs and symptoms, although performance decrements are a key common aspect of both.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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There are different levels of overtraining depending on how long after the first sign of

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
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Table 10.1 lists the common symptoms of overtraining.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
by Joe Friel
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Any horses suspected of overtraining should immediately be taken out of training and given field rest or light exercise for two weeks.

“Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery E-Book” by Kenneth W Hinchcliff, Andris J. Kaneps, Raymond J. Geor
from Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery E-Book
by Kenneth W Hinchcliff, Andris J. Kaneps, Raymond J. Geor
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The symptoms of overtraining include a general feeling of fatigue, not looking forward to the next training session, decreased strength during the workout, loss of muscle mass and an increased resting heart rate.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

Hooper et al. suggest that volume of training rather than intensity may be the primary cause of development of the overtraining syndrome [6].

“The Sports Medicine Physician” by Sérgio Rocha Piedade, Andreas B. Imhoff, Mark Clatworthy, Moises Cohen, João Espregueira-Mendes
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Overtraining may be considered to be negative and is undesirable, since it places the client’s body in an excessively weakened state, thus preventing further training.

“The Essential Guide to Fitness” by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
from The Essential Guide to Fitness
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Cengage Learning Australia, 2019

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  • I’m a bit older, so I thought my nightsweats were menopause related. Now I’m pretty sure they are running related. I got a few minor ITB and knee injuries from running (40 -45 miles per week), so I would spin hard instead every day. After the knee pain subsided, I tried a 7 mile run and felt like I’d been hit by a truck. I just quit both for a couple of days and my nightsweats are better. I was also constantly exhausted and had a short fuse temper wise. Thank you!

  • I am so grateful for your channel. I’ve known something was a bit off for awhile but been avoiding doing this research. It’s clear to me I need to take action, thank you so much.

  • Overtraining is really hit me down for 6-7 months.Im better now,but not completely.This is a really hard stuation.time time timee…I need to wake up from this nightmare.

  • I just discovered this video and WOW! I relate with Addie SO much. I love what she said about amenorrhea being ENOUGH to take time off and take care of yourself <3 We shouldn't need an injury or broken bone to justify saelf-care. love love love.

  • What you are saying at 02:00 parallels perfectly with the mindset of a drug addict. The symptoms keep piling on, you know exactly what is happening to you, but you don’t really care until something exceptionally awful stops you cold. That stubbornness and determination to keep the routine going, pushing to do more and more, comes from the same place as denial does for the addict.

    And just like many addicts relapse repeatedly, so do people that take fitness to ridiculous extremes. They often don’t learn their lesson, and get right back into their destructive mindset as soon as they possibly can.

    The only difference I see are fitness junkies are often held up and admired by human society as role models. Junkie junkies are quite the opposite. Me? I don’t admire either of them because it is a mental illness and they need to get professional help.

  • hey sean love your channel and content. it has helped me progress alot within my fitness and health goals. how long should i take off i was thinking of taking 12 days off then
    slowly easing back into my pylometric training. Some people say to take 2
    weeks to 3 months off completely from exercise what should i do. i also am gaining fat. i usually intermittently fast and train. should i do this and eat well throughout my 8 hour window and will i still be able to adequately recover from overtraining. i am having trouble sleep maybe getting 2 to 3 hours per night. what should i do
    Kind regards Jake

  • You can break thru the wall, but you have to keep pushing…
    If you stop you will never train your nervous system to deal with the fatigue!
    You can push thru anything, watch a few navy seal videos. If you think lifting some weights is tough, listen to these guys and what they go thru and how they train. And more importantly how they think!

  • Great! I don’t have any of the indicators you listed (no period though:) ). Only indicator I have, that you did not mention, is watching this video!

  • I enjoyed your video,thank you for sharing!I just think this condition is very frustrating because the more you do the worse it gets. I just love Running and i have a bit of these symptoms in my way… I dont know what to do because even one rest day feels like hell to me. I remember before after one rest day i would feel completely new and refreshed.. Now its not like this. What should I do pls dont tell me to stop running ����

  • Thanks for sharing. I have bumped up my week mileage too quickly. Went from 40 to 60, in like a week. bad decision, i have caught a flu, and i really really feel bad. Il take a full week of rest.

  • I ran like you and I agree had most of those, I sympathizes. I stopped getting results in my training when I stopped wanting to.. This is my cue to take a week off. Thanks for the explanation about the swelling I went up two dresse sizes and had to stop running until the swelling went down.

  • Hypoglycemia, explainable crying, depression, fatigue, abnormal soreness, clumsy, fibromyalgia symptoms. I am 3 months off of exercise, and I’m still in a rut. I crashed a couple times over the last year, but kept pushing myself on & on. I used to go for 10 mile runs for fun. Tempo runs nearly every single day (rookie mistakes). & dream about being XC champion. Then one day I completely crashed, but this time I felt totally depleted, I knew I was dead this time. BURNT OUT. Now, I can only just walk to class, sit outside and get some sun, watch TV, and that’s enough for me. Walking my dog is the biggest thing I can do. I gained 25 pounds since, I just want to be able to run again. I just pray that I’ll be able to make PRs again. & not be “handicapped” in physical activities for the rest of my life.

  • Hey I recently started training for half-marathon and I’m starting to experience some symptoms of over-training(fatigue) already and I have been only running for about 3 to 4 miles per day 5 days a week, which makes my current mileage (15 to 20) miles per week. I do have a very stressful career though I am a software engineer constantly facing project deadlines and I am scared that too much training can have a negative effect on my career.
    I am just wondering if you could offer me some advice on this matter. I am running for health/fitness not necessarily for competition. Honestly speaking running 15 to 20 miles per week doesn’t seem like a lot at all for a lot of people? Should I give myself sometime to get used to this routine or should I significantly reduce my mileage to accomodate my working stress?
    I know everybody is different but you seems to have experienced a lot of over-training yourself and I would really appreciate your opinion on this matter!

    Thank You

  • About the timing, if your workout is about 50-60 min with the warmup etc when the gym is empty you are doing it right. waisting time when waiting for equipment is just something we have to face as a fact

  • I have been taking your training methods I’m bored and I am pleased to say that I have seen much anticipated results of improvement after reading some of these messages I feel that these people do not want to improve that just want to tell you what their opinions are and to be honest with you no one cares with the opinions are thumbs up to you thank you for the advice I have taken it and I am succeeding

  • So training harder means you dont need to train as long? i usually lift my dumbbells until i physically cannot do it anymore. then i rest for about a minute, then do it again and repeat for about 3 times each arm. i’m usually incredibly sore the next day, like i can barely move my arm. Am i doing it right?

  • i actually looked this up because when i woke up this morning, i didn’t feel like working out at all! i felt like i was having a flu — but i worked out anyways although i was a little too weak to even do 3 sets of 8 reps of my arm exercises.

    i felt like i over trained my self in the past weeks and it is taking a toll on me
    so tomorrow is going to be my rest day.
    because i love working out and feeling sore! i like to lift weights but i cannot be effective if i’m sick

    anyways i’m beating my self too hard.. overlooking that resting is also part of the process ❤️

  • Thats impossible I do it in those times that you said before watching this video!I litrary do 4 excercises for the arms chest stomach and legs and i cant do it faster Under 3 hours max Im not flash for god sake xd.Or am i suppost to train 1 Muscle Group each day because on your newer videos you said the opposite xD

  • Its funny because I always try to tell people this. But everyone trips out when I tell them I finish my workouts within 45 minutes or under.

  • What about for endurance athletes? I do 800 crunches, 500 squats, 250 push ups, 100 pull ups and I’m about 200lbs, 6 foot 4. I wonder if I’m overtraining sometimes because I’m very lethargic… But my numbers improve quite often, especially my crunches.

  • I’m doing 3 sets to failure through 90 minute gym sessions every week twice, doing 3-4 different exercises for each muscle group. Even though I’m doing everything to failure from the very first exercise, I only feel any muscle fatigue only the last 20 minutes, because before that I fully recuperate in the 1 minute rest period. I could use larger weights so that “to failure” would take less reps and be more strenuous, but I don’t see the point. To failure, is to failure, and I’m sore for the next 2 days just the same.

  • i’m overtrained, i can see that now after this video, not massively over, but the warning signs are all there, this video has confirmed it, thanks sean.

  • So my overall workout takes like an hour
    But above that I do a tons of push ups and do band resistance pull ups and chin ups
    And I started having wrist pains,shoulder pains and all kind of pain
    Overtraining might be the cause, mostly because on my rest days I won’t stop from push ups,pull ups or chin ups


    Me:sees the thumbnail.
    Me brain:oh that’s why some people are black.they have overtrained

  • I overtrained over 3 months. No real rests between chest back and leg days. Gradually started getting weaker, tired and palpitations. Had to sit out for 10 months to fully recover

  • I have to tell u this jeff. I understood in theory what u mean by cutting down on length of workout. Being an exprofessional dancer who has now burnt out due to overtraining, fatigue and injuries, the adrenaline and blood rushing that we would do back in the day was a difficult habit to kick out. The old habits kept creeping back bcoz its what i was used to. I was overtraining even doing your workouts and simply did not find consistency. It resulted in so much bodyache and the recuperation time was much longer than required. I never felt stronger coming back bcoz by the time the body recuperated, the momentum was back to zero. That completely demotivated me. BUT, i kept watching ur videos trying to motivate myself. And it just clicked yesterday. I have had plantar fasciitis and didn’t know what i was doing wrong. Literally 1 min of the calf stretch and hip exercise took away the pain and I woke up this morning feeling alive in my legs. I am aware of my arch and how i stand and how I transfer weight. Today this video clicked with me. I believe I CAN achieve my fitness goals. I now understand what overtraining means, thru all these experiences. Thank you for making so many videos on so many fitness and health issues. You have helped many of us. God bless

  • Sorry Jeff but your Sun exposure analogy is simply false… Any sun exposure is bad for your skin and can result in skin cancer etc. in the long term.

  • I know a guy who trains 2 days a week, one day fairly hard, the other day a lot lighter. And thats it. He’s in great shape and no injuries whatsoever. Less is definitely more. Our bodies were not meant to be battered with heavy sessions continually.

  • I think this was the very first video I saw from you, Jeff. Way way before I was even remotely serious about my training. And then refinding you 5 years later, this is still to this day important info.

  • Overdose of analogies while underdone with information. It’s like over-training with under-nutrition. Did you get it or do you need another example?

  • I train 3hrs daily no off days or two days(Monday &Thursday) heavy day, two days cardio(Wednesday &Saturday) three days isolation exercise(Tuesday Friday Sunday) you won’t be disappointed

  • It depends on what results you are after! Perhaps it works well if you aren’t very specific in your goals, just wanting to get fitter in a general sense. If you are going for explosive strength I believe you need to rest more in-between sets. Sprinters, for example, do not rest 1 min between every race, rather 5-15 min depending on where they are in the season. Olympic lifters probably rest a lot longer time than 1 min between sets as well. In these and other circumstances it is essential to be fully recovered to be able to give close to 100 %, or they become more like cross-fitters.

  • I’ve been following Jeff for years I follow his regimens and after a month atleast I dont feel like working out or doing anything at all anymore it could be my lack of sleep if I’m honest with myself but I take a week or two off and I feel even stronger when I go back

  • This is one of the most informative training videos I’ve ever seen. Luckily I’m taking one of your programs (AX-1) so I don’t have to worry about this.:) Thanks again Jeff for the content!

  • How about, what is an example of actual overtraining? Obviously not 30 sets of pull ups. But is three sets until failure enough? Or do I have to do more. What about rest times. Is there a difference depending on your training purpose, size or power. So many questions I wish could of been answered rather than what a piece of steak looks like lol.

  • My schedule doesn’t allow me to work out for long, so I get 30-35 minutes in the morning, then again in the evening. I sometimes wonder if this is considered over training. At least I’m seeing good results from this so far.

  • @athleanx how long would you suggest waiting between compound lifts like the bench press? I would find it hard to do a bench workout and few other ones in a 40 minute time frame. Should I be taking shorter rest periods? I take 3 minutes between sets in full body lifts.

  • Thanks a million, Jeff. I will put my stopwatch to work and be sure I make it 30-40 min workout. Thank you and I wish you the best!

  • A great, enlightening presentation. I perform at least one work set, on a new weight, this very low volume was in the past when I was younger; starting out again. Mostly after one to two warm-up sets, I get to 2 to 4 sets, sometimes 5 total actual work sets. And that applies to the medium, and large muscle-groups, too. If it is shoulders, it is a total of 4, or 5 sets; counting a rotator cuff exercise. Also, why did 2.5K watchers give a thumbs down? Don’t these trainees get it? I suppose you can never convince a minority of people no matter what!

  • Man, I really like your vids. Been watching now for about 2 years and getting some really good advice.

    One thing I gotta point out tho… If I took only 60 secs between sets to recover, there is no way I would have enough in the tank for intensity on the next set for progressive overload. NO WAY! And this is probably why I take around 1:30 to 2 hours sometimes more for my workouts depending on the body part I’m working. I leave at least 3 to 5 mins rest in between those bigger sets, otherwise there’s no way I would be able to put in the intensity.

  • Okay okay….this feels like a guilt trip!! Can I use the gym and equipment accessibility as an excuse for staying a bit longer than the ‘desireable’ amount of time? ��

  • I take 4-6 min rest breaks on my heavy compound movements like bench and deadlifts and 90 seconds on all lighter movements. seems pretty effective to me.

  • I came back after a burnout and wanted to start getting my body back. I wanted to get back fast to old routines.

    My symptomes were first;
    I felt flat, probably low glycogen stored in muscles, even though i ate alot, i felt i got no energy fpr the food i ate.
    I had little to no progress, i tryed pushing weights heavier despite it.

    I went to gym 4 times a week, swam once a week and had some cardio 7 times a week(often long walks).

    I lasted 12 weeks until i crashed, lost even more muscles then to what i had prior. It took abit over a month before i could start very slowly at gym again. Now im lifting heavier then i did prior in just 5 weeks.

  • I came to this video to see if my “split” classed myself as an overtrainer.
    1. Total Upper Body and Abs
    2. Cardio Day (5km Run/Burpees) and Abs
    3. Legs and Abs

    I tend to have 1 day off over a 2 week period, just whenever i feel i need it. Is this classed as overtraining, or is the cardio day a “lighter day”?

  • Yea I may just use machines and cables for next two weeks fee bit sore around injured areas.. so on my 3 or 4 weeks time I go have a week off.. rest my body and nerves will enjoy that //. Thanks great words / podcast

  • Over training does not exist. Dont train 100% every day on compound exercise 3 days hard 4 days at 75% add stretching days and instead of weights dedicate days to just walking. Train everyday dont be an idiot

  • Overreaching is real…… all the symptoms u mentioned…. I experienced it all…. the worst thing is my sleep quality reduces drastically…. even though I went to bed early… I will feel super tired the next day…

  • And cold, really cold showers (unless you live in a cold not much heat already environment, obviously) showers do reset both circulation, endocrine and immune via increased adrenaline release thus blood moves further so metabolic byproducts too clear faster (no wonder, primeval ancient and evolutionary mechanisms for survival) ��‍♂️

  • Take adaptogens, high doses vit c, consume more electrolytes from calcium to sodium, in overtraining state sodium and magnesium-sodium mostly is lost, also the increased need for amino acids leads to muscle degradation for finding but once the body moves into autophagy, and a muscle is broken down, among other deleterious things high doses of potassium are released, but potassium is both toxic and slows all organs, heart included, do you have increased clearence of sodium via sweating, heat, metabolicneeds and metabolic byproducts and rapid build up of potassium, the short reply is really supplement lots of salt especially if you train brutally and for prolonged time (and better yet:salt, sugar and perhaps a bit of essential amino acids but nothing too extreme on both the last two and especially the aminos)

    These should neutralise most of the problem, however for advance lifters that move tons per work out, taking a couple of days to 10to15 days off as necessary every 1.5 month or so is not an exaggeration, the other way working around central fatigue are aminos like taurine in an empty stomach. (stuff like natural benzidiazepines like lemon balm, passion flower, kava, linden, valerian all build tolerance and downreguoate the gaba-a receptor as such after a month of use at most you need more and after some months of use your gabaergic system is completely decreased as such efficacy is lost, high dose magnesium and suppressing aminos like taurine can do it without diwnregulating the body’s receptors)

  • I really like your channel, but you need to stop talking in the comical voice to get a laugh, it was funny to start with, but wearing a bit now Sean.

  • For otherwise healthy individuals, I’d ad:

    Grip strength A clearly noticeable decrease.
    Forgetfulness If your short term memory all of a sudden begins failing on you, often/all the time.

    Sexual drive Sure, if you’re in your 20’s and don’t wake up with a full flag every morning then that could very well be a sign. But if you’re, like me, around 40 (and up), I sure as hell would not call it a very good sign, ha ha.

  • I’m having trouble figuring out of I’m overtraining or not. I do full body 3xa week then yoga the other days. I’m feeling fatigued lately. I have thought about my sleep. I go to bed between 9-930 and get up at 620.

  • Virtually ALL naturals OVERTRAIN. I did for YEARS.

    My BENCH PRESS was stuck on 185 for 3 reps. When I trained every 3 days. Eventually after listening to a Mike Mentzer seminar on youtube.

    I got my bench press up to 315lbs for 4 reps. Now in order to achieve this I had to REST 11 DAYS BETWEEN WORKOUTS. Thats how much RECOVERY TIME I NEEDED for my genetics.

    So take note guys if you have plateaued on a weight. You may need to insert more rest days to break it.

  • Virtually ALL naturals OVERTRAIN. I did for YEARS.

    My BENCH PRESS was stuck on 185 for 3 reps. When I trained every 3 days. Eventually after listening to a Mike Mentzer seminar on youtube.

    I got my bench press up to 315lbs for 4 reps. Now in order to achieve this I had to REST 11 DAYS BETWEEN WORKOUTS. Thats how much RECOVERY TIME I NEEDED for my genetics.

    So take note guys if you have plateaued on a weight. You may need to insert more rest days to break it.

  • Been there.. All by accident. I get bored if I just sit there and recover before my next set, so I do opposing compound lifts back to back (5×5-8 per compound exercise). Great for cardio, and keeps me focused and entertained. It’s circuit style, basically. Then I end it with steady-state intense cardio (70-85% of max heart rate). This was working fine for me for over a year, until I started getting some health problems. While recovering from my health problems, I continued this same routine and I hit a wall really quickly. Exhausted all the time. Joints weren’t recovering (constant aches and pains), despite my health problems having nothing to do with joints or muscles. It’s just a culmination of all different stressors.

  • Hi Sean! Love your channel and vid Ann Hopefully you can answer a couple questions for me.. I have been on a bulk for a few months now and consistently training for almost a year 5-6 days a week with no recovery weeks. I believe I need a recovery week soon.. Is it it possible to lose muscle during the week off? And also should I keep my calories in a surplus during said week or drop them down a bit?

  • Loved this! I realised when I was listening to this, nodding at the similarities, feeling compassion for Addie but realising I hadn’t been able to view myself with that same compassion!! Why do we do that?? I’ve really struggled on and off with overtraining, boney injuries and amenorrhea/oligomenorrhea and have done a lot of work getting to the root of it and corrected a lot of the health issuesbut I was about to embark on a hard training block, only thankfully I was told this week in no uncertain terms that it was a really bad idea, because I had only just started to get better, and was told I’d probably start to reawaken shitty eating habits and pushing too hard beyond prescribed workouts. I have to realise I’ve still got that tendency to ignore the warning signs from my body and there is more work to do before I can handle hard training. Deep down I knew I wasn’t ready for this but I hadn’t the courage to make the right decision for myself, and  I was getting really anxious, not sleeping again etc. So thankfully someone else has given me permission to chill the eff out some more! At the moment I actually don’t know if I even want to get back into my sport (marathon running) but  I still very much identify as an athleteand I’m now starting to realise that  I can still be an athlete without killing myself all the time!! Looking forward to part 2disordered eating is a big part of my problems with overtraining so I can’t wait to hear Addie’s story!

  • I been feeling some head pressure after squatting a lot more than I normally did.. My guess its my lack of rest. I been averaging 5-6 hrs. after extreme workouts.

  • What if we have some different goals like wanting to do some type of special forces? Shouldn’t we be running our body in the dirt? This video is just about muscle growth correct?

  • A lot of the old school lifters I’ve seen that are over 60 have blown hips, knees, and shoulders. Chronic damage, they limp around. A lot of marathon runners have heart attacks at around 50 from years of running and training for several hours a day. The heart wears out early because they keep an elevated heartbeat so often. Old football players have brain damage. The evidence is all around besides the examples Jeff gives here.

  • I get six hours sleep a night. After training, usually before 11:30Am I find it very hard to stay awake when I sit down and relax. Do you think this might be from over trainning?

  • I’m 64 and been lifting for 50 years, you should know, you will not lift heavier weights forever, it’s not real, just workout and enjoy life, peace to you

  • I hit the gym 2 to 5 hours a day full body workouts, and have a higher sexdrive ��. I look for pain but don’t seem to find it anymore��. I hit 635 on deadlifts 585 on squat and 315 on bench. When im at the gym I cannot stop ��

  • Great content Sean. I’m a new subscriber and am loving your videos. The subjects on which you put up content are so relevant and useful. Not jus that but you cover them like they occur practically in real life.

  • only lazy people or beginner in sports say overtraining doesn’t exist -_till they find a motivation, work their ass off and destroy their body because they don’t believe in overtraining

  • Thanks Sean. I am an experienced teen lifter and out of nowhere started loosing motivation and I began to hate myself. Now I know why! Thank you so much

  • I’ve always found the best solution is to take a full week off so as to recharge. it sucks and it takes a lot of will to not give in and go to the gym when feeling full of energy etc but in the long term it really is for the best, simplest and quickest route to getting over an overtraining phase. Over the years Ive hit such a phase a few times and it sucks but feels so much better after a week off and feeling re energised

  • I was overtraning for the longest damn time. Everything was messed up. My hormones. Had aches and pains everywhere I was stiff as a board while normally very flexible by nature. Couldn’t get a solid hard on for months and months.
    I should have done something about it but instead I just kept training and training not making any strenght gains at all but not getting weaker either.
    Now I’m down to 4 days a week with leight weight and fewer sets but I’m still not fully recovered.
    I have very intense but short workout.
    We’ll see how long it will take me to get back to normal.
    I took a week of and it made little difference and I’m not going to take a month off.
    Maybe I should skip my two sprint days each week for faster recovery?

  • This guy knows his shit,i have been feeling like that,i o crazy on y trainings and i said dam i m supost to be more energized and im not shoul i reduce the exesice i do by muscle

  • Thank you for your Info. I was wondering what is happening to me that am feeling weak and sure need some help from coffee / sugar to kick start myself to be moving ( very much control Coffee and Sugar intake on all forms) added PP to my diet for help but did nothing, till today felt my body cant take it no more, staying home in bed for 15hrs deep sleep. Now I know been doing a lot during one week ( Manual work, Yoga X 2, Pilate X 3, Swimming X 1, Water polo X 4 and + gym x 4). Thank you Sean

  • Perfect timing for me. I’m an old fart and have been hitting it hard for a year. Last two weeks the motivation has been lacking. Think I’m gonna watch your video on deloaading and give it try for a week.

  • I’ve been wondering what has been going on with me. Maybe obvious to other but not to myself. But now that I heard this I’m pretty sure remodeling my house which means carrying drywall by myself putting it up by myself and lifting heavy is something I need to take control of. My body is just beat up. But I need to do these things. So what should I do? Just ease back on the weight I’m actually lifting until my house is finished? And try to maintain?

  • This video was super helpful for me.  I’ve upped my volume a bit because I’ve always been a low volume/high intensity kind of guy.  For example, I am now doing a 5×5 and a 3×10 set for most muscles, for 55 total reps per muscle.  As a result, I’ve been a bit headachy, tired, sore!, groggy, but otherwise OK good sleep, appetite, etc.

  • I get this after a bad day but its a milder form of it. I am a distance runner and love to train and the following day I have no motivation and don not want to do anything further than my crafts. A lot of stress in a short period of time seems to trigger burnout in my case its usually a certain time of the week with me. Just thought this might be an interesting one to discuss. I usually recover in a few days, and I am able to beta some personal records but I get this frequently enough. I cancelled my appointments as I felt unwell.

  • i am trying to find out the reason for sleeping the next day of my lifting EVEN AFTER sleeping for hours sometimes..

    And i have yet to find any satisfying answer..I have stopped going for lifting as i was unable to stay awake at job and even felt sleepy in the evenings.

    I do bro splits (hitting each muscle per day) when i train…

  • Hey Sean I’m a sprinter and I did 100m 15 reps at 15 second pace this was my hardest workout then I couldn’t sleep for 2 days no matter how hard i tried and here on my third day my warmup tired the shit out of me and my speed
    bro tell me what can I do now

  • I went to the gym about 3 days ago for about 1.5-2hrs and went so hard. The thing is my nutrition isn’t the best, I usually sleep like 6-7 hours a day, and it was my first time in the gym in like 5 months. Since then I feel very weak and feel light headed whenever I move. It’s pretty bad, but since I’ve been resting all day, trying to eat a lot more nutritional foods, and taking care of my body. Don’t know how long it’s gonna last doe! Feel better than yesterday though!

  • A lot of people overtrain by trying to keep their pump in the gym and just start going through the motions and not pushing themselves like they did in the beginning of their workout. Once you start doing this, it’s a sign to get out of the gym and start recovering.

  • I don’t understand why you don’t have more subs!! You are so pertinent, direct and efficient while explaining stuff. So on point. I love your vids ��

  • Hi I got this as I run about 4-6 miles a day and walk up to 20,000 steps. I was dating someone had lots of places to go and eating on the run. I am now so weak I cannot leave the house. I am also craving junk. Walking a lot and running are a bad mic they are also stall my goals.

  • Yeah I used to feel overtrained before a lot, but ever since I started sleeping 7 hours instead of 6 and going gluten free I feel on point AF, being single is another good thing aswell. I work 50+plus hours a week and workout about 14 hours a week. My diet is Protein and good fats mixed with veggie carbs.

  • Like I measure my body fat it was 12.7 kg after a month I measured agian it increased to 19 kg however I’m in a cutting program and my nutrition is on the point! How this could happened? From your videos I realized that I’m overtraining because I train 3 muscles in a day two times in a week, Thursday is a rest day & friday for legs Fuck ��

  • So Sunday was my first time at the gym. I was okay before the session and throughout the workout. But the next day, today, I was sore as fuck. I slept pretty much the whole day. And I had diarrhea, probably because I slept all day. I had a small meal and a few fruits, which is not normal for me because I eat a good size meal when I have meals. I was sluggish all day, my legs were lazy my mind was slow and was just feeling shitty all day. The workout I did consisted of incline bench presses, overhead presses, a few pull ups, crunches, and another workout.

  • Lets say i do a PPL split. This would mean all muscles have about 72 hours to rest right? Could you train everyday on a split like that? I have been doing that split for a while now, and ive been getting stronger so far, but I feel like I might figure out im overtraining when its too late… I should mention im turning 18 next month, and I have been training seriously for about 9 months.

  • 3:30 strength has stagnated/decreased
    4:25 burned out or overly fatigued midway through workout
    5:00 generally tired or fatigued or irritable/moody/depressed throughout the day
    5:28 decreased training motivation
    5:50 drop in sleep quality
    6:25 getting sick more often
    6:43 joints are clearly in more pain than usual
    7:25 decrease in sex drive

    7:55 don’t train to failure on every set.
    8:40 1 week deload per 6-10 weeks
    9:00 make sure nutrition sleep on point
    10:30 reduce training volume and/or frequency
    11:14 factor in lifestyle/activities outside of gym: life stress

  • too much talking and not enough info. Loads of examples. Does not start until 3:33, then, NEVER ENDS. Thanks for his but just a too!:)

  • I wouldn’t say what happened to me was from over training, more like over working and then trying to find the energy to train. I was training for just a half marathon after doing a good few before but was seriously over worked in my job at the time. I ended up with a virus but I was running out of time to train so I decided to go out for a run while still sick. I ended up passing out on concrete and hitting my face off the ground. I got 10 stitches in my nose, I was pretty badly cut all around my face and I hit my knee off the ground and was out of action because of that for 8 months.

  • Hey Sean thank you for the information, when you’re resting for a week or deloading do you still eat enough protien and calories like any other day?

  • Hey sean, I am an overweight 14 year old male, I jog for 1 hour 5 times a week. I Lift weights and do 30-70 sit-ups and push ups (each) every night before I sleep. Recently my triceps have been really sore, am I overtraining or am I just tired?

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  • Question Mike?
    How often should I train if I had all the time in the world? Your book suggests training each muscle group once a week using the various ‘splits’ but in other articles you say “On average, training a muscle group 3 times per week resulted in 3.1% greater muscle growth”.
    which is best and do you have a training schedule for the 3 times a week split?


  • Hi Mike, have you looked into other ways to measure overtraining such as measuring your resting heart rate etc.? Loved the video it was very informative, as all of your articles and videos are. I also have to give you a shout out on Legion Athletics, great supplements and the new protein bars are amazing!!!

  • I’m a 25 year old male with ME/CFS, and my illness was triggered by what I think was constant strenuous exercise that consisted of boxing, HIIT training, weight training and running every 6 days a week until my body literally gave up. My cortisol levels were that of a Cushings patient (thankfully my cortisol levels are in a good place), but even now I can’t walk a flight of stairs without ATP shortage and a pacing heart. I don’t even know what’s ME/CFS and what’s the damage from overtraining.

    Thanks for this video:)

  • What are you doing for your calves 3 times per week that they aren’t growing?
    Have you tried 10×10? Pick a super light weight and start a set at the top of every minute for 10 minutes straight.
    A nuclear approach might be more appropriate if you’re yoloing it with 3×10 or something.

  • There are a few good sources for bodybuilders on Youtube and Mike is one of them. Interrupted sleep is a real issue for curtailing overtraining (wait until you get advanced in age — it can be chronic).

  • Hi, I have unfortunately the same condition with exact same symptoms… I was too late noticing… It has been a month I stopped training and I still have days of swollen body and extreme hunger feeling… I would like to know how you coped with this? And how did you know it was over? ��

  • I just stood here with my mouth open listening to this lady tell my life story. This is my day in day out struggle I have every single symptom she just listed. Cannot believe this jjust ttold my story. Just found your channel recently! Love it

  • Just found your videos yesterday and I’ve almost seen all of them now!!! Honestly so helpful, I can really relate to this one especially, the way she felt it was normal to have amenorrhea! I felt it was normal to have it too before I found you!!!

  • You ladies are fabulous! Don’t call yourselves not very smart though. You just didn’t know at that time what you know now. Now you are more in tune with your body and mind. It’s a blessing that you are both sharing your journey with others. ��

  • I really appreciate your insights and your ability to articulate without using foul language. So many other sights have to use foul language which in my opinion negates the other instructors credibility. Thanks again for your instructions

  • I just love this comparison: broken bone vs. amenorrhea… my boyfriend just pointed out, few days ago:” hey you can still do some sport, is not that you are incapable of doing it, you dont need to become a couch potato now!”’
    i was kinda dissapointed because he still thinks i am perfectly healthy. But honestly, i kinda dont have any lust to do sport right now.

  • Great video, really resonated with me. Oh god the brain fog & insomnia, So I’m not the only one…was starting to think I was loosing my mind lol ��
    Looking forward to part 2 xx

  • Give me part 2! Loved having you two in my kitchen while I was cooking dinner! Addie I almost forgot about how bad the brain fog was (did I just write that??). I used to work for a marketing agency and a client was paying a significant daily rate for my consulting services and I would turn up to present at the client’s office and sometimes my sentences would melt halfway through, especially when I felt nervous. I had to really stop and breathe and almost say the sentence in my head first if I wanted to get it out clearly but on a number of occasions they turned into “…aarhzahuhm” and I’d wonder if it had sounded as odd to them as it did to me. Occasionally I would see a moment of confusion on their faces but they generally really liked me and never said anything.  I was terrible with names and I’d say my lookup table had been corrupted, because I had the names and the faces but just couldn’t match them up (I worked with data a lot so the people around me understood this analogy!). I also developed a bit of a stutter and I still occasionally struggle with repeating words and getting to the next one even now as I think my brain has gotten in the habit of getting stuck like this. Thank you for the reminder I’m keen to remember all this stuff and take a note of it as these tiny little things were so easy to overlook the first time around but I want to have a record of them now.